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  1. Jrue put 51/8/8 on Indiana in only 32 minutes tonight. Giannis had 38/17/12. Preposterous.
  2. Portland has got to finally blow it up in the off-season. They can't keep dragging this out.
  3. Thibodeau would run that poor boy's ankles into dust by the all-star break.
  4. I watched Bullet Train yesterday, and while I wouldn't even necessarily say that I liked it, as soon as it was over I kinda wanted to start it again.
  5. One of the benefits of having a villain with infinite variants is how easy he is to recast.
  6. My top 3 in no particular order are Hayter/Sakura from Rampage, Mox/Hangman from Revolution, and either Danielson/MJF or Danielson/Bandido
  7. He's still digging. Also, "breast nipples"?
  8. Nah, Blitzkrieg's career was perfect. Came out of nowhere, gave us 25 TV matches of some of the wackiest flips you've ever seen, and then disappeared as suddenly as his came because he could make more money at his IT job and still have his knees work. A proper wrestling legend.
  9. On the one hand I think Punk is pretty full of shit, but on the other he is right about Jericho. Much to consider...
  10. Oh yeah, absolutely a team that I didn't appreciate at the time but love going back to now. I feel like the Gunns are doing a great job as the modern successors to the PG-13/Too Much Shitass Heel Tag Team throne.
  11. Honestly the biggest reason I wouldn't want them to go this route is heel Yuta as Pure champ just being dickish and stretching people. It also occurred to me last night that we might finally be getting the Stop The Moxley angle you predicted.
  12. I have also been wondering this! My guess would be that Claudio (and maybe Yuta) lose their title(s) next week and this becomes an all-AEW deal. Before the Elite got involved I would have given it 50/50 odds but this seems to be the main event angle that they're going with since MJF doesn't have a defined program right now.
  13. Feels like the obvious endgame is for the BCC's continuing degeneracy to be the thing that finally pulls Danielson back to AEW to either redeem them or, barring that, kick their fucking heads in.
  14. Punk cannot join the BCC, Dynamite is not long enough for Wild Thing and Cult of Personality every single time they come out.
  15. Another one from a Schneider comp that didn't seem to be on the internet anywhere: Crusher Blackwell vs Butch Reed from Central States. A pretty simple match: Blackwell is gigantic and more experienced, Butch Reed is fired up and strong as hell. Blackwell is a pretty agile fat guy and really gets up for his stuff and Reed really oozes charisma and times all his comebacks well.
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