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  1. The worse I ever had was when I was playing Carmagedden in the late 90s, I would see pedestrians and want to run them down.
  2. I get the thing lately when I'm out and see a lone bird flying in the sky, I want to pull out an imaginary varmint rifle and shoot it.
  3. I was wondering if she would go in the TV obit section or the general one.
  4. Not from me, although I have a feeling my pick will annoy many of the horror hard cores. we've already done theater of blood, which might as well be the 3rd Phibes movie. If anything, I would pick Witchfinder General (but i didnt).
  5. If it was a shoot, ellering is prob the best answer, financially speaking.
  6. I think Brian starts as cohost around #30. It's around the time Ron is playing hoops for Miami and playing vs Artis Gilmore & Jacksonville. I havent listened to the Super Studcast with Brutus yet, but I've heard folks say it was good.
  7. Plus, melting down the undertakers urn to make a gold chain should earn you points.
  8. Waiting for someone to fantasy book a stable on the "creative has nothing for you" list.
  9. If Talent Relations VP Jim Ross could not get Danny Hodge put in, hard to imagine Vince would listen to Jerry about Lance.
  10. This popped up on my YouTube recommendation list. Dory vs Terry from.Japan. 1981. Look for the jim crockett cameo.
  11. Oh yeah. Doing some of the Rains Falls missions and picking the right option give you big boosts to your honor, prob so you can do the babyface ending.
  12. I was thinking of the missions with Mrs Downes,which I thought you needed a certain honor level to generate.
  13. I saw one of my potential picks on YouTube but it hadn’t sound.
  14. I am up then (at work or lately playing RDRO).
  15. I made my tentative pick but did not get it approved by rippa yet.
  16. There are story missions you only get if your have a high enough honorable rating.
  17. It’s a nice snapshot after 2 games. due to other things, have not watched any WSL yet. I presume that new FA app is region free. Haven’t tried it yet.
  18. Gilbert's pod today: jackie and billy west. Should be epic.
  19. RIP Ric Ocasek age 75. And the World Class music video set to "you might think"
  20. Guy goes on TV in Italy and says only way to stop Lukaku is with bananas. Host apologizes and station manager comes on later to apologize and says guy will never be on the station again.
  21. With Jose Mourinho looking on ...
  22. Phil does not like the other baseball thread.
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