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  1. Assuming the results hold (and it would take a miracle for them not to) The Rams would need to win out and the Vikings would need to lose out for the Rams to make the playoffs
  2. And what the hell did the Browns do to the Cards to piss them off God Bless
  3. Assuming the Cowboys don't meltdown - the NFC East winner will be no worse than 8-8
  4. Madison Bumgarner is reportedly signing a 5 year deal with the Diamondbacks
  5. HA! That play just swung some money in Vegas Skins go for a Hail Mary Eagles blitz Haskins flings the ball backwards in the hopes of a miracle Philly recovers and return it for a TD
  6. If I need a game winning TD I am for damn sure throwing at Josh Norman Philly somehow appears to still be in the playoff race
  7. Well Eli is gonna be back at .500
  8. There really is no reason for the Lions to keep Matt Patricia around
  9. The Eagles really have no clue how to stop the run
  10. Looking through box scores I see Eli is trying to make his last home game as Eli as possible
  11. It's easy to see why the Eagles don't have a winning record
  12. There have been like 24252 penalties in this game already
  13. The deal is Kluber for Delino DeShields Jr and RP Emmanuel Chase
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