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  1. I've always said the lapsed fan who only want to watch old stuff spent the same kind of money as current fans who dont wa t to watch it. What harm would it do to court them, other than admitting their current product does not appeal to every wrestling fan? Heck, they could be doing the same type of podcasts internally that review old shows and would have the benefit of maybe having guest spots with the workers themselves.
  2. You mean CMLL owning the Mistico name. I think AAA might own the Myztizez name.
  3. Well, Diana already broke his neck in the comics, so it wont be a surprise when she does it here.
  4. He was also in the Altman troupe for a while. Theres the star trek trio for you.
  5. We did the horrible comic book movie tournament once already. Let us not speak of it again.
  6. RIP Ron Liebman and Robert Walker Jr. Liebman might be best known now as Rachel's dad on Friends, but won a Tony for Angels in America. Robert Walker Jr we discussed in some thread recently. Charlie X from TOS.
  7. I never got used to Snuka wearing boots, in Japan and his late wwf run.
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