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  2. Oh how I would love to see a Disney movie directed by Rob Zombie.
  3. Fiend vs Roman is pretty easy to me. Roman's great at working from underneath. Have the Fiend take most of the match, have Roman come back, hit a few superman punches and one spear. It would work. The whole point of a monster is to have a hero beat him. You could still rehabilitate the Fiend for a Summerslam match vs Brock or something. Meanwhile, give Roman an actual dominant run as a face champion to carry the brand.
  4. Drew winning was a good call, but I kind of wanted to see the internet reaction if Charlotte and Roman won the Rumbles.
  5. It's been bad for a long while but it really jumped the shark when Ronda did it. If it quietly goes away, we all win.
  6. My only regret is that we didn’t get WALTER toward the tail end of the Brock thing. I wanted to see the staredown and you know Brock would have pinballed his ass off for the chop.
  7. Today
  8. I am thinking Fiend loses to DB between now and Mania and we get Bryan-Reigns which wouldn't be that bad of a match really.
  9. I was surprised Morrison didn't do some crazy Rumble spot considering he was just as infamous for that as Kofi was before he was released but that bump he took for Brock was insane.
  10. Im not too much worried with reactions so much as realising the Fiend will be just another guy so soon. Roman beats him at Mania. Beats him/retains in a couple of rematches. Then what? I feel like you can keep the belt on him till Summerslam. If you can avoid Reigns dropping another big match. Especially if you don't plan on having them close the show.
  11. a couple of quick thoughts. Brock beating all the mid card guys only to be tossed by Drew is cool and all but you could have also made a guy like Keith Lee or Walter by putting them in the same spot. You could do it with Walter and still have Drew eliminate him for the big pop and I don't think it would tarnish his win any in doing so. Why was Sasha not on the show? She was doing signings in Houston and it was her birthday also. Seemed strange. Did I miss it or did nobody point to the Mania sign this year?
  12. Jesus the thought of that 4-way with Corbin sounds horrible. That man needs to go away for along time, if not for good. i understand your point with blowing off The Fiend after 8 months, but is the reaction going to be that much bigger at 12/-8/24 months away compared to now? And that’s without worrying about the possible reaction Bryan would get for beating The Fiend being way greater than Reigns. And the reaction Reigns would get for beating him would be weaker 12 months from now imo, altho tbh I doubt there is much of a difference in reactions for Bryan be it now or later. I just think if it’s not those two now, I don’t think the gimmick that beats The Fiend for the first is currently on the roster.
  13. 15/2 was the actual ratio, which is still insane. Especially compared to Peyton's 5/8 ratio. The first run had several games where Eli was only asked to be a bus driver (14/21, 166 yards, 2 TD in the Divisional Round against the Cowboys, the go-ahead TD run was set up by a punt return). The Cowboys also got the ball back at the end of the game, only after Coughlin decided to play it safe, take the ball out of Eli's hands and call three straight runs to try and end the game with a first down. I was sure the Giants were going to pass the ball and probably get a first down. Draining the clock turned out to be the right decision though. Eli's second Super Bowl run was where he really played like a legend; even though the average fan will be more likely to cite the helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII and not the sick throw to Manningham in Super Bowl XLVI.
  14. Also whose great idea was it to have Jerry Lawler do the women's rumble? Yeesh.
  15. Did a quick scan so apologies if already mentioned but PWI is confirming that AJ Styles did hurt his arm on the landing after taking the spear from Edge Nothing beyond that since he will be going in today for further tests
  16. Today is Disney live action news Bambi and Pinocchio are both official, the later to be written and directed by Robert Zemeckis
  17. Charlotte winning was pretty much a foregone conclusion. So I wasn’t surprised. I like her but I also have no interest in her facing either Becky or Bayley at Mania. Favorite moment of the Rumble was Naomi returning, natural hair and all. I live. Becky/Asuka was pretty good as expected. And Bayley/Lacey was a thing.
  18. I think Reigns/Fiend depends on how quickly you're prepared to dispense the Fiend as the guy Built him up as an unbeatable monster only to drop a fall 8 months later? On the other hand Roman cant afford another high profile choke. I think a four way involving Corbin and Bryan makes more sense if you look past the need for Mania to be one vs one title matches. Adds a dynamic of vulnerability to the Fiend losing without being pinned. Interested to see who the fourth guy would be for AoP/Rollins/Murphy vs Joe/Owens/Black. Viking Raiders makes the most sense but Black seems to be added to the mix and has history with Buddy. I'll say Ricochet. On the other hand I expect there's an OC vs Rated RKO match in there too, so seems unlikely you go with two big multiman matches. Joe and Owens vs Rollins and Buddy for the tag straps seems doable. Could you do a hair and title vs career and mask match for Rey and Andrade? I can't see Bayley making it to Mania as champion. It's just a matter of who takes her title beforehand and faces Charlotte. But where does that leave Becky? Time might be right for another winner take all four way between the Horsewomen and then have Shayna/Rousey/etc attack them the night after and force them to put their differences aside.
  19. I missed the show because I was at work, but I was following along with it on social media. When I got home I went straight to the Men's Rumble match (I'll watch the rest of it another time). For all the shit WWE takes for most of their decision-making, they did a hell of a job with this match. Straight-up chills when McIntyre won, and plenty of other great moments too (the Edge return, Lee going toe-to-toe with Lesnar). Why don't they just make the entire plane out of the Royal Rumble?
  20. How dare you. You must watch a bunch of stuff you hate to cleanse.
  21. While watching and with how long it took for him to leave, I figured Brock was going to come back and somehow factor into Drew’s elimination, with Reigns winning to set him up with Bray at Mania. I guess they could still go with that direction, but with Bryan really being the only one built as the cause of The Fiend, it tells a better story to have him be the one to banish him after failing a couple times. The ending of their match kind of felt like a blow off tho, so that may not be the plan and the plan is for Roman to win the SD shot at EC.
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