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  2. Here's a decent take on those of us getting impatient:
  3. Can we mention how the crowd during Sasha/Bayley was flat initially but by the end the place was going nuts with dueling chants and shit? That was the closest I've felt to the NXT 4 Horsewomen era since they've all been called up.
  4. It is a bit funny to me that Netflix is basically the only reason season three is happening, but they are banking on it being big enough to launch their own service around it.
  5. Awesome segment between Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns especially Braun battering the security the way he did. Great match between Sasha Banks and Bayley, best women's match this year I say even with the result.
  6. I for one welcome the fact that a wrestler with amateur credentials isn't using an ankle lock as a go-to move for once
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    Pretty sure Taker no sold a low blow once so...
  8. They all seem like cool people, but I think this episode showed a downside of having people who are close friends on. There were some interesting bits about commentary and Graves' retirement, but it was mostly about them hanging out and doing stuff together and it didn't interest me as much as some others, especially with essentially zero talk about actual wrestling.
  9. I think NJPW could eventually do with a Dragon Gate style amelioration of all known factions and and cliques. Shake things up a bit. They're good at rebooting things that get a bit tired. A fourth BC leader is a bit overkill if the damn thing is for life. CHAOS hasn't got the same energy without that Nakamura-Okada tension at the top. It was meant to feel like a bunch of guys who actually hung out. Now Goto and Will Ospreay are in there it's just...not that. LIJ are in their salad days right now so I can accept them staying where they are. Suzukigun...I mean I love Minoru but their takeover freelance invader thing nearly flatlined NOAH and isn't getting anywhere here anymore. Whisper it quietly but I enjoy Taguchi Japan more than most actual factions.
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  11. Beat Skyblazer on super nintendo. There's a part in the underwater level where you can get infinite 1ups and my ass definitely needed 'em for that last boss. He's got this laser thing that is real finicky to jump over and kills you in two hits. Played on emulator on my Vita. I was playing that Trails in the Sky game then realized I fucking hated it. I'm at the part where there's a big martial arts tournament in the final chapter and I gotta go find this big bear guy in the woods and I just don't give a fucking shit. Super slow combat that is 99% simple. Then they toss in this fucking penguin boss that has an assload of health and can heal like 800 hp indefinitely. It doesn't do anything else but it took me like 40 minutes to gradually chip this thing down even though it wasn't doing anything offensively to the party. Oh, then there was the part where they spent 12 hours on this boring ass orphanage "mystery". There's like 7 times where someone will do that thing where they say "hmm... no, never mind.... it's nothing important.". Y'know, that anime bullshit where people don't communicate shit to each other like humans. Not to mention all this silly "he's not blood related" horseshit. Then there was the part in the first town where I didn't understand that bracer jobs would just expire if you didn't just haul ass to them immediately. I played Fire Pro world like 3 times. It's exactly what I want but I've got no impetus to play it. I don't have that thing where I want to make Vigo the Carpathian for the 8th time. The workshop stuff intimidates me too because even if I did make a good Tony Halme, I never want to fuck with doing the CPU logic shit and so it would be one of those incomplete wrestlers. Kinda wish the camera was a little more zoomed out as well. Beat Wolfenstein Old Blood. Still don't like how the overcharged health just dissipates. Makes exploring less enjoyable. Big robot section kinda sucked 'cause there was no way to swat zombies off once they jumped on. Last boss was lame too. That was some PS2 style stationary shit right thar. Beat Blaster Master zero on switch. I never really understood why you wouldn't just always be using that #8 wave laser. The power up system mystified me. If I understand it correctly. You get pickups and it fills the meter but the guns themselves have unlimited ammo so there's never any reason not to nuke bosses with the best gun. The strafe button and diagonal aiming kills shit lickety split. Took me a while to figure out how to look at the map. Really just should've been a button because you never need the subscreen menu to switch weapons. Or they could've had one of those deals where if you hold start it goes to the map but tapping goes to the menu. Also needed a way to look at other areas maps. Last area was super ass easy on top of the rest of the game being super ass easy. Beat Cave Story on switch. Then looked up how to get the good ending and it's a bunch of bullshit. Also, didn't really appreciate all those instant death spikes. Played a shit load of that End is Nigh game. Movement is more deliberate than meatboy with more Mario 3 type shit where you bounce on enemies. I don't like how down is the tetris butt stomp button and you'll accidentally hit it sometimes. Shoulder trigger is good enough for that shit. Got to the dark world equivalent and didn't notice my tumors were depleting until anguish 10. Then I ran out on anguish 19. Then I tried the next day and just couldn't rebeat anguish 10. got a ps4 pro and am playing that Horizon game finally. S'okay. I'll like it more when I get the upgrade that let's me recover all the tripwire traps that the goddamned dinosaur robots nimbly avoid. Little bastards. Is the main lady crosseyed? Looks kinda weird. Mustaches look weird too. Every time people talk it seems like they're on the verge of weeping.
