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  1. I think I could use it if you wanna drop it in the mail I can pass it on if my memory is faulty
  2. Also the studio says that they kept the news from most of the team due to the Polish stock market
  3. I will do 15-11 tomorrow and the Top 10 Friday. I need to catch up on the Master list and do some admin so I can get out some "stats" to y'all ASAP over the weekend.
  4. This is from indiewire so take it for what it is worth
  5. 16) SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (2010) Director: Edgar Wright 663 Points (9 Votes + 1 HM) - HIGH VOTE: Hobo Joe (#2) - ADDITIONAL VOTES: Jae, RIPPA, BP, Natural, EVA, Control, New Blood, Octopus - HONORABLE MENTION: The Z IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (82/84%) : METACRITIC (69/8.3) NOTE FROM RIPPA - Also had a 9th place vote from EVA. #146 on the GOAT list
  6. 17) BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017) Director: Denis Villeneuve 659 Points (10 Votes) - HIGH VOTE: The Z (#4) - ADDITIONAL VOTES: Broken Lamp, Andy in Kansas, Bill S Preston, Hobo Joe, Caley, EVA, KLOS, New Blood, Control IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (88/81%) : METACRITIC (81/8.3) NOTE FROM RIPPA - Also had a 6th place vote from Control
  7. In theory, you will be happy with one of the two movies I have left to post right now
  8. 18) NIGHTCRAWLER (2014) Director: Dan Gilroy 655 Points (11 Votes) - HIGH VOTE: Broken Lamp (#9) - ADDITIONAL VOTES: Jae, Natural, Andy in Kansas, The Z, Bill S Preston, Hobo Joe, Caley, EVA, KLOS, New Blood IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (95/85%) : METACRITIC (76/8.6) @Technico Supportwrote NOTE FROM RIPPA - Yes we had a tie this high that I had to break. Yes it was completely determined by Broken Lamp's placement of the movies on his ballot
  9. Okay since it dropped I will now say this - and this is probably the only time I slightly spoil things That was the last movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to drop (remember - Spiderverse doesn't count for that) 21 of the 23 movies were eligible. 12 made the list (probably one too many - I am looking at your Iron Man 3) I would still say I more surprised at how "low" Black Panther was than Ragnarok being the highest one
  10. 19) THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) Director: Taika Waititi 655 Points (11 Votes) - HIGH VOTE: Broken Lamp (#17) - ADDITIONAL VOTES: BP, Natural, JL Sigman, The Z, Octopus, Sublime, Caley, KLOS, Control, RIPPA IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (93/87%) : METACRITIC (74/7.8)
  11. 20) PHANTOM THREAD (2017) Director: Paul Thomas Anderson 649 Points (8 Votes) - HIGH VOTE: Bill S Preston (#5) - ADDITIONAL VOTES: Jae, Andy in Kansas, Octopus, Caley, EVA, Sublime, Hobo Joe, IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (91/71%) : METACRITIC (90/7.7) @eliziumwrote NOTE FROM RIPPA - Movie received one other Top 10 vote. #6 from Jae
  12. The Utah Jazz (and the arena) have been sold for $1.66 billion to Ryan Smith, the founder of Qualtrics Smith is a lifelong Utah resident and Jazz fan. (He is also only fucking 40). This ends the Miller family's 35 year run as owners of the team
  13. Couple of small teases for the Top 20 - which I will get some up of before I pass out tonight (though ideally in the next hour if work would leave me the fuck alone) By my count there are 8 remaining #1 votes left 2 movies received 8 votes 2 movies received 9 votes Everything else received at least 10 votes 23 Directors remaining - 3 of them appear twice And finally - 2-1-2-1-5-1-1-4-1-2
  14. I probably will as I haven't seen Celeste in a couple of weeks (I did at least stumble across a light shower last week)
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