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  2. These 2x RP/$ Special Vehicle Contact/MC mission payouts are ridiculous right now. I know I mentioned it earlier, but having done them for the past few days in stretches, it's very noticeable. A friend of mine made a playlist with all eight SVC's, somehow. Two notes; if you die, you're done and onto the next. Second, having these in a playlist means no 3-minute (did somebody say 3 minutes...?) cooldown, but a slightly longer wait than normal, since you bypass the drive and start at the location itself. You'll think it froze, but be patient. Worth it though. Look it up on Social Club if you want. He tweaked it a bit and I can't remember the name, but someone else already probably made one. Highly suggest these for you folks who need cash. As always, the more in your MC (for those missions) the better the pay. Glitch a lobby to ensure better profitability.
  3. It's hard to argue that. Silencing Eli is such an egregious call on their part that it's impossible to look past. DCC is perplexing because they had that cool promo last week only to be goofs last night. There's no mystique and little to no reason to care. At least Arron's getup is his own stupid idea. Apparently he pushed for that in WWE and got shot down. Moose I can almost understand because it is a returning Drew. But even that match they could have saved down the line. Trevor was a buffoon last year too, Total Nonstop Deletion is proof of that. As for Brooke, Deonna tried her best to make something out of that. I'm not one to complain about Brooke shaking things, but the rest of it is pretty bad. To add to the griping, how about Braxton not being allowed to train Allie. They recently paired up and with little time to establish it they split them (for fear of firing Allie in storyline I guess) If you're going to do it do that later.
  4. Also, Barry still had the larger skull, even after Griffey's Nerve Tonic Addiction.
  5. About the same as the start of Cold War 2 starting up soon with China. Cold War 2: World War 3: Civil War 1.5: Nyarlathotep Reigns For A Thousand Years is bound to be a box office smash.
  6. Movie

    This is an exquisite thing to say whenever any conversation in any situation peters out, and you need to kick-start it again.
  7. Ken Griffey Jr. is Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds is Tim Duncan. Kobe was a more spectacular player, but Tim Duncan was a better player. Barry Bonds was better at almost everything than Ken Griffey Jr. Barry Bonds won three MVPs in the 90s, before the steroids. Griffey won one. That should tell you who was better before we even talk about Bonds being a better hitter for average, having a better on base percentage, a better slugging percentage, striking out less, walking more, and stealing more bases.
  8. As little discussion goes on, I think this is fine as a general tabletop thread. I'm a big fan of the move towards more accessible and rules-light systems. I still have all my old D&D and Shadowrun books if I feel like rolling a million dice, but these days I much prefer something that I can get into and play quickly. On that note I picked up Shadowrun:Anarchy on sale from DriveThruRPG and I'm looking forward to reading through it this weekend.
  9. Eric Winter is leaving his position as SVP/GM of UFC Fight Pass.
  10. But did you name Zeke, whoever Zeke is, after Zeke the Plumber?
  11. NFL

