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  1. I was going to post this in the jokes thread, but as it turns out it's been dead for 4 and a half years, and we're not supposed to bump dead threads now. So, I just wanted to ask, are there any medical experts here? I need to know if it's possible to donate skin cells from your butt, to be used in a skin graft for someone who's not a blood relative. Ass skin for a friend.
  2. So the Voros twins are going viral. For having no general knowledge (which is probably a work): They are Wrestlers, if you didn't know.
  3. Here's the trailer for the original show:
  4. Kylie Rae and Isias Velasquez. Congratulations to them.
  5. I mean, plenty of heels kept the same gimmick & character throughout their career, and basically the fans decided they liked them so they became de facto babyfaces despite retaining their heel personality. The Rock, Roddy Piper, Cactus Jack, Sandman...
  6. Leicester City going one on one The Undertaker. Holla Holla. (They just signed Cengiz Under fr).
  7. It's definitely been Carmella so far. They failed to cover up one of her tattoos last week.
  8. That was one of the more protected Steiner Screw Drivers he ever hit.
  9. It wasn't good enough to be Five Stars. It was barely even a Four.
  10. I think AEW's merch designers are very much aware that thanks to the Hot Topic deal, they have distribution beyond just Wrestling fans. So a few of them, you could see someone just liking the shirt and buying it without even knowing what it refers to. Plenty of people who have no idea who Hangman Page is would happily wear a shirt with "I'm here to do Cowboy Shit" on it, for example. Complete contrast with certain WWE shirts, that most people who are Wrestling fans would be too embarrassed to wear.
  11. Now playing Erica on PS4. For a minute I thought the graphics were really good, but then I clicked in it was an FMV game that was just filmed with cameras. You just interact with it by sliding your finger about on the touchpad every now and then (but it wants you to use your smartphone instead). Seems really annoying but I think it's supposed to be a horror game and I'm just up to the creepy hints in the opening. Also I got up to Level 40 on Fall Guys. Still haven't won an episode.
  12. Can't see that anyone posted this yet. Utopia (US remake) trailer. Seems very different to the UK version.
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