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  1. Some very weird conversations on the New Day pod today.
  2. I left my switch at home when I went to work, so I hope I did all my daily stuff when I played yesterday morning and when I got up. Luckily, I am still only on day 5 if my streak gets reset.
  3. I was explaining to someone today how my schedule means I barely have been able to do daytime activities but catch the same things at night every day. On the plusside, I am playing everyday sofar at 0500 when the new day starts.
  4. I think Borne as Sawyers partner (in various places) is my favorite version,followed by Rat Pack Borne and Arn's partner in GA.
  5. You could have gotten Brandi as the Patriot too.
  6. Part of me thinks they should say there will be no 20-21 season, to give them a year to finish this current season. Just call it the 19-21 season.
  7. Looked up where Borne was in late 90: Uswa, Texas and a bunch of indies including SAPW
  8. Ah. I had just listened to the BTS where they discussed it and that's how they described it. I dont know I've watched it personally in a while. Found this while looking for that tag match.
  9. Dark Side guys talking to JC from this weeks pod
  10. I refuse to put this in the stupid crap folder
  11. Even better, South African. He and Ray Apollo beat two fake Kamala esque guys in the "African final" to earn their Starrcade spot.
  12. Didn't Sir William Dundee carry a brolly when he managed Regal?
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