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  1. I presume MLB prob isn’t happy with folks talking about big money fantasy leagues.
  2. Hey, I somehow had missed this being on YT. An episode of Masquerade, with Steve Garvey as a guest star. One for @piranesi
  3. Today notwithstanding, there are way too many modern movies used. The other day, it was even a film I didn't even know.
  4. To clarify, I think the tutorial is now out, which you can play, but I think the demo proper is next week.
  5. Seems like if you freeze someone's contract, you should tell them you are doing it.
  6. I figured some people were still mocking it years later.
  7. My first thought was Beach Blast vs Sting. Then stuff vs Vader.
  8. I had red on both my islands today and didn't even need to visit. What a great relief.
  9. When I did the tour of the original Opry last year, I asked the guide if they ever had wrestling there and didn't know of any. Not that they never did, but that's what I was told.
  10. Is the Myriad still standing? I presume there's a newer building for the NBA team to run. Too bad the Irish MacNeil is no longer around. I'm sure TK would run there once.
  11. Yeah. I just wanted to bring up Howard the Duck. I'm sure you have stories about how it was received in the Bullpen.
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