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  1. While I agree it shouldn't give you blues at a certain point - I am assuming that is something that will never happen until Destiny 3 (as I doubt it is something that could be fixed in now) Auto dismantling blues is the next best thing (And yes - I am sure it will be an option you can turn on and off) The apparent elimination of gunsmith materials would seem to lean in that direction too
  2. Which is 99.9% of the player base Only New Lights want blues and only till they get purple
  3. It looks like Aztec is safe as in that same tease I just mentioned DMG said, and I quote, "spend your gunsmith mats"
  4. DMG tweeted a tease for the TWIB and one of the things he said which has people the most excited is changes to blue drops (everyone is hoping is it mean auto dismantle)
  5. Ghana was eliminated from the Africa Cup of Nations losing to Comoros - which not only is Comoros first win ever at Afcon, it is the first time they ever scored!
  6. Expect Frank Vogel to be fired any minute now
  7. The two known finalists for the Giants GM position are Bills Asst GM Joe Schoen (2nd interview was today) and KC Exec Director of Player Personnel Ryan Poles (2nd interview is tomorrow). There obviously could be at least one more finalists The Bears are also interested in both of them so the Giants could be racing to beat Chicago which definitely worries me I kinda feel like whatever team hires Poles is gonna have Eric Bieniemy as their HC
  8. Myles Turner has a broken foot and will be out beyond the trade deadline which probably puts a whole damper on the "Indiana trying to trade him" thing
  9. Meltzer said on the radio show this morning that apparently it was Vince came up with whatever the character was supposed to be and Ali didn't like whatever the character was supposed to be and now we are here.
  10. Theoretically - I will feel less guilty tipping my toes back into the Overwatch waters when Overwatch 2 finally comes out
  11. I know we posted the first trailer (Severance) in last year's thread - I didn't realize at the time that it was being directed by Ben Stiller
  12. Yeah - to 100% you have to intentionally enter the wrong info - like one time is to just leave asap and another time you have to accuse the same person for every single thing
  13. Until they hire Jim Harbaugh
  14. In its email to staff - Activision said it expects the sale to be finalized "sometime" during Microsoft's FY2023 (which runs 7/1/22 - 6/30/23)
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