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  1. That's beautiful. I'm going to devour that thread. Thanks a lot! I used to be hugely into AJPW, NJPW and UWF, so I watched tons of those old matches, but then 'modern' wrestling kinda drained me and I slowly drifted away from the whole scene. But that tag match definitely rekindled that fire, and I've no doubt that your thread will fan the flames nicely.
  2. I haven't watched wrestling in years, but this match may just have pulled me back in. Glorious.
  3. Tenryu's grumpiness versus The Rock's charisma. I don't think there's a wrestling ring in the world that could contain the awesomeness.
  4. I didn't see a whole lot of Matt Cappotelli (apart from his stuff with Johnny Jeter), but I thought that Jeter could have been a pretty good guy on the main roster. If memory serves, he had a very enjoyable match with Kanyon. The Spirit Squad gimmick really did him dirty. The other standout memory I have of actual angles was CM Punk/Brent Albright, but that was Heyman's booking rather than Cornette's, I believe. After seeing that, I had high hopes for Brent Albright on SmackDown!, but alas. Same with Paul Birchall. The few memories I have of him in OVW, he came across really well.
  5. Speaking as a Polish man: shut up, Curt. Let me have my dreams.
  6. That's perfect heeling because if someone did that to me, even if it's the missus, I'd have trouble to keep myself from nutting them.
  7. I hated Jurassic World and this looks a million times worse. My poor, poor beloved Jurassic Park.
  8. For no reason whatsoever, a Patton Oswalt line came to mind: 'The human rectum is almost nightmarishly elastic.'
  9. A couple The Room / The Disaster Artist scene comparisons:
  10. I've heard that, once you reach a certain age, that kind of thing tends to trail off.
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