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  1. Gonzo


    ESPN employee: "Hey, boss. Our viewership is going down again. People seem to think we're becoming too politicized. What do you think we should do?" ESPN executive: "You still have Keith Olbermann's number?" https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2018/05/25/keith-olbermann-back-sportscenter-expanded-espn-role/644277002/
  2. Gonzo

    No Man's Sky

    I've never tried the PC version, but the PS4 version is very good. I'm sure it's a much different experience than playing with all the mods and what have you, but the PS4 experience with the game is all I have at this point. Still, I'd have to imagine that it's pretty heavily discounted just about everywhere.
  3. And another repeat episode of KtT this week. They may just want to change the name to Killing the Podcast at this point.
  4. Gonzo


    Jinder: "I'm okay. I'm okay." Morgan Freeman: "But Jinder was, in fact, not okay."
  5. Gonzo

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Yes, ALL of the Borderlands 3, please.
  6. Gonzo

    FOOD on TV

    Two things: 1) Is there ever a time of the day when The Pioneer Woman isn't on? Seriously, every time I go to the gym, she's on one of the TVs. Doesn't matter if I go before work, during my lunch break, after work. Every damn day. 2) Guy's Grocery Games is way more awesome than it has any business being.
  7. No, that was the assumption I immediately made, too. I just figured that Cyrus has a ton of stuff going on and that he was leaving. But yeah. . .Storm has turned into a hell of a fun guy to listen to, and the back-and-forth with him and Cyrus is great. I hope his "sabbatical" isn't a lengthy one.
  8. Lance Storm is apparently on an "extended sabbatical" from KtT (which I assume is Storm Wrestling Academy-related), so for the immediate future we're getting Cyrus and Lazenby. Haven't listened to all of the most recent episode yet, but hopefully the quality won't drop off.
  9. Gonzo


    We have to do training about human trafficking every year. Taking the passports away is, literally, the first thing those sorts of people do. But, as has already been said, nothing's going to happen to Dan Snyder, because NFL owners.
  10. Gonzo


    Apparently someone's in love with the shape of the schedule.
  11. I don't think expecting a reasonable amount of support from a company for a product they sell is feeling as though someone is owed something.
  12. Yes, Bioware took what was quite possibly the best video game series of all time and flushed it down the toilet so that they could concentrate on a Destiny clone that they've already had to push back once. We should be kissing their boots.
  13. Because they're probably not making any more. Because of how badly they fucked this one up.
  14. Part of me wants to get an XBox One just so I can get the trilogy and play through it again. And J.T. is right. . .Andromeda, in an of itself, wasn't a bad game. The game play was solid enough, and it certainly was pretty. I did manage to make it through the entire video. . .and by that I mean "I cast it onto my TV and listened to it while I did other stuff". . .and the main point was, basically, this: The writing was fucking awful, particularly compared to the other Mass Effect games, and there was no apparent motivation behind the Archon's actions. It was just, "Hey, these people want to settle here and the Archon doesn't want them to." Why? Who the hell knows? Would they have fleshed that out in the sequels or in the DLC that they had clearly planned for given the number of loose ends that needed to be tied up? Who the hell knows? I hope Anthem sells, like, six copies. Or at least does shitty enough where EA realizes how badly they screwed this up.
  15. Gonzo

    Board UPDATED!

    Did Gonzalez at least get rid of his gigantic sig pic?