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  1. I'm having the same issue with my Android phone and Amazon tablet. This only occurs in the Internet match thread. I dont have issues with the site on PC.
  2. For some reason on my android phone I'm not able to move forward or backward nor am I able to select a page number from the Internet match thread
  3. I've also been having issues. I try to log on to the site using my Droid and my Amazon tablet I keep getting a time out error.
  4. Well it' technology where else on this board would it be discussed at smart guy.
  5. I'm having an issue with my firestick and have the internet app with it and when I go into the internet app I have issues with the 2021 Internet match thread on this board. When I'm scrolling thru the pages, I always get kicked out and it always brings me back to the Firestick home page. Can anybody help.
  6. This is always my favorite thread on the site.
  7. None of these videos are playing. I keep getting a playback error. I'm wondering if there is something going on with youtube.
  8. Todays WWC show. What a great way to end the weekend with La Revolucion vs Abaddon/Khaos, Epico Colon vs El Texano.
  9. I was on Real Hero's rutube wrestling video site and all of the videos are locked. Does anybody know what happened or how I can unlock them?
  10. Some Joshi Action. Arisa Nakajima/Ayame Sasamura vs Miyuki Takase/Yumiko Hotta-SEAdLINNNG 1/20/19
  11. Chef Benito/Jun Diego vs Death Metal/Atomic Star-IWRG 1/13/19. Some undercard fun.
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