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  1. Hell yeah, B-Boy is coming back after blowing out his knee last year.
  2. I'm not a big fan of Dune or Seinfeld but I cannot stop laughing at this
  3. I sure wouldn't mind seeing that Mox/Danielson match they were building to in the tournament.
  4. This is how my mom would carry me out when I was four and being a little shit at the store.
  5. I guess this goes here. Mustafa Ali is publicly asking for his release
  6. Here's a first: a Chris Hamrick gif where he's not the one almost dying: I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone in AEW steal this yet:
  7. In retrospect making the conference finals a couple years back was probably a net negative for the franchise in terms of convincing them to stick with a core that just wasn't good enough to win a title.
  8. That iconoclasm through the chair was just sick as hell
  9. AEW is going to the same wells too many times, booking-wise, and the seams are starting to show. Once again the Best Friends run out to attack the Elite and once again get beat down, just like the last half-dozen times. We had three matches in a row where the story was that one of the competitors didn't care about winning, just about hurting the other person. And two of them back to back had really similar finishes. Pretty much every match had some kind of external angle or interference going on. Just a real mess. Everything was pretty good in-ring, at least, except for Penta/Hardy. Sammy/Garcia was a fuckin' banger outside of a couple of awkward spots.
  10. Damian Lillard is having surgery to resolve a lingering abdominal issue and while they're not saying he's done for the year all signs point to him getting shut down. I would guess we see McCollum shopped heavily before the trade deadline.
  11. Courtesy of K Thor Jensen and his seemingly-unlimited supply of the weirdest fucking comics in the world: Looks like shit, but you gotta admit the idea of a hu-manatee that kills people with a boat propeller is just sick as hell.
  12. Kikuchi just fuckin' hates his own skull, apparently
  13. Aww, man. Her delivery of "I'm the bearded lady. Who are you, one of the freaks?" has been burned into my mind since I was 8. I'll also always remember her for her guest shot on Married With Children. She was the go-to whenever you needed a big, badass lady for about a decade. RIP.
  14. They should keep Marko around just to do dumb minis spots with him every once in a while:
  15. Mine too. I still regard everything up through The Baroque Cycle fondly, although by that point I think he was showing some cracks. Pretty much everything since then has been rough going.
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