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  1. I'm really curious what "improper benefits" could even be in recruiting now. I'm pretty sure buying a player a Coke isn't a violation in an era when Texas can safely spend just about what I paid for my house to entertain a recruit for one weekend.
  2. Is being tied for dead last in red zone possessions bad?
  3. Putting a reactor in Welch would've been an invitation to global nuclear catastrophe. Place was constantly either on fire and/or being evacuated when I was in grad school. I was never really sure if the Austin fire department actually refused to continue responding there, or just threatened to.
  4. Technically there was - the old Tokamak at the Fusion Research Center was underground pretty much right under the front steps of ENS. My father helped design the thing. My parents pulled me out of school, in second grade maybe, to go watch part of the installation one day. Fun stuff for a second grader to watch. Apparently it's in China now. Anyway, Texas doesn't need a reactor. They've got Welch hall, which is infinitely more dangerous. A&M has a fission reactor off of the main campus. Some friends of mine were hanging around outside it drinking one night and got the bright idea to break into the airport next door. They got one of the little luggage carrier cars started and were driving it out on the runways in the middle of the night. FBI raided our dorm the next morning. Glad I missed that.
  5. If you ever thought the team you root for is run by horrible human beings, at least it isn't run by these guys. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-09-21/alastair-clarkson-and-chris-fagan-named-in-hawks-review/101452320 The headline itself is bad enough. It somehow gets worse from there: Hawthorn racism review to allege that former coaches separated First Nations players from families and demanded a pregnancy termination
  6. My parents still live in the house I grew up in, which means they still have the door they used to mark my height on when I was a kid. We started putting my son on the door pretty much as soon as he could walk, which means we can compare our respective heights at different ages. He's 7 1/2 now. Measured him on there this weekend, since we hadn't done it in a while. He's barely shorter than I was at 11, and I'm about 6'2''. He's a big, broad shouldered kid, with wild, bushy hair that's basically impossible to brush. He also has no filter and absolutely no volume control at all. Think Brian Blessed as a second grader, that's pretty much what I'm raising.
  7. Let's see YOU map out how to miss all those blocks along the OL, Mr Smart Guy. It takes work to not account for multiple DL on every play.
  8. Clearly not enough. Gotta pay for an OC, OL and QB
  9. A&M had run 35 plays on offense with less than 5 minutes to go in the game. That's got to be some kind of record. That's against a team that gave up 63 points last week
  10. Thing is, this is just normal OL play for A&M. Has been since the mid 90s. There is the usual exception, like 2020. Or when we had Manziel and four first round picks at OL. But usually it looks like this. Jimbos weird ability to have terrible OL play fits right in.
  11. That’s putting it mildly. They’re outplaying the Ags pretty easily. Having watched last week’s gave vs an FCS opponent, I’m not even mildly surprised. Might be time for Jimbo to admit that last century’s offense isn’t cutting it any longer. Also, a functional OL would be nice. Wonder if any of our 649 five star D line recruits can block.
  12. So Saban’s kryptonite is playing in Texas against a team playing its’ injured backup without a viable third stringer? Was running a kids baseball practice, so I didn’t watch till the last five minutes. All the Texas fans at the fields were already anticipating being in the playoff this year.
  13. A&M QBs currently on NFL rosters (unless I'm really blanking and forgetting somebody - is Bucky Richardson still playing for the Oilers?) - two guys that transferred out the same year. - a guy who we mostly played at WR, and who now mostly hands off to Derrick Henry That's a heck of a track record.
  14. Ugh. This does not fill me with confidence. Small sample size of course, but he did not look good last year. He looked lost on the field half the time. And had a bad case of happy feet
  15. Ugh. Two Billy Joel songs before 9 AM on a Saturday. Either my kids class needs to end or I need to switch from caffeine to alcohol.
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