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  1. except Bill Alfonso, daddy... blows whistle Also, was anybody thinking Lars Sullivan had $100K on hand to pay an entire fine off at once?
  2. Also, Gino's mom and her friend are some of the more Old Texas Ladies possible.
  3. I believe the difference between Tecnico Volador Jr and Rudo Volador Jr involves rudo Volador Jr wearing pants more often than tecnico Volador Jr.
  4. probably could get a pretty good episode purely off of "things that were talked about when Vince, Meltzer, Bruno, Jim Wilson, Schultz, etc were going on Donahue/etc in 1992"
  5. in case you were wondering why Kamala didn't do more mic work while being billed from a 'mysterious' African country where English is an official language. Basically he sounds more like JYD than JYD because Kamala is from Mississippi.
  6. the Von Erich episode was a great unintentional display of "reasons to live on Kauai" my best wishes to the Viceland creators on the Israel-related DMs they'll get from Kevin Von Erich in the future I could buy the concept that someone who was billed at under 240 despite being 6'8" could have some sort of legitimate stomach issues and it wouldn't automatically be hard drugs. Maybe more legal kinds of drugs. Also, did anybody really go all in on the "Brody flushed the drugs" rumors before the family narrative started going off the rails how many steps do you think it took for someone from Montreal-era Vice to get the Viceland documentary people in touch with some very ethically questionable Montrealites for the Dino Bravo episode. Obviously not enough to accidentally get somebody arrested for murdering Bravo. also, what other topics are out there that really haven't been covered over and over? Tammy Sytch would probably be the most honest and bullshit filled hour possible (and that story really is a dark side of the ring sort of story) but it's Tammy Sytch and she might be busy with whatever legal problems she's having at the moment, and what's the process of getting WWF clips of somebody who got banned from WWE-funded rehab? Mass Transit has probably been covered a lot (or there really isn't much more to cover). Art Barr has an officially unknown death and the whole rape/sexual abuse thing. It's sorta like Tales From The Tour Bus episodes. There's a lot of potential for repeating parts of one episode in another episode, and really only so much that can be done before touching back on elements of previous episodes.
  7. I guess "Adult Swim" infused creepy kids show host Bray has some potential.. but Bray's somebody who would twist any sort of gimmick like that. If they suggested a motivational speaker, Bray would end up doing things that would get accused of stealing from WFMU's Hearty White. If Bray was tasked with a Varsity Club revival, he would end up doing the things that Sullivan implied were part of the original varsity club. And so on.
  8. the thing about the stupid Viking Experience name is that if you just shorten it to VX, then you have a tag team that is named after a deadly nerve agent
  9. I'm guessing Bray's wife wouldn't be down with the idea of Sarah/Liv leaving the Riot Squad to become the Wyatt Squad with Bray Wyatt? Now, if they team Bray and Bo up as the first brother tag team that is treated like they're not brothers..
  10. Not sure if Sony has the rights to "Bad Boys", but I'm guessing they played "Bad Boys" too loud during the Police Man intro and got dinged. Some of the shows, the audio over the stream is probably in "let's not get blocked" mode (audio gets way low as people come out, as if it's all ring announcer audio and no soundsystem) SME does have sort of a record of trying to block videos automatically even when they don't exactly have rights. But I suspect CMLL screwed something up instead. I'd hope for CMLL's sake that the standards for what gets YouTube accounts deleted isn't so strict that actual promotions get whacked in the process. But CMLL can use this to motivate us to watch their shows live, just in case they play copyrighted music too loudly and get flagged by Sony
  11. Blue Panther and Mascara 2000 was a pretty amazing Old Man Luchador tag team on the 4/12 show. Also shoulda known something was up with Police Man getting the 3rd match in Puebla and not the first match, and that thing is: King Jaguar vs Police Man Hair vs Hair next week?
  12. On checking, it's a 5 hour/343 mile car trip from Metlife Stadium to Ontario. Which might be the quickest way to Canada when you consider that Brock lives in the hard to spell or reach Saskatchewan
  13. extra thought on the length.. were all of the marathon TV tapings from hell and shows that ran suspiciously late to fuck over JCP/WCW shorter than the length of the main show?
  14. the catch for trying to make Wrestlemania two nights is that it almost inevitably gets sorted into the A Show and B Show in perception But yeah, there's marathon podcasts that I listen to that were shorter than this. But if people will give them money and they can run things on their platform, they'll do it for however long it takes. Same thing happened with the Rumble too. Also, could Brock have plausibly caught a flight to his homestead in Canada before the end of this?
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