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  1. Reggie Bennett bumps like a freak for some cool judo takedowns
  2. After spending most of the Wisconsin game watching angles of the KU/KSU brawl my official ruling is that everyone acted appropriately and sometimes you just gotta fuckin' fight.
  3. Better angle. Been nice knowing you Mr DeSousa
  4. God, what kind of GoFundMe do we have to run to get Dame Lillard on a real team? I'm hoping for him to get flipped for Simmons and the Sixers to go thermonuclear.
  5. Johnny Saint is also in the 7 decade club.
  6. I'm generally not a big fan of the "everybody stand around and wait for the dive" spots but this is the exact kind of stupid that I do enjoy.
  7. Those rumors are the price you pay for having exciting young talent instead of aging chuckers.
  8. 68 hours in Binding of Isaac 68 hours in Letter Quest Remastered 52 hours in WWE 2k19.
  9. It only took Giannis 21 minutes to put up 37/9/4 tonight because he is not human. Also, we need to do whatever it takes to get Ja in the All Star game.
  10. Was this one of Sasuke's skull fractures?
  11. Only one I can think of that's not been mentioned is Super Baseball 2020
  12. AD to the Bucks confirmed.
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