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  1. Watching "Let the Canary Sing", a Cyndi Lauper documentary (available on Paramount+, or in my case, Amazon Prime if you have both Prime and Paramount+) not sure if Wendi Richter is keeping some sort of kayfabe about being contacted by David Wolff for her role in the Rock'n'Wrestling storyline or if they really did have him do that since some people looking back on 1984 WWF note how suddenly Richter went from a heel to face that year. EDIT: also, David Wolff is coincidentally in a heavy Rick Rubin phrase if Dave's long hair and beard is any indicator. Still time for David Wolff to fund a wrestling promotion.
  2. Somehow the white people around here managed to figure out Tuala when it’s the last name of a bunch of Samoans around here. Or at least I think they got it right.
  3. The Bronx Zoo 90 documentary on Peacock on the 1990 New York Yankees is something alright The end of the first episode had to be a bit mind blowing for people unfamiliar with the story and then episode two
  4. why buy something when you can do everything except buy it... in the spirit of how the WWE never actually owned OVW but provided talent and worked with them
  5. on one hand, the Dodgers aren't getting much from their second basemen... on the other hand, Cavan Biggio and Gavin Lux are both left-handed and Cavan is 2 1/2 years older... if I had to guess... "laying the foundations for another trade later" feels likely
  6. wait... is Jericho doing the Mr. Beast gimmick... I don't watch any Mr. Beast videos, so..
  7. I’m imagining Vince giving the Rockabilly Honky Tonk Man protege gimmick to Shinya Hashimoto and Hash beating people with the Shake Rattle and Roll
  8. Watch the ratings drops during the multiple enhancement matches not be as steep as the drops during various past competitive matches. Just to confuse everybody. And for as much as people here love Dustin. There’s people in other places who see how Dustin doesn’t actually win anything and wonder why Perry has to go 10 minutes to beat Dustin, or the same thing about Swerve/Dustin on PPV last year. So some disagreements exist out there
  9. Jericho going on a dumb rant about how he was also denied a shot at the Olympics, so Caitlin Clark should keep her chin up and work on her defense, would have worked better than whatever the fuck that corn talk was about
  10. The Swerve/Ospreay thing is so much better than having the evil boss Elite trying to feud with Swerve on the side The Jericho thing is only good if you're cheering for babyfaces to kick their asses. Kind of a quiet night. Probably lots of bangers though Gotta love that the surprise for Jack Perry is Dustin, who never wins anything big on TV anyways. And then Jack Perry makes Dustin bleed and wins anyways.
  11. so who references Caitlin Clark to get cheap heat in Iowa tonight, Christian or Don Callis? Jericho might be a candidate to loudly give advice on how Clark can become good enough to make the Olympics next time.
  12. the Flair omissions are kinds glaring when you consider that Turner bought the company because of Ric Flair, and now Bischoff gets into a legal battle with Flair and then things start turning against WCW with the merger and with how bad their booking of Flair was once he returned
  13. oh yeah, early 1999 was also during the period of time when they experimented with using the first hour of Nitro, the unopposed hour, to air backstage vignettes instead of actually giving people a reason to keep watching once Raw was on.. another brilliant innovation of booker Kevin Nash Nash sorta gets let off the hook a little because Russo was about to do worse things but Kevin Nash booking WCW in 1999 was so bad, and maybe they didn't have an obvious alternative if Kevin Sullivan was at the end of his rope and nobody else could really handle all the giant egos anyways
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