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  1. All that video did was remind me of Freddie Sez. And the day when I told a classmate "God, I really don't like that guy." "No one here does. Congratulations, you're officially a New Yorker now."
  2. Amazing how he's going to be eligible to play in like 30 games. I wonder if anyone has explained to him what a prorated salary is. Anyway, another bit of fun at the Brooklyn media day:
  3. I had to cut off the ridiculous cast somewhere. Also, I wanted to put in at least one more woman in the list. Interesting that you did not.
  4. LICORICE PIZZA Starring Cooper Hoffman (PSH's kid), Alana Haim, Bradley Cooper, and Maya Rudolph Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (~!) -- Cooper looks unnervingly like his father. Hope he's anywhere near as talented as his dad was.
  5. On the women's side of things, I'm a little surprised they had Sasha run in for the DQ. I would have sworn she was going to Raw next week. But now? Also, the number of people chanting for Becky was... disheartening. Though reading the tea leaves a little... I'd guess Bianca and... Bayley(?) are going to Monday. With Shayna, Asuka, and/or Doudrop heading to SDL?
  6. Dude is a two time cancer survivor and the definition of immunocompromised. So yes, he probably masks up everywhere. Especially among an indoors pro-wrestling crowd in the middle of Ohio. Also, that mask makes him look like a murderous Samoan ninja. He should mask up more often.
  7. TRADE! Carolina sends TE Dan Arnold and a 3. Jacksonville sends CB C.J. Henderson and a 5.
  8. I really, really hate football right now. But probably not as much as Josh Norman:
  9. YOUR Columbia Lions defeated the Georgetown Hoyas 35-24 to regain the Lou Little Cup! They now begin the Ivy League schedule at 2-0. First up.... Roar Lion Roar!
  10. The Dubs found their backup plan to Wiggins' stupidity:
  11. Because Columbia would never accept it. I seem to recall the Giants/Jets kicking around the idea of playing there last year if MetLife Stadium was going to be shuttered, and CU told them to kick rocks. I'm guessing AEW wouldn't fare much better. Plus parking in that area is atrocious and the only train that runs there is the 1. (Or, I guess Metro-North to Marble Hill.)
  12. They also don't have heating, so... nah, that's not going to happen.
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