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  1. I think this is from Puerto Rico. Bret mentioned taking a picture with his brother and Bruno in his book. Then he shit all over the Bruno vs Gorilla Monsoon cage match from that night.
  2. Holy shit. That main. Liked the first one better but holy shit. Every match delivered. Sign Dutch.
  3. Well that was a darn fun show. AEW has their fingers in many sinister soups right now and I'm actively looking forward to all of them. Wardlow's title win was nearly perfect. Scorpio and the ATT goons were a great foil and the crowd loved it. Hope Wardlow can help build back up the TNT title. You knew exactly what was happening when Matt Hardy came out during the Christian promo but it was still good. Lee/Swerve vs B&B ok and kept up the story between Lee and Swerve. I would like to see a Keith Lee vs Butcher match down the road. 3 way will be good and I especially liked the Bucks acknowledging the FTR chants. Looking forward to the Kingston-Jericho blowoff. Not because I want the feud to end, just because it'll be really good. Eddie won't let it suck. The Dark Order segment was a nice thing for the live crowd. I would have just had -1 pin QT. Would have been a bigger pop. RUSH vs Penta was some good Lucha. The scrap between Abrahantes and Jose had real "2 nerds fighting on the playground" vibe only the other kids would be encouraging it instead of breaking it up. I actually wish they built it up more. They could have had something like when the crowd was going nuts for Teddy Long and John Laurenaitis fighting before WrestleMania 28. The Gunn Club killed it tonight. Everything they did was great. The Acclaimed as faces are going to be good because they won't be watered down. They can work with anyone. Miro vs Malakai? Hooray! ThunderStorm vs Nyla and Marina was fine. I think that Shafir is miles behind the other three but she did her part as the one definitely taking the fall. Yuter vs Garcia? FTR vs Briscoes 2? SIGN ME UP! Joe vs Lethal should also be good. Rampage looks siiiiiick. Main was good but definitely felt like they were limited by tv time. They have a better match in them but that was still a solid free tv title match. Show flew by. Good job AEW.
  4. Loved Blood & Guts (or Glood & Butts in my group chat). It really felt like they got across that the BCC and Kingston/P&P were better "fighters" and if it wasn't for the weapons and numbers advantage, the JAS would be screwed in this environment. Hope Santana is ok. Rest of the show was good and easy to get through with Orange Cassidy getting a body slam over being the highlight.
  5. I'd put him in for this alone.
  6. It was perfectly fine but even before the Cole injury, I felt like I knew what was going to happen throughout the match. It was just a decent professional wrestling match. Every other match took me on a ride.
  7. That was tremendous. The IWGP title match was the only match that was just ok and everything else was great. Definitely a show of the year candidate.
  8. Nah, he's looking for sympathy. We're getting a return of neck brace Vince.
  9. Missed the hair vs hair match because my fiancee's aunt is... let's say talkative. Hated the actual Wardlow vs Wimpies match, stack up pins don't count as pins but it did was it was supposed to do so I appreciate that. I question putting Matt Hughes out there but he's a local celebrity so whatever. Loved Dax vs Ospreay. Dax is so fucking good and Ospreay is a good opponent for people I like. I'm looking forward to him vs Orange Cassidy. Mox's promo was good but then I didn't care for the rest of the segment. It sets up some interesting new matches but it just seemed sloppy. Miro vs Page was the match I expected which was good. I kind of expected Bagface McSabian to do a run in after. He has the history with Miro and seemed more noticeable than usual. I like Wangman. I like Switchblade. I like Okada. I want Cole nowhere near them. I understand he gets reactions but I don't care. Also didn't like the reveal of the "New Japan guy attacks from behind." since it was already done tonight. Enjoyed Toni vs Britt and I'm looking forward to the title match at Forbidden Door but man was Thunder Rosa's run in lame. I didn't like the main but understand that it was a very good match of that genre and JE needed to lose the belts. The Christian heel turn was predictable but still good. Hopefully FTR get the belts off the Bucks soon. Bring on Christian vs Jungle Boy! This show had it's up's and downs for me but I still really enjoyed it and they got me excited for Rampage and Forbidden Door. That is the purpose of a televised wrestling show. Well done AEW.
  10. I just want O'Reilly to have a "Shoresy" gimmick when he leaves the Undisputed Elite
  11. Easy answer for me is Letterkenny since I grew up and live in the area it's set in (my fiancee is actually a distant cousin of Jared Keeso). However since it's nowhere near as fun as the show makes it seem, my actual answer is MST3K. No bills to pay and just watch bad movies with some robots? Sign me up.
  12. According to SRS, Roderick Strong has asked for his release.
  13. All of it was hilarious. "Letters cost extra and you ain't worth the money." "Do you think I'm stupid?" "...Yes!" Everything else was *snicker* the icing on the cake.
  14. As good as all of the in ring work was tonight, the MVP of the show was Nyla Rose.
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