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  1. I assume that if something about your order is incorrect it's a Nip Slip, yes?
  2. Finished the main part of my Ghost of Tsushima playthrough so now I'm doing the Iki Island expansion instead. It wasn't available yet when I did my first playthrough. Some of the enemies in this thing are pains in the ass, and I suck at the archery challenges (so far, anyway).
  3. Saint Omni still sounds like the patron saint of 70s/80s Southern wrestling. Eff you weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell.
  4. My Switch has been in storage for about a year now so I'm guessing my island probably looks like something out of Apocalypse Now.
  5. The draft order has been changed to reflect yesterday's trade between Chicago and Carolina.
  6. Report apparently was not true. My apologies.
  7. If 90% of the teams in the NFL would have lost in that fashion I'd be upset about it. The Eagles fall well into that other 10%.
  8. With the Super Bowl in the books, the order for Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft is officially set.
  9. Yes. Particularly considering that the top team at CBS should be Kevin Harlan and literally whatever other warm body they choose to pair with Kevin Harlan.
  10. Draft order has been updated to reflect the rumored Sean Payton to Denver deal.
  11. Runs contrary to the old adage that no landmark legal decision ever came out of a courtroom with a ceiling fan in it.
  12. Draft order has been updated to reflect the results of the Conference Championship Games.
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