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  1. Kevin Owens stealing Day 1 is a very pleasant surprise. Honestly, this wasn't that bad.
  2. DAY 9 The second round of the tournament begins with Andre-Hogan II. You can clearly tell this is one of the reasons fPOTUS wanted to "host" this event because this (and Warrior's entrance) were the only times he's actually looked in the direction of the ring for any extended period of time. The production is also very weird. Because *this* is when they show why we're doing this tournament in the first place. Clearly showing the difference in this show being for the hardcore fans (because knowledge of the product is expected) and today's casual fan approach (where they'd tell you what and why this is happening before the first match). Also, the recap is done right after Andre surrenders the title to DiBiase, and none of the Jack Tunney stuff aft.... Oh wait. Does Vince hate Tunney now enough to cut him out of the PPV? Regardless, it's funny to hear them talk about Andre being 7'4" and Hogan being 6'8" because I'm 6' tall and... But anyway, it's a COMPLETE horseshit Double DQ as Hogan blatantly hits Andre with the steel chair first. Also, the funniest moment of this match is Hogan's inability to get through the curtain to get into the arena and a clearly annoyed Vince having to pull the curtain for him. That was great.
  3. We're at One Man Gang and Bam Bam Bigelow now. I'll let you guys in on a bit of gay bear culture. There's a party that's been happening since the 1970's on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Asbury Park for guys who are into bears/leather culture. It's called Santa Saturday. Both Bammer and OMG (and very much Oliver Humperdink) look like they'd fit in comfortably. (Again, especially Humperdink.) And now we're onto the infamous Roberts/Rude match. Both guys were clearly at half-speed for the duration of this match. No, like half of half speed. The match goes the full 15 minutes to the draw as at least 6-7 of those were Rude headlocking Jake. It's honestly baffling booking. Both guys are super talented, Roberts is hyper-over with the 1988 crowd, Rude a little less so, but still loads of heat. And slowly but surely, they just lose the crowd completely until the "Boring" chants are in full effect. Such an odd match. And that wraps the first round. Hercules is sent up next to job for the new signee, some dude named Warrior? Eh. Whatever, probably a flash in the pan. Okerlund and Vanna White go over the first round and show us the bracket for the first time in this PPV (unless they cut it from the original broadcast), and now it's clear that we missed out on Savage-Steamboat II and Hogan putting over DiBiase (lol). And that's a wrap for Day 8.
  4. DAY 8 So when my friends and I were picking who we thought would win the tournament, I thought Ricky Steamboat was ready to win it all. And that he'd face Jake the Snake in the finals. My buddy thought it was going to be Savage/Jake in the finals, with Savage winning. Greg Valentine was my shocking intro into reality. I'm pretty sure Steamboat was on his way out at this point as somehow he's allowed to bring future "Future WWE Champion" Richie Steamboat to the ring with him. I honestly don't remember, but wasn't Richie one of the guys that DeMott bullied so much he quit? Anyway, Valentine wins here, and I remember being so god damned pissed about it I had to pace around my house for a while. Savage and Butch Reed are on next. The quickness of this match makes me think of how much better they could have been given more than 5 minutes. I still wonder to this day why Reed was given the Natural gimmick. (Yes, I know this was meant to be a swipe at Ric Flair and the NWA. But was this a comment on racism in the NWA? Was it racist itself? Why is Slick dressing in such neutral colors when he's got a pimp vibe? And WHY is "Jive Soul Bro" dubbed over?) Note, this was probably filmed in Bridgeport, CT (note the 203 area code at the end). And fun fact, Bridgeport still looks like that to this day!
  5. For the record, while I didn't like the match, the above sentences are why you shouldn't post when you're high. Yes, I'm aware of their history. My sarcasm didn't come across at all, so I RuPaulogize for that.
  6. Remember how HHH said they were writing out Roman in a "creative", "fun" way? Well, they replaced him with Braun in the graphic, and then pretended he didn't exist. Awesome.
