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  2. BUSHI/ Titan vs KUSHIDA/ Kevin Knight- New Japan World
  3. So I had no idea how good the catalyst for Witherhoard would be, but it giving auto loading holster is cracked. Shoot it, then switch to another gun, then switch back to Witherhoard when it runs out. So much more damage! Now I just need an auto loading energy weapon and it'll be dps for days. FOR DAYS! MUHAHAHAHA!
  4. Good lord I was at the show and the spot through the already broken table at 9 seconds in is still burned in my brain. I remember that table being there for a while after it broke the first time with one of the spokes sticking up and I was terrified for the rest of the match someone was gonna get impaled on it and... then that happened. Wouldn't have been an ECW reunion without one of those two potentially murdering the other
  5. Week 11 Results Tiebreaker needed for the win this week, which was Kirk Cousins passing yards vs Dallas, which ended up as a very low 105 yards. 10 - Gonzo (277 for tiebreaker), Dewar (WINNER, 246 for tiebreaker), Hail Sabin (262 for tiebreaker) 9 - Joel Martin, elizium, EdA, APO 8 - Kuetsar, FluffSnackwell 7 - AaronMLuke OVERALL STANDINGS 97 - elizium, Hail Sabin 96 - Joel Martin (one week win) 93 - AaronMLuke (one week win) 90 - Dewar (three week wins) 88 - Kuetsar (one week win), Gonzo (two week wins) 83 - EdA 80 - APO (one week win) 75 - FluffSnackwell 71 - dogwelder (one week win) 47 - Chaos (one week win) 5 - LF2
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  7. Datto, Jez and Danielle did IB using only blues and I felt every second of it Datto's ability to predict how many dudes from the opposing team that will come into his chat to taunt is amazing. Also - it was hysterical because their very first match and they were paired against Grenadier Jake
  8. The Bloodline arc does not work without Jey being at the absolute elite level of character work. Roman doesn’t become a manipulative mob family leader without having someone to manipulate. Jey managed to be in that role but not become a dignity-less patsy. Sami does not become a player in this without Jey doing the jealous doubter role as magnificent as he has. And the Usos are an incredible tag team.
  9. I would like to point out that despite all the complaints that the CFP is “just the same teams every year” we are heading into a playoff without Clemson and Ohio State for the 2nd straight year, without Oklahoma for the third, and the first without Alabama since 2019. It’s almost like the 4-team system is fine and everybody else just needed to get better!
  10. Still a big ask for what amounts to 3 months of full access till it expires in (I believe) February. Turkey Day marathon eps are free on the Gizmoplex until Monday. I think the "Santo in the Treasure of Dracula" stinger might be my new favorite, plus it's very cool seeing Black Gordman get some screen time as Santo's opponent.
  11. Hiroshi Tanahashi, EVIL, Satoshi Kojima, and Manabu Nakanishi in NJPW.
  12. Fucking STOKED they coming back
  13. Sounds like a fun show. I suspect even more fun, like all WWE, at a streamlined running time minus all the floor routine entrances, company ads and lengthy recaps. Sami Zayn is an incredible performer, and enough reason for me to stop and watch after ffwding passed all the dumb posturing Uso promos and lengthy Roman Reigns lame catchphrases/stoic character bits.
  14. I don’t get (sorry @Dolfan in NYC ) the Miami fans that insist Tyreek is MVP especially looking at Jefferson’s numbers. Jefferson is within one hundred yards of Tyreek with nine fewer catches. They both have (only) 4 TDs, and Jefferson surprisingly has more run after catch yards than Tyreek does. I’ll admit I was a bit surprised by the last one considering Tyreek seems to be the fastest receiver in the league. But considering it’s a QB award I think Jefferson is going to have to settle for Offensive Player of the Year, while Mahomes or Tua wins MVP. Personally I hope the Dolphins finish well, and Tua wins it.
  15. That main event was outstanding. Not many storylines in wrestling history are hotter two years into it than The Bloodline is. Jey Uso is both a Hall of Famer and criminally underrated at the same time. He’s the modern Arn Anderson.
  16. The only issue I see with that (other than the fact they seem to want to kill the December PLE off) is doesn’t that guarantee #3 gets eliminated fairly early? It loses the idea completely of an early number having a run to the end, and winning. Plus in that scenario what happens at 29 if they book the guy to still be in there from the third slot?
  17. Am I the only one that really didn’t care for either womens match? Ronda’s I knew would be a chore going in, but I thought this was far and away the worst womens war games yet. The only part I really liked was the ending, since they rushed through the Becky/Bayley and Becky/Rhea segments in seemingly record time. I thought AJ/Finn was good, but not as good as their previous match from TLC 2017 (especially with that one being thrown together literally at the last minute). The three way ending was the right choice for sure, and it felt like they kept Lashley looking strong. I see everyone is seemingly on the Sami wins the Rumble bandwagon, but depending on Cody’s rehab I wouldn’t rule out Seth winning it either. He’s not had a title match in almost a year, and they always book him at or near the top of the card. The main event was awesome. I loved the story they told, and Sami getting to betray KO felt like the perfect call. Plus having Jey still Sami’s moment only to give him a hug afterwards was great. All in all I’d say it was a worthwhile show, but definitely not the best ever, or even the best PLE of 2022. One thing I’m extremely happy with is they didn’t drag it down with another endless rambling Bray Wyatt promo.
  18. The reveal kicked me directly in the feels.
  19. Costa Rica's greatest day since Rosa Mendes came fourth in the 2006 Diva Search!
  20. David Shaw has resigned as Stanford HC Wonder if he is gonna do media full time now
  21. When WWE does something right, they really do something right. Sami and the Bloodline is one of the best storylines in years great show
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