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  1. Holy crap this movie was great. Arguably the best quasi-political horror film since Night Of The Living Dead.
  2. Okay, I was really good at Bushido Blade and I missed the open beta. I may have to Redbox this game some weekend.
  3. I will repeat this through the poll. Rippa's selections for the movie posters are fucking awesome. Hollinger has taught him well.
  4. What a great show! I think I will need to binge watch once the season is done to see if I missed any minor details.
  5. Chatting with the alchemist at Whiterun made me paranoid about catching diseases, so I pretty much have a potion for every occasion when I am out and about.
  6. I carry my bow, a decent supply of arrows, and usually a sword and dagger or maybe a shield if I am really trying to work on Block. Why people carry a golf bag full of really heavy weapons evades me. Do you need the fucking warhammer AND the fucking two handed axe?
  7. I really need to sit down and binge watch this while it is still in my On Demand queue.
  8. I am enough of a movie snob to say that I have seen every movie on my ballot and either appreciate them or enjoy them immensely. My quarterly vigorous defense of Lawrence of Arabia on previous incarnations of the Board stand as proof. My GOAT ballot would (and should) be much different than my Here Are My Favorite Movies Ballot where I had something like Big Trouble In Little China, NOROI, or [REC] as #1.
  9. What part of My Khajiit wears light armor baffled you?
  10. Says the uncultured barbarian that did not vote for Ran.
  11. Where was the love for Malcolm X, yo? I showed mine. I am more of a Menace 2 Society man, anyway, and that didn't make my GOAT list either.
  12. Damn. Suzuki-san was a maverick. Did as much for 70's pulp action cinema as any director and his influence is still felt today. Every time I get someone to watch Branded to Kill, I win the battle of ideas that says that Annu Mari was the best Bond girl that was never a Bond girl. RIP.
  13. My alchemy was so high from health potion and poison brewing that I never worried about disease because I usually carry like twenty CD potions on me.
  14. I played as a Khajiit so I definitely needed the werewolf cure. The idea of a magical disease that made me change my species was too much to wrap my head around.
  15. Here I was expecting greatness but it was only a good promo. The Usos were full of fire and that is good, but anyone can run down their competition. Great promos can still build up your opponents and the significance of the match while still being blustery about how big and bad you are. Poor Naomi. Luke vs. AJ looks like magic on paper. We'll see what happens.