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  1. Surprised I haven't seen this here yet, but Isaac Perlmutter has been axed and Disney's absorbing and chopping up Marvel Entertainment (which includes the comic book portion, as far as I can tell).
  2. 4/5 stars to Legion of X vol 1. I love Nightcrawler, and I like what they're doing with Legion/David Haller. This was a very interesting, completely contained story (for once!) that worked well.
  3. That Genesis bomb is a massive Chekov's (ha ha) gun waiting to be fired
  4. Yeah what's kept me from making the snap decision - both versions have flaws and problems, and I haven't decided which one(s) I'm willing to live with.
  5. Square Enix stuff was on sale, and as a reward for finally getting my parents' taxes together I've bought myself Final Fantasy XIII for $7.99. I've now gotten almost all of the games on PC, just need to decide if I want OG 8 or remastered 8.
  6. 4/5 stars to Catwoman: Lonely City. My first DC comic since the collected 52 left such a bad taste in my brain. This was a nice AU with a weird twist at the end that didn't quite work for me.
  7. Oooof. I own the first one but have not gotten into the right headspace to play it. I love this.
  8. Magic Johnson joins group trying to buy the Commanders. AP Headline, but I couldn't find it on their website, so link to my local CBS affiliate.
  9. They tried this in the MMO. And while we the players loved it, it didn't last and we're back to the duality of everything.
  10. Rented Superman: Red Son last night. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I know I've read the comic once, probably right after it was written, but remembered absolutely nothing outside of the "What if Superman was Russian" thing.
  11. 4/5 stars, a nice tale in a part of the world I really need to make an effort to read more from.
  12. I may have to see if my computer can handle this eventually, especially if all the DLCs are in that permanently discounted price.
  13. Don't forget to set your clocks head, Americans!
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