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  1. Take this for whatever it is worth but AJ Styles claims in an interview with Newsweek that the new deal he signed with the WWE will be the last wrestling contract he ever signs
  2. RE: The 24/7 thread It makes no sense to start one before Smackdown is over because it will just be like when tried to separate the Shakeup stuff and everyone ignored that. @Dolfan in NYC and I already talked and we will break the 24/7 stuff out probably tomorrow afternoon. Thank God NXT is a taped show and we don't have to deal with that horseshit there
  3. RIPPA


    Not said but presumably the winner of the match would be the #1 contender
  4. I think it was more it was on that leaked list of events than officially announced
  5. Same amount of times the Brody Viceland documentary got posted
  6. Because no one was talking about it in "the proper place" if you will It was in the general thread, pretty much any thread where an indie guy got signed, etc..
  7. In my mind I read AEW as Impact
  8. Considering MLW generates more discussion now than both those feds combined - yes it is necessary
  9. Good Boys I feel dumber for watching that BTW - the last two trailers I posted are NSFW especially because apparently you can say Fuck all you want in trailers now
  10. No we will just the let trailer do that Full Trailer for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  11. I am more excited about all the folks who no longer have "won all the belts available to them"
  12. I am so happy with all the stuff getting repeated here that is in the RAW thread
  13. Technically the Hardcore title was intergender since Molly Holly and one of the Godfather's Hos won it. Yeah - I think they just don't want to use the phrase "Hardcore" to avoid potentially scaring off advertisers. Or it just could be Vince really really really wanted to have that goofy ass belt
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