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  1. Robert C

    2023 Live Music

    Missed out on seeing her Austin City Limits taping. Put in for the ticket lottery, but no luck. Hoping to see her at some point. Ideally with Golden Highway.
  2. Dang, this sucks to hear. I ran into him a few times since he was close with my buddy Lee. When Lee died in 2010, Kinky did the eulogy. I always figured having Kinky freaking Friedman deliver your eulogy was a sign of a life well lived. I'd like to think they're out together somewhere drinking beer and hanging out with all the dogs they worked together to save. One of the funniest things I've ever read was someone online complaining that "They Ain't Makin Jews Like Jesus Anymore", a song about knocking out an anti-Semitic bigot, was somehow anti-Semitic. Maybe thinking of Charles Whitman - "The Ballad of Charles Whitman"?
  3. Al least they’ve given up on the faux dignity and admitted they’re ready and willing to sell out to the highest bidder. The SEC better go with someone with an easily chantable name. An LSU crowd ain’t gonna be able to chant Apollo Capital Management in the fourth quarter of a night game. Maybe Bucees.
  4. Got a warning text this morning from the city/county that the heat index is supposed to be over 100 today. Guess I can look forward to getting that same text every day till late September.
  5. It's funny. I've been really lucky with bugs for the last three Bethesda games. I got the usual ones - side quests that won't close, flying mammoths, etc. But nothing serious. The only Fallout game I had real problems on was New Vegas, which was nearly unplayable due to constant lag. This update is something else, though. Anything less than 95% hit chance in VATS is almost certainly gonna miss. 95% is maybe 50/50. Can't see indoors, since the lighting is almost nonexistent.
  6. Oof. Pretty sure I saw the world premier of that one. Back when the world premier of a video was something anybody even noticed. Still remember the premier of Hot For Teacher. Everybody at CD Fulkes Middle School - home of the fighting lizards - couldn’t wait for that one.
  7. Ive never seen or heard of anybody laying off most of a hardware design team post project completion. I’ve seen it after a project cancellation, but only once. And I’ve been through an insane number of cancellations. Normally our next project is lined up long before the current one finishes. Probably a bunch of reasons for that. Hardware designers are a pain in the ass to find and hire. So many specialties that don’t carry over to one another easily. Also, the work that occurs after something gets released frequently is as much as the pre silicon work. What does happen frequently is shifting whole teams to work on a project that’s got behind, then moving to some other emergency once they’re done with the first. Been there plenty of times. It sucks, but it beats getting laid off.
  8. This one hurts. Wherever he is right now, I'd like to think Mojo is on stage singing with Glenn Frey.
  9. I don’t love Borderlands as a single character player franchise. Even if it is the one shooter that I’m not terrible at. I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun with coop though. There’s some nostalgia built into my love of the games too. Hearing Derek Burke in my head saying “prepare to be Trevonated bitches!” will never fail to bring a smile to my face, even if it’s a smile tinged with sadness.
  10. I’ve been wondering where he was for awhile. @RIPPA have you talked to him? He dropped off my Xbox friends list at some point.
  11. Wow. New AD has barely been there a day, and things are already getting Bjorked up.
  12. EVA has entered the transfer portal. I'll admit, I mentioned Alabama players hitting the portal when Saban retired, but I didn't expect it to be this severe. They may be more depleted at DB by the portal than A&M was.
  13. In future turmoil news, Ross Bork is leaving A&M to take the Ohio State AD job. So, congratulations Buckeye fans. You’re getting the guy responsible for Jimbo’s insane contract extension. And for whatever that Mark Stoops midnight deal was. Good luck with that. And now Ryan Day gets to hear he’s on the hot seat the first time he doesn’t win by three touchdowns. And Elko hears the same when our offense looks like crap in the spring game, as is tradition.
  14. We’re paying Fisher $77 million to not coach for us. Unless the buyout is nine digits, nobody is gonna bat an eye at Alabama paying it if Lanning’s their guy.
  15. The portal might just get crazy again. Saban out at Bama. Maybe Harbaugh at Michigan too. Plus whichever top end school(s) they poach from, and so on. Get your checkbooks out CFB fans.
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