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    I will always defend Jason X because of: Obviously NSFW and one of the best murders in any slasher movie ever.

    One reviewer said that "it is the nonsensical lunacy of Triple 9 stretched out to the runtime of Heat." Ugh.
  3. THE NIGHT VISITOR COMES ON THIS SUNDAY MORNING @ 2:00 AM EST~! And then you should set your DVR to shut off quickly, lest you submit yourself to the torture that is Exorcist II: The Heretic. I really should sit down and watch all of Absence of Malice on Sunday night @ 8:00 PM EST but it just takes too long to get to the best part where Wilford Brimley steals the movie and kicks the shit out of everyone. Part of me still believes that the sole purpose of Absence of Malice is to serve as the Fuck You to All The President's Men's idea of journalistic gallantry and altruism.
  4. Her WOH matches with Hania and Stacy Shadows weren't that bad . Mandy's WOH match with Taeler Hendrix OTOH was full of fail. I expected her earlier LCW match with Deonna Purrazzo to be as passable as her more recent WOH match with Deonna Purrazzo, but it was not. Her marginal improvement to the realm of not quite so shitty must be a recent thing since my main point of reference is her WOH work. I will say that I don't particularly care for Mandy's nigh business exposing submission finisher. Any ground grappler worth their salt should be able to pivot their hips and maneuver out of that Widow's Peak Chinlock Of Death she uses.
  5. Silver Lining: You now have a excellent shot at surpassing my Challenge Rating if you start using something other than the Ruzad.
  6. You have to love Shayna if only because she's taken the traditional baby face realm of arm work offense and dirtied it up to be 100% heel.
  7. The Awesome/Annoying TV COMMERCIAL Thread

    All of this talk of personal injury attorneys in BMore just reminds me how much I hate Ryan Saiontz being on my television every five minutes no matter what channel I'm on.
  8. Yeah, I was pretty distraught after seeing Mandy's decent matches with Hania from ROH / WOH and finding out from earlier work that Mandy was pretty horrible.

    Speaking of those movies, let us compile the "If Your Horror Franchise That Was Not Set In Outer Space Is Suddenly Set In Outer Space, Your Franchise Has Officially Jumped The Shark" list. Hellraiser: Bloodlines Leprechaun In Space Dracula 3000 Jason X You can't really count Critters 4, can you? Most of the franchise plot takes place on Earth but the Critters are aliens, so technically the story starts off in outer space and 4 just returns the action back to outer space.

    I give Jason X a pass because it is self aware that it is parody of the entire franchise, yet it has the good taste to contain one of the most brutal kills I have ever seen in a slasher movie. Hellraiser: Bloodlines takes itself too seriously and is just painful to watch. Neither Naked Valentina Vargas nor Awesome Cenobite Valentina Vargas could save that movie.

    Holy fuck! Den Of Thieves is two hours and twenty minutes long! And here you thought that Last Jedi had a patience taxing runtime.. Yeah, this movie is Grand Theft Heat V. It is 35% Rotten, but words like "implausible" being thrown around in the reviews tend to make me think it will be fairly decent as long as there is at least one shoot-out that lasts twenty or thirty minutes and is absurdly violent.

    God, that movie looks awesome! The meteor clip actually made the news. It was so surreal. You have to think that the infamous dashcam footage of the 2012 plane crash in Tupolev made the final cut.
  13. The Really Swell News Thread

    Dean and I can tell you all the best places to purchase your shotgun cleaning accessories.
  14. Destiny 2

    This weekend is my boo's aunt's birthday so I probably won't be on until Sunday afternoon. I went apeshit and turned in a lot of EDZ Tokens to Whathisface The Sniper and now I have an EDZ Engram sitting in his loot queue that I can't access until I am 20th Level. Since the Bungie Database Spirits tend to enjoy drinking the tears produced by my sadness, I probably won't get the new sans offensive logo Road Complex AA1 gauntlets from this EDZ Engram since I am in love with the blades on the elbows.
  15. Hania has put in some decent work in the Women of Honor stuff, so she's at least trusting and smart enough to allow herself to be led by a better worker like Mandy Leon, Tess Blanchard, or LuFisto.. She doesn't seem to mind jobbing as long as she's not made out to look like an idiot.