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  2. Well, my bracket was a sad joke, but I got the winner right.
  3. Since I got a good deal (almost $200 / 20% off), am getting a Lenovo y530 legion, with i7 processor, 16gb memory and nvidia 1050TI card.
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  5. Liked it, didn't love it. Then again, horror is not my preferred genre. Lupita Nyong'o was incredible, though.
  6. Maybe something in the middle of those two...
  7. Battle of The Planets hooked from the moment I heard Hoyt Curtain's amazing theme music in 1978, from there it was Star Blazers and then jump ahead a few years to Voltron and Robotech. I got hooked on Robotech watching it Saturday mornigns on WNBC in NYC at 6am. It was the episode with Rick & Lisa trapped durin a battle inside he SDF-1 and the whole episode was them talking and I was kind of amazed by that. The next time I went ot the old Forbidden Planet store on 59th between 2nd & 3rd avenues I saw and bought a copy of Robotech Art 1, which had a pretty good rundown of the history of Anime thus revealing to me that BotP was Gatchaman). I saw Akira while at college in 1990 and it blew me away. After being asked not return for my second semester (I managed to get incompletes in every class I was taking my first semester) I ended up i nthe Marvel mailroom. Thrlugh a co-woker I was introduced to a gjuy who was willing to give me tapes of stuff from Japan in exchange for ther weekly comic bundles (both DC & Marvel). I scored episodes of Gatvhaman, 3nd gwn unsubbed with commercials, a nice subbed copy of Be Forever Yamato and got introduced to Saint Seiya, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers and Tenku Senki Shurato. My addiction just got worse from there... James
  8. I liked his overall Avengers run, but the general issue was the main Avengers was basically just there to set up building blocks for Secret Wars while New Avengers did the brunt of the interesting character work. Avengers eventually caught up, but it took a good long while. I don't think we will end up with that same issue though since both of these coming books are supposed to be minis.
  9. Rockers vs Orient Express at Rumble '91 is an all-time classic. I think when it happened it had a very good case for being the best PPV match in WWF history.
  10. I would suggest more US indy guys should watch more Steiner Brothers matches as those guys were way ahead of their times, but the last thing we need is a guy breaking his neck for $25 in front of 45 fans trying to do a Steiner Screwdriver, countering a Doomsday Device with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex or a moonsault bodyslam. But yeah, the Steiners were great innovators back then. Probably my favorite tag team of all-time.
  11. Sounds like DC put out another great movie. No real surprise there. Can't wait to see it.
  12. The Steiner Bros were so great back then. Loved seeing them throw folks around.
  13. Yeah they had some great matches with the Brain Busters too. I don't think a lot of the HBK "epics" hold up on rewatch. Some are still great, others I'm just bored.
  14. Coast to Coast will eventually leave for greener pastures and it will continue to show just how awful Delirious is as head booker.
  15. Man, I'm living the dream life being 5 minutes away from work. I hope you get well soon, brother Casey.
  16. For a guy who wrestled wearing some sort of back support Dalton Castle took some foolhardy bumps during this weeks opening contest. Willie Mack is a lot of fun to watch wrestle. For a bigger guy he is deceptively agile and he hits . alot of cool shit in this match. Also it's cool to see the NWA name being taking serious and not a punchline anymore. What are they gonna do with Coast To Coast? They pinned War Machine and then nothing. Now they are in the Main Event and take the L against two single wrestlers teaming up. Shouldn't they have been Tag Champs by now?
  17. I love the Rockers vs. Haku & Barbarian from WM7 as well. I like Shawn's tag work more than his singles.
  18. I can never get enough of this. "I believe he irritated Akeem."
  19. Yes and for me one of Shawn's best WM matches is actually a Rockers match vs. Twin Towers.
  20. Bret could have had a Shawn Michaels like late career re-birth if not for Goldberg and a sloppy kick. Fuck Goldberg. I hope his last bullshit run was his final one.
  21. Mine was probably either Voltron or Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. Though at the time, I never realized that Saber Rider originated from Japan as Star Musketeer Bismarck. They even changed the show to make the blonde, anglo-looking dude the main guy and "leader" of the time, while the original protagonist and lead character, a young hotheaded Japanese character the second banana, while in the original, he was actually the team leader.
  22. Well Stone Cold Steve Austin was also heavily advertised to return at that show and make an appearance.
  23. Yeah, but Japanese fans thought it was cool.
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