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  1. That’s disappointing. I was hoping for a full reset when 6 came out. Guess that ain’t gonna happen
  2. A&M Ol Miss is off this weekend as A&M apparently still doesn't have enough guys available. I guess Jimbo found a way to avoid our annual November slide - just don't play any games.
  3. Learned something new there. Never knew Sin City was a Burritos song. I really do need to listen to more Gram Parsons. For some reason he, and the Burritos for that matter, have always been somebody I've heard more about than actually heard their music.
  4. A&M/Tennessee pushed to the December date as well, unsurprisingly.
  5. Or Dabo Swinney. Or Jim Harbaugh. Or....
  6. Vice City is my favorite single player game period. I spent Elder Scrolls amounts of time playing that thing. I wonder if it's been long enough since I've played it that it would feel fresh again. The only things I remember about Vice City Stories were that the guns felt better than Vice City and that I hated the last mission (I vaguely remember something with a quad bike there, but maybe I'm misremembering).
  7. The teenagers that came by said we were the coolest people on the street, so I guess we did something right. I was actually kinda disappointed. My son loves construction equipment, so I got him a remote controlled dump truck to use for this, trying to do something special since he's missing out on so much like every other kid this year. Got it a month in advance, tested it out beforehand, etc. Everything worked fine. I made this big deal about giving it to him Halloween morning, then found out that the damn thing wouldn't turn on. Spent all day on it, but never could get it to work
  8. We had fewer than normal, but still a lot. We roped off our yard and had our five year old drive the candy out to them in a remote control truck.
  9. This is the Jets we're talking about. There's no reason they can't pick first in 2021 AND 2022.
  10. For just a second there I mistook him for George C. Scott.
  11. Jerry Jeff Walker died today. I finally got to see him live at his annual birthday show in 2019. There isn’t a better country album than Viva Terlingua. Kiss my ass 2020.
  12. I'm torn on this. On one hand, I recognize that there are serious issues here related to both historic and present day racism, and I fully respect the players and others for standing up to all of that. On the other hand, watching Texas tearing themselves apart is the highlight of my week.
  13. I figure if you play games 100 yours a week, then loading times might actually be the most important thing in your life.
  14. How much stuff do you throw at the infected teams before they start to hide positive tests? Or is that out of the teams' control?
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