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  1. The move in Wrestling I hatse the most is when one guy is on the apron, and the guy in the ring pulls the top rope and Brings Him In The Hard Way. Completely unrealistic. Do they think nobody has ever seen a Tug of War?
  2. Didn't they only go to Both Feet Must Hit The Floor because of that one that came down to Shawn vs Bulldog, and Shawn put one foot down when he wasn't supposed to? I'm sure it was Any Part Of The Body Hits The Floor before that.
  3. So is the USA media selling the game as Mahomes vs Garrapolo, or are they going with old school San Fran vs QB magic Kansas? Because if one were to judge just based on the Divisional Championship games, you'd think the 49ers were a running back, a pass rush and able to hold a lead against a team who took the first half off. Whilst KC were all flash and speed and breaking tackles once they got warmed up.
  4. The message from this show was, once you're past your athletic prime and you're losing that half a step, it's not a problem if you're really good at Wrestling (Sara McMann) but it really is a problem if you're a stand up fighter (JDS).
  5. Has anyone met Seth Rollins? Because if anyone has, how intelligent did he seem in person? His on screen character is that of a cerebral guy, but his social media content strongly implies that he's really not at all any kind of smart guy. Second question (that popped into my head thanks to the first question), can anyone think of a wrestler who was a terrible talker on the indies, who then went to WWE and did those overly scripted promos and it was a massive improvement?
  6. When K-1 used to be on Eurosport, they had this really bad commentator who knew nothing about anything except Karate. So K-1 was in Vegas for (Sapp vs Kimo) and they showed Michael Jordan at ringside. The commentator misidentified him as Dr Dre. Then they showed actual Dr Dre at ringside, and he said "Oh no, that may indeed be Dr Dre". Most recognisable Athlete on the planet, that.
  7. Janela vs Starr, No Rope Barbed Wire, Americanrana 2018. They also had a 60 minute Iron Man match at Americanrana '19, which had tons of weapons spots but was more of a Wrestling match than a Death match. I haven't yet seen the Fans Bring the Weapons match from Heavy lies the Crown '17.
  8. The Internet Speculative Fiction Database. www.isfdb.org
  9. Yeah, but that stuff all falls under Evils Of Capitalism. Getting a free stadium off the Government that taxpayers paid for is well dodgy.
  10. It's just not right, when sports teams are funded by the taxpayer. Supposed to be a level playing field, financially.
  11. In Sabu's book, he's generally nice about everyone in the biz, and when he's slagging someone off, he often doesn't specifically name them, just says someone I wrestled in Scotland (or wherever). Except Koji Kanemoto. He goes out of his way to say Kanemoto is a complete dick. Then in the final chapter, where he's doing acknowledgements and thanks, he adds a page of F.U. shout outs, to Kurt Angle, Test, Koji Kanemoto, Jim Ross, Ric Flair and Vince McMahon.
  12. Minoru Suzuki vs Chris Dickinson for Bloodsport III.
  13. Christian Eriksen to Internazionale is happening. Also, in clear indicator of their current ambition level, Manchester United are attempting to get Islam Slimani on loan from Leicester.
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