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  1. watched the November 1989 SNME Mainly watched it because of the whole claim that they inserted a fall into Rockers/Brainbusters to make it a 2-1 finish instead of 2-0. From what I can see, I think I spotted the same fans in the front row during the alleged "inserted" fall that were there for the other two falls. I think some wires were crossed and it made it into print in the Observer. There was literally a SNME banner in sight a second before the fall alleged to have been taped in a different building (which if you wanna persist, is not necessarily proof that it's not the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita instead of whatever Topeka's building is called) Also, what a hilariously complex threat from Mr. Perfect to destroy every Hulk Hogan title belt he can until he gets a title match. No wonder this feud drew so many fans. I had seen Genius/Hogan before and it's really an enjoyable match. Also if you've ever wondered "where are The Main Event episodes on the Network"... they're grouped with the SNME episodes. edit: now i'm watching Clash 18 because it's also from Topeka and Steiners vs Vader/Hughes is a great "Steiners flinging large dudes" match edit2: Young Pistol Tracy Smothers and The Taylor Made Man vs Brian Pillman and Marcus Alexander Bagwell? was this match booked by the Battlebowl Machine? edit3: you can tell that the Kansas City Chiefs improved a bit from October 31st, 1989 (SNME in Topeka) to January 21st, 1992 (CotC in Topeka) because multiple Topeka fans are wearing Chiefs gear by early 1992. To be more specific, the 1989 Chiefs were 3-5 through the end of October after being inept for most of the time post Christmas 1971. But by January 1992, the Chiefs were coming off of a 10-6 season where they won a playoff game for the first time since Super Bowl 4 and they had lost to the defending Super Bowl champs a few weeks before the Clash. So fans were feeling Chiefs fever because they stopped sucking by early 1992. Also, Smothers/Taylor vs Pillman/Bagwell was a fun one. Smothers and Pillman is an amazing matchup of mullets. edit4: Cactus vs Van Hammer ruled, as I had read for years. I probably saw this match before. Jack takes his trademark lunatic bumps in the process.. I'd imagine this match was not a good viewing experience for the live audience because it was 1992 and big screens didn't exist yet. edit5: man Bobby Eaton is bumping for two in this awesome six-man tag (Arn/Eaton/Zbyszko vs Windham/Dustin/Ron Simmons) edit6: Jim Ross' football anecdotes went to a whole new level when he mentioned Steve Austin's father played for Rice in the Cotton Bowl (his stepfather scored a touchdown for Rice in the Cotton Bowl, this claim was too specific to be made up) edit7: love that they had an amazing "babyfaces win via bullshit" finish for the Jesse match so that he could be mad that the babyfaces quite obviously won through bullshit
  2. I guess "training to become a pro wrestler" isn't something that you could do by yourself watching YouTube videos in 2020 during COVID
  3. So we’re back to normal, at least for a little bit, in regards to Rampage and Collision time slots? Some weeks people need a mailing list or text alert about when Rampage is airing. Anyways, Collision had more viewers vs rhe Survivor Series than Rampage had airing an hour before the Survivor Series. Behold the power of some people not knowing when Rampage is airing?
  4. For some weird reason this makes me think of CM Punk saying “Peace and Love” over and over like he’s Ringo Starr. ”I’ve been Punk for a long time, it’s time for me to be CM now”
  5. The clip of CM Punk saying "I'm not here to make friends, i'm here to make money" is getting some out of context usage on Twitter (meaning something unrelated is typed and the video is attached)
  6. Bryan Danielson working under a mask as The Executioner to make a return would have layers to it. Overall, TK hasn't figured out the shower knobs to accomplish the "Vince loved me, but creative doomed me" dynamic that's in the WWE. So if we're getting this much drama out of QT Marshall leaving, that means if the Butcher and Blade actually leave, we're getting more drama out of that because yeah sure.
  7. An aside but... Summer 1999 David Flair was actually one of the most fun takeoffs on the whole "promoter pushes his son" concept it's just that David Flair actually did suck in the ring and he really wanted to be a Highway Patrolman instead of a wrestler. Also it was 1999 WCW and basically everything they did was doomed to suck. Bruce Prichard being a rules stickler calling himself "The Cowboy" would easily be better than the weekend he spent as Reo Rodgers before everybody decided "let's not do this anymore" because it's possible to be too shitty for the 1993 WWF.
  8. looking at the Blackhawks schedule.. maybe Punk can just send in a promo saying he's not able to appear in Cleveland on the 11th because he was at the Blackhawks game the night before and his voice is a little hoarse, and "I know that any time I'm not able to give you, the fans, 100%, it's okay to take a night off, i'll be back next week in Des Moines" Punk is pretty obviously a better heel but I guess until he actually becomes a heel, we won't know if he's really being a disingenuous babyface laying the groundwork for a turn. But it would be a surprise if they really did go with the heat of Punk/Rollins involving Punk being a gloryhound
  9. "WWF President Gorilla Monsoon fell behind on his taxes and i've taken his job until then"
  10. imagining an early 90s WWF wrestler who is a mix of Repo Man and IRS whose gimmick involves issuing fines on babyfaces while letting the heels get away with murder.. "I've fined you $100 for excessive doubleteaming" "But our opponents did it too" "Didn't see that"
  11. 2023 wrestling, where the mic work is 'real' and the matches are 'fake'
  12. leaving the company because you don't think you're getting enough TV time is actually remarkably direct compared to some of the passive aggressive stuff that can go on with promotions and people who just hang around instead of leaving wonder how many of QT's entertainment ideas involved things other than "get QT on TV more often"
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