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  1. I think this is a bit of a false equivalence. Even shows like BB tend to have recaps at the start, plus wrestling has a lot more room for exposition (promos, commentary) which wouldn’t work in other shows. I think filling in plot points is perfectly reasonable and can easily be done in a way which doesn’t beat you over the head and go all recap overkill like WWE. If I’m understanding @Goodear’s point correctly, it’s that the Dynamite viewer shouldn’t need knowledge of BTE, etc. to understand key plot point/character motivations. I think it’s good to have stuff on the main show that refere
  2. It’s strange because I think Nick is usually fine in the backstage bits, although maybe it’s because he just sinks into the background with Matt hamming it up. Matt is pretty objectively terrible at the acting stuff. So if you’ve got one guy who is presumably not that comfortable doing this stuff and one who isn’t good at it, why do they continue to force them into these roles? Fair enough if it was one or two times, but the conflicted Bucks shit feels like it’s been a recurring storyline for a year+. With the overarching Callis and Omega story there seems to be a bit of a disconnect betw
  3. I think you could be right. I don’t watch regularly so I’m not sure how heel-ish she is generally but, although she was obviously in the dominant heel role, she didn’t do anything too heel-ish during the match. During her celebration I was thinking she seemed very smiley and genuine looking, which seemed odd for a monster heel. Kai noticeably didn’t come back out to celebrate either. Dominant ass-kicker, who can work, seems like a fairly easy sell to get over as a face, especially with Ripely now gone from that spot.
  4. Good call, that’d be a nice end to that angle. Although I don’t have much interest in SCU, it’d be nice to have them get a couple of higher profile wins on Dynamite to build the angle a bit more. It feels a bit dead having been tucked away on Dark, other than that one 8 man with The Bucks which feels ages ago.
  5. I wouldn’t discredit Brock too much, although I partially agree. Part of the appeal was that those matches broke the formula. Of course, they then became overly formulaic themselves. I associate the finisher spam shit with Goldberg more than Brock (although Brock was guilty as well). Again, part of the reason the Goldberg/Brock Mania match worked was because it broke the formula. Making that it’s own formula is stupid and only works if you have a sense of escalation (which itself is a bad idea), but WWE never did that so it was just the same couple moves on repeat. The two title matches a
  6. That JD Drake/Baron Black match on Dark was really good. I’ve been quite impressed with Black the last few times I’ve seen him. His gear does nothing for him though. So was the end game of Sky’s ladder match win and subsequent heel turn just a pivot into another team? Feels underwhelming. I actually like the combo though, I’m preferring Sky’s heel work and tag guy feels like the right position for him. Plus, I think it’s a better slot to build Page from, as I don’t think he’s worth a featured solo slot yet. Not a bad end result really but a bit of a strange way to get there, par
  7. They don’t seem to have an appearance lined up, so hopefully I’m not too late getting this suggestion in and TK will see it in time. QT’s boys need to be called The Dream Factory.
  8. Brock as an absent champion from 2014 onwards was a good thing (albeit mostly badly executed) and should have been used as a sort of reset for the WWE’s presentation/booking style. Also, despite the diminishing returns, Brock matches were generally the most interesting thing about any given card during that time.
  9. It’s weird because I think some of these are perfectly reasonable/sensible and, although I don’t agree with some, I can at least see the thinking behind them (belt/strap presumably is part of Vince’s we don’t want to be too rasslin’ thing). But then some really are just bizarre, like the aforementioned interesting and the medical centre thing. I wonder whether anyone ever questions any of this shit.
  10. Disclaimer first, this is only really based on ppv stuff as I haven’t followed main roster tv in years, plus I haven’t watched much WWE at all during the pandemic. AJ’s WWE run has been underwhelming and his title runs, in particular, were pretty bad. Ambrose matches were unremarkable. Cena matches were my turn-your turn finishing runs stretched out to full matches. Owens, Nakamura and Joe series’ were disappointing. Even the Bryan matches were a bit forgettable. Plus he looks like such a fucking dork with that stupid hair and chin strap beard (I don’t think this bit is a hot take th
  11. I had no issue with this, partly because I’ve got no interest in QT being presented as any kind of major threat, but it also plays into the story being told. QT is a ‘never was’ who’s not on Cody’s level and is only in this position because he’s his right hand man. Now he’s jealous but he can’t beat Cody, so he uses the advantage he does have - he’s a good coach with loyal students - and uses it against Cody. It’s actually a good setup for a heel manager and he could even bring in more guys down the line.
  12. I don’t think this would be an issue, the same argument could pretty much apply to Omega and they’ve made him their lead heel. I think as long as they’re positioned against likeable/over faces then their opponents will get cheered. Plus, with Cody’s talk of foregoing traditional face/heel dynamics I wouldn’t expect split crowd reactions to concern them. Yeah, I think their booking has been a bit of a mess for about a year and that’s partly because they didn’t commit to a heel turn, they’ve spent a lot of time being not very likeable and there hasn’t really been a payoff/redemption to j
  13. That was really fun wasn’t it. A QT Marshall angle and it was good! I’m hoping it’s more of a vehicle for the younger guys and he fades into a coach role, but either way that was a good start. It almost had a vibe of the Nexus debut, with the young guys breaking out unexpectedly with a violent beat down. Most promising thing from the Inner Circle/Pinnacle angle for me is the prospect of Santana/Ortiz as faces, thing they could be really fun as shit-talking ass kickers. Really fun main, I enjoy these main event blow offs for mid card angles, everyone came out looking good and a nice f
  14. I think Kane may have squashed both Hardys early in his run, although not sure if it was an actual match, I just remember a double choke slam spot being used in video packages. I can’t actually think of any title matches between them, but there was the fairly high-profile Kane-Matt feud over Lita years later. On a similar theme, what would be some of the most WTF squashes in hindsight? Future stars on the losing end against guys who flamed out/became career jobbers themselves?
  15. I’m sure I’ve seen it criticised on here before, but my favourite bit of Andrade offence is the running kick fake-out into a back elbow because it always has this balance of fluidity mixed with almost sloppiness, which makes it look violent. It’s one of the few signature counter to a counter moves that I think actually works because it looks like he’s legitimately going for the kick and it would hurt if the opponent didn’t move. Almost as though he’s throwing the strike in a way to increase the chances of success, rather than the success of the strike relying on the opponent reacting in a spec
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