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  1. J.T.


    I can do slit throats and axes to the head, but I can't do violent sexual assault or children in peril or being killed. Even I have my limits.
  2. J.T.


    Holy fuck, that looks spectacular! For those who are wondering, the song in the trailer is Hallelujah by Reuben & The Black.
  3. At least in Skyrim, my Khajiit could brew Potions of Strength to temporarily increase his carrying capacity (and practice Alchemy) and then teleport back to a trading area to sell all of the heavy shit I looted from some poor group of bandits. I could never pass up on grabbing as many wooly mammoth tusks as I could in one run.
  4. The soundtrack for this movie pretty much put the Horrorcore hip-hop scene on the map even though it had been around for years. I think I may pick Def By Temptation next year.
  5. Ah, yes. THE SHIT~! I am so happy that the black horror film is no longer an anomaly. Now I need Jordan Peele to do a Blaxploitation-less version of Blacula that is not named Blacula and give Prince Mamuwalde the vampire movie he deserves.
  6. I wouldn't. Nothing in Fallout 3 was worse than dragging a thousand sets of Enclave power armor back to the Brotherhood of Steel's base to get the Medic Power Armor back to full durability or having to pass up grabbing more grenades or landmines to reverse pickpocket on people for fear of having my Sneak ability fucked by being encumbered.
  7. I was on graveyard shift when I wrote that draft. It explains a lot.
  8. J.T.

    The UpUpDownDown thread

    I was kinda hoping that UUDD would do an Anthem demo episode so that I could see their eyes explode with rage.
  9. J.T.


    RT ratings of noteworthy films relevant to this thread: Greta: 71% Fresh The Hole In The Ground: 89% Fresh Gaspar Noe's Ciimax: 87% Fresh~?? I am suddenly intrigued by the flood of positive ratings for Climax. Did Noe manage to make a movie that isn't totally self indulgent or consumed with the desperate need to offend and can be enjoyed by relatively normal people?
  10. I just noticed that I totally forwarded my second to last draft to Rippa instead of the finished one. The spelling and grammar are horrible in that unfinished copy.
  11. J.T.

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    I am sorta hoping that Seamus dragging out those hope spots by taunting Gargano was done deliberately to give Ciampa time to recover. You'd like to think that workers are smart enough to improv that sort of thing, but you never can tell. Is there anyone working on the Smackdown roster that is not over?
  12. J.T.

    True Detective

    Holy fuck.
  13. J.T.


    We had a two hour delay this morning so I checked out Porndemic on Showtime On Demand. It's about the HIV outbreak in the adult film industry in 1998. I was already familiar with how unsettlingly business-like most adult stars talk when they're discussing their trade. I am not sure whether to feel sorry for Mark Wallace and Sharon Mitchell or bash their heads in with a baseball bat. They have both had more than their fair share of tragedy in their lives, but most of their wounds are self inflicted and they both seem to be quite the self righteous assholes in their interviews.
  14. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    Flashpoint is on Io this week. A great time to make a Whisper run if you are a better platformer than I am. The raid Sherpa for the DARPA clan just got the One Thousand Voices while studying up on Last Wish, so it is probably a matter of time before we try to do the raid in house.
  15. J.T.


    Yeah, I am glad that someone finally pointed out that Disney based the story on a Hans Christian Andersen tale and did not magically put the tale out of thin air. They should've kept Elsa as the villain though. Her CGI fur cloak made of live minks would've fucking terrified everyone.