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  1. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Whole lotta dots yesterday. Some good, some bad. We (meaning I) kicked over a couple hornet nests that we shoulda left well alone. There were enough bad ones to make it fun. Every crappy dot wanted to do a 1:1 with melraz, which was funny since they usually challenge me. Got 2 hatchet kills that way. melraz got a flare gun kill. I'm still pissed our brilliant plan - drive around in a taco truck with melraz standing on the roof with a minigun - didn't work. Had 2 guys gives us a pretty good run, which was weird since we both started up like 15-20 to 0 on em. There was another guy we kicked the living shit out of, but he started about even with both of us. Had my first go with transformer races. Fun, but I suck at em. Only thing keeping me outta last place was the level 4 random who didn't know how to lower the wheels to drive the amphibious 4 wheeler on land.

    Sumlin to Arizona. Apparently. Seems Lila a pretty good fit
  3. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Like RUkered, that would require me to own one. That would also require us to be organized and shit. My dumb ass didn't even have armor when we did it.
  4. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Finally got round to doing this one. Agent 14 can kiss my ass. Twice we got it down to the final Juggernauts before that dumbass decided to walk right up to em and go mur, mur, mur pistol. Third time I sat on the fool and distracted the Juggernauts while melraz sniped em.
  5. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    You're gonna have to fill me in there. Having a 3 year old means my reading typically doesn't extend past Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin or Dinosaur vs. The Potty. He tries to limit me to no more than six words per page. He makes my wife read the more advanced stuff like Charlie the Ranch Dog.
  6. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Lets see what we ran into: Tank - check Rocked mounted APC - check Kurumas - check times a thousand Insurgents - check Avenger - check Jets - check Buzzards - check Hunters - check Rocked bikes - check I think we pissed the locals off. Didn't help that melraz began the night up 19-0 on one of em, and I started up 20-2 on the same guy. I wonder if he wandered into a beach party last time we met him.
  7. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Opened up the staircase of our attic, and the damn thing attacked me. Saw a shape coming out of the darkness above and had just enough time to turn my head, so it hit me in the side of the face instead of the nose. Moral of the story - don't trust kids to stack things correctly. Especially heavy things.
  8. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Got hit in the face with a large toaster oven today. Hurt like hell, but no apparent major damage. That would've been a fun one to explain to a doctor if I'd had to go see one.

    I have this weird relationship with Witcher 3. I play the crap out of it for a week or two, then I'll finish up a location and not want to play it for six months. Of course, by the time I get back to it I've forgotten how everything works. Last thing I finished was helping the redhead escape from the guys that want to kill all the witches. Then some girl climbed on a Viking funeral boat and I lost all interest for a while. That was probably about September, so I guess I'll be back to playing it obsessively around March.
  10. Everybody always sleeps on the fourth ending. I went that way once out of pure spite. Shot that little fucker right in the face.
  11. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Hopefully you let them know of their impending doom over the game chat before you killed em, like the voice of a vengeful god.
  12. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Really the only reason is it costs at least half a million per shot
  13. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Sorry I missed that one. I might actually make it on tonight or tomorrow night, now that life is finally starting to be somewhat normal again.

    Fun fact - Intel's corporate IT flags DVDVR as a security risk.
  15. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Finally unlocked the lower price on the bigass bomber. It's big, pointless and stupid, which are exactly the reasons I had to have it. I've come to the conclusion that the airplane cargo stuff is the worst part of the game by far. So much harder than selling cars, for much less money. I've made about half a dozen sales, and only had one be completely successful. I'll quit bothering after I finish unlocking the rest of the lower prices. Got killed with a fireworks launcher yesterday, which cracked me up. Poor bastard died a bunch, but I had to give him credit for that one.