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  1. Ray Benson has the has the damn thing too.
  2. I'm gonna need a haircut soon. Told the 5 year old he can use the clippers on me. Ought to be fun.
  3. I'm wearing pretty much what I wear to work every day anyway. Of course, that amounts to a T-shirt and running shorts, so I'm not exactly dressing up. I'm just missing the sandals, but I usually take those off at my desk anyway. The doomsday prophecy ads I'm starting to see on here are partly funny and partly disturbing. Much like the recurring political ad for person I won't name. Reading between the lines of emails from my son's pre-school, I feel like they're not expecting to reopen this year (the school year runs through the second week of August).
  4. I’m kinda terrified of how many folks that featured in that PBS country music documentary might not make it through this. Don’t think Prine was but Howard was definitely in there.
  5. No you fucking virus. You don’t get to take Prine.
  6. Shit starting to hit close to home. A friends 80 year old father got diagnosed today and is close to the ventilator/palliative care decision. Another friend sent us a picture of herself covered in protective gear. She been manning one of the testing centers all week. I guess the bright side is the ventilators and protective gear are still available around here. For now.
  7. My employer finally realized that we may have the largest stockpile of the kind of protective equipment that hospitals are running out of anywhere in private industry and decided to donate some of it. Bout time
  8. That and his team seemed perfectly happy to send him back out to get murdered all over again, even when he clearly had no business being on the field.
  9. Yeah I was gonna use the analogy that Far Cry 5 is like role playing an MLB player in the offseason till I remembered I’d used that one for Red Dead online like 2 years ago.
  10. Money is pretty easy to get. Just hunt and fish, preferably near one of the vendors. There's one on the island you start on near a good spot for both fish and deer. You can also switch to a different family member to tackle first. The fight you're on now is the last one I did. Shot him down on foot with heat seekers.
  11. Yesterday my mastiff managed to get herself stuck under our shed. Spent 2 hours trying to dig her out, but she wouldn't come out. Finally I just got down on my back and crawled in after her headfirst. Managed to flip her over on her side and drag her out. Fortunately she's all bark, no bite. Otherwise I was setting myself up for a Darwin award that ended with "and all they found was his feet", going into an enclosed space like that with a stressed out mastiff. Came out covered in mud, old leaves, dog hair and a herd for some sort of little red/black creepy crawly things. Probably best not to know what those were. Hole is now blocked with a couple rocks that weigh more than me. I guess she used to watch our old pit bull do that. Thing is, the pit was a much smaller dog, and pits are so strong that they can go through just about anything. Ours used to go through cat doors with ease. The other thing is that the mastiff is big and strong, but she's been spoiled her entire life. She got scared of hurting herself and didn't even try to get out. If the pit got scared and panicked like that, she'd have died long before we got her. Seven untreated gunshots weren't painful enough to stop her, so a little pain squeezing through a tight spot probably wouldn't even register.
  12. Probably the only Dolly song I really like, but it's a damn good one. For me, it's been Tom Russell for weeks. Either The Death of Jimmy Martin or this: Panco Villa crossed the border in the year of ought sixteen The people of Columbus still hear him riding through their dreams He killed seventeen civilians you could hear the women scream Blackjack Pershing on a dancing horse was waiting in the wings Tonight we ride, tonight we ride We'll skin ole Pancho Villa, make chaps out of his hide Shoot his horse, Siete Leguas, and his twenty-seven bride Tonight we ride, tonight we ride We rode for three long years till Blackjack Pershing called it quits When Jackie wasn't lookin' I stole his fine spade bit It was tied upon his stallion, so I rode away on it To the wild Chihuahuan desert, so dry you couldn't spit Tonight we ride, you bastards dare We'll kill the wild Apache for the bounty on his hair Then we'll ride into Durango, climb up the whorehouse stairs Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride When I'm too damn old to sit a horse, I'll steal the warden's car Break my ass out of this prison, leave my teeth there in a jar You don't need no teeth for kissin' gals or smokin' cheap cigars I'll sleep with one eye open, 'neath God's celestial stars Tonight we rock, Tonight we roll We'll rob the Juarez liquor store for the Reposado Gold And if we drink ourselves to death, ain't that the cowboy way to go? Tonight we ride, tonight we ride Tonight we fly, we're headin' west Toward the mountains and the ocean where the eagle makes his nest If our bones bleach on the desert, we'll consider we are blessed Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride Tonight we ride, tonight we ride.
  13. I shared a couch with our oldest cat, my 5 year old son and his favorite stuffed rabbit for Mass on Sunday. My wife took the other couch. Our English Setter hung out with whoever would pet him. The mastiff slept through the whole thing, and the rest of the cats didn't even bother to show up. We streamed an online Mass. Priest was good, better than our parish priest. I got a kick out of him suddenly realizing he had a congregation of 0 during the Responsorial Psalm. Very low key, which is how I like it. That's the way it's gonna be for awhile, regardless of what any of these fools tells me. Events go the way most of the experts seem to think, our president is gonna get kicked in the teeth by reality before Easter.
  14. The guy that's been driving all the local decisions is recommending no school for the rest of the year here. We'll see what happens. City/county went into lockdown today. Will be interesting to see what happens. Just about all the major cities in Texas are in the same boat. Normally our state government is in love with two things 1.) Telling everybody about the benefits of local control 2.) Overriding local control for the cities at every opportunity, especially when it comes to Austin Normally giving the state government the opportunity to so something like override a shelter in place order for Austin is the equivalent of extra strength viagra for those guys. So far, our governor at least seems to be taking a fairly sane approach, saying he supports the cities that have gone into lockdown. Not sure if that will last, but it's a nice change, dipshits like Patrick aside.
  15. Is anybody else struck by how much reality seems to be imitating a 70s disaster movie, between the crowds of people ignoring this shit and leadership sticking their heads in the sand? It's hard to decide who is doing the best imitation of the mayor from Jaws. Right now my leader is Dan Patrick, our dear Lt. Governor
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