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  2. If I take off their masks, will they die?
  3. I probably be for it But I like console exclusives and generally end up purchasing all the major consoles in a generation anyway. I was the only kid in my neighborhood with both a SNES and a Sega Genesis. The funny part is that I don't even think of myself as a hardcore gamer. Been playing more this year, but generally I only play a couple hours a week and would much rather talk game design than play the game. I dunno how some of you sit and play for hours at a stretch. I can very rarely do that. I'm going to be sad if console exclusivity falls completely out of favor and consoles
  4. Just have The Hurt Business squash these ham and eggers in 5 minutes at a PPV and use that as a reason to launch them into the World Title scene. Basically scorched earth OVW Crating Retribution is the only way out.
  5. If Keith Lee joins Retribution, I hope they change his name to Whale Tail to match his pal T-Bar.
  6. I definitely thought Santana and Ortiz were shouting out Team Pazuzu originally, I know somebody else said the same. Shit, that makes me wish that Chris Dickinson and Jaka would eventually come in to AEW...
  7. They were definitely Dead Presidents. I mean, he might’ve been fed that line, but Tony has done Dark. He’ll say things on there that you wouldn’t expect, and I’m sure nobody is feeding him during those tapings.
  8. Could be unintentional. The Save the Children shit is pilling people who don't realize they're being pilled. They'll deny they're into Q and then say all the Q things. But who the fuck knows.
  9. For the record - I am officially disappointed in all of you. I will give you all the benefit of the doubt and say... so many movies you forgot to vote for
  10. There is a rumor going around that WWE is going to turn Keith Lee heel and reveal him as the leader of Retribution. That.... sounds like a terrible idea, but then again, it may be the only way to save the Retribution angle. But, it's WWE so it would probably drag down everyone involved even further. I'm kinda amused that after weeks of skulking around in ski masks and black sweats, Retribution unmasked to reveal.... even worse looking masks and ring gear.
  11. I'd be all for it, the Dreamcast was one of my favorite systems. I think Sega is one of the most innovative game developers of all time. They could be a great addition to a system that needs an influx of imagination.
  12. The first thing I of course thought of was corpsepaint (see photo at left) but then Tony whipped out the knowledge and I said to myself "goddammit I would have not got that unless he said it". And yes I have seen the movie.
  13. Raw ratings : 1.74 million 1.69 million 1.56 million
  14. Was it confirmed that Santana and Ortiz were cosplaying Dead Presidents? I was guessing The Warriors (which seems a little more applicable given the context) and I've seen a few other guesses. I know Tony said Dead Presidents, but I thought he was just guessing (though it sounds more like a line he was fed than something he'd come up with on his own).
  15. We always bring up Yano, but Masao Inoue has been doing much the same thing for years, just in a less comedic fashion. He deserves some props too.
  16. I saw some stuff on that this morning, but there's probably nothing to it. It's not even a rumor, really. More like speculation from fans (as opposed to news outlets). Microsoft's been rumored to be buying Sega since the Dreamcast days.
  17. Have various backstage segments where Raw wrestlers are just generally nice and welcoming and the Retribution geeks feel bad and decide to stop being so angry. Nattie sits Mercedes down to talk about their shared love of cats. Mia gets her hair done by Bianca Belair The other goobers hang out with Street Profits & War Raiders playing mini golf, beach volleyball etc Dijak bumps into Keith Lee & they just hug it out... Then Keith Spirit Bombs his ass, joins up
  18. Day four was quite good and contained a couple of surprises. I’ll comment further when I don’t have a splitting headache. Ashino vs Ishikawa was really good.
  19. Tony surprisingly knows. He’s a total fucking nerd.
  20. not sure if this is widely known but each Kaiju Big Battle show has different people wearing the costume. The costumes go from town to town with locals playing the parts. I don't know why I am surprised but I am floored by this.
  21. Her post was liked by Alexa as well. Hopefully its a case of neither realizing what it is.
  22. They have the option to just nuke this shit from orbit and that's the only route they should take.
  23. Oh shit. Here we go. New big rumor that is sure to really piss @Tromatagonand others off - Microsoft may also be purchasing Sega. Who knows if its true or not, but I could see it happening.
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