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  1. Post an Interesting Picture

    The US Navy at work
  2. The Big Bad Wolf one? I was super into it, and then just stopped playing and never went back. Dunno why.
  3. Not feeling the Borderlands love right now. I maybe made it halfway through the last one and I don't see myself going back to it. Maybe I'm just old and grumpy
  4. That about sums it up. Games dead. You take what you can get. As long as everybody but you isn't under leveled
  5. The other part is what the hell else am I gonna play. It it wasn't this it would probably be four year old GTA. I still need to finish Nuka World in Fallout 4. I might go back to Witcher 3 eventually Thats it for games I haven't finished Andromeda is the only game I've bought this year. Pretty sure I only bought Fallout 4 last year. Only game that is announced in development that I know I'll buy is Red Dead. Every time I read one of Poe's holy shit there's 9 games out this week that I'm gonna buy and platinum it occurs to me that I might not buy that many games this generation
  6. Ain't that the truth. I wouldn't be playing at this point if I didn't have my fellow heathens to holler at and laugh at stupid shit with.
  7. Yeah I've noticed I seem to be climbing faster from just doing the dailies than you are from kicking the crap out platinum. Figured there had to be a logjam around where you are. The folks down around the 500s must have their heads up Uranus. Congrats on being accepted into the 40K Illuminati.
  8. That sucks about the Piranha. It's probably my favorite gun in the game. Valkyrie isn't bad, especially for a standoffish type character. Gotta pair it with something that packs more of a punch for closeup work, though. I'm missing the newest gun, whatever that's called.
  9. I should be able to get my last guy to 20 in the next day or two. The commando is at 18 now. Everybody else is already there. Still need about a dozen drops to get the two new guys to XX. Finally got my first ultra-rare to X yesterday via mission funds. It was the Gladiator, who ought to be a Nova beast now that her abilities are fully upgraded. The Batarian is still only at III, so eventually I'll get to look forward to a bunch of drops of him in a row. Weapons are a completely different thing. I'm probably about 1/3-1/2 of the way on getting the uncommon variants to X. I've got the standard rares to X, but still need about 650 variants, and there are about 20 variants that I don't even have to I. There's one ultra-rare weapon that hasn't dropped yet at all, and my highest level gun is at IV.
  10. We had a turrible teammate that died about 10000 times across 3 platinums. We left his dead ass under a tree for a bunch of waves. I guess he thought we'd bonded or something, because after we finished the last match he sent me a message telling us to wait for him to take a coffee and piss break. We didn't.
  11. Fantasy Football 2K17

    Assuming McCaffrey doesn't outscore the Carolina D by 35 points, I'll win both games this week. That's despite my dumb ass starting Tyrod over Cousins. And the Jags doing whatever the fuck they did with Fournette. Thank you terrible opponents.
  12. There are so many bad jokes I wanna make about dragging poor Apex level 1000 magical mangina (yes that was his actual name) through what had to be his first legit platinum. Credit to the little feller. He got with the rules of the Night Shift Avenger program quick 1. Have a vivid, monochromatic Avenger. 2. Stay invisible 3. Chuck grenades 4. Invisible relay race on wave 7 Also, he didn't send me a friend request or a message about coffee and piss, which I appreciated.
  13. Yeah, that was weird how that kept happening. It was almost like there was some plan behind it.
  14. I always figured some of our better GTA stupidity (5 guys on the roof of an ambulance jumping into Zancudo to shoot down that transport plane type stuff) would've been worth watching. I can't imagine how you'd make anything in Andromeda multiplayer worth watching without melraz on commentary.
  15. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Act like they had some sort of functioning moral compass.