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  1. to be fair, Portuguese doesn't make any sense, pronunciation-wise.
  2. Battlehawk sounds like the name of a guy who got a tryout in 1992
  3. for the record, the advertised Smackdown house show main event for October involves a triple threat with Kofi, Dolph and someone else who I should have noticed. Obviously card subject to change. But even without knowing who the 3rd person is, i'm guessing Dolph eats the fall. The main event for the NXT card I went to in 2017 was Aleister/Hideo Itami vs Andrade/Bobby Roode. Which was probably technically better than the Abyss/Jarrett vs Beer Money tag match I saw in that building a few years earlier.
  4. I kinda find it peculiar booking that there's an NXT show in my suburb on a Friday night in September, and then there's a Friday night Smackdown house show in the main arena in the market exactly 4 weeks later in October. Gotta imagine there'll be people who will pick one over another and mess with how much business either could do. The crowd I saw at the NXT show back in 2017 in the same smaller arena was a mix of hardcores and a bunch of families who were probably drawn in more by the show being closer to them and being less expensive than what they think WWE shows regularly are. So, if you're buying tickets to take your kid to a show, you're more likely to pick just one of NXT or Smackdown instead of doing both. Then again with their scheduling and the sheer range of cities to cover.. having 2 non-televised shows in the same county within a month of each other is probably pretty rare for the WWE too.
  5. Fuego would probably fit into that sort of role without really costing CMLL too much. He already has the handshake denial, the matrix duck and the dancing in every match.. so he'd fit as a WWE comedy guy. For some reason, and this might not make sense, but Fuego sorta comes off as "what if Deadpool was a pro wrestler" to me. Anyways, they'd probably much more inclined to either take one of the top guys.. or Volcano because he's tall (for Mexico), even if his outfit makes him look like he's made of foam.
  6. The whole Batista/Chuck Taylor/Ribiera thing makes me think that Cornette would love Dave Batista if they had never worked together in OVW
  7. the story of the Mexican fans picking up his accent and booing him because Mexicans have their differences with Spaniards (in the Americans vs Brits sense) was a great story that I first heard on the Austin podcast.
  8. also... having his intestines rupture 3 weeks after a table spot on SNME (his book made it sound like he passed out while watching the basketball national title game on TV and he came to when the game was over)... so that was another near death experience for him
  9. watching an upload of a UWA interview where the Spanish speaking interviewer interviews French speaking Andre the Giant in English (by reading off a piece of paper) while somebody spoke Spanish over the English. That should tell us that French and Spanish diverged a bit in their ways from Latin if they had to find neutral ground. I wish the clip quality was better for the several Andre heel interviews in French (for Quebec) because evil Andre speaking French is sorta terrifying.
  10. cut to Selina summoning the police to have Konnan arrested the opening of Bestia/Mance was pretty stellar Von Erichs/Contra was fun, although I guess they didn't have a lot of options for camera angles for the fireball spot
  11. Somehow Taz has a CBS Sports Radio morning drive time show. Although I guess he would be one of the more likely 1990s ECW people to have a radio show in the 2010s. Although a bunch of radio talk hosts have unintentionally done an FCC-compliant Shane Douglas routine for years.
  12. part owner of an NWA territory (Central States, i'd guess) while in the WWF, to clarify that last sentence? Also, this from Beau James YouTube
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