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  1. Tully worked as a babyface in Florida in the 70s. There might be footage out there, not 100% on that.
  2. Sullivan was also a babyface in Knoxville, when he teamed with Whitey Caldwell vs the Wrights in the early 70s.
  3. Its amazing New Day has managed to stay together this long.
  4. I presume this is as close to Kings book as we will get. Bettany really looks like Darren Steven's in this.
  5. Abby was also a face (sort of) in JCP/WCW briefly.
  6. My bet would someone who played a foreign heel or had an "ugly" gimmick like the French Angel.
  7. That would stink for someone with elaborate gear or make up, like the Boogeyman .
  8. That was a tournament, not a poll. And yes, best forgotten.
  9. Its octavian’s birthday if anyone wants to visir for the achievement.
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