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  2. That is true, but any resets you have earned so far go towards the five resets for the season. Just bite the bullet and get Comp over with as fast as you can so you can go back to earning Valor. Comp game modes can be time consuming so I hope you don't get stuck in a lot of round-based match play.
  3. Well I will be doing as much Crucible that I can stand today. A reset today would give me 3 for the season. Then that sets me up for one reset a week until the new season. Problem is I still need to do like 20 Competitive matches which will eat into my Valor time
  4. I hope you pull off the Redrix's Broadsword run this season, man. If you are even remotely close to another reset, you should probably keep playing IB until the very last second.
  5. Joe’s not taking bumps, and potentially getting hit in the face during this beat down.
  6. What if Hogan never signed with WCW in 94 and stayed with the WWF? Would we have seen an Attitude Era? How would the Kliq respond with him still being in the spotlight? I kind if liken Hogan in 93/94 to Brock right now. I feel like WWE is holding on to Brock at the expense of SOOOOO many other talents they could be developing and pushing as main event stars. Maybe they're afraid AEW could throw some big money his way? Letting Hogan go and the New Generation Era led to a pretty hard time for them financially (I love this era), but it allowed younger talent to develop and eventually led to the Attitude Era.
  7. so they tell Rey/Joe to go early and then Joe beats up Rey after the match for a very long time? They might as well put the title on Brock tomorrow. Or even worse Tuesday. Everyone knows he is going to get it and keep it for as long as the UFC won't allow him to fight. You have the fans at their most pissed off about this might as well just let it all out now.
  8. Oh God, I thought they were past the blood shit last night, especially after Lars got busted open. Shows how much your story means to the show when they can sacrifice your match time like that.
  9. Power lifter's body with a size 30 waist? Yeah, we're never getting that version.
  10. I'm going to see it this Saturday, man. I am totally fucking ready. I couldn't go on opening weekend because the fam took a vote and everyone wanted to go see Endgame again.
  11. It looks much more faithful to the books than that Golden Compass dreck I am loathe to mention.
  12. Oh and technically Bayley is the first Women's Grand Slam winner
  13. For absolutely no reason at all, on a whim, I bought a modded SNES that'll play Super Famicom games. Now I'm going down the rabbit hole of eBay of finding decent/good CIB versions of all the Marvel/DC, TMNT and Power Rangers games. This is going to be an expensive collection hobby, but I'm here for it because this is my childhood all over again. Then somehow I found a random All Japan game, and went down that rabbit hole of wrestling games (mainly from Japan) - and holy shit that's going to cost me an entire paycheck some of these games, like the FMW game that's in the style of Street Fighter?!? All Japan Women?! All of these Fire Pro games?! Ughhhhh. Doesn't help that the box art for all of these games are pretty wicked looking (just like most of the Marvel games). Damnit.
  14. No one picked Bran to be crowned King. A_K came the closest when the guessed that the throne would be destroyed.
  15. Notes from Meltzer from the radio show (I am still listening so this might be two parts) - Tentative plan is Brock vs. Rollins at Blood Money III - Ray/Joe was told to go home early from the back (clearly due to Joe's face exploding) - They had debated doing a 2nd Kickoff show match (which was to be IIconics vs. Kabuki Warriors)
  16. That is sort of the flip side of how amazing it was. Bayley 100% knew the rare opportunity she had here and she knew how to maximize it in a way that matters the most to the company's weird proclivities. I'm not at all convinced her picture would be up next to Brock's right now at the top of WWE.com if she hadn't positioned herself so keenly next to that sign. She basically filled out half of her HOF promo video in one five minute period.
  17. I can't wait for Mick Foley to present Brock Lesnar with the Being Brock Lesnar title tonight on RAW.
  18. I finished my IB triumphs for the season in the last tournament, so it will not break my heart if I don't finish any more IB bounties before Tuesday. I am, however, bummed that fucking Gambit Prime shit took so long to finish that it's almost the end of the week and I haven't even laid eyes on the Shattered Throne nor have I purchased the last Nine Invitation from Xur. I'll be lucky if I can get my final Nightfall triumph done.
  19. I was disappointed it didn’t end with something like... Tyrion: Interesting... It doesn’t appear to be finished. Samwell: Well me, and Podrick we’re going to get together, and finish it. Tyrion: Have you ever been involved in something like this? Samwell: Not really... But me, and Podrick have worked on a few plays. Tyrion: I don’t believe that counts as a qualification for something as grand as this.
  20. Y'all ruined Bayley for me years ago. I am just bringing everyone down with me
  21. I have one more IB bounty to complete on my Warlock Hopefully that matches up with reset my Valor again (I think I am two ranks away)
  22. Couldn't even let me have that for twenty minutes, could you Phil?
  23. Fuck, the Detective Pikachu misfire damn near dropped me off the list completely. I am two spots away from the booby prize.
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