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  2. Wonder if there was anything to the Wyatt beard crumbs a couple of weeks back from Meltzer. I guess we’ll see, but I haven’t read anything since.
  3. Appreciate it! My buddies and I are leaving around 2 on Friday and I'm hoping our trip turns into a parody of Ready 2 Rumble.
  4. Learning that Spider turned to the Drifter to try and get the fuck out of Dodge to avoid Mara's wrath tickles me so
  5. I just re-watched both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace and interestingly eough I liked Casino Royale a lot less than I liked it initially and liked Quantum of Solace a lot more than I liked it on my first watch. I actually remember falling asleep in the cinema, when I first watched Quantum of Solace. If you have a shoddy memory like myself, Quantum of Solace is a lot better, when you watch Casino Royale right before it. I can't be expected to remember everything that happened in a movie I watched two years prior to that. This time around I thought QoS was a complete thrill ride. I already got my tickets for No Time To Die for the upcoming Sunday.
  6. You're setting yourself up for a nice Ultimo/Ultimate Dragon situation where the chyron changes nearly every week
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  8. Since I didn't see it mentioned in last week's thread, during Saturday's game, Kentucky's DeAndre Square for intentionally shoving his own equipment manager on the sideline. Square was jogging after running a guy out of bounds and came face-to-face with "Tink", the equipment guy. Instead of trying to stop or ... anything else ... he gave Tink a hard shove, knocking him flying. The two have talked it out and there's no issue between them but this is pretty terrible behavior IMHO:
  9. Yeah, it alleviates the Wally West/Kyle Raynor/Connor Hawke problem, not to mention it allows you to create women/minority versions of characters with replacing the old white guy predecessors and alienating traditonal/intransigent fans.
  10. I already showed my misogynic tendencies by pointing out the nipples Though to be fair - I would have pointed out Cooper Hoffman's nipples too if the screen cap had focused on those
  11. Back in the gym today for Dynamic Effort Bench at 80kg (9x3), followed by 3x12 on medium-wide (pinkies 2cm inside the rings) at 80, 85, 90kg - last rep of the 90 was a proper grind actually. Coming in after deadlift yesterday may have affected my performance a little. I'll do 95 for 10-12 next week (hopefully), and then we'll drop the Dynamic Effort for a week and test AMRAP at 100kg with this grip. Accessories were mostly nothing special, except I did deadpin JM presses for sets of 20. These are good - definitely will be able to push these harder in the cage. Today was about punching the clock really - I've probably got about 25 workouts to get to the 3 plate max by the end of the year. Will be interesting to see if it happens. Day off tomorrow will be sweet.
  12. It’s the same reason multiverse stuff became popular in comics in the first place; they ran out of in-universe ideas and they wanted to clean up continuity problems. I think it’s also an easy way to validate multiple generations of fan bases by making every iteration of characters part of contemporary canon.
  13. I think Hawk's last high profile match from that run was teaming with Sting vs the Nasty Boys for the tag titles at Starrcade 1993.
  14. Yeah that was one of those "AITAH" moments when I was going to Yankee games in my youth - then I learned that I wasn't the only one who felt that way
  15. In a show full of supervillains its kind of amazing how she has come out the worst parent.
  16. She was getting plenty of boos in the weeks leading up. I think they will stick with the heel turn this time around since its what she wanted, and she has been doing a pretty good job at it. There are always going to be some crowds who want to cheer for her, but as long as it doesn't turn to boos for her opponents I think it will be generally fine.
  17. Really? I'd bet all my money on Kiyomiya beating Nakajima in the finals, but obviously I've been wrong before.
  18. He does have quite the body of work to support that notion.
  19. If, as I've heard it described, she's doing a Conor McGregor, I'm not sure that gimmick will be universally booed. I still think Obnoxious New Mother is the gimmick for her to actually be booed.
  20. How so? I mean, Becky is probably one of the most popular people in the company. I'm not a fan of fans cheering the heel, but it was to be expected in this case. Actually, I'm surprised how many people are cheering Sasha and booing Becky. It's going to take a lot of work to get heel Becky over. The Man was originally a heel gimmick, but people refused to boo her so the booking turned her back face rather quickly. I won't be surprised if this heel run doesn't go mostly the same way.
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