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  1. Mahomes is out for the rest of the game
  2. Take this for what it is worth - from the new WON that was just posted
  3. He is also saying he loves the area so you could take that at face value
  4. If you are counting the 2nd round too - Trevor Ariza is still around
  5. HBO Max has acquired the streaming rights to the Studio Ghibli library
  6. Luol Deng signed a one day contract with Chicago and retired a Bull
  7. Because he is delusional and thinks that now that Ernie Grunfeld is gone THE REBUILD IS FINALLY HAPPENING~!
  8. Dream is legit hurt - no one though seems to know exactly what the injury is and how long he is going to be out. (at least of this morning)
  9. Could be worse - you could be the Padres who are giving Ron Washington a 2nd interview
  10. BONUS REVIEW Bravos 100 Scariest Movie Moments Part 3 (50-31) By RIPPA Movies in this part (50-31) So to stretch this series out for 5 episodes you can see that they fucked around with the numbers now. This is 50-31. Part IV is 30-11 and Part V is the Top 10. Oh Fuck Off episodes that immediately start with Eli Roth. It is a little disappointing that despite clearly needing to fill time the deeper into the list we go, really old movies like Diabolique and Nosferatu are talked about for 30 seconds. But let’s talk about Michael Douglas’ shitty not horror movie for way too long. If this was a list of Top 100 Most Fucked Up Movies – Last House on the Left has to be #1 right? I mean when Rob Zombie is saying that David Hess scared him more than any monsters and Wes Craven talks about how he basically had to go off and think about what he had done, your movie is fucked up. Oh wait – The Hills Have Eyes is also on this list. Jesus, someone needed to hug Wes Craven more as a child. I really have tried to refrain from bitching about list placements but now as we are starting to get into the heavy hitters – how the fuck is The Thing not WAY higher? Through no fault of its own, has any movie become less “scary” than The Wicker Man due to memes. And that wasn’t even from this version! Stupid Nicolas Cage. Okay – I am getting strangely attracted to Maitland McDonagh now. Okay strange is not the right word. Unexpectedly. Yeah, that's the ticket. So I see Black Sunday is on the list. Black Fucking Sunday? Really??? Is The Dark Knight Rises Next? How many other movies that destroy football games are there? Oh… wait… this is the Mario Bava one. Nevermind. Carry on. The American Werewolf in London piece is just everyone talking about how funny the movie is and how much it made them laugh. 1) How is it on this fucking list? 2) How is it so fucking high? And speaking of not scary things – of all the scenes from Dawn of the Dead you pick a zombie shambling into helicopter blades? This list is weird. I was gonna say Peeping Tom doesn’t age well (because it is really awkward to be celebrating a woman getting raped by a tripod as some of the folks interviewed do.) But it pretty much was savaged at the time too so yeah. YES! Rutger Hauer! I forgot he showed up in this. I miss him. Man – I still haven’t decided what’s worse. The tendon cutting in Pet Sematary or that it is Herman Munster that it is happening too. BTW – spelling it Sematary is infuriating and is really pissing Grammerly off. I kinda feel like I ruined the original Cape Fear for myself by seeing the remake first. I mean I really enjoyed the Robert De Niro one but when you watch that one first it does take some of the impact of way from realizing how fucking good the original is. Someone with a memory far better than me would have to figure out if Friday the 13th was the first movie to do the “killer isn’t really dead, jump up behind you moment” or not. Either way – it was definitely was the first time I soiled myself. Good Lord.
  11. Today was the day I learned that the random nightmares that spawn as you are wandering the moon are not to be fucked with. Wasn't expecting it to be 970 Especially when I am only 930
  12. I don't know why this is making me giggle so
  13. Also - as the NBA is now learning - all it takes is one little thing to potentially scuttle a deal
  14. Reportedly the Phillies are choosing between Joe Girardi, Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker They are bringing those three back for a 2nd interview
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