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  1. I'm pretty sure Punk said "Yo Adrian we did it" on TV once.
  2. Happy Powerhouse Hobbs day everyone!
  3. Kensuke Sasaki was a terrible Riki Choshu/ Road Warriors tribute act before Akira Hokuto taught him how to work. And he stole all of her moves in the process... so basically he stopped being a tribute act to his mentors, and became a tribute act to his (far more talented) wife instead.
  4. You know how YUTA had to wrestle Danielson (and fight Moxley) to get initiated into the BCC? Wouldn't it be cool if the backstage beatdown on Stu Grayson was stage 2 of him getting jumped in, and he's now the new 4th member on the sly?
  5. https://twitter.com/JoshLBarnett/status/1638772741959716864 Josh Barnett reduced to asking on twitter who to book Moxley against, now that Davey Richards has "chosen" to "retire".
  6. Oh, he botches. Last night, he didn't botch. But overall? Yeah. he does.
  7. I can't see WWE letting Bailey Matthews or James Drake make the jump. And the Notorious P.I.G. Andy Hogg wouldn't be a good fit at all.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBJks0OgU2U "Alice in Chains" version of I Want It That Way.
  9. Prepare your "I never knew X was Jewish posts.... now!"
  10. Suzuki is booked on a few Mania week shows, so he could be showing up in AEW again as soon as next Wednesday. Is he on the ROH PPV, for that matter?
  11. Perhaps they cut out the list of the entire membership of the Lord of the Rings fan club. Or they updated it to remove everyone who stopped their subscription to it.
  12. Apparently Lana (Rusev's wife) is making her return to in-ring wrestling soon. For WSW (Australia).
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