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  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LMgU4RlGGp0 You need to see this.
  3. Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Leon A card with me is one you don’t wanna be on
  4. That's really my point. It's almost irrelevant that he makes fun of people for not being as famous as him. It's like no shit bro, no one here has a million dollar gym that travels with them where ever they go. Rock is in rarefied air in terms of the entire entertainment business. No one in wrestling compares to him. He could tap out to every guy and gal on the roster and it wouldn't get them closer to his level. Despite him shitting on Rollins, I think Rock is actually helping the show. He's the bright and shiny frame around the potential master piece that is the Roman/Cody Saga. I can't tell others how to be fans, but I can say I buy into Cody Rhodes as a guy who really really cares about pro-wrestling. Even though the company has put the machine behind him, he doesn't feel like a guy who was hand picked and manufactured from the beginning. He feels more like product of his own hard work than purely the choices of a promoter. And anyone can say whatever they want about the dude, but it doesn't change the fact that I'll continue to fuck with him, because he clearly loves doing this and wants to tell cool stories. I relate to that. And honestly, I don't really care much for Seth Rollins in the ring, but over the last year I can't help but respect the dude the same way. Roman and Rock dumping on them doesn't mean much to me. It doesn't make me respect or support Cody and Seth less, it makes me, as a fan, want to justify why they deserve our support even more. In that respect, Rock and Roman are doing exactly what they're supposed to do. They're making me want to cheer the other guy. Like I'm not going to root for the guy who made Black Adam, just because he's went back to referring himself in the third person.
  5. Not everyone in CMLL was effected by the visa issue. It also only applies to the US. So, in theory, you could use guys on Canadian shows if necessary.
  6. Oh shit, Warhammer 40K Power Wash Simulator DLC is an easy impulse purchase
  7. That second Punk shirt. Jesus. Imagine a grown man who thinks this kind of edgelord energy is still cool. Just insufferable.
  8. His du rag makes a lot more sense now.
  9. I got curious an looked this one up last year: he's a lab manager at a university in Florida.
  10. Honestly it's a common mistake. I've got the Cassavettes box set from Criterion, and I just enjoy seeing his characters think, you know what I mean? Sometimes his characters feel they're backed into a corner trying to suss out an escape route. Love Chinese Bookie. Love Woman Under the Influence.
  11. Today
  12. Yeah, Claudio vs a guy in a Monchichi mask going 15 minutes was too fucking long. Someone who knows more about Lucha than I do, please dispel my belief that we’re now getting the CMLL B team because of the latest visa problem. As an avid Bossman Slam enthusiast, I was legit worried Dutch would tag out before hitting his glorious slam. But my worries were unfounded!
  13. ACCEPT - Humanoid (Official Video) | Napalm Records (youtube.com)
  14. To be fair, how many people are at Rock's level? In moden history of the business, maybe a handful?
  15. Meh. It went fine, but...I don't know. She married her college boyfriend, got divorced 2 years ago, and has only been dating again for a bit over a year, and I very much get the impression she is figuring out who she is on her own. These are, uh, to put it mildly, things I don't need time to figure out. Nor do I need to be "the poor schmuck who happens to be around and gets the emotional short shrift while you figure them out." I'm also getting demisexual sorts of vibes, did even on the first date so...probably wouldn't work anyway. She said she wanted to go out again, but I think I'd rather just not bother if it's going to feel like there's no spark coming from her. It might be simpler to just pose a few telling questions if/when she texts me again and see if I'm right, give myself the reason to hit the eject button now before getting involved. It's too bad; the rest of it would have worked out nice if it were really about the nuts-and-bolts of "can you coexist?". But I get a significantly stronger "she has the hots for me" feeling off a select few of my married/committed friends than I do this lady, and that's not what you want out of your own prospects.
  16. Maybe they can get Barry Windham to be a faux Sting again? Lol
  17. Oops. It was still pretty damned good.
  18. I agree. The problem is....building up two of the most over faces in the company this way is almost insurmountable. Even if Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins win at WM40 and Rhodes wins against Reigns, how am I as a fan supposed to buy into it? Even a casual/lapsed fan won't see Rollins/Rhodes on the same level as The Rock. In a few months, The Rock will be away doing whatever and not on TV and it'll be back to Reigns pulling the football away for the next challenger to try to kick it. (Unless Rhodes finally win the titles at WM40, then it'll be something different)
  19. Zeus would want you to have some nachos.
  20. Though it can't help but have a similar vibe because it features John Cassavettes and Peter Falk, Mikey and Nicky is an Elaine May film.
  21. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Roman says Seth's title is Second Place, which one could say is true particularly when they unveiled it a year ago. Seth says Roman's title reign is padded by Roman sitting at home for months on end, and when he does show up it's one fight with lots of interference from his cousins. Which is true, but it also similarly undermines the historic nature of Roman's title reign. So it's almost a wash as both guys are trying to shit on the other to build up their own legacy. HOWEVER. One guy has shown up to work every week and defended his belt not just on Premium Live Events, but on TV. A year of Seth's Title Reign does not equal a Year of Roman's. And for me that's the difference. Rock and Roman can shit on Seth, but Seth can always say - he's working every week until his body won't let him. And he can say they've built WWE to something special again and Rock is just trying to leech off of younger stars success. And he wouldn't be wrong. Rock can say the suits at Netflix don't know who Rollins is. But are fans supposed to get excited about Ted Sarandos' favorite wrestlers instead? Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes will most likely never ever ever be as famous as Dwayne The Rock Johnson. That's just reality. But I don't think that means folks should give up on them because they can't be transcendental generational ultra super mega stars. That being said.... Rollins has been getting the worst barbs during every exchange. I feel like he's gotta be getting something out of this at some point. But wrestling history is littered with guys who didn't get theirs.
  22. Jeff Jarrett is the hero of his own story.
  23. The Erceg/Schnell finish was a 7.1 on the Oliveira death blow KO scale.
  24. Why is Willie Mack teaming with heels?
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