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  1. @The Natural Saw this and I thought of you. Saw this and I thought of everyone.
  2. Nick Gage's tag team with Thomas Santell is called NDK. Nerder Death Kill. Turns out, he was just warming up.
  3. WWE likes uniformity. But uniformity leads to boredom and apathy. Watch some non WWE wrestling for a change and see if that gets your juices flowing at all. There's lots of good stuff in the matches threads on this board. They had been a little slow for a while, but then Dean started posting in them, and that perked everything right up.
  4. Now starting Vader's book. He says Compton was a relatively well off, racially mixed area in his early childhood, but as he was growing up it seemed all the wealthier families were moving out. His Dad was a mechanic who invented the hydraulic car lift, but sold the idea (for $2000) to a couple of suit and tie guys who mass produced them and made millions. He played college football with Matt Hasselbeck's dad. Was drafted by the Rams while injured, got healthy in time for the playoffs and got game time in the 1979 Super Bowl (but lost to the Steelers). Then his knee re-exploded and he had to retire, so hr moved back to Boulder Colorado and became a real estate developer. And that's where I'm up to. He covered all of that very quickly and there's loads of book left, so the Wrestling stuff is probably much more in depth.
  5. Lance Storm to Brian Pillman jr: "You know, the mullet is the ideal haircut for Pro-Wrestling. You want to have long hair, because it whips out behind you and creates the illusion of extra movement, but then you don't want your hair to cover your face because when you sell, you communicate with the audience by your facial expressions. And the best way to have long hair without it hanging in your face, is to have a mullet".
  6. Necro Butcher vs Chris Hero, under the rounds system. Jan 2006.
  7. Do people chant 'Brody' at Invader? They probably should.
  8. I figured out the punchline to Cage saying they'd be 'cheating' at his bachelor party, but it was still funny. And sad, that Melissa had loads of girls at her party (including some not on the roster I think) whilst Cage just had Dreamer and Swann.
  9. If it's not, this movie is pretty redundant. Why make it now? Do we really need to add backstory to someone who's dead? Unless it's introducing an important villain for the future or something, they've been telling this over-arcing story where everything builds to everything else. I'm not sure what this could help build.
  10. They're pretty big hands, to be fair. Davey Boy Smith played Rugby league in school (Dynamite was probably too small), I think Mark Davis from Aussie Open did, and basically the entire population of Wales at least tries it, so every Welsh wrestler you can think of.
  11. Wrestlers who used to play Rugby? That one Japanese guy from the Swing-Lows (he was on the Smackdown roster in the S6 era, but I can't remember his name) and probably every Samoan and Tongan who actually grew up there. Most everyone else who played the game is physically destroyed by the time they stop. Whilst some people argue that American Football should have less hard hits and more safe tackling like Rugby, Rugby journalists bemoan that the sport is decades behind Gridiron in terms of concussion awareness.
  12. Oscar loves his biopics. Especially if there's singing.
  13. So am I the only one who thinks that Black Widow actually takes place after Endgame, and is set inside the Soul Stone? Hence it will appear to be all flashbacks but it's actually about earning redemption and escaping the afterlife.
  14. I think Impact is pretty good about putting TV promos on their YouTube channel. Match highlights too, plus they replay whole shows on twitch
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