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  1. And there will always be an audience for stories about pretty, dead, white girls.
  2. There are videos of matches in the swamp arena where it's clearly not the case.
  3. If she can pretend to be a massive racist, they'll give her a primetime show. I'll take it. At least we know Vince would be actually be working.
  4. If we never get PCO vs Ishii, I'mma be pissed. Janela said on Twitter a while back that he was going to try to book it for Spring Break this year until PCO signed with ROH. It needs to happen.
  5. So she signed a 6 month contract which just expired in October, even though she made her debut in June. And she never worked a single match. That's some WCW-level dumbassery.
  6. Is she butthurt because she got a low rating in 2K20?
  7. Screw you guys, I'm looking forward to it. Yes, a lot of the graphics look really, really bad, but not all of them. Not having create-a-champion at release is indefensible. And literally no one asked for them to fuck with the controls. But will I create a stable of zombie wrestlers led by '91 Undertaker, and use the Necronomicon against them? Yes. Yes, I will. I will also use Ribbie as my go-to for jobber matches, before inexplicably giving him a push as Hardcore champion. (The empty arena match against Lawler is going to be lit.) I'm still going to have fun with it.
  8. Ric Flair and Trish Stratus.
  9. Given his post-wrestling career for the past few years, isn't this more of a gift for Mom?
  10. Come on, Road Dogg. If you're going to do a boudoir photo for your wife, you need to put a little more effort into it.
  11. Probably because that sounds like five hours of really boring television. The way they're doing it now at least suits a wrestling program. None, really. The only time fans get invested in the draft is when they want to complain about the draft.
  12. I'm just going to assume that everyone is staying silent to protect Pharaoh. I know everyone assumes that he's a good boy, but what do we really know about him?
  13. I'd like it more if there was even a little bit of effort put into it. Literally all he does to work the gimmick is name drop Julia Roberts in promos.
  14. I'm currently going through some 1992 episodes of Smoky Mountain, and boy howdy, if you like bland, white wrestlers with blond mullets, this is the promotion for you--Tim Horner; Brian Lee; the new Fantastics; Scott Armstrong as "Dixie Dynamite"; and Bob Holly doing the worst "Hollywood star" gimmick in history.
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