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  1. You just described the entire roster.
  2. It was his first time using it, of course it wasn't over.
  3. Photo

    What kind of a world do we live in when a man can't make love to a plate of fast food chicken without being accused of being an "oversexed dweeb"? #Noslutshaming
  4. Big E is a national treasure.
  5. That's impressive. Most people would just use a steel chair.
  6. Photo

    Not unless Cass has been using Enzo like a baseball bat and I've missed it.
  7. The problem is that they're still not that great in the ring. They get exposed when they're against someone like Cross or Asuka.
  8. Yeah, that finisher sucks. But it probably would pop the PWG crowd.
  9. Photo

    Now I want a Braun/Ellsworth tag team where the entirety of their double team offense is Braun picking up Ellsworth and using him like a blunt object.
  10. ROH guys can work PWG, can't they? So Jay Lethal not working there probably means either they don't want him, or he's not interested in going there.
  11. What is there to merge? Outside of three year old, unaired TV matches and ugly title belts, what assets does Global have? Unsold 8x10s of Karen Jarrett? Gold-plated bars? Doesn't this just mean that Double J is officially giving up on Global Force?
  12. Make it a triple threat with Randy Orton and you've got what I'm going to be forced to watch for all eternity when I die and go to hell.
  13. They stopped calling them that during their last WWE run together, and just introduced them as Matt and Jeff Hardy. Guess they're going for the extra nostalgia factor now.
  14. Yeah. And he was mostly managing during RTC, so he wasn't taking nearly as many bumps.