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  2. Petition to rename X-Pac Heat, Paul Bromwell Heat
  3. Mr T wasn't well known before Rocky III, though.
  4. Last week, I realized I hadn't watched the last of the Rock vs. Austin WM trilogy since it happened back in 2003 and maybe a few years ago during covid I stopped like mid way for whatever reason. Then I realized why? That final five minutes and the aftermath is incredibly sad. Kinda heartwarming based on Rock breaking character and sitting down to thank Austin for what he's done, but also incredibly sad and bittersweet. Not on the level of seeing Ali against Larry Holmes or Tyson losing to Lennox Lewis for me personally, but it's up there now that I finally watched the whole thing and it's fresh in my mind.
  5. So much of puroresu commentary is loan words. Move names in particular, once you learn what they sound like pronounced in Japanese they start clicking. I know the names of body parts. Red and blue. Numbers. Giant Baba saying So desu ne~. I get by.
  6. Speaking of a time capsule, even as a diehard hardcore boxing fan, it's kinda hard to explain the Icarus too close to the sun, weird phenomenon that was Tommy Morrison. As the further we move from the early 90s, it gets harder and harder. Now try to explain why he's the goddamn co-star of a tentpole, well known universally beloved franchise. Mr. T, I understand. Morrison didn't even have that cache in the boxing world. He had the WBO heavyweight title back when the WBO wasn't considered one of the major alphabet orgs in boxing. I know Ronda Rousey was gonna be the star of the Roadhouse remake back when she was UFC champ that Jake Gyllenhaal is filming right now, but that would have been easier to explain to someone. I have no answer as to why and how he got that role other than he was just the latest great white hype. Other than that, I got nothing.
  7. Visuals and the emotional pitch of the audience/commentary response. Unless you're watching it on mute for some reason.
  8. Ok, from zero workouts last week to five this week. Nothing too intense, but getting a good pump going nonetheless. Trapbar on Thursday wasn't spectacular. Topped out at 617 for one rep off the platforms, then failed several attempts at heavier weights. Got frustrated and used the double height platforms for 662 and with rest-pause, I did 5 reps. But yeah, even I must admit that with platforms that high, it's not to be considered any kind of a lift. I did 3 fast reps with 572 from the same height and decided to stop there. Earlier I got two reps with 479 without Versas, but even that isn't as good as a few weeks back. The snow has been kicking my ass two ways, from biking and from plowing it, next week, same shit. My recovery has been far from optimal, but my belated winter break is looming ahead in a few weeks' time and there's Easter a week before that, so maybe then I get some proper rest?
  9. did Ace Steel see Rocky III because he might have been the Mickey in that storyline
  10. anybody wanna make up a number of what percentage of US-based Puro fans know Japanese? I don't know how much would be added by knowing the language and listening to commentary but if you don't, you're judging the whole thing on visuals
  11. Think if they had more time to build to the match, they'd have done SPOILERS FOR A FORTY YEAR OLD MOVIE a Mickey heart attack angle?
  12. Note about the "continuing saga of why Miro isn't doing anything": It kinda feels like the people posting online blaming Lana for the whole thing falls into the whole "it's the woman's fault that this guy is acting like this" trope. Like he wouldn't have such an ego if not for that blonde devil woman. Reading the Wikipedia description does make the AEW Miro stint sound uninteresting.
  13. The character did show up on Lower Decks.
  14. V is a comedic masterpiece. Also, wrestling, KISS and the Rocky films are three of my favorite things in life. Thanks, everyone. P.S. This reminds me: I need to go see Creed 3.
  15. Thing is though, if you're doing it in a "look how cool I am" way that's not really worthy of praise. Like when CM Punk says well I haven't seen Rocky, the first thing someone should tell him is so what fucking what? That's not even the point of the conversation. If someone is playing backyard football with you and you bring up the Immaculate Reception or Dwight Clark's catch or David Tyree's helmet catch in Super Bowl, they don't have to explain the ENTIRE GAME of football to you even if are a non sports fan. I like Punk but that's kinda a douche chill "Alright...and?" moment. The right thing to do is just to say, "hey man, can you elaborate a bit further?". Not roll your eyes and say well I haven't seen the Rocky movies. As for the films themselves, it would depend on the age of the person you're talking to. III is wondering around that Skynet is self aware thing where they know it's a very lucrative franchise so the film has to have certain beats. IV basically lost the plot, but they were working with house money.
  16. When I first got high speed internet in late '03 I downloaded a ton of classical AJPW from the 90s I probably watched watched the famous Kobashi vs Misawa matches once with no context no order. I want to go back and watch alot of these matches again in order. It's was a whole new universe of wrestling getting to see guys like Kawada , Akiyama, Kobashi and people like that I had only read about in the Apter mags in the late 90s and reading about the formation on NOAH which became my favorite promotion in 2004 to around 2007 behind Ring of Honor at the time. Then back at the end of 2011 I was out of work for a whole month and it was around the time of one of the Joshimania weekends so I spent most of that time watching a ton of 90s Joshi and even current Joshi at the time. It was so good really learning Joshi and probably the most enjoyment watching wrestling. Alot of those Kobashi vs Misawa matches and matches with Kawada as much as I enjoyed them. I feel like I can't really count as matches I've seen because most you guys can name the dates and the arenas. That would be like someone watching the 3 Rock vs Austin Wrestlemania matches out of order and not knowing the dates or time periods
  17. First day it was frustrating Wed and yesterday weren't too bad I am scared what tonight will be like
  18. Bah gunbug! (Didn't care for 3, not expecting anything from this)
  19. Terrible shocking news for Impact. Worst way to end an all time epic reign. I assume it had to have been when he worked AAA this past Sunday. Surprised it went so suddenly to "must immediately vacate", since they're having Mickie address her injury first. Wish Josh could've made it to Rebellion as Maclin felt like the natural next guy to take it and now will feel like a lesser moment for him not to beat The Guy to do it.
  20. Thanks, now I want some jumbo coconut shrimp for dinner.
  21. Today
  22. Running IB reminds me of why PvP frustrates me so much as so of my hit detection is just clearly off even when things aren't lagging. DMT in particular is just fucked half the time even with shots that blatantly hit.
  23. The 'fun' part about a team getting Harper back in June-ish is that they can sell that as being sorta like a mid-season acquisition if the team is in a spot where they need something after the first 2 months. Meanwhile in KC, Zack Greinke starts opening day, which isn't too surprising and Brady Singer spending time at the WBC where he didn't pitch after the Mexico game probably put him offschedule to start an opening day. I'd say a certain amount of the 2023 Royals is a test of how much of a positive change happens when you fire Mike Matheny and Cal Eldred and hire a new manager/pitching coach who have experience with Tampa Bay/Cleveland.
  24. Today is 90th anniversary of King Kong being released.
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