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Meanwhile - why the main show was in Texas


WWE NXT Live Results
July 30, 2016
Jacksonville, Fla.
Results by live event correspondent Alicia Fleming @HBKEdgeFan

(1) Niko B. beat Noah Kekoa.

(2) Billie Kay beat Liv Morgan.

(3) Sawyer Fulton & Alexander Wolfe beat Jeet Rama & Kishan Raftar.

(4) Tucker Knight beat Dan Matha.


(5) Rich Swann beat Tino Sabatelli. (Rich and referee Drake Wuertz danced after the match.)

(6) Ember Moon beat Aliyah.

Patrick Clark did an in-ring promo.

(7) No Way Jose & Angelo Dawkins & Oney Lorcan (f/k/a Biff Busick) beat Authors of Pain & Riddick Moss in a six-man tag match.


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On 8/3/2016 at 10:22 PM, Rev Ray said:

Man, Don the Dragon Wilson got a tan.... and Fred Williamson's looking awful pale.

That's amazing.  It happens a lot, too...billing negotiations constantly fuck with poster design.  Look at this clusterfuck:


I know method acting is a big thing but did Bradley Cooper and J. Law really need to get gender reassignment for their roles?

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2 hours ago, GodzillaPerez said:

In the grand scheme of things, no matter what they do with Bayley or anyone else in developmental, all that really matters is that I got tickets to the Toronto show.

The same, just sub Kitchener for Toronto.

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Whatever it takes will go over well in Australia.

That was the slogan of the Essendon Football Club (the 2nd or 3rd biggest team in the country) during the 2012 and 2013 season. They then spent 3 years in court over accusations of PED distribution, sacked their coaching staff and their sports science team and had 34 players suspened after the final hearing earlier this year.

So yeah Bailey, you do "Whatever it takes" just dont get a cock sword tattoo to go with your new look.

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13 hours ago, Infinit said:

I didn't get online in time so I'm gonna get raped on Stubhub for NXT Toronto tickets, but one way or another, I'm gonna go.

Same here. It'll be worth it. Plus I haven't missed seeing Nakamura here yet and I don't plan to stop now.

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