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  1. I thought Giuliani got rid of those kinds of theaters?
  2. I bet Chris Benoit and "Nightmare" Ken Wayne could each have pretty good matches with Hogan.
  3. Since Taker can't actually work a match at all these days, and Cena doesn't seem to actually want to, I'd say it's a safe bet this was always the plan.
  4. Are you a cat? Because that's exactly what a cat would say.
  5. Have you ever owned a cat? Cats are jerks. I don't think we can safely assume they aren't accomplices. Mr. Velvet just looks shady AF to me.
  6. There is a 0% chance this won't end with a Keith Morrison narrated episode of Dateline NBC, complete with multiple scenes of Teddy in an interrogation room. NBC loves stories about pretty white girls who go missing.
  7. There are other places on the internet that you can post your Miz slashfic, man.
  8. What do you think Taka Michinoku should have been doing in late 90s WWF that he wasn't already doing? His upside in the promotion wasn't that high.
  9. Where's our Big E Fashion Watch? The man has been giving us gold all day long.
  10. Triple H just made a joke on Smackdown about getting demoted, so...
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