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  1. Whoo, what's shaking? https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/se60400941/executive This one was quite a bit more intense, shook the bed pretty good and a long loud rumbling noise.
  2. Finished "The Doll's House". Didn't like it quite as much but it's still good. The next volume is 4 one shots, of which I've read the first two. First one is meh, the cat story is cute.
  3. Bobby Kotick has been re-elected to the Acti-blizzard board. *ahem* FUCK. YOU. BLIZZARD.
  4. For those of us who like to play Grim Dawn every year or so, they've put out a fairly comprehensive patch (live on Steam, should be up in a day or two for XBox and GOG) which retools some of the hidden ranged weapon mods, as well as a slew of later/end game gear tweaks.
  5. It's free up to patch 3.5! Which is, at least for me, 150+ hours of stuff?
  6. Smuggler is a trip. Bounty Hunter has some similar moments on the Imperial side.
  7. Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior for those real KotOR feels. Are you subbed, or just playing the free parts? And I am also very much looking forward to the KotOR remake, since the only way I can play it on Steam is with all the videos cutscenes turned off, which kinda defeats the purpose.
  8. Hey darling. We're here. We hear you. It's hard right now. So many things have gone wrong that had nothing to do with you, but you have to live with it, and that sucks. Typing here is better than not typing at all.
  9. It's live, and on sale for $49.69 (nice....) through July 7th, but it's also about 100GB to download, so plan accordingly.
  10. Also, the first part is about to be on Steam, which means I need to buy it again.
  11. Wasn't there a game, like, 20 years ago where you were Vader's apprentice and you pulled entire Star Destroyers from the sky at the end?
  12. Warner Brothers is going to have to eat the cost of this movie and burn it. There is no way to release it now.
  13. I guess chronological, since the next one I'll grab is volume 2 of the 30th anniversary collections, which is called "The Doll's House". Is there a better way to read them?
  14. Did I go, "HOLY SHIT ANAKIN?!?!?" like in Rogue One and Rebels? Yes, yes I did. Mission accomplished, that was exactly what I wanted from the series, etc. .
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