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  1. The 2020 Ballot has been announced: This is Walker's 10th and final ballot. It's Bonds/Clemens/Schilling/Sosa's 8th. The tracker is here: http://bit.ly/hof2020
  2. Filed under "Good luck with that"
  3. The NFL flipped two games on the 12/1 docket: Pittsburgh/Cleveland will now kick off at 1. Oakland/KC will now be at 4:25.
  4. Jason Lieser is having a day...
  5. Lord almighty, how badly hurt was Ruby Riott? And I know Naomi is still on a semi-suspension because of the Uso's drunk driving idiocy, but damn. But, I'm thinking the Kabukis and AN Iiconic should round out that team. The bigger problem though is NXT. They literally have a WarGames match the night before, and probably half of them are going to team together the next night. I think it'd be Team Kick, Bianca BelAir, Rhea Ripley, and IO~, assuming they're avoiding champs.
  6. Well, Yim is legit hurt now, so who knows if they put in Kai. I'm guessing not, because they can just work around Yim's busted ribs and have her enter last or something. Plus it really looks like they're setting up some kind of angle with Kai.
  7. Parasite was great. I won't spoil anything, because I went in knowing next to nothing about the movie and was better for it. The metaphors are hit a bit too hard, but otherwise, the story, the acting, the shooting were all terrific.
  8. In a word, it was amazing. The set up was a 4 man exhibition, with 3 sections: First, a basic explainer of the rules of sumo and a demo of how a 400+ lb. guy can do a full split. Second, a round robin mini-tournament. And last, 6 lucky people (who paid a lot extra) got to step in the ring with the 4 big boys. The food was alright, but the main event was obviously the show. The 4 sumo were retired from active competition, but still very much in sumo shape and put on a great show. They were: Kumago ("Kuma") - He sang a sumo song for us. At a previous show he sang "I Want It That Way" for the crowd. Bungo Nishiki - A very good athlete. Was easily the most flexible of the big guys. Musahikuni ("Musa") - The American. Also the youngest, at 24. The crowd was into him. Looks like he pulled a muscle during his match with Kuma (the other three were noticeably annoyed with Kuma afterwards) Tououyama - The ham among them. Won the mini-tournament. The crowd adored him. And the MC was Konishiki. He was great at explaining the different techniques of sumo and what was happening in ring. The price for the show and food was $100, and it was money well spent. There was another tier where you could have a meet & greet with the sumo also, but a friend of mine snuck in. Definitely would recommend, and I definitely want to learn more about sumo.
  9. Setting this up now because I'm about to watch Parasite. (Excite!) And basically only saw the opening match. But for the rest of you who did watch... Here you go. BTW, the puppy version of Roman's song is infinitely better than the original. Fight me.
  10. The Onion once again has the only good take:
  11. In non-Cleveland news, Matt Stafford is out this week for Detroit.
  12. And it's official, Joker has earned $1 Billion.
  13. Yeah, Natural, the league's commissioner is the final arbiter on suspensions, but there's a small committee of execs who make recommendations. I'm guessing, Garrett's done for 2019 - regular season and playoffs. I'm guessing Pouncey is probably getting around 4 games, Ogunjobi who knocked down Rudolph) gets 1-2, Rudolph himself getting 1-2. Oh, and the *WORST* is hearing all the talking heads on ESPN or whatever channel using their "Owen Voice" when discussing this. "I can't believe it, I've never seen anything like this." Oh, bullshit, I don't play professional football, and I've seen this before. Well. Maybe not the worst. This here... this is the worst:
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