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  2. cubbymark

    SOCCER - SUMMER 2018

    The Chicago Fire's Latino supporter group was banned recently for violent conduct and season ticket holders in their seating area had their tickets revoked.
  3. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    I grinded on EDZ PE. I found that far quicker than worrying about Renown and Lost Sectors. How much do strikes get you and is it faster than just doing two or three Heroic PE?
  4. Control

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Dropped 8 spots like a boss
  5. It did mention that it would eventually less susceptible to being startled by snakes and cougars etc.
  6. El Dragon

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Don't worry J.T. I had both Mama Mia and Equalizer waaaaay too low, and will be following below you shortly.
  7. OSJ

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Ah, why can't we have books as good as Swamp Thing, Starman, and Sandman Mystery Theatre?
  8. OSJ

    What are you reading?

    Well, as part of having the coolest job in the world I'm reading through the proofs of the updated edition of Bob Leman's Feesters in the Lake, which will be released by Centipede Press in the not too distant future (after I write an afterword to the thing). Book has a previously unpublished Leman story, so the count now stands at 16 stories and reaffirms my opinion that on a story per story basis, in sf/fantasy/horror, Bob was the best of us all. There's plenty of other goodies, like the existing part of his unfinished novel, fanzine writings from before he turned pro late in life. (He was already in his 50s and disgusted with a current SF mag, told a friend "I can do better than that!" and proceeded to show the world that indeed he could. ) The first edition (which I published in 2002) sold out and now goes for big bucks, this improved edition won't be cheap, but it will be worth it, start saving your pennies now!)
  9. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Alexa Grasso's injury was a ruptured LCL but it's less serious than it sounds. She won't need surgery. She will do three weeks of therapy and get it evaluated from there.
  10. OSJ


    Fuck, don't give VKM any ideas.
  11. Elsalvajeloco


    "Mike Cernovich got me fired and it's not for supporting Mike Cernovich or someone Mike Cernovich adjacent" is something you will never live down. Also, folks on Twitter bringing up Disney's lurid past (and present?) with racism and bigotry is not exactly helping James Gunn. So you're willing to support the machine as long as this one cog is still attached? Cool.
  12. OSJ


    I know you don't smoke, but this is worthy of a nice Cuban cigar! I'm sure that everyone has said or done things that they aren't proud of, in my twenties I was a practicing alcoholic and spent a few years on the streets, did I say or do some horrible stuff? Of course I did, I've also been using computers on a daily basis since 1988, have I ever broadcast some ridiculously offensive shit to the world? Of course not, you have to be a total fool to behave like that and I don't suffer fools gladly (or at all). The people that incinerate themselves with vile tweets get exactly what they earned.
  13. Today
  14. Is one of those skills, "Won't Wander in Front of Trains"?
  15. mattdangerously


    Cernovich is human garbage.
  16. Reading new Xbox Mag, one of the new things is that you have 1 horse throughout the game you bond with, and it gets more skills and such as the game progresses.
  17. Stefanie the Human


    /me sets google calendar event
  18. Eivion

    DC TV Thread

    That would bother me more except I really never liked the Arrowverse Suicide Squad outside of maybe Lawton and have so little trust of a good live action Batman happening on tv. Also that Titans trailer was terrible.How the hell did they think any of that was a good idea? Its becoming less surprising they had trouble selling that to a network.
  19. jstout

    Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I used to regularly go "WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THAT? ... Oh, never mind, it's just Robert." My favorite, for some reason, was this speeding 18 wheeler going the wrong way down probably the busiest road in the game. I barely escaped getting splatted just in time to hear the boom. "Oh, Robert, that explains it." There was one where I managed to chase down some dude, but in the process I completely mowed down Robert. He was completely perfectly under my car when the explosion went off. Crew-on-crew violence.
  20. Greggulator


    Lakers signed Beasley LOL
  21. Eivion


    Just read this hal an hour ago. Fuck does it suck. On the other hand: I'm completely behind this regardless of whether or not we get more Thor movies (though I totally want more Thor movies, specifically by Waititi).
  22. Craig H


    Make it happen!!
  23. I was a sucker for the laser guns (except for sniping).
  24. Eivion

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I feel about the same. I will probably watch it anyways, but wow has it been way too damn long.
  25. The P.A.W. has gotta be one of the few guns that plays better with no scope on it. Not equipping a scope moves it from awful to tolerable on assault rifle missions.
  26. dogwelder

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    So it was announced that the fourth Rebuild of Eva movie won't come out until 2020. At this point, does anyone even care about it? Hell, I'll probably have to rewatch the third one since it's been 6+ years since it came out if I go to see the fourth one.
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