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  1. The Old Guard debuts tonight on Netflix IIRC.
  2. IT IS A STANDALONE GAME~! WE SWEAR~! At this point, all of this stuff designed to convince me that it's a standalone title and not and add-on just make me think it's an add-on and not really a standalone title.
  3. They're not after a developer. They're after the Unreal Engine. The fact that Epic also published and develops for Fortnite is just gravy. A Japanese company with a highly prized game engine would've never sold a minority share to Microsoft, but an American company had no issues cashing Sony's check.. Everyone will herald this as a good thing until Sony creeps towards majority ownership... I don't think they will because Sony needs allies in the US and goodwill from its American consumer base for the upcoming console war. If they are offering Epic Games money, that just tells me that there is no Japanese company that currently has the innovations Sony needs to stay ahead of the game. You'd have thought that since we're all AMERICA FIRST~! these days, a company based in North Carolina of all places would've mulled over the negative third order of effects of giving minority ownership to a foreign company, but money talked louder than nationalism. Go figure. MