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  1. My wife's boss is has been pushing to get her back into the office, even though she maybe came in once a month before shit hit the fan, she doesn't work with anybody in our time zone, much less at our site (her boss is two time zones away), and she was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Fortunately the need to keep the folks that do the actual work on site means top level management isn't messing around and has hardcore rules on who can and cannot go in. She's not setting foot in in the place this year.
  2. I enjoyed the guys that showed up at Gettysburg to prevent the imaginary Antifa flag burning, particularly the ones that showed up waving the Confederate flag. Some folks are irony deficient.
  3. My son has a favorite stuffed rabbit. Because he's inherited an inability to name things from both of his parents, the rabbit's name is Bunny. Anyway, he's decided that July 8 is Bunny's birthday. Over the last week this has somehow become a bigger and bigger deal. A few days ago my wife and I looked at each other and said "we're going to have to take the day off, aren't we". So we are. I felt kind of silly at first, but at this point fuck it. He's had a crappy year like most kids. He's an only kid of two only kids, and he's been stuck at home with only his two parents that still somehow have to do their full time jobs. He's barely seen any of his friends since March. He probably won't go back to daycare, and will likely not ever see most of the kids he's been in class with for four years again. In normal circumstances I would never take a vacation day for this. But this thing is making him happier than he's been in months, so hell yes I'm going to take the day off for the rabbit's birthday.
  4. Sometimes you get weirdly good food experiences. Our cafeteria at work is decent in general, but the make AMAZING fried chicken. The patient/family hotel attached to the MD Anderson hospital in Houston has really good fried chicken as well. Actually, their room service in general is good, which is weird because the hotel restaurant is putrid.
  5. We don't have Krogers here for some reason. East Texas has them, though. My main memory of them that doesn't involve cheap alcohol is the grey meat.
  6. Did they have slime in the ice machine?
  7. So apparently there's a push to get out governor to resign over the exploding covid count. You'd think anybody trying that would google "Texas Lieutenant Governor" beforehand, and then think again.
  8. I still have a dynasty going on my PS2. Can't remember if it's 2003 or 2004. Most years my strong safety wins the Heisman, with my fullback as the runner up.
  9. Since the count is that high, they have to follow what the state says. Unfortunately, the state is Texas. Should just rename the place Trumpsylvania. There isn't an actual owner here (it's run as a nonprofit by the neighborhood association, catering to a bunch of engineer's kids). That doesn't make the rest of what you said wrong, though.
  10. Knew somebody that mistook superglue for her contact solution. Somehow it didn’t turn out quite as horrifying as it sounds my sons daycare is now officially a cluster in every sense of the word. They assigned 4 teachers as a cleaning crew school wide. All 4 now have Covid. 9 teachers/staff (probably 1/4 of the total), one kid and at least one parent have tested positive. They think they’ll be able to reopen a week from today. Yeah.
  11. And food related, I may be the only person on the planet that has never tasted coffee. Can't get past the smell. Coffee beans smell good to me, but the smell of roasted coffee is thoroughly repulsive. I can't go within a few hundred feet of a Starbucks.
  12. You've got to think positively. Our current guy probably isn't as dumb as the previous one. And that guy probably wasn't as dumb as the one before him. At this rate in about 50 years we might actually elect someone with a functioning brain.
  13. Not quite college, but high school football practices have fired up here in Texas. Unsurprisingly, with our exploding Covid rates, quite a few schools have already had to shut down due to positive tests. Last I heard, the count here in town was four schools that have been hit.
  14. I'm late to the party Barbecue - Anytime the first thing I hear about a barbecue place is the sauce, that's my cue to avoid like the plague. I spend about 1/4 of my childhood in Lockhart, Texas, where my parents grew up. I remember years ago somebody on here somebody commenting something like "the locals will beat you to death if you ask for sauce", about one of the places there. I don't even remember them having it at all when I was a kid. Black's, the place I usually get, didn't put it on their counter till maybe 10 years ago. As a result, I just can't do sauce. It just ruins the barbecue for me. Cheese - I'm another one that can't do it, mostly. I can eat cheese on pizza. That's it. (And now don't eat pizza due to celiac. Anybody that claims there is no bad pizza needs to eat more gluten free pizza). It's mostly smell, followed by texture. I have to leave the house while my wife is making queso, and the smell of a cheeseburger will make me retch. seafood - Love all of it. I will willingly risk anaplylactic shock to eat shrimp (I've only had it happen once, with 3 or 4 other times where I took my meds before the reaction got that bad). Gonna eat some for lunch today.
  15. Multiple cases of Covid in my son's daycare now. This is gonna be the thing that finally drags me onto facebook - to keep track of what the school sends out. Unrelated thing - am I a terrible person for enjoying pictures of those New Mexico militia douchebags on their knees?
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