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  1. Well that's being in Bone Tomahawk will do to you
  2. Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed was officially announced (after Playstation accidentally leaked it a few days ago)
  3. I also did I quick scan so I apologize if this is repeated but also from WON
  4. Well Piazza's career high was 40 (twice) and he was frequently in the high 30s. (Bench's 45 come in 1970 so in today's baseball that is like 492) Perez's year is an outlier (for him) as his previous high was 27
  5. Salvador Perez has tied Johnny Bench's record for most HRs by a catcher in a season with 45
  6. Vikings Everson Griffen has been ruled out for Sunday due to a car accident he had on the way to practice yesterday
  7. (Reminder that Defector is the place where the former Deadspin folks went)
  8. So looks like MVP is gonna have surgery that he was trying to avoid
  9. Earlier this year Arn Anderson randomly brought it up on his podcast and described it more as the WWE using the excuse of "well he will never be as good as his Dad so don't saddle him with the burden of Hennig" And you can find interviews where Joe just wanted any name that wasn't Michael McGillicutty so it is probably part of the reason he didn't put up too much of a fuss
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