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  1. I played the first 3, but I'm kinda in the same boat. I always stuck with soldier characters and never played MP, so I have no clue how most things work. I really need to try a vanguard sometime. I have a Krogan vanguard that's like level VII that I've never played.
  2. Dan is going to hate you, just so you know.
  3. Ran into another weird thing I forgot to mention last night. My adept turned invisible once or twice in a match. In the same match, I saw multiple enemies that don't normally cloak (anointed and guys like that) go invisible. I dunno if all that is a bug or some tactical cloak thing that I'm not aware of.
  4. I ought to be on at some point. Probably around the same time as you, assuming little man sleeps. Somebody tell Stout the NBA playoffs have been cancelled and to get his ass back to Andromeda.
  5. Had another broken match last night. Joined in progress at level 6 with my Asari Adept against Kett. Noticed two things right off the bat. 1. I was wearing heavy armor and a helmet for some reason. No idea what I was kitted out as, but definitely not the adept. 2. I had no powers working at all again. That's a bit of a problem with an adept. At least it was short.
  6. Dan and others dragged me to victory in a couple silver matches yesterday. We got through the new map a couple times. It's definitely a challenging map. We got a pretty good handle on it for the higher levels, at least as long as we got hack for level 6. I've decided the Asari Adept is definitely broken. I'm having way too much fun blowing shit up with her. Still need to work on not winding up dead as much, but offensively she's a beast. So weird for me to be carrying only a pistol, and barely using that.
  7. I'll be on at some point, just don't know when. I'm doing the single dad thing tonight (so I can avoid watching Phantom of the Opera), so it just depends on when little man goes to sleep. About to take him to the playground to run some of this energy off.
  8. MP worked a lot better after Dan and I joined up. Two things I learned last night 1 - I don't like the Turian soldier. I need to give him another try at some point though. I think getting fortification right might make him pretty good. 2 - I really like the Asari adept. Annihilation is just insane after Dan helped me figure it out. Feels weird having an Asari who has to get up close and personal with enemies, but is sure as shit works.
  9. And the next match ends when an Ascendant sneaks up on me and instakills me at extraction. Maybe this ain't my night
  10. Had back to back fuck you matches with randoms. Match 1: get to the extraction point with about 30 seconds left. revive a teammate in the middle of the zone. get killed a few seconds later. both teammates that are sitting right next to me, including the one I just fucking revived, do nothing. I have no revive packs and die just before time expires. Thanks assholes. Match 2: Everything goes well till level 7. Realize I need to get to the extraction point when the clock hits about 25 seconds. Get just outside the extraction zone with about 10 seconds left. Game crashes back to xbox home. Thanks asshole game.
  11. I had no idea there were knife fights in this game. I've played a million hours of multiplayer, and have finished the main storyline path, but that's it. I've done maybe one non-essential side mission.
  12. Finally got my human soldier to level 20 last night. Weird I've discovered that the starter Charger seems to be my best gun, at least for the way I play. Range is crap, but I've had really good luck taking out Hydras and Destroyers from close range with the thing. Did get a Widow last night, and I've got a couple possibly decent shotguns, so really need to branch out from my standard AR/pistol setup. For now I just stick to the AR for levels 1-4, then switch to the charger when things start getting in close. Ran into my first bugged MP session. It was on a strike team mission some poor guy launched. Pretty much everything was behaving weirdly. Two guys seemingly could not move for round 1. I would frequently get stuck on nothing. Powers didn't work at all for me after round 3. Enemies would not die when their health got to 0. They would just sit there with empty health bars for about 30 seconds, absorbing more shots, then just disappear. All my revive packs disappeared, and never came back. Never been so glad to fail a mission, just so I could get out of there. Fortunately everything went back to normal after that, aside from my revive packs apparently being gone for good.
  13. My 2 year old son has hit the point where he wants to call everything by its name, but can't always say the words. So George turns into Derge, and Barbara has become YaYa. The younger of my two dogs is named Cooper. My son now calls him Coo-Coo Poo-Poo.