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  2. Vince would have been so disappointed in Shelton's performance in Brawl for All 2: The Quickening...
  3. Cyberpunk 2077 article with concept art and world building / lore info: https://wccftech.com/cyberpunk-2077-gang-corporate-names-logos/ Most of the gangs and corporations like Kang Corp and the Voodoo Boys are already detailed in the original pen / paper game, but The Mox is a faction created by CDPR and blessed by the creators of the pen / paper game. The Mox are a group of vigilantes that protect male / female hetero and LGBTQ sex workers from violence and exploitation.
  4. The 1st buildup hype video made me excited for a Jake Hager match.. I am looking forward to Hager-Moxley. Hager's wife was perfect "You win or you don't come home" I can't wait for Jericho to retire and he and Tony become the best announcing duo ever behind Lance Russell & Dave Brown. My favorite Jericho line for the entire night: "She went from Ace Frehley to Gene Simmons in one match" Chris Jericho made me not care that this was an empty arena show.
  5. Jake Roberts maybe clean and possibly sober and cutting 1980's Pure Evil promos is the best thing on my television right now. The only fools fight wars that they know they can't win promo was the best one yet.
  6. What’s Brian Cage’s injury timetable supposed to be? Just asking because they probably could use him whenever this arena shit gets solved.
  7. "Millions must die so that billions can live!" - Adrian Veidt
  8. Malcolm was robbed of a massive Full Sail pop for his debut.
  9. Yeah, but that is older, heavier, more partied out Duran...young lightweight Duran is one of the best fighters who has ever lived. The Brawl for All episode was good, but it's just another example of someone being punished for being unexpectedly good at something. I don't believe that Dr. Death would have got over in the late 90s WWF, everything about him screamed 1983. The dopey mullet, the running in place, the kabuki mask he wore that time on Raw, everything about his presentation...he was never going to be a main eventer. Yet, somehow they talked themselves into the fact that Bart Gunn ruined all of their plans by knocking him out. The only real way to show him who's boss, make him fight a professional fighter and get damn near killed. Seriously, that's one of the most devastating looking knockouts I've ever seen, and I've watched pretty much every UFC show, every Pride show, and thousands of boxing matches. I also watched the Sasuke documentary, and I was left feeling sad for his wife and kids. He reminded me of the old guy who's wife leaves him after the kids are out of the house and he doesn't know what to do with his life without his family...except he has a family. He seems completely oblivious to the fact that breaking his body wrestling and breaking his spirit by running for office is hurting his family at least as much as it's hurting him. I really want to know how many politicians are standing on Japanese street corners campaigning. I honestly think it's just him. With that said, I honestly believe he cares and the reason he does these things is that he believes that he can help people.
  10. Today
  11. Owen (and Bob) interfered in Bret's title match (along with many others) and in retaliation, Bret attacked Owen as he was entering the Rumble (he was chucked out quickly). You're right though. It's kind of weird that it was just killed off like that. Obviously a rematch from X at XI would've saved us from that shitty submission match Bret had. Owen benefitted that night though, getting the tag straps with the returning Yokozuna, which was an alright big guy/little guy team. Mainly due to Owen being Owen.
  12. It has never worked in pro boxing or MMA, so it wouldn't work in pro wrestling. Ask any combat sports promoter who has tried to hedge their bets on an up and coming golden boy who is great against tomato cans and then gets smashed to pieces during his first title shot, or who beats a paper champion and it later bulldogged by a serious competitor during his first title defense. Butterbean did not get the memo that he should roll over for Bart Gunn.
  13. Malcolm is going to be managing the challenger for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania '22 (and if Vince bothers to look at an NXT tape in the next 9 months, 2021).
  14. BUT THAT'S SO LONG!!! People don't remember LONG installs. It was kinda weird though, I bought mine digital and it pre-installed last week, so I can technically start at midnight tonight, if I wanted and could stay up that late.
  15. On Facebook, people were complaining that you'll have to install the FF7 remake to the hard drive to play it. "It takes so long!" someone said. According to folks who got their discs early (mine won't be here until next week, damnit), it takes like 20 minutes.
  16. Same as the old kits? Seriously, I'm not seeing any difference.
  17. For what it is worth - Meltzer spends like 30 minutes recapping the episode on the radio show from last night/this morning. (If you don't have a subscription, I am sure someone will put clips up somewhere) I am obviously gonna have paraphrase since Dave (as per usual) has like 4 different thoughts running at once But basically - he says that he is sure that in Russo's mind it was to have someone beat on JBL but everything was approved by Vince McMahon (good ideas get through, bad ideas don't - again good and bad being relative terms). And the reason Vince wanted to do it was because they were behind in the ratings and Vince thought having real fights and the unpredictability of it would help. (It didn't) Dave said that he can't imagine JBL would think that in that locker room he was the toughest man in the room. He thought it was stupid that Cornette spent the last part just railing on Russo when Cornette knows it was the other Vince's fault (Though while not said, I think Dave also acknowledges that this is one of Cornette's troupes now)
  18. We're all bros and homegirls here. Everybody chill.
  19. I have experience a lot of issues with the Tower lately from system freezes to getting kicked like once every ten minutes. I also have issues with regularly getting booted before some Gambit Prime matches. Doesn't happen with Crucible or Strike; only with Gambit Prime.
  20. I always get hit when I try to do a Strike or Crucible match. I am a little irritated that Bungie hasn't even acknowledged there is an issue (I did a bunch of searching yesterday to see if this was just a me problem)
  21. Yeah, considering my wife lost her dad 5 or so years ago the ending got her really good. But hot damn is it a great movie. I don't bother ranking Pixar movies because the ones I've seen have all been great and impactful in different ways. But if I were to rank it it'd be way up there.
  22. The part creator sounds nice but not sure if I want to dive into it yet. I mean it is a game-changer as far as making the game future-proof and same goes for move editor. But just not sure about paying $30 since I didn't get the season pass. Now for the parts is it simply just subscribing to it and it shows up in the parts list when editing? If so then that's awesome but that would mean I would need to copy a subscribed wrestler and edit that. Which is fine but if somebody keeps updating them then I lose out on that. But I do have all the DLCs so I in theory should have everything I need leading up to it.
  23. He sounded a little too dry even for Excalibur. This would’ve been done better at a recording studio. But I’m sure all those are shutdown in Hollywood.
  24. Yeah, I like the fact that Lee is trying to reinforce the idea that the Dark Order isn't supposed to be a cadre of chumps. Their goal is the infiltration of the highest levels of society and you can't do that dressed like a bum. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right?
  25. Also it is painfully clear that Shawn Michaels doesn't watch any kind of MMA because if he did he would realize that wearing a cup and getting kicked in the dick STILL FUCKING HURTS
  26. I didn't interpret it as a lack of enthusiasm as I did that Excalibur was being serious since wrestling is serious business. I may have also been sleepy.
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