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  1. This is the same way my wife felt who only knows of the game because she knows I play it but nothing else
  2. 4 players from each got suspended 3 of the 4 Texas A&M Commerce players got 3 games (the other got 1) One Incarnate Word player got 3 games, the rest got 2 games
  3. Borderlands Wow... somehow it is worse than I thought
  4. Cobra and I both immediately thinking the same thing
  5. IE how to do a documentary based on a book written by someone in jail for domestic violence without saying you are doing a documentary based on a book written by someone in jail for domestic violence
  6. Sony will take over the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of Disney physical media (DVDs, Blu-ray discs, etc...) (this is just for US and Canada) Disney will still own and control the digital rights Tangentially - the Disney Movie Club will be shutting down. May 20 is the last day to place orders. July 20 is when the service will be shut down
  7. And in fact they announced that the trailer will drop tomorrow
  8. My troublesome ones are the ones that only appear at night (specifically 9 pm or later) - I am almost never playing that late
  9. Yeah - that is partly my problem is that almost all the bugs I am missing are the locust types that only appear on Palm trees in July and August
  10. First look at Borderlands (so I have to assume a trailer is soon) Still haven't decided what irritates me the most Kevin Hart as Roland Eli Roth directing That (at least per the IMDB credits) Brick and Mordecai are no where to be found I will still watch the fucking thing
  11. Tangential Business related Walmart is buying Vizio Obviously Walmart was already a big seller of Vizio TVs but they are making this move to improve their ad game
  12. I know I am officially the only one still playing and thus I realized that every time I think about finally pulling the plug, the game will have a resident I have been trying to get rid of for 2 years, leave and then I am hooked again for 6 more months
  13. HBO is delaying the release of Last Week Tonight clips on Youtube until now Thursday after the show airs The news was broken by John Oliver who apologized for not being able to share the show clip on Monday like he normally does The goal is to drive people to sign up for MAX
  14. Hyun Jin Ryu is returning to South Korea as he is going to rejoin the Hanwha Eagles He will reportedly become the KBO's highest paid player
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