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  1. Hey, I can do this. (sees there's 7500+ movies in 2010 alone) ......well, shit
  2. To help us social isolationists, you can get CBS Access free for a month so you can watch Picard.
  3. That's actually a decent choice, considering they're bringing in Jane Foster Thor. He was one of the big bads in her comic storyline. Be interesting to see what they do with him without Malekith.
  4. South Carolina hasn't shut down yet, but we're about to tick over 300 cases and 4 or 5 dead, so I suspect it's not long in coming. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow going from store to store to find a gallon or two of distilled water, triple check Mom's meds, then get the Boston (pork) butt out of the freezer and get it ready for the crock pot.
  5. Boiling doesn't take out the minerals like distillation does.
  6. The Mandalorian is set at the beginning of this chaotic period, just five years after the Battle of Endor—placing the series at 9 ABY on the timeline From this link: https://www.newsweek.com/mandalorian-timeline-star-wars-galaxy-events-disney-plus-first-order-1473583
  7. Yeah, same here, and I've got Mom's BiPAP machine to fill. According to the manufacturer, I could use purified water, but it'll leave mineral deposits behind in the tank.
  8. 9 years later. And they could just bump into each other while searching.
  9. The Rise of Skywalker is being released for digital purchase (not on D+ yet) a week or two early. With the Clone Wars, I feel like these 4 episodes could've probably been compressed into 3 without missing anything.
  10. Mom's deciding to self isolate - diabetes, needing a BiPap, and post polio syndrome make that the smart choice. The guy who comes in a couple times a month to help me do deep cleaning helped me get her bathroom basically spotless and left a couple things to clean her bedroom with. He also is going to give me the number of the place her daughter works as a PA, as they take people without insurance. So, feeling a bit better than yesterday. Will do some shopping tomorrow during local church times, when the stores are less crowded. Then it's just hunkering down, making sure the internet doesn't go out so Mom has her Kindle and NetFlix and me my FF XIV and D+.
  11. Lost another former wrestling buddy. Norko Kipte, Wildside pal and recently working with Mr. Delicious himself on ACTION wrestling, died suddenly yesterday afternoon. I should be seeing a doctor about this blood pressure, because I don't want to be the next one. But Mom's just finished burning her bridges with her own doc which has me running around seeing what (if anything) I can do about her medication, and I don't have insurance, so I have no idea who'd even give me the time of day. So, be good y'all. Take care of yourselves. I'll check in tomorrow.
  12. If we ever get an Elder Scrolls with a glider option, I might never play anything else. I've gotten spoiled by FF XIV.
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