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  1. There are 3 online story missions as well, probably for both good and bad karma, or whatever they call it. melraz and I did the 3 good guy ones. They were ok, as Rockstar online missions go. Not gonna drag me back into the game long term, or anything. Online seems to have calmed down. We ran into a bunch of dots, and nobody shot anybody. Noticed they removed people's levels from the player list, which is kind of clever. Interested if they'll do that for the next GTA. At the least, if would save me from saying to myself "aw crap, he's a level 5" after I kill a dot 46 times in a row.
  2. So somebody hacked my wife's online account at Nordstroms, changed the shipping address and bought some properly ugly shoes. These are the worst of em. $995 for a guinea pig humping a loafer. Also, I'm pretty sure I've said it in one of these threads that got closed, but fuck chiggers.
  3. They could set the game here in Austin. It'd cut down on the time and money spent developing a bunch of individual NPC character models. Just make em all look like CSC's GTA V online hipster.
  4. RIP old GTA thread. You'll be missed, though probably not by Rippa. I'm pretty sure I filled at least one page just with stupid shit based about Bill Paxton movies. And probably 50 pages with entertaining (to me at least) ways to blow up dots. Since it looks like the new consoles are probably gonna be out for Christmas 2020, I guess I'm hoping for late 2021 for the next game, though I'm guessing that's horribly optimistic on my part. Whenever it comes out, I'm hoping for Vice City as the location. I'm still not over how much I hated GTA 4, so I really don't want to be stuck back in Liberty again. It's pretty damn amazing/impressive how Rockstar has managed to make a shit ton of money with GTA on current gen without even bothering to develop a game for it.
  5. It’s not really Intellivision unless there’s a baseball game featuring the routine 8-4-3 double play. i wonder if mine is still in my parents attic.
  6. There are two. One is right across from Claptrap. That one only holds four. There is another upstairs in the building where Tannis, Roland, etc are. Forget where that one is, but it can be expanded, same as the backpack.
  7. What level are you now? melraz and I have a bunch of good stuff stored up for around level 50 or so. Been trying to get a decent Conference Call to drop for two days now from the Tiny Tina DLC. I've got 10 or 11 regular ones, and two slag. Really want an electric or at least a corrosive. Got a B*tch from some random spider in that same DLC. It's under leveled, but I'm just amazed one actually dropped like that.
  8. Ran the bar brawl at Pyro Pete’s on infinite loop for Torgue tokens. Used my OP2 mechromancer in the first play through. It was good stuff. Deathtrap’s kill counter was about 850 before I stopped. Finally had to quit after I hit the max token count and the game started struggling with the number of dead bodies/drops in the bar
  9. The shitty timed missions are meant to be skipped. I'm convinced of this.
  10. Did, or at least tried, a couple of Tannis' ridiculous overpowered missions last night for BL2. Best part was running into Scorch on the second run through. We killed all the little shit around him and then he went psycho on me. He totally ignored melraz, who was shooting/punching him, but spent about 5 minutes chasing me in circles around a rock.
  11. And now my near 19 year old cried out and collapsed. Seems better now but today needs to just fucking end already.
  12. Job interview tomorrow, which is good and all, but I’m a bit nervous since I haven’t been on this side of an interview since January 2002. I dunno if I’ll even take the job if offered but it’s still got me keyed up. So, since I needed some distractions, my four year old has a high fever and diarrhea since last night, my wife got rear ended this morning by somebody that may or may not have insurance and ended up with whiplash, and our air conditioning went out on a 95 degree day
  13. My main takeaway from that article was bemusement at their project naming scheme. First one gets named Joplin and gets cancelled. Second version gets named Morrison. Nice job tempting fate, folks.
  14. I think you've just explained to me why I don't even know what channel ESPN is in my cable package now. If Stephen A Smith is the best in the business (and I have no reason to doubt that he is), then I don't need the business.
  15. Had to give a training at work. That's not uncommon, but this one was recorded. That was a first for me, and makes me vaguely uncomfortable. On the off chance that "guy with hillbilly accent describes on chip memory test methodology for servers" ever becomes a viral thing, it wasn't my idea to record it.
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