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  1. NFL

    They could always try Allen High School outside of Dallas. It's probably nicer than the Oakland Coliseum, and they might still outdraw the Chargers.
  2. Finally made it to Voeld. Had my first renegade interrupt that really felt like one.
  3. I finished up with a planet last time I was on single player. I already know I'm gonna have to spend two hours running around the not the Citadel, and talking to people on the Tempest.
  4. We had a pretty good run too. Getting to level 5 on our first silver attempt wasn't too bad for us. The bronze runs are still pretty crazy for us starting around wave 5. The earlier waves have pretty much devolved into a contest between Melraz and me to see who can steal the most kills from the other. After you left we finished a couple bronze extractions with randoms. I was high scorer for the first time ever after melraz wound up stuck between two destroyers right at the start of wave 6, and our random teammate didn't revive him. And thanks for explaining rockets to me. Two destroyers with one shot was nice.
  5. These are more reasons the second time through will be better. I'll have a better handle on how all this shit works, and how to make the "right" decisions. On the romance front so far, I'm going with my approach from Fallout - try to bang everybody. I'm getting shot down a lot. I assume all the folks that haven't shot me down are gonna confront me about this shit eventually. I wish they'd just copy the romance system from Saint's Row 4 and be done with it.
  6. Am I the only one that finds it unsettling that the voice in my head sounds somewhere between HAL in 2001 and David in Prometheus?
  7. Fem Ryder would too if that was an option. When I ran a female Shepard, there were missions in both ME2 and ME3 that involved combat while dressed pretty much exactly like my current GTA outfit
  8. I forgot about your GTA character. If your Ryder somehow manages to look like that guy, I'm rooting for the Kett.
  9. I think I've done about everything I can on the first planet, at least till the fucking radiation subsides. Went ahead to the next planet, but the game crashed after about 27 cut scenes, so I figured that was a good sign to go to bed. This one definitely seems buggier than previous Mass Effects. I can already tell I'll enjoy the second time through more than the first. Right now I have no idea what to do with, or how much I need to conserve, my resources and money. I figure I'll have a better handle on that the second time through.
  10. Careful man. You don't want to wind up on the wrong end of that Judge.
  11. There's something odd about wearing a scarf while in combat.
  12. I had to do that with Remnant. There are a lot of checkpoint saves, so I maybe lost a couple minutes. I accidentally got on the ship soon after I got it. If you travel with to the area of the station where the ship is, you automatically get put on it. They gave me a nice, dramatic sendoff, and then we promptly landed back on the station, since I wasn't finished doing stuff there.
  13. I finally managed to go somewhere in the Tempest last night. Cleared the main storyline part of the first planet.
  14. I dunno what they're really called. The big damn lizards that grab your legs. And the nicknames are just what happens when you let the night shift contingent play multiplayer before the rest of the xbox folks.