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  1. The weather didn't get me bad enough the first time this past weekend, so it's back for a second go.
  2. I'm at the line between Moderate and Heavy. Needless to say, grocery shopping will be done later today.
  3. Library has three of them, so I'll check those out. I kept recognizing the author's name, and while searching said, "OH! Vader comics and the Once and Future stuff, yeah!" Thanks!
  4. I have not, I will look and see if it's available through my library's Hoopla subscription, thanks.
  5. Finished this yesterday. Again, decent stories, but there were several times that the art was so bad I could not tell who was in the panel. Downloaded Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 (the first 5 issues) for the hel of it.
  6. Finished my second run through FF XIV's Endwalker expansion. I will probably write up a Tumblr post at some point, but the tl;dr version is that it's very good but not as great as the previous expansion, tries too hard a couple times, and leaves you with good feelings and lots of great hooks for future content.
  7. Oh my gods. So now we get Take Two's version of Farmville?
  8. Finished up Far Sector. That was AMAZING. Highly recommended Downloaded but haven't started the collection of The Old Guard: Tales Through Time or whatever it's called. While the art makes me cringe, the stories are so good.
  9. Yesterday it was in the upper 70's in SC. Today the wind clocks in at 35mph and the wind chill is in the 30's.
  10. Still working my way through Far Sector. It's good, I am just not spending much time staring at my phone screen these days, which is where my Hoopla account is set up.
  11. I'm taking my second character through FF XIV's Endwalker, trying not to rush this time. I've got saves in FF V and XII on Steam that I will eventually get back to. If the money gods are nice, I need to buy a new monitor this year, the one I'm using is almost 10 years old and can't go any higher than 1600x900, and it's starting to show it's age.
  12. Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.0, Legacy of the Sith, is still on for Feb. 15
  13. What's shaking? Er, well, me, actually. Earlier this morning the Columbia area had it's 5th earthquake in a couple days. The first one I more heard than felt - windows rattling, a weird growling noise outside that I thought was from construction, and the one this morning probably is why I woke up with a bit of a panic attack. They're not strong enough to do any damage to this out house, but it definitely falls under DO NOT WANT.
  14. Carolina Panthers sent home after somewhat significant positive test results. (long, deep sigh)
  15. Squeenix is the absolute lord and master of the "I did not ask for these feels damnit". See also: FF 14's last two expansions.
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