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  1. Phil, I have the Red Corner in my shop today. $6100 let me know if you want to come buy it
  2. He must have worked for Fuller at some point, because some funny stories have come up involving him on the Studcast.
  3. Ive not reread Vision since ive soured on Kings Batman. I hope it does take the luster on that great book.
  4. Went to a regular mystery island and got 2 new fish including the Mahi Mahi.
  5. I was expecting a tweet supporting the other side of the fence.
  6. I heard Victoria Arlen on a podcast today and got me to wondering ... Has there even been a Sportscenter anchor that was disabled and did the show in a wheelchair? I couldnt think of any, but I also havent watched SC regularly in decades.
  7. Made from the hide of his prized Kobe beef cattle raised on a remote Japanese island* *PWI would likely write
  8. I just saw Ron mention on a FB comment that his son subbed for him a match once, so that is another 4th generation Welch that wrestled at least once.
  9. Prob not an issue given how the piledriver has mostly been retired.
  10. I believe Jimmy's son either is or was a wrestler, since Ron talks about 4 generations of Welchs in the business.
  11. I wonder what this will do to the secondary ticket/scalping business.
  12. Looks like #28-#32. On his website, those episodes have pictures of him playing basketball.
  13. Too bad "the lost tape" isnt footage of him in Mid South.
  14. I am being more convinced to just stick with the Switch for the foreseeable future and not get a PS5 in the fall. I think I had already decided to choose it over Xbox if I upgraded.
  15. Time for my annual plug then for the Kesel/Nord all to brief DD run.
  16. If you havent heardthem, there are a couple of early Studcast when ron talked about his college basketball career, including playing vs Artis Gilmore when he was at Jacksonville.
  17. We looked it up the other day and I think both Robert and Jimmy are 6'5", so lotsof good genetics in the Welch family.
  18. A finish I never recall seeing in years is the one Ron and Rob Fuller did in the 70s. rob would backflip the opponent and Ron would catch the guy and then piledrive him.
  19. I really have no idea anymore what year stuff came out, other than rough eras. I mean, Secret Wars was 5 years ago. Really?
  20. Waid and Samnee DD is very good. To a slightly lesser extent, their Cap book and Widow mini were also good. Landrige/Samnee Mighty Thor is great.
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