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  1. Now in No Man's Sky: GIANT F'ING MECHS!
  2. According to Twitter, so it may or may not be accurate, the only match in Wrestlemania history longer than the Edge/Orton Last Man Standing match tonight was. . . Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania 12
  3. Also, nice jacket, Corey. Who shot the couch?
  4. I will say that I do like the "shit talking" aspect of these matches with no crowd, since it's something we really don't get to hear that much of ordinarily but you know it happens. I laughed out loud at Jimmy Uso screaming "HE DEAD, HOMIE" after slamming Kofi's face into the ladder during their match, and the Owens/Rollins back-and-forth was pretty awesome, too.
  5. If that's where they went with the Boneyard Match, I'm hoping for a full-on "Fear and Loathing" acid trip for the Firefly Funhouse match tomorrow. Maybe Cena and the Fiend turning into puppets like something out of an episode of The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I wonder if they can top it.
  6. Okay, I'm starting to get mildly annoyed by this. I've got at least three of you here on my Friends list on the Switch. I go to my airport, tell the bird behind the counter that I want to fly, tell them to search for a friend, and. . .they tell me that there aren't any islands that I can fly to. Am I doing something incorrectly or missing something somewhere?
  7. I've got no problems with that. My friend code is SW-5000-2358-7630 in case you missed it in the earlier post.
  8. On the original Animal Crossing on GameCube, my wife (who is Australian) and I tried to have our islands set up so that one would be doing winter things while the other was doing summer things and so on. Wound up being a tremendous pain in the ass and we finally gave up on it.
  9. They opened the broadcast by announcing that the matches that were supposed to happen at NXT Takeover: Tampa Bay will be taking place on the USA broadcasts of NXT, starting next Wednesday.
  10. Request sent. If anyone wants to come check out my (pretty barren) island, I'm at SW-5000-2358-7630.
  11. If anybody needs a pass rusher, Everson Griffen has said (via Instagram) that he won't be re-signing with Minnesota.
  12. Vice has put Part 1 of this season's premiere of Dark Side of the Ring (about the Benoit murders) on YouTube, commercial-free.
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