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  1. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    I think he signed up with one of the big box clans. I felt badly when he ran solo for about two weeks and I thought about asking him to hang out with me during DARPA stuff, but then I remembered that his life expectancy with video games rivals most adult mayflies.
  2. J.T.

    So, How's It Going?

    Alan Kasujja, the Ugandan anchor for the BBC World Service on NPR, pronounces it Murray-lund.
  3. Sony wanted to have the option of using Spider Man in a possible sequel,, hence the rating of PG-13. How they intend to re-incorporate Spidey into the Venom mythology after completely divorcing him from Venom's origin escapes me.
  4. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    Also, I am dumb for not recognizing that the Gambit scout rifle and the IB scout rifle both look almost exactly like the DMR from HALO. I saw that Big Fre... er... He Who Must Not Be Named... was playing Gambit on Monday. I would've asked to see if he wanted any help, but I expect him to quit playing any day now.
  5. J.T.

    So, How's It Going?

    So, Odessa. How long will you be locked down at APG today thanks to the fucking person that shot up that Rite Aid distro center?
  6. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    Same here. I hated that map in D1 because of sniper rifle quickscoping bullshit, but now things are balanced better and I also own a Jade Rabbit that shreds at long range. I love chaining body shots and then putting a round in some assholes brain while he's still trying to sight me down with his Combat Bow. Only a few people really know the layout of that map. Most D1 players rarely strayed further than the killbox in the center where Flag B was. They just sniped from one side of the map to the other.
  7. J.T.

    James Bond XXV

    Knowing what Cary wanted to do with IT! before he bounced on the picture for creative differences, I don't know whether to be hyped or terrified to see what he does with a Bond movie. I can at least count on him not to pull any punches with the script.
  8. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    1. Shoot decoy. 2. DO NOT RELOAD. 3. Repeat until Triumph pops. I think there are five decoys to shoot. 3. if you think you fucked up, just restart the mission. The end part is only one zone over from where you start, so it's not like you're going to lose a lot of time by starting over. It should go without saying, but don't use a Combat Bow. I fucking hated the Queenbreaker Bow and the LoW when I got them in D1. I hope they made some improvements to make those guns worth having this time around.
  9. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    I have ground out all but one of the IB bounties. It will take me a million years to finish the fucking Gemerate Orbs of Light thing. Way of 1000 Cuts continues to treat me well in the IB. It sucks that you can completely whiff if you don't time your Blade Barrage well, but that is the peril of running Gunslinger in PvP. Blade Barrage earned me my first Light's Out medal last night for killing 4 players at once. Now I know how good Warlocks feel when they catch an entire team flatfooted and hit them with a Nova Bomb. Way of 1000 Cuts may even cause me to rethink my no participating in Mayhem rule. Deciding to grind my Jade Rabbit Catalyst in the IB was a good idea. Field Scout Mastery triumph like a mother fucker. I knocked out the Defeat 50 Guardians part of the Season 4: Iron Banner Remembrance triumph in four matches, but I had to play a fifth to completely unlock the triumph. I had IB armor drop for four straight IB packages and then I said Fuck It and bought the IB boots with Tokens to complete the set so that I could get started at chipping away at the triumph. The 500-ish IB armor set and my 500 Jade Rabbit brought me down quite a bit, so I had to equip my 528 LL Vestian Dynasty and 525 Quickfang to get me up it to 511 LL. Level restrictions are enforced and there are lots of assholes in stacked teams running with Dreaming City armor and weapons. I needed to be as high LL as I could get while still having the full set of IB armor on. I got the IB Scout Rifle and the IB SMG out of my most recent IB Weekly Bounties. I'm keeping them both, but I've only taken the SMG back into PvP because I'm having a lot of success with the Jade Rabbit this tournament and am going to continue to grind the catalyst. It figures. I tried really hard to get a Sub Machinist medal by using the IB SMG and got nada and what happens instead? I picked up a fallen purple brick and started ambushing dudes with Quickfang and got a Regent medal on the first try. Damn. Now I gotta start trying harder to get PvP sword kills. I am dumb. I did not notice that the old sniper alley map from D1 is now in D2. Suits me just fine since I am sporting the Jade Rabbit as my go to primary for the tournament. Took a brief break from the IB to play some Gambit and now I am THIS close to going up another Infamy level. I have two Gambit weapons now: the kinetic SMG and the energy Scout Rfile. I need a Gambit power weapon and a win while I have those weapons equipped if I want to to unlock another Triumph. That will be hard because My Boss Spec Play Of The Game is my go to Prime Evil killer. I am also a smidge away from another Valor rank level. Yet another IB tournament boon. MY LIFETIME PVP ER IS UP TO 1.58~! FUCK YEAH~! I still do not have a decent shotgun that I can use to start grinding the Chaperone quest. My Warcliff Coil Catalyst is 98% complete. I will be glad when it is done because I still have Merciless and the Huckleberry waiting in the wings and I have to specifically grind the Jade Rabbit in the Crucible. Players using the new Exotic Combat Bow and the new Exotic Sniper Rifle in the Crucible can eat a bag of dicks.
  10. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    Only if you throw them at a rushing opponent. if you toss them too early, the drone still float there annoyingly in the air until someone or something trips their proximity sensor before they burn up.
  11. J.T.

