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  1. Dallas assistant Stephen Silas will be the next coach of the Houston Rockets. I don't know enough about him to have an opinion.
  2. Philly is hiring Daryl Morey to run their basketball operations, with Elton Brand staying on as GM. I'm a bit torn on this one as Brand was clearly not getting it done, but Philly needs a big move and Morey's big swings have not, historically, turned out that great. Also the Jazz are getting sold.
  3. Wisconsin vs Nebraska has been cancelled. Six Badger players and six coaches, including Chryst, have tested positive. Great fucking job, Big Ten.
  4. I was pretty stoked about it at the time, but in retrospect the house show I went to headlined by Big Boss Man vs Nailz in a steel cage was not very good at all. I looked up the show and that is certainly a group of wrestlers on a card. How fucked up were Jannety and Hall? Was the main event good, at least?
  5. The best part of that story is finding out that Wisconsin's backup QBs are named Chase Wolf and Danny Vanden Boom
  6. Rudy (nee Stick) got adopted and we just got pictures back from his new owners. He gets handsomer by the day
  7. MLK Day seems like a both realistic and meaningful day to start the season.
  8. George Kittle is apparently a big Pentagon Zero fan.
  9. I think they're right for not waiting until fans can be in the arena, because who the hell knows when that will be? But you're cramming the draft, free agency, training camps, and the start of the season into basically four weeks, even less if you try to do any preseason games. That really makes me think I'm going to see some shit basketball next season.
  10. The NBA is shooting for December 22nd as the start date for next season, which will be 72 games and end before the Olympics. Seems wildly optimistic to me.
  11. I don't think I've ever seen that tornado DDT into a small package before and it's cool as shit. Someone should steal that.
  12. "These people are here to destroy our company and way of life so we made them an intro video and wrote a song for them that we'll play every time they show up."
  13. James Randi, magician and skeptic famous for debunking psychics, mediums, and faith healers, died at age 92. His NYT obituary has truly great opening and closing paragraphs.
  14. I am sort of curious to watch it just to see a) how zooted Lenny is for the interview and b) if he has any good prison stories.
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