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  1. If they don't make King Haku the new Bullet Club leader then I am not interested.
  2. Assuming he isn't already pulling an Eddie Gilbert by faking a retirement to get out of GFW.
  3. Photo

    I think if you can legit no sell a flamethrower (remember Elimination Chamber 2010), you get to pick and choose what you kayfabe sell.
  4. Terry Funk says, "Go fuck yourself." Actually, he probably wouldn't, because he's a really nice guy. But you get my point.
  5. Cool. Not a huge fan of his, but that design is great.
  6. Ordered mine. Stupid question, but that's Brody, right?
  7. Personally, I don't want Heenan to say nice things about Hogan. Even knowing they didn't shoot hate each other feels wrong.
  8. Big John Studd?
  9. He's pretty clearly been told he needs to sell more, which is terrible advice.
  10. Aww... I was hoping this was about a midget doing a Sabu gimmick.
  11. You liar. Everyone loves dogs. Dogs are the best. He's sober, too. That makes a difference.
  12. "World's Chimpion" was right there, man.
  13. Why? No one said he was actually hitting her in the airport. He was harrassing her, and threw her under the bus for holding drugs. It's possible he's hit her before. Fuck Del Rio.
  14. But they need something for her to do, and probably don't want her wrestling since she's never been as good as most of the women they have now. Stevie Ray still occassionally wrestles (he's working a tag match for Booker's promotion next month) so that's another active NWO member.
  15. AJ and Nakamura? They rode "shitty white rapper" pretty hard for a decade, so I don't know if "hillbilly monster" is that unlikely.