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  1. I've been on night duty for the past six days. My sense of humor and alertness are at all time lows. And yeah, they do their best to give the whole movie away in that trailer.
  2. I think the original short is two minutes or so. The feature length joint is pushing two hours last time I checked, but it is in post-production so it might get shortened to ninety minutes and some change.
  3. There is an update to Skyrim: SE and some stuff got fixed.
  4. Now that I have gotten past the whole weird looking dude with a snub-nosed revolver for a head thing, I am starting to enjoy No Guns Life. There is a kick-ass cyberpunk story going on there.
  5. 3 Body Problem Based on the acclaimed book by Liu Cixin. Coming to Netflix in 2024. The Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy is one of my favorite sci-fi collections. If done right, this could be monumental. Don't fuck this up, Netflix.
  6. Baghead Directed by Alfred Corredor (based on his short film of the same name) Starring: Freya Allen, Saffron Burrows, Peter Mullan In theaters 28 December.
  7. Lord of Misrule Directed by William Brent Bell (Stay Alive, Wer, The Boy I and II, Orphan: First Kill) Starring: Starring Tuppence Middleton, Ralph Ineson In theaters starting 8 December.
  8. The 2.1 Patch Notes. Lots and lots and lots of fixes. Oh, and you can finally take the fucking Metro.
  9. The game we were supposed to get three years ago is finally here.
  10. Said the anti-censorship freedom of speech advocate. What a hard rubber thing he is. Definitely liked him more when he kept his personal views in his pocket.
  11. Yeah, it's one of those things the devs missed, IMO. My outpost on Bessel 3B is still a work in progress because I'm constantly running out of resources for room dividers and the like. I should be able to establish a merchant connection to a preferred retailer and just buy the stuff I need for construction or junk items I want for decor instead of going all the way back to a settlement to go Resource shopping.
  12. Fuck tha police. If there is a GTA Online II with this game, we must recruit Dakota Kai for the DVDVR Cartel. You bet your ass we will. Banks will be robbbed, money will be made, crime will pay.
  13. Siksa Neraka Directed by Anggy Unbara (Suicide Village) Starring: Rizky Fachrel, Kiesha Alvaro, Ratu Sofya, Nayla Purnama Releases in Indonesia on 14 December. Hopefully will have a limited release in the US.
  14. Yeah. I love Shin Godzilla but it is a dig at the Japanese government's handling of Fukushima Daishi. It's not a true-to-form Godzilla movie per se. Everyone ran in different directions as far as their analysis of the ending goes, when the real message was blatantly obvious. When it came to dealing with the aftermath of the tsunami and the subsequent nuclear accident, humans were part of the problem, not the solution.
  15. Checked out Takashi Shimizu's latest J-Horror joint, SANA, while working night duty. The trailer may look creepy, but I was thoroughly disappointed with the feature length movie. It's a tired rehash of nearly every J-Horror trope you can imagine. Shimizu's other project, Immersion, came out this past summer and snuck past me. I've heard that Immersion is more laurel resting on past success, but I'd rather watch it and judge for myself.
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