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  2. Honestly, that would've gotten more coverage than Tyson. It's 2020. Tyson isn't a big deal and that "pull apart" was super lame.
  3. Not wrong at all dude, the same thing happened in the title match with Cody. I was thinking that too when he was distracting the ref. I'd rather Archer go alone, because I think Jake detracts from him. He's an old dude who can't walk very comfortably making decisions that seem confused. Why is Archer putting up with that. Not a massive fan of Arn with Cody either. During the build up to the Cody-archer match I hated the "confrontation" between Jake and Arn, especially when they were squaring up to each other. I just found it sad that these 2 old guys were trying so hard to relive past glories and trying to present that they were still as tough as the young guys.
  4. So what you're saying is that if AEW wanted to really get the upper-hand and sustained momentum in the Wednesday Night Wrestling Wars, they should have had Chris Jericho do a pull-apart with Guy Fieri instead of Mike Tyson
  5. Feel like I've read about this match, but never actually seen it until tonight...
  6. If you had told me 3 years ago that Johnny Swinger would be one of the most entertaining things in wrestlimg each week I'd have called you nuts
  7. Isn't Bully deeply entrenched in the ROH front office?
  8. I think Bob Valvano is on ESPN Radio in Louisville or something. Not sure what Todd Wright is up to these days. But yes, the V Show was worth it just for the Match Game segments alone.
  9. Today
  10. Man, I cannot agree more about that finger rope break. That was super frustrating.
  11. New Jack would be unreal. Forgot weapons I wanna see Cody and New Jack hit each other with Dusty Elbows.
  12. These tweets annoy me less than tweeting about earth-shattering announcements that send shockwaves BS. I get he's trying to generate hype for the show, but that is the kind of garbage that put me off TNA as well years back. IMHO the numbers aren't bad. We're in the middle of a global pandemic and Dynamite is regularly in the cable top 10 ratings every week. They are putting on shows in a mostly empty arena. Wrestling loses a lot without the crowd elements. And they are competing with NXT for two hours every week.
  13. Chaisne liked using these big knee lifts. This was some real comeuppance. I love the sledge too. So do the fans: Duranton was not as skilled at the actual wrestling as some of the other guys, but he had lots of little flourishes, like using the foot to assist the choke here: Last one for this match: Lots to see here, from the initial camera angle, to the kicks to keep the hold, to the kick to escape it, to the haughty expression afterwards:
  14. Agreed, would love to see any legends challenge for the title. Hoping for New Jack since Tony Khan acknowledged Punk's tweet mentioning him.
  15. Am I crazy for thinking that ruling is a bigger deal than the other toothless Supreme Court decisions that everyone’s been treating like headline news all day? It definately makes for more interesting reading and will almost certainly have a larger impact. If only the media could stop being obsessed with youknowwho for a second.
  16. Probably so, given Warhorse is known for ruling ass. Its a little weird that Cody is pointing fingers at people going into business for themselves, when Suge did something similar when they had the video submissions for Spears’ partner, and again with the Pineapple Pete stuff first happened.
  17. True. I was just impressed with how quickly he went to the choking, he didn't even hesitate. "Fred broke the rope? Guess I'll choke him with it."
  18. Suge D is teasing Pineapple Pete vs Serpentico for the next Dark. Which implies it's on there, considering next week's Dark was taped last week and all. Possibly Faye Jackson also has a match there, considering her cousin was ringside for Fyter Fest.
  19. Part of that probably could be because when Yoko was choking old Uncle Fred on the remaining ropes either the ref or Mr. Fuji communicated to them it'd be best for them to go home. Now.
  20. I have ZERO idea where to post this but it's fucking hilarious.
  21. I’m okay with them hyping up announcements that actually have to do with things inside the laudable AEW world, but when you do it for things in reality like on-sale dates (and revisiting places they’d already been to, if I remember right) then yeah, I’m not okay with that. I think the controversy at the time was, besides that it was just about tickets, that it wasn’t an announcement about a show in a market like NY or California.
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