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  1. Robert C

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Volunteered at an elementary school career fair today. Our employer sent us a bunch of stuff as giveaways, including some little robot kits that the kids are supposed to assemble. I figured I ought to put one together beforehand to give as an example, till I took one look at how small the pieces were and decided I needed a plan B. I had the brilliant plan to take a kit into work, and let the junior engineers loose on it. They had a team of three engineers working on the thing for two and a half hours. By the time I had to head over to the career fair, they still hadn't managed to attach the head or arms of the robot. I'm almost afraid to email em to see if they ever finished.
  2. Robert C

    2018 AFL Premiership Thread

    Managed to watch half of Essendon/Geelong last night. Bombers up 44 at the half. Might get to watch the second half tonight or tomorrow. Having watched Essendon several times this year, I figure they're about 50/50 to hang on and win with such a small lead going into the third quarter.
  3. Robert C

    That Pet Photos thread

    Weirdly our cats have never really slept with us. Dogs have been a completely different matter. For years our Australian Shepherd and Pit Bull would compete to see who could be a better Daniel Boone cap at night, and our Labrador would sleep on my wife's feet. Stormy nights were especially fun - our Great Pyrenees would get scared and end up sleeping right in the middle of the bed. Damn, I miss those dogs. I'd give just about anything to have to wrestle em for a spot in the bed right about now.
  4. Robert C

    So, How's It Going?

    My 3 year old got his first lesson in chiggers this weekend. My wife has the worst case of em I've ever seen. Fuck chiggers.
  5. Robert C

    Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    He probably just never got the right opportunity to stab you in the neck with a sharpened mango. I think I've only been on once since the Mayor started his sabbatical. Work and life been kickin my ass.
  6. Robert C

    This Weather Sucks

    It'll probably hit a hundred by the end of the week. In mid May. Fuck all of that. Wake me in late October when it finally cools down again.
  7. Robert C

    The Really Swell News Thread

    I've always liked Douglas Adams' take on insurance companies: Trillian: The insurance business is completely screwy now. You know they've reintroduced the death penalty for insurance company directors? Arthur: Really? No I didn't. For what offense? Trillian: What do you mean, offence?
  8. Robert C

    The Really Swell News Thread

    I work with a guy who legit claims 13 dependents. He and his wife are both Stanford grads. I figure they're creating an army of evil super geniuses.
  9. Robert C

    Best/Worst Twists in Video Games

    Since I got it last night, I feel like end of Far Cry 5 goes here if you choose to shoot that fucker in the face. The hints were there, but I sure as hell wasn't expecting that. I dunno if it's in the best or worst category, though. The twist to the other ending was very, very predictable.
  10. Robert C


    My current feeling on Far Cry - Fuck that wing suit, and double fuck Trot Nixon, or whatever that stuntman guy's name is. 10 tries on his challenge, and I didn't make it to the first checkpoint without dying. Best part is I can't figure out give up on it.
  11. Robert C


    I’m loving the little of Far Cry 5 that I’ve played. I’m really terrible at it - partly because it’s my first Far Cry game and partly because I’m terrible at shooters in general. My best skill is accidentally gunning down civilians. Right now I just want to spend my time hunting and fishing. And shooting cultists on jet skis when they disturb my attempt to reel a trout in. My hunting technique involves running over stuff in jeeps. Sure it’s cheap but it’s bettet than getting mauled by mountain lions
  12. Robert C

    Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I don't know when the dots got really crappy, but I certainly support this development. I'm rusty as hell, but it doesn't seem to matter. Had a couple fun little sequences. First one was finding two dots on the beach. I decided to save the white dot from the pink dot by killing both of em. White dot went passive immediately. Pink dot ate a bunch of sniper rounds, and didn't seem to enjoy his experience at all. His two teammates never tried to save him. White dot came up behind me in passive, got off his 4-wheeler, and just stood there. I was thinking surely he ain't gonna try this. Of course he did. I started my Mary Lou as soon as he came out of passive, and he was dead before he got a gun out. Then he went back to passive and I went back to sniping the pink dot. Second was when I was about to drop off. I was parked in the middle of a main road, and some white dot came up and rammed me. i don't think he expected the result to be as explosive as it turned out to be. He got a bounty on the respawn, and I found him in a car with another dot. They got blown up again near the downtown pay and spray. The bounty dot got grumpy and set a bounty on me. To his credit, he made it 9K. Then he died a bunch. Poor guy was not getting good spawns. He made it up to the top of the pay and spray roof. I got in that little garage north of the pay and spray. Some CEO rolled up and got shot outta his car right at the entrance. Bounty guy shot me up as I was putting a proxy on the CEO's car, but he ate another Mary Lou. Another white dot rolled up and I killed him a few times. CEO got back in his car, which didn't work out for him. Cops finally got me, and I spawned out on a sidewalk. Some cop randomly swerved onto the sidewalk and ran me over. CEO put an RPG into us, finally grabbing the bounty. Bounty guy came back and tried again a few minutes later, while I was on the roof of the mall. He parked right below me and ate an RPG, then got sniped on the respawn. Poor guy spent forever getting up to a different roof, then got sniped as soon as he got there. Then he left in disgrace. I finished up with maybe 75 kills, and less than 5 deaths. Can't imagine how bad it would've been if I could actually shoot.
  13. Robert C

    The DAD Zone

    Last night my 3 year old woke me up at 2 am and asked me to stay in his room and protect him. Today he explained that his mom protects him from lions tigers and bears. I protect him from ants bumblebees butterflies and ladybugs.
  14. I'm self-insulated from hot takes of pretty much all varieties, so I'm curious here. Is it just garden variety gamer bitching or more related to the choice of villian?
  15. Robert C


    There are worse things to have stuck in your head than Guy Clark's music