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  1. Hopefully he doesn’t bring Hank Aaron up to Watts
  2. Big E is the guest this week on Renee's podcast I partially note this since I am curious how long it will before the WWE decides they don't want talent on the show (I am assuming it will be whenever Renee's FOX deal runs out)
  3. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel
  4. I don't mind knowing ahead of time when they have a "story" behind them Even if it is as simple as there was a match and winner got #30, loser got #1
  5. I have mentioned a few times that I still prefer to buy the disc version of games (if they exist) just because that is my preference. So with that said - it was really fucking weird that I couldn't find a copy of Hitman 3 anywhere close to me. Not Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target. Fuck - I even tried Amazon and for some bizarro reason they were out of stock AND charging more than other retailers. Literally the closest store that had a single copy was a 20 minute drive. I ended up buying the digital version (which I am still waiting to download) but yeah... weird. I am go
  6. And I bring everyone right back down It has come out that Sekou Smith has passed away due to COVID
  7. Not to go too far down this path but that was the only way he was gonna get in anyway so might as well claim conspiracy
  8. Not as much as the Jays giving Marcus Semien $18 million for one fucking year
  9. I was sorta iffy about the Borderlands movie because while I like Cate Blanchett I really don't like Eli Roth Well now Kevin Hart has been cast as Roland so we are getting to a whole lotta nope from me
  10. Henry Burris is officially the best QB on the Bears payroll now He was named "Offensive Quality Coach"
  11. The guy on the WON who does the recap really does seem to watch a different show than everyone else. This isn't the first time his version of events is different than everyone else It explains why I was so confused this morning when everyone was talking about Charlotte stiffing Shayna
  12. Yeah - though Gary Thorne seems more like a contract dispute than an out and out budget cut (though you probably be considering that splitting hairs) Both teams were told that if they wanted the shows to continue they would have to pay for them themselves. The Nats put out an angry statement to get good PR from the fans but notice they aren't actually offering any money
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