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  2. Some of us never stopped.
  3. I loved Punk during his SES days. I mean I was all in. He lost me when his inflated sense of importance convinced him he was on Taker's level the later on, Brock's. I just couldn't suspend my belief against them.
  4. As for Campaign mode. I reverted to an earlier save so that I can try to clean up Eos a bit more before moving on to Voeld. There are like three or four (!)'s on my map and I got the Botany assignment from the snooty "gardener scientist" when I went back to the Nexus to chat with Kesh about Spender. So now that the radiation is down a bit, I can try to gather these mineral and plant samples, scan some local wildlife without dying of radiation sickness. and locate this Kett speciallist that Majordomo Bell-Scott was talking about. I also think I need to talk to Podromos's chief scientist about something. There as sooooo many broken dialogue triggers that are still in the game. I wish Cora would stop asking me to investigate the corpse near the entrance of Site 2. I've already scanned the dead dude.
  5. The Bush/Jeter group has won the auction to buy the Miami Marlins. Price tag $1.3 billion Our long national nightmare is over.
  6. So basically they booked the freakshow fight to speed up Gall's development? You know that really doesn't change anything? And I don't blame anyone for taking 500,000 to get beat up for two minutes. It does seem stupid if you are already wealthy. But that is still a lot of money to pass up. Once again (and I know you'll ignore it) is he is a person who has pretended like he is more than someone chasing fame and money. In the end he is scum like everyone else, but he won't admit it. Or even his sycophants.
  7. I didn't say she was bad, but she definitely ain't "killing it".
  8. What's the over under that the Vince McMahon bio pic includes a scene of someone walking in on McMahon stroking his 3 foot long penis?
  9. How do you secure the rights to Vince's life rights w/o his blessing while he is still alive?
  10. There's no point in me saying any more to you on the subject, so I'll let Elsa and a couple others from the Boxing and MMA forum do it for me:
  11. Movie

    Posted in the wrestling sub-forum also
  12. Not a favorite per say, but people were into her even back when she was a face. Sadly I don't really disagree that a lot of it was due to her looks. Her face interviews were bad with her coming off as natural heel in many of them. In ring wise she was never much better than Carmella in NXT, but many claimed otherwise. Even back then I recall people talking about her as the next Trish before she actually made any improvements. That said, she has improved quite bit since then. She still isn't good in ring wise, but she is generally ok. And I think you sell her character and promo work far too short. She manages a decent manipulation of crowd and was especially great whenever she was paired with Bryan on SDL. They two played off of each other perfectly with Bryan constantly needling her.
  13. It was good to run with the Horsemen again and have them laugh and laugh at my frustration. Things would've run a bit better if I hadn't insisted on playing an Engineer so that I could farm construct kills, especially since neither Robert nor Melraz would allow my fucking turret to shoot anything. I finally unlocked the Mastermind achievement at four thirty in the fucking morning. EST. Kett are definitely the ME3 Collectors for this game. Soooo much fucking harder than they should be. I unlocked the Asari Sentinel last night as well as upgraded a few of my Common and Uncommon guns. I made a pathetic attempt to run as said Asari Sentinel and found that I have a lot to learn about what makes them tick. My new favorite thing is to play as my Kineticist and try to launch enemies completely off of the map with the catapult Pull / Throw move. Same thing goes for tonight. I should bounce off of shift around 11:30 PM and should be at the XB1 around Midnight. I will make sure to stay well caffeinated at work just in case the shit goes down. I think I may give my Angaran Insurgent a go tonight if I am feeling brave. I may even start using my Zalkin with the Insurgent so that I can start to get a feel for the charged weapons in this game..
  15. All of this is the reason why Punk is such an entertaining figure. On one hand, he wants to be a private person and just left alone. On the other hand he's getting into twitter feuds with NHL mascots.
  16. I saw Alexa on the UK NXT tour last year. Even though she was facing Asuka and NOONE questioned the outcome at all, she was great at riling up the crowd, stalling and she really laid her offence in too. I honestly thought she was one of the best performers on the whole show in terms of engaging the audience. Lot of time for her.
  17. And I am curious why it is "hilarious" to think Punk could have helped a small MMA or Wrestling promotion. He is the one who would act above money and fame. So why not give back?
  18. So they were hoping Gall would win? If this is not the case why not use one of the many fighters YOU said they had under contract? Why did it take so long to find someone to fight Punk? If Punk had not been fighting on the card, they would have needed another match. I feel confident the card does not have a blank spot for celebrity/freakshow fights.
  19. And this is where I check out. There's no point in continuing.
  20. I didn't say if you were a big fan of her, then you suck or did I point to any poster in particular, so pull your underwear out of your crack. I don't think her mic skills see anything special. So what? I think her primos seem forced, although not as bad as Sasha(who I totally adore). Matter of fact, ALL the whole women's division promos sound read straight off of a script To be honest, she really wasn't a board favorite until she did the Harley Quinn cosplay. So yes, my opinion is that some folks are just digging the tiny pants. You might agree, you might not. Either way, I'll sleep like a baby.
  21. Punk very publicly explained that he detested the reliance of part timers because full timers like him are there to take the loss to someone who is just there for part of the time and then they're gone. Meanwhile, he's still there and is supposed to look strong in the face of just losing to someone who split? I feel like I'm repeating this to a wall, but UFC contracts and WWE contracts couldn't be any different. WWE contract: You're signed for a set period of time. UFC contract: You're brought in for a set number of fights, like 2 to 3 fights and you make the amount on your contract per those fights. I'll ask the question more directly, for any fighter UFC brings in that flames out after 1 or 2 fights, are they a part-time guy? That's precisely the situation Punk was/is in. That's the situation many in the UFC are in. It's not the same situation because you're fighting on one show and then your next fight probably isn't for another 6 to 8 weeks at the shortest. Punk's point had to do with losing to a part-timer on PPV and then him being the one who has to go on Raw the next night, and the week after that, and the week after that. The other point had to do with how long other guys had been in the company who lost a main event spot because of a part timer and their name value. Punk didn't take up any main event spot. He also lost to Gall. No one else on that card or the one before or the one before that then had to come out and try to represent themselves the next night. And if you're getting a main event spot on a UFC PPV, it's because it's a championship fight, your name value and the value of the fight because of the records of each fighter are so huge, or each main eventer's record warrants the spot because it's also setting up a #1 contender or something else. There are obviously some exceptions, but I fail to see how any of THAT equates to what Punk said about part-timers in WWE.
  22. Destroyers and Hydra's don't bug me because I've never been insta-killed by either. They're both pretty slow and more than willing to get shot to pieces. Also, RPGs work nicely on both. The damn Kett have Fiends and Ascendants, both of can and will insta-kill you. Fiends are susceptible to RPGs, but ascendants not so much. Plus both will make surprisingly quick jumps at you, especially in tight quarters. The thing I find challenging about the Remnant is the Observers. Damn things make you have to think in three dimensions more than anything else does. They're also not afraid to shoot you from across the map. I get so many RPGs that I'm not at all afraid to use em. I must've used at least 10 last night, and I think I probably ended the night with more than I started.
  23. at least Punk put the guy over.
  24. UFC signed Punk to get a freakshow match on PPV for a big buyrate. They signed Gall hoping he might be weak enough for Punk to beat. It is not this complex thing.
  25. The impression I got is because he was treated less important than them. I know he thought him and Undertaker should have main evented Mania.
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