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  1. There's a pop culture and horror con in August at one of the BWI airport hotels and, in addition to assorted horror and sci fi people is Fred Smoot. I guess he'd be a horror guest?
  2. Wasn’t Rama Tut connected to Doom early on, before the Nathaniel Richards stuff?
  3. You aren’t wrong on either count.
  4. I meant in clickbait articles about Rhea, not anything of theirs.
  5. A physical copy of a movie can't be altered at a later date, for example. Presumably the original prints of Star Wars and the original VHS tapes still have Han shooting first. The FBI agents in ET still have guns. Etc.
  6. I guess the "Wales Golf Madrid" song still scans as "Wales Golf LA"
  7. I prefer the permanence of physical media, but boy, doing research for stuff online is a lot easier now.
  8. I keep seeing it called a “brain injury” which is odd to just not call it a concussion. Yes, that’s what a concussion is, but seemingly never called that, at least in sports coverage. You could prob argue if we did, maybe we’d take them more seriously.
  9. I was reminded last night I never did track down the list of comics creators in the credits until I saw Steven Grant mentioned he was in the list. Have to finally watch them tonight to see them.
  10. Rooney resigns as Derby County coach. also, reposting from the kit thread
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