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  1. Suge D is teasing Pineapple Pete vs Serpentico for the next Dark. Which implies it's on there, considering next week's Dark was taped last week and all. Possibly Faye Jackson also has a match there, considering her cousin was ringside for Fyter Fest.
  2. AJ Styles, innit? Had to grow a beard to stop people repeatedly rebooting him as an up and coming hungry tiger, despite being over 30 years of age and a multiple time World Champion.
  3. The match happened when A turned on B, because B got pinned in two high profile matches (the first one was the six man in the Tokyo Dome, the second was against Los Cowboys for the Tag Titles I think). So B was the babyface in the match.
  4. Always thought that the Short-Arm Scissors should be a finish, personally.
  5. You would think that Enzo would get an OnlyFans to show off his consensual peanuts, but instead he's doing How to be a Pro-Wrestler. Which is like Sabu doing promo class, or Bodybuilding with Adam Cole.
  6. Enzo Amore is offering Wrestling lessons on OnlyFans. I'm sure the "How to get thrown over the top rope" section will be a real highlight.
  7. Back in the day when WCW Worldwide (UK edition) was commentated by Steven Regal and Gordon Solie, Solie called a guy doing a Sunset Flip, and Regal said "What are you talking about? That's a Double Leg Nelson!".
  8. The Double-Leg Nelson is the catch term for a Sunset Flip. Anyway, Darby Allin: The Early Years:
  9. I've realised another way that the empty arena Covid era is an improvement over having crowds: Adam Cole's entrance. The plants are at least willing to boo him throughout, unlike the Full Sail marks who couldn't resist showing off just how inside they were by going "Boom!" and "Adam Cole Baybay!" in perfect sync with the supposedly most hated heel in the company.
  10. Alex Shelley vs Lee Moriarty 100% belongs in this thread:
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