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  1. They're hard to miss in that clip.
  2. Yeah, it alleviates the Wally West/Kyle Raynor/Connor Hawke problem, not to mention it allows you to create women/minority versions of characters with replacing the old white guy predecessors and alienating traditonal/intransigent fans.
  3. If, as I've heard it described, she's doing a Conor McGregor, I'm not sure that gimmick will be universally booed. I still think Obnoxious New Mother is the gimmick for her to actually be booed.
  4. GX has a video out now with a hands on review of both the OLED and Metroud Dread.
  5. It just continues the overuse of multiverse the last few years. I was discussing it the other day and I think one reason it's become so prevalent is that it allows creators to do new stories with old characters without introducing new characters and giving away IP to DC and Marvel.
  6. Wouldnt you at least want the stupid gimmick around fior Hallowe’en?
  7. Despite ignoring Eunice every day and talking to everyone else, Lucky us the one who asked to leave today. for once, i said no.
  8. Too bad Khan didn’t actually buy Wembley, so we missed the chance for the WWE to negotiate with him to run there for the Summerslam anniversary. I wonder if they would settle for running Not White Hart Lans if they can’t run Wembley.
  9. If god had anyone as his champion, surely it’s the former child preacher Big E.
  10. They’ve held the Rumble twice at the Alamodome, so I wonder what their configuration was for them. Edit: the Alamodome website says the capacity for wrestling is 52k up to 60k.
  11. New Day pod this week is the guys back and discussing The Champ.
  12. Peacock has Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Columbo and Rockford Files.
  13. wasn’t it in the late 70s? Hashtag Seve
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