    The Texans have fired their Offensive Coordinator and have decided to hire ... no one. We don't need no OC. Bill O'Brien to be his own OC apparently.
  12. Just to be anal, should we create an RPG thread? D&D is not a board game.
  13. EVENT #3 POINT TOTAL: 37 Legacy Fighting Alliance: Richman vs. Stojadinovic (1/20/2016) - Prior Lake, MN (Mystic Lake Casino Hotel) Mike Richman vs. Lazar Stojadinovic - Richman KO R3 Chico Camus vs. Darrick Minner - Camus DEC Ben Neumann vs. Damion Hill - Hill SUB R2 Bobby Lee vs. Matthew Marsh - Lee DEC Brandon Jenkins vs. Billy Christianson - Christianson DEC Mitch White vs. Lloyd McKinney - McKinney KO R1 Linsey Williams vs. Gabby Romero - Romero DEC BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 37 ShoBox: Lopez vs. Roman (1/20/2016) - Atlantic City, NJ (Bally's Event Center) Adam Lopez vs. Daniel Roman - Lopez KO R8 Ronald Ellis vs. Christopher Brooker - Brooker DEC Kenneth Sims Jr. vs. Emmanuel Robles - Sims DEC Stephon Young vs. Olimjon Nazarov - Nazarov KO R4 Leroy Davila vs. Anthony Taylor - Davila DEC Keenan Smith vs. Marquis Hawthorne - Smith KO R6 Darmani Black vs. Solomon Maye - Black DEC EVENT #4 POINT TOTAL: 37 Glory 37: Los Angeles (1/20/2016) - Los Angeles, CA (The Novo by Microsoft) Glory Middleweight Championship: Jason Wilnis vs. Israel Adesanya - Wilnis DEC 2017 Welterweight Contender Tournament Final: Kongolo KO R2 Guto Inocente vs. D'Angelo Marshall - Inocente DEC 2017 Welterweight Contender Tournament Semi-Final (2): Karim Benmansour vs. Alan Scheinson - Benmansour DEC 2017 Welterweight Contender Tournament Semi-Final (1): Yoann Kongolo vs. Konstantin Khuzin - Kongolo KO R1 Glory Featherweight Championship*: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Matt Embree - Van Roosmalen DEC Jhonata Diniz vs. Tomáš Možný - Diniz KO R3 Mike Lemaire vs. Warren Thompson - Lemaire DEC Daniela Graf vs. Zoila Frausto - Graf SUB R2 Giga Chikadze vs. Victor Pinto - Chikadze DEC EVENT #5 POINT TOTAL: 37 Titan FC 43: Torres vs. Nobre (1/21/2016) - Coral Gables, FL (Watsco Center) Jose Torres vs. Pedro Nobre - Torres DEC Caio Uruguai vs. Michael Quinones - Uruguai SUB R1 Bruce Lutchmedial vs. Anderson Hutchinson - Lutchmedial DEC Valdir Araujo vs. Preston Parsons - Parsons DEC Gustavo Gabriel vs. Jorge Calvo Martin - Martin SUB R3 Volkan Oezdemir vs. Muhammad De'Reese - Oezdemir KO R3 Raush Manfio vs. Matt Frevola - Manfio DEC EVENT #6 POINT TOTAL: 37 Bellator 170: Ortiz vs. Sonnen (1/21/2016) - Inglewood, CA (The Forum) Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen - Sonnen DEC Paul Daley vs. Brennan Ward - Daley KO R1 Ralek Gracie vs. Hisaki Kato - Kato KO R1 Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Emmanuel Sanchez - Sanchez DEC Derek Campos vs. Derek Anderson - Can I just say Derek? No? OK, Anderson DEC Chinzo Machida vs. Jamar Ocampo - Machida KO R2 Cody Bollinger vs. Henry Corrales - Bollinger DEC Kevin Casey vs. Keith Berry - Casey KO R2 Guilherme Vasconcelos vs. John Mercurio - Mercurio DEC Colleen Schneider vs. Chrissie Daniels - Daniels DEC
  14. It really feels like they made 5th Edition much more accesable to new players, which is why it's grown so much in popularity in recent years. Seemingly every big Twitch star has a weekly DnD game they run.
  15. Oh hey, Vince got out-carnied by someone.
  16. Movie

    It can't be as bad as seeing one of the hardcore porn movies that star Jaimee Foxworth, the youngest daughter in Family Matters.
  17. I've only every played 2nd and 3.5/Pathfinder, so pretty much anything is easier to run than that. Thankfully I'm not DMing this time since I'm a 5th ed baby. Based on reading the PHB I like the direction they've gone. These days my tastes run more towards stuff like Dungeon World, but I haven't had much luck drumming up interest in a game.
  18. So, how does it feel to lose the Cold War, 25 years after it seemingly ended?
  19. Today
  20. If you check out the latest Masked Mats and Mayhem on youtube, we had Eric Van Wagenen on to address the hiatus and then a dope-ass Chris Roach interview on the writer's side of the show. We delivered big time this week gents.
  21. I run a monthly game for my brother and four friends, two of whom have moved away and now video conference in. And I like fifth edition, but I don't know that's it easier to run than fourth.
  22. Buddy Rose is right there people
  23. HBK too.
  24. For whatever it's worth, 5th Edition is significantly easier to run then previous versions from those who have played multiple. I was just wanting to see if anyone else has experience with it. I'm currently running a game for some friends, and it's nice sometimes to have people to bounce ideas with.
  25. I understand where Bryan was coming from but this was, and will probably be, the only time this ever happens and it goes down with some incredibly dumb and worthless questions to a guy who will likely be dictating the future of the wrestling. You take this golden opportunity to ask whether or not one of the greatest wrestlers of all time was working or not. Give me a break. I love Bryan but this was such an utter waste of an opportunity. Thanks for the numbers btw.
  26. Says the man now trolling YouTube to get all the achievements on a game that came out in 2011. Come back to Los Santos, General - they really have added quite a bit to the game since the 360 days. You guys will have to find another game to play to avoid us when we're all playing Andromeda.
  27. Yep, although I'm between games right now. Supposed to be starting my first 5th ed campaign in a couple of weeks.
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