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  1. First episode of season 7 of Clone Wars is not bad and sets up a horrible tone for the first story arc. Hopefully we'll get more on these new guys next week.
  2. It's easily in my favorite movies of 2019. It's both small (the family) and huge (OMG the worldbuilding) and does both excellently. Each shot is just... you want to pause and stare and look around. Like you said, layers and layers. I basically flailed and cried the whole way through. I am so, so glad you liked it.
  3. So I've gotten through Season 3 of Rebels, and can I just petition Disney and Kathleen Kennedy to let Dave Filoni and his crew write most everything Star Wars from now on?
  4. Quantum Thief is still very good. The Fractal Prince is not as good, the plot is starting to get lost in the unexplained bullshit. Don't use terms like jinni, ghul, and Secret Names and just leave it out there to be White Saviour-ed in the end. I'll finish the trilogy (The Causal Angel is on my desk), but this may be something where I actually only like the first book. Also coming up, I had gotten Mom a large print edition of The Starless Sea from the library, but she found it too confusing. Figure since I've got it and have been hearing good things about it, I'll read it before I turn it back in.
  5. The Krell stuff is also so heavy handed and blatantly telegraphed from the beginning. I mean, one of the Clones is named DOGMA? I'd say you can safely forward through most of it.
  6. The entire cast is bonkers, I honestly thought it was a joke post at first.
  7. I'm wondering if Spider-Gwen's rights are tied to the SpiderVerse studio
  8. Oh that's who that was? That was fucking amazing. He is racking up the scores lately.
  9. It looks like the chest symbol could be removed, for a batarang or something?
  10. I am OK with this. I am definitely OK with this.
  11. I have no idea what I just watched but I want more of it
  12. Whole bunch of people on my timeline are going, "WAIT WE HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT THIS AT ALL"
  13. Oh definitely. I'm just sad/upset because it means that the writers and such the Anthem team poached from the SWTOR team are probably never coming back. The drop in writing quality is just frustrating.
  14. Basically, yes. And as a friend of mine tweeted:
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