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  1. Aside from doing WCW jobs, I think the most time Paul Lee got on any wrestling TV was Smoky Mountain as Nature Boy Paul Lee. Also there's the time that Paul Lee went to a Trump rally and was confused for Ric Flair by a reporter
  2. in former Pro Wrestler News for the sake of reference, Paul Lee finished in last place of 3 candidates with 9% (55 votes) He would have won more votes if he said voters could get a free meal with Ric Flair if Paul Lee was elected.
  3. anyways, Florida's open record laws are gonna be a huge help to certain people digging into a certain story, but the people doing genealogy might need some extra names to build accurate family frees
  4. as for the Stan Lane-related rumor. I'm sure if there's anything to it, we'll end up with some weird scenario where Bix writes an article for the Daily Mail, because that's apparently a source that will dish the rumors and innuendo on US Members of Congress.
  5. The card in Orlando on March 16th, 1986 (almost 9 months before December 15th, 1986): So we're dangerously close to another Kevin Sullivan conspiracy theory here.
  6. One time I turned to the station, it was playing Urban Wrestling Federation, which apparently includes Eddie Kingston, so Eddie is everywhere that isn't the WWE. But I think I saw something on the guide titled "Legends of Extreme" or something which was an hour of Tito Santana. Which sounds like a DVD being sold for a dollar by the people selling USWA Steve Austin comps.
  7. in case anybody is curious, the GLOW is listed in the guide under "Original Ladies of Wrestling". So there might be something going on with them not wanting people to confuse 80s GLOW with the recent GLOW TV show.
  8. Watching GLOW on PlutoTV's pro wrestling channel, and i'm pretty sure that the top rope is lower in the GLOW ring than anywhere else that put on a match. Keeping on mind I haven't seen any Midget Bar Wrestling feds.
  9. Not sure how many MeTV viewers are actually on here, but whenever I see the human host of their new classic Cartoon show, I think "Shawn Michaels is hosting a cartoon show now?"
  10. Time for Nikita Koloff to make his long awaited WWE debut
  11. some heel should just charge ridiculous fees for his Cameo as a gimmick. Also, I was reading Wikipedia, and this is an amazing paragraph for many reasons. I'm sure it has been mentioned before in some way but.
  12. I suspect NHB is fun in the sense that you'd rent it with a few other movies from Blockbuster a few years later? back when Blockbuster was a thing
  13. how much does one get paid per year if they're in year 6 of developmental? living year-round in Orlando is probably pretty good in the scheme of things. Imagine how much the people who had to live in Louisville for developmental wanted to get out of there 15 years ago
  14. I'm guessing Hogan and pretty much nobody in WCW power in 1996, realized that they could have made Zeus slightly more relevant if they had him portraying Deebo from Friday teaming up with the Dungeon of Doom, Luger, Flair/Arn, and the Ultimate (not Final) Solution in the cage match. You could have had a Nitro send with Deebo showing up to take Hogan's motorcycle, and then the Uncensored match would end with Hogan knocking out Deebo and retaking his motorcycle. Those wrist strikes to Abdullah's head sure were something. To Zeus' credit, he wasn't throwing illegal closed fist shots when he
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