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  1. And how do you count a sports bar showing multiple games at once, like during Sunday Ticket afternoons or March Madness?
  2. Considering how much later you started, I just finished my fossils and got the Nook App within the last week. As Matt’s mrs can tell you, ihave no idea what flowers I do and do not have. I know ihave given her black roses, purple tulips and gold roses.
  3. I got a trilobite this morning too. in case it wasn’t mentioned before, you can now buy multiple wallpapers and floorings from Saharah per day.
  4. So, I have Saharah today and not KK. Hmm. not seen what the update did yet,
  5. Ron did a great bit on the Studcast this week about wrestlers, including his grandfather working in the carnivals in the 1920s.
  6. Id say TK and Mayor McCheese are just in that demographic of the sportswriters who idolize boxing and either see mma as competition to boxing or just cant get past the “bare knuckle fighting in a cage” stigma. Meanwhile, you have folks in the Simmons/Lebatard demographic (which would include me) who were in their 20s when MMA started and that stigma isnt as strong. And Both were also wrestling fans growing up, fwiw.
  7. To be fair, Hogan was only there for 30% or so of the time period in question. As opposed to Bock or Hennig for example.
  8. Arn really didn’t look that much younger in Georgia or Pensacola.
  9. This debuts digitally on Friday. I preordered on iTunes.
  10. It seems like they put in all these rules in European futbol when matches restarted and now guys are hugging and swapping shirts and such. But oddly, are still doing postgame elbow bumps instead of shaking hands.
  11. I guess as long as they have Hellboy, there will a reason for them to publish.
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