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  1. So you don't like role playing games, because you don't play roles. You play as yourself. Self-playing games.
  2. Yeah, last year Bellator ran Tel Aviv* and they sent Royce and Fedor to have a photo op with Netanyahu. I thought it was a bit bad, to be sending respected Martial Artists to be posing with a warmongering despot... well, not so much Fedor because he's Putin's boy, but Royce anyway. But that's a can of worms we don't want to be opening. nb: It is possible for a person to criticise the policies of a government, without that person harbouring thoughts of genocidal racism towards said country's majority population. Which needs to be pointed out whenever anyone says anything about Israel. Even if they say nice thing about Israel, because then you're endorsing the persecution of innocent Palestinians. * They ran this year as well, a week or so ago. Even though plenty of the lads from the MMA forum watch basically every MMA show that happens, nobody watches Bellator Israel shows because they're usually shite. But I watched this year because there was a title fight, and Phil Davis being the better fighter and losing to the guy who fought best, again.
  3. But hasn't the American media spent the better part of two decades telling everyone "Tom Brady is good because he plays with a chip on his shoulder, he was drafted in the seventh round and so takes it personally that literally every team he plays against passed on him at least six times"? I mean, by that logic, if he's passing to a guy being covered by an undrafted DB, it should be intercepted because the DB has so much more to prove than the QB or receiver.
  4. Has anyone asked Ken how come he wasn't at the UFC's 25th Anniversary show? Because you would have expected him to have been there, and he wasn't. Royce Gracie wasn't there either. It was weird.
  5. AxB


    If you watch Face/Off again, it's really jarring how pre-CGI it is. I'm thinking especially the scene where the two lead actors go flying through the air, and both of their stunt doubles get a ton of full face screen time. Because digital face replacement wasn't yet a thing.
  6. AxB

    WWE TLC 2018

    It's astonishing how quickly they can flip from boasting about their reach on social media to forgetting social media exists.
  7. AxB

    WWE TLC 2018

    So you lads reckon Brock will fight in the UFC as WWE Universal Champion? Wouldn't that be a bit embarrassing for the company, when he loses?
  8. AxB

    General Youtube Nonsense

    @PetrolCB @Nice Guy Eddie I saw this and I thought of you.
  9. Wait, is it Avocado on Toast, or are fuckers slicing up fruits and then sticking them in the toaster? How does the juice not make it short circuit?
  10. AxB


    I can't believe nobody made Dillon Danis. This might mean I have to. Kind of hard to make a guy who's only had one pro fight that lasted 98 seconds, but what's life without challenges? EDIT: Shit, there's no Demian Maia, even. I was just going to clone him and make the striking worse.
  11. AxB

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Out of nowhere, but see the expression Reaching for the Brass Ring"? That had to refer to an actual brass ring that people were literally reaching for at some point, right? What's the context there? Why use brass when there are both stronger metals, and more precious, more prestigious metals available?
  12. Wait, Ronda's "millennial man" promo on RAW wasn't intended to turn her heel? Because insulting an entire generation of people with stereotypy abuse, especially when a big chunk of the audience is of that generation, that's not a babyface move. And she boasted about how she can't get hurt by Armbars immediately before getting hurt by an armbar. That's not a boastful heel getting a comeuppance?
  13. AxB


    I tell you what else I watched this month: Sucker Punch. Yeah, because a director so stupid he was befuddled by the plot twists of 300 is just the guy to not only write an original story, but to try to make it Lynchian. Like in his mind he probably thinks "David Lynch spent a whole career trying to make this exact movie, and I just nailed it perfect first time!". It makes no sense and not in a good way. It's basically a PG porn film. If you're looking for mindless action scenes featuring attractive young women, it's not as good as the Hunger Games movies. If you're looking for anything else, look elsewhere. Good cast though. Emily Browning is definitely a good lead actor. When's American Gods season 2 coming out? Season one was way more than a year ago.
  14. AxB

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Possibly there were pre-release review copies of Fortnite Save the World sent out on disc. But even though it's been the most popular game in the world for a year now, it's still, to this day, in Early Access. The millions who play Fortnite Battle Royal every day are officially just beta testers helping Epic games get it ready for when it's actually finished. nb: Fortnite is actually two games. A horde mode shooter with customisable defences, and a 1vs 99 shooting game that's distinguished from all the other generic ones by the kid-friendly aesthetic, and the building mechanics.
  15. We'll, there you have it. Last generation (PS3 & XBox360) online play was free on Sony and Xbox live exclusive (ie, paid subscription) on Microsoft. This generation, everybody pays to play online, or plays offline for free. It's part of the reason every game has multiplayer modes now. Although Sony was smart enough to realise some people hate that, and made God of War and Spider-Man for them.