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  1. I found a good article for you, the short version is you may need to tweek some settings to get it to feel less clunky.
  2. It's a series. I haven't heard how many episodes.
  3. And because Obsidian are little shits (and we love them for it)
  4. Here's a list of the actual studios involved, for those who keep track of such things:
  5. It's my understanding that when COVID shut everything down earlier this year, they had finished filming all of WandaVision, but still had a few things to film/reshoot for F&WS, and they ended up changing the order of the shows a bit. WandaVision will come out this year (no exact date yet, I'm guessing post Mandalorian), and they're hoping for F&WS by Spring-ish next year. Haven't heard much of anything about the Loki show in months, which has me a touch worried. They've also bumped the Dr Strange movie up a bit, since it seems to tie in to a lot of this.
  6. Someone grabbed the quick shot of Monica Rambeau and my body is ready for this
  7. Oh shit they are going for it. They are really going to dive off the deep end.
  8. THQ Nordic stuff is on sale on Steam, and while I don't have the money for the new Amalur remake yet, I did pick up the original Sacred game for $1.99. Looking forward to hours of mindless hack and slash and loot, looking for that insta-kill helmet.
  9. Been trying to get back into reading. It's been a year, hasn't it? Anyways, I found that I could install Hoopla on my new iPhone, so I've been using that to read some comics and ebooks. I can highly, highly recommend Saladin Ahmed's Abbot series. And now I'm working my way through Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler, but sometimes I have to put it down because holy shit she saw 2020 happen and it's scary.
  10. 8 had Triple Triad. 9 had a game that got introduced in the plot halfway through, and apparently you could keep playing it, but I never bothered. IMO, YMMV, etc . etc. my favs after the three you mentioned are 14 (the MMO), 13 (not the two sequels), and 8. I have a love/hate relationship with 12 (love the Gambit system and playing it, but the story is utter garbage and I actively dislike 2 of the major characters).
  11. I am... concerned we're getting FF XV all over again, considering how dude heavy the trailer and player characters are.
  12. One of the main dudes in charge (other than Yoshi-P from FF XIV) just came over from Capcom, doing DMC 5 and Dragon's Dogma.
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