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  1. I would think that, given the logistics of everything involved with Sunday Night Football, if they were going to pull the trigger on this they'd have to do it relatively quickly.
  2. Miami Minnesota Pittsburgh Los Angeles Chargers New York Giants Detroit Philadelphia Cleveland Tennessee Dallas Baltimore Arizona Las Vegas Green Bay Kansas City Los Angeles Rams Tiebreaker 1 - 9 Tiebreaker 2 - 68 Tiebreaker 3 - 4
  3. In connection with this, ESPN is reporting that the NFL probably wouldn't want to do the game in Miami because they wouldn't want to divert resources that would potentially need to be used for recovery efforts. U.S. Bank Stadium has apparently been floated as an alternative venue because the Vikings are in London to play the Saints this week.
  4. "Hulk Hogan, you can go to hell. Straight to hell."
  5. Cleveland Cincinnati Minnesota Baltimore New Orleans Houston Kansas City Philadelphia Buffalo Las Vegas Los Angeles Chargers Atlanta Los Angeles Rams Tampa Bay San Francisco New York Football Giants Tiebreaker 1 - Brady Tiebreaker 2 - 127 Tiebreaker 3 - 3
  6. Coming this Friday on Table for 3: Rick Steiner Scott Steiner Bron Breakker
  7. Dewar, you're missing the Minnesota/Philadelphia MNF game. Two Monday night games this week.
  8. Kansas City Cleveland New York Giants Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Baltimore Washington Indianapolis Los Angeles Rams San Francisco Denver Las Vegas Cincinnati Green Bay Buffalo Minnesota Tiebreaker 1 - 56 Tiebreaker 2 - 10 Tiebreaker 3 - 217
  9. Well, shit. . .being on the internet less frequently caused me to miss Week 1 of H2H. Damn it to hell. I'll put my picks in this post later on. I just wanted to express my disgust with myself here.
  10. Well, it's. . .something, I guess.
  11. And here I thought Saint Omni was the patron saint of Georgia Championship Wrestling.
  12. The New York Post is reporting that Olivia Newton-John has passed away at the age of 73. https://nypost.com/2022/08/08/olivia-newton-john-dead-iconic-pop-star-and-grease-actress-was-73/
  13. Might deserve its own thread or something, but I'll let someone else make that call.
  14. And this is how the world ends. https://www.archyde.com/physical-copies-of-anthem-are-sold-literally-for-a-penny/ The user, known on TikTok as ClockLava, explains that he went to the local Gamestop store and was surprised to find that the store was selling copies of Anthem for the symbolic price of one cent, presumably to get rid of stock.
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