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  1. Is Stan Stasiak in? Arguably the least accomplishments of the Vince Sr era. Oh, he was a legacy (aka throw in) inductee in 2018. would Vince put in Tommy Rich or Ron Garvin?
  2. Energy Drinks for everyone tonight. Also, way to go Atalanta.
  3. For a strictly WWF HOF, hes a perfectly serviceable candidate: multiple time champion and tag champion, longtime commentator, ... For an all encompassing HOF, not really.
  4. Which is a shame, as I think hes one of those baddies who could be super effective if written "correctly" (like Paste Pot Pete of course).
  5. His pod is definitely in the “what’s the topic” camp. I think I maybe listen to 1 or 2 a month, since I skip the music, movies, cryptozoology, politics episodes.
  6. I guess that is related to the void egg stuff that just started this weekend.
  7. Remember, jericho believes that [name redacted] was possessed by a demon or such when he did what he did.
  8. You could always have Swordsman as a pre title villain at the beginning of the movie, similar to the use of Batroc.
  9. Black Scorpion makes the most sense. is Halloween Havoc Windham as Sting on there? Couldn’t tell.
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