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  1. Based on this Mercedes/Jesse is another match for tonight
  2. The full announced lineup for tonight is
  3. I see Chris Simms is continuing his different bit by insisting he would take Zach Wilson 1st overall
  4. Technically - Backlash wasn't supposed to be the next PPV. I just scrolled back in this thread to see when I posted it and on April 6 - the WWE had announced that MITB was May and Backlash was June So sometime in the span of a week - they changed their minds on the order and apparently felt that had to justify why they were flipping it by adding the Mania attachment. And to go to AxB's point - the more people they can trick into watching on Peacock because they think its Mania, the better (in their eyes)
  5. The Jeffrey Dahmer files is available via DirecTV and AMC+ Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster is available on Discovery+ Vice has I, Sniper which was supposed to come out last year but I don't know if it ever did (the VICE website just has a trailer that says "Coming Soon")
  6. Reminder for folks that Confidential permanently moves to Thursdays starting this week (since they are avoiding NXT)
  7. MLB has moved the trade deadline up one day for this year. It is now July 30 The reason being that MLB tries to avoid having the trade deadline be on days when there are afternoon games and the 31st is a Saturday this year. (This i Most likely the deadline will be moved next year too (since the 31 is a Sunday - though based on what they did the last time it fell on a Sunday - they moved it to August 1)
  8. James Connor has signed with the Cards
  9. Here is the clip of Sami talking a little bit about how WWE creative works... and acknowledging that he can be a pain in the ass to work with
  10. Army of the Dead Okay - this trailer does a better job of answering some of the questions that were raised after the first one However - here is your standard warning that the trailer sure as fuck seems to give away a lot of the movie. (Especially around who is gonna get fucked up.) (Of course the movie poster only featuring 5 people kinda does that too)
  11. I like how in his wackadoo world - no one jumps up to 5 to take Trey Lance Granted this is the Bengals so I can also easily see them turning down trades
  12. Speaking of the Hitman's Bodyguard Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
  13. This seems fitting for that RAW. Just rambling chaos. 6 long minutes including the last minute being New Day paying tribute to DMX
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