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  2. WWE No Mercy 2017

    If Sasha doesn't turn on Bayley tomorrow for inserting herself into a match and then eating the pin then that was practically character assassination.
  3. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Better yet, can we just move all the women to a Network show and give them 2 hours and let the NXT people book it? Because I'd be all over that. Nia Jax was the MVP of the night.
  4. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Might as well start with the smallest one and work upwards.
  5. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Also of note, Alexa is going to get obliterated by Asuka next month.
  6. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Can we replace Bayley with Dakota Kai yet?

    Getting caught up on TV. Cody introducing the literal Ring of Honor would be a great heel move if a) Cody didn't play to the crowd so much, and b) the crowd would stop treating the heels like faces. Also, fuck Marty Scurll. Just because.
  8. WWE No Mercy 2017

    In fairness Stone Cold never beat Bret Hart once and he still became who he was. Braun gassing like he is about to die is there. He got pinned because I'm not sure he could have done a lot more.
  9. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Cena's post-game interview was pretty good, in my opinion. I enjoyed it. The show, while spotty, was pretty good. I really, really enjoyed the tag match. I enjoyed that a bunch. That's about it.
  10. WWE No Mercy 2017

    December has Clash of Champions in Boston and then RAW the next night in Providence. I usually attend nearly every show around this area but who can care about anything we are seeing right now. Agree with the Stone Cold comparison for Braun. Dude was super over, it was pretty much organic. They should run with it. But they wrongly think Roman is that guy and it won't change. This is why Vince needs competition. Maybe attendance will continue to dwindle. That's the only way he learns.
  11. Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 5

    Russian Keith Jardine didn't fare very well.
  12. WWE No Mercy 2017

    When that doesn't work he'll be convinced going over Brock at Mania in his 4th consecutive Mania main event will be the one to win people over. I know people are bummed about Bayley, but I'm glad Emma didn't take the fall and actually got to do something on a ppv.
  13. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Absolutely. I rarely watch PPVs but I did tonight and when I saw those two I really thought I was on to something special. And I was. And then the rest of it happened. So Bayley came back early...just to look like an even bigger loser?
  14. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Silly, senile old man. They're so cute at that age.
  15. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Based on this Cena interview, Vince is 100% convinced that this one did the job and Roman is going to be beloved tomorrow, so get ready to go through the whole cycle again.
  16. 2017 NFL: WEEK THREE

    I'm sure John Fox and co. gave him an ass chewing during halftime!
  17. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Every time I get slightly enthusiastic and commit to a change of guard WWE plays safe, I shouldn't bother anymore. They totally Ryback'd Braun tonight x100. Braun is ready, I'm not sure sure who posted it in one of the Raw threads but his rise to the belt charge was as Stone Cold-ish as there has been in a long time, big opportunity missed, lots of cash burnt, they never learn.
  18. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Holy shit Cena selling us on Roman right now on the network is like the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  19. WWE No Mercy 2017

    I'd recommend Ambrose/Rollins vs. Cesaro/Sheamus and Bliss vs. Banks vs. Bayley vs. Jax vs. Emma only.
  20. WWE No Mercy 2017

    I forgot about Balor and Bray. That was also a good match with a hot crowd. This show started off so well..... and then Vince..
  21. WWE No Mercy 2017

    This year didn't shatter our hopes of Dolph Ziggler leaving after losing a career match, so it is already an improvement. I'm sure the cruiser division is toast; I just hope it doesn't make a lot of those guys lose their jobs.
  22. WWE No Mercy 2017

    That happens a lot when he's putting someone over.
  23. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Man, those last 3 matches...bad booking, weird match structures, bad wrestling at times... Everything was fine until then.
  24. Today
  25. WWE No Mercy 2017

    This x 1000.
  26. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Women's title, tag titles and intercontinental title matches were all very good. But this is likely a show I'll never revisit. Just thinking about how can they get 80,000 people in New Orleans this time around. I'm not sure they can unless Shane is jumping off buildings or maybe the undercard is stacked with AJ/Nakamura type matches. Brock/Reigns isn't something that's going to move tickets.
  27. WWE No Mercy 2017

    The tag title match was easily the match of the night. Cesaro has to be the first Swiss hillbilly. I don't care that Enzo won the CW title. Any form of the CW division will never amount to anything as long as Vince is alive. If you missed the rest of the show, you didn't miss anything. I had fun at NXT last night, so at least there's that.
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