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  2. DC TV Thread

    I am stoked!

    I hate football.

    Well after 120 hours of game-play I've finally beaten The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. I think as a whole it's a really good RPG, it does have some flaws; foremost is the FFX/FFXIII corridor layout of maps/dungeons. This is not a game where you're going to be able to wander about, every map is simply Point A to Point B and if there is any side areas, it's only to hide away a treasure chest or boss. Now given how most of the game is mission based and you can fast travel to most places, you never really get the feeling of running back and forth over the same map continuously. This leads to the other major issue: Not being able to go back to locations from previous chapters. You're introduced to various towns and locales, all populated with interesting characters and countless amounts of dialogue. But once you've beaten a chapter in the game you never go back, which kind of hurts the chance for more interactions. Maybe because this is the first in a trilogy they want to keep from over-exposing people and places and we'll get more of them later, but it does seem like a waste from a stand-alone game perspective. And that's the final gripe right there: This game really feels like part one of a series. The big plot hook comes at the last part of the game, you basically get two big fights and then it's see you next time Space Cowboy. Now that's not to say there haven't been plenty of other games that were part of planned series where that wasn't an issue; it's just you get cliffhanged so badly it kind of ends the game on a bit of a downer. So with all those gripes out of the way THIS GAME IS REALLY ENJOYABLE. This game's strengths is the depth given to all of it's characters. The main characters start out very basic, but as the game progresses so do the characters and by the end of the game you find yourself attached to all the members of Class VII. What's even more impressive is that effort was also put into the NPCs. That's right the usual cardboard cut-outs that say things like "I like swords" get their own growth throughout the game. Off the top of my head the feud between to business-minded students is a blast as you watch them try to one up each other throughout the game. It's not like they play a major part in anything, yet they still get their own character arc. For the first time I found myself talking to everyone to see what new little tidbits or quirky characters I might find. The combat was also enjoyable. It was turn-based with an order turn, allowing more strategy in interrupting/stun locking opponents to get through combat unscathed. Also you get XP bonuses for identifying mobs/multi kills/ending battles fast, so if you do more then just press attack you can find yourself racking up the XP. And achieving that is simple with Orbment skill system the game has. Think of it as FFX's sphere grid, but where you get to choose what skills/stat buffs you want for each slot; though some slots require a certain element. The added benefit is that there is no real class system, so you can simply take the characters you like and make them whatever class of character you want. It helps to reduce the feelinggy of being stuck with an annoying character because they're they only one of a certain class you have. So yeah in the end this game was really fun, it's one I want to eventually go back and try to get some of the stuff I missed and to get better bonuses for when Part 2 comes out; which is a rare case for me (the Mass Effect trilogy were the last ones where I went back and played multiple times for stuff). If you're looking for a RPG with some real meat on it in terms of characters and world building, this is the game.
  5. Yeah, 2002-2006 TNA was pretty tight. I tuned out almost the day of Hogan signing on.
  6. Come on Chester, they communicated so much just by pointing at a sign and their dicks. It would normally take the average performer several semesters of Movements courses in a community arts program to pull that off.
  7. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Thanks to Zac Romero's "B-Roll", my brain has too many "Santa's Slay" quotes in it for my taste.
  8. I think they were doing that on purpose to drum up interest in the match
  9. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    I don't know whether to be glad or not, that someone somewhere realized that Dana last week risked jumpstarting puberties (WORLDWIDE!) so advised the wardrobe dept accordingly.
  10. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 4/12/18+

    Idk Steiner and Eli Drake is must watch tv.
  11. I still can't understand how this bump was done

    This horseshit segment was in the top 15
  13. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    If Braun would have trashed the production truck and yelled" THIS SHOW NEEDS TO BE SHORTER ANYWAY" it would have been the greatest shoot comment in the history of the business.
  14. Can someone 'Shop him a tallis and a yarmulke? Asking for a friend.
  15. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    Add me as another who enjoyed the Asuka/Nia match. Definitely a highlight and the best Nia has looked since coming to the main roster. I dug Sonya's victory because of how sudden it was. Hard for this show to surprise us. I'm glad that she's getting the shine since she seems more "ready" than Mandy.
  16. Rutube

    Since apparently I didn't make this clear enough across the board Please do not post links to rutube. Unless you are @DEAN - and even then I am going to have to yell at him but he doesn't have to listen to me
  17. Today

    Genius: Picasso Antonio Banderas is playing Picasso is not a sentence I ever thought i would write

    Seahawks have hired Ken Norton Jr as DC
  20. Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    I'll add that I think Kaho stayed with Ricky Marvin's family the first time she went to Mexico. Totally agree that she's awesome and this match was one of my favorites of hers in 2017: her & AKINO vs Syuri and Hikaru Shida. It's also one of Syuri's last matches before going to the UFC. https://rutube.ru/video/823ccbd8bf60dc634fcf1e567d4d0425/?pl_type=user&pl_id=1067514
  21. Destiny 2

    You can knock out TFTB in a week - quicker depending on how much time a night you devote to it. I seem to remember that each Episode took me a hour to a hour and a half to complete
  22. Destiny 2

    Eh, by that time the DVDVR guys and my DARPA peeps will be so far ahead of me that it wouldn't be worth it. I had to do it before I got zero dollars for my ME: Andromeda trade-in. I also need to put some time into Tales From the Borderlands before the war against the Cabal consumes all of my free time.
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