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  1. I have one of the transparent purple ones still. The sticks in all of mine are immaculate since I mostly used the 64 to play the AKI games.
  2. Kox was, by all accounts, a decent, gentle man without a racist bone in his body (at least by the standards of a white guy born in the 30s), he just figured out a killer gimmick that could travel all over the world. Murdoch, on the other hand, was a real piece of shit. And if you want to make yourself sad go to Cagematch and look at the Kox/Murdoch matches that happened all over the south and never made tape.
  3. Chomsky waiting to kick off until Kissinger was dead is a real Gandalf/Sauron situation.
  4. There is definitely a strain in baseball media that baseball is Very Serious Business and anything that injects fun is an affront to the Dignity Of The Game and to Playing The Right Way. You see it in other sports, too, but not as much. I blame George Will.
  5. Damn, that sounds awesome. Next time I'm down Milwaukee way I'll buy you a mai tai.
  6. Goddamn, that looks like a four year old's drawing of a foot come to life. I feel for him; my wife has chronic foot issues and that shit sucks even when you don't have to wrestle on it.
  7. Yeah, that whole thing was really fucked. I'm pretty sure all of Steve Corino's PWF and Blue Meanie's 3PW shows were run under his license, plus all the JAPW Philly shows. And while I don't expect any kind of integrity from indy wrestling it wasn't exactly a secret that he was a world-class racist even back in 2000.
  8. I called angle pretty early. They usually go out of their way not to show the medical staff working on actually injured folks.
  9. Least favorite has to be Rockin' Rebel, who was absolute dogshit in the ring and a murderer outside of it.
  10. Steen vs Generico is the first thing that comes to mind.
  11. I am only asking for one thing out of this EVP nonsense and that's Cutler vs Curry Man on a Zero Hour sometime. Mostly good show, I like the quick pacing so nothing really had a chance to outstay its welcome.
  12. That's fucked up, I lost my debit card last week and was able to walk into my CU and get a new one. It even has a picture of a badger on the front. Then I walked out to my car and immediately found my 'lost' card because I am an idiot.
  13. Oh hell yeah, UW is screening a 35mm print of Blood Simple next week.
  14. The only thing that could make me enjoy the Joe/Hook/Shibata stuff more is if they could somehow work Eddie Kingston into being a knucklehead with them. However I got less than zero interest in an Elite vs Swerve/Acclaimed/whoever BnG match unless they fill the rest of the spots with some real sickos. Mark Briscoe as the heater on your random babyface teams is a good spot for him if they're not going to give him an actual push on TV. KOR is great at just reacting to stuff like a goon; they should have him do more of that and less talking.
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