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  1. The opening match had a few too many "You can't Huracanara Moose" spots to not have the finish be a Huracanrana. Although Trey did hit a reverse Rana at one point. Kind of a less than ideal feud for the Rascalz if they're going to be hooked up with Moose for a while. Them any of the regular tag teams in the company would be ideal. Eddie & Eli vs Fallah & KM was pretty good too. Don't know what they'll be doing with Bahh now KM is gone. Willie Mack vs Ethan Page in a battle of guys Impact signed even though they didn't actually have any plans for them. Willie should do OK because he's awesome. Ethan Page, he's just a guy. He's bigger than average for an indie wrestler, but he's just a guy. James Mitchell and Rosemary's segment means there's going to be another Undead Realm deal next week. Cool. Tessa's angle with Gail is whatever, but the sudden backstage brawl between LAX and the Lucha Bros was one of the scrappiest, fightiest looking brawls in ages. Immediately followed by another backstage brawl in which Willie Mack (who had already wrestled) apparently beat down both Crist brothers (who were fresh and had the element of surprise) by himself, but it was off camera so it was different than just having two backstage fights back to back. Callihan vs Swann I enjoyed. Sami Callihan is one of those guys who I don't think of him as a Wrestler I like, but he never seems to have a bad match. And indeed, this was a good match. It's just unfortunate for Sami that in the transition from being a guy who lost a hair match to being a guy with long hair, he's stuck in the GQ short neat hairstyle phase that doesn't suit his character at all. The spit in the face spot before the finishing sequence was fucking disgusting though.
  2. It's named after the gimmick, not the man. Although obviously the man's real name was Warrior Warrior, which confuses things.
  3. Probably the 13 year old who are questioning their sexual orientations, ironically enough.
  4. There used to be this show on telly about bad tattoos. There was this one guy on there who got drunk and decided to tattoo his son's name on his arm. His son was called Riley. He spelled it R I P E Y. The he felt guilty about spelling it wrong, so he thought to make up for it, he'd tattoo his son's nickname (Sonny Boy) on his knuckles. Spelled it with a single N, obviously. The moral of the story is, if you've got a friend with a home tattooing kit, don't get drunk with them.
  5. David Starr and Tracy Williams beat the crap out of each other for thirteen minutes: I don't know if it's the way it's lit or what, but you really see how much their chest and necks are welting up from all the hitting. Got to love Chinlock sections that are less about slowing the match down to catch your breath, and more about attempting to pull your opponent's head off their neck.
  6. Apparently the Deadwood movie trailer has dropped. Not sure if anyone's posted it on the board or not yet
  7. That was months ago. It only just made Botchamania this week though.
  8. That was the worst faction he'd EVER been in!
  9. Nice job protecting the gimmick, lads. She still has no soul and is possessed by evil spirits right now. She won't be smiling in pictures and dressing like an Easter egg for at least another few weeks.
  10. He would have been mid to late 30s twenty years ago, so you're probably thinking of someone else. It is depressingly common though; Less so now, because of all the health and safety rules we didn't used to have. And surgeons have gotten very good at reattaching severed limbs recently.
  11. OK, it looks like it might be slightly less catastrophic than I was first told . He managed to extricate half his hand before it got crushed, so he's got this massive cast on his hand, but his index and middle fingers and his thumb are poking out of it and apparently functional. Oh, and he's back at work already. You know how all farmers are incredibly tough? He's a guy who's known for his toughness amongst farmers. I asked him how it was, he said it hurt a bit at the time but he's fine now.
  12. The WWE not trademarking The Four Horsemen makes sense, since they were never going to use it. But you'd think the NWA or WCW would have trademarked it at some point, since they used it all the time. But then again, there was that band that used the name: Does make you wonder why, when TNA had Flair, he formed a group called Fourtune, if there was nothing actually stopping him from calling them Horsemen. Also, the guitar player from the Four Horsemen looks just like Matt Jackson.
  13. So, anyone want a "You think you've been having a bad week?" story? I'm friends with this farmer. 20 odd years ago, he lost his right arm. Got caught up in a baling machine, ripped off above the elbow. Then he hiked half a mile to his house while holding the stump closed so he could call for an ambulance. Not much mobile coverage up on the hills back then. And he was right handed before that. But anyway, he adjusted. Farmed one handed for a couple of decades. Then this week, he was out putting fence posts up with his son, using one of those massive pneumatic hammers they put on the backs of tractors. Puts on fence post in, tells his son to stop, grabs the fencepost to shake it, to make sure it's secure, son activates the hammer again. 250 kilos (550+ lbs) of pressure right into his left hand. Crushes the all the bones to fragments. It's like the second worst thing that ever happened to him.
  14. I was referencing the Heenan/ Taylor promo from the Mediocre Wrestlers thread a few months ago. Which I'm not reposting because it was only posted a few months ago.
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