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  1. You can watch all of GCW's Collective, or you can watch all of the IWTV slate, but watching both is probably unworkable.
  2. Ange bled brilliantly in that one Blood and Guts match. Although I suppose as a wrestler, if you're going to hit a gusher, you'd rather do it in a bigtime match like that, rather than on Rampage, vs a relative nobody.
  3. Triple H's whole thing in the Grind speech was "You need to be working and grinding", and then to sidestep the whattaboutism of all WWE's part-timers, he qualified it with "early in your career". Ospreay, 30 years old has 13 years pro experience (and a good five years of backyarding before that). Over a thousand matches (that Cagematch knows about), and a lot of them went over 30 minutes. His total career ringtime is going to be a lot higher than most freelancers out there. He's been grinding.
  4. Orange Cassidy vs Alex Reynolds, that was good. But then they were familiar opponents from the North East indies over there, so it's hardly surprising. Leyla and Julia barely got going when Julia's shoulder went, so they did a small package out o'nowhere to wrap it up in just a couple of minutes. That's harsh on Hirsch. Cool Hand Ang was positioned to get the aggrieved babyface win, but he's too low ranked and had no backup. Zak "I'm Saraya's brother, not the one from the movie, a different one" Knight acted like he was going to do the "I'll lick up your blood" spot, but he just wiped it on his chest. Tony Schiavone not knowing about the British Commonwealth was unfortunate. Rat Boy Jay White faking a knee injury early and then targeting Sydal's knee, that's logical strategically, but then Sydal's comeback is going to be kicks and flying moves (because that's his offence). So he's not actually going to be selling the leg damage... it's a hallmark of WWE style. You target a body part to take offence away, but it doesn't actually take their offence away, so it makes the look limbwork ineffective. And then he hits the Blade Runner out of nowhere and get the pin. Well, at least he was on offence for more than half of the bout so everyone who hated him selling for Billy Gunn would have liked this one.
  5. Frankie Lancaster? He was a TV jobber who somehow wound up in a tag team with nepo baby Erik Watts. They broke up after losing a Worldwide match, when Lancaster was getting pinned, put his foot on the ropes, and then Watts ran along the apron for some reason and accidentally kicked his foot off the ropes.
  6. Wouldn't it be funny if it came out that Schiavone was fine with showing the video, and just looked disgusted because his character is disgusted by heels doing heel things?
  7. "Willing to" and "Want to" are two very different things.
  8. If you were trying to appeal to WWE viewers (particularly casual WWE viewers who only watch wrestling during Mania season, when the stars of the 90s return), giving them a TV show with Adam Copeland, Chris Jericho and Dustin Rhodes is a real "Watch our company, it's just like that wrestling you used to watch when you were younger" statement.
  9. nb: Alex Windsor, Will Ospreay's girlfriend.
  10. The Copyright striking of AEW (and CMLL) didn't come from AEW. There's a guy on twitter who likes to copyright claim things for no apparent reason. He did the same thing a couple of years ago and the IWC blamed Aubrey Edwards because misogynists gotta misogyny.
  11. The only way that AEW is reminiscent of WCW 2000 is, they went from having 2 hours of TV a week, to having 5 hours of TV a week. They used to always leave us wanting more, and now they feed us more than we (well, a lot of us) can eat.
  12. He is now, but Ospreay used to be built very slender. He added a lot of muscle when he wanted to go from being perennial IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion to being a Heavyweight.
  13. The falling out between Ospreay and Rollins started when Ospreay was boastful tweeting about how good his NJPW main events were, and Rollins responded by saying "We have a guy who can do everything you can do, better than you can, and that's Ricochet". Now the argument went on from there, and it's generally thought that Ospreay won (and also generally thought that they were probably at least partially working to build up a future match between the two of them), but you've got a guy who was top gaijin in NJPW, being told "Here, you'd be a midcarder who sits in catering, or loses in under 7 minutes". No wonder he didn't want to go.
  14. https://vxtwitter.com/TonyKhan/status/1778522805556109434 Apparently it did very well in the ratings. Up 29% on last week, up 17% on the 6-week average. Hopefully the fans who watched for the controversy liked the show and continue to enjoy wrestling. Hopefully AEW doesn't start going all work-shooty and engineer unnecessary controversy to try and chase the ratings pop again.
  15. Per Variety, the post-GoT Jon Snow show will now not be happening. Apparently Kit Harington's team couldn't think of a story worth telling, so they told HBO to suspend development. House of the Dragon will be continuing, and Dunk and Egg is still going to happen.
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