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  1. But how many NXT call-ups do you think they've had elaborate booking plans made out for months in advance? And if you walk into that meeting with a huge chip on your shoulder, how well do you think Vince and HHH are going to react? Are they going to give you what you want, or decide you need to be taught a lesson?
  2. I like this idea way better than than anything AEW is doing with Jericho.
  3. In this scenario, what happens an hour later after they finally stop laughing at you?
  4. It's less than a cashier makes, so at least one person here will be happy.
  5. What makes it worse is that this isn't just a casual picture of Randy in his leisure wear. This is from a photo shoot. Randy Orton made the decision to dress like that for a photo shoot.
  6. Or they're trying their hardest, and this is the best that they can do.
  7. So in your mind, Swagger holds no responsibilty for his WWE career, even though he was fairly lazy and made bad decisions? I guess we should be happy you're not trying to blame the fans, at least.
  8. Oh for Pete's sake. Swagger was given multiple opportunities, but his own dumbassery torpedoed his WWE career. I doubt it was Vince who told him it would be a good idea to smoke a bowl and go for a drive the day after getting booked for a Wrestlemania main event.
  9. Except none of this is actually accurate, because Trump's relationship with Epstein has received plenty of coverage.
  10. Doubtful. Most conservatives/Republicans (like Vince) prefer to ignore the decades long friendship between Epstein and Dear Orange Leader, and claim that Epstein is just another in a long line of people that Bill and Hillary have had murdered. If anything, this will get EC3 a title run.
  11. Or, you know, literally anyone with good cardio.
  12. I don't understand why the carny with a history of race-baiting and intentionally offending people for his own amusement deserves the benefit of the doubt.
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