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  1. gonna check to see how long until the Rock could cut a promo using the phrase "Covid-beating, Pie-eating"
  2. watching a YouTube version of a Music City show from November 1998.. wondering if MCW is the wrestling show with the highest percentage of phone sex hotline commercials.
  3. you can easily guess where Kamala was from based off his accent
  4. "in response to complaints, we have changed this match stipulation to a 'Coronavirus antibodies on a pole' match" (match ends with the heel losing and breaking the vial of antibodies)
  5. it was either happening in Sturgis or on the Chris Jericho cruise ship. Exploding Ring Barb Wire Coronavirus on a Pole match
  6. Loser gets the Coronavirus: Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy
  7. just realized that Jimmy Valiant could wear Liger's mask there and have enough room for his beard to stick out.
  8. still time to get an Ice T appearance in the WWE, it seems..
  9. This week's Between the Sheets was split into 2 parts and part 1 was 2 1/2 hours of July 2002 WWC/IWA talk with ElBoricuaPWO (who posts on PWO and Twitter but I don't know if he posts on here) So yeah, the off-screen situation also involved the puppet exposing the business and Colon being unhappy about that.
  10. Carlos Colon faces a puppeteer and holy lord, Kobbo took his aspirin that morning. The origins of the feud were mentioned in part one of this week's Between the Sheets.
  11. The 1997 Between the Sheets mentioning a Ricky Steamboat/WWF rumor around the time that Del Wilkes was going into the WWF makes me think of an alternate universe where they figure out that Wilkes was lying about his tricep before giving him the run and they end up having a short Bret Hart/Ricky Steamboat program for part of 1997 instead of Hart/Patriot. Leaving aside the obvious health/ability issues with Steamboat 3 years post-injury... the idea of Steamboat/Hart matches in Canada where Steamboat is the de facto heel would be weird too
  12. Funk faced Angelo and Lanny but not Randy. Dory Funk Jr worked on the same card as Savage for one of Savage's 3 SMW shows. Dory never faced Randy Savage either.
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