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  1. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross yesterday apparently made it known he really, really likes Joe Burrow. Pair that with this:
  2. Captain Marvel 2 has been greenlit for a 2022 release. Marvel's looking for a female director to helm the Megan McDonnell (WandaVision) script. --- The current idea is to have Carol be in the present day and struggling for about an hour and 45 minutes before she realizes she's completely OP.
  3. February 8 will be hosted by Rupaul. Justin Bieber will be the musical guest.
  4. The Flyers and Philly police have both said their reviews have found this allegation to be meritless. Gritty, in an act of unspeakable magnanimity, will release their families, unharmed.
  5. I've said it before... I'll say it again. HT's work best when the movie they're doing is bad, since Joker was actually good, this was a slough to sit through. Aside from saying "Boy the hot takes were sure wrong about this one", there's no insight about the movie, and they're not doing anything other than spoilering the movie. Not even the cast names at the end were funny.
  6. Here's what's on tap for tonight: FOR THE NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP - Roderick Strong (c) vs. Keith Lee Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament Second Round: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Undisputed Era (Fish/O'Reilly) The BROserweights (Riddle/Dunne) vs. Imperium (Barthel/Aichner) Probably a bunch of other stuff setting up Worlds Collide.
  7. I swear, he'd better be the one to flip the coin..
  8. Starting this season, Miller Park will be renamed American Family Field. The jokes just write themselves.
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