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  1. Pretty much. But so does every wrestling fan ever, so I dunno why his star ratings are such a contentious talking point, or why he bothers engaging all the nerds who try to argue with him. I don't tend to rate matches much, but I would probably rate a 1999 ECW match a little more liberally than I would a 1999 WCW match, because that's what I prefer. Meltzer rates current NJPW higher than current WWE, because that's what he prefers. Neither of us are any different from any other fan.
  2. He gave 5 stars to the Young Bucks/Cole vs Ospreay/Ricochet/Sydal match that main evented night 2 of last year's BOLA. He was sitting front row for that, so being there may have influenced him.
  3. Ordered my copy last night. "Spot monkey flippy shit" is probably 4th or 5th on the depth chart of my favorite styles of wrestling, but PWG is doing a great job of signing matches I would gladly pay the 20 bucks for a DVD to see, even considering their misplaced fondness of Marty Scurll. Last night, they announced War Machine vs Cage/Elgin, Chuck Taylor/Trent? vs Cobb/Riddle, and Lio Rush vs Keith Lee for the June show. I mean, come on... I'm cynical, but not so cynical that those matches don't sound like an absolute blast.
  4. Bate and Dunne need to be signed to fulltime contracts immediately.
  5. I hope they're giving Charlotte hazard pay for that.
  6. There needs to be more crossover between NXT, 205 Live, and the UK guys. Tyler Bate could be the next challenger for Bobby Roode. Drew McIntyre can challenge Dunne. Instead of keeping the cruiserweights in the 205 ghetto, let them have feuds with NXT guys every once in a while.
  7. TV

    Who did John Larroquette piss off?
  8. Every stable that has not inspired a chant that every fucking asshole in the arena has to shout after every nearfall is automatically better than Bullet Club.
  9. People hated Aces and Eights for three reasons: First, it completely derailed what had been up until that point a really, really good stretch of TV for the company. The summer of 2012 was really great stuff. Second, the story dragged on for-fucking ever. Eighteen months! And third, outside of Bully Ray, and arguably Mike Knox and Doc Gallows, the talent in the group was kind of shit.
  10. I'll take "Me During Every Indy Show I've Ever Attended" for $200, Alex.
  11. I enjoyed the hell out of Liger/Takahashi. It's remarkable that Liger did such a good job of keeping up with a guy who tends to sprint through his matches from start to finish.
  12. I like her gear a lot, because it helps her stand out, but yeah, that gimmick may hold her back a little.
  13. If Lacey Evans can cut a promo, she's going to a huuuuuuge star. She's gorgeous, has a tremendously inspiring back story, and seems to know what she's doing in the ring.
  14. Silas should have stuffed him in a locker.
  15. Bullet Club aren't even in the top 2-3 stables in New Japan right now, let alone in all of wrestling history.