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  1. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    The ability of TERFs and SWERFs to rationalize their own bullshit really is amazing. I will just leave that there, lest my follow up tangent rant gets the thread closed.
  2. Some asshole at EA finally figured out that they've suffered two major PR black eyes this year and it might be a good idea to at least tone down the fuckwittery for a while until they get this new Bioware IP off of the ground. And EA, doing the right thing after the fact is NOT a sign of goodwill.
  3. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    IIRC the show has garnered its share of criticism because the showrunners did not hire a trans actress for the role.
  4. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    The focus of the discussion in the thread may appear to be only on women since they appear to make up the majority of the victims who are actually reporting. Statistically, that is impossible. We know that men are also being preyed upon as well and we can only hope that they find the courage to speak up and call out their offenders. I think that it is sad that men who have been assaulted in the past may refuse to report because they think that submission to such behavior is a ding to their masculinity. Being taken advantage of by another man does not mean that you are somehow less of a man. It means that some other male used his position and influence to take advantage of you. Sexual assault is about power and control; not sex. It is not something born out of affection or anything decent or good. My mom will be pleased that I continue to pay attention during the SHARP F2F seminars.
  5. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    The discourse in the thread isn't only about women. We've all but called for the public asswhipping of Kevin Spacey for his transgressions against young male victims. There has also been some back and forth concerning the mother of the young man that Spacey groped as far as how she as a parent could let that happen to her child vs. her complicity in allowing her son to endure that abuse for the sake of continuing to find work in that industry. We've also discussed the idea that the incidents of sexual assault against men in general is probably grossly underreported because men are shamed into not saying anything even more so than women are.
  6. Survivor Series XXX

    So? I get that Finn and Cole are most likely strangers to one another despite wrasslers running in small circles. Even so, I can't imagine that there isn't anyone else that doesn't notice that omission. Balor is probably just showing his gratitude to HHH for brining him to the WWE by picking him for his SS dream team. I can live with that logic.
  7. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I am comforted that most of the negative reviewers aren't bashing the show because they think it is too violent. Truth be told, the "less talking, more bullets" sentiment from some of the rotten reviews makes me think that they believe it isn't violent enough.
  8. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    There are activist groups already complaining about the gun violence in The Punisher so I know the showrunners are on the right track.
  9. That bit was great, but Arn Anderson is still my favorite dude when it comes to being the worker selling the shock of a mystery partner announcement. NO~! IT CAN'T BE~!!! NOT STEAMBOAT~!!!
  10. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it sounds like the second and third sentences actually supports the victims of sexual assault and calls out predators. Maybe the first sentence was one of those autocorrect snafus or something? I dunno.
  11. The game is apparently still popular somewhere in Eastern Europe since that is where the players come from that I roll with during my Bronze APEX Before Breakfast ritual.
  12. Tales From The Borderlands is currently Free With Gold. There's something new to play and worthy of your time. If you haven't played it, you've only yourself to blame.
  13. Survivor Series XXX

    A single mage speaks volumes. Finn picks all former Bullet Club members that are in the WWE for his team except for Adam Cole who is now in NXT,..
  14. Yeah, I just thought that Colby was heeling it up to sell a fight but it turns out he really is a total dick.