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  1. It should be noted the state of Indiana today announced they are moving to Phase 5 reopening. No restrictions on indoor & outdoor gatherings. Only masks are required (lol). So, expect 77,000 for the next ND home game on 10/10. I'd say God help us, but he's too busy fixing games for Notre Dame.
  2. We'll know a lot more about Takeover 31 after tonight:
  3. Knicks will probably end Free Agency with $39M in cap room
  4. DAY 77 So we're 16 matches into THE STREAK~ and, realistically, no one has been a legit threat to end it. Maybe Batista... MAYBE Hunter... but that is absolutely it, and even saying HHH is pushing it. So, when Undertaker was looking around for an opponent for the "TWENTYFIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF WRESTLEMANIA"... a suitably epic opponent was needed. The call came to the guy who was the first to ever win the WWF/E Grand Slam... the four time world champion... the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. And for the first time, a guy who was absolutely a legitimate threat to end the streak. As he
  5. SUPERNOVA Starring Stanley Tucci & Colin Firth -- This is going to rip my heart out of my chest. My goodness.
  6. Oh jesus.... Nia Jax is (Un-?) intentionally pushing a Q Anon conspiracy shirt on her Instagram.
  7. Where is @piranesi... He's needed now more than ever.
  8. Jeff Hardy challenged Edge for the World Championship at Rumble '09, which was thwarted by Matt. So the years long will they or won't they fight in a match that has consequences has come to this. And the answer to that question, is of course no, because this match has/had no consequences. I seem to recall that Christian was the original idea to fight Jeff (for the title?) but Vince changed his mind. I'll say, the video production team deserves a gold star for making this match seem like a career for career match with like every title in WWE on the line. I remember at the time coming o
  9. Denver (Vic Fangio), San Francisco (Kyle Shannahan), and Seattle (Pete Carroll) have all been fined $250,000 as a team because their coaches did not wear masks on the sidelines. Additionally, the coaches have been personally fined $100,000 each. Good.
  10. Boy if Retribution didn't look like a bunch of geeks before. . .
  11. Minnesota LB Anthony Barr tore his pec and is done for the year. The injury montage on UrinatingTree's recap this week is going to be insane.
  12. DAY 77 Chris Jericho stole Randy Orton's legend killer gimmick and had been beating up Hall of Famers for a month or two. The point was to goad Ric Flair into a match, Flair said no, and a three on one handicap match was done instead. The video recap isn't really clear, and since this was like the 6th feud down the card from 11 years ago, I honestly don't remember if they were actually trying to get Flair to come back or just get him involved and get him a paycheck. Anyway, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Ricky Steamboat are here to provide the competition for Jericho.
  13. The New York Football Team is going to kick the tires on Devonta Freeman with Saquon possibly suffering an ACL tear.
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