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  1. What Niners said. I am on board the Watchmen train for the long haul. First episode fucking ruled. That's how you start shit off. Regina King in the lead and a Rorschach inspired militia is just total bonus.
  2. Regina King is the main character in HBO's Watchmen? I'm all in. First episode last night was pretty solid. I think I am down for the longer haul
  3. That reminds me. There's a shit ton of kaiju on Tubi including Destroy All Monsters.
  4. I don't think anyone has reviewed it for HH. I do remember it making a lot of 31 Days watchlists last year around this time after both of us posted in the Good Stuff on TCM thread that it was on light rotation and available on TCM On Demand for a limited time.
  5. Cabin Fever is a great movie and Eli has been riding its coat tails ever since. The critical success of that movie went straight to his head. Hostel was okay if you like that sort of thing, but Roth believes it's the best scary movie ever made and mostly faults lack of taste or vision for people that don't "get it." Then he went and made Green Inferno to celebrate the 1960's cannibal exploitation movies. Who asked for that shit? Not me. Given his love of horror exploitation movies of the past, I feel that Eli wants to be the Quentin Tarantino of fright films. I like where his head is, but he needs to start making movies that people other than him actually want to watch.
  6. I think I'm up to the final part of the Deathbringer quest. It is a 920 encounter, but nearly all of my armor sets bring me up to 950. I'll most likely try to solo it after reset. I'm going to keep grinding the IB for SR kills tonight after running Banshee's bounties for the cores. if you're up to that point after tomorrow, Rippa, we can run the Deathbringer finale together. And you learn something new every day. I think that only the Adept and Hero levels of the Ordeal Nightfall have Matchmaking. I wanted to attempt a Legend run to take a shot at 100K and found myself loading into the strike solo. Looks like I will be hitting up LFG for Legend level Ordeals and above. HOW HARD IS IT NOT DO DIE DURING THE VEX INCURSION~!!!!!! The only way I will get that team flawless run is to hit up LFG for a dedicated and coordinated fireteam.
  7. If only that were true for all of the Vanguard PWs in PvP. I started off trying to use the Loaded Question to get FR kills for the IB armor bounty, but it wasn't one shotting anyone. Meanwhile, Rebuke spammers were killing me almost at will and Telesto glitchers were popping off supers every two minutes. Once I started using Jotunn, life got much better. I was able to shut down lowlight super spam and get OHKs. As soon as I had two shots, I let 'em go. I burned through the SMG kills part of the IB armor bounty in two matches. I kept getting Twilight Gap as the map, so I was kinda forced to run and gun with my team rather than camp and go for scout rifle kills. The Recluse was mowin' 'em down. I finally got a couple of no reload kill streaks to count towards the Necrotic Bite triumph, but I'll probably never finish that damned thing. I reeled off 16 precision kills in that match where I got my Iron Legend medal, so I have nothing but good things to say about the Jade Rabbit. It will be the scout rifle that carries me to the RTK. I am at 62% for Scout Rifle kills and 43% for Medals for my RTK quest. I'll start grinding the Glory part after I'm done with SR headshots because I can use any weapon in Comp to get medals and Glory points. That's when I'll be kitted out with my Broadsword / Recluse / Truth load-out. I've already run up against players who already have the RTK. I have no idea how you can get that done after two weeks of normal play. The Kill Lobby business is still alive and well. I wish I had thought to record my epic murder match yesterday because I got the "Hunters! The Iron Lords had them. We called them, "PEOPLE WITH GUNS~!" dialogue at the 10 kill streak mark and at 20 kills I got the dialogue where Saladin marks out so much he loses his voice and asks Shaxx to get him a glass of water. Yeah, I am digging the Hunter / Knight Templar look from my Iron Will armor, so I will most likely keep it rather than shred it or use the pieces to infuse my regular running around armor now that I have once again completed the IB triumphs for the season in one tournament.
  8. And yep. Valor rollover number two.
  9. The Telesto spammers were particularly problematic because they were trying to use a glitch that allowed them to immediately recover their super. You'll probably notice that Telesto cannot be equipped. It's disabled until it's patched. I got an Iron Legend medal today. I didn't realize I was close to the 20 kill streak until I got the medal. I got nicked a couple times in between headshots while trading fire, so no Ghost Wolf to go along with my seventh IB gold medal. I was in precision kill mode so much that I forgot all about my super. 16 more scout kills for the RTK quest. I also have a full set of Iron Will armor. I can't use most of the IB shaders with the armor because they make the pieces too shiny. I kept the base skins for everything except for the class item. The Eferdeet's Mantle ornament has a decent looking Jedi hood.
  10. And there's my first Valor rollover of the season.
  11. I didn't want to be that guy who Jotunned his way through the fusion rifle part of the armor bounty, but Rebuke and Telesto spammers forced my hand.
  12. NOTHING will replace Hammerhead as the best all around purple machine gun I own. I haven't done CoS so I don't have the raid MG yet. Hopefully that may change. Which reminds me that I need to grind that BA MG weapon frame before the week is out.
  13. Blasphemy: I have NEVER watched My Neighbor Totoro all the way through. I have seen Mononoke Hime and Howl's Moving Castle like a dozen times a piece because my daughter loved them when she was like seven. I though for sure that either demon boar or the headless kami from Mononoke Hime or the Witch from the Waster from Howl's would scare the shit out of her, but she was a pretty brave kid and just watched the movies all the way through in total amazement. They never got old to her. She still loves them as a late teen, but she doesn't watch them regularly like she used to..
  14. Good to know since I am up to 63 Season Pass Reward rank and Auto-Loading Holster on a Primary that isn't a shotgun or a sniper rifle is a pain in the ass, especially since Pluperfect already has a decent Reload Speed stat.
  15. I am just happy they'll be on the On Demand and streaming services so I'll have the luxury of watching them whenever I want and I won't be at the mercy of schedules.
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