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  1. Well, that was not the fat guy I wanted to see at the end. I wonder if that SA to Miz was a float for a future face turn. Hell, if anyone absolutely needs it, it's Bray. Also, Roman's gonna win on Sunday, and that really sucks.
  2. Movie

    The Exception Starring Lily James, Jai Courtney, and Christopher Plummer
  3. Steve Kerr has some mystery illness and is out indefinitely.
  4. NFL

    Former #1 overall pick Jake Long is retiring.
  5. I know this is nitpicky, but the purpose of this shot is to show Spidey is still a poor teen with his cracked iPhone. But why wouldn't Tony's SUPER DUPER Spider Suit have built in comms? You can spend thousands of dollars for expressive eyes, but can't spare $15 for a Bluetooth earpiece?
  6. Photo

    This is from Kevin Owens' recommitment ceremony from this weekend. I personally believe this was just an elaborate trap to turn on Sami again.
  7. Big E has thoughts...
  8. lol
  9. I love when auto-correct makes Rippa sound like Foghorn Leghorn. Oh, and Blake Griffin is injured and done for the playoffs. Yes, again.
  10. Oh also, Clay Bucholz got surgery and is done for the year.* *- His timetable for return is sometime deep in the playoffs, so if the Phillies made the World Series (LOL) he could come back this year.
  11. Josh Hamilton has been released. He will undergo knee surgery now. I'm gonna guess he's done.
  12. Wrestling With Chyna
  13. You know what, Bosio better leave Junior's name out of his idiot mouth.
  14. NFL

    The Dolphins have essentially a home and home with the Patriots AND Bills in November & December. I hate football.
  15. Hernandez apparently soaped the floor, had "John 3:16" written across his forehead, and had several suicide notes near his body. The going theory is he knew about abatement ab initio and killed himself to make sure his family could get paid his Patriots signing bonus (and not be sued by the survivors of the people he probably killed), since he is now technically innocent. I'm guessing the Patriots will scoff quite heartily at this, and this whole thing is going to go to court.