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  1. This is as good a time as any to get Kofi/Ali out of the way. As I'm guessing it's all but a mortal lock that Kofi's title reign ends - probably against Roman - when the Saudi PPV happens.
  2. Deal is done. Seattle now has the 29th pick
  3. Been lucky for title changes. I've seen all of them change hands live except for Universal: Sid d. Shawn Michaels (SurSer '96) Big Show d. Brock Lesnar AND Shawn Michaels d. HHH (SurSer '02) REDACTED d. HHH/Shawn Michaels (Mania XX) John Cena d. Edge (Rumble '06) Shinsuke Nakamura d. Samoa Joe (Takeover: Brooklyn 2) Drew McIntyre d. Bobby Roode (Takover: Brooklyn 3) Too many IC/US/Tag switches to remember. Also: Matt Taven d. Jay Lethal/Marty Scrull AND Kazucha Okada d. Jay White (G1 Supercard)
  4. Brooklyn owner Joe Tsai is $35k poorer after this tweet:
  5. Bullet Club Is Fine.
  6. I want the network to play nothing but Bray's kids show from now through the heat death of the universe.
  7. There's... So much wrong here...
  8. You are worse at footie than this dog.
  9. The Mixed Match Challenge is going to be so fun this year.
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