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  1. Yeah, you will pretty much melt anyone who trades shots with you. For a rifle that has a pretty average TTK, the damage it does is surprising and sudden. I think it catches a lot of players off guard, especially if you have Kill Clip active. I also did pretty much nada yesterday. I cleared some Crucible bounties while in the IB, played some Blind Well to knock out a couple of Gambit public service bounties, and tapped out early to watch AEW and NXT. I'll probably grind IB with conviction on Sunday since I've got the thing on Saturday. Weather forecast is calling for snow overnight, but I'll believe it when it happens. Even if it comes, I'll probably only get a minor delay since it's been a ridiculously mild winter. I won't luck out into a snow day where I can get some killing done.
  2. Good pick, JL! My daughter and I LOVED Fast Color. It's currently available on demand if you are a subscriber to the Encore / Starz / Epix premium channel network.. It's interesting how films like this and Chronicle are taking old and worn superhero tropes and telling familiar stories in brand new ways. It's also funny how the director picked everything up in medias res. I think someone told her that superhero origin stories in movies sometimes suck.
  3. Not only that, but there's nothing that says they'll keep his power profile from the comics. I have a bad feeling he'll be more of a disposable villain than any other Marvel bad guy.
  4. The only thing I really regretted shredding was my first Quickfang. So much so that I deleted and remade my Hunter for the sole purpose of getting the sword back. Now I have a million and one regretful infusion stories for certain. Collections are the best thing Bungie ever put in the game. It keeps my Vault clear since I can make nearly whatever I want at anytime and avoid hoarding. I think D3 will happen because it has to, but it won't happen anytime soon.
  5. If you accused me of shredding things before thinking the process through, you'd be sending the right guy to jail. On the subject of D3, I think it eventually has to happen. Code bloat will only make things worse as D2 goes along so eventually they will have to start over from scratch, especially in the wake of PlayStation 5 and future iterations of Xbox Series X. I remember the bad days of EverQuest and FFXI where every subsequent DLC would break the game and require several patches or a hotfix. I'm sure that if memes were a thing back in the early MMO days, there would be one for Verant / SoE's EverQuest aka "We Broke Bards.... Again.."
  6. Ah. The wikipedias have led me astray again. Even so, there is still no sword specific metahuman for Taskmaster to draw his skill from unless it is a short aside or an implied offscreen death thing like how the Brotherhood was written off as Sentinel test subjects in X-Men: Days Of Futures Past.
  7. If there is a person that can drag a good match out of Jimmy Havoc, it is Sonny Kiss.
  8. That Green Knight trailer looks tremendous. Is A24 the only production company capable of making interesting vignettes that don't spoil the entire movie?
  9. I really like the minimalist arrangement and how it compliments Billie's vocals. The track doesn't sound overproduced like the Sam Smith or Jack White / Alicia Keys monstrosities.
  10. Daniel Craig run Bond themes, mother fucker. Goldfinger would like to have a word with Live & Let Die.
  11. So, yeah. Billie haters that say that she can only sing in a whisper need to shut the fuck up. She fucking belts like a rock start at the 3:20 mark and this song is one of the Bond-iest sounding themes of the Craig run. Uh.
  12. I had to boycott YouTube for the afternoon to remain spoiler free and I'm glad I did. Now everyone is discussing it and it will be difficult if not impossible to keep the surprise factor unless you just keep your phone and computers turned off until you launch the game.
  13. Yeah, I did, but I also talked about the cutscene so I spoilerized my post in case Eivion wasn't able to get on yesterday.
  14. What Matt said. We are all well aware of the existence of the Swordsman, the Black Knight, the Silver Samurai and other skilled Marvel blademasters, but they don't exist in the MCU so there is a bit of a paradox as to whom the Taskmaster will mimic for his skillset if he still retains his photographic reflexes from the comics. The movie is set in Cold War era MCU so he has no real contemporaries like MCU Daredevil, MCU Ronin, or MCU Punisher that he can observe and copy their abilities.
  15. I knew I shoulda bought that fucking jumpship.
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