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  1. Patty Mills declined his $6.2 million dollar option with the Nets. He still might return to the team Bobby Portis declined his option ($4.6 million) with the Bucks but he will be staying their as Milwaukee has his early Bird rights and will pay him a lot more than he was making (at least $40 million over 4 years and up to $49 million)
  2. ESPN has a big suck up piece about Rob Manfred The title is "he doesn't hate baseball. He wants to save it!" so you know where this is headed. OH YOU ARE SO MISUNDERSTOOD ROB!!! https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34130915/hate-baseball-wants-save-it That being said, a few things from it He basically is following Theo Epstein's manifesto from a few years ago on how to improve the game. Pitch clock is pretty much certain for next season Goal is to have Robo-umps in some form in 2024 Expansion to 32 teams is one Manfred's top goals Manfred doesn't seem keen to reinstate Pete Rose, however, he claims he would have a face to face meeting with Rose to allow him to plead his case if he (Rose) wanted one Raul Ibanez works for the commissioner's office as senior vice president of on-field operations In probably the biggest lie in the piece, Manfred claims that MLB is working to phase "blackout clauses" out of TV deals There are also a lot of details in regards to handle of various contentious issues including the most recent strike where Manfred showed he is an old man who doesn't understand the world of social media now
  3. Take this with a grain of salt because its Gottlieb but...
  4. Spotted via accidental XBOX store listing - it appears that Skull And Bones will finally be coming out on Nov 8, 2022 That being said - it is also being reported that Ubisoft had planned on doing a closed Beta this month (June) and cancelled those plans due to "quality concerns"
  5. According to the patch notes of the latest hotfix - the Piercing Sidearm artifact mod is active again Also - they claim to have fixed the two big Rift bugs (the Spark despawning and the endless transmat loop). Guess we have wait for the next IB to see.
  6. Yeah - I was just thinking the same thing This one will be in San Diego so I guess they think they are safe there
  7. It is called Back in Action Movie is being directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) Amusingly - I guess the project is so new, there is no IMDB listing for it yet.
  8. Hey! Don't drag my good name down with yours. I never teabagged I will let you decided if that is because I was always too slow with my reflexes or not. But yeah - folks still teabag left and right in D2
  9. See How They Run Director: Tom George (This Country) Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, David Oyelowo, Adrien Brody
  10. Clearly no one can keep it in their pants till 6 pm
  11. If Ish Smith plays for the Nuggets - he will set the record for most teams played for
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