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  1. I agree that she is both simultaneously wooden and perfect for Manet dialogue. I'd say the same for Campbell Scott in Spanish Prisoner.
  2. Should we all just repost the clips of Norm and the Senator from when Norm passed away?
  3. Today is the 100th anniversary of the English FA banning women's football. (Until 1969)
  4. Plus, they all just saw "him" in Rogers: the Musical.
  5. Like many people, I think a Garvin win in 86 would have been better, coming off his feud with Tully for the national title.
  6. I was finally able to pick up some amiibo cards in Target today, albeit the Sanrio set and not the new ones. At least I can finally invite someone to the Roost.
  7. Reggie tweeted he will be part of something “legendary” leading to people who forgot he doesn’t work for Nintendo anymore thinking it’s a BOTW2 reveal.
  8. There are those that think the show the day before was probably better than Starrcade the next day.
  9. Can easily see Canada closing things down again by the new year. Might as well change now.
  10. Yeah. I was mainly taking a break from wrestling in early 90s while an undergrad until I found the Observer via the National which led to tape trading and seeing NJPW and Liger. It also helped change the perception of rasslin to folks in my dorm when we showed them the liger/Sano series.
  11. Using a digital CGI of Katherine Helmond from Brazil.
  12. They did already make a new deal with Scarlet after they settled her lawsuit.
  13. It may depend on if MCU hawkeye was trained by the Swordman or not, the way the SA hawkeye was, at least back in the day.
  14. Good thing I sold my turnips at 304 this morning. Katrina gave me bad luck with money today. also, you cant double dip from Redd. I bought on harvs island today but I couldn’t buy on Phil’s island just now.
  15. The funny thing is that Mamet watchers thought putting up with Lindsay Crouse was bad and then,, years later, here comes Rebecca Pigeon to say “ hold my beer,” Luckily, their negative charisma is usually canceled out by Ricky Jay.
  16. Oh yeah, we have 2 viable candidates to kill Clint. I also got weird meta vibes with the whole I am not a role model thing with Renner/Clint in that diner scene.
  17. And could very well lead to an Olympic boycott.
  18. And then we end up with websites saying Garvin is the second worst wrestler to ever beat Flair for a world title.
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