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  1. The Living Dead Girls stable of Abadon, Su Yung, and Rosemary is a license to sell merch. Only if Fatu tags with Lance Anoa'i and both guys are ravenous heels. The world is ready for The Samoan SWAT Team 2.0.
  2. I am good with Sting passing the torch... er…. bat to Darby fucking Allin after a PPV title match. Respect must be earned, after all.
  3. What a tremendous show of good things! Kaz breaking out the Flux Capacitor, STING~!, Leyla Hirsch suplexing Rebel out of her shoes, and a NEW CHAMP~! that's going to show up on Impact~? Maybe I will get the Living Dead Girls stable of Abadon, Su Yung, and Rosemary after all! Good on Mox to take the fall and go be a husband and a dad for a bit. I am looking forward to see what happens during the Era of the Cleaner. I will not lie. I am glad the mics to Camp Chitose were muted because we all lost our shit in the CIO when Sting came out. That theme, tho!
  4. Well, shit. The main event didn't run over.
  5. I haven't seen Kaz use it in a while, but As for Dark, I echo the goodness of the Brandon Cutler vs. Danny Limelight match. Lots and lots of psychology. Everything else was pretty meh except for Stu and Uno murdering Baron Black and Fuego del Sol. Ricky Starks's commentary was golden during the Dark Order public execution ( ".... He dead....") Peter Avalon is still fun to watch but I miss him feuding with Cutler. I felt badlyor The Acclaimed. You could see their rookie bleeding through when they were re-doing blown spots. You don't do that in a live match. You move on
  6. Fluff mentioning The Sect, reminded me of some belated and sad news from last week. Daria Nicolodi passed away last Friday.
  7. I agree that Jungle Boy is trapped in a booking vortex right now, but I wouldn't equate working on Dark to being banished. The most entertaining feud in AEW, IMO, was between Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon. It was the only reason I kept up with and continue to watch Dark. I was going to add that I was going to alter my DVR recording to add 30 minutes, but AEW is already scheduled to last until 11PM EST on the cable guide. The "bonus time" for the main event appears to have already been build in.
  8. Tony Khan is open to the idea of a trios title. The members of FTR have been vocal that they'd like to see trios titles in the future, but they believe that the book should be more aggressive in promoting the tag-team scene before moving to six-man belts. I can't say that I blame them. We need more Santana / Ortiz vs. Best Friends level tag-team booking than we do trios titles. Right now, tag-team matches that don't have anything to do with the belts are treated as filler.
  9. It also doesn't jive with what we learned about how Exos work from all of the Mars lore at the Clovis Bray facility. Poor, unloved Warmind DLC.
  10. The reddits have the full story and I have avoided them like the plague. If I hadn't quit already, I think I would've quit once I watched The Crow's first cutscene. Banshee-44 origin story also would've pushed me over the edge if what I've heard is true.
  11. Note To Self: Set DVR to record the entire show plus 1 hour just to make sure I get the finish.
  12. Good news! Maybe he can finally get around to putting his true to novella version of The Hellbound Heart on the screen.
  13. I have never read The Glass Hammer or Death Arms. Finishing the Dr. Adder trilogy is high on my bucket list.
  14. The Showtime Networks documentary on Hector "Macho" Camacho debuts this Friday (4 December) at 9PM EST.
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