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  1. I guess they would prefer not having racism scandals in back to back taping splurges
  2. not sure if I would have bleeped "White Trash" without bleeping "punkasses"... but Steiner certainly hasn't changed much
  3. Mr. Wrestling II was invited to the White House, and it turns out he was convicted of a felony in Hawaii that means he's on the sex offender registry. I'm not kidding. (Of course Wrestling 2 refused to go because he wouldn't unmask, which, true or not, is a pretty stellar story) Maybe I should have used the "John Wayne Gacy and the First Lady at Polish Constitution Day" example here but.
  4. I don't think this fits for Matches from the Past or Images... so here's the Steiners having their way with Double Trouble from a handheld. They probably should have put this on TV in 1993 because the Steiners were pretty good at mauling random fat guys in 1990 too (I think they did the Doomsday DDT on Death Row 3260 too)
  5. IIRC, the Snowman Memphis run started with him making comments in the Memphis media accusing the promotion of racism, so they got him aboard for a worked shoot based off of that. Then he won the title and bolted the promotion.
  6. "Perico Zacarias, I know you're taking the death of Mr. Niebla hard, have this car"
  7. the downside to merging the Collective and the Order is that they'll probably end up creating a B-Team out of the merged stable
  8. I'm down for a Miz vs Punk shootfight where they do a tribute to this Lawler vs Snowman match
  9. I watched the first match and part of the final angle. Some of the reviews sound like they accidentally did a tribute to 1997 USWA instead of 80s Memphis?
  10. Congrats to Moxley on getting to live in the most expensive car in America
  11. also with Scott Steiner and ODB on the roster, this fed is for people with deeply held opinions about roadside diners
  12. ODB in 2020 looks like somebody who would kick your ass in a WalMart parking lot
  13. Okay, I wasn’t prepared for old Masa Horie.
  14. gonna need to do some science to figure out the maximum height difference possible in a match where the finish is a clawhold+sleeper. Which, really should be Lawlor's finish for this future. Maybe with a blowoff where one Von Erich has Lawlor in a sleeper and the other applies the claw. Although when Rip hinted at applying the claw, I thought Lawlor was gonna make Von Erich put the claw on himself
  15. "See You In Hell" by Grim Reaper plays as Rip Von Erich walks out MLW mentioned Smith/Hammerstone in the video title and had it start around the halfway point, making me ponder the possibility of them having a 30 minute long DBS/Hammerstone match.
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