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  1. The 2 Chavo Lutteroths were the ones to publicly honor Tiger Hattori last night, not Sofia. Here's what Cubs wrote about it
  2. Cross posting from the Gif thread. Arguably one of the 5 or 10 most famous promos in history?
  3. For what it's worth, I was thinking the other day that the Observer Awards are probably going to be a Nixon/McGovern landslide for AEW this year. (Whether that is deserved or not is of course in the eye of the beholder.)
  4. Probably since they were popularized in the no DQ environment of ECW.
  5. Norm Dooley. And the first 6 star match was from 81.
  6. I Thought the best thing in 1941 was toshiro mifune and slim pickens. Or the runaway ferris wheel.
  7. The pairing off by colors? Or the fat shaming hippo ballerina?
  8. Given their cozy deal with Orlando, it could easily go there, although it should logically be in the Northeast.
  9. And the pre order price for the NWA ppv is only $20.
  10. I liked this version of Dial H. That concept is good for 12-24 issues and finishing.
  11. Did not see a good picture of Zombified from ISW to post.
  12. We were discussing this at work. I had to explain to some of the young folks about things like Herr Meets Hare and Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips.
  13. They finally fixed the video for Kofi visiting to the Etihad which was labeled as "Man United" on social media.
  14. As mentioned in the past, Pete and I (separately) were both at the first chikara show in allentown where the main was quack, reckless and Montoya v punk, hero and cabana.
  15. That's okay. This was my first night back at work for 3 weeks. I'm ready for bed too.
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