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  1. And AGAIN I miss the fucking gimme on Thursday night. Ugh. Los Angeles Rams Buffalo Jacksonville Minnesota Oakland Houston New York Giants San Francisco Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans Baltimore Dallas New England Tiebreaker 1 - 198 Tiebreaker 2 - 79 Tiebreaker 3 - 34
  2. First Master's Class is in the books with an "A." Only 11 more to go!
  3. My mistake. I was referring to the Artifact slot. Just looked it up and I'm not far enough along in the game to have unlocked it yet.
  4. So when do I get to the point where I can start equipping trinkets? I at the part of the game where I'm just about ready to go and take down Hammerlock's sister on Eden-6.
  5. Kirk Cousins pimp-slapped Zach Brown clean into the unemployment line.
  6. What the hell has happened to the Cowboys?
  7. Fuck Philadelphia. That is all.
  8. I think we're fine on that front, barring Kofi waking up next to Suzanne Pleshette.
  9. Tooling around Eden-6 a bit. Went back and did a couple of side missions on other planets that I wanted to clear out, including stomping a hole in Killavolt. Amazing how much easier that guy is to beat when you're eight levels above him rather than two levels below him. Still, fuck that guy. Also had to do the "Ratch'd Up" mission, which was. . .interesting. So far I've collected all of the pre-Eden-6 dead Claptraps, Typhon Dead Drops, and Crimson Radio locations. Haven't hit any of the Targets of Opportunity and only done one of the Hammerlock Hunts. Could probably go back and clear those off for something to do, too.
  10. I tried playing Punch-Out on my NES Classic when I finally got it. I got all the way to Bald Bull the second time around (the one where the ONLY way you can beat him is by countering the Bull Charge), and I just don't have the timing down anymore. Tried it a few times, got tired of getting knocked on my ass, and haven't gone back to it since.
  11. New England (missed the London game, because duh) Baltimore Seattle Jacksonville Kansas City Washington Minnesota Atlanta San Francisco Dallas Tennessee Los Angeles Chargers Detroit Tiebreaker 1 - 5 Tiebreaker 2 - 278 Tiebreaker 3 - 6
  12. TIL I share a birthday with Asuka. (A few years apart. . .and not as many years as I thought. . .but still.)
  13. I'm not sure how Jim Harbaugh blowing up his phone solves anything, other than preventing him from being contacted by Dan Snyder.
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