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  2. Wait until NJPW runs Long Beach.
  3. Episode #6: In this episode of Letters From Center Stage, JT & Allan head into their offices in Atlanta, GA to dive deep into the outer rim of the nostalgia mothership that was WCW: 1. The Mailbag: Vintage WCW Blunders / Maxx Payne vs. Johnny B. Badd 2. This Week in History: WCW Monday Nitro 5/27/96 3. The Long Topic: WCW Dream Matches To write in to the mailbag, tweet @allan_cheapshot or @place2benation or email in at Follow along with our YouTube playlist as well! The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes: or SoundCloud:, you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of all shows on the Network! For more on the great family of podcasts at Place to Be Nation, visit LISTEN:
  4. I really do wonder if Dave just can't mentally bring himself to give 5 to a match that happens in the US anymore. But after DIY/Revival didn't, I'd be shocked is anything else ever does in NXT. That aside, I broadly agree with his ratings on this show.
  5. He's not my favorite Bond, but The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only* are two of the very best Bond films. *Except Bibi. Oh dear God Bibi how I hate you.
  6. Today
  7. I read that as "the first Avengers"
  8. He did that a few months ago unless he pulled a Kerry Von Erich and broke his repaired feet again.
  9. Rick Steiner is so crazy over in 1988. I've always heard about the urban legend that Dusty wanted to hot shot the belt on him and fuck it, I'm with Dusty if true. Luger is popular, but is kind of lame as a face and doesn't have much more in the promo department than "You think you can beat me Flair, well look at this! *takes off shirt/flexes* Sting was obviously going to be the guy later, but hell, capitalize on Steiner's weird charm and give him six months as champion. *Steiner holds Big Gold directly in his own face* "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, I won this Tony! I won this by myself!"
  10. It surely seems that way, going by the photos. That's not even counting the hand-held weapons we're getting.
  11. I'm finally caught up on this season. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Gus' reaction to Don Hector invading his turf. Hector terrorized the employees, frightened the customers, and threatened Gus if he chose not to work for him. Was Gus frightened? Nope. Dude, was taking jump shots with crumpled up food wrappers. BCS makes me dislike Walter White even more now that we are exposed to the lengths Mike has gone to support his granddaughter and daughter in law.
  12. I actually liked it as a concept. It was just also totally wasted by Bendis & Gillen, for most part.
  13. NXT

    I never understood why they called up the Vaudevillains over Blake and Murphy last year.
  14. NXT

    Which one is Buddy Murphy?
  15. Why am I positive this update is gonna release some weapons that's absolutely gonna dominate freemode?
  16. Very hard for me to see Nashville beating Pittsburgh without their #1 centre to be honest, but here's hoping it is close.
  17. NXT

    Some notes from tonights tapings. If you hate the "2... sweet" thing, I wouldn't watch these shows
  18. Someone named Les Moore has a wrestling podcast and it's not called "Les is Moore"? *I've been drinking and there is a very good chance that the name sounded better in my head.*
  19. Teaser for the new massive update. Video trailer should make the rounds tomorrow or during the weekend. This'll be expensive for sure.
  20. It's funny, my Dad was never able to buy Moore as Bond because he'd always be Beau Maverick to him. Meanwhile, I've seen a lot of James Garner Maverick and at least a little of Jack Kelly as Bart, but I'm pretty sure I never saw any of the later Beau or Brent episodes. Meanwhile, for me Roger Moore is "my" Bond because, while I was too young to see the movies in the theatre, I must've seen Moonraker a half dozen times as an ABC Movie of the Week; as a result, it's kind of my definitive Bond 25 years later, despite being one of the weaker ones.
  21. It just had to be...them. Proud of the Sens, they were almost Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania but will have to settle for being Jeff Hardy in a ladder match vs The Undertaker.
  22. Very interesting final. Penguins could go back to back OR Smashville Rusev CRUSH
  23. I actually kinda like Kitty on the team.
  24. NXT

    I know that it seems a little too obvious but punting Nick Miller and teaming Shane Thorne and Buddy Murphy wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  25. All aboard the Preds bandwagon ...
  26. Pens got it wowwww. What exactly was Ottawa's strategy? Something like this..
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