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  1. It is another reason the owners have all the leverage
  2. Rumble Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch do voices so except to see this a lot if you still watch WWE programming
  3. Based on last night - it looks like the folks who want WALTER vs Finn Balor are about to get their wish
  4. Most of the loot box complaints are coming from adult gamers who aren't getting what they want
  5. And just since it wasn't posted - here is the original Aaron Rodgers post
  6. I will say that this is a new age where the player reps are posting their reasons for voting ya or nay
  7. RE: The Bright Engrams It is Bungie getting out in front of any possible loot box legislation
  8. The updated SDL Mania matches are Goldberg vs Roman Reigns John Cena vs. Fiend We will know after today which one is for the title
  9. It is pretty much all the superstars are against the deal where the guys who make no money are for it because they can't afford to miss a year or more. (Or won't be in the league in a year) There is frustration within the NFLPA (at least the higher rankings) are popping off with opinions when they aren't in the meetings or no know details of the detail and say - like Wilson above - that they are "rushing" into it despite the NFLPA working on it for several years. Of course - the bigger issue remains the shitty deal the NFLPA accepted 10 years ago which set up this, possibly, shitty deal
  10. Giancarlo Stanton injured his calf and probably will miss the rest of Spring Training and possibly the start of the season At some point, Marlins fans will not be sad about that trade
  11. Yeah I am already tired of everyone analyzing every Houston HBP
  12. The news that everyone jumped on (but there is more than just this) is that basically Faction Rallies are never coming back so they are going to add the gear to the Legendary Engram pool
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