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  1. To provide more context - from the new WON Going forward RAW and Smackdown will be taped at the Amway Center as much as possible and the shows will all be aired live (not taped live). It will start with the August 21 Smackdown (basically the lead-in show for Summerslam) NXT will still be taped every other week from Full Sail Apparently - they are telling themselves that the big reason the ratings are down is because the shows aren't live at that the PC is too small and dark
  2. The fact that he mentors the Outfielders sounds like it must be a fucking adventure
  3. Well Zach Plesac really doesn't know how to read a room Yesterday he did a big Instagram post about how "evil" the media was for apparently reporting that he (and Mike Clevinger) broke the teams COVID protocols. So the Indians went - well you clearly learned nothing and optioned him AND Clevinger to team's alternate training site
  4. Willie McGee - who I forgot was still a coach in St Louis - has somehow managed to not test positive and basically said "I dont trust you fuckers anymore" and opted out of the rest of the season
  5. RIPPA


    I guess that since they delayed the next season to Dec 1 they could make a situation where the first say... 6 weeks are done from a bubble (expand to maybe 3 cities - stay in Canada) Then give everyone a week off around mid January and then cross their fingers - start in home cities starting Feb 2021 (because they would be able to see if everything spiked back through the roof or not because of winter/holidays/lack of vaccine/etc)
  6. I like that you didn't read the entire page proceeding your post
  7. As of right now - the Cardinals are scheduled to resume play on Saturday They are scheduled to play DH on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Of course - you have the new staff member who tested positive and a RP who had to go on the COVID list because they were exposed to someone. Good times
  8. Update - Epic is now feuding with Apple AND Google God there is absolutely no good guy in this story
  9. The NCAA announced that there will be no championships for Fall sports including for FCS (this is because less than 50% of schools will be having Fall sports) Because of $$$ - FBS is unaffected
  10. BTW - interesting little thing from Phil Spencer regarding the Halo Infinite delay (on the Animal Talk show of all places) Microsoft considered splitting up Infinite and releasing it in parts but eventually decided against that. The other interesting thing was Spencer talking about having a retail version of Xbox Series X at home so he could compare the noise of the fan to a current One X (and that cooling has been the biggest challenge so far with the new console)
  11. *Makes notes to understand Elsa's reference points when not on work computer*
  12. Apple and Epic are now feuding https://kotaku.com/apple-removes-fortnite-from-app-store-1844717397
  13. Summerslam will be held in Orlando's Amway Arena per the WON As of now - no actual fans just the usual PC crew making up the crowd
  14. I am assuming the minority owner that Snyder says it part of the conspiracy theory against him is not one of those people
  15. Still so fascinating how the Cards situation is FAR worse than what happened with the Marlins yet no one longer fucking cares
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