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  1. Hard to see him as a face after a year plus of being a lovable dork playing Uno.
  2. Hotel New Hampshire - proto Wes Anderson but not as good. All I remember about is Nastassja Kinski in the bear suit.
  3. Memphis TV from 11/14/87 with an eight man tag with the Midnight Rockers and Bad Company on the same team.
  4. Time for Phil to make his video game tv show folder
  5. The new BTS from 1998 has a segment on Europe that includes our own @thee Reverend Axl Future on the show.
  6. It have been funny if Taker had a flag from the 1880s, which would theoretically fit the timeline of a guy with an Old West Undertaker gimmick.
  7. Did we already know masterbation exists in Westeros?
  8. I wonder if that's because so many people who may have read LOTR 20 years ago didn't read or don't know the other stuff. I do think it's a better written show than Dragons. Even the part I don't like.
  9. Its what i expected to be #1, especially with Sepinwall pimping it.
  10. Kryptonians are not Targareons.
  11. Who will rid us of this meddlesome Hand? - Thomas a Becket comes to kings Landing. so much pregnancy on this show.
  12. JC discussed the infamous (especially here) Jimmy Valiant story on the latest pod. He said he never heard the story at the time,but repeatedly on the internet in last 20 years. He also said that story back then was attributed to Klondike Bill.
  13. I'm still slogging thru the SDCC tome. Just noticed motivated to read it.
  14. https://twitter.com/1968Tv/status/1573644763538100225?t=-4HEBVwIiQMfg3tMcvQVtw&s=19
  15. I wonder Tony thought of that guy throwing out the first pitch yesterday.
  16. At least things are starting to happen, moving the chess pieces into place.
  17. As someone who did something similar at work years ago, no fun. Took me a week to be able to put my shirt on.
  18. Could a New Day vs Models feud lead to the return of Mmmm Charles?
  19. The Atlanteans definitely seem to be some kind of Central American based society, based on the trailer and other pictures.
  20. According to Cubsfan, luchador Starman passed away at the age of 47.
  21. Last I heard, none of the Brazilians playing at Arsenal may not make the squad.
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