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  1. The entire fucking ark? I hate this game. Fucking Salarians..
  2. So I am saving the Salarian Pathfinder then and leaving the Krogan scouts to die? That is total bullshit. At some point It will be Virmire all over again, won't it, with the enemy being helped by angry Krogans and my only allies being spindly limbed amphibian humanoids with barely a thirty year life span and questionable courage? Cora will have to shoot Drack after the fighting is over when he tries to kill me for making a horrible decision, won't she? How long will I weep?
  3. You poor idiot. You will slave away at this and get to the point where you are just shy of beating the game.... .... and then Destiny 2 will hit shelves.
  4. No love for the show finally getting around to pointing out the hitch in the Prince That Was Promised prophecy with Missandei standing in for Maester Aemon? Talk about footnotes and shotgun plotlines..
  5. I'm also happy that I'm finally rumbling with more Outlaw enemies so I can eventually stop fucking scanning bad guys for APEX's scouting report during gun battles and get back to returning hostile fire. I hate sorting through my locked achievements sometimes. When I get to the part where I have to choose between the Salarian Pathfinder and the Krogan scouts, I am going to be angry, aren't I? Who flies the ship after I ventilate Kallo's skull? Dr. Anwar?
  6. As fun at it is to hate on Davey's movez, it's good to see that he has his head screwed on straight. I think Angelina Love would much prefer to be the wife of Dr. Wesley Richards, MD. It will be awesome if Davey is the one that sets up everyone working for Anthem with medical insurance from Anthem.
  7. Oh, I will fix the rock, alright. By driving back to where I left it on Voeld and blowing it the fuck up with a Cobra. I may have seen too many horror movies, but at least they gave me enough common sense to know that taking the insanity inducing meteorite to a fucking space station full of people is a really bad idea. The only good that will come of that is being forced to shoot Number Eight and Addison in the head after they turn into rage zombies.. Yeah, for a planet that is now 98% viable. I sure do spend a lot of time at Forward Stations recovering the fucking Life Support levels on my hardsuit because of the Level 1 and Level 2 Cold Hazards.
  8. Bah. Even on face value it is still a horrible suggestion. The scientists at the outpost I've established (or the missing ones I find later if they are not already dead) and the research team at Hijara can come and study the fucking rock here on Ice Planet Zero after I've wiped the Kett off the face of the planet. This is why we have futuristic shit like YMIR mechs and satellites and quantum entanglement communicators. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention the fucking Outlaw poacher mercs hired by the crazy Angaran doctor that I had to deal with and the dead Angaran I found on the tundra whose family I now feel compelled to notify that he's dead. I've still got one more Memory Trigger left to track down on Voeld, a radio relay station to establish for NNS, and IIRC, once the climate is more stable, I also have to get brewing ingredients from this planet for the bartender asshole back on the Nexus. Grindy game is fucking grindy!
  9. The funny thing is that as long as the White Walkers are marching south, no one is in the lead for the battle for the Seven Kingdoms.
  10. God, why is grindy Voeld so grindy? Hey, we're on the way to deliver these medical supplies. Oh, look! We must help defend against this Kett ambush. Oh, it's not a Kett ambush; it is an Angaran counter ambush! No, SAM, we will not be transporting the radioactive insane Adhi magnet rock back to the Nexus for further study. Hey, can you find our missing scientists? Sure, we'll keep an eye out for them while we're looking for this fucking missing Angaran demolitions expert that may have blown herself up! How the fuck did these Intiative scientists go missing so quickly anyway? We just got set up on this fucking iceball. Can you help me find the cloaked Wraith? Oh and by the way, we need you to attack this Kett prison camp and free our captured compatriots! And I still need to hit rocks for science and earn my badge.... MP with Stout and Rippa last night was pretty fun. Got my APEX rating above 11K and am only 4K shy of catching up with the Night Shift guys! Overachieving fuckers... Stout and I tore through a Gold APEX match in near record time with a couple of players with XX characters. The Silver match we had later on under normal stips seemed harder than this one.. I tried to get my new Friends List home girl into a match with us but she's embarrassed about being green as grass and wanted to get a few more Bronze matches with randos under her belt so she can gain more map familiarity and doesn't have to be carried so much. I had enough creds at the end of the night to push some of my Commons up to IX and my Human Female Adept is up to X now. One rank away from VETERAN BENEFITS~! I beat the 14 Waves on Firebase Sandstorm Daily Challenge this morning along with the Bronze APEX mission that was thankfully on the same map. The Combat Mastery DC can go fuck itself. I bit the bullet and recruited another APEX strike team so I'm up to five squads now. The new team, Quebec, is a House Nakmor death squad. Now I have to hit up the APEX app on my phone and rename these guys.
  11. Yep, this is my plan to get my roster members up to XX and backfill weapon upgrades as they come. Nearly time for me to roll outta here. Hopefully I'll be online between 6PM and 7PM EST.
  12. If she does that, then she is a even bigger idiot than Cersei is. If Sansa entertains Baelish's power schemes while he twirls his moustache, they'll be nothing left to rule after the White Walker Invasion Tour pays a visit to Winterfell.
  13. Eh. Baelish is a sniveling d-bag that needed to be put on notice while he didn't have an army to cower behind. I wouldn't have allowed Baelish to hang the "Remember When I Saved Your Ass?" marker over my head like the Sword of Damoclese either and talk shit to me as if we were equals. I'm the fucking king around here so know your role. Jon did the right thing. With Sansa becoming a somewhat kinder but not so much gentler Cersei and Arya on her way back home and possibly being made aware of Baelish's role in her father's death, Petyr had better watch his fucking step lest his name gets added to The List..
  14. Well I'm not trying to be sexist as much as I have issue with the notion that Olenna Tyrell, Ellaria Sand, and Yara Greyjoy aligning themselves with Dany is a sign of female empowerment.