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  1. Kenny isn't cleared. Cody isn't cleared. The Bucks were laid out by P&P. And Hangman was knocked out before the finish of the Pac match. Dustin Rhodes has a broken arm. All of the Elite are on the shelf right now, and the Nightmare Family is basically finished. The top active babyfaces in the company are Scorpio Sky/ SCU, Darby Allin, Jurassic Express and Private Party (Mox is a tweener). That's a commitment to making new stars right there.
  2. So fite was buffering all night and I could never tell what was live and what was in break. During the backstage bit of the Bucks vs P&P brawl, did the bit where Santana threw Nick through the bathroom door, and Orange Cassidy was just hanging out by himself next to the toilet air? Because he got one of the biggest pops of the night, for just standing there.
  3. He doesn't know shit. I predicted it first, he stole my prediction and tried to take credit for it. None of his original predictions have come true yet. Just mine. The AxB knows.
  4. Lance Henriksen claims that all the dialogue in that movie was improvised.
  5. I posted that yesterday, you bloody rip-off merchant. Also, @Flair's Shadow, you really need to have a look in the WWE Backstage thread. Like, urgently, yeah?
  6. If Corey Graves thinks he's punk, why was his indie name not "Sterling Joe Strummer"?
  7. Bret Hart used to rail against repeatedly being booked in storylines where his friends and family members would turn on him. He thought it might make people think he was unlikeable when you really got to know him. Sting however had no problem with being repeatedly betrayed and falling for it every time. Because he knew he was likeable. Even when all the WCW babyfaces didn't trust him and he had every reason to say screw you guys I'm going evil, he didn't. He just sat in the lighting rig doing drugs by himself for a year.
  8. AxB

    WWE Backstage

    I have two questions. Firstly, did the Shadow know? And secondly, if we come up with a really good DVDVR Board meme in the next six days, will Punk then use it on telly?
  9. He also said no going back on stipulations and Cody never getting another title shot is legit.
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