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  1. What are the chances that Undertaker actually says "duh" to anyone?
  2. Brock was a face in OVW, and briefly during his first run in the WWE.
  3. Just being in WCW at that time is reason enough for anyone to just give up.
  4. Dana White was a speaker at the RNC, so I doubt he's worried about it.
  5. IIRC, AJ owns that. It's why his Rumble debut gear didn't have it--he hadn't worked out a deal to use it in the WWE yet.
  6. Ring Of Honor's investigation into the Taeler Hendrix/Jay Lethal allegations? Ring Of Honor's investigation into the Bully Ray allegations? Ring Of Honors investigation into the Marty Scurll allegations (that he actually admitted were true)? Vince's mother is still alive. Or they'll get booked for a very special episode of Raw, and suddenly stop talking about all of this once the checks clear.
  7. If it's something you actually could do live--like Funk vs Lawler, or the Island Death Match--then it isn't cinematic. The whole point of cinematic matches is that you can use camera tricks, edits, and special effects to do things that you can't do live.
  8. Sure, let's televise hate crimes. What could go wrong?
  9. A month isn't really that long for a potential homicide investigation.
  10. If the guy playing the ECW Zombie hadn't died a while back, there is a 100% chance that he would've been booked against Invisible Man on a GCW show.
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