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  1. Reminder: Shin Godzilla comes out next week.
  2. Movie

    http://www.lalalandrecords.com/Site/GreatRace.html 3 CD Henry mancini great race soundtrack
  3. I used it to get the two Tom King sheriff of babylon (vertigo) trades.
  4. Whenever the Rogues start coming back. Not sure when that was. I do like that new bad guy that looks like Mistico.
  5. I think Flash picks up for an old school Flash reader. The current arc has a bunch of pre crisis nods.
  6. What number? Subscriptions? Puro fans that don't have the network will sign up for a free 30 days just to see Cena vs Nak?
  7. I have of this wwa and fort worth and such to watch now.
  8. I ended up enhancing Braun. I knew I should have said my leveling up until there was an event. I think I leveled up my Anvil 21 spots last night.
  9. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
  10. "Fan rag"
  11. As a Boomerang subscriber, i wish they were headed there.
  12. Super Sheriff Seth Bullock.
  13. Saw a number of folks online wanting to see Miz vs Goldust in some kind of Hollywood angle.
  14. I dont recall them being talked about here, but how are the last couple metal gear solid V games? Saw them at the library and thought about grabbing one of em.
  15. Sam Adonis back on the podcast to talk about his hair match vs blue panther next week, worldwide notoriety, fav partners and opponents in Mexico, upcoming Japan trip and more. http://tinyurl.com/winter65