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  1. Except for the one wearing his mask below his nose. He deserved everything that happened to him.
  2. From Vince himself when young Shane thought Dracula was in his closet: "I went in that closet and started growling and yelling, having a battle. I threw a little furniture. Now Shane's really scared to death, until finally his dad walks out of the closet. I said, "Son, you never have to worry about Dracula again. Dracula's dead."
  3. I mean I like the Bucks but Taz has a judo black belt and Sullivan literally harnesses the power of Satan. Both are more intimidating than Matt Jackson.
  4. The match vs Paul London at No Mercy 2004 is sparkly jacket Kidman and pretty good but that was mostly London making the most of rare PPV time.
  5. I was thinking the other day that the reason I like Dark so much is it's the closest thing to WCW Saturday Night we've gotten since it ended and that is some of my favorite wrestling ever. Competitive squashes and mid card vs mid card/jobber vs jobbers where you have no clue who is winning. Great promo work tonight all around and Miro is All Elite. All that and the Raptors won, give me more Wednesdays like that.
  6. Anyone know @cwoy2j's favorite delayed Hebner count?
  7. Resident Evil. I missed most of his craziness so I mostly remember him constantly ending his posts saying he had to go and help someone but then he'd be posting long diatribes minutes later. I also remember him claiming to have the power to attract any woman or something like that. It got rightfully mocked on a Segunda Caida radio show that had the greatest cut off ending ever of DEAN saying that Juventud Guerrera was the sweetest piece of ass in all of wrestling
  8. Nothing is wrong with them personally = Nothing is wrong
  9. I was at an indy show with that stipulation. Cody Deaner vs "The Bearded Dragon" Scotty Turner. Being a fantastically bearded man myself, Deaner called upon me while beating up Turner on the outside and proceeded to scratch my beard while chopping Turner. Deaner won and just before he was about to cut the beard off, he proclaimed that the beard was too nice and they should form a team. They never teamed and Turner stopped wrestling soon after meaning the stipulation was ignored for nothing. Indy wrestling!
  10. https://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/drew-gulak-released-from-wwe/#.XsCH_TNE00E PWInsider reported it too
  11. I'm going to assume that this was auto-correct and that @RIPPA spends a lot of time discussing Bull Buchanan.
  12. My one criticism is how he couldn't tell the Rougeaus apart. Ray had a mustache for their entire run, shouldn't be that hard to remember.
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