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    1981 Muraco could've been NWA champion. He was that good in the ring.
  3. DC TV Thread

    I would have much preferred Adam Strange to a character in the Berlanti-verse. LoT seems a natural fit.
  4. WrestleMania XXXIV

    Never said it was, just that he held up his end of the matches. I'd take the last 2 Jinder/Styles matches over the last 2 Styles/Owens matches, and Jinder/Xavier was the best singles Xavier match I've seen. He's not the greatest sure but just solid in his role currently. They've got teen sister duo "Chloe x Halle" doing America the Beautiful

    Always loved Wyndorf's voice. Perfect for metal/hard rock.

    What you really meant.

    All it really takes is a good grip and hand strength.
  8. DC TV Thread

    I haven’t seen yet it but making Adam Strange look like circa 2011 Miz was a weird choice.
  9. Dying WCW did a better job booking the Kiss Demon gimmick than WWE does with Balor's Demon deal. And yeah, it's been pointed out quite a bit he puts no effort into differentiating the characters.
  10. Best North American in ring performers of last 20 years

    Yes, I agree with. Maybe I didnt't explained well what I meant. Everything you said in the second part of your post describes my opinion. Demon Balor should work in a different way than normal Balor. However John, I find a post of jdw on pwonly in which he talked about DVDVR matches poll at the end of the year. I find a post in which he said that Bryan entered in the list of best matches for year since 2003. Do you remember about these polls? Are there lost?
  11. @Francesco, I'm going to agree with you and disagree with you at the same time... Balor has oodles of charisma, in fact, he's probably right below Daniel Bryan in terms of charisma. If you watched him in NJPW he was a great arrogant heel, in WWE he's been about as good a babyface as Steamboat, it doesn't get much better than that. As I've said elsewhere, "The ladies come to see him and the fellas want to be him!" Buried in that cliche is the fact that he is one of the most marketable people in WWE. Men like watching him because he's a good wrestler, radiates toughness and seems like a pretty chill dude that you would enjoy hanging out with. Women like watching him because let's face it, he's a good looking guy. Now, what's wrong with his act? It's simple to fix and Devitt's a smart guy so I'm surprised that he hasn't made this adjustment... Demon Finn needs to work differently than normal Finn. Be it more heelish tactics (my preference), either more mat based or more high flying (doesn't matter which one, just pick one and stick with it), a different basic moveset (probably too subtle for the WWE universe to pick up on), but SOMETHING has to differentiate the personalities to a degree that can be easily understood, otherwise it's a bloody waste of time and Finn in body paint which means nothing. I hate to point to something as silly and simple-minded as Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack/Mick Foley; but damn it, it worked. Even the bonehead writers that WWE employs were able to get across the many faces of Foley to the point where even a child would understand it. Why they can't do the same with Balor has only one explanation and that's that VKM lost interest once he got hurt and went on to the next bright, shiny thing that captured his attention. This is the problem when you have a company run by a 71 year-old man with the attention-span of a chipmunk. The whole "creative has nothing for you" translates to "Vince forgot that you work here."
  12. 2017-18 NBA: SECOND HALF

    "It's just Javale falling" I wonder if during moments of great duress like that, when Javale realizes he fucked up, he hears the Shaqtin' A Fool theme.
  13. DC TV Thread

    Reviews have been mixed, not particularly good. 43% on Rotten Tomatoes, for what that's worth. Haven't read much viewer feedback though. I've got it on the DVR, but I'm about 3 weeks behind on pretty much every show I'm trying to watch, so it'll be a bit before i get to it. Couple minutes I caught on Wed didn't hook me, but it was literally a couple minutes in the middle of the ep.
  14. Today

    nowhere else to put this, so here goes. i play and collect a bunch of NES games. not a fan of the Tengen black cartridges, but wanted a Ms. Pac-Man cart, so i frankensteined my own (swapped boards, made a custom label based on the Tengen one). Turned out pretty good as far as i'm concerned.
  16. History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 15 can be accessed clicking the link to YouTube as well as iTunes among other podcast sites. We go over the first half of 1996 dealing with Hayabusa and all his injuries, Mr. Pogo's dealing as a freelancer, Onita planting the seeds on coming back out of retirement already, and I go on and on and on about my favorite FMW show of all the time the May 5, 1996 Kawasaki Stadium show.
  17. Not changing the result, but I would've preferred Savage pinning Flair clean with the elbow at Mania 8, instead of the inexplicable punch-and-handful-of-trunks finish.
  18. I remember just buzzing as he climbed. I knew that's what he was going for, I knew he had done it in OVW, I knew it was going to be awesome. And then I thought he was dead.
  19. I'd make Brock hit the SSP clean for the pin on Angle at 19. That would've been an all-time Mania moment.
  20. Best North American in ring performers of last 20 years

    For a top face wins are very important. Imagine in the 80s if Hogan would have lost clean against Kamala: if drawing power would have been hurt. The problem of WWE is that every face, except Reigns, in part Strowman (but he will finish like Kane and Big Show, unfortunately) is booked with the 50/50 rule. So nobody is over.
  21. DC TV Thread

    I heard someone say that the swearing surprised them. But nothing about if the show was good or not.
  22. 2017-18 NBA: SECOND HALF

    Follow up on the above: grade 2 MCL sprain and out at least 3 weeks. So best possible outcome for Curry and the Warriors is a first round return.
  23. A Rick & Morty Thread

    They’d be insane to let it go . It’s a cash cow. They have Rick and Morty merch in stores now. You can get a toy portal gun, for crying out loud.
  24. DC TV Thread

    Anyone watch Krypton? Curious if it's as good as the Berlanti DC shows
  25. Mysterio or Bryan would be my pick.
  26. Best North American in ring performers of last 20 years

    Wins and losses generally don't matter. Styles eating a few low-profile clean falls didn't harm him in any way.
  27. Best North American in ring performers of last 20 years

    Unfortunately they can't manage a babyface. Rollins could have been a great babyface, but after his return from injury he stayed heel. Strowman will finish as Big Show and Kane, with the big push at the start. He is over, but with the right direction he could have been a big draw, while now is only over with the live crowd. Balor is not much over, he is not super carismatic, but with the right booking he could have been a great babyface. His character could have been so much important if the writing team would have went in depth, but his demon's character is nothing. It's always himself with a paint on his body. Styles is still over, but not because of the booking, but because of his performances. You should remember how many clean how many time he was defeated in a clean way in anonym SD shows (like when he lost against Corbin, and after few time he became champion. This is a wrong way to book a babyface.
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