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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like how my brother and then-wife got their second son. "If you don't take him, he'll go into the foster system." "We'll be right there!"
  2. Not working at all this morning, just FYI. Also, I can't leave reactions to posts. Some pop-up loads, but since a few updates ago all the pop-ups come up with no text in them so I can't tell you what the error is, sorry.
  3. Watched the computer animated Captain Harlock movie last night. What a trip! Absolutely gorgeous, made almost no sense at all. Might have to look for some of the older shows/movies to see if they used any old plot points better.
  4. Just need to see some Turks. Reno and Rude need to drop that plate on me.
  5. FYI, if you love the Final Fantasy soundtracks from 1 through 8, they're on Spotify now. 15 is also up. Still waiting for more Masashi Hamauzu and Hitoshi Sakimoto.
  6. Yeah, this is looking as blah and boring as I was afraid of when the first trailer hit.
  7. The basic combat is the same as the previous ones. They've added a couple of extra bits from "Dream Drop Distance" that, at least so far, aren't too difficult to use and can mostly be ignored.
  8. *crosses fingers for a Wild Cards based game*
  9. I had unfollowed THQ Nordic after the 8chan debacle, so this came as a surprise when I opened Steam this morning. Apparently they have another add-on for Titan Quest, called Atlantis. According to the reviews, however, they're charging $13 - $15 for about 6 hours of gameplay which may or may not work if you've already finished Ragnarok. Also, I am just not feeling the "Forgotten Gods" expansion of Grim Dawn. It's... boring. You get a quest and it's 3 areas away. Then you talk to someone and get the next part, which is 2 areas away. All I'm doing is walking maps to talk to someone, then walking more maps to talk to someone else.
  10. Found out yesterday that the reason it was raining in my living room is because the dormer on the roof is rotting. And the shingles are old. So I've gotten myself approved for a $4170 12-month same-as-cash loan to get the front half of the roof replaced. Are there rules about not posting GoFundMe's here? I won't spam it, just will have the link in this post once I set it up.
  11. Finished yesterday while waiting for my Mom at the dentist. While it's not as good as I remember, it's still very good. Not sure what's next. I've got a few things downloaded to my Kindle, a couple books on the computer, and of course the backlog to be read pile o' shame.
  12. It's actually pretty intuitive, thankfully. And the gambit system is amazing. FF XII is a probably the one game that I love to start up but only have finished like maybe twice. There is tons to explore and do.
  13. "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the waters of the womb." Found family is family. Take care of yourself.
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