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  1. I blame my phone. Trying to pay attention to this shift change brief and type with thumb at the same time. Fall 2024 (but probably delayed).
  2. After over a year of radio silence, Paradox Interactive and The Chinese Room unveiled the Ventrue as the fourth and final playable launch clan for VtM: Bloodlines 2. The other announced clans were the Brujah, Tremere, and the Banu Haqim. And then the fucking liars said that this game would be out by Fall 2014. In order to meet this release date, Paradox decided that the clans previously listed as playable (Nosferatu, Malkavian, Gangrel) will be released as future DLC.
  3. Alcoholic panic attack? You didn't make a drinking game of take a shot every time you see William Hurt's bare ass, did you?
  4. James Wan may be coming back home... TO HORROR~!!
  5. Well, this game sure does look like Game of the Year. The Character Creator HUD looks gorgeous on X/S and my 4KHD television. I will probably end up playing as a Rogue since the only other Rogue that is a permanent companion is the vampire asshole and I will probably end up putting a stake in his ass sooner than later.
  6. I am old and I have been on night duty for two weeks straight. These moments are to be expected. You understood the Commander's intent. That's all that matters. Technically, I've been on night duty only a week, but the other week I was on day shift at Chitose AFB in Japan, so it may as well have been night duty as far as the effect it has had on my body clock goes now that I am back stateside.
  7. Black Mold Directed by John Pata Starring: Agnes Albright, Andrew Bailes, Caito Aase, Jeremy Holm Now on Tubi!
  8. It's the end of an era. From the Stephen King official website: Looks like the custodian of the program is retiring. Too bad. There were quite a few decent productions to come out of that deal. I'd put the Dollar Baby production of The Boogeyman up against nearly any feature length SK movie.
  9. Orange putting his hands in his pockets to make it easier for him to roll to the ropes and get a ref break out of Angelico's submission hold may have been the slickest spot I have seen all week. Kinda bummed that Trish Adora jobbed. I want to be excited about Julia Hart vs. Abadon for the TBS title but something inside says I should have cautious optimism.
  10. Well, my 1TB drive space will be decreased by 140 gigs very soon. i may as well get lunch, go back to bed, and act like I have to be at work by 10PM tonight. Aaand buying the game with M$ bucks just earned me 1399 M$ Points and some of my total points can be redeemed for a $25 M$ gift card! THE CYCLE CONTINUES~!
  11. I was totally disappointed that her Pilot skill wasn't through the roof. Realism be damned. Amelia should be able to fly anything in the game.
  12. I have no such restrictions. I'll just be getting more M$ gift cards to replenish my supply of Microbucks.
  13. FUCK YEAH~! This game will be out before the movie is. I will still be happy either way... if I am not 99 years old.
  14. Between getting two flat tires on the way home this morning and Steelers losing to the Pats, it is obvious that Satan wants to take my joy of iife away. He can kiss my ass.
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