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  1. Right? Reminding me how much I dug the red and grey ring gear.
  2. Tonight on Buzzr: George Peppard smokes a cigarette in his undershirt on Password Plus. This would be either right before or after he got sober and he does not give a fuck.
  3. I'm jealous, my cats can't even catch a damn moth.
  4. The SAT did something kinda like that but it was more of a Bull's Poseidon/piledriver combo
  5. Will Ospreay vs Amazing Red - Super J-Cup 2019
  6. I believe this was a photo shoot for a Japanese department store, which is kind of wild. There was one other picture but it's not quite as cool:
  7. I liked the superplex/frog splash combo that the short-lived Chaz/D-Lo Brown team did.
  8. Two related questions: Whatever happened to "Dirty" Don Montoya? And his Cagematch page says he was trained by Mike Modest, which seems both temporally and geographically questionable. Anybody know if that's really the case?
  9. Just bought my first-ever wrestling shirt.
  10. I managed to clear about 600k from turnips this week so I'm hoping I can pay off my 1.2M bell loan sometime next week. Either that or just put bridges fucking everywhere. @RIPPA I've got a blue wrestling mask you can have
  11. Yeah, I looked it up and there are six. I know I got one from the shop but I don't remember where the other one came from. Tree, maybe? We really should do a catalog drop sometime.
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