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  1. We would be remiss if we did not mention that Yamamoto also directed episodes of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion. He also served as the screenwriter for Space Battleship Yamato. RIP.
  2. From the looks of the reviews vs revenue, your analogy is pretty accurate.
  3. Holy shit. Promising Young Woman is so great and tragic and the soundtrack is sooooo subversive. There is a crazy orchestral cover of Toxic by Brittany Spears playing in a pivotal sequence that is HAUNTING~! It should be on heavy rotation on HBO after tonight's premier and it should also be available on HBO on Demand and HBO Max.
  4. I am good with Cho being Elder Spike, but I am not sure how I feel about Danielle Pineda playing the NutraSlim version of the usually curvy and badass Faye Valentine, but the trailer gives me hope that the show has its heart in the right place. I will probably watch the first season and reserve judgment for later.
  5. I am all for and HFO version of The Beautiful People mean girls stable if it also includes Dani Jordyn.
  6. Gambit was fine when it first started and it was like a chess match. Now that broken weapons and classes have fucked things up, it is an abysmal shambles. I actually enjoyed faming Gambit armor through The Reckoning. I was also a damn good Invader before Truth totally ruined the game mode. I can only imagine how Gally 2.0 will break shit.
  7. Yep. I was watching the CWFA stream and Chris Dickinson is working Mike Bennett next weekend on a UWN PPV card.
  8. Here is Sweatcicle's saga of self loathing as he freezes his way to 5500 in Comp as a Warlock.
  9. Yeah, I can't come back. I used to love playing Gambit and it breaks my heart that meta assholes have broken the game mode. I never cleared my Vault, so I must still have four complete sets of Gambit armor sitting there gathering virtual dust.
  10. Jay Lethal: WE'RE BEING FLANKED~! Matt Taven: From where? Oh..... Quinn McKay: U R AWFUL, MATT~! DRINK BLEACH AND KILL URSELF~! I've been on the winning side of quite a few Freelancers vs. 3-Stack PvP wars and there aren't many things that feel better than getting a win against a dedicated team, especially if your freelancers aren't coordinating through in-game free chat. A lot of the friends I made during my solo running days came by way of us indie pup stomping a coordinated fireteam in Comp.
  11. I like to wander around Night City to see what's up and yeah, while the quests may be mostly fixed the game is still kinda broken. There are still instances of clothes clipping (do not wear high tops with straightcut pants) and also people clipping as well (I saw two citizens sitting on the same spot of the same bench and they were nearly melded together). The spot near Club Totenkoph where vehicles just spawn out of the ground and explode is still there. It nearly killed me while I was in the middle of one of Regina Jones's cyberpsycho missions. The ability to immerse yourself in the story has improved greatly, but game world immersion is a different story.
  12. Orange Cassidy is not nearly animated enough to be the Boogey Woogey Man, but I could see Wheeler Yuta turning heel and joining HFO if / when Trent Barretta ever returns.
  13. The introduction of Job may break your mind. Congratulations on beginning your journey through the tragic saga of Clay Burton.
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