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  2. Good for them.
  3. The answer is not beheading and cannibalizing a total stranger on Greyhound bus, as Will Baker, formerly known as Vince Li, has been given an absolute discharge due to his diagnosis of schizophrenia. I think the answer to that question is:
  4. When Triple X booked Rob Terry for a tag match in a small Coventry nightclub a couple of years ago, a chant of "We can't see" broke out from one corner of the crowd, because Rob Terry's massive thigh muscles made viewing the bout exceptionally difficult
  5. Well, good luck with that everyone.
  6. Okay - I am going try this. I am creating threads now for all the play-in matches so you can start discussion. I have 4 up now - the rest will go up tomorrow. I should - SHOULD - just be able to add the poll to the thread on Wednesday, March 1 A couple of notes I am not trying to find the "best" matches a person had during the year. I don't have time for that. I will try to point you in the right direction to the best of my knowledge. And hey - I didn't even be mean like posting the Brock match or that Ambrose Asylum match for Dean Ambrose There are certain matches that I will just not be able to link to (for fairly easy to understand reasons) but they are easy enough to find on your own. I will try to point these out when possible (ex: the Trent Seven vs. Tyler Bate match is easy to find if you have the Network. Do the put NXT on HULU still?)
  7. WRESTLEMANIA 32 TRIPLE THREAT FOR RAW WOMEN'S TITLE Vs. each other - Smackdown (3/3/16 - #1 Contender's Match) BECKY LYNCH vs. Mickie James (Elimination Chamber 2017 - 02/12/17) SASHA BANKS vs. Charlotte (RAW - 10/3/16)
  8. @Curt McGirt Ronda Rousey is dating Travis Browne. Browne's ex-Wife alleged the abuse around the same time he left her/ took up with Ronda.
  9. TRENT SEVEN vs. Johnny Moss (WCPW - 7/10/16) vs. Marty Scurll (ASCA - 6/25/16) Also see Trent Seven vs. Tyler Bate from NXT Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang - ICW Fear and Loathing IX KEITH LEE vs. Chris Hero (Beyond - 12/29/16) vs. Brian Cage (Beyond - 7/31/16) vs. Donovan Dijak (WrestleCircus - 10/16/16) Also See Anytime Lee and Shane Taylor wrestled War Machine
  10. After plenty of back and forth, WSOF has granted Sheymon Moraes his release. I don't see him being a top BW, but I would love to see an Edson Barboza type at 135 in the UFC. Sheymon Moraes vs. Thominhas would be bonkers for example.
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  12. I mean, didn't they call Kurt Rambis the "prince of darkness"?
  13. RUSEV vs. Roman Reigns (Hell in a Cell - 10/30/16 - HIAC)* vs. Zack Ryder (Battleground - 7/24/16) vs. Big Cass (Roadblock:End of the Line - 12/18/16) JOE COFFEY vs. Kurt Angle (ICW - 11/20/16) vs. Minoru Suzuki (WCPW - 10/6/16) vs. Big Damo (WCPW - 7/10/16)
  14. The phrase is used as it's the current theme music of the Briscoes and opening line of the tune. Perhaps your ladder match predates usage of this particular track.
  15. Whenever they do Allie vs. Rosemary in front of that crowd the crowd reaction will be just as good if not better then the wedding.
  16. Kurt Angle as The Hulk x Mr. Magoo is a movie that might need to happen
  17. My thought after reading his bio is what exactly do you need to do in Canada before they put you behind bars for a significant length of time?
  18. Since an old clip making the rounds of Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect reminded me of that time period, I decided to rewatch the episode with Sting, Medusa, Piper, and Heenan. It's still awkward how far everyone is from being on the same page.
  19. Well, I wasn't expecting that.
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    Who can forget that time Akira Hokuto met Stephen King?
  22. It's a fair question. Interviews from other Suicide Squad actors alluded to Leto being a pain to deal with. Why not avoid the drama when you have other options.
  23. Ladder Match. It's our MITB knockoff...but with a medallion instead of a briefcase because the ceiling is mostly plaster and you can't really hang anything off it. WRESTLING! I only just realized a week ago that ROH has been doing a "Reach For The Sky" tour, so we'll probably change the name next year.
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