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  2. Honestly, they just need to follow through on it even if it's to start promoting something that's two weeks away. Even with bad angles it gets annoying when they introduce something and then drop it because the initial reaction is lukewarm or poor. I appreciate TK and anyone else booking for abandoning shit that isn't going to be good, but you can't do that stuff all the time.
  3. Oh shit they could create the Austin vs Alliance moment shot for shot with Hangman. That needs a 100% live crowd, but yeah that’d be the crowning
  4. I guess we'll see what the Impact Wrestling crossover means in the coming weeks. On the surface, I don't see what AEW really gets out of it, other than maybe some fresh matchups and opponents. We are still stuck in this pandemic, so maybe one way to look at it is "we're stronger together than apart." It would appear Impact would benefit more from this crossover than AEW. Currently, Impact's ratings are so low, they seldom even reported on ShowBuzz Daily. But what do you do when guys contracts are coming up, and maybe guys want a change of scenery? Can everyone come out of this deal witho
  5. I have thoughts. Miro looked strong AF in that Battle Royal. First time he's really looked like he's given a shit since he arrived, and he's a guy where you can tell when he cares and when he doesn't. Like a male Sasha Banks. I liked the Inner Circle interactions and there were a ton of fun moments in that. I like how Sting waited until after Undertaker was officially retired and there was zero chance of a sweet, sweet Saudi blood money payoff with WWE and Taker before debuting with AEW. That's good business. Britt Baker is improving, and I thought she did a lot of good things,
  6. It doesn’t make sense to do the Shaq match until the NBA season gets going, when it can be promoted on all of TNT’s basketball programming. I’m sure that’s on a slow burn, and I wouldn’t read much into that angle being absent from the show when so much else was happening.
  7. Hopefully dropped and never referenced or spoken about again. There was no follow-up with Jade Cargill, Brandi, Nyla Rose, or Vickie this week either. Jade was on TV and injured Brandi's arm two weeks ago. Nyla and Vickie had that promo last week, but that was it.
  8. A few negatives: - they are overdoing having managers/seconds/factions at ringside and doing distractions. It's veering into NJPW Bullet Club territory. Obviously, the whole faction thing is modeled from NJPW but they are leaning into the worst booking instincts with it. - the Inner Circle stuff is a little tiring. We went from wacky skits to now dissension. I mean, I guess it's logical but everything with Jericho has just been a little too much of WWE-lite. The good: - Sting showing up was awesome, if only for the TNT and Tony Schiavone nostalgia. What is so funny about
  9. It was good to see Jungle Boy get featured in the battle royal after we were just lamenting his recent booking. Miro looked really strong, too. Matt Hardy smugly eliminating all the internet favorites was A+ work.
  10. Crossposted from the Patterson thread. I forgot this had juice from Austin. The bump Patterson takes on the chokeslam is an all-timer, especially for a senior citizen.
  11. Cody can also book himself as a star and protect himself even if it means making the new champ look like a chump. Like losing your first match and taking the pin after winning that title and how many times does a champ come out before his partner with no title?
  12. I also like that they put Callis on commentary for the PPV match a few weeks before this, to ensure that you didn’t pick up the scent tonight. The little things.
  13. I've missed Callis on commentary on Impact. Madison Rayne is okay but Callis was really good on there.
  14. Someone I know has been raving about the new Spectre Omnibus, which is (mostly?) fleischer/aparo stuff I think.
  15. Sunday, December 6 Las Vegas at NY Jets New Orleans at Atlanta Detroit at Chicago Indianapolis at Houston Cleveland at Tennessee Cincinnati at Miami Jacksonville at Minnesota LA Rams at Arizona NY Giants at Seattle Philadelphia at Green Bay New England at LA Chargers Denver at Kansas City Monday, December 7 Washington at Pittsburgh Buffalo vs San Francisco (in Arizona) Tuesday, December 8 Dallas at Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: Josh Allen rushing yards vs SF Tiebreaker #2: winning margin in NYG/Se
  16. Don Callis hosts Aftershock on AXS (also on Twitch) After Impact airs at 10 pm which is live each week so that could be where Omega talks to Don. Don Callis & Jimmy Jacobs host it each week.
  17. Let’s just roll out the vaccine and start looking forward to Tokyo dome, jan 4,2022 already
  18. WINTER IS COMING. what a show. Holy shit. so much hype from all that. Marked out huge for STING showing up. Definitely did not expect that. For all the times the lights have gone out in AEW, the true shock surprise was finally nailed. I love it. To go from that right in to the epic Moxley/Omega match was wild. Very good match, wasn't sure on the finish but am absolutely stoked for this all leading in to IMPACT! Also loved after how hyped I was for last week's Murderhawk ending, they squeezed in that last little second of Kingston showing up to challenge Archer, can't wait for that! Rest
  19. Running through Arabet Said/Serge Gentilly vs Yves Amor/Georges Gueret quickly with just one gif. This is so nonchalant that it's pretty hilarious. Gueret was a great character who has a sort of Larry the Axe vibe to him: On to Jean Corne & Isha Israel vs. Marcel Mannevau & Claude Gessat which was great. Check out the agility involved here! Beautiful heeling:
  20. I know Mexican wrestling has been hit harder than American and Japanese by covid but if anyone has a rundown of their favourite lucha matches of 2020 that would be appreciated.
  21. Good show overall. One of the main things that puts Dynamite over Raw and Smackdown for me is that there's no constant "earlier tonight" segments or superfluous bullshit, just matches and promos that are kept to a reasonable length. The battle royal was fine and while I like MJF and Cassidy I'd have rather had some other people who haven't been featured as prominently get the rub. Jericho/Kaz was an alright match but I didn't have much investment in it. They almost looked to be setting up Sammy/MJF for the #2 spot in the Inner Circle? I've not been that hot on Britt Baker so far
  22. Impact looking remotely strong on freaking TNT does a shitload of good for the brand, even when they lose whatever blowoff there would be in an inter-promotional feud. I'd argue that AEW is gambling far more by merely doing any kind of cross-promotion with TNA, as one brand is featured live on TNT weekly (at least when damn pandemic is not messing with things) and has an objectively excellent reputation and the other needed a reputation boost and ties with the owner to make it back onto AXS TV.
  23. BTW, have they already dropped the Shaq thing?
  24. USA Today covered David Arquette's title win, mainstream exposure rah bah bah. Except Cody can work actual matches with Darby because he's in his 30s and not his 60s. And Cody was actually able to put him over for the TNT title. Except what does that look like in 2020-2021? Can Sting even work beyond maybe hitting a few token Stinger splashes and a Scorpion Deathlock?
  25. I hope this isn’t a full-blown invasion angle. A little bleed over between rosters is fine (clearly it was an Impact guy that attacked Moxley and that score will need to be settled), but brand war really only helps Impact and drags perception of AEW down to their level. Great show!
  26. On the plus side, I guess we can finally see The North clown FTR and show they're the team FTR thinks they are.
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