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  1. If you order your Little Bit Of The Bubbly now, it will arrive in time for New Years.
  2. Even if she were a Samoan, I support her wearing proper footwear in Winter. They are a tropical people. You Viking devils can have this fucking cold.
  3. I am sorta hoping that the LA Park thing is a work to push Selina's injury angle. Teddy Hart? Eh... he kinda got what was coming to him. I'm genuinely surprised he lasted for as long as he did. I just hope that DBS Jr. and Pillman Jr. don't get lost in the implosion of HF 2.0. I could see DBS Jr. assuming the mantle of top babyface now that FTL is a heel while Pilllman Jr. maybe turns heel and hooks up with The Dynasty to (fingers crossed) replace MJF now that he's in AEW. Pillman Jr. pulls off the spoiled entitled kid heel gimmick pretty well. I think a run in The Dynasty would be good for him. If I were Court, I'd even consider having Myron Reed drop the MW belt to Zenshi or Air Wolf and then transition it to Pillman Jr.. . If MJF never showed up again in MLW, I think I could survive.
  4. You cannot dress for war all of the time. Sometimes in the quiet moments outside of the ring, you need to remind yourself that you are a pimp and a gentleman by dressing the part.
  5. The cargo plane in Spider Man: Homecoming tore the shit out of the beach near Coney Island and there was an international list of cities in Spider Man: Far From Home that got some serious superhero battle wear and tear. It is no more convenient than Superman retreating in Superman II and luring the Phantam Zone Three back to the Fortress of Solitude in order to avoid the senseless destruction of Metropolis. Sun Tzu says that it is the wise general that picks the terms of the engagement especially the location of the battle. I actually count it as a ding on Superman in Man of Steel for engaging in a Kryptonian slugfest with Zod that practically destroys Metropolis. Is that what we can expect every time Superman needs to throw down? Is this a DC or a Toho Productions kaiju movie?
  6. I enjoyed Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam! I think they're all equally good for different reasons and I am happy that the DCEU folks are serious about getting their shit on track. I will have to agree with my DVDVR Films partner, Mr. Fowler on this one. Not only did SHAZAM! seem to ape the Marvel formula, it seemed to ape the Spider Man: Homecoming format specifically right down to the animated end credits set to a Ramones song. That being said, why can't we all just be happy that DC superhero movies are getting better? I was particularly surprised by how well they managed to use Dr. Sivana. Sure, he wasn't the traditional version, but the way he was used in the story was excellent and the plot was well crafted. I also thought it was brave of them to explore the theme of the power of family, both positive and negative. It was interesting to note how the negative effects of family plague both Billy and Sivana and how the positive effect of family helped Billy find his courage and also inspired him to share his power. We got six superheroes for the price of one.
  7. Yeah, it's usually me and a rando that have the courage to cap and try to hold B. The rando move to cap and I go hide nearby and scout rifle pop the living shit out of the enemy players that think they're catching us by surprise. It's always fun to see them try to run away after I pre-fire and break their barrier the second they round the corner. If I get a sense that my team is playing soft, I usually follow suit. I know I will just frustrate myself and die a lot while trying to will my team to win or try to lead by example by playing the match objective. It still baffles me how players in a Supremacy match seem oblivious to the crests on the ground and never seem in a hurry to go and pick them up.
  8. Grats on the EV! It really is a different gun once you get the catalyst complete. Much better when it is able to auto-load while stowed. Medals is the worst part of RTK but at least you don't have to worry about using a scout rifle anymore. As for getting pinned down on Equinox, it is fairly easy to get in trouble on that map if you're working with idiots. Passive teams that don't cap and hold B are beaten on the regular. It always annoys me when my team takes half the match to cap B and then cedes It back to the other team in mere seconds. Where is the fucking zone defense?
  9. Keith Lee is fucking Black Majin Buu. He is a world destroying force whose every move is gift to the internet.
  10. Useless knowledge I've used to impress friends over the years. - In the original 1001 Arabian Nights, Aladdin's nationality is Chinese. He's not an Arab. - The shark is the only fish that can blink with both of its eyes at the same time. - Mosquitos contribute to more deaths on earth than any other animal or insect. - The word "school" is derived from the ancient Greek word for "free time."
  11. Bite your tongue! If it weren't for Equinox, I probably wouldn't own an RTK today. I nearly got a We Ran Out Of Medals triumph for a 20 streak off of Jade Rabbit precision kills in one match on Equinox. That being said despite it's size, IMO Equinox is a better scout rifle map than a pure sniper map. It's easy to get brained on Equinox if you ADS too long. Fucking Midtown is by far the best sniper rifle map in the game, IMO. That one long sightline on the A side is a hardscoper's dream. Midtown only map where I can regularly get Mission Control medals for scoring two, long-range, sniper rifle precision kills without reloading. Beloved with No Distractions / Box Breathing FTW! I'm not sure what it is about the other maps, but I can never seem to get the distance for a Mission Control medal even when it feels like I am shooting from a million miles away. I also miss Retribution and I'm happy it's coming back. It's nothing but a big circle, but it has the right balance of sight lines, hidey holes, and cover to make for very fast paced matches. Emperor's Respite is normally a Comp map. I've played more than my share of Countdown matches on that map. I've also played a lot of Rumble matches on Emperor's Respite. I did well in most of those matches, but I think it's far too big of a map for Rumble. I like Firebase Echo just fine on any mode other than Control or Breakthrough. If you're playing one of those modes on that map and do not have an aggressive team that knows how to push, you'll be in for a long match. You cannot let the other team hold onto B if you expect to win a Control match and you certainly cannot cede the Breaker to the other team every round if you're playing Breakthrough. I am indifferent about The Citadel or Convergence, but I fucking hate Gambler's Ruin with the fire of a thousand suns.
  12. Wham City Comedy is the pride and joy of Baltimore, MD. They are an odd art and performance collective that specializes in really dark comedy. They usually develop short performance pieces that are usually tied to some web based ARG (alternate reality game) that delves further into the weeds. The three most noteworthy projects they've worked on are the ones I mentioned and they got a lot of traction playing on Adult Swim's late Saturday line-up. The Dark Order PSAs share the "something is not quite right" theme that is common in WCC's pieces. They're almost mirror parodies.
  13. It will take me all season to get this fucking Eye up to +20. I can only imagine the grind it will take to get the Lantern to max. Having to re-seat my armor perks every ninety days is going to get annoying. I'm going to miss those Void armor perks for my grenades..... a lot.....
  14. I also love zany horror stuff and I wish I could like the Dark Order PSAs, but they really do look like rip offs of Wham City's Adult Swim stuff like This House Has People In It, The Cry of Mann, and Unedited Footage Of A Bear.
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