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  1. So Windhorst is reporting that Brooklyn is apparently totally fucking up the KD trade: 1. The Nets fully expected to have a bidding war for Durant. This has not happened, teams made their offers and that's it. 2. They raised their asking price for Durant after the Minnesota trade for Gobert. The other teams' GMs said essentially, lol, the Wolves massively overpaid and to get bent. 3. They thought Mitchell would be traded almost immediately after Rudy, which would in turn allow them to raise their asking price again. But Utah isn't in a rush to move him, so the ripple to the Nets is they're stuck. 4. It seems people know the can't mortgage their entire future for a 2-3 years of KD. Yes, he's KD, but no one's willing to fuck themselves for the next decade to get him.
  2. PJ Tucker took to IG to say goodbye to Miami. I seriously love Jimmy so much.
  3. Well doubles had some drama: And y'all want robot umps for baseball. lol
  4. Member titles are back. Just saying.
  5. I, for one, can't wait for Universal Studios to have a Mindflayer roller coaster where you spin like a top as you get thrown into the 'upside down.'
  6. Random things popping up on my twitter feed that remind me of this silly board:
  7. Calling it right now... there's going to be a *VERY* tempting prop bet in this game on whether or not the Cleveland D will outscore their own or both offenses. And not for nothing, but when is the last time an NFL team had an all black QB battery? Watson-Brisset are the QB's on the roster now. I honestly can't think of the last time that's happened.
  8. The picture up there makes me ask so many questions.... aside from what is Cody wearing. Why does the skull on the Nightmare Factory logo appear to be eating an apple? What's up with the astroturf? Who are all these 140lb dorks watching and taking notes? And are they watching Mr. Perfect wrestling *squints* Roman Reigns?
  9. Finished this last night. The Duffer Brothers are reaching Tarantino levels of "I need an editor." I'm positive they did those final scenes within like the last 3 months because, I'm positive the reason they did this season they way it was done was to split everyone up into Covid pods, so if one person got it, the entire production wouldn't have to shut down. Also Dustin looked a couple of years older than he had 30 minutes before.
  11. TJ Warren and Edmond Sumner are leaving Indiana. They both get a 1 year Prove It deal with Brooklyn
  12. or you, who refuses to read a few posts back.
  13. Dennis Dodd is reporting that the Big 12 is trying to add 6 teams from the Pac 12. Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah are specifically mentioned. The other two are believed to be Oregon and Washington.
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