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  1. odessasteps

    Your 2018 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    Rush vs Park from tonight. Starts around 1:55.
  2. odessasteps

    General Lucha Libre Comments

    The Friday show is shown on Marca's website and the CMLL Facebook page. If they happen to geoblock them, cubsfan usually streams it on his YouTube. Rush v Park starts around 1:55
  3. odessasteps

    General Lucha Libre Comments

    It usually takes a little while for the Friday night show. Should be up in a couple hours or so. Not sure if same folks are the ones filming the post match interviews they also post. The trios match that set up next weeks Fenix vs Cavernario is also worth watching. .
  4. odessasteps


    Rush vs LA Park was as crazy as extended/hoped.
  5. odessasteps

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    For folks doing the digital Panini album, there are now update stickers (if you already had 100 percent completion).
  6. odessasteps

    The Old School Questions thread

    I suppose it might have been kayfabed if he had been vacationing with heels and not faces like Hogan and Blair.
  7. odessasteps

    NHL OFFSEASON (New Season Stars 10/08/18)

    I love having the two drafts happen so close together for humor comparison. Flashy colorful suits vs guy sitting in stand with mum and dad and hot sister or girlfriend. Thanking the city for hosting the draft. Etc
  8. odessasteps

    General Lucha Libre Comments

    Reminder: park vs Rush singles match tonight.
  9. odessasteps

    NHL OFFSEASON (New Season Stars 10/08/18)

    Just for Mike
  10. odessasteps


    Who better to replace Prince Puma than Puma King?
  11. odessasteps

    The Old School Questions thread

    Had never heard that folks thought it was a work. But I was reading the Observer by the time it happened so didnt read about in the mags.
  12. odessasteps


    I dont watch PWG, but bringing in Puma would pique my interest.
  13. odessasteps

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    75 games, retroactive to his original suspension. Back theoretically in August.
  14. odessasteps

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Hard to imagine the new material won't be collected. And, based on past experience, some stores will go buy them and then resell in their own shops, either as new or back issues. During the lean years in the 90s, we occasionally bought books off the newsstand that were underpinned and could not get reorders from diamond or heroes world (shudder). Things like Connor Hawke era Green Arrow.