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  1. ESPN Radio's new weekday schedule, effective 17 August. All times Eastern. 6 AM - 10 AM: Keyshawn, Jay, and Zubin (Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Zubin Mehenti) 10 AM - Noon: The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz Noon - 2 PM: The Mike Greenberg Show 2 PM - 4 PM: The Max Kellerman Show 4 PM - 7 PM: Chiney and Golic, Jr. (Chiney Ogwumike, Mike Golic, Jr.) 7 PM - 9 PM: Spain and Fitz (Sarah Spain, Jason Fitz) 9 PM - 1 AM: Freddie and Fitzsimmons (Freddie Coleman, Ian Fitzsimmons)
  2. Did I miss the boat on the turnips? I’m now at a 50%+ chance of a decreasing week this week.
  3. By the end of the contract, he will actually be the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.
  4. Also, I've completed the game and the first three DLCs and just five minutes ago I learned how to put skins on my weapons. So there's that.
  5. If anyone still wants to get turnips, you can still get them at my island for another hour and 15 minutes since I'm on Pacific time. I've got my gate open. Fair warning, though, that they start out at 110 this week. Highlight at Nook's Cranny today is an arcade fighting game for. . .you guessed it. . .64,000 Bells. Also, thanks to everyone's generosity, which has been awesome, I now have an extra exercise ball and an extra punching (heavy) bag. So, if anyone wants them, let me know and I'll send them your direction.
  6. And just like that, it's over. I'm not sure if my character is just overpowered or what it was, but the final two boss battles may have taken me a total, combined, of three minutes. I did find an incredibly powerful orange pistol w/radiation damage towards the end of the DLC that allowed me to just rip through everything. Still have a bunch of sidequest stuff to do, but I'll get around to that eventually. The bounty after you defeat the final boss of this DLC is huge, too. . .several orange weapons and a whole ton of cash. I could go back to Marcus for a bunch of SDUs and it would barely even make a dent. But, it was fun overall, and now we wait for the last DLC in (presumably) September.
  7. Making my way through Bounty of Blood since it dropped a week ago or so. The story has been pretty solid so far, and I do like the Waylon Jennings, Dukes of Hazzard-esque narrator that pops up every so often to advance the story. It's more Borderlands 3. You know what to expect, honestly.
  8. Have at it! You can probably add a dung beetle to your collection while you're at it since you usually see them pushing the snowballs around. But if you see them there, have at it! And no, the punching bag isn't a dupe. . .so far I have the weight bench, barbell, kettlebell, protein shake, and now the punching bag. Thanks!
  9. Nah, nothing special that I can think of. I'm not super hardcore or anything (hence why my island isn't nearly as advanced as anyone else's). I am trying to put together a gym room in my house, but I think most of the gym stuff is kind of expensive. Nook's Cranny had a treadmill yesterday and the damn thing was 64,000 bells. That's crazy. I appreciate it, though!
  10. Got your friend request and everything's open!
  11. I'll open up here. Like I said, I'm only at 73, but that's better than 45. Give me about five minutes.
  12. Mine were at 150 before noon but they dropped back to 73. Turnip Prophet gets it right again.
  13. It's totally going to be the Washington Hamiltons. Seriously, your in-stadium soundtrack is taken care of and the kidz would love it.
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