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  1. I’m keen on seeing them reboot an older version of a character, rather than the most recent version.
  2. I don’t mind fans heckling the heels, esp they can quickly snap back cleverly.
  3. I want to see some Silver Age throwbacks: mimic, changeling, unus, ...
  4. I’m wondering about her being called Mrs. Grey by one of the kids. one thing we discussed on the pod is “are they bringing people back from when they died only? Or could they instead bring back an earlier version?”
  5. They have Bryce, right? You'd think his comedy/improv training would be a natural fit for on screen japes.
  6. I remember reviewing Nightbreed for the newspaper. That's all I remember. Think I gave it an okay but not great review.
  7. has Maria had her baby yet? If I was Mike, I wouldn’t ask for my release until then.
  8. Since it appears to be the Jets, I assume Wahoo (for Dont Call It Colimbus Day).
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