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  1. Bucks have locked up the 1 seed in the East. It'd be nice for my stress levels if they would stop digging themselves into a huge hole at the beginning of games.
  2. Well that sucks, but at least there appears to be no structural damage.
  3. Just wait, as soon as you sell them you'll need to make 9594 new tools and then where will you be?
  4. Never Alone has you playing half the time as an Arctic fox. Shelter 1 & 2 have you playing as a mother badger & lynx respectively
  5. Well that's a really good idea. There are a lot of charities that could probably use that mon- Oh. No thank you.
  6. If you're still on in an hour or so I'm going to drop by to sell.
  7. I am absolutely losing my mind at the most maudlin "In these trying times" commercials which play pretty much every ad break on Buzzr that are for...European Wax Center.
  8. ECWA is coming to IWTV so I'll be stepping up my harassment lobbying campaign for Segunda Caida to finally give us the Complete & Accurate Mr Ooh La La that the fans have been clamoring for.
  9. Whatever "Psychic Bigfoot" is it sounds way more entertaining than Impact.
  10. I know they were only on PPV for a while and everything after that is just static.
  11. You're gonna get pants that give you an extra 2.3% to Smashing and you'll like it.
  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nope.
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