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  1. Its one thing in the old days where you could give a kid a new name until he was ready for a push. Cats out of the bad on that idea.
  2. Disappointed Regals kid isnt named or Ernie Morcambe or Eric Wise ….
  3. I think Eli Cottonwood is a good name for a southern redneck heel.
  4. I think the best choice would be to start a new series with someone new. Retire Uno without Chugs.
  5. Imagine Irvin in World Class hanging around with Gino and Chris as a heel or being a face vs the Freebirds.
  6. Should have used them to hide his pipes when the cops searched his car.
  7. That's why we have Paul to read them for us. BTW, the HTA Thinderbolts pod this week reached issues 10-12.
  8. All Night Express U.S. Express Also JC on the phenomenon
  9. December criterion offerings including the learning tree, one night in Miami, menace 2 society and the UHD edition of the red shoes.
  10. You also have to wonder if it contributed to Nick Khan/Vince wanting to let him go and not be on the payroll when the show dropped. Not the main reason, but a reason.
  11. Fun Fact: the Pensacola MX did not use Chase or the theme from Midnight Express. They used Express by BT Express, due to the train whistle at the start. I believe it was JC's idea to use Chase, which had been the theme to the Poffos TV show.
  12. Wonder if this one gets a sequel or we just have to fill in the blanks. Yes, I am sad we did not get
  13. I'd forgotten there 9 episodes. I thought up until this afternoon tonight was the last one.
  14. You'd think they partially did because it's one of their bigger folks on socials (if you include UUDD and the other guys) and announced it early to try and bump the ratings.
  15. JJ had also been managing the Rising Suns in the summer before they faded away. Not in the same league, but Missy traded up when she from Tatum/Victory to Eddie, Sting and Steiner.
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