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  1. TV

    Added to Boomerang app: some Flintstones (with original opening) foghorn leghorn droopy (tex avery and newer)
  2. I heard it was more like ...
  3. Caps vs Leafs outdoors in Annapolis in March.
  4. Movie

    I presume someone would say the Karate Kid.
  5. I like the short lived Giffen doom patrol book.
  6. Byrne also wrote the first Hellboy stories with Mignola.
  7. Which includes Orndorff
  8. I like Golden Gun, but i could see issues with ... britt eklund as a bond girl Herve as the heel sidekick
  9. Better to vlog or have a wrestling match vs crusher hogan?
  10. Hashtag DDP Yoga
  11. I didn't realize if you clicked on a person's poster, you can see all their links. Bray has 5 including "the rotunda tribe." Flair has 6, including the millionaires club and a team w valentine.
  12. Glad you got at least one new person.
  13. I predict Darren young and one of the Ambroses.
  14. Working on my android phone.