    Destiny 2

    Personally, I don't like collecting motes because I don't want to be the guy that drops them. I prefer to sit in the back of my team with my Outlaw / Rampage Pulse Rifle and clear adds for the Mote Grabbers. If I manage to collect enough Motes for a blocker, I tend to elect for quantity over quality and launch Small or Medium Blockers. That way I am in the practice of regularly checking on our bank to see if we have any Blockers and clearing the area of Taken if our bank is locked. I usually only go for Large Blockers if I notice that the other team has a Prime Evil up and we're running behind Most of the opposing team should be busy trying to damage their PE so it is relatively safe for me to go to maximum carrying capacity and send Large Blockers to the enemy side to keep them occupied. It won't be anymore. The new Hunter solar class is fucking beast in PvP. I have enjoyed using it so far in the IB.. The Blade Barrage is rapid cast with nowhere near the wind-up that GG needs to be ready. It is pretty much the Hunter's version of Nova Bomb or Fist of Havoc. We finally have a cheap panic Super that we don't really have to aim.. If you jump over bunch of dudes and catch members of the opposing team flatfooted while they are capping or going for Heavy, you can take out a bunch of them in one shot if you time your Super correctly. The new Melee is also nasty if you have rushers coming at you. I was able to kill two shotgun zergers at once yesterday by throwing my Fan Knives and then double jumping backwards to follow up by giving them both a face full of Swarm Grenade. The guy that didn't die from my grenade panicked long enough due to the DoT burning proc from my knives for me to finish him off with hip fire from my Vestian Dynasty. I'm pretty certain they probably reported me for cheating after that. Beating a team shoot situation is really rare and I am sure they did not chalk up my survival to skill alone.. You may want to switch your Dodge from the auto-reload to the melee cooldown reduction one if you run 1000 Cuts in the Crucible. You'll want to be able to have Fan Knives available for use often in PvP. That will probably mean adjusting your load-out so that you have guns that either reload quickly or have Outlaw on them to compensate for mediocre reload speeds.
  12. Sneak? I kinda hope that the Skrull cows will be a plot point. The Skrulls will either: Have been on earth all along disguised as cows and that is how the invasion of Earth will begin or, They'll be defeated after they are shape locked in cow form and SHEILD secretly creates a holding facility / prisoner of war site for them that has a dairy farm for a false front.
  13. I marked when she punched the old lady. FUCKING SKRULLS, MAN~! This movie will probably be a solid entry, but IMO I think this movie is trying way too hard to capture the girl power demographic. Somebody shoulda watched Wonder Woman a few times to see how to do that properly without alienating the rank & file sweaty comic nerds like me that you will still need to show up in droves and fill movie seats.
  14. J.T.


    IIRC, they will have to tinker with the antagonists a bit since the all go by hacker handles pulled from Marvel Comics characters. One guy goes by Thanos and another antagonist calls herself Wasp. I am not even sure why I put that bit in a spoiler since the Wikipedia page burns that angle in the Casting section. I read the book last week when I was on night shift. It is a bit convoluted, but it is a solid espionage thriller and it has toned down cartoonish features which bogged down Larsson's final Millennium novel like Mikael Bloomqvist being Sweeden's biggest booty magnet and Lisbeth breaking into the most secure computer networks in the world by magic. I am kinda happy that the US reboot did not survive past Dragon Tattoo because the Kicked The Hornet's Nest novel got really silly at the end and it made for a pretty ridiculous movie. I'm still bummed that Bloomqvist has been relegated from co main character to sidekick, but Lisbeth Salander is the face of the franchise now, so you may as well use her to sell this movie to the hardcore fans of the novels.
  15. J.T.


    Looks like AHS Apocalypse will be all about poking Entitlement in the eye this season. While I love the social commentary, the bad things are happening to characters I really don't empathize with so I am debating if it is worth sitting through the schlock to see these Silver Spoons get what's coming to them. I had no idea Joan mother fucking Collins had a role this season..... pretty much playing a much older version of her character from Dynasty.