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  1. I'm fine with either guns or characters, I just want some damn N7's Also, Id happily go the rest of my life without getting another Indra.
  2. You mean you don't do that on purpose? I've spent way too much time trying to run over settlers.
  3. It's been night shift all the way. Combination of melraz's and Stout's crazy ass work schedules and my not logging on till my son is asleep.
  4. Stout, we needed you on that one life to live silver strike team last night. Bert8675309 did not have that shit.
  5. Apex packs are back. Just gotta do into the ruins on silver. I hopped on for a few minutes and joined three terrible randoms on wave 4. They died a bunch. I got tired of reviving em, so they stayed dead after a while. Didn't really matter much either way.
  6. Driving home from work today the news stations on XM were giving me flashbacks to 1994/1995. All of em were broadcasting the parole hearing live.
  7. I'm gonna be around for awhile yet. I have zero desire to ever play Destiny related. To the point where I might avoid Anthem just because of the comparisons. Dunno if I'll make it all the way to Red Dead just on MEA, but we'll see. The game loses some its charm if I don't have my fellow miscreants along to laugh at stupid shit. Gonna try to be on some tonight, but we'll see. Hardly been on in a week due to life.
  8. I can't find a reason to retire one of the strike teams. I have one with two negative traits, and another with a single negative. All six teams have the exceptional intelligence kit. A new team with the kit would cost 450 mission funds. There's no way that would ever turn out to be cost effective.
  9. Anybody that gets annoyed at you would he positively apoplectic if they had to play with me or melraz. Hopefully you didn't heal him when he died in amusing ways.
  10. Hopped on for a couple matches tonight. Got kicked from a lobby for the first time. By the #1 basement dweller. About 5 seconds after I joined in. I don't think he likes me. Maybe he's that guy I killed 90 times in a single GTA session once. I also had the experience of joining a gold strike team and realizing that the next highest level player in there was a 6. Add to that, the combined Apex rating of the 3 of em was less than 1000. I was almost tempted to actually join in, just to see how quickly things went to shit.
  11. I'm still surprised I didn't end up in the water during that one. I figured the Kroguard was custom made to go for a swim there. Finished up getting the uncommon characters to 20. I'm gonna try going back to premium packs and see how it goes.
  12. It's a good thing my poor strike team guys are around to buy shit for me, since Hand Foot and Mouth part 3 has blown my gaming time to shit. I've managed to run a couple bronzes for the dailies, but that's it. Still had enough to buy the two vests, along with 5 rare guns. Nothing I wanted, but at least I got em out of the way.
  13. Saw Skyrim for the one on Amazon Prime yesterday, and almost bought it. Probably would if there was some way to transfer characters. No way do I want to go through leveling up again, though.
  14. Hand foot and mouth can go kick rocks. What, the blisters weren't bad enough, so you've gotta have a bunch of strains where going through one doesn't confer immunity to the others? This is round 3 for my son in the 10 months since he started daycare.
  15. Weird. I got grabbed by one right after the patch, and got the usual insta-death/no revive deal.