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  1. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    So, about the Dawning... If you don't feel like fucking around with experimentation, there is an excellent cheat article at Forbes.com that has the goodie recipes and who receives which treat. I like how the sneaky bastards slipped Xur in there as a gift recipient to make you try to get in some weekend logon time if you want to earn one of the triumphs.. I'm up to the part where I am trying to upgrade the Dawning Sparrow by doing Amanda's three fetchit quests (I have a shit ton of baking to do...) and I have already seen a bunch of people zipping around the EDZ on the damned things. I wish I had that kind of free time. Once I've upgraded the Sparrow, I will take it for a spin to see how it handles and then I will chuck it into my Vault. I don't have the heart to shred it, but I like having dignity and I am not going to zoom into a battle on a jet bike that shits glitter. I am dumb. It literally took me an hour to figure out that I needed to get sword kills in order to create the Sharp Flavor ingredient. You've probably noticed that if you keep baking, you will run out of Essence of the Dawning very quickly so refill your stash by running Strikes, Patrols, and Public Events. I don't think I got any EotD by playing Gambit or the Crucible. Oh and speaking of the Crucible, Mayhem is the special game mode for this week.
  2. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    Fuck yeah! I beat Volundr Forge last night with a couple of LFG dudes. I was a BB Hunter and there was one MP Titan and a Well Warlock. We were all 615 - 617 and that seemed to be the sweet spot for the first run. Unlike the cookie cutter guides on YouTube, we didn't resort to the usual strat of relying on Whisper. We just stuck together and killed all glowy enemies. It was fairly simple. There are three things I would HIGHLY recommend though" There are a shit ton of adds so remember that you have powers and make use of your grenades and melee to thin the heard and use your defensive power to keep yourself alive because you only have two minutes per round to do what you need to do. It is easy to get lost in your gunsights during the fight and not use a grenade or a dodge / rift / barrier when you should. It also helps to have either a weapon with Dragonfly or a Dragonfly like effect like the Graviton Lance for add clearing. I used the Loaded Question fusion rifle and the Reservoir Burst perk was a lifesaver. Save a super for the boss. The boss will have drones around him that form a defensive shield. You have to nuke them before you can damage the boss. Use Supers and high impact or high ROF Energy or Power weapons to keep the Cabal boss staggered as you do damage. If you are not on a fireteam of complete drool monkeys, you should be okay. I used Thunderlord. It didn't DPS the Colossus boss as much as I would've wanted it to, but the Lightning Strikes kept the drones from respawning. My Hammerhead LMG dropped at 624, so I am about 620-ish light when I have it equipped. The stats are not great, but it will do until I can forge another one. Now that Ada's bounties and weapon frames are unlocked, I can start grinding to 620+ and get into shape to attempt the Gofannon Forge ignition.
  3. J.T.


    It was a story that tried a bit too hard to be clever, but at least it was original. It also helped that Antje Traue was pretty awesome.
  4. J.T.


    Sat down and watched this on Monday since post was closed due to snow. A total masterpiece. Watched SireN on Syfy On Demand during Snow Day #2 on Tuesday. This was better than I thought it was going to be. It was a pretty good story expansion of an already clever short.
  5. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    Yeah, servers were totally jacked after the Dawning patch. It got to the point where you couldn't go to the tower without getting booted back to orbit. Hopefully I will get an Avalanche MG with a decent roll before the event shuts down. So far my rolls have been shit for the two Avalanches that have dropped for me. The Dawning patch unlocked all of the Eva's Journey lore book entries. If you did not finish the lore book on your own, you lost out on the triumph points. I'm sorry to hear about your tribulations, man. I will be hitting up LFG for a Forge team today now that I am 612 LL. Hopefully my run won't be as riddled with misfortune as yours was.
  6. I could give my boo something nice in July and facetiously offer it as a Christmas gift. From what I can remember, there's nothing in Hardware other than that to suggest that the movie takes place during Christmas. Even in post apocalyptic UK, you'd think they'd have some sort of decorations up even if there were barely any trees left.
  7. That's the best connection they can make?
  8. J.T.

    This Weather Sucks

    Winter Storm Diego arrived in the 804 around seven this morning. It's quarter after Noon now and I can see the sidewalks and parking lot outside of my building starting to white over. I can only imagine what the roads will be like around quitting time. I'm headed back to MD after work. It will probably take six billion hours to get to my crib but if post closes, I'd rather be back at my own home.
  9. And a bad ass end credits song from PIL! Unless Michael Blake is being facetious, I am struggling to remember what makes Hardware a Christmas movie. It wasn't released in December in either the US or the UK and I don't recall the story being set around Christmas time. I do remember that after the film gained status as a cult classic, the film makers were sued because it looked like the script was lifted from a 1980 comic short from 2000 AD Magazine entitled SHOK!
  10. Nearly every review of New Vegas damns it with faint praise. From the Wikipedia article: Best game of the century, my ass. It astonished me how people think that an Obsidian made original IP is automatically going to be good. It's like no one remembers the dreck that was Alpha Protocol and there will always be a horribly bug ridden game that people will love no matter what. For me, that game was Vampire: The Masquerate - Bloodlines. Also using Tyranny and PoE as examples of how Outer Worlds will be awesome is apples to oranges as the quality of isometric games has no bearing on how well they will do creating a fully rendered 3D action game. If anything, KOTOR2, New Vegas, and Alpha Protocol are better examples of how likely they are to fuck Outer Worlds up. Just like those titles, Outer Worlds will be a bright and beautiful game that will have more bugs in it than a first floor studio apartment in Lower Manhattan. I am not sure that Microsoft ownership[ will improve things, but they are more likely to throw money at Outer Worlds until it works. You are correct in your believe that Activision is rife with cheap bastards with unreasonable expectations looking for immediate gratification.
  11. J.T.


    Event Horizon is pretty much about a haunted house in outer space. It's a horror movie at its core that just happens to take place in a sci-fi setting just like Alien. The deleted footage would've made Event Horizon feel even more like a horror film than it did during it's release as there was a lot more gore including an infamous "bloody orgy" scene which was condensed into a recording of the original crew.... well... we'll keep that hush for people that haven't watched this movie yet.. I didn't really see Event Horizon so much as shedding horror tropes in it's selection of victims as it was jockeying for a sequel with its ending. If it had been better received critically, there would've been an Event Horizon II. You could've discussed this in the Horror Movie thread. Too bad that there will never be a director's cut as Anderson has stated in the past that the majority the deleted footage was destroyed during final editing.
  12. I still consider it to be 100% Fresh as the rotten reviewer clearly does not "get it." The animation is supposed to look like it came from a hand illustrated comic book, dummy.
  13. J.T.

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 12/6/18

    For a gimmick that started off with a pretty stupid premise, Dark Allie is coming together nicely.
  14. The trailer is now on the YouTubes for easy embedding. With Captain Marvel coming out in May and this coming out in April, Disney will make a trillion dollars in box office revenue before the end of August. They learned something from the Black Panther / Infinity Wars business model. April release date should disqualify it for next year's Summer Blockbuster pool. So much for an easy #1 BO pick. Ronin's debut looks pretty badass. Way to spoil the Ant Man & The Wasp post credit scene cliffhanger, guys... Does no one think of prior content when making these trailers?