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  1. Now you're in the sunken place.
  2. That's your punishment for jetting off to the stars instead of staying with your crew in Los Santos.
  3. He *did* beat Shane last year.
  4. Uh huh. Remember what Hell's Kitchen looks like: As for that trailer, yes it looks good. Vulture looks phenomenal. Makes me want to see what Feige can do with Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, and even Venom. Tony's looking like a mentor-type, which has both good and bad implications, as I've said before. And I really, really hope that isn't the final fight scene they just gave away in the trailer.
  5. So, we know the following: Lesnar's winning Owens' winning Bayley's losing The Club's winning At least Owens-Zayn was okay?
  6. Why March Madness rules. Part #201792
  7. NFL

    Price of doing business. You're having a multi-billion dollar stadium handed to you and you don't have a place to go until it's ready... well shoot, let's set $50 million of it (less than 3%) on fire. Otherwise, tell me where else they go? Like I said, Oakland, SF, LA, and Phoenix are all almost assuredly going to laugh in his face if he asks to play there.
  8. The spoilers are there for people who don't want to know what Vulture's motivations are. Which can be summarized as:
  9. NFL

    Hey, novel fucking concept, if you think the university's locker rooms/security need upgrades... PAY FOR THEM YOURSELF. Oakland is microns away from telling you to fuck yourself now and forever and unless you want to play in Reno for the next 3 years, you'd better start making nice with the new community. I sincerely doubt the 49ers/Cardinals/Ram-gers are going to share their field with you.
  10. Just thinking about it, is Maryse the first wrestler to participate in 3 non-consecutive Wrestlemanias?
  11. Movie

    THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBINGS, MISSOURI (RED BAND TRAILER for language) Starring Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Peter Dinklage, John Hawkes Directed by Martin McDonaugh (7 Pyschopaths, In Bruges) 100% all in.
  12. See, I thought that at first, but unless Kurt is going to manage AA, they're on the pre-show. I figured you shouldn't have both tag title matches on the pre-show. And short of that ? being Lita, they're the most likely candidate to move down. (Followed closely by the CW title.) Plus Enzo's stuff will work best when the stadium is full like it will be when the main show starts. No need to waste that on a half-empty stadium.
  13. Michael Shannon is apparently the finalist to play Nate Summers. If they do not have Deadpool "breaking his neck" at some point during the movie...