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  1. Movie

    Wind River Starring Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, and Jon Bernthal
  2. NFL

    Victor Cruz to the Bears, 1 year.
  3. Out of curiosity, is there a female lead play-by-play announcer in pro wrestling? JR is great, though I think a lead female voice would make this incredibly unique.
  4. This is Oakland HC Jack Del Rio talking about Seth Rich. (Google it, shake your head, return.) Jack Del Rio should probably stop talking about Seth Rich.
  5. Chris Bosh and Miami have come to an agreement to part ways. The paperwork will probably be filed on 7/1 when the new CBA goes into effect, which will allow the Heat to get the most cap room back possible and pay out Bosh's salary through insurance. He will be free to explore free agency, though I'm guessing a guy with a history of clotting is going to have a hard time finding work - especially at anywhere near what he was making before.
  6. NFL

    Colin Kaepernick had a "long meeting" with the Seahawks yesterday. Since he's objectively light years better than Jake Heaps and Trevone Boykin, I hope he gets signed.
  7. Here's the main antagonist of Far Cry 5. Nice to see Daniel Bryan keeping busy.
  8. Current A-Lister, got started as an actor and then buff in and around 2005, it's not Butler.... It's Fassbender.
  9. Frankly, this is what I wanted. Mainly because this is *literally* how Jinder ended up with the WWE Championship:
  10. Didn't they just sign Io Shirai? There are worse ways to introduce the world to her.
  11. Smashville's in the Stanley Cup Finals. Shane's idiocy can go screw for the next 2-3 weeks.
  12. This being said, the story was Gerard Butler and the rest of the male cast were semi-pissed when they saw the final product, because they had done an absolutely insane workout/diet for 3 months and they all felt like they were in the best shape of any of their lives. And Snyder still CGI'ed in 6 pack abs and bigger muscles.
  13. NFL

    Grr. You DO know I can ban you now.... And Gronkowski is going to be too busy being President.
  14. NFL

    Hopefully Tom Brady will be retired by then. The '23 Super Bowl bidding process is going to be a complete farce, because Las Vegas and the shiny new Raiders stadium is an absolute mortal lock to get it.