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  1. He hasn't officially retired or anything but I also haven't heard of any interest in signing him.
  2. Never forget that Chicago's training staff almost killed him by having him get an unnecessary, botched spinal tap. Dude was a beast in college, had a long and profitable career, and apparently invested his money well so he pretty much won the game.
  3. I can't believe Bradley Beal is still only 26. It feels like he's been in the league forever. He can probably still sign another max deal after this one. I just wish he was doing it somewhere that, you know, mattered.
  4. HEY GUYS, SO BASKETBALL, RIGHT? Gerald Green broke his foot and there's concern he might miss the season.
  5. I haven't had much time to play as we've had houseguests but last time I put an hour in I got two golds (one is mediocre, tho) so I approve of whatever they did to the droprate. I really need a level-appropriate shock weapon to deal with these Maliwan fuckers on this asteroid.
  6. Daryl Morey causing an international incident while trying to get fired was definitely not on my NBA preseason bingo card.
  7. Killavolt went down on the first try, kinda. He I got him down to a sliver of health before he knocked me into FFYL with no adds around to kill. I pumped him with my legendary incendiary pistol and just after I went down the flames got him. So I popped the challenge for getting a second wind off of a boss character without actually getting a second wind.
  8. At least on PS4 there's a classic control mode where guns are mapped to the d-pad. I used it for a while and then went back to the new way since it remaps switch weapon mode to a long press on triangle so I kept switching guns when I was trying to change modes. Now I just try to keep my guns in order from longest to shortest range. I'm midway through the Killowatt quest and I hate listening to him so much. I can't wait to murder this dude. I don't think any of the bosses have taken me more than 2-3 tries so far. Having a pet to tank for you really helps playing solo.
  9. I think the Nets' new court is very good. They are clearly making a play for the typography nerd crowd by putting the team name in Helvetica on the baselines.
  10. The CoV guns don't really break. If you overheat one you just have to go through a'repair' animation that's a bit longer than your average reload. I thought the same thing at first and refused to use the orange CoV pistol I got.
  11. Maybe The Adventures of Willy Beamish off GOG? It's more kid-focused but is still a good point-and-click.
  12. He doesn't cover his poop and he walks on me when I sleep but I still love this dumbass
  13. I just got one of those and it whips ass. Pretty sure that I could set up my gun loadout to make a gestalt ZF-1, minus the netgun. I am genuinely interested in where they're going with the story (just got off Pandora) so I can't wait for the writing to brutally let me down.
  14. I don't mind the vending machine changes but I'm with y'all on the tiny text. I played through the opening segment with Moze and Fl4k and I'm pretty sure I'll stick with Fl4k for my first solo playthrough. I'm all about a pet-based class. The new Claptrap voice is just different enough to be uncanny and I hate it. Well, more than just hating regular Claptrap.
  15. Shaun Livingston is retiring after 15 years, 12 years after the gruesome injury that almost required amputation. I'm glad he got his rings and hope he enjoys his retirement. On the other end of the spectrum Delonte West is apparently homeless and living on the streets of Dallas. He was one of my favorites back in his Boston/Cleveland days and it really breaks my heart. Mental illness is a real motherfucker.
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