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  2. Yeah I was kind of pissed I had to skip Inhumans because the cast seemed pretty solid, but I knew there was nothing they could do with that showrunner.
  3. I'm curious as to who else was on the list.
  4. I think he just had major knee surgery that he's needed for decades.
  5. Would be cool if Alestair Black was the future HOF coming in. Black vs Archer, Wardlow, Luchasaurus, Cody, Omega, Moxley, Cage. The matches would be great.
  6. Its from the tail end of Kobashi's GHC Title run. I recall it being solid enough. Their match from AJPW in 98 is better.
  7. I really shouldn't have watched the Bucks promo back-to-back with the backstage segment after the FTR/Tully match. It's highly appreciated that they helped ensare a money mark to create a whole new national promotion but I don't fucking care about anything they do. They don't look credible, I watch their matches with a morbid dread that someone's going to kick out of taking an artillery shell to the gut, and if that was their go-home promo then holy shit. They can't even pull off LOOKING angry, much less sounding it. Shoot-y crap doesn't work if you don't already have a decent foundation
  8. Speaking of which: Does Hebner and Chioda still work for AEW? Haven't seen them in ages.
  9. you've never seen any full match from any WrestleMania? i literally can't even comprehend how that is possible. what do you watch? how did you dive into wrestling when your fandom turned full blown? how have you avoided Hogan/Andre?
  11. Saw a vid from Aztec talking about this earlier in the week. Apparently the process was timely and a bit of a gamble, but even with those issue nearly half of the people last weekend who went Flawless did it via win trading. It really goes to show a fundamental problem with how they handle Trials. On the flipside Bungie is totally cool with people running 12 man raids/strikes/nightfalls though they will fix that later this month.
  12. There's only room for one Eddie in our heart. Sorry. It'd be different if you were "Nice Guy Chris."
  13. A fleeting high guy thought I want to document in case I'm somehow right: X-Pac
  14. Look, I've never actually seen an episode of AEW. You guys know that's true. I've just seen one Cody vs Darby Allin match. With that said, has anyone considered death match legend Dr. Luther?
  15. Today
  16. I was really excited about Inhumans based on some of the casting choices but man did they mess that up.
  17. The only Marvel tv show I haven't caught was Inhumans. Iron Fist S1 turning out how it did was enough for me to stay clear. JJ S2 had some strong episodes and moments, but was a noticeable step down from S1. S3 was better but still never approached S1 levels. I think the showrunner was a bit too focused on Patsy & Jerry. Runaways was not downright garbage but it was never really good either. I never did finish S2 or catch S3. Cloak and Dagger was just so-so. Gifted was surprisingly solid though nothing amazing. Its felt like it could potentially fit into the world o
  18. Yep. That's obviously why I'd want to talk them into it...
  19. Business is business. Lesnar knows what side his bread is buttered on though. They’d need to exceed anything WWE can offer to get him in - by far. It’d blow the whole roster salary cap up. Can’t see it happening at all.
  20. Also, that thing with Mox & Lesnar felt pretty personal, at least from Mox's perspective. I wouldn't count on them working each other again, regardless of what channel it's on.
  21. Why does this board hate me so? I am a nice guy after all.
  22. "What's running through John Cena's mind? I don't give a crap what's running through his mind. What's more important is what's running down his leg: Piss. The guy is scared. The guy is scared pissless. He's shittin' his pants is what he's doing."
  23. I love Legion and Fargo. Highly recommend both.
  24. There’s a probably fake rumor going around that
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