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  1. August 3 has been set for the auction for those wanting to buy the XFL Vince is the one claiming that 20 different buyers submitted bids
  2. Apparently there was a brief tease that was deleted but the next location is Europa (Jupiter’s moon)
  3. I got bit by a fucking mosquito while fishing Little SOB
  4. BTW forgot to mention this a few days ago - my Gulliver fucking sucks Mark gets landmarks. I get fucking hairdos
  5. This is a RAW spoiler (but different from above)
  6. It will also allow them to promote a higher subscriber number to Wall Street
  7. The only info in the story was FS1 saying "Friday was Jason's last day" and he got a "wish him best in his future endeavors"
  8. Okay - misread that - yeah - technically yes the players would get less money (its why they (the players) want 100+ games). So now the thinking is - IF (big if) an agreement is reached - it will be around the 80 game mark
  9. I have to go back and look but I think the March deal already agreed upon is that the players would get all their money - just it wouldn't all be paid out this season. And going by those two tweets - Trout would still get his full money but it would be a little more on the Bobby Bonilla scale
  10. Technically yes - while its the 10th media market it is 37th in population I mean compared to a lot of other places it is "big" But teams will use what they have to cry a disadvantage It is like how the St Louis Cardinals can keep getting extra draft picks in MLB despite their constant success (Though St Louis is smaller than Atlanta)
  11. He isn't alone but clearly everyone else was happy he was the one who brought it up
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