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  1. In one of those... "oh, this might have some effect on the product down the line" news... Disney has fired Ike Perlmutter, chairman of Marvel Entertainment, in part of the cost cutting layoffs. Never forget though....
  2. So I'm just going by what Wiki says is the order from now on as the nerds over there can fight and bicker all day about it. Anywho.... happy anniversary to this:
  3. Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends... (unless the CBA is coming close) ...come inside, come inside. We begin the 2023 season with a poll! Oh dear... we must pray that the Phanatic forgives our insolence. PLAY BALL~!
  4. ELEMENTAL Starring Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, and Catherine O'Hara(~) Pixar's latest debuts in theaters on June 16. -- Pixar: "lol can you imagine falling in love with someone you're not supposed to?" Queers worldwide: (That said, this looks amazing.)
  5. Oh good, I felt like weeping like a baby again...
  6. Before you read this, remember that Miles Austin is currently suspended for a year for gambling on non-NFL games.
  7. Reason 79,283 that Robin Williams was the best of us.
  8. Yup, things still going great with the new rules.
  9. Pelissero says the owners have approved the use of #0 on jerseys.
  10. Liv Tyler on set for Cap 4: https://twitter.com/thunderbnews/status/1640768543812714507?s=20
  11. Scorcese is one of those directors you'd never dare ad lib in front of. The point of the scene is to show that Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) is a very scary psycho who they're all clearly afraid of. It's like if you were out walking and ran across a fox (since you're in Ingleterre). You know it can be friendly so you may approach it or even like it. But you can never, ever lose track of the fact that it is a wild animal who can and WILL bite if provoked. And the fun part is, you'll never know what provokes it. --- Back to Mania news, apparently the Hell in the Cell will go back to it's original color for the Balor-Edge match.
  12. My main pushback is the Rhea/Charlotte match's whole build has been based on the 2020 match. If that's the case, then it really should take the same spot the '20 match did, and that's first on the 2nd night. End night one with Bianca retaining and the tag title switch.
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