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  1. I wonder what Kevin Owens' reaction was when he was told he was jobbing to Shane at Summerslam.
  2. Add to the fact that the White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon had 11(!) K's through 4 innings! And he still managed to give up 4 runs and is about to take the big, fat L.
  3. And in the "oh boy" section of things, 110 of 111 NFL Players in an autopsy study had CTE. This comes with the grain of salt that there is a MASSIVE selection bias at play. The brains donated were for players whose families said had displayed signs of CTE. And those collected represented ~9% of the total deaths among NFL players. But, Jesus...
  4. True, but he's not Ned's son and thus falls WAY back to any line of succession. Mind you, this talk is getting too far into the weeds... but fuckface Littlefinger turning Sansa against Jon just needs a small push.
  5. Joey Julius has left Penn State football. Sounds like he may be done completely. At least we'll always have him destroying a Michigan kick returner:
  6. (NSFW Language and Butt) "The will they won't they with Solange and Baby Barack Obama goes from will they/won't they, turns into how will they?/can they?"
  7. I think you wildly overestimate Sansa's loyalties to Jon. I'm sure we're about one episode away from Littlefinger dropping the "Jon's not actually a Stark" hint at her. She's turning heel this season, you watch.
  8. That brawl at the beginning was delightful chaos, and I'm looking forward to the war at the end of Summerslam. And poor Evil Emma, dating (read, fucking) Jason Jordan's about as good a shot as she'll probably ever get to the Women's title. Oh well.
  9. I'm semi-stealing a line I saw, but The Disgusting Adventures of Samwell Tarly is the worst thing to ever happen to television. I WAS EATING VANILLA ICE CREAM, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.
  10. "Oh my GOD! Ho Ho Lun has just cashed in his RMB In The Bank and made Brock Lesnar tap out! How will Roman Reigns ever overcome this!"
  11. Fuck this kid.
  12. 2017

    I find it very amusing that 2 of those 4 names are Raiders' picks.
  13. By the way, someone paid $600 to watch this abomination.
  14. "I'm the Elite. (Wink wink!)" KO just confirmed the Bullet Club invasion.