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  1. Miami's going to do 2nd interviews with Brian Daboll, Mike McDaniel, and Kellen Moore(?)
  2. Also Las Vegas is interviewing Josh McDaniels.
  3. Well, it's not like they needed the Wasp anymore... Evangeline Lilly posted on her IG that she was at the anti-vaccine mandate rally on Sunday in Washington, DC. In that rally, keynote speaker RFK, Jr. compared mandates to the Holocaust.
  4. Oh yeah, and the ex-coach from Last Chance U also piped up about it yesterday. Dude is looking like a slab of bacon left out in the sun. I can fucking smell the whiskey in this video.
  5. Oh when the Giants hire Daboll out from under the Dolphins' noses (snouts?) I'm going to have a response for you.
  6. Dan Quinn is staying in Dallas.
  7. lol They really are going to fuck this up, aren't they.
  8. I know this can be hard to believe... but people are allowed to be fans of, and spend money on, both companies.
  9. THE U is in 1st in the ACC! Even the TV producer is shocked because that score didn't change lol.
  10. Amy Schnieder's 40 game reign of terror on Jeopardy! has ended. She ended up with $1.38 million. Yowza.
  11. Ash Barty has become the first Aussie finalist in the AO for the first time since 1980. She'll face American Danielle Collins. In the Men's draw: Tsitsipas and Medvedev face in one semi. Berrettini and Nadal are in the other.
  12. My partner and I both said after the movie, oh that wasn't Dillon saying that, that was Jamie Foxx saying "I'm ready to Executive Produce this Disney. Call me ASAP."
  13. Electro, post-cure, tells his Peter Parker that he thought he'd be black. And what a dream to have a black Spider-Man.
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