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  1. Yeah, I also thought it was new, but I watched it again and it's the old one that they sent to Gamescon. Nearly everything from the Lifepaths trailer is also in The Gig trailer. The Tools of Destruction video is also cut from older footage.
  2. Good shit! I found that being a good example while my daughter was a passenger helped my kid become the solid driver she is now. She actually paid attention to me when I didn't blow through red lights or burn down the highway at excessive speeds. You think your kids aren't watching you, but they are. If you drive responsibly, your kid will probably follow suit. You are a good dad so just do your best to make sure the kid is okay. That's all you can really do.
  3. I'm a dex fighter guy and I felt pretty unbeatable as a min-max Human Duelist in DA:O. Chain stuns and auto backstabs FTW and trapfinding / trapsetting was essential. Soooo many fights in the Circle Tower trivialized by kiting swarms of enemies into hallways littered with claw traps. I played a Human because I could not bear playing an elf with my ears super glued to the side of my head. Have heard good and bad about the Rogue specializations in Inquisition. Have always heard rumors that Rogue wasn't a Qunari friendly class, so I never bothered to get Inquisition even though that'
  4. On the odd happenstance that DA:I shows up in Games For Gold I might give I a go but pay for it? Nah.
  5. Probably so since Disney is the parent of 20th Century Fox and Marvel.
  6. I will be. I'm downloading that shit on the first. I can sink my time into it and possibly be disappointed for free rather than pay money to possibly be disappointed by The Avengers.
  7. Black Myth: Wukong will come out before Eldeen Ring does and Black Myth is looking at an international boycott since Game Science's CEO, Feng Ji, likes to say stupid things.
  8. Hikaru Shida vs Thunder Rosa is the shining match-up on that card. I could live with a Double Count-Out brawl to the back finish just to get a rematch. I really hope that Mox fucking Gotch piledrivers MJF at least five times and at least once onto a steel chair or maybe through the announcer's table. I am not really excited about the Mimosa Mayhem match because I feel that they could not possibly be dumb enough to book Orange Cassidy to lose, but we'll see. I'd rather see the Brian Cage vs. Lance Archer match for the FTW title that they teased last night rather than the fucking
  9. In the mix of last night's incredible promos, I forgot to show love to Ortiz and Santana. That promo they cut on the BFs was hot fire!
  10. I actually believe that a proper humbling by Mox will give MJF the drive to become an even more dangerous character. Right now, his bluster screams insecurity in the X-Pac real heat worst way. He bullies jobbers and cannot win against ranked opposition without Wardlow or his international object ring. You have an impressive win / loss record, but two of your victories are over Marko fucking Stunt, Big fucking whoop, dude. My 17 year old daughter and her stringbean arms could probably lift Marco Stunt. MJF has none of the evil rich boy confidence that his stable mates in The Dyna
  11. At 20%, it is still the worst reviewed Marvel Studios film ever made. Even Green Lantern, the gold standard of bad superhero movies, was 26% Rotten.
  12. As we expected, New Mutants is sitting at 20% Rotten at RT. Frankly, I expected it to be worse so this thing may be a shitburger, but perhaps not a shitburger on a moldy bun mayo that's been left out in the sun for three days.
  13. After sitting on the shelves for a bit, Come Play has been greenlit for a Halloween release. Hopefully this movie and Candyman won't be theaters only releases so that I can give Xfinity all of my monies on Halloween day and program a proper marathon.. Not being in a theater and risking COVID infection will be an added bonus.
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