  7. Alright, let's wrap up Day 7's ride: It's THE TOURNAMENT~! Quick story, after The Main Event match with the reveal that Dave Hebner's evil twin had screwed Hogan out of the title, I... being 11, and not knowing what to do with my emotions (since I already hated Hogan) called a Miami sports radio show and started yelling about what had just happened. I don't think I'd ever heard a more disappointed adult in my life when I told them that Andre had just handed the belt over to the Million Dollar Man. Whoever the co-host was knew exactly what I was talking about, but the host was *very* serious sports are serious. So I embarrassed myself, or maybe he did. Eh. Now, it's a 14 man tournament after the belt was held up after Andre's surrender of the title was not recognized. Hogan-Andre got a bye in the first round and were set to fight in the second round. We begin the first of the 6(!) first round matches. Ted DiBiase gets Jim Duggan in the first round. I can't imagine these two hooked up before they got to WWF, because they have no chemistry together in the ring. I'm putting most of the blame of that on Duggan though because DiBiase was unstoppable at this point. Don Muraco was in his "The Rock" phase at his point, and it's fucking distracting to keep hearing that name and not see Duane Johnson. And here's Superstar Billy Graham in one of his "I don't currently hate Vince" appearances. Anyway, he beats Dino Bravo in a Free Year of Steroids to the Winner match. Here ends Day 7.
  8. WRESTLEMANIA IV So, yeah, the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Fun fact, 2 weeks ago, Atlantic City declared the building a public safety hazard because it's been closed and abandoned for 6 years now, and part of the facade are falling off the building and a few pieces have come close to hitting the boardwalk below. Once this COVID stuff has passed, be sure to keep an eye on that story because... lol. Also, though it's branded as Trump Plaza, it's actually across the street at the AC Convention Center. Speaking of things that should have been abandoned 6 years ago... yes, I mentioned the future President of the United States is sitting front row center with his overcoiffed hair and his too long tie. Sitting next to him is his then wife Ivana, a guy with a horrific jet black wig who I think is the president of the Trump Organization. Anyway, I should note how disinterested he is in the majority of what's happening but clearly pleased (or bemused, I can't tell) that he's helped put on this show. That's all I'll say about him. --- Before THE TOURNAMENT~ we get the first ever "Let's get everyone who isn't in a feud onto the card" Battle Royale. 20 men, over the top rope rules. It's only interesting for 2 reasons. First is George Steele never actually getting into the match, at any time. Gorilla is *insistent* that he went in and got eliminated quickly, but Jesse correctly points out that was never the case. I honestly do not know why he was out there aside from one comedy spot. And second, is Bad News Brown winning and Bret Hart's subsequent face turn and the ignition on his ascension up the card as a solo act. BNB is Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is frighteningly uncanny. Same mannerisms, same movement. I really hope Steve bought him a beer or two, or a car, or house, or something... because... God damn. Bret is beginning to show flashes of brilliance, and of course within 5 years, would be world champ. Had he not had a falling out with the WWF, Brown absolutely should have been on that level too. Shame he's gone.
  9. So, to wrap up Mania 3... Vince clearly knew he had two nuclear bombs in Savage/Steamboat and Hogan/Andre, so the definition of cooler matches happen next. Jake Roberts taking (I think) his first WWF singles loss to the Honky Tonk Man. Who I'm sure was signed as a Fuck You to Jerry Lawler. And who entered into a hyper push almost by accident after taking the IC title from Steamboat and pissing off the entire planet for a year as champ. And hey, Alice Cooper! And The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff beating the Killer Bees as Hacksaw Jim Duggan blatantly cost the Bees the match. At first the B's were like, WTF, and Duggan starts chanting USA, USA, and they're suddenly cool with losing at Mania. They *really* should have turned on him here, but instead just smiled like idiots as they left. And now the main event, Andre vs. Hogan. This match is absolutely a testament to Vince's ability to book out a long term feud that made sense, had a ton of moving parts, worked around everyone's strengths and limitations, and delivered the ending everyone needed and deserved. I don't know how much stock to put in anything Hulk says these days, but I'll take him somewhat at his word that he didn't know going in if Andre was going to shoot on him and make himself champion. But what was clear was Andre was no longer 100% (and never would be again) and there were clearly planned spots that Andre simply couldn't do any more. (The back body drop on the outside being the most egregious of them. Overall, this truly felt like the first Mania where you can see Vince's true ambition and see how this show became what it is today. (Well, not today, but in 2019... and will be again, fingers crossed, in 2021.)
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