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  1. Or that his toes are glued together?
  2. I agree since Foster and Pym both share the Pym Particle as the source of their powers.
  3. He is in the cast lists on IMDB and a few other sites for Ant Man &The Wasp, but he might not be playing a featured character. Bill Foster might only appear in a mid-credit or post-credit scene tying Captain Marvel to the MCU.
  4. The EL REY Network Thread

    People's Network Showcase: Animation Edition comes on this Sunday (24 September). The host is Jorge Guttierez, director of
  5. So for 100% viability for the planets you've settled, Habitat 7 is named after your family in the epilogue.. Whoopie..... The garbled message from the Quarian ark in the light of no DLC to follow only served to made me angry. I will start up my New Game+ next week. We're keeping the grandkid this weekend so it's all hands. I may get some game time in today if the boss decides to "telework" and we're given clearance to cash in comp time. I have plenty of that shit to spare. I'll get back to MD around mid morning and I'll have a few hours to myself before the missus gets home. I am 940 / 1000 Achievement Points! As soon as I unlock the High Performance rare achievement in my New Game+, I'm going to start a brand new game as Biotic Sara and the minute I unlock Trapshooter, Fast Ball, and Sucker Punch, I'm done with this game for good. The only three powers I need to unlock those achievements are Pull, Throw, and Lance and I have to remember that melee hits on floaties with an actual weapon don't count towards Sucker Punch. I have to equip either the Omni-Blade or the Biotic Amplifier. You'd think with a dwindling customer base for this game, EA Bioware would ratchet up the weekend APEX missions to 11 Waves and be a little more generous with the rewards. The only interesting thing about the Weekend APEX mission was that Glass Jaw made Breechers a problematic issue rather than the nuisance they normally are. I'm finally over 21K in APEX Rating and my Challenge Rating is about 20K. I am now where Stout, Melraz, and Robert were about four or five months ago. Better late than never, I guess.
  6. Speaking of Ant-Man & The Wasp, in casting clarification news, Lawrence Fishburne will play William "Bill" Foster (Black Goliath), Hannah John-Kamen will play a female version of Ghost, Randal Park will play SHELD Agent, Jimmy Woo, and Walter Goggins will be Sonny Birch. I'm kinda bummed that there will be no Lady Beetle as a foil for The Wasp and I think I'd have rather seen Goggins play some hilariously over the top version of a B-List villains from other character's rogues galleries like Plant-Man, Blizzard, or The Melter. The Ant-Main movies are probably the only MCU avenue for villains like that, since everything not Guardians of the Galaxy is played up with relative seriousness.
  7. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    For those unfamiliar with the creepypasta story this season of Channel Zero is based on: The original story has no official follow up tales. No-End House II and Return to No-End House were written by other people.
  8. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    There is one major difference between the creepypasta story and the show.

    Or alternately, the Shower Scene Effect out of respect for Alfred Hitchcock.

    I actually liked Melancholia and Nymphomania, but von Trier and Gaspard Noe tend to be deal breakers for me because it always seems that they are directing films that only they would watch, and then it is the fault of the audience if only critics seem to like the movie and the general public remains standoffish.. Odd though it may seem, I think that Nymphomania would've worked 1000% better character study if there had been no sex in the movie. Sometimes you have to give your audience credit for being smart and trust than they will understand the point you're trying to get across.
  11. It makes sense that I don't see you guys online that much, since I do not have a lot of time to play on weekend evenings. That time is reserved for family stuff on my custody weekends or quality time on the weekends were it is just me and the wifey. I've been there before, man. I hope everything goes well!
  12. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    I agree. My thoughts.:
  13. I thought she was already a WWE employee when she was working as Nikki Bella's grappling coach or was that a private deal?
  14. IN MEMORIAM 2017

    The existence of absence is not the absence of existence.