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  1. You mean the ones that tear your arm out of the socket if they lose at chess? The fucking starship got pulled into the Death Star with a tractor beam and they had to shut it down in order to escape. What other choice did they have than to stick with the plan and by plan I mean the shit they made up as they went along?
  2. Eh, Han is in it for the money nearly the entire movie. It's only after Leia's guilt trip and Luke selflessly volunteering for the Death Star attack do we start to see flashes of genuine heroism. That shit on the Death Star is all about Han knowing that dead men can't spend money and that Leia is worthless to him if she's dead. No reward, no reimbursement to Jabba for the lost shipments. Day One Han would be a likeable but morally bankrupt dirtbag and it might've been great.
  3. Barbarian was totally great and so subversive. The marketing plan was tremendous. The trailers totally do not prepare you for what happens in Barbarian, unlike most trailers that pretty much encapsulate the entire film in under three minutes. I'm trying to cobble together a review that will get posted in the Secret Satan project thread.
  4. I will be sad when VtM: Bloodlines 2 inevitably breaks the record and becomes vaporware. I have moved past Denial and am now in the Acceptance stage of my grief.
  5. That is fucking crazy. How do they resolve that shit? Flashbacks?
  6. Dodging is probably still in my muscle memory. I could do it in my sleep. Dodge / Invis / Headshot.
  7. I hate Solo because it builds on the revised Greedo bullshit. Han was ruthless. It was Leia's love and Luke's courage that made him want to be a better man. If Solo had kept the Han Shot First vibe, it would have probably felt a lot grimier like Andor does and that would've been a far better movie. The first fifteen minutes of the first episode of Andor has the tone I wanted to see in a proper movie about Han Solo..
  8. At least you've been playing the entire time so there was no ring rust involved.
  9. You even unlocked the achievement for securing all of the subclasses! Better late than never.
  10. Same here and all of the manual gamma and warm color adjustments in the world could not compensate for the darkness.
  11. John hates the Horror thread. Movies about young homicidal cannibals in love must be mainstream.
  12. Yeah, the world is a better place for the nude musician stylings of Teresa Nervosa and Zia McCabe.
  13. Went up to JMU to visit my daughter for Friends & Family weekend and of course we went to a showing of Smile after dinner and the football game. Smile is not entirely bad, but it is the not so good version of It Follows sans creepy cinematography. It does not come out and say that the threat is demonic, but it has all of the tropes of a traditional demonic malevolence movie and if your monster is a demon, you may as well come out and say it's a demon and follow the rules of a classic possession movie. Smile tries to be an onryo, demonic possession, and Lovecraftian horror joint all rolled up into one and doesn't really do any of those genres exceptionally well, but that's not to say that Smile is completely worthless. I'll probably write up a more detailed review for the Secret Satan project.
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