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  1. Not sure where else to put it, so I'll do it here. Thinkgeek is being absorbed by Gamestop (their parent company), and they're selling everything on their site at 50% off between now and 2 July.
  2. Gruden, Antonio Brown berating Derek Carr, and Richie Incognito. Bet Mayock just loves this idea.
  3. Episode 1 is going to be just Midgard. How many episodes after that? Well. . . Seems like a solid strategy to me.
  4. That was the second best line of the whole thing, behind "I'm not Hornswoggle!" Also, is EC3's red Solo cup officially a thing now? And, if so, why? I'm willing to accept that there is no actual "why," this being WWE and all, but I'm curious all the same.
  5. I got my release date. Everything else from E3 is just gravy.
  6. Initial impression of the DLC: Holy hell, are my weapons vastly underpowered. But, I made it to the first "checkpoint," and I can confirm that Borderlands is still awesome. So that's good, at least.
  7. For the PS4 version, you can just go to the PlayStation store and get it from there.
  8. (It's 3 March 2020 if you're scoring at home. Or even if you're by yourself.)
  9. Well, shit. . .I hope Big Papi is alright. Not a lot of details yet.
  10. It appears we have a release date for The Outer Worlds. You'll have about six weeks to get Borderlands 3 knocked out before it hits.
  11. I haven't played any of the 2K NBA games in a long time, but hey. . .$3.
  12. In the span of two weeks, the 24/7 Title has become the best thing about this show.
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