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  1. That main event was like something you'd book in an E-Fed. Really great work all around. Poor DB got crunched by Ali on the 054. Hopefully he's alright.
  2. I believe that's former MTV VJ Kennedy with Dolph. Interesting couple.
  3. I'm glad that they realized Dar's money is in being a sleazy heel. His accent makes everything sound so gross.
  4. In one of his many shoots, Scott Hall accused Vince of purposely failing him for a drug test after he told Vince he was leaving for WCW in 1996.
  5. How many grapes did Matt eat before this became a good idea?
  6. Preparing for his new gimmick of El Hijo del Dread Pirate Roberts.
  7. Ryan Coogler is officially on-board to direct Black Panther.
  8. I'm going to guess it's Owen Hart since WWE just released a new DVD about his career.
  9. Good lord, Becky needs to ease up on the tanner. She looks jaundiced.
  10. Warning: This will cause grown men to tear up.
  11. Here's another reading of the film by Indiewire's Andre Seewood of how the film pioneers "hyper-tokenism" with Finn. Hyper-Tokenism: 'The Force Awakens' While the Black Man Sleeps
  12. Don't forget Quasi-Juice Guerrera.
  13. According to the Miami Herald via PFT, there's a disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff where the front office thinks Tannehill 'is one of the best QBs in the league' while the coaching staff just consider him a game manager. I think the front office has to believe that considering they drafted him but it doesn't make it true.
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