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  1. Things I was expecting that did did not happen 1. Arya/Genndy scene. Just more skin than I was expecting them to show. 2. Thought the song was going to be the Bear song 3. Theon definitely dead man walking to protect Brann. 4. Also rent don’t buy: Jorah, grey worm, the hound. Question: how dead can someone be for the Night King to revive them? Could he revive people buried in the Crypts?
  2. Couldnt tell you when, that's how long it has been. I am happy not to patronize the company or give them any money. Luckily, Matt bought our tickets to the first NXT show here, so I technically didnt give them MY money.
  3. In the comics, SHIELD's acronym has changed at least once, prob more, since it was created in the Silver Age. And if you factor in all the stuff Hickman did, probably a lot more now.
  4. Actually, of late, he said he was at his lowest weight in deacdes. He said he only eats fast food when on the road and such.
  5. I presume that means they will just switch the version they play. #atheistslovebaseballtoo BTW, this got as high as #12 in the billboard charts in 1931. The song was also recorded by Paul Robeson the same year.
  6. Should have maybe predicted this swerve on who the Valkyrie book would feature.
  7. Then, maybe they should have done the draft last week? Didn’t itused to be right after Mania ?
  8. If they wanted to completely kayfabe everything, they should just book everyone for both shows and then, especially since it’s also Easter weekend, take off a couple days and “start their new season” on Monday.
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