  12. As a Boomerang subscriber, i wish they were headed there.
  13. Yeah, the "listen up, russling faaaahns" bit has been airing forever and it is great. I get sentimental for some reason about that ad and the Shen Yun commercial.
  14. Perhaps a city planner?
  15. She tweeted about NJPW so I can only assume G1 in 2018?
  16. That ad has been on forever around here. I miss the Briscoes hawking super beta prostate. I don't know who the new guy on commentary was but he was a real step down from Colt.
  17. Fun TV show this week. -The 6-man mayhem was pretty good. Fun seeing some guys like Will Ferrara and Vinnie Marseglia get to shine a little (I dig Marseglia's hockey mask for his entrance, not so much the axe though. I always think it's stupid when a guy brings a weapon to a match that he can't believably use, i.e. Triple H's sledgehammer). -Beer City Bruiser-Brian Milonas was my favourite TV match in so long. Two huge dudes hammering each other. Silas' post-match promo was good, too. -Kushida-White was lots of fun. -Also, biggest news of the new night: a new "Listen up, wrestling fans!" ad with Jay Lethal espousing the virtues of knee braces! The first time I've seen the dreadlock-less Lethal talking about knee pain!
  18. Warning: GoT spoils
  19. Think of the merchandising opportunities (*shudder*) with Riddle in the BizCliz (*double shudder*)! BRO CLUB 4 LYFE... BRO.
  20. Glad I re-watched YJ a few months ago.
  21. You know what this means? Juice Robinson heel turn! New Bullet Club leader!
  22. Yup. I'd love to see him in New Japan, in any capacity.
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    Well because...fuck the Undertaker.
  24. Trent?/Longboy as a heel would be a bad idea. It plays against pretty much all of his best attributes (selling, great hope spots, willingness to do incredibly dicey shit). May as well turn Juice heel. Zack Sabre Jr. would've made a lot of sense in this role but they stuck him with Suzuki-gun. They could accelerate Marty's rise though that's not something they ever do. Honestly, they should look to throw money at somebody established if Cody's not an option. I like Tama well enough. He has his strengths. He's one of the best athletes in wrestling but as a good heel doesn't really use it for flashy offense, he's got buckets of physical charisma, he's okayish on the mic, has a helluva look. But he doesn't have the match quality in him to be a top guy. I don't want to write him off but he's been at this for a while and he's still pretty much topping out at 'good' in singles matches and usually it's entirely forgettable. Back the Brink's truck up to Matt Riddle's home. Didn't I read that he was talking with Tiger Hattori recently? He would be phenomenal in New Japan and has the charisma/"it" factor you'd want in a top act. DO IT. Austin Aries after his non-compete clause expires is another option though he's small for New Japan's heavyweight division and who knows where his mind is at now.
  25. The only other left field option I can think of is Baretta. He's moving to heavyweight, will necessarily get a singles push, has established animosity with the Bucks, and his name is almost spelled the same as the pistol already.
  26. I think these three in this order will happen. Poor Emma. This is what she gets for daring to complain on the twitter about wanting to do that silly wrestling stuff. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WANT TO WRESTLE...YOU'RE SO GOOD JUST DOING INSTAGRAM PICS". And they thought she couldn't pull off the Emmalina gimmick. I got a good laugh from the DVDVR twitter with a tweet about Roman being the guy who harps about his high school sports accomplishments 25 years after they happened. He totally was that guy when he was running down all the titles he won. The only thing missing was him saying "I scored 4 touchdowns in a single game", but he's no where near as cool as Al Bundy. Just give us Joe vs. Braun in the lead up to Summerslam. Them two beating the shit out of each other for like 5 minutes might be the best thing the WWE could do all year long. Plus eventually we get to see Brock vs. Braun. Corey is right. Brooklyn is going to be destroyed that night.
  27. Yeah, that's not really hiding it well.
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