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  1. Great... Something new for my OCD to latch onto. It's bad enough I was on a mission to unlock all available characters for possession's sake alone.
  2. I need the window of horrible between King Arthur and Baywatch to be wide enough to fit in The Emoji Movie. Wonder Woman being under a review embargo makes me think that reviews will be mixed. This does not fill me with confidence. Captain Underpants is also under a review embargo. This also does not fill me with confidence.
  3. Baywatch is now at 19%
  4. Normally SKOS's stats posts are enlightening, but this one is sobering in the not so good way.
  5. I have seen Liam fucking lead with Overload and follow up with Havoc Strike. . It makes me want to scream. Jaal then reps big for the Angara with a timely ED that electrocutes the enemies that Liam targeted. If Liam had detonated his own combo, my squaddies would not have to wait for three powers to cooldown instead of two. On the multiplayer front, I am a complete dumbass. I could tell by the jaw plates and the shape of the head that the Havoc Trooper was a female Turian, but it took quite a few matches before it dawned on me that the Krogan Engineer was also a female... .... even though the clan markings on the face of the Engineer are similar to Kesh's.
  6. Saw this at The Wrap this morning. Good on Gina. Most likely she'll get her husband a gig on the movie, too. I like Shots Fired so I am kinda stoked for this. Too bad that Ava Duvernay has things going on and couldn't helm Black Panther otherwise she'd have been the first, but I'm good with Ryan Coogler in the chair for BP.
  7. I have noticed that Cryo Beam is beginning to have diminishing returns now that I am fighting lots of enemies with Armor. I'll probably respec Ryder to use Flamethrower or Incinerate so that I can be more effective against yellow bars and hopefully mining and resource generation will get me the materials I need to add these new Bonus Power Damage and Anti-Armor augmentations I looted to a new set of crafted gear, I'm good on the Anti-Shield front now that I have a crafted N7 Hurricane with the always on Disruptor Ammo and Lightning augmentations.
  8. We had some bad storms last night so I watched Kung Fu movies on El Rey for the majority of the evening. I woke up around 2AM thanks to the thunder & lightning and fired up multiplayer for a bit. My Krogan Merc made it to 10th and I started working with the Turian Havoc Trooper.. The squad wiped during my first mission because some genius thought it would be awesome to switch the flag from Bronze to Silver at the last minute and the Kett were pretty merciless. Second match was a little better. I goofed on my load out and picked my newly acquired Halberd as my primary when I really should've been using a high ROF weapon like a Cyclone since one of my Combat Powers is Turbocharge. Third match saw huge improvement. I swapped out my Halberd / Predator weapon load out for the Cyclone / Charger pairing and put on the Munitions mod to boost Combat Power damage. My aerial combat skills are decent since I have Scott Ryder specced mostly for Hover, so it didn't take long to terrorize enemies from above via Turbocharge assisted strafing attacks and Flak Cannon blasts fired over hard cover. I was only 5th level and I beat out a couple of 10's and an 8th level players for the top killer spot, but I really had to hustle to stay on point. Unlike the click and murder Vanguards and Adepts, this class makes you work for every kill. I think the Havoc would be more effective if it had Concussive Shot rather than the somewhat sketchy Flak Cannon, but I can see the class balancing wisdom of not giving a homing Combo Detonator to a class that already has Incinerate and can loiter in mid-air for several seconds at a time. It looks game breaking on paper, but not sure how bad it would be in practice. Even at high levels, Liam's AI continues to do dumb things in combat. It is infuriating to see him use Havok Strike and then take a couple steps back and throw a fucking grenade at enemies that are at point blank range. He never detonates his own combos and the fucker has five points in Overload now. In his defense, we're fighting a lot of Roekkar right now and they all have armor, so maybe the AI tries to use the power best suited for the enemy type since I have his Frags specced to be Anti-Armor daisy cutters? Who knows? At least Jaal is on point and uses his Energy Drain on enemies I have Cryo Beamed so that I can use my Energy Drain on the enemies that Liam has smashed with Havoc Strike. Drack and Vetra continue to act like veterans. Vetra fires her Concussive Shot almost immediately after Drack launches his Incinerate tech. Fire Combos for days. Cora and Peebee also work well together, but I tend to have to micromanage them with squad commands or Cora will occasionally charge a target other than the one Peebee has used Pull on.
  9. How was Jamaica? How much of a vacation will you need to recover from your vacation?
  10. I did not have time to get in any APEX multiplayer strikes before shift and I think the timer will expire for the only Bronze mission in my queue. I should be on a little earlier than last night. Yesterday was my kid's last soccer game and tonight is the team's pizza party so obviously I have been asked to make myself scare for the evening..
  11. I am also inclined not to believe it since it is her huge elbow spot that probably put her on someone's radar in the WWE. Why would you bring her here and not capitalize on that? If it were me, I'd would not want her to use it regularly out of concern for her health and to protect my investment. Her schedule will be a lot heavier in the States and she can't constantly take that hip bump without eventually paying the physical toll for it She has that nasty sliding forearm smash and the bridging cross-legged Boston Crab she can use for regular matches and she can break out the mega-elbow for big event finishes.
  12. And what other people said on earlier pages. If the WWE book does not allow Kairi Hojo to use her flying elbow finisher, I will be pissed.