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  1. Don't know if anyone here is reading the BETA RAY BILL limited series but the writer/artist must be a wrestling fan. Bill uses Shingo's Made In Japan on a certain all-powerful villain in the latest issue.
  2. I saw EC3 at a Chipotle in Tampa once. That's all I got.
  3. Signing Christian might be the smartest decision this company could make. He wrestles so intelligently. I went into that match knowing Kaz would not win but the layout of the match and Christian's selling was so on-point. I totally bought the Flux Capacitor as the finish. If he can coach up the youngsters they have in the locker room, then the sky's the limit for that roster.
  4. Kyle O'Reilly's new "Jimmy Neutron"-inspired haircut is the worst aesthetic decision a wrestler has made since Cody's neck tattoo.
  5. That ending was a possible hint of things to come. Page and FTR are a nice 3-out-of-4 Horsemen. Maybe they add a guy like Spears to complete the group?
  6. Not to go full Cornette but that's just too many damn champions. Even better, the image is missing someone: Rob Gronkowski, the 24/7 Champion.
  7. It just hit me that Moss looks just like former Nu-Nexus member, Mason Ryan.
  8. That main event was like something you'd book in an E-Fed. Really great work all around. Poor DB got crunched by Ali on the 054. Hopefully he's alright.
  9. I believe that's former MTV VJ Kennedy with Dolph. Interesting couple.
  10. I'm glad that they realized Dar's money is in being a sleazy heel. His accent makes everything sound so gross.
  11. In one of his many shoots, Scott Hall accused Vince of purposely failing him for a drug test after he told Vince he was leaving for WCW in 1996.
  12. How many grapes did Matt eat before this became a good idea?
  13. Preparing for his new gimmick of El Hijo del Dread Pirate Roberts.
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