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  1. The Declan McMahon vs Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley feud is going to be a slog to sit through, though. I'm glad Janela and GCW were able to give him one last run. Well, in his defense, it was a big event in MSG. So if you're going to take a bump like that, that's the place to do it. Of course, it's the rest of his insane bumps that are a little harder to defend...
  2. Yeah, I like the idea of his moveset, but he's starting to lean too heavily on using other people's moves--the Buddy Murphy match being a good example. A couple of callbacks during a match is fine, but if it's all he's doing, then he's basically just sexy Eugene.
  3. Brown's "Ghetto Blaster" was such a great finisher.
  4. Dream's call up is going to be interesting, because it's impossible to predict what's going to happen. Vince could take one look at him and banish him to Main Event for the rest of his career. On the other hand, Elias just worked John Cena at Wrestlemania, and I doubt anyone saw that coming two years ago.
  5. I literally just got a text from a former co-worker who used to roll her eyes anytime me and another co-worker would talk about wrestling about how she's getting into watching the WWE now because of Xavier Woods being awesome.
  6. I'm not putting much stock in the "they're buying their time slot" rumors, because I think they're too smart to think that that is in any way a good deal, but any network that would offer AEW that kind of money deserves to go out of business. That's way too much money to offer a start-up wrestling company with exactly TWO roster members any casual fan would recognize. Most people watching Raw have no fucking idea who Kenny Omega is. Uh, you okay, man? Even by your standards, that's a little dark.
  7. Hennig looks like he knows he's being ribbed, but he also knows he deserves it for all the ribs he played in his career, so all he can do is grin and think to himself, "Well played."
  8. Rowan isn't exactly getting a ton of ring time right now. Yeah, he's been featured on TV, but he's just Bryan's heater. He's a plot device. It's not a role with a significant shelf life. It's odd that they ditched the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick just so Rowan could do this, but I guess booking that shoots themselves in the feet is pretty on brand for the WWE these days.
  9. Orange Cassidy vs Kylie Rae was a lot of fun.
  10. That just sounds like a white supremacist group.
  11. I think Booker just likes bringing in the NXT guys for his version of the Royal Rumble, so it feels like an important match.
  12. I know they've got a lot of gaijin at the moment, but man, New Japan needs some fresh blood in the heavyweight division. Harper in the G1 could be amazing.
  13. They really ought to get around to addressing the obvious morale issues they have with the talent.
  14. Batista vs Triple H really could have used a random llama walk-on.
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