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  1. Where did the Dothraki go? Did they just remember the Night King killed them all? Offering the Unsullied the Reach was a smart play. It would be empty again in two generations' time... not sure they'd have accepted Bronn as Lord Paramount though. I knew Brienne would end up as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Not sure what happened to Mandon Moore's page, or Meryn Trant's. Or who the other five members are.
  2. I'm pretty sure that if D&D had figured it out themselves, they'd have been boasting about it ever since. And I know for a fact they were lurking Elio's board before they met George, and R+L=J has been all over that board since it's inception.
  3. Any pictures of the Pac vs Page match online? Because it would be a bit of a spoiler about how well the Full Gear Challenge went. Unless he's somehow cutting a load of fat this week or summat.
  4. Yeah, but like Roger Goodell is a heel to fans of every team, not just half of them. Richard Scudamore is biased against every team in the Premier League and every team that's ever been relegated. Whereas heel authority figures always play favourites.
  5. Really? You're not going to tell your family you love them, or let the guy murdering you know that he'll never get away with this? You're not going to say, like, Rosebud or Rolo Tomassi, or Bugger Bognor? Famous last words: "Crush vs Savage Falls Count Anywhere is an underrated match".
  6. I read the novellas. Bloodraven (real name Brynden Rivers; Blackfish Tully (real name Brynden Tully; Blackfish comes from his being the black sheep of the family) is named after him) is a may or may not be Three Eyed Crow in the books. But they only just made it to the cave at the end of Dance, so it's too soon. Some people insist Coldhands is Bloodraven.
  7. Might have been a timed upload they finished editing weeks ago.
  8. There was this TV show called Skins, he was really good in that. But watching it now, you'd be shocked how many big stars got their start there.
  9. Most people who come out of a nine hour operation, with eight broken bones in their face and head, wouldn't feel 'Blessed'. Sage Northcutt is a man unlike other men.
  10. There's a reason why every pro Wrestling show is Card Subject to Change.
  11. I'd say blame whoever cast him, and the directors who told him to play it that way would be more at fault. That's like blaming Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool's portrayal in X Men Origins: Wolverine. He was miscast pretty badly though. Even his blue furry makeover, Beast is supposed to be a massively bulky, burly, shaved gorilla looking guy. The guy who his erudite, eloquent way of speaking seems unlikely, jarring and uncharacteristic. The exact opposite of the body type that Hoult has.
  12. There's a show called AEW Before the Bell at Midnight on Thursday Night (23rd May) on ITV4. Some sort of preview show. Presumably available outside the UK somehow as well.
  13. React to one another's videos, obviously.
  14. So if you buy a show on Fite TV, that gives you both the live broadcast and unlimited replays of that show, correct? Because regular PPV is a watch once opportunity? Because it's £14.95 in the UK on both Fite and ITV Box Office. Presumably AEW does have a DVD/BluRay deal in place as well. But who knows what the release date of a show that hasn't happened yet will be.
  15. He named his son after Kelly Sixx? One half of the South Coast Connection, with Ashley Dunne? Defiant Wrestling Tag Team Champions?
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