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  2. https://www.f4wonline.com/news/mlw/mlw-expands-bein-sports-tv-programming-partnership Looks like I could have some Pluto Machine reviews of MLW soon.
  3. Man, the combination of work (night shift, no less), home-stretch of the diet and being 4 workouts deep into the week made me sleep through Mox vs King twice! But I've seen everything else now and it's been good, real good! I need to wait and see if it is really Brian Cage who challenges for the ROH World title, and if so, then take my money, again! This is turning out more expensive than I figured, but with FITE's pricing, it's still a steal. Although, for some reason, I simply refuse to pay 32 euros for the Supercard of Honor. No matter how great that tag team match was. Look, guys if the whole roster was healthy (and not disgruntled) at the same time, our brains would probably melt instantly when watching this, so just be thankful we're safe for now!
  4. Whether WWE gets MJF is up for debate depending on if you believe this is all real or not, but Sasha to AEW is seeming like a real possibility maybe if (yuck) PWInsider is to be believed. Apparently her & Naomi were removed from WWE's internal roster within the last day and Sasha has signings and appearances booked for the fall.
  5. It's too bad wrestling isn't like the NBA where teams can trade disgruntled stars. MJF for Sasha would make so much sense for everyone involved. For the record, though, I think MJF's future would (will) be plenty bright in AEW.
  6. Let him go WWE. They need him.
  7. THURSDAY REFLECTIONS: Wardlow needs a famous entrance song- I recommend "No One Like You" by the Scorpions. Because I'm 56 years old. That would be awesome. Waaaang-waaaaang! Theeere's NO ONE LIKE YOUUUUUUU! I wonder if they will do Rocky III type build for Scorpio Sky's rematch. They could do that while Wardlow plows through the hosses of AEW. Wardlow bumps like a total freak and sells really well. He is OVER like Goldberg but he wrestles more like latter period Davey Boy Smith. While you rubes were watching picture in picture, Wardlow sells the damage from Scorpio and the crowd is molten for the heat being beaten onto him by Sky. Dan Lambert is totally Cornette-esque freaking out as the crowd gets behind Wardlow. The belt shot nearfall was so cheap and SO effective. So AEW should build up to Wardlow versus Brodie King. It just dawned on me that the guys out there with American Top Team weren't actual ATT MMA guys but Factory trainees! I AM AN IDIOT! When is Wardlow versus Konosuke Takeshita? That will be awesome. Mox does a great promo getting over Brodie King while quietly comparing the Blackpool Combat Club to the House of Black. Luchasaurus versus Wardlow will be good. Christian calling the rubes in Rochester "ignorant pieces of crap" is so offhand great. He is so much better than MJF because he is so low-key condescending. He has to have that within himself and he is a method actor. Tony Schiavonne is so great being appalled at Christian Cage doing a better MJF than MJF could ever do. CHRISTIAN CAGE SPEAKS TRUTH TO MATT HARDY AND IGNORANT PIECES OF CRAP IN ROCHESTER! I love that Christian always moves behind Luchasaurus as he says more inflammatory things about Matt Hardy. Needed blood. It's AEW! They aren't afraid of the blade! Matt Hardy sure isn't afraid of the blade! BLOOD, DADDY! I'm trying to figure out where the Rochester crowd got behind Butcher and Blade. They forgive Swerve fucking up early. They don't turn when Bunny injects herself. AH! We few, we happy few, who get to watch the INTERNATIONAL FEED note that the crowd gets behind the Butcher beating the crap out of Strickland. So it's strange, by beating heat onto the babyface, the maniacs in Rochester get behind the heels beating on our babyface. I assume it's the cool Upstate New York facial hair that BONDS the crowd with the Butcher. Keith Lee is also very over in Rochester. I guess the crowd has already assumed that Swerve has turned heel because of his recent hijinx. That's why the crowd was so pissed off that Blade didn't get the pin on Strickland. Strickland is kind of a genius by completely fucking up his heat in such a subversive way. It gets Keith Lee over more as he fights through the untrustworthiness of Swerve to get the win. It's probably genius. Young Bucks channel Christian slightly with the shooty truth bombs! And they quote MJF in response to the GREAT Rochester crowd's FTR chant. I did not realize watching live how INSIDE and SHOOTY that was. The Young Bucks are AEW MANAGEMENT so dealing with MJF is probably in the forefront of their thinking. Eddie Kingston is great. Though the Ruby Soho hand thing was weird, Daddy Magic