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  1. Also, the Minnesota Homewrecking Crew is just a bonkers good team name.
  2. Cagematch lists 170 "Express" tag teams and 135 "Connections" so we might need a bigger ring. E: There are 35 "Midnight" tag teams so if they join up with the Connections we got about even sides. Midnight Express can pick which one they want.
  3. It's cool, the last 18 months are basically one long indeterminate schmear of time
  4. That was last year. They won the tag team gauntlet then beat Omega & Page for the title. They did a tag team battle royal this year at Revolution but the Lucha Bros won that.
  5. I hope so. Daniels was one of my favorites back in the day and I think he deserves a proper send off that isn't getting punked out by the Bucks.
  6. One really impressive thing about the FPW edit scene is how they've created moves with position changes repurposed the shootfighting stances to approximate chain wrestling. Being able to do a wristlock->headlock->go behind->front facelock->rollup that's a continuous chain but not just a canned animation is super cool and gets around some of the stodginess of the Fire Pro engine. Of course this means I finally have to actually learn the timings for the shootfighting grapples.
  7. You gotta figure Danielson/Omega will pop a pretty good rating, plus all the other stuff. And while I think he's taking some time away from the board, I hope The Natural freaked the hell out when they announced Danielson's first AEW match.
  8. I noticed that too. His forehead and the area around his eyes was looking unnaturally smooth.
  9. FTR are a nice pairing for Martin since they can hang with all his timing-based stuff in a way not everyone can. "Joe Blanchard's baby boy" was the highlight of Punk's commentary for me. I missed the beginning of the promo, but Fuego stunting on the hood of a goddamned Hyundai was cracking me up. Miro doesn't want your Elantra, bro. I really thought they were teasing a Christopher Daniels return in the opening match. I feel bad for Frankie but I don't think you can call yourself an Elite Hunter if the only one you beat was Cutler. Leyla Hirsch is my wife's favorite wrestler based on two matches. Can't say she chose poorly. Great show that really flew by. Nothing except the Jericho/Lambert thing outstayed it's welcome.
  10. Speaking of I tried to play some No Mercy the other day and there was no combination of settings for it to not look like shit on my new tv. I guess I need to thrift a little CRT just for the 64.
  11. I think they announce it on dark elevation so it hasn't really happened yet
  12. American Wildchild/Ron Rivera Looks like the whole thing is up on Youtube:
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