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  1. I’m really surprised at how many top end RBs are staying for their senior seasons. That seems like the one position where you absolutely declare if you think you’re going reasonably early. As a side note, if anybody had any running backs they’re not planning to use, please send em to College Station. One scholarship RB ain’t gonna cut it
  2. It's got to the point where I see something in this thread and think to myself "well, this can't possibly be good" before I read it. Nice to have something potentially positive for once, even if it probably won't happen.
  3. To be fair to your intern, plasma physics ain't exactly a commonly covered topic. Granted, all my education was in Texas, but I made it through high school physics, three semesters of college physics and two electrical engineering degrees with a focus on electromagnetics without ever encountering it. Only time I've had to deal with plasma at all was at NASA - testing how some electrical connectors they were planning to use to hook up the shuttles to the Mir (makes me feel old to even type that name) would work. Even there I'm pretty sure nobody working on it could explain the physics of what was going on. I sure as shit couldn't. Could have fun with this, though. My father spent about three decades working on magnetic plasma containment - wrote his dissertation on transient phenomena during plasma injection into a magnetic field, complete with a simulation written in Fortran stored on punch cards. He also gets incredibly frustrated by people that don't understand as much as he does. And he gets doubly annoyed with folks that are convinced they understand things when they don't. I can see the Youtube video in my head - "Grumpy octogenarian hillbilly explains plasma containment to star wars nerds who think they know better".
  4. Dear Mike Gundy, Thanks a bunch. Mush love, Texas A&M
  5. New DLC is good stuff. Glad I got to shoot that one guy that I REALLY wanted to shoot all along.
  6. Really it was mostly us screwing with other folks. We couldn't decide whether to do the heist or shoot dots, so we decided why not do both? There are, or at least there's one game. I haven't played it, though.
  7. The commercial with those miserable fuckers on their Peletons in the pre-dawn hours of Christmas morning strikes me as just as dystopian as the the woman who looks like her husband is gonna murder her then and there if the Peleton drill instructor calls her out for lagging one more time. I can't hate Peleton, though. Austin, unsurprisingly, is infested with Lance Armstrong wannabes on bikes that cost more than my car is worth. I'm forever having to risk my life to dodge packs of them. Until we can find a way to control their numbers via an aerial spraying program, plunking em on a stationary bike while somebody berates them is probably our next best option.
  8. Ordered a playscape for my son for Christmas/birthday. We're keeping a close eye on the package because the damn thing weighs 900 pounds, and we're hoping the guys that deliver it will work with us on where they leave it in return for a bit of extra money. It started out in Salt Lake City, headed to Austin. Two days ago it was in Montana. Yesterday it was in Iowa. Today it's in the south side of Chicago. I'm half expecting em to either launch it into orbit or sink it in the Bermuda Triangle next.
  9. Poor Dan tried to be methodical last night. Unfortunately for him, he got stuck with me and melraz. The take pictures starter mission quickly turned into a shit show involving the following: A whole buncha dead dots One shot down Hydra One stolen Osprey. It probably would've been lasted longer if I hadn't shot all those rockets at it before I stole it A runin from an Oppressor. That REALLY didn't go the way that guy expected One successful mugging attempt One successful airstrike Mercs called on us We pulled it off, though.
  10. That same game cost me a meaningless win because Barkley got 3 too may yards. That and Alvin Kamara somehow being my 4th best running back again.
  11. Was close to getting dragged back again anyway, so that makes it certain.
  12. Oh, I knew you were never gonna get this one. I just watched a bunch of Ratch (think bigass, carnivorous cockroach - it's a pretty realistic portrayal of East Texas) Mary Louing and thought "Stout would hate this shit". Borderlands is weirdly the one FPS that I like (a large part of why I like GTA is that I can't aim for shit). I think there are a bunch of reasons for that - Dying ultimately doesn't matter much in the game - There's some not so subtle aim assist - No PVP - Likable characters The main thing I miss from BL2 was playing as the Mechromancer where you just shot in the general direction of whatever you were trying to hit, and let the ricochets do the work for you But yeah, if you don't like BL2, BL3 ain't gonna be your thing. The game is easier than 2, but the maps are somehow even more confusing. The Killavolt and asteroid ones in particular drove me crazy.
  13. About damn time. Send Maurice and Haunt back to wherever they came from. Hoping this means I stop getting Ghost Call and Scream of Terror drops.
  14. Didn't realize till last night that ratch can Mary Lou. We're never gonna get Stout to play this game.
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