is the KING of that segment. "MIND YOUR BUSINESS, YOU FREAK!" I am so stoked about Ruby Soho and Tay Conti in a death match because YOU KNOW Tay's not afraid of the blade. I assume Soho is up for a blood match too. I see more t-shirt sales of Ruby's crimson mask. QT Marshall challenging a ten year old to a match would have been SO MUCH BETTER if he had the Factory behind him. It would have established a sense of danger to the youngster- as opposed to QT being outnumbered by the Dark Order. I love that your introduction to Rush is him fucking beating the living dogshit out of PENTA. I love that PENTA does a pirouette during the chopping section to make the chop actually means something. Alex Abrahantes has great punches! YAYYY! While you idiots were suffering through picture in picture, Rush gets the crowd to truly hate him as he does classic rudo stuff- strutting around like a giant dick, trying to unmask the technico, taunting the crowd as the chant for PENTA. Man, Rush is so fucking good. He goes from super old school rudo heat seeking actions to a fucking picture perfect Mid-South Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer Powerslam. Rochester pops for a double headbutt. This match is so fucking great. Lucha Libre gets tweets about spectacular highspots. REAL GREAT Lucha Libre is two guys who hate each other's guts beating the shit out of each other. This is real great lucha libre. What a great first step to what I hope will be an epic feud. I love Andrade and Rush acting like they didn't pull off PENTA's mask as they go to the back, even though it's perfectly legal in AEW. Austin Gunn is such a great heat machine! Coulton is fun yelling at the crowd for yelling "Asshole" at the Ass Boys! Rochester Crowd does a variation on a common theme! I just realized Bowen did a Famouser! Awwwwe, so sad when your new dad turns on you. Man, the Ass Boys are so going to be a great heel tag team. They showed that bouncing around the ring for Bear Bronson and by Austin being a total dick everywhere else. Rochester is coy about throwing their support for THUNDERSTORM initially. I'm guessing because they shine up THUNDERSTORM for an extended section. They begin to come around when Storm hits Shafir in the head with her butt. Y'know Storm makes $10,000 a day with her Only Fans. What you rubes didn't see in picture in picture is that the Rochester crowd gets behind Storm's BABYFACE FIRE as she takes an ass beating from Nyla and Shafir- as I think Thunder Rosa was good on the apron, heating up the hot tag and getting the crowd into Storm's Babyface STRUGGLE. Thunder Rosa is over in Rochester! This is a smart tag team idea- Storm is the best worker in the division and Thunder Rosa is the what?- third most over wrestler in the division. She is over. Get Storm over more as the tag partner with a more over wrestler. They really need tag titles to get her completely over with this method. Lord Regal, "Hard as a coffin nail." I love that Taz is getting over that this a battle of choke out holds before the match starts. Man, Brodie Kings chops and forearms are fucking beautiful. Kevin Blackwood was the one who noticed that it would have been awesome if Mox won by just hammering King. And that would be true. That was good. They have a great match in them. That was a good episode of Dynamite. Sting and Darby Allin come out and try to shake Brodie King's hand. Maybe sowing the seeds of a future Brodie King face turn? No Konosuke Takeshita versus Eddie Kingston! The INTERNATIONAL FEED disappoints me for the first time.......
  8. Schadenfreude for the guy with one of the hottest angles this year? Max Derangement Syndrome is out of control. Pay the man, Tony! He's not even on the shows and people can't stop bringing him up!
  9. People say Wardlow has been cooled off since the MJF feud, but I don't see it. He still gets good reactions everywhere and the crowd was into his match and title win tonight. He's gonna be just fine. I like Swerve/Lee teetering on the edge of splitting up, but bringing it back together for the finish. Not sure why the AEW tag titles are exclusively defended in triple threat matches now, but ok. Starks doing the crazy old-man Flair promo was something. Since he never wears a jacket I thought for sure he was gonna take it off and give it an elbow drop. Christian is doing MJF better than MJF right now. Can't wait for the eventual show down with Jungle Boy. Malakai vs. Miro is totally unexpected but I'll take it. Main was good. We're too spoiled by AEW epics that a low-key good tv match where the main goal is to showcase the new champ goes under the radar. If anything, AEW would benefit from more matches like this to add credibility to their ranking system.
