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  1. I tried getting candy from your villagers but no dice. Antonio gave me the same recipe that you dropped got me. Bluebear did remember me.
  2. I think Prevenge is more in the "crazy lady" camp than "demon baby."
  3. I posted that before everyone else starting posting the PS5 stuff in the other thread.
  4. Id think that was unlikely as long as Johns is there.
  5. Will do. I'll see how busy we are going to beat work when I get there after 1800.
  6. I will come at some point. Just got up. Maybe tonight if thats ok
  7. I jusr realized you can customize the halloween stuff with your crafing table, using the pumpkins.
  8. Jax being the center of the wrest;ing world is so 2020
  9. I hd enough people today cast a dubious eye at it, so im going to stay away.
  10. I always said it seemed odd for the blind guy to wear a metal suit.
  11. I remember it not being very good.
  12. Yeah. I meant until Miller. You had the SF era when Denny wrote the book. But I don't recall anything memorable about that, other than the setting and the Widow being the co star.
  13. Daredevil may be the longest running Marvel silver Age book with tjhe longest strecthes of average/mediocre books. Most folks would say theres almost nothing memorable until the Miller era and thats in the 150s. Iron Man might be close.
  14. Gratuitious nudity was the main selling point of premium cable, right? Dream on was probably the worst offender, outside of the shows like Red Shoe Dairies or Sherman Oaks.
  15. Whats funny is that Redford would have been the logical choice to play Cap if there big budget Marvel movies in the early 1970s. (Hashtag Reb Brown)
  16. If he was actually related to Martel, they would have made him change his name. (Although they are bith from Montreal, I dont think either guy is related to Rick.)
  17. Heck, Shaktar was missing most of their first team from covid in the champions league this week and still beat Madrid.
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