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  1. Portugal is gonna escape here, but god damn did they get caught with their pants down.
  2. We have our new psychic animal https://twitter.com/PopulismUpdates/status/1595237232444686336?t=tiGwRQM9VUb2ISpIqN0aWw&s=01
  3. I repeat, there is probably more than one editor at the NY Post that will need to be seriously talked out of running a WHITE POWER headline if he wins a start.
  4. Word around the campfire down here is that Beckham is offering him equity in the team to sign with Inter Miami.
  5. Supposedly* it's Dana Brooke... Which as we all know is the worst possible outcome, but hopefully they'll swerve us good.
  6. Saudi Arabia just beat Argentina in soccer! Your turkey costs like 4 times what it did last year! The Dolphins are double digit favorites! Black is white! Up is down! Dogs and cats, living together! MASS HYSTERIA!!! Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Guess the second opinion was just as bad as the first because Atlanta just put Pitts on the IR. He can return in 4 weeks.
  8. Also, Chase Edmonds has a high ankle sprain and is out for several weeks. Which means Latavius Murray and his 3.6 ypc, and Marlon Mack who hasn't played a single down for Denver yet this season, are the only healthy running backs on the roster.
  9. SRS is reporting that Royal Rumble '23 is already at the highest gate in the history of the Rumble at $5 million and counting. (This beats the 2017 record.)
  10. I'm in Florida where no laws matter.
  11. Kyle Pitts apparently has a torn MCL that will require surgery.
  12. Denver has told Melvin Gordon to hit the bricks.
  13. Brown will make history as Olivia Pichardo will be the first woman to ever play on a Division I college baseball team.
  14. Expect to see some version of this during this week's shows: See if you can spot how close to death Daivari(?) was when D-Von picks him up
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