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  2. I was not spoiled so I was pleasantly surprised to see him. I like both Thawnes. but he is definitely my preference.
  3. Hey, if OC can wrestle with his hands in his pockets, there's no reason Dragunov couldn't fight with his hands ziplocked behind his back. Don't let little obstacles hold you back!
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  5. Legit, the Dysfunctional Horsemen were incredibly entertaining. Especially the Jarrett & Mongo stuff. I’m sure I’ll hit a wall with McMichael eventually, but even with questionable in ring ability, the man still projects so much personality, and natural goofy charisma that makes him more entertaining than your average WCW wrestler from that time period. I would gladly state that this incarnation of the Horsemen can rank third all-time amongst all versions of this group.
  6. Danhausen has Hollywood connections right? You think he might know cast members of the Big Bang Theory?
  7. L_W_P


    I feel for Nadal. He's not even in the final yet and already some of the local TalkBack sport stations are getting the "Would he have beaten Novak?" topic going. Even if he wins this there's going to be people putting an asterisk on it
  8. I wasn't expecting an Extreme Tiger match today, but he has a good little match with Ares. That Vikingo/Aramis match rules- I like that it goes along the lines of a Aramis/Ares weirdo lucha match but with Vikingo highflying thrown in.
  9. Holup! Was Olliejay ripping off "Goth Phase" on her track on NXT? That beat was awfully similar!
  10. Hell, come to think of it, a lot of people mocked the Bengals for drafting a kicker as well. They'll have cap room this off-season, so hopefully they add some line help.
  11. Her misquote did effect the promo. But sports team heat is dicey. I mean yeah it always gets you heat. But sometimes it turns the crowd's attention from the segment. That happened in this case. They stopped listening and just started chanting "Here we go Brownies here we go". Britt is usually one of the best in ring promos in the company, but she was a little off here. She spammed the Browns Steelers stuff too much. There was even an audible JR groan at like the 9th or 10th reference. It didn't help that there really wasn't a point to the segment beyond the sports team spamming. No challenger to talk about. No match to build up. Minor miscue, chalk it up to a learning experience. She's still one of the best promos in the company.
  12. Yeah, like I was saying the other day, it's hard to still fault then for the Chase pick, but you can understand pretty easily why people thought they should've gone with a left tackle instead.
  13. This week's Legends Of Tomorrow was fantastic. But I wish it hadn't been spoiled that Matt Letscher was returning as Thawne. The reveal was so fucking great, and I wish it had been a surprise. He's the best Thawne, and what's so great is that he's the Legend's Thawne, both as an actor and as the character. This Thawne is the same time echo/ variant/ whatever that was taken by the Black Flash at the end of Season two. And he played the evil Calvary officer in "Mask Of Zorro", one of the best movie bad guys ever.
  14. For as good as Burrow is/can be as a pocket passer, he'll never live up to that elite tag if his O-Line is made of wet paper. My cousin is a long suffering Cincy fan so I'd love to see a miracle but, damn, protect your franchise QB please.
  15. The whole night is all about Brock vs Lashley. That's all.
  16. Barry Cryer doing his own work and writing for big names in The Two Ronnies, Morecambe and Wise, Tommy Cooper, Kenny Everett and Bob Hope. R.I.P.
  17. That did look distinctly similar, as I just watched Blood and Guts the other day. Yeah, it did look like it happened like that on purpose.
  18. Joe Pera Talks About Joe Pera https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/jan/27/so-beautiful-it-almost-brought-me-to-tears-the-comedy-and-wonder-of-joe-pera
  19. Hell yes! Bring on Ass Boys vs Asshausen! But the three Gunns must first wreack havoc together for a bit more!
  20. Can't believe I forgot Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.
  21. For the MCU - Thor: Ragnarok is definitely on that list, too. Infinity War as well, since Civil War is branded as a Cap movie.
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