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  1. It was run at the exact same time as Starrcade so Vince could get the PPV carriers to only carry one show. Starrcade lost millions.
  2. Here's what I was talking about earlier. Joe Hendry killing it: As far as Starrcade only being a house show, why would it be in Cincinnatti? It's not like that's the first city that springs to mind when you say NWA/WCW, is it? But really the whole thing does smack of Vince thinking that everything that he wasn't involved with could never be as important as anything he was involved with. Starrcade is supposed to be the showcase of the Immortals - meaning, on the level of Wrestlemania. For it to be just a generic house show is just disrespectful.
  3. AxB


    Or you could have never been on them in the first place, like the really smart people weren't. Alternatively, delete your account and then insist you never had one. Then reinstate it as a Dixie Carter creeper account when you think nobody's watching
  4. Elias' pre-match singing routine is good, but (like most things in WWE) repetitive. You know who has a better pre-match singing routine? Joe Hendry*. Elias has never had a killer line. Hendry's had two in the last Two weeks. * In Impact. Nobody knows if his songs in WOS are any good because the commentators blather all over them. And to exacerbate the problem, usually they're talking about how he has a beautiful voice and it's such a great song. They spend so long making that point that the song finishes before they're done talking about it. Shut your cakehole Alex Shane.
  5. AxB

    SOCCER - SUMMER 2018

    Crouchie clipped out the sales figures on his twitpic. It sold 4330 copies, first week in hardback.
  6. British accents sound like you have a mouthful of marbles? Take them to Missouri, Pilgrim.
  7. AxB


    @Andrew POE! You may have 107 more platinums than me, but I've got two you'll never get. And they're both GTA V. Seriously, the online ones are probably impossible at this point. Freemode is a slaughterhouse.
  8. Firstly, as a Southerner Marty pronounces his surname "Scuwwww". Secondly, Squirrel has two syllables in English. Squi-Rull. Not Squirl. Squirrel Girl only rhymes if you're American.
  9. Mara Borella (the only Italian Woman to win a UFC fight) got suspended by Italy's Anti-Doping agency. For 26 years, until 2044. But their only jurisdiction is inside Italian borders, so she might not be banned from fighting elsewhere in the world. Apparently the issue was that she was selling PEDs/ recreationals from a gym she owned, or something.
  10. He's, what, 18 or 19 in that picture? And his hairline has already begun it's slow retreat. Uncanny.
  11. He's 6'4", 265 and American. How did he get to LU and Impact without WWE getting a look at him first?