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  1. http://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20190413 BioWare has a whole new expansion for the Star Wars MMO ready in 5 months, and while I'm gleeful about all the tidbits, I am worried about the fast timeline.
  2. They'll get my $70 for a year, especially if they have the Star Wars cartoons I missed the first time around.
  3. The whole trilogy is amazing. The final book is an amazing series of "OH FUCK" moments that tie everything together. NK Jemisin is an incredible writer and I will gush about her books for hours.
  4. That series will fuck you up. It's so, so good.
  5. Two pieces of good health news for my Mom this last week: 1) The large growth they removed from her breast was non-cancerous and should not come back. 2) The arterialeroil stenosis found on her echocardiogram was very mild, and the cardiologist doesn't see a need to do anything right away since they just changed some of her cholesterol medication. We'll see him again in six months.
  6. Finished the Newsflesh trilogy. I highly recommend Mira Grant for all your science horror needs. The Batman/TMNT crossover was an OK story with some hit and miss art. I can see it being a decent animation movie, tho. Now back to Tad Williams. I re-read The Dragonbone Chair a year or two ago, right before The Witchwood Crown came out. Now that Empire of Grass has a release date of this summer, I should probably finish up the original trilogy before getting the new book on reserve.
  7. The Godzilla folks are really knocking it out of the park with these trailers
  8. I have a level 58 Demolitionist/Inquisitor that basically shoots things in the face with her big boomstick and burns the rest. I started it on Veteran/normal and have not had too much of a problem through the first dungeon (just one stupid death from not paying attention). There's a definite Diablo II feel to this expansion so far, and choices you made earlier in the game are being referenced here.
  9. Downloading it now, it's only 2.4GB on Steam. Can't wait to see what this is all about.
  10. Oh wow, that is the first thing that really made me think, "Yeah, this is what VR is made for".
  11. And Kurt Angle wrestled with a broken neck for years. I don't think they care.
  12. Oooof. I played Dante's half of that game when I owned it for PS2 and never went back. If I ever get a collection version, I would be hard pressed to not just ignore it.
  13. Finished the trilogy. Oh goodness it's so good. Re-reading Feed by Mira Grant. Also looking at Hoopla for the Batman/TMNT crossover comic that is being turned into a cartoon sometime this year.
  14. Hell most recycling places barely take any kind of plastic these days.
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