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  1. You could also spin it as these guys were great at a number of sports and they chose wrestling. More true in the 60s and 70s, where stars could legitimately make more money in wrestling than the nfl.
  2. It was better when they said a wrestler was thrown out of Sport X for being too violent or such, adding to the heel gimmick. Heel Duggan for spearing in football and then that became his finish.
  3. Crews rediscovering his heritage sounds familiar
  4. Not enough thigh slaps and high spots.
  5. I’ve stayed there. Was bigbfan of Fairmont resorts 10 years ago or so.
  6. I presume Cena was not stabbed on screen by Jesus, Carlitos amugo?
  7. You can also hear Austin Idol talk about the plane crash on the Super Studcast he did.
  8. This means a return for Tony Atlas, right?
  9. Based on the conversation earlier this week: On the Drive Thru, JC is doing practice Cameos and said he wished he had an iPhone when he was filming SMW and it could have saved them having a TV truck.
  10. Given the GM turnout rate, a lot of guys probably figure they won't be there when the rent comes due. Of course, they will probably be employed by a different team with a salary cap headache by then.
  11. Benson started as a butler and ended up as Lieutenant Governor. Arguably a success story.
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