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  1. Someone named Les Moore has a wrestling podcast and it's not called "Les is Moore"? *I've been drinking and there is a very good chance that the name sounded better in my head.*
  2. It just had to be...them. Proud of the Sens, they were almost Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania but will have to settle for being Jeff Hardy in a ladder match vs The Undertaker.
  3. RIP Lisa Spoonhauer aka Caitlin Bree from Clerks. It was your only role but a damn memorable one.
  4. NXT

    Different giant woman. I believe Victoria Gonzalez is the daughter of Rudy Boy Gonzalez.
  5. My new dream match is Dilapidated Boat vs Sentient Tractor.
  6. If PWG or AIW called a show "Great Balls of Fire", no one would care but WWE doing it really does make it out of place and dated.
  7. I would think there is a bit of a difference between Terry Funk and a cop punching, domestic abuser on his first trip to Japan.
  8. Erik Karlsson is pretty darn good at this hockey thing.
  9. Behold the true innovator of the sling blade (in WWE): So everyone owes JTG money(...money, yeah yeah)
  10. All of this is just Vince overreacting to Sonjay Dutt choosing a job with Impact Wrestling over WWE. "But Vince, we were only hiring him for the Performance Center." "I don't care! We're going all in on Not Khali*!" *"Not Khali" being what I assume Vince calls Jinder. That or "Shelton".
  11. Now I want Braun vs Finlay.
  12. I see it more like Vince telling JBL he's being exiled and after JBL gets in the car to go to the airport, Pat Patterson is seen in the backseat with a garrote.
  13. Neville showed how smart he is by not only studying Aries in the ring but listening to his commentary and going for the eyes.
  14. Other than Mojo winning and Wyatt losing, I liked this show. I hoped that Rollins would use the torch as a weapon and try and light Triple H on fire. The match was unsanctioned, why not? When Taker started taking off his jacket, I thought he was going to pull a Bruce Dern in "Coming Home" This show would have been an hour shorter if they cut the ramp in half.
  15. Props to Aries for not getting tongue twisted repeating "level" and "Neville".