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  1. Commentators slagging off a fighter for not being aggressive enough in the third round, when said fighter won the first two rounds clearly... Dumb, man. So if Cormier is doing this show, that pretty much means he's not signing for AEW tomorrow, right?
  2. My friend from Texas did this: Full size version in the spoiler box. I think he's doing a Red Dead Wrestling themed thing for a bit.
  3. So why do (some) Americans pronounce it as if the i in Robin is silent? Ro-BIN. Like Robbing, without the g. Robin Hood, not Rob'n'hood.
  4. That must have been a seriously reinforced camera.
  5. Any chance the 6th mystery entrant is Lio Rush?
  6. Brian Pillman's a legend. And technically, Brian junior isn't Brian junior. He's just Brian.
  7. Just imagine if they do the same tease thing that they did with Miro's debut, where they bring out a couple of fake legends first.
  8. It's when you spot someone doing thigh slaps on a chop to the chest, that you really question what the point is.
  9. That tier list is specifically about what is and isn't Torture Porn (from the perspective that a lot of what gets called Torture Pron doesn't actually resemble porn in any way).
  10. With the Barbed Wire match going on last, presumably it's going to take a while to change the ring up and fit the wire and bombs and that. So how are they filling the downtime there? Is that what the big legend announcement is going to be, a ring crew time filler?
  11. I haven't seen Hogan vs Andre. I've seen the slam... I've seen it edited so Hogan doesn't exist and Andre is getting slammed by thin air.
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