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  1. I hope y'all enjoy this interview of Werner Herzog by a skateboarding magazine as much as I did.
  2. Fuck, Jamal Murray has a torn ACL
  3. It's apparently a day for amazing sports feats: Go Big Green!
  4. Bucky coming off the motorcycle to spear that dude was also extremely choice.
  5. In Chrome on desktop Reddit video imbeds are autoplaying with sound immediately upon loading the page, would it be possible to change that behavior?
  6. Fuckin Firestorm. I have the trailer permanently burned into my brain (along with Bring It On, Sour Grapes, Jane Austen's Mafia, and a bunch of others) because they played in the lobby of the theater I worked in for two and a half years. But at least I can still do a note-perfect impression of William Forsythe asking "You alive, smoke jumper?"
  7. Oh my god it got better: I spit iced tea all over my work computer.
  8. As someone who doesn't follow DG I was very confused about when Asai got so fat until I googled and figured out what was going on.
  9. Zimbra


    Don't forget Romeo Must Die for the DMX/Aaliyah twofer.
  10. Yeah, we have a smart washer/dryer and I don't understand the use case for it at all. I played around with it a bit when we got them and, like, I guess it's cool that I can add time to the dryer from my phone or whatever but I still need to get up to see if the clothes are still damp. I guess the one nice thing is that my washer e-mails me when I need to run the cleaning cycle.
  11. This is the kind of thinking that makes athletes go broke! Two is a perfectly reasonable number of strippers to have at your home, especially in a pandemic!
  12. Zimbra


    Pitchfork is reporting that DMX has passed away at age 50 after being removed from life support. I spent a huge chunk of my freshman year of college riding around in my roommate's jeep smoking weed and listening to It's Dark and Hell is Hot. It is impossible to overstate just how huge he was from like 98-00. Just a total force of nature. RIP
  13. Hello, Vice? I'd like a pitch an episode of Dark Side of the Ring.
  14. If you don't serve on a jury you'll never get a chance to nullify one, so so your civic duty. Somehow at almost 40 I've never been called for jury duty and I'd actually like to be on one, even though I'm pretty sure I'd get cut.
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