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  1. Since the show is literally a couple of days after the Superstar Shakeup - I will say that anyone called up post-Mania will most likely still work the show. The big issue is the last time they did a non-FL loop was the beginning of Feb and they won't be one until the loop that the Milwaukee show is on. So who showed up in Feb is kinda worthless. It is a safe bet that at least 2 of the titles will be defended - but of course, which two is dicey Almost always the women's champ will work the loop. I think Matt Riddle is also a safe bet Since they weren't on the last road trip - I would say Undisputed Era would be a good bet. Most likely guys like Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic are most likely to be fixtures now
  2. This technically could go in a lot of places but I will throw it here One of the many articles you can find regarding Google's Stadia platform https://kotaku.com/google-unveils-gaming-platform-stadia-1833409933
  3. Oh for the record - Arte Moreno bought the Angels in 2003 He paid... $184 million for them
  4. Impact and Ohio Valley have reached an agreement where OVW will once again become the development territory of Impact Really was just a matter of time once Al Snow bought OVW last year
  5. Okay - so some of the details are starting to emerge Trout's deal will basically redo the current remaining two years of his deal. So it is 10 additional years to the 2 he was already committed to LAA. It's appears to be a $36 million a year (unsure if they will just do an even split or front/back load it) Trout will be 40 at the end of the deal (2030) It will have no opt outs and will continue to have a full no trade
  6. Lucy in the Sky Natalie Portman is crazy again. And she fucks Jon Hamm
  7. It's basically "OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE KEEP PLAYING! WE PROMISE WE WILL FIX IT! WE SWEAR!!! He also throws out one little like that mentions "upcoming games" which I found cute
  8. For the record - both Meltzer and Mike Johnson said that Angle vs. Corbin was/is not intended to be a swerve. However - the fact that the WWE immediately acknowledged the negative feedback could lead to a change in direction Johnson even stated that Angle had hoped for a "more high profile" opponent (hence his wife's original tweet)
  9. St. Joe's and Phil Martelli are (finally???) parting ways
  10. For a moment I was like - man making Toy Story 4 a horror movie is a bold choice
  11. Only player worth the money
  12. JONATHAN GRESHAM CAGEMATCH Octopus University (Gresham's YT channel were he demonstrates holds) MATCHES vs. Jay White (IWC) vs. MJF (Limitless) vs. Tracy Williams (Beyond) vs. Jeremy Wyatt (St. Louis Anarchy) vs. Josh Woods (ROH) vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Rhett Titus vs. Shane Taylor (ROH) MATCHES (w/o links) - Ring of Honor Two different Jay Lethal matches vs. Zack Sabre Jr (Final Battle 2018) MATCHES (w/o links) - Non ROH w/ Jushin Liger vs. Robbie Eagles/Taiji Ishimori Anytime CCK wrestled Ringkampf
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