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  2. I'd have paid cash money to see the anime version of Scream 6.
  3. A solid season opener for Yellowjackets. It will be interesting to see what Lottie Matthews's role will be in the unraveling situation. It seems as though Vanessa also survived the ordeal in the woods. I am looking forward to how this will affect Taissa's structured, controlled life and career. Certainly the both of them will hook up now that Taissa's relationship with her partner is being stressed. Adult Misty continues to be my favorite character. She is totally bugfuck insane and it is great. And the cannibalism has finally begun!
  4. I have seen the uncut version of Pretty Baby. I didn't find it to be pornographic, but it is deeply disturbing and very exploitative of ingenue Brooke Shields. Brilliant though it may be, creepy does not even begin to describe the darker side of movie. Shields carried herself with such maturity and professionalism beyond her age, that I think that the crew forgot that she was twelve years old at the time and should have been better protected. Pretty Baby is one of those films that I feel richer for the experience of watching it, but I have no desire to ever see it again ever in my entire life. I'm pretty sure this documentary, like most others, will make me very angry.
  5. The Skimahorns Civil War is the closest we will get to the beauty of JCP booking in this day and age. It is the only reason to tune in to Mempho.
  6. Just got back from John Wick 4 and it was fucking tremendous. A fitting and bittersweet conclusion. I don't think it could've ended any other way. You hardly notice the runtime because the movie skilfully cycles between table setting and gloriously violent action scenes captured with Oscar-level cinematography. The movie fight between Donnie Yen and Hiroyuki Sanada was thirty-five years in the making. I can now die happy. It is weird to notice how similar the Fast / Furious and John Wick franchises are in spirit as both have evolved far beyond their original concepts. Who knew that we've have such a rich and detailed universe spring from a simple tale of revenge? They must've hired the make-up guy from The Batman as Scott Adkins got the Penguin treatment and is nigh unidentifiable as Killa, the card-shuffling head of the High Table in Germany. You can't hide Adkins's martial arts skills, though.
  7. Daaaaaaaamnnnnn.... Sadly, Hellblade 2 also has a vague TBD 2023 release date which is likely to get pushed back.
  8. THE BLACK DEMON In theaters on April 28th. It is the love child of The Meg and Deepwater Horizon. The plot: It turns out that I am not the worst father in the world after all.
  9. The Foo Fighters featuring Serj Tankian from System of a Down covering Holiday in Cambodia by the DKs. Rest in power, Taylor Hawkins.
  10. The band, Hatefuck, covers Deftone's never released soundcheck jam, Bumble D.
  11. I know better stuff will most likely go down on RAW, NXT, or Dynamite but Holy Shit, Martenson vs B-Boy was Candy Apples and Overpriced Can Drinks at the National Guard Armory Wrasslin' Match levels of old school goodness.
  12. The wait is over. S2 of Yellowjackets premiers next Sunday night at 9PM EDT on Showtime. I believe that there will be a Yellowjackets marathon all day on Saturday.
  13. THE TANK Written and Directed by Scott Walker Starring: Luciane Buchanan, Matt Whelan, Mark Mitchinson, Jaya Beach-Robertson, Ascia Maybury In theaters on April 25th.
  14. I suspect that Lance will get an emblem in his honor not terribly unlike influential members of the community who have passed away. As for the issue of re-casting Zavala, I'm guessing that Bungie will go the way of Wakanda Forever and give Zavala the proper warrior's demise he deserves. They should also promote Saint-14 to Titan Vanguard and *sigh* give the Hunter Vanguard job to Crow so that you still have the one race / one class representation the game used to have. I hate myself for suggesting that.
  15. MALUM aka Anthony Diblast's remake of the indie classic, Last Shift. In theaters on March 31st.
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