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  1. That's Anthony Bowens (with Sonny Kiss). But I do see the resemblance with Palhares, to be fair.
  2. I think the Su reign was as a make good for Kylie Rae's sudden retirement when she was supposed to win the Knockout's Title.
  3. His twitter Bio says RVA, so I'm guessing so. Looks like he's still there, too.
  4. That's AEW's Music guy, if you didn't know.
  5. That's how Cactus Jack lost his ear, doing the hangman spot.
  6. The other week, Coach Tony K said the wrestling landscape was about to change, and was then mocked when all that happened was Pac came back. Whereas this show, it kind of feels like people who watched NXT live last night and AEW afterwards are going to regret that they did that. And possibly lie about it for the rest of their lives.
  7. Unfortunately, the name "Cutie Suzuki" was already taken.
  8. Actually, thinking about the Shield, when Howard Stark made it in the 40s, he used what he thought was the entire World supply of Vibranium. But now everyone knows that there's actually loads of it, so most likely T'Challa and Shuri just welded it back together or something.
  9. The second one, I think. When he had longer hair.
  10. Hangman's other big match loss was in the Dynamite Diamond thing, where he lost to MJF to determine who got the diamond ring.
  11. In the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series, they hint at how Luke and Leia were concieved. Anakin goes to Padme's room upset because he has a scar on his cheek now, and they hug in silhouette until Padme turns the light off.
  12. And Florence Pugh's character from Black Widow is going to be in it. They keep saying she's "returning" to the MCU, but technically she hasn't actually appeared in it yet.
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