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  1. Having watched the end of Gunpowder Milkshake, it does pick up towards the end. At the start it's a Karen Gillan movie, whereas at the end it's an ensemble cast of Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Carla Gugino, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett. So that part of it is much better.
  2. I still maintain that first Wrestler to use a Three Initial Name was copying my board name.
  3. He got signed, and the booker trusts his judgement. Everyone in Wrestling is his best friend now.
  4. The main event this week, Rampage Brown vs Nathan Frazier vs a kid, is definitely worth watching. The other two matches, nah. I counted all the moves and holds in Jinny vs Isla Dawn, and not including strikes, irish whips and turnbuckle smashes, there was a Snapmare Takeover, a Pendulum Facebreaker, an attempted STF, and an X Factor face slam. And that was it. It went more than five minutes, and there were three actual wrestling moves successfully performed in the match.
  5. Punk vs Hobbs was a really well worked match, now I've had the chance to see it (Fite was being a bastard last night). Hobbs pacing has improved so much in the last year, and Punk being the one guy who still calls it in the ring actively helps his match quality.
  6. Flair doing it is worse, though. Kanyon was a Flair mark, he got into the business because he wanted to be like Flair. He TRAINED David Flair for wrestling. And he had a good relationship with Ric backstage at WCW (although apparently Flair was nice to almost every one of the underneath workers at WCW - to their faces, anyway). And then Flair calls into Stern and says that. Tells him he sucked as a worker, talks about his sexuality as a lifestyle choice. Fucking disgraceful.
  7. Americanrana '17? Also had Santana & Ortix vs Lucha Bros, and a Chuck Taylor vs Swoggle TLC match?
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