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  1. I've been playing Kingdoms & Castles this week. It's a pretty lightweight medieval city builder with a nice low-poly art style. It plays like a less-punishing Banished, but you can get attacked by Vikings and Dragons and shit.
  2. No, I'm in this camp as well. Thor looks way more fun.
  3. Simpsons shitposting is the only pure art form left.
  4. I think Miami makes sense, they have some good young players and seem to be on the upswing in a shitty East. Kyrie for Dragic and either Bam or Winslow + picks works money-wise. I'd be really interested to see Kyrie on this Minnesota team, but it's tough to make the money work without giving up a lot, or somehow convincing Cleveland to take on Dieng. Plus I don't know how hard they're really trying to win games this year.
  5. "Hey Lebron, remember how you wanted to play with Melo? Well I have good news and bad news..." EDIT: Hahahaha:
  6. Kyrie Irving has reportedly requested a trade from the Cavs. So fuck it, go ahead and sign Derrick Rose.
  7. The founders of DraftExpress, Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz, are joining ESPN and shutting down the site. They do really good work, so while I'm sorry their stuff will (presumably) be disappearing behind the Insider paywall I hope that they're getting real paid.
  8. I just finished Arrow season 1 and it was dumb as shit and I loved pretty much all of it.
  9. Derrick Rose is close to signing a one-year deal with the Cavs for the vet minimum. But because of the luxury tax he'll end up costing the Cavs a little over $14M. Sooo, good luck with that.
  10. James Jones, the Gilligan to Lebron's Skipper, is retiring to take a front office job with the Phoenix Suns.
  11. The only Johnny Smith match I ever saw he got his chest chopped bloody by Fuchi and Kawada so he's OK in my book.
  12. Boston is signing Paul Pierce so he can retire as a Celtic, as he should.
  13. Speaking of the Kings, their VP, Scott Perry, is interviewing for the Knicks GM job. Because if there's an org whose front office you want to emulate, it's definitely the Kings.
  14. Hey, it worked for his daughter's youth basketball team, why not in the NBA? (That is also, unfortunately, not a joke)
  15. Two rule changes for next year: teams get 14 timeouts in a game instead of 18, and the trade deadline is getting moved ahead of the all-star game to February 8th. EDIT: And opening night is moved up to October 17th.