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  1. old school vacuum cleaners would have been a lot harder to break.. drop that fabric vacuum bag off a bridge and it'll still be good to go
  2. imagine how much easier it would be to claim Gunther as an inside joke nickname for Walter if not for the whole abortive copyright on a certain name thing
  3. considering Rude was out of the WWF after that Summerslam match (which I think was a pay dispute)... i'm not sure if they could have really waited without Rude departing. Also, Rude and Bad News both left over Summerslam checks? makes one wonder what the expectations were or how much the checks dropped. Meanwhile the only real name guy in the UWF in late 1990 who probably could have made some money in the WWF around that time was Nikita Koloff. The rest were under not proven, not proven yet, or guys who were in the WWF 4 years earlier. Nikita Koloff being the guy to show up and squash Nikolai Volkoff on his way to a turbo-push probably would have been better than some of how he spent 1991/1992. Although it might have come off to diehard WWF fans like how they thought the Legion of Doom were Demolition knockoffs.
  4. the long saga of the Toronto Blue Jays in 2020/2021 due to border restrictions probably didn't make the league wish to cross the international border again for 40 games until things can stabilize at least also, we got some meeting news
  5. looking at Survivor Series 89, the following heels worked SS89 who didn't work WM6 (or weren't around for it) Honky Tonk Man, Greg Valentine, Warlord, Zeus, Jacques Rougeau, Raymond Rougeau, and Arn Anderson Honky and Greg were at WM6 riding in a car with DDP as a driver. Warlord was doing whatever. Zeus was gone, Ray Rougeau retired, Jacques wasn't around for a year, and Arn was back south a few weeks after SS89 Also Boss Man turned face between SS89 and WM6 to take an opponent away from Warrior. Windham and Blanchard were replaced by Earthquake and Heenan, and one of those two went south and the other... didn't. So a guy like Windham could have been fed to the Warrior if not for all the downsides that were about to end his 2nd WWF stint.
  6. the thing is that WM6 was opening up the IC title in any outcome where there was a pinfall/submission, which meant a heel was going to win the IC title.. so it might be asking a bit much to ask the WWF to simultaneously build up a heel holding the IC title and a heel challenging the Warrior Perfect lost his undefeated streak at WM6 to Beefcake, which was gonna build to Beefcake winning the IC title at Summerslam if not for the accident. If they weren't building Beefcake to win the IC title, then he could have turned on Warrior out of of implied anger that Warrior beat his friend Hogan, and then they could have had godawful matches around the horn before a match where Warrior and Brutus put their hair up and Brutus gets a haircut. Brutus Beefcake: a gimmick where he cuts hair and I don't think they ever did hair vs hair Out of the guys who were on their way out of the WWF. Bad News was probably seen as unreliable (one could dispute how accurate that was) and Akeem was a comedy gimmick that probably would have been jobbing in 60 seconds to the Warrior the cliche about some guys "not needing a title" might work for the Ultimate Warrior after a point.
  7. here are the heels who were on the card at Wrestlemania 6 Rick Martel, Andre the Giant, Haku, Earthquake, Mr. Perfect, Bad News Brown, Nikolai Volkoff, Boris Zhukov, The Barbarian, Randy Savage, Sato, Pat Tanaka, Dino Bravo, Ted DiBiase, Akeem, and Rick Rude Or to sum up how they spent the rest of their 1990s: Moving up and feuded with Jake to begin 91, Finished in the WWF, Floundered for most of his remaining time in the WWF, Summer feud with Hogan, IC Champion after Warrior vacated the belt, Gone after Summerslam, Turned face, Shitty abandoned Russian gimmick, Inched up the ladder slightly, Feuded with Dusty Rhodes for his summer, Was mostly out of the WWF by the end of the year, Tag team guy, On his way towards the exit, Kinda floundered until he got a feud with Dusty to set up his feud with Virgil, Gone by October, and de-facto Summer program for the Warrior DiBiase got a match with Warrior in Japan early in the reign, which allegedly went over poorly with Japanese fans. But with that group of heels, you can figure out how new arrivals, returns, and turns caused some guys to soar up the ranks By Wrestlemania 7, the heels were: Haku, Barbarian, Dino Bravo, Warlord, Jerry Sags, Brian Knobbs, Rick Martel, The Undertaker, Randy Savage, Demolition Smash, Demolition Crush, Mr. Perfect, Earthquake, Paul Roma, Hercules, Ted DiBiase, The Mountie, and Sgt. Slaughter So the world wasn't really hungering for Ultimate Warrior vs Warlord matches, or a reprise of Warrior vs Hercules, and it took giving him Savage and Undertaker to give him some compelling programs, and then Jake turned too.
  8. also the heel ranks in the WWF were a bit thin for the Warrior run, Rick Rude was out of the WWF shortly after Slaughter came back. But yeah, we were denied a world where Slaughter reminded us that Hulk Hogan wore red and yellow, just like the commies, and that's why he's standing up for commie pinkos like Nikolai Volkoff. As for Gunther vs GUNTHER... if any company would insist that the all-caps spelling only be acknowledged if he was currently holding a title, it would be the WWE
  9. the Barrel Roll senton seems like a solid finisher if they're gonna eventually push him as a fat boy
  10. if that doesn't stick, then Gunther becomes Billy Gunther. Then they bring in another German speaker to be Bart Gunther in a German Cowboy team They probably can't go with the German translation of "Mr. Ass" since the name "Herr Ass" might displease some people in 2022
  11. Walter's new gimmick is that he will refer to himself with a new Austrian first name every week before he officially becomes Viele Namen ("Many Names" in German) (checks the internet to make sure no Nazis were named Viele Namen)
  12. it's time to throw powder in a guy's face before hitting him hard
  13. so next week.. which heel gets the cheap line pointing out the fact that it makes no sense to call a show in Cleveland in January by the name "Beach Break"? (apologies if I missed that line already)
  14. Cody cutting that promo was just a way to distract people from obsessing over how absurdly huge that ladder looked in that setting, it looked like you'd fly into the 10th row if you were on top of that ladder when it got tipped over
  15. AEW needs to bring in Negro Casas for a brief shot so he can 1) have matches with fellow old men 2) give Chris Jericho tips on aging gracefully
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