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  1. Given how Bayley turned out to be a really good heel after everyone thought turning her was a horrible idea, I'd withhold the thought of anyone who poo poos the idea w Bianca.
  2. Unless you are duping, there's no cheating, just a different way to problem solve.
  3. This seems like something a lot more common in futbol.
  4. Little surprised the final is on Paramount+ and not on CBS proper.
  5. Kennel from Hell being saved for Larry the Dog to get his revenge on the EVPs
  6. I mean, we just lost one of wrestlings best mustaches this week....
  7. I would hazard a guess they may not have seen any wrestling from the 20th century.
  8. I just realized i have Vice TV on my Samsung TV Plus.
  9. I mean, if you squint, Horseman era Flair is kind of already a MDM type of character. Plus, you can say in storyline that Titan Sports made Flair their biggest free agent signing ever, similar to the Freebirds signing with Watts, and that explains how Flair went from athlete rich (which wasn't super huge in the mid 80s) to Forbes 400 rich.
  10. I've always thought Dusty was the one who was JCP to expand into Florida.
  11. If an average episode was 4 hours long, it would be about 68 days of listening 24/7. And that's not counting the Patreon episodes.
  12. We need some Rick Rude intros translated to 2023 woke-approved jargon.
  13. The board is blocked by the TGI Friday's wifi
  14. Would you put it past a team to overclock it and be faster? Will every park have to have an Atomic clock on site?
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