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  1. I presume this will end with Craig complaining about the Ricketts Family.
  2. I have a soft spot for Acts of Vengeance, since we got you see atypical face v heel matchups.
  3. From some oblique comments JC made on the pod, I think there will prob be a Dark Side episode on Hellwig, since he was referencing some of the lawsuits with him vs Vince (or vice versa).
  4. They reposted Austin’s pod with Pat today.
  5. Didn’t TNA have the faces start their version? Because Russo...
  6. I see Pizza Dog is trending on Twitter.
  7. Someone I know has been raving about the new Spectre Omnibus, which is (mostly?) fleischer/aparo stuff I think.
  8. Orioles trade Inglesias to Angels for Pinto and Stallings.
  9. Was Barnett ever officially “out”, since he is arguably the most important gay promoter in wrestling history? are we counting women in this discussion (Moolah? Mae?)
  10. Agreed. That’s was a pass of me for one of the online things I look forward to all week.
  11. Pat Patterson Appeciation Night in Montreal
  12. I had saved up all the fish I caught yesterday in case I got CJ today, but got Flick instead.
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