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  1. Bears ended up starting Siemian after all because sure why the fuck not
  2. Datto, Jez and Danielle did IB using only blues and I felt every second of it Datto's ability to predict how many dudes from the opposing team that will come into his chat to taunt is amazing. Also - it was hysterical because their very first match and they were paired against Grenadier Jake
  3. David Shaw has resigned as Stanford HC Wonder if he is gonna do media full time now
  4. The Pirates have signed Carlos Santana (the 1B not the singer) 1 year, $6.725 million It is the largest guarantee they have given to a FA since 2017 Apparently their plan is just to fill their lineup with 1B/DH types
  5. I always recommend Game Pass And knowing how much you tend to like smaller indie games - I think you will find a bunch of other stuff on it to your liking (Also - since you tend to be down on a lot of AAA titles - it is a good way to play some without having to outright buy them)
  6. With the amount of formatting errors I just had to fix on your post - no credit for you
  7. Cincy QB Ben Bryant will miss the rest of the year with a foot injury
  8. Yeah - that completely changes the whole dynamic of Group A
  9. FINALLY got a chest piece to get my Titan to max LL Might use the next week and a half to play something else
  10. This comes across like you are the only person who a) liked Buck and Aikman and b) doesn't think Greg Olsen is good at this
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