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  1. Dragon Age 2 comes close, I think. Some of the companions will leave or even fight against you if you haven't maxxed out their rep.
  2. There's a lot of weirdness in my father's father's family line, mainly because Great Grandpa Sigman married Great Grandma Sigmon and had about a dozen kids, most of whom survived to adulthood, who spelled their last names either way because fuck you that's why. So, yeah, keeping track of who is actually related to me directly and who is a weird cousin who married in is damn near impossible. Mom tried for a while, but because I grew up far away from the core family group in North Carolina, I'm just not that interested.
  3. So far my biggest complaint about Clone Wars characterization is how the male Force users are all in armor and such, while the women are in midriff exposing push up bra tops except for that one lady Jedi who was in a sexy tight nun outfit.
  4. VIII is definitely a game where they were experimenting with a ton of things all at once, and only a couple things work. Like you, I love the story and the world, and the bits of repeated history they never really explain. But man, a new translation and better battle mechanics would go a long way.
  5. Here in South Carolina, there's a town called Swansea. It was settled by German immigrants. It got its name because travelers would stop to ask how many miles to Columbia and the answer was "Zwanzig" (zvan-zish), which is German for 20.
  6. Yeah, but they didn't for FF VIII's issues, so..... *shrug* *sighs*
  7. I guess I'm not up on things enough to know who most of these cameos are. Ming-Na Wen was the only one I recognized this week, and she did great.
  8. Yeowtch. Good luck. I've had shoulder surgery before, and the recovery physical therapy is not fun.
  9. I need more of Carano and the mother who could out-shoot everyone, like now.
  10. Exactly. I loved having Christopher Lee bringing his gravitas to Count Dooku, but he was already almost 90 at that point and could barely move. The fight scenes were shot to try to minimize the fact that they had to use stunt doubles and boy does it show when you compare it to almost any other prequel fight.
  11. So, as I'm working my way through Star Wars stuff, I re-watched "Attack of the Clones" and the animated "Clone Wars" movie yesterday. Ugh, "Attack" is awful. Anakin should've been shot into the sun 5 years previously. I also hate hate hate how his obsession and Padmé's.... I dunno what was made into twoo wuv. The animation for "Clone Wars" is ugly as fuck, but the storytelling is great. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of new characters in the series.
  12. I'm watching through the website since they don't have an app for Windows 10, and that's gonna be a big problem once I dive into long series. Yikes.
  13. I've got two minor quibbles: 1) You have to redo the caption settings every time. I would prefer it to be account wide. 2) Once you watch something, it's gone from your watchlist. Not as big a deal with movies, but taking out the Mandalorian because I watched the first episode was weird. I'd rather something stay in my watch list until I remove it.
  14. I'm guessing it's a DNA tracker that when combined with the Chain Code (which seems to be the Star Wars equivalent of a social security number) can get you to who you're looking for. Hence why our bounty hunter buddy was like, "Wait, just his birth year?" and shock at what kind of alien it was.
  15. I have taken characters through both sides of the SWTOR expansion. It's pitiful. The second area has identical quests for both factions during the middle section of the story. The final part on Corellia is a flashpoint that bugs out the companion several times. Even me, slow and ADHD addled, can get through the new story in less than 5 hours. To be honest, the only good part is the return of a couple of characters from the Jedi Knight class story. There is some set up for future stories someday maybe eventually, but how in the hell do you spend a year or more working and only churn out 2 planets and a flashpoint? Real disappointing.
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