  10. The difference here is that one guy is out injured, the otheris not as good as he thinks he is and is sitting out/being sat out in some misdirected plan to build his value and redo Brian Pillman. One deserves some degree of schadenfreude, one doesn't, IMO.
  11. The April 4th 1998 episode of Worldwide seems like it was pretty cool
  12. How can it be delayed to January when it's target release date is only "the first half of 2023"
  13. Today
  14. Of course not - instead they just give Bradley Beal a no trade clause
  15. Until Starfield gets delayed to January... Or Breath of the Wild 2 is announced for Jan 17 I am being a little facetious but at some point you have to release your already delayed game that is starting to get a vaporware rep EDIT - I will now ad the caveat that Sony might have forced their hand since they are both exclusives. Which would definitely explain the "strategic partners" line
  16. A little, but I also took that as a reason to correct the path that Thor was on as well. To have a similar experience to Gorr when encountering other gods, but in contrast to Gorr's quest for vengeance it kinda set Thor on the path of doing the right thing himself.
  17. It'll be streaming on Highspots in 6 months. DVD should be out sooner than that but then you're paying like $15+ more.
  18. so apparently there is an upstart indie called Garden State Pro Wrestling that's running a show at the end of this month (the 23rd) that has a pretty good card. I'll probably grab this on Fite if the price is reasonable because the women's matches look bonkers. And there's like two men's matches that I'm interested in as well. * Tony Deppen has been replaced with Titus Alexander The matches I'm interested in are the double main events, the triple threat, Blackwood/Angels and Dark Sheik/Jai Vidal versus Edith Surreal/Heather Monroe.
  19. I believe it is just you (or mostly just use - I am sure a few other folks might run into the same issue) The things with the Vertical Scroll Bar are the new way Tweets embed (don't ask me why)
  20. More like "Sturm und Daaaaaaaang."
  21. AEW gets a lot of praise for cycling people on and off their programming. If the program and those people benefit from such turnover, then Max will be no exception. Especially when he went out with a hot angle while a lot of other people kind of just quietly disappear for a while. Might as well be taking time to laugh at how Kenny Omega isn't missed because all these other people are having good matches and angles. Makes about as much sense.
  22. That's how I read it. I don't think its a super conspiracy theory, to me its not as big a deal these days to hit the holiday rush as people buy games year-round, and it may be a good idea to have their own release date on an island than compete with God of War, Pokemon, and whatever else is coming out in November. It worked out fine for Horizon and Elden Ring this year to do an early-year release, shouldn't hurt Forspoken.
  23. WWE gets MJF, AEW gets Sasha Banks. The world continues to suck.
  24. And holy shit, if MJF, while sitting out for a dumb angle, is absolutely lapped in every heel metric by guys like Christian and Starks, to the point where he's irrelevant, I'm cool with it. At this rate, what's he going to bring when he comes back? What's he do better than others on the roster? I don't think there's any buzz at all or anyone clamoring for that MJF comeback. This is like Cody -- AEW's roster is so deep and it's booked well enough that MJF's absence doesn't matter at all.
  25. Some pasted external content only shows as a flashing vertical scroll bar and never loads. See the pics and gifs thread. Might just be me. I'm using Firefox 102.0 currently.
  26. So Windhorst is reporting that Brooklyn is apparently totally fucking up the KD trade: 1. The Nets fully expected to have a bidding war for Durant. This has not happened, teams made their offers and that's it. 2. They raised their asking price for Durant after the Minnesota trade for Gobert. The other teams' GMs said essentially, lol, the Wolves massively overpaid and to get bent. 3. They thought Mitchell would be traded almost immediately after Rudy, which would in turn allow them to raise their asking price again. But Utah isn't in a rush to move him, so the ripple to the Nets is they're stuck. 4. It seems people know the can't mortgage their entire future for a 2-3 years of KD. Yes, he's KD, but no one's willing to fuck themselves for the next decade to get him.
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