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  1. Now that Sami and Daga are no longer with the company, we see the invocation of the Card Subject To Change clause.
  2. So. Fourth member of CONTRA after an initial face run?
  3. IIRC, Jotunn is a RNG reward for the Bergusia Forge only, unless they changed that shit in a sandbox patch. Le Monarque should be the RMG reward for Gofannon. I wouldn't bother grinding Volundr or Izanami until you get your hands on Jotunn, and Izanami's burden. I'd grind Bergusia until Jotunn dropped and I'd grind Gofannon until I got a Le Monaque.
  4. Almost forgot. I located the last Confessions lore entry in the normal version Menagerie. There are five left, so they are undoubtedly located somewhere in the Heroic Menagerie.
  5. J.T.


    Oh, I don't think it's better. I just think it's weird. I thought that this was the WTF? Cover thread and that the Covers Better Than The Original thread was a different thing.
  6. If you dudes aren't hitting up Amazon or something and ordering these phat trunk beatz for your ride just in time for Summer, I don't know what to say. I can only lead you to the path. I can't make you walk it.
  7. J.T.


    Posting all of that DJ Krush stuff in the Japanese Music Thread just reminded me of the most bizarre John Lennon cover you will ever hear in your life.
  8. Two more DJ Krush collabs then I'm done. Finsta Bundy Black Thought & Malik B from The Roots (this is my second favorite track on the Meiso CD. The CL Smooth track is my shit!) Okay, maybe three since the DJ Shadow / DJ Krush re-remix of The Roots joint from Meiso is also fucking dope! That intro drop is sooooo fucking filthy...
  9. That DJ Krush collabs CD with the Mos Def and Aesop Rock joints on it is my current Amazon unicorn. I will put my hands on it one day. I already have a copy of Zen in my stacks. There is a track on that CD called Grace and N'Dea Davenport late of the the Brand New Heavies covers the vocals. Her voice just melts my heart. The CL Smooth joint is from Meiso. I have that in my crate as well. There is also a dope track called Nosferatu featuring Mr. Lif on that shit that I don't boom as often as I should.
  10. More DJ Krush East / West collabs. Mos Def Aesop Rock Tragedy (Holy fuck, the beatz, dude.... the fucking beatz.)
  11. Rest in power, Nujabes.
  12. The East / West Connection (DJ Krush and CL mother fucking Smooth):
  13. And as usual, it is up to me to bring the Hip Hop.
  14. Dear Lord. How did you get this far in and not post any Shonen Knife?
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