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  1. Can we start guessing who will end up replacing Joss?
  2. I had a couple glitches where a person was not where they should have been. But when i went back, they were there.
  3. And dusty is no longer around to give good names to people.
  4. Finally took down the kett base on the ice planet. Took almost an hour, thanks torunning around and getting confused about how to get to the hanger bay. Now i can finally get to the base under the energy dome. also explored some of the plant planet. this will probably most of my playing until Sunday, apart from logging on to quickly check AVP and strike team missions.
  5. I can just imagine if certain people were in charge in 2017: Watts: "Rollins? I heard you got beat in Madden by an 8-year old from Korea. you're fired."
  6. I did Liam's loyalty mission. What a bone head. also had my first romantic propsition by
  7. Should have said upgrades to them. Oops.
  8. They gave the VS rewards today, so phil can get his stick of gum.
  9. Crafting weapons and such also gets you achievements. I just got turbo boost and 6WD for the nomad.
  10. I thought they have written Tyson out of continuity because of his injury.
  11. I do agree with idea that enemy swarms a lot more than past games in mp.
  12. Likely depends on messi's suspension and how much is it reduced.