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  1. Shows how much I have paid attention to Titus lately.
  2. Has there ever been a worse mid card black dude match than Crews vs. Titus will be? Ice Train and Hardbody Harrison?
  3. Has there ever been a more telegraphed heel turn than Titus O'Neil's?
  4. There are no human beings on Planet Earth that I love more than my family, my bae, or Kalisto and Braun right now. Even if Kalisto had been allowed to wrestle with an actual sawblade attached to the top of his mask, he still would've been wheeled out of that arena as a cripple. So, that main event was a main event... I guess... Bray Wyatt continues to be booked in a manner that makes absolutely no sense. Yeah, I was praying just like you that Finn would fucking turn heel tonight and reunite with Gallows and Anderson. BALOR CLUB~! God bless TJ Perkins. You could see the skeletal hand of Death itself snatch the soul smoke from his mouth after AA hit that Discus Elbow finisher.
  5. Let's not get crazy now. There is only so much wrong that can be righted in one shot.
  6. Exactly. Dane will end up being paid in Global Gold, guitar picks, and tassels.
  7. Everyone should care.
  8. It's not like I don't like Steve. It's just that he is doomed to debut as a Wyatt family member since that is the gimmick of all things preternatural and that will suck.
  9. While I agree with the logic that the Broken Hardyz will need supervillains to fight against and that Crazzy Steve is known commodity and should bump like a pinball in their matches, I still agree with Sammo~! and believe that Vince signed the wrong member of Decay to debut on WWE.
  10. In this federation?
  11. This could possibly make up for the injustice that has been done.
  12. On the down side, you should see my telephone related honey do list for tomorrow. It is now my responsibility to arrange for voicemall to be added to our FiOS digital voice service and I will also have to take a day off next week for the drywall appointment.
  13. NXT

    Please, God: Make Vince hire Courtney Rush. Thank you, JT
  14. You're forgetting that at least I have a boo to watch those dumb rom coms with. Emancipation will come along soon enough. The struggle continues.
  15. I called bullshit after Quinn jobbed, so I really don't know who won the TPT nor do I give a fuck about who won.