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  1. Isn't it Q2 of 2020 now?
  2. I think so, yeah. Chris Champion/ Yoshi Kwan's brother iirc.
  3. If Gargano and Ciampa (or Cole) had a sixty minute Iron Man match, how long do you think the overtime would go after it ended in a draw?
  4. Buying that Pineapple shirt was a sound investment for Suge D, wasn't it?
  5. Like 99.7% of it takes place in Japan. A bit of it is in Spanish though, because Mrs Sasuke is Mexican.
  6. All Friday I was getting Twitter trolled by Hogan-loving MAGA Fascists. So I can't support a team with Hogan on it. Team Terry (minus Hogan) is a hell of a team though.
  7. I think Mark Starr might have owed Rick Rude money or something:
  8. And why do so many of them have the same tattoos?
  9. It streamed last night. Most of the things they stream gets added to the archive a day or two later. So, probably. I mean, it's a Best Of, Year in Review deal. The full shows that those matches are taken from are already up there. Black Label Pro.
  10. Does Kobashi vs Sasaki count, or is that too much of a Wrestling match?
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