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  1. My mother's second husband once told me that Lanny Poffo was his distant cousin. I said, "Oh cool, you're related to the Macho Man." He said no, just Lanny Poffo. The marriage didn't last long.
  2. Someone once told me that Marty Scurll is a great wrestler.
  3. Three days of arguing over whether or not it's okay for Brad Maddox to blow his wad on the NXT Women's title...
  4. NXT

    I assume that immediately after that, Jerry busted Steve open and wrote "DIE" on his stomach in Corino's blood. Just for old time's sake.
  5. Jesus didn't tap! I mean, his hands were nailed in place, so he really couldn't.
  6. Jesus should have sold the crucifixion for longer than three days. Way to put the Romans over, Son of God.
  7. I know he was only doing it because both guys in the match were named Jay, but Mark Briscoe yelling out, "Come on, Briscoe!" to his own brother amused the hell out of me.
  8. I know this would likely be a terrible thing for the wrestling business, but I very selfishly want to see the Briscoes vs Revival, so...
  9. You're fine. We know your comments come from the heart.
  10. Photo

    "Plans for the Future to graduate" Reach for the stars, Brad.
  11. My buddy met her when he was working on JR's book. He had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. He made it sound like her personality helped balance JR's more abrasive traits. Such an awful thing to happen. RIP.
  12. If Fiona Apple were an outlaw country singer, she might sound like Sarah Shook:
  13. Realistically, there wasn't much they could do, even if they wanted. Paige is basically bulletproof as long as Rocky's making the movie about her family. They're not going to fire her and risk somebody else hiring her and making a profit off of that. I doubt she was ever coming back to TV even before this. Xavier moves too much merch to get in any kind of significant trouble. At best, they could have rehired Maddox and fired him as soon as he signed his contract.
  14. I think at least 99% of those posts are just jokes about how often the monthly thread gets shut down. And I would have looked around for these videos online, but I prefer my amateur porn to be filmed in a terrifying, nondescript apartment by average-looking Russians.