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  1. So Lance Archer lands on his head and gets injured, is off TV for a few weeks, comes back looking physically larger and is put in an angle with the World Champ. Wrestles at the Dark tapings and looks tired. Then has a long match on TV with cardio machine Frankie Kazarian. I think that as part of his injury recovery, he was ordered to stop working out for a while, and now he's come back and realised he's not in peak ring shape. So he went long with Kazarian basically as a "work your way into Main Event shape" match.
  2. Pac had to take a full year off waiting for his contract to expire, at a time when AEW didn't exist. He just wanted to live in England again and work the indies, and Vince still refused to release him early. Brodie Lee took a bit less time than that, but same principle.
  3. 21:50. Probably shouldn't have started at 4:30 am.
  4. The thing is though, AEW doesn't give people gimmicks. Name any AEW wrestler who isn't doing the same character in AEW that they were doing on the indies (or wherever they were working before AEW, anyway)? The only people who've really changed, are the people who jumped from WWE. Perhaps the Moxley and Miro characters are closer to what the actual real people wanted to be portrayed as, than Ambrose and Rusev were.
  5. Roderick Strong just re-opened his PWTees store. Which I thought WWE signed wrestlers weren't allowed to do.
  6. Cody said he's never challenge for the World Title while in AEW. His contract expired and he is currently NOT an AEW wrestler. Hmmm....
  7. I bought a Calendar, of Frank Frazetta Art. Butit has no holes for hanging it up with, and the public holidays it lists aren't the British ones (it has mostly American ones, but also Canada day and German reunification day and stuff). And it randomly runs from Jan 2022 to June 2023. Like, why?
  8. Black Machismo uses the Savage Elbow as a finish. Regular normal human person Jay Lethal's version is nowhere near as powerful.
  9. Mickie Knuckles on WWE's hypocritical condemnation of the AEW Streetfight:
  10. Those are scarves, not towels. Towels are Moustache Mountain's gimmick.
  11. Markus Crane Tribute match: Jimmy Lloyd vs Alex Colon vs Spyder Nate Webb (not SHLAK)
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