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  1. https://twitter.com/blissardz/status/1577009745600598016 Crochet Bret Hart for you
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhvQdg46N9c HOODSLAM: THE FALL Richard Shhhnary v Joey Gonzo For the Champion Ship: Captain Johnny Butabi v Cereal Man first 2/3 Stages of Stoner to decide the stipulation at FTF 2022 w/ The Stoner Brothers v Lost Treasures Matt Carlos and Joe Desoul Vipress tells us some matches for FTF 2022 Vipress/DARK Sheik/Anton Voorhees v Juice Lee/El Chupacabra/M Y L O D-Rogue v Doc Atrocity YOUR Demigod of Death Funnybone v Alpha Zo 3rd Stage of Stoner Smokelahoma Iron lung Challenge Lost Treasures Matt Carlos and Joe Desoul v Rick Scott and Scott Rick Stoner For the GLAMpionship Brittany Wonder v BART-Man
  3. Do you think the off-brand gambling website sponsors both fighters, or do the just gamble and pick one? Also, is that Mark Zuckerberg sitting ringside? Is that why all the cheap seats are empty?
  4. Omega was gone for almost a year and was only back for like 3 weeks.
  5. If we can't have Riho, we could possibly have Rhio:
  6. If you dislike GCW and ICW NHB, you will also dislike Circle 6.
  7. Yeah, people were saying that as soon as Circle6 went on IWTV, you could pretty much guarantee that AIW (and possibly BLP too) would be leaving.
  8. Is it in any way playable on a PS4 at all?
  9. Everyone expects 10 to lose the match and the mask, turn heel and lead to the dissolution of The Dark Order. But what if Andrade loses and leaves AEW forever?
  10. In Starks' semi-final squash, he did a big "I'm stronger than I look, here is a big power move!" spot. And then in the next match Bandido did TWO of those spots, both of which were better than Starks' one. And the one-armed Press Slam was hidden in PinP even! It's a good job the main event was such a good match, because the show was dying on it's arse up until that point. It was like watching Smackdown or something. 20 minute opening promo and all.
  11. Terry Funk claimed that he was going to be one of the Knights, but he changed his mind and went home instead. Sent Vince a message saying "My horse is sick, I think it's dying" and just went.
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