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  1. Uh oh, Seth Rollins is gonna be mad they said that.
  2. Wait till she finds out about what's under the suit.
  3. The Scenic City Invitationals are fun, too. The 2017 SCI has a great Janela vs Allin match on night one, and a great Gunner Miller vs Matt Riddle match on night two.
  4. If forming a union was really that easy, then Sally Field would only have one Oscar, and wrestlers would have unionized decades ago.
  5. I don't want to tip-shame anyone, but the next time you eat out, keep in mind that here in 'Merica, the standard hourly wage for servers is $2.13 an hour, and has been for literally decades. And you never know what extenuating circumstances the server you have on any particular night may be going through. I've waited tables in a couple of different restaurants, and at one point, I was constantly dealing with the fact that at least one of my parents had cancer. So I may have been a little on edge. (I mean, I'm also kind of a misanthrope, so I'm not going to pretend like rainbows and unicorns were shooting out of my ass normally.) So please keep in mind how important tips are to a server's ability to make a living wage.
  6. HOW DARE YOU BOOKER WAS GREAT While we're on the subject of great promos, I recently inherited a large collection of tapes from a wrestling historian friend of mine, and I'm working on converting them to DVD. Right now, I'm watching a tape of 1984 AWA, and Larry Zbyszko just cut a promo while twirling around some nunchucks, and I really feel like "Larry Zbyszko has nunchucks" is something that doesn't get talked about enough.
  7. Outside of missing the bald spot, that's pretty accurate.
  8. When WWE 2K19 came out, I paired EC3 and Roode as a team. I feel like that's kind of obvious. I also paired up Lashley and Lesnar as the Dangerous Alliance. They were the undefeated tag champs until they dropped the belts to Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream (also kind of an obvious team). I also had teams of Ali/Mysterio and Gable/Gargano. That was sort of the Sandman's gimmick.
  9. The fact that they've never had even the slightest idea of what to do with Braun is a bigger indictment of WWE creative than anything Mox said on Jericho's podcast.
  10. It's a chance to win a chance to win a first round buy. It's at least a little bit convoluted.
  11. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  12. I'd save Page/Jericho for the main event of the first TNT show. Yeah, you're giving away your first title match for free, but there will be plenty of chances to get people to pay for title matches later. There's only going to be one "very first episode ever," and Lex Luger ain't walking down the aisle this time.
  13. From the Funkasaurus to Sends Unsolicited Pics Of His Junkasaurus.
  14. Arn in street clothes always looked like the world's meanest math teacher.
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