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  1. I am sad yet happy that UCLA went down last night. Dick Vitale said it best. "You said that your son was better than Stephan Curry, but last night he needed to be better than the best player on the Wildcats and he wasn't."
  2. I don't hate Liam but he does have a lot of anger issues. I am also envious because his character model is the most handsome black dude in the game, and I am a little pissed off that I could not seem to be able to build an attractive black male Ryder from the available custom faces to save my life.
  3. Okay, so all done with Tutorial Planet.
  4. Of course when I design my sister to look hardcore with prison braids and a neck tattoo, two nurses in the cryo bay are sporting the braided hairdo.
  5. If this is about resources then no, I didn't exactly jump out of my seat when I found that cache of phosphorus.
  6. You don't have to go far to watch Tower. It is on PBS's website and it is also on YouTube. As much as I want to punch Michael Moore so hard that I break his nose and knock his baseball cap off of his head. Sicko is a fucking fascinating movie.
  7. The FCS movies are more of exploitation than horror IMO, but the definition really blurs in the second and third installments.
  8. I hate Maryland. Prevenge is showing no where near me during the limited release this weekend.
  9. One or all of the FCSs movies would almost certainly make my Top 100 Horror Movie ballot and I would tinker with the definition of "horror" so that they would qualify. They are exploitation at its finest... if there is such a thing as "fine" exploitation... Meiko Kaji also turns in a performance for the ages in both of the Lady Snowblood movies.
  10. God help you if you didn't set your DVRs to get nearly everything on Turner Classic Movies from 8PM last night up until 8PM EST tonight. For a second, I thought there was a Halloween marathon going on.
  11. And yeah, if you see me online and want to MP shoot me a message before I get too far down in the weeds.
  12. Okay, so I played a little bit more after getting back from dinner with my old man, but had to prep for the drive back to MD today, so here are a few more thoughts from my Pacific Island Pathfinder's adventures on Tutorial Planet: Yeah, I am still on Habitat 7. I managed to clear most of the map and complete all of the optional objectives that I am aware of right now (Mysterious Cave, Alien Construct aka "What The Fuck Are These Robots Doing Here?", and all of the Rescue Your Comrades stuff..). Time to save my in-game father, I suppose. I'll have to handle that later since I am old and had to be at work at six in the fucking morning. The Army never goes to bed. It probably won't happen this weekend, either. I kinda sorta promised my beloved female domestic partner that we'd spend more quality time and try to improve our relationship aka no video games this weekend. I'm not totally bummed since that means beer and pizza and college basketball and maybe a shoulder massage if I play my cards right. I am complete shit at platform games, so I'm not crazy about the idea of treasure and hidden goodies being squirreled away on three dimensions rather than two sprawling dimensions where a simple map search will do. This is the complication that comes with being able to Jump. So far, I've come across two cleverly camouflaged ledges on the Habitat 7 map where I have found lootable containers and I'm sure I missed something along the way. Melee is not as intuitive as it is in ME3, but at least things get dead when you hit them with an Omni-Blade. I am afraid to try and hit the hoover melee for fear of being picked out of the sky by enemy gunfire. Liam has Havoc Strike, so he may have to be my Death From Above guy. I have way too much shit to keep track off. Stats, skills, resources. I am going to have to cheat a bit and research some builds since I was dumb and wanted to be an Infiltrator, so now I have to find a happy medium between Combat Skills and Tech Skills knowing that the game will be stingy with XP and force me to make hard choices. I also need to make sure I don't waste resources building shit I don't really need although my OCD will say, 'YOU NEED EVERYTHING~!!!" I have having to be "proficient" with guns again. This is a step back from ME2 and ME3 when you had simple builds that favored some weapons, but you were equally good with any firearm. Your only problem was balancing the weight of your load-out and making sure that the class of weapon you got bonus damage with was in your arsenal. This new system allows me to be really good with certain guns, which means I'll be complete shit with others and we're back to ME1 in a not so good way. I thought that OCD would compel me to go Captain Kirk and romance PB since MyShep has already done the human love thing with Ashley , but Cora is not bad looking and seems to dig my Tongan Stealth Machine, so we will see where this goes. Okay, so Liam is a Combat Specialist and Cora is my Token Biotic for now and my beloved Power Wheel is gone. I am not going to be setting off any Power Combos when we go to rescue my dad. Thanks, Bioware. I am such a dick apologist. I am all "We're the invaders here!" when these asshole unknown aliens (Yeah, I know they're the Kett..) are clearly the aggressors. There is no misinterpreting shooting a man in the head who is trying to surrender his weapon. Culture be damned. Thanks for the free Avenger AR though. Field Repurposing can kiss my ass. Liam has anger issues. The fucking alien is dead, bro. Continuing to shoot the corpse is a waste of thermal clips. God, is that Viper sniper rifle that you get when you find Cora's shuttle? It performs like a Mantis, not that I am disappointed about finally being able to cloak and score headshot kills. Jesus Fuck, the guns in this game. The M3 Predator wasn't a half bad handgun in ME2 and ME3 and now it is back to being the GTA 9MM Pistol that can't kill effectively for jack shit. We're back to the sliding scale of weapon upgrades again. I take it that the million billion resources and mods I have painstakingly gathered will be of no use to me until I get back to the Hyperion and get my own starship. I did not miss the bullshit weapon research from ME2 and item crafting can kiss my ass. Just give me the fucking mods as loot and let me install them in my guns on the fly.
  13. I went out to dinner with my dad. Why is he taking so long to eat this fucking slice of carrot cake? The Maori Pathfinder and I have work to do. I could also stand to knock out a load of laundry.
  14. I won't. Matter of fact, we're done with today's thread testing, so now I am trying to coax my boss into letting me bounce around 1300 so I can cut fence and bail to the 'rents to play Andromeda from lunchtime until I pass out sometime around 0300 Friday morning.