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  1. Out of Sight and The Cell immediately come to mind, even though I don't actually like The Cell. She's made some perfectly cromulent rom-coms but those aren't really my thing.
  2. Speaking of Dutch I watched the Mantell/Lawler barbed wire match, and while I don't have anything new or novel to say about the match itself (it's very good, duh) Mantell using Luckenbach, Texas as his entrance music was cool as hell
  3. While we're shitting on Sammy the GTH is also a dumb move that he usually executes poorly.
  4. Zimbra

    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    Rage Against The Machine cancelled all their 2023 tour dates with Run The Jewels because Tom Morello's achilles tendon is still absolutely fuckered.
  5. An entire career full of bangers. RIP Also it sucks that Van Lear Rose doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere. e: Forgot this one:
  6. I still have a binder with all the translations for FPD/FPR/KOC2 somewhere in a tub just for a day like this. I use gamefaqs from time to time because I'd rather hit my pinky toe with a hammer than watch a video guide.
  7. Considering Michel Ancel got outed as a shithead and quit the game industry entirely I think we can, sadly, put this in the "never coming out" pile.
  8. I mostly know Fandom from them making fan wikis totally unusable with ads so, yeah, probably not great news for anybody.
  9. Namor flies with his little ankle wings, I give it a million billion stars.
  10. It still holds up, at least for me. There was also a really great Blitzkrieg/Juvi/Psicosis/Kidman 4-way a week after that on Nitro.
  11. This might be its own thread but Yahoo Japan is reporting that Antonio Inoki has passed away
  12. Rachel Nichols has re-emerged, signing with Showtime for their basketball coverage. Which, if we're keeping it a buck, I did not know existed until today. Doesn't sound like she's getting her own show but will guest on other people's stuff.
  13. I guess this could go in either thread now, but Marvel is switching gears on Armor Wars and are now developing it as a movie instead of a series.
  14. Picking the Trans-Am for herself is an absolutely unbeatable joke.
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