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  1. 1. You get the feeling Sting made the right call in not going there for as long as he did. And they still had to bury him after all those years. 2. it’s amazing how well they treated Flair in his stint, being the “other world champ”, the Rumble match and only really burying him by dropping a loser leave town match to Hennig, when they could have done so much worse.
  2. If Ole would take $150,000 to get screwed over by Jim Herd, the other part doesn’t surprise me. for those who want to listen, JC’s tribute to Ole is about an hour long.
  3. If true, the story of high school senior Dick Slater beating up college football player John Matuzak during Spring Break is his best story.
  4. Brazil show up Only to find out it’s a team of Doombots.
  5. It’s certainly been in a term in the business for a long time and you have to get people to unlearn it.
  6. Didn’t people accuse Quack/chikara of basically being a cult?
  7. We just him to be inducted by Bix doing his Heyman voice.
  8. Was thinking today about the Latverian national futbol team. What formation do they play? Would even Dr. Doom hire JoseMourinho as his coach? Is he pro or anti using his team for sportswashing? Would he ever bid to host the World Cup?
  9. How in 2024 have I heard Two Princes twice in the same day?
  10. They actually named dropped CJ Parker on UUDD the other day when they were talking about some match in FCW. It’s really weird now to hear people mention CJ Parker or Leo Kruger or Leakee.
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