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  1. I might agree with that if Bill didn't appear to be genuinely flummoxed as to why this is such a big deal. So what if she's a sweet person on the set? That's company time. No one smart shows their ass on company time. Sure, I believe that the majority of his concern about this matter is because he might get James Gunned out of his job over the inflammatory jokes he's made in the past and this is a move to cover his own ass. If you sign Bill Burr up to your production and don't do your homework, you're asking for trouble. Someone at Disney must've known who they were bringing on t
  2. As much as I fundamentally hate the ideas of weapon sunsetting and the retirement of ritual weapons, they were steps in the right direction if the intent of both was to destroy the rampant win trading in Comp / Glory matches. Only tryhard douchebags and YouTubers play Trials competitively. Everyone else has figured out that win trading, paid carries, and kill lobbies will get you to the Lighthouse just as fast as playing legit. There is nothing special about Trials gear because it is accessible to just about everyone, either by legit play or by other means. The existence of Trials
  3. I'm guessing that Men Behind The Sun would've been stuck there with Philosophy Of A Knife if there had been room. Are mondo documentary films like Mondo Cane, Faces of Death, and Africa Addio really considered to be horror films? Horrifying and gross? Definitely, but horror films per se? Ehhhh. I certainly would not consider the aberrant porn movies like the Genki Genki films (don't ask what they are about..... just...don't) or Gusomilk (what is it about the Japanese and scat fetish movies?) to be "horror movies."
  4. I wouldn't mind AEW signing Legends if they were relegated to support roles like production or maybe going to ringside as managers. I've got no desire to see Paul Wight get back into a wrestling ring, but I admit he's got a lot of experience to pass on to new workers. Of all of the ex / former workers that Khan has on the payroll, the only one I'd love to see come to the ring in his old gimmick is Sick Nick Mondo. If he comes to ringside with Moxley for the EBW Deathmatch, I'll lose my shit.
  5. I love Reem like family so I hope he will retire. He's won 4 of his last six, but those two losses were brutal KO / TKOs. I think any promotion would be lucky to have him, but I'd like to see him hang it up while he's still got brain cells. I don't need to see any more images of him on the mat with his eyes rolled into the back of his head or his lip split nearly to his nose.
  6. I don't think Bill is dumb. I think Bill is terribly naïve. Bill probably believes most people are good and thinks that those who say offensive things are like him, and are trying to force folks to have difficult conversations by giving people the breathing space to confront their own implicit biases through the portal of humor. Any comedian worth his salt is inciteful by nature and Bill trades in uncomfortable truths for a living. Gina Carano is not a comedian. She is, as you say, a piece of shit. She believes the venom she spews. "But she was always super nice to m
  7. So they've decided that the problem with the game was that it was too easy for superheroes to get superpowers.... oooooookaaayyyyyyy….. I sure am glad I talked myself out of buying this dumb game when it was on sale for XB Gold players. Can I just get a remaster of X-Men Legends and move on, please?
  8. That's pretty much what happened. Santos defends against the omoplata by controlling the other guy's right leg. The other guy refuses to abandon the omoplata. He tries to shift his weight to secure Santo's left arm to lock in the omoplata and only succeeds in allowing Santos to trap the dude's left arm and left leg, shift his weight forward, and lock in the calf slicer with his head and neck as the fulcrum point. As you pointed out, it also look like Santos is bending the other guy's ankle at an unnatural angle. By the time the other guy figures out what's going on, he's tapping
  9. Meanwhile, Red Velvet has been a worker since 2016.
  10. I think The Vow is an anomaly. It had its heart in the right place, but the pacing was horrible. The pacing also felt off in the documentary that HBO did about the Slender Man attempted murder case in Wisconsin and that was only two hours. The two hour documentary HBO did on the history of cybewarfare, The Perfect Weapon, could've been a bit longer, but then it might've been filled with too much technobabble for the average viewer. I was transfixed because that's the shit I do for a living. As to the why, documentaries are far cheaper to produce than original television. Everyone
  11. Nope. I never unsubscribed, although maybe I should.
  12. Red Velvet and KiLynn King beat Ivelisse & Diamanted on Dark. Felt like a upset even though Velvet has a high profile match coming up on Dynamite when she teams up with Cody to face Jade Cargill and pphhhhhhhhfffftttt Shaq. Also, CWFH National Television Champ and standout, Levy Shapiro, did not make it to the pay windah as he, John Skylar, and Ryzin fell to the Dark Order trio of Evil Uno, Alan Angels, and Colt Cabana. Abadon beat down Renee Michelle aka Drake Maverick's real life wife.
  13. Q: Into the Storm A six-part HBO docu-series attempting to make sense of the batshit insane QAnon conspiracy theory.
  14. I'm guessing that Bungie did not like the answers from my exit survey. I haven't gotten a marketing e-mail from them in about five months and counting. Blessed silence.
  15. God, I think if Disney had wanted to fire Burr over anything offensive that he's said, they'd have canned his ass by now.
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