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  1. Yes and no. While the majority's opening paragraph is *chef's kiss*, let's be real: they're not gonna enforce this on tribal lands in Massachusetts.
  2. Won a copy of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and I'm installing it, but gods only know if I'll ever play it. I saw what y'all said about it, and I'll have to be careful with it, but it's also gorgeous and the soundtrack is amazing, so here I am.
  3. It's up on his official website now.
  4. I've done this with Kid Rock (it was a thing in the early 2000's wrestling scene, don't judge me) and Jeremy Soule (that. hurt.) and a few other minor artists when it's come up. It sucks, but the least I can do is make sure I'm not giving them iTunes/Spotify hits. (makes note to check in with my niece who's did the festival circuit for a few years)
  5. ....well, shit, I liked some of his stuff. Time to go delete it all.
  6. Ennio Morricone has died at the age of 91. Creator of a zillion soundtracks for amazing movies that sometimes were more than just "spaghetti westerns".
  7. Well this suddenly appeared in my Steam wishlist, no idea how that happened...
  8. For any Final Fantasy XIV players, they announced in the Producer's letter for July that they expect 5.3 to drop on August 11th.
  9. And even if he is, Dirge is a 5 hour game plot chock full of nonsense so that Nomura's crush Gackt can have some lines stretched out into a 12 hour game full of ridiculous puzzles and nonsense. The soundtrack's pretty good, tho, Masashi Hamauzu never disappoints.
  10. Part 3 is the only one I ever have any interest in watching again. Not sure if it's an appreciation for the Steampunk notes or just how Christopher Lloyd left no piece of scenery unchewed, but it's definitely my favorite.
  11. I laughed, because my gods to be a fly on the wall when they're roasting the hell out of those movies. Man.
  12. They're now up to about 40 or so, but still no word on if the season's being canceled. Dabo is taking a beating over this.
  13. DragonQuest's weird "This is the ending LOLNOPE this over here is the ending" really soured me when I played 8. If there's actually more to the game (especially a single player, not Elder Scrolls type), why not just say so?
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