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  1. I hate the orange turd as much as anybody, but "groped" isn't entirely accurate. She's saying he aggressively pulled her close to pose for a picture. Still a dickish thing to do, but not on the level of the other things he's done to women.
  2. How many Taylor Swift albums do you reckon Havoc owns? Because I'm willing to bet it's more than one.
  3. One of the reasons he left in the first place was because Vince thought he was too old for the direction the WWF was heading towards during the New Generation phase.
  4. Based on their one match against each other, this may not be as good as you think.
  5. Thankfully, I have better taste than Alexa, apparently.
  6. That's 20 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
  7. It has some interesting parts and is worth watching, but it's a little uneven because it was shot as a documentary in the 70s, but had a movie narrative crowbarred into it before it was released in the mid-80s. Alabama has entered the chat.
  8. Here's something I'm going to go to hell for: I'm watching a tape of old World Class, and Koko Ware and Norvell Austin are making their debut against Mike Reed and Buck Zumhofe, and all I can think about is how excited Zumhofe must have been when they told him he'd be wrestling the Pretty Young Things that night.
  9. That picture of RVD is definitely not from his rookie year.
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