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  1. Zimbra

    R.I.P. VADER

    The match with Ray Traylor from (I think) a Clash of the Champions is so good because he alternates between throwing bombs and bumping like a maniac for Traylor. I believe the story is that Traylor was afraid he was going to get cut by WCW so Vader decided to go out and make him look like a killer, even when he was llosing. Such a great match.
  2. Zimbra


    Kemba Walker for Luol Deng confirmed. Haha, I am of course kidding. That trade doesn't work because Luol Deng makes $5M/year more than Kemba Walker.
  3. Zimbra

    R.I.P. VADER

    Awww, shit. Vader is my favorite wrestler of all time and one of two wrestlers who legit terrified me as a little kid. This sucks. You do not fuck with the mastodon helmet. I'd be running, too.
  4. Zimbra


    Is there anyone picking in the back half of the draft who's actually tanking, though? Maybe Atlanta but they're trying to shed money, not take it on. Dwight Howard is getting traded to Brooklyn for Mozgov. Nets will have enough cap space to offer two max contracts this summer. ETA: "The Hornets locker room did not like Howard" Nooooo, say it aint so!
  5. Zimbra

    That Pet Photos thread

    The photogenic boy
  6. Zimbra


    I too am willing to allow other people to take on the consequences of my poor choices. The Kings are apparently looking hard at Michael Porter Jr with the #2 pick and, yeah, that sounds about right for the Kings.
  7. Zimbra


    Desus & Mero are leaving Viceland for a new show on Showtime. I am excited to no longer have any reason to interact with Vice.
  8. No Man's Sky for PS4 is only $15 at Wal Mart. They've patched it into being a pretty damn good exploration/survival game and it'll be getting full multiplayer this summer.
  9. Zimbra


    I'm pretty shit at shmups so they're all hard to me but I still enjoyed Ikaruga and Deathsmiles. The latter at least has some difficulty options. Jamestown on PC is also pretty good and not too difficult.
  10. Zimbra


    Kawhi wants out of San Antonio, with the Lakers as his preferred destination.
  11. Zimbra

    The Really Swell News Thread

    I just went into what I thought was going to be a bad meeting with my boss and ended up with a promotion and a raise. Everything's coming up Zimbra!
  12. Zimbra

    The Really Swell News Thread

    My grandparents had a cat like that. Swebby was incredibly babied her entire life and she hated anyone that wasn't my grandparents or their dog. All of the grandkids and great-grandkids have a "wandered too close to the cat and got attacked" story. Some cats are just jerkasses.
  13. Zimbra


    That tat is technically amazing and such a terrible idea.
  14. Zimbra

    The Really Swell News Thread

    One my wife had done, the other came that way. She has a condition where her skin tears easily and heals poorly so even cat scratches can be serious business and mean a trip to the ER. And James used to be a pretty 'handsy' cat. So it was either a front-declawed cat with a home or an intact cat in a shelter. She chose the former and we're very comfortable with the decision. Bruce, luckily enough, is an extremely gentle little man and saves his claws for toys and the scratching post.
  15. Zimbra

    The Really Swell News Thread

    Yeah, we're on the second floor so going on the balcony is all the outside time they get. The two older boys are definitely housecats and would not do well outside, especially since one has no claws and the other only back claws. Bruce still has some street punk in him so he'd probably do fine but I don't want to find out if he'd actually come back.