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  1. https://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/drew-gulak-released-from-wwe/#.XsCH_TNE00E PWInsider reported it too
  2. I'm going to assume that this was auto-correct and that @RIPPA spends a lot of time discussing Bull Buchanan.
  3. My one criticism is how he couldn't tell the Rougeaus apart. Ray had a mustache for their entire run, shouldn't be that hard to remember.
  4. As long as they can work this song into it, it'll be fine:
  5. Literally my reaction. "They're going to ruin the F-5 as a finish...the fuck?"
  6. Shotzi used a tank on the indies
  7. @D.Z has himself on ignore. 3 great matches and a solid debut for the Profits just made up for Rusev and Lashley having the worst pull-apart I've ever seen.
  8. This is why I hate 90% of other wrestling fans. What a shitty elitist thing to say. Why can't that be a dream match for someone and why put them on blast somewhere else to anonymously mock them? What's gained? We're getting so much great wrestling now in a time where dream matches across the board can be made. Could be Titus O'Neal vs Noam Dar, who cares? Skip it. Shitting on someone for being excited for a match is such garbage behavior. Yeah, yeah "Welcome to the internet", why be not awful when there's message board likes to get?
  9. Alexa's gimmick after losing a hair vs hair match
  10. For Ontario, I'll say Smash Wrestling, Greektown Wrestling and Superkick'd out of Toronto, Alpha-1 out of Hamilton, C4 out of Ottawa and Destiny Wrestling from Mississauga. All feature a mixture of local talent and indy "names". Aside from the potentially better known people like Mike Bailey, Lufisto and the Dark Order, the best local talents are: Josh Alexander- Just signed with Impact Wrestling. Has been the best all around worker in the area for years. Injuries, fatherhood and visa issues slowed him down for a bit but he's back full time and is just as good as when he left The Pillars- This is a group consisting of Tyson Dux, Tarik, Brent Banks and Sebastian Suave. Dux is a little bland promo wise but has been one of the best guys in the whole country for years. Can have a great match with anyone and has been key in the growth of the younger generation. Tarik is the best striker in Ontario. His chops and kicks sound like they kill guys. I put him as the best in the province once Alexander retired but now they are neck and neck. Brent Banks is one of the best high flyers in the country and is finally being noticed outside of Canada, getting some bookings in the UK. Suave is "The Endorsement", shilling products for his manager/agent Kingdom James. He's a good worker but is more of a heel then the other 3 and while good, not as good as the other 3. Psycho Mike- Fucking hilarious. Recently started a gimmick when he's feuding/teaming with his own conscience. Witty and creative, he's also jacked and is a really good in-ring talent to go with the gimmick. Also recently split with his old tag team partner Pepper Parks and just completed a tour for DDT. He wrestles Orange Cassidy this Saturday night for Smash which is going to rule. TDT- Mathieu St Jacques and Thomas Dubois are 2 French Canadian lumberjacks who are an excellent tag team, can fly and brawl and look like 2 guys who'll fight you to the death The Space Pirates- Space Monkey and Shane Sabre. As @Matt D once pointed out, Space Monkey seems to be the new successor to El Generico. He too has a ginger beard and does a comedy gimmick but he gets better every time I see him, is a great high flying babyface and utilizes his gimmick extremely well. Sabre started a few years before and took a little while to find his footing but he has turned into a solid hand and him and Space Monkey mesh well, they either currently hold or held 3-4 different promotions tag belts in Canadian and US indies. Channing Decker- usually teams with Trent Gibson in The Fraternity but has expanded into a singles career, primarily doing hardcore/deathmatch wrestling. His style might not be for everyone (Canadian destroyers off of ladders through tables etc) but he's a good worker, bumper and pretty charismatic too. He co-runs Greektown Wrestling with Gibson KillScreen- Scotty O'Shea and Mark Wheeler. O'Shea has been around for about 15 years now. Has a hacker gimmick including a keyboard as a weapon. Used to be the biggest babyface in Ontario but turned evil and emoish but is still a great worker. Wheeler is only a few years in but is already up there when it comes to the better Ontario talent. Learns quickly and gets better every match Vanessa Kraven- appeared in the second Mae Young Classic but got bounced in the first round. Known as "The Mountain" she is imposing and a very hard hitter. I'm literally shocked she hasn't signed anywhere yet as she is a million times better than Nia Jax and a billion times better than Tamina The Buffalo Brothers- a group of Pepper Park's students. Puf is 400 lbs and mostly a comedy character but is good for his size and experience. Kevin Bennett does a heel rapper gimmick and just won the Smash Wrestling title. He's a good talker and great at getting heat but his in-ring work ain't that great to me so I'm not looking forward to his title reign. Daniel Garcia aka Red Death just came back from a car crash that all 4 Buffalo Brothers were in. He fucked both his legs but managed to come back. He's already a really good submission and mat wrestler. Kevin Blackwood also just returned from the car crash. He's more of a high flyer who will bump huge and has a good look but his in-ring isn't quite there yet. RJ City- The Midnight Special. Has a tremendous asshole lounge singer gimmick and is the best talker in the country. Tons of charisma and can back it up in the ring. Should be signed somewhere. I could keep going with others (John Greed, Cody Deaner, KUSH, Matt Angel, Kobe Durst, KC Spinelli, Jody Threat) and I'm definitely forgetting some but there is a fantastic amount of talent in Ontario.
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