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  1. I'm gonna need to push back a little bit on the concept of Justin James Watt being 'in his prime.' Anywho... the Cardinals are un-retiring #99 (Marshall Goldberg) and giving it to Watt.
  2. Add Sarah Logan's name to the anti-masker community
  3. The Astros began Spring Training games today.
  4. Drew/Bobby poses the absolute risk of cutting the legs out from under Lashley though, since I'm guessing Drew would go over. (I cannot see senior citizen Edge dethroning the absolute best thing they have in I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS Roman.) The match should be great. Also, the only wildcards I'd think are Brock and/or Goldberg. And frankly, I'd only book those two if they agree to put over Lashley. I've said it before, I'll say it again. The faster you get Dijakovic and Yim the hell away from those other goofs, the better. Also, I'm sure Vince had to be talked out of doing a Ja
  5. If being an admin here has taught me anything, is never underestimate the power of pedantry. Oh, before I forget, this is just a one-off limited series right? There's no Season 2 coming?
  6. Might as well start the thread. Barring a catastrophe, and in this day and age... who the f knows... there will be a March Madness tournament. Whoever is playing in a tournament starts this weekend, the tournament itself starts in 2 weeks (3/18). Everyone plays in Indiana, and the finals will be at Lucas Oil Stadium. As weird as it's going to be... here we go:
  7. Stop making Rippa giggle uncontrollably. It's discomfiting.
  8. The "Eyes of Texas" thing going on in Austin feels like a controversy from a simpler time.
  9. New York City went on lockdown on the weekend of March 13th. Things were getting crazy. Hundreds and then thousands of people were being infected by the novel coronavirus. A friend of mine had travelled to Brazil in early March and because of getting infected and hospitalized, didn't come back to New York until May. Some other people I knew weren't so lucky. There's this bar I frequent called Rockbar. It's a small space (because every bar in New York is) where guys go and see friends, drink a lot for a cheap price, and have a very sleazy good time. About a dozen people I knew were in
  10. The G League is investigating an incident where Jeremy Lin was apparently called "coronavirus."
  11. DAY 127 John Cena, movie star, is back inexplicably once again as a babyface. But mostly because he said he will not wrestle at this year's WrestleMania. I still think he has one last heel Hollywood star run in him like Rock in 2003, but he has absolutely earned his right to do whatever he wants. As someone on the board pointed out, there is no one on the current roster who is even remotely in the mainstream zeitgeist, especially with John Cena being gone. But anyway, Cena's saying "I'm not wrestling" is Vince's way of him laying out a challenge. Well, Bray Wyatt and his n
  12. Oh boy. This has all kinds of potential (to go wrong)...
  13. Gronk wins the 24/7 Title after diving onto everyone on the roster without a match. Notably, Gronk really, REALLY didn't want to do the spot until Vince did it himself in rehearsals. As Rippa said at the time, I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to do a spot he's never been trained how to do. -- When I saw Bayley for the first time, I remember thinking, "She's connecting with the crowd and all, but not that impressive after that." It's really, really amazing how much better she's gotten over the years. Her heel turn in 2019 has made some inspired work from her. She works as an a
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