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  1. Or not. Schedule is updated. There is a marathon of Westworld S3 on HBO2 starting at 1230 EST on Sunday and lasting until the debut of the premier on HBO.
  2. I think it depends on what is being discussed. I think nearly everyone here believes similarly, but the odd flame war over certain topics proves we are hardly monolithic. But we don't have to be as long as we are respectful.
  3. Processing the events of today will be hard enough as it is. Reflect on your own. Resist the urge to vent something stupid. Do not engage in debate if it is not earnest and civilized. If you want to talk, feel free to shoot me a PM but if you want me to give you my opinion, I will. Be warned. If you offend easily, discuss the issue with those of a like mind. That way you won't be disappointed by what you hear.
  4. Every day should be Piledriver Day, but I digress. Let us celebrate the most dreaded of finishers!
  5. I am trying to go in cold so that I will mark extensively. I have high expectations for Fenix vs. Andrade. Shafir vs. Storm was chock full of hardway potatoes and deadlift suplexes. I was happy with the outcome but it could have been a little more polished. If Marina and Toni aren't in concussion protocol right now, they oughta be. They both suffered for my amusement. And I got my ladies mixed up. It was Savanna Stone who had the great Germans in that CWFH match. How Delilah Doom was able to make the tag after getting smershed I have no idea. She should've been dead. I am not sure why, but there is something that bothers me about a woman working babyface, having colorful ring attire, and having a ring name like Delilah Doom. That is a name for a heel, right? Savanna Stone looked more like a Delilah Doom that Delilah Doom did.
  6. As much as I would like to vote for MYLO since she is from Virginia and Delilah Doom's German Suplexes, I think I have to go with Black vs. PENTA. I am a mark for PENTA dropping people on their heads from altitude and Black's Ernesto Hoost-esque kickboxing transitions to offense. Mads and Jacob Fatu was indeed an excellent garbage match consisting of big men beating the living dogshit out of each other and one guy was nearly kayfabe set on fire.
  7. ClanDestine came out in the 90's. Is it really that deep of a cut? The U-Foes showing up on an episode of Disney's The Avengers was a deeper cut. They are a decade older than ClanDestine and only have a handful of appearances in the comics. ClanDestine had their own limited run.
  8. Milan Ray (The Wonder Years, Modern Love) has been added to the cast of Blade along with Delroy Lindo. There is no character information, but overanalyzing geeks assume that Ray will play Fallon Grey, the estranged daughter of Eric Brooks / Blade. There is currently no release date for Blade. Stacy Osei-Kuffour (HBO's Watchmen mini-series) will write the script and Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli) will direct.
  9. Barbarian Written and directed by Zach Cregger. Starring Georgina Campbell, Bill SkarsgÄrd, Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brake, Kurt Braunohler and Jaymes Butler. In theaters on August 31st!
  10. So, Abandoned is Certified Rotten (19% on the Freshmeter), but has an RT audience rating of 75% which means it's probably really good.
  11. I am glad that they said that ZSJ's opponent would be handpicked by Bryant so no fucking Johnny Mundo / Impact / Elite.
  12. I also messed something up. The only way to get salmon roe (other than building a kitchen for one of your holds and raiding the supplies) is to catch a salmon that is swimming upstream. There are a couple of places where you can see salmon swimming up the falls. I usually get my salmon roe at the falls near Riverwood along the river near Anais's Cabin. It is hard to catch a salmon while it is jumping, but it is doable.
  13. I love how Jay White annunciates the word "catalyst" in his promos as if he expects everyone in the crowd to know what a catalyst does. JAY WHITE, THE CATTLE LIST OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~!
  14. I am actually praying for Cole to hit the Boom on the guy that Okada hits with the Rainmaker and steal the win. My preferred victim is Jay White. Twitter will be consumed by smark rage. Sonny Kiss as a Baddie is now the thing I need to happen that I did not know that I wanted to happen.
  15. You obviously only watch prime time wrestling. Marina's most bestest dangerous pump-handle suplex run in Championship Wrestling from Atlanta was a glorious thing to behold. She is not someone I'd put an AEW title on, but she serves a role as eternal challenger / gateway worker.
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