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  1. The whole thing sorta glossed over the fact that Bart Gunn was able to consider a shootfight rematch with Butterbean because Bart got work in Japan for beating Dr. Death. Dr. Death wasn’t gonna get a run longer than the Austin/Taker-Kane run. I guess Dr. Death could have ended up in the Big Bossman position in late 1998. Which would have been a downgrade because SWAT Bossman turned out to be a solid player after years of underwhelming in WCW. also guess the Undertaker vs Dr. Death would be a solid matchup of gimmick names.
  2. Pandemico seems like the name of somebody who's gonna be working in Mexico next year. (Yes, I know that's not the top result for translating Pandemic into Spanish on Google Translate) At the very least, Pandemico's mask that looks like a coronavirus cell should be a test of "too soon?" Edit: and Pandemico's finisher is a submission move where he makes you touch your face.
  3. Not sure if the Psycho Circus masks are closed mouth... also guessing Murder Clown is not a good mask to wear around casually right now.
  4. Other CMLL guys that I can think of who have closed mouth masks: Templario, Volcano, Kraneo. Although it's possible that you'd need to go to Mexico (not easy at the moment) or know somebody in Mexico to pull off some of those mask purchases. It's possible that the more obscure you get with a mask purchase, the better the odds of some random Hispanic family thinking you're actually Volcano walking through their town because CMLL is shut down. Especially if you're fat and wearing a Lucha mask.
  5. you can only wear a Sin Cara mask in public if you bring the mini trampoline along.
  6. I assume the CDC hasn't cleared the use of Hayabusa masks as a public mouth covering during this disease season?
  7. there's a decent chance that Tank could probably get New Jack into a motorcycle gang
  8. yeah, the only shooter I can think of who'd be down for the concept of getting into a feud with somebody like New Jack would be somebody like Tank Abbott. A lot of the shooter types wouldn't be down with the concept of getting stabbed by a crazy person.
  9. if you put a curly hair wig on Garrini then he's Dustin from Stranger things (the Dave Hester comp i've made is better but some of you didn't spend as much time watching Storage Wars as I did) But yeah, there's a little bit of "he learned martial arts to defend himself from bullies" there too
  10. Dan Lambert might be the second best micworker of the Team Filthy+American Top Team fusion stable. Ki vs Mo was sort of an unique match structure built around King Mo throwing Low Ki out of the ring and some leg work as a result of that. Also, a bit of a bullshit ending (which wasn't a shocker) that may have involved somebody missing a time cue.
  11. Col. Robert Parker is coming soon to MLW. Meaning: post-Coronavirus.
  12. CMLL joins the cancellations list. If WCW still existed, this would be when they decided to tape a bunch of matches in the Worldwide Studios to fill out their programming for a few months.
  13. Arena Mexico cancelled for tomorrow, Tuesday, and Friday. Arena Puebla cancelled for Monday. Send somebody to the vault to dig up some classic footage.
  14. I'm guessing it's asking too much for CMLL to have some "never before seen on the internet" matches ready for upload in case Corona knocks out their shows. Liga MX, the AAA channel on PlutoTV, and CMLL are pretty much the only things left between us and a total sporting desert
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