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  1. There were some things missing that are apparently still under contract with other services (I noticed a handful of early MCU missing, someone else mentioned the animated Tarzan movie), so it's not technically everything yet. Just most of it. Plus a bunch of other stuff. (GARGOYLES MOTHER FUCKER)
  2. FYI, the Disney+ twitter account is tweeting most everything that's going to be on the channel, so watch for spam and my apologies if my delighted shrieking sets off the alarm.
  3. However, today we might make it to 75F. Welcome to South Carolina~!
  4. Whoops, forgot to update here in a while. Sorry. Wanderers was pretty good. A little shaky in spots, a couple of things that could've been left out, but good. Read Middlegame by Seanan McGuire. If you love alchemy, weirdness, twins, found family, you want this book. It is AMAZING. Best new book I've read in a while.
  5. I am having this exact fight with my Mom right now. Her red blood count has dropped a couple points in the last year, and she doesn't believe it. Refuses to admit it might be happening. Doesn't want to see the gastroenterologist. Meanwhile she's getting more tired and weak, but it's because she's old, not because there's something going on, because she's fine, look, her palms aren't white, they're doing the tests wrong ---
  6. There's gonna be a turn based mode for the new FF 7. Huh. That makes it a completely different feeling game, doesn't it?
  7. Bah, piffle, that was something I really wanted. Thanks!
  8. Finally got a character to the beginning of Shadowbringer in FF XIV. This writing is AMAZING. At the end of Stormblood you think you know what's going on in the Garlean Empire. HA! The post Stormblood quest lines throw all of that into chaos. The Domen story is incredibly dark. And poor Thancred just keeps being the plot's whipping boy. This is now my new standard of MMO writing, BioWare beware.
  9. Do you know, or can you tell, if they did any new translations?
  10. If he's that bad that he can't run a yard or so, maybe he shouldn't be playing at all
  11. I hear you. I keep reminding the weather that my birthday has now passed, and it's time to cool off a bit. Today's forecast: lolno 95F and 90+% humidity for you
  12. The music is excellent, but that silent, final shot is what sold me. Holy shit that's amazing.
  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad it was peaceful. I sympathize with your aunt, I had to close one of Mom's bank accounts after she ran herself over $800 in the red buy Kindle books from Amazon. I now do all the money and scheduling.
  14. Thankfully it was mostly a non-event here at the Sigman residence. Got quite blustery at one point, heard a couple things bounce off the roof, but no damage. Neighbor diagonally across the road might lose one of their front yard trees as a huge limb from one of the big old sick pine trees came down on it, but it didn't hit their house. So thank you weather people for the warnings, glad it didn't impact me so bad. Also, glad I don't live in North Charleston anymore, because they had a foot of water in the roads at one point.
  15. Good luck. I know that SquareEnix has dumped a bunch of stuff in the last couple months as well. There's still some artists I'm still waiting for, especially from non-Uematsu adjacent series, but the fact that they recently added the Ghost in the Shell anime soundtracks is a good sign that maybe they'll open everything up to everyone.
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