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  1. This wasn't a "Fuck this company" PPV but it was definitely an "...OK, you do that" PPV.
  2. FTFY
  3. Here's hoping Angle was on the phone with Braun at the end of the show.
  4. Smash Wrestling is coming to The Fight Network.
  5. People had already interfered in cage matches when Hell in a Cell happened and a thought to be dead monster ripping the door off the cage is a much cooler finish than a manager climbing a ladder and dropping a briefcase to someone.
  6. I think this man takes the title: Or maybe these guys:
  7. If it wasn't the first women's MITB match, I don't think as many people would complain about the finish but the fact that they spent weeks hyping how this was the first ever match and how big of an opportunity it was for the women only to have a male be the one to actually get the briefcase is at least why I didn't like it.
  8. My thoughts as a ppv is finishing probably shouldn't be "Why does WWE hate St. Louis so much?" In ring stuff was good but pretty much negated by awful finishes. I did like the debut of the Kanellis'ses's And to top it all off, no Brain Claw with Baron Von Raschke sitting right there.
  9. I think Sydal's is prettier but I like London's SSP best because it looks like it hurts the opponent more.
  10. It can't be taped before Smackdown because then it wouldn't be 205 LIVE. They'd have to lower the weight limit by 1 pound so they could tape the show early and call it "204 Before"
  11. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT'S BOLD! (haven't even watched the show yet, just wanted to post this.)
  12. I like Enzo's new gimmick of getting knocked out every week. Hopefully the reveal is the entire roster is in cahoots attacking him.
  13. Someone named Les Moore has a wrestling podcast and it's not called "Les is Moore"? *I've been drinking and there is a very good chance that the name sounded better in my head.*
  14. It just had to be...them. Proud of the Sens, they were almost Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania but will have to settle for being Jeff Hardy in a ladder match vs The Undertaker.