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  1. Finished it. Last fight was kinda underwhelming
  2. I got a weapon trinket from beating the Agonizer. Pissed me off to no end. I finally cleaned up all the side stuff and made it to Nekrotafeyo. I'm 10-15 levels above everything I run into, so stuff dies quick if I bother to shoot at it. I'm just running past most of the smaller stuff.
  3. Things I learned last night (ok I already knew the second one, it just got reinforced). 1.) If you ask somebody "do you want to go fight a T-Rex with machine guns?", it's best to clarify which side of the fight will have the machine guns. 2.) Whoever came up with the idea of legendary weapon trinkets should probably find a new line of work.
  4. The Tyrant of Instinct can join him in that.
  5. That was the most fun I've had with this game, and all I did was sit on the edge of that precipice in case I needed to do a quick run in to prevent that thing from resetting. I never even saw what he was fighting. I desperately wanted it to go godlike, and I wasn't disappointed.
  6. Since I've been moaning about bosses, I've found a new one for the list. Bosses that, as soon as you kill them, immediately pop up with full health, immunity to how you killed em the first time, and a hard to avoid new attack that insta-kills both you and all the available second wind targets.
  7. I finally cleared out Eden 6. Since I've spent half the week moaning about boss fights, and I've jumped around in the story with melraz off and on, my reward was three boss fights in a row. I got the two at the end of Eden 6, followed directly by Troy. I'm probably over leveled at 40, so I was never in much danger. Except the guardian did manage to dump me off the platform on Eden 6. After I realized that could happen, it was just a matter of whittling down the bullet sponges. Now I get to run around reading all the Eridian symbols that I found earlier.
  8. It's funny, I don't mind the bullet sponge bosses in Borderlands. At least not usually. At least they follow the usual mechanics of the game. You're still just shooting them, same as always. You just have to do it a shitload more times. The kinds of things I hate are more like - bosses that are only vulnerable after you dodge their special attack. I hated that shit in punchout back in the 80s, and I still hate it. - bosses that are completely invulnerable unless you hit their weak spot. - bosses that have a bunch of minions along for company, and are completely invulnerable unless you wipe out the little bastards - the stuff y'all have mentioned - bosses where you don't save/heal/get any ammo back afterwards and where you have to redo the boss fight if the next thing kills you. Especially if the next thing is another boss. My personal example is Final Fantasy 10, the only FF game I've ever tried. Forget what the thing was, but I kinda remember having to fight the same boss 3 times in a row without any save points. It's no coincidence that my favorite games either don't have real boss fights, or have bosses that are essentially tougher versions of regular enemies. And I have no need of the games that folks love because they're so damn hard. Maybe it's because I essentially didn't play video games between the Atari/Intellivision period and the PS2/XBOX period. NES/SNES seems to have been the heyday of those types of games, and I've played maybe 20 hours of games from that time period total. Maybe it's just because I'm old. But I feel no need to validate my existence by beating a really hard game. I've got a job. It's really fucking hard. I'm one of a maybe a few hundred people in the world that know how to do it, and I struggle at it more often that I'd like to admit. I've got a kid. Raising him is a hundred times more difficult than that job. Most of the time I have no idea if I'm doing that right, and it's infinitely more important. If I can pull those two things off reasonably well, that's enough. All I need from a game is a chance to have fun shooting things in the face while doing stupid stuff and laughing at it. I got more out of beating a GTA mission with five of us standing on the roof of an airborne ambulance than I ever would from beating Dark Battle Ninja Toad Gaiden Souls.
  9. I honestly don't know if I've seen a boss that has as many ways to kill you/piss you off as that thing. I hate boss fights in general (for all games, not just Borderlands). That one isn't the most annoying one, but it's close.
  10. I'm leaving the Agonizer till I'm leveled more or have some help. Last time I tried I was WAY too underleveled. Right I'm wandering around cleaning up areas that I've already been to. I finally found Balex last night, which was fun. "You gave me ratch!" might be my favorite line in the game that doesn't involve elves.
  11. Just realized one of my opponents last week started Sterling Shepard over Tyler Boyd, which I kinda get, and Adam Thielen, which is WTF?
  12. Had a clean shot at a couple spoonbills a few days ago. I was tempted, but I didn't think the San Diego Zoo would approve.
  13. Back at it after 10 days off for vacation. I've been cleaning up claptraps, radios, creatures for Hammerlock and Typhon caches in places I've already been to. Hammerlock clarifying that he wasn't actually calling me a ho keeps cracking me up. The jumping puzzle to clear out one of the radios in the swamps on Eden 6 can kiss all of my ass.
  14. Occasionally things just go your way. One team has Aaron Jones, Matt Ryan, Dalvin Cook and Chris Godwin. That team is at 162, projected for 171 pts. Would be even better if I had actually been smart and dropped the Rams D for Philadelphia, like I was tempted to do. The other has Watson, Michael Thomas, Tyler Boyd, McCaffrey, Cook and Chris Carson. Leaving Allen Robinson, and his 21.7 pts, on the bench somehow only cost me one pt. That team is sitting on 196, projected for 205. The fun part is Yahoo not being willing to commit to 100% chance of victory for either team. My opponents are done on 119 and 97 pts, respectively. I kinda doubt there's really a 1% chance of either George Kittle fumbling 17 times or Robbie Gould missing 102 field goals tomorrow.
  15. Really depends on the case. My wife and I both test positive for having had it but neither of us has any idea when. We just got a super easy case and never noticed it. On the other hand it about wiped out a division one athlete ex girlfriend when we were in college. She was on meds for months from the after affects
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