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  1. I know what she wants for Christmas
  2. Broke his ankles, knees, hips, and every other damn thing. ETA: Hahahha, vintage Russ.
  3. Ben Simmons is officially shooting 100% from 3 this season.
  4. James Wiseman will be reinstated after a 12 game suspension and paying $11.5k to a charity of his choice. He should offer to pay in course credits.
  5. After the second "You get kidnapped with no recourse and forced into a stealth sequence" I'm remembering why I quit Farcry 5 the first time.
  6. Portland is waiving Pau Gasol as his foot rehab has not been progressing. They're working on a coaching/front office position for him so he can rehab with the team. I would guess we have seen the last of Pau as an NBA player.
  7. Honestly Chuck should have left public life after he got a DUI trying to go get some dome because it's all been downhill from there.
  8. Bucks, sweetie, maybe rethink this a little bit
  9. Hey, so after getting better for quite a while the lag is back for me.
  10. This rules and anyone who complains about it is a cop
  11. Yeah, Harden has been great this year, but having seen him wear down at the end of the past several seasons doesn't make me think that him having the same usage rate at a much higher pace is going to work out great for the Rockets in the long term. Which doesn't even get into the problem of Harden being on the wrong side of 30 and still not taking good care of his body. There's a real possibility that once the athleticism starts to go and he can't get to his spots on the floor at will that his game is going to age like milk.
  12. I can't believe this thread has been up for a week and no one has brought up Will Smith
  13. I finally beat Dead Cells! Twice in a row, in fact. The last boss can eat a dick! For whatever reason I'm not getting the boss stem cells from him that I need to progress to the postgame stuff, so that sucks.
  14. Call it the Michael Ray Richardson All-Stars
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