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  1. I don't really need the infusion fodder. I need cores to masterwork the shit I already have. And only God knows how long it will take to grind out the GP Wins weekly bounty. Knowing my luck, I will pull the worst retards in all of Matchmaking to my teams for matches and it will take forever to transition to the IB. And then the Reckoning will have like Prism and Blackout and I will fail nine times in a row and be furious.
  2. J.T.


    My grandfather on my dad's side was an avid subsistence hunter so if you name a forest varmint, I have probably eaten it in a stew as a child. To this day, I still sneak rabbit and venison to our dinner table and I cannot tell my daughter what she's eaten until after the meal for fear that she will hate me for killing Bambi or Thumper. I've had roasted bison, but that's no longer weird now that lean meats are all the rage. You can find that shit in a grocery store now. My boo's sister's husband always wants to try to get me to eat gator whenever we visit. My palate is brave, but not THAT brave. I can eat seafood (including weird shellfish dishes like Conch Salad) or a land mammal without batting an eyelash, but reptiles and amphibians give me pause. When I was in Kuwait as a LAR, I had Farwaregh aka what Haggis might be if it were stuffed with rice and peppers rather than barley. I remember it being really tasty but incredibly spicy (pungent, not burning) and also that you need to eat whatever you put on your plate in order to avoid insulting your host, so I made sure I got small portions and drank plenty of goat milk to keep the heat at bay. Pro-Tip: If you are eating food spiced with peppers or curry and the burn kicks in, do not drink cold water. It just distributes the spice around your mouth and throat and makes things worse. Drink milk because it neutralizes the spice and also coats your mouth, esophagus, and stomach. When my dad served in Nam, he said he routinely ate sugar ants as a snack and that they were pretty good.. Fuck that shit.
  3. Flashpoint is on Titan.. I'll probably skip it in favor of working the Revelry content, Gambit Prime / Reckoning, Blind Well / Ascendant Challenge, and the IB for this week. I'll also check the Nightfalls to see if anything is worth grinding. I've never done Corrupted for 100K or the Secret Triumph and I'd like to put my hands on a curated Warden's Law or a Long Goodbye with a good roll. Most likely I'll grind out Spider's local Tangled Shore bounties when I get to the crib so that I can get the Ghost Fragments I need for his Enhancement Core bounties and slowly grind towards my Praxic Fire reward package and Powerful Engram reward from Ikora. Between that and the revelations from the Drifter and Thorn lore books, I am continually reassured by the content that choosing to support the Vanguard was the right way to go.
  4. I am not crazy about the Genesis perk since it is PvE perk. I prefer my load-out to be multipurpose. If I were smart, I'd keep one weapon with Genesis on for each element type in my Vault for use in Nightfalls since I almost always run Match Game.
  5. Oh! I got the Valor reset I needed for the Season 6: Valor triumph while grinding Supremacy. And I was wrong. Natural multikills on Cabal yielded samples towards the Invitation bounty as well as Super multikills. It was a bit frustrating because dudes kept triggering EPs to spam Hive kills so the Cabal kept despawning. It finally dawned on me (duh) to head to the Ma'dim Subterrane Lost Sector in the Glacial Drift to farm Cabal kills. The Twins cutscene was rather enlightening. Speaking of that, I finally read the Thorn lorebook. Mind blown.. The contents of the he Thorn lorebook made me nearly as angry as stuff in the Most Loyal lorebook did.
  6. Fuck. I just realized that the Revelry ends the Tuesday AFTER next. I thought I only had a week or so left in the event. The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train, but grinding that triumph will still suck.
  7. It will probably be my Not-Bumblebee Transformers pick: High Box Office / Shit Reviews.
  8. I am a connoisseur of weird YouTube, and it reminded me more of Jordan Underneath's stuff (only with better lighting) than Don't Hug, I'm Scared, TBH. I was just waiting for Otis B. Driftwood from The Devil's Rejects to show up to the Firefly Funhouse and bludgeon someone with a shovel, but it didn't happen.
  9. Which is why New Mutants will probably be my choice for Bomb Of The Summer.
  10. I got a 700 Trust with Dragonfly / Explosive Payload last night after completing the Vanilla Gambit weekly challenge. I already have the Oxygen SR4 to handle Solar Energy Weapon with Dragonfly duty, but that fucking roll is off the chain so I am keeping the Trust against my better non-hoarder judgment. I got a Kill Clip / Explosive Payload roll for a Kindred Orchid hand cannon last week when I was just bullshitting and getting kills with Thorn, so now I feel compelled to hit Bergusia Forge again and get an Obsidian Radiance mod for it. Fuck my life.
  11. Sooooo many movies on that list I am not even going to bother putting on my ballot. Watch Aladdin be 89% on RT after I put it on my list at dead last.
  12. I'll bet there were more arrows flying around than sniper rifle bullets. Barely anyone snipes anymore since Sniper Rifles usually take Special Ammo and Combat Bows combine long range engagement capability with the ease of using Primary Ammo.
  13. I would imagine Equinox. I haven't been in a match on Convergence in weeks. D2 pulse rifles have ridiculous accuracy and flinch at medium to long range so they're pretty versatile in most settings.
  14. Pulse Rifles are generally good for nearly all maps aside from Equinox and Convergence which favors scouts and snipers.
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