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  1. One of the Regals here has three different anniversary rereleases this week: Xmas Story, Die Hard and Love Actually
  2. St Louis, at least until Muchnick retired, was stacked most weeks and often featured guys from all over the country being featured. Ron Fuller has some great early to mid 70s stories about being booked in StL and the hassle sometime of commuting back and forth while working in Florida or later in Knoxville and Memphis.
  3. He should have been at the presser today with MBS and Putin.
  4. You'd have thought that match would be saved for PPV, yes?
  5. She’s the daughter of a wrestler and widow of another. She can probably get by doing a “valet” match and would maybe have Beth carrying her.
  6. I would never use my work computer to log on here. We had to get permission to even use google for work purposes if we were online.
  7. Did you read the Sherlock Holmes stuff yet?
  8. Yes, Godzilla Minus One is as good as everyone has been saying. Prob even better than Shin Godzilla. Maybe best film I've seen this year.
  9. Any validity to the Danielson injury news floating around social media?
  10. i think a number of people had this idea, presumably it makes a lot of synergistic sense.
  11. I would definitely recommend at least reading the first two mini-series Hickman did. (and then listen to the pod I did with Paul O’Brien from House to Astonish)
  12. We were discussing Poor Things the other day and it’s apparently out this week (not sure how wide).
  13. Started intriguingly, then dropped off, esp once he keft.
  14. If you told me that was a photo that mashed Brock and Rena together, I'd believe you.
  15. Millar books are moving from Image to Dark Horse starting next year.
  16. From a post I saw, sounds like he is still buying comics.
  17. Looks like Dutch is in the hospital for an unspecified issue. His podcast host posted they have shows in the can already, so the pod will still be coming out.
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