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  1. Why is it that I am not surprised, nay, expected Yair Rodriguez to beat BJ Penn in no time flat, but it pains me to nausea to watch Jushin Liger job to Jay Lethal in this new tournament?
  2. The Steelers are the first team to win a playoff game without scoring any TDs against an opponent that has scored at least two TDs. This does not give me confidence heading into Foxboro. Oh, and fuck Travis Kelce.
  3. A man with a tortured body and a tortured spirit finally has peace. RIP, Superfly.
  4. TV

    By title with a 30 minute extension because there is a mini-documentary on the making of The Lying Detective before The Final Problem airs.
  5. Aw. They are not mentioning the best thing about Breath of the Wild. It will have multiple voice over tracks (ie. you can opt for the native Japanese voice work with English subtitles instead of English as the primary language) and Nintendo may make this a requirement of all games that are developed for Switch. US PS4 and XB1 players would probably explode with glee if FFXV had been developed that way..
  6. TV

    So. I read the latest Entertainment Weekly while waiting on the doctor to tell me what was up with my bae and the early review of the pilot episode of Riverdale says that the show is pretty good. I may have to trick my daughter into watching it and getting her opinion first. I am DVRing tonight's episode of Sherlock (The Final Problem) thanks to Football and MMA.
  7. I had to haul ass up to MD on Friday because my beloved domestic female partner had to be rushed to the ER. Turns out she's got a kidney stone. Still not fun but better than something more serious. I have her swimming in cranberry juice and Lentil soup right now.. Her heart says, I love you, baby, but her eyes say, Burn in Hell, you bastard.
  8. You are going to be a blubbering mess if someone kills your pet pyjack.
  9. Movie

    The Raid 2 is also batshit insane awesome. Those movies and Merantau have proud spots on my DVD shelf. Iko Uwais is my favorite action star that barely anyone else in the world has heard of. He and Johnny Tri Nguyen really need to be in a project together.
  10. Indeed. This is why the post-apocalypse genre has survived by transitioning from the nuclear holocaust scenarios of the Cold War to the pandemic and climate apocalypse scenarios of today.
  11. Movie

    I haven't seen it yet, but my girlfriend says that it is awesome. I am stuck in traffic in fucking Fredricksburg, so I am sending my mobile data plan through the roof.
  12. Or not. Rolling the fuck out from RVA to Annapolis because my woman is headed to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain. She's had diverticulits before, so to say that I am concerned is an understatement.
  13. Well, my woman is headed to the ER complaining of abdominal pain in her kidneys so there goes my promise to get my ballot done by today. I am off to set a land speed record traveling from Richmond, VA to Annapolis, MD.
  14. Cross-posted from the Books & Novels thread and the In Memorial 2017 thread.: RIP, William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, at the age of 89.
  15. This just came across my news feed. I was about to post it in the Horror thread.