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  1. You can actually read them from the character selection screen as well. You don't have to unlock them to read if you use that
  2. The Krogan Mercenary's is the best of those.
  3. I've been using a few boosters here and there, so I got curious how many I had left. Turns out I have 592. That should hold me for a while.
  4. You're just jealous you don't make as purty an Asari as I do. If you'd just embrace the yellow you could fix all that.
  5. I just realized that the thing I'm most looking forward to in RDR2 is the first time I watch Stout pull off a horseback allah akbar.
  6. We ran an all Salarian Architect match on bronze last week. I don't think anybody was above 5, and two of us were level 1. It didn't matter. We mauled those poor bastards. There was a herd of those damn VI's following us around wiping out everything. I've got less than 10 uncommon mods left to go, then it's all rares all the time. Hoping we get something new in the store this week. I've got about 300 mission funds waiting to get spent
  7. That picture, plus the setting, makes me feel like i get to shoot the protagonists of Northwest Front. Or at least people that are way into that shit. Either way, I can get behind that.
  8. Two solid weeks of Johnny Rodriguez covering Robert Earl Keen in my head. Reminds me of being a drunken fuckup in my early 20s and living with this girl from Corpus who was an equally drunken fuckup. I try not to remind myself how many fucking years ago that was.
  9. We didn't manage to actually kick him, though we did both vote to. Our fourth was another random and we didn't talk to him at all. It was the thought that counted, though.
  10. Melraz and I found the kick button yesterday during a match. First time I've done that.
  11. Well, shit. Still not buying Destiny, though. Somehow I'll just end up going back and playing more GTA.
  12. Multiplayer took out its hatred on me last night. Melraz, Stout and I killed about eleventy billion Kett. That was fun. Having my game freeze up completely, to the point where I had to exit Andromeda and restart, twice at wave 6 was not fun. Down to about 30 uncommon weapon mods left now, after getting a bunch last night.
  13. I told y'all to look for a pile of Fiend poo. Had to be in there somewhere.
  14. I'm starting to get pretty good drops now that I've finished up all the uncommon guns and characters. I've got a little over 50 uncommon weapon mods left to go, and I'm trying to clear em out with advanced packs. Right now I'm getting 1 rare drop about every 5 packs. Not sure what the ratio is supposed to be, but that's much better than I was doing.
  15. I'm pretty sure that when Umberto Eco broke humanity down into morons, fools, cretins and lunatics, he was specifically referring to the randoms you run into in Mass Effect multiplayer.