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  1. Being able to fast travel while encumbered may have been the best thing about Fallout 4. So much better than having to take 18 trips to the Capitol to pick up all that Talon merc armor in 3.
  2. Robert C


    Clearly he was thinking of Houston. I moved down there on a Friday. That Saturday two people were stabbed across the street from me, during a home invasion. I don't miss the place.
  3. Robert C


    Been playing the new Far Cry off and on while trying to get over the flu. Combat is still fun. Mission design leaves everything to be desired. One mission made me think that it was written by somebody that absolutely loved the Citadel corridor scene at the very end of Mass Effect 3, only they wished it was 10 times longer, had bad purple lighting, and had your character spend the whole time coughing. It was also broken, meaning I had to do half of it twice.
  4. Robert C


    I did not know that. They make a big deal about the bathrooms, but I had no idea some poor bastard has to sit in a gas station bathroom in Eagle Lake at 3:37 AM in case somebody is too drunk to hit the urinal. Also, see what you did here Rockstar?!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you happy with yourselves? With no actual game here, this thread has degenerated into a discussion of gas station bathroom hygiene in east Texas. If Rippa closes the tread and bans all of us, it's your damn faults you fuckers.
  5. Robert C


  6. Robert C


    Y’all don’t have gas stations the size of grocery stores with beaver mascots and 80 pumps out front? I will confess I’ve never been in one. Don’t think there’s one in Austin. They tend to be in small/medium sized towns on major highways, so I don’t drive by one often. Every time I do I think “wow that’s a shit ton of cars out front” and keep going.
  7. Robert C


    I might join you in los santos if I ever get back online. The flu can jump up and bite my ass
  8. Robert C


    Too accurate. Varmint Rifle = headshots galore. I'd guess 90% of my player kills are with the Varmint.
  9. Robert C


    Yeah, there's still no real game there. Nerfing the varmint rifle has the potential to be a disaster as well. I mean, I get why they're doing it. But I don't think that's really gonna fix the griefing much, a it could screw up the most lucrative thing in the game (hunting birds) monumentally.
  10. Robert C


    It’s almost like whoever ran her high school was auditioning for Baylor, with its proud tradition of licking out unmarried women for having sex
  11. Robert C


    I got to ride a little ass last night right after we got attacked by a posse of a level 7 and a level 4. Good way to end the night.
  12. So pretty much the way melraz and I played andromeda then, only without a krogan
  13. Because I’m dumb, I’ve decided I’m gonna get the new Far Cry game. I fully expect it to be the video game equivalent of being kicked in the balls but I’m gonna do it anyway.
  14. Robert C

    So, How's It Going?

    Dear celiac disease. Please feel free to get fucked i cannot think of anything more repulsive than gluten free beer
  15. Robert C


    Game is getting tired. I'll keep at it for a bit longer, but I'm gonna drop it soon if they don't come up with an actual online. Might be time to see how broken FO76 is for myself.