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  1. Conner Weigman is out for the season after breaking something in his foot/ankle. If you're counting, that makes three years in a row that A&M has lost its starting QB for most of the year. Please excuse me, I'm off to make a voodoo doll of Steve Addazio.
  2. The one nice thing about not having a break from 8 to 6 today is at least I can’t make myself suffer through watching that game.
  3. So not having seen what happened to Chubb, and having no desire to do so, how catastrophic was this? Marcus Latimore catastrophic?
  4. GTA 5 turns 10 years old this weekend. Somehow 5 is older now than San Andreas was when 5 came out.
  5. Forgot to enter, which means I got exactly the same number of correct picks as last year.
  6. Gonna have to jack to price of gas up some more. $77 million fully guaranteed coaches contracts don’t buy themselves out.
  7. That’s the first I’d heard of there being NG+. Bethesda does know nobody ever actually finishes their games, don’t they?
  8. Still on Xbox and still the same ID. Not sure what’s up. Possible I set it to offline when I was down with Covid a couple weeks ago. I noticed a few weeks ago that you’re not on my friends list anymore. No clue why. I uninstalled yesterday in a fit of pique. My play through was fucked badly enough (330k bounty on whatever that first planet is called) that I didn’t care enough to figure out how to un-fuck it. I’ll reinstall when I’m not pissed off at the world. Right now there’s so much I don’t like about the game that I don’t need it around.
  9. So far, nothing has I’ve seen is gripping me. By the time I made it to whatever the the first populated planet is called, I just started shooting at civilians out of annoyance. Not sure if the problem is the game or me and the immensely shitty week I’ve had Maybe it’s both of us I’m hoping this turns out like Morrowind did for me, where I despised it at first, but eventually fell in love and played a billion hours of it.
  10. Looks like Denver Harris may have been sent packing by LSU. If so, that will make four players from A&M’s 2022 recruit class that have been kicked off the team they transferred to before the start of the 2023 season. 30 for 30 on that class is gonna be bonkers. (side note - I may have set a board record for worst tense usage there)
  11. So glad to not be there for awhile. I’ve been in Tennessee all week. People here saying it’s hot when it’s 15 degrees hotter at home. Between all the fire warning texts and the news saying it’s gonna get even hotter next week, I don’t wanna go home.
  12. The old record was apparently set the day before. Was helping run my son's baseball practice Tuesday, and it was just brutal. Had one kid go down after about 20 minutes. The rest of em looked pretty pretty rough as well. Today was thankfully cut short by the wild ass thunderstorms that came through Manchaca. Even our dipshit coach seemed to realize that having a bunch of seven and eight year olds standing around in a hailstorm wasn't a great idea.
  13. Gotta find a way to make that next billion, I guess. Figure GTA6 will be pretty much useless without GTA+. That list of removed stuff is crazy. Damn near every car that was around the last time you or JT played this thing got wiped today. Worst of all, the removed the Mini Cooper. Rendering the Nite Shift battle cry "To the Mini Cooper!" obsolete.
  14. Wonder if anybody at Amazon actually seen the Jets play in the last 50 odd years?
  15. I habitually skip the top of the page (sorry Rippa, but it's a fact that engineers can't read directions), so I accidentally saw this yesterday after seeing the mention in OSJ's memorial thread. I've had very little direct interaction with Dean, but I realized yesterday that at the age of 52 I've been reading his stuff for almost exactly half my life, going back to when I was doing an internship in the summer of 1997. I'd have time waiting for simulations to run, and ended up spending it reading RSPW. There were a few posters that I'd always read their stuff, and Dean quickly moved to the top of that list. Then I found his stuff on Ollie's old site and read all of that. Once this site got started, I migrated over here almost immediately, though I lurked forever. Looking at that list of donors yesterday was like looking back in time over the last 26 years Somewhere, on an old CD, I have a bunch of random stuff saved. A lot of it is stuff Dean did. Road reports. Dean/JDW threads either from the green board or RSPW. Lessons on how to be a man that I think he wrote when he turned 40. I've got a lot out of this site over the years, entertainment for sure, but more importantly friendships that extend beyond the online world. Selfishly, I hope and pray I get the chance to tell Dean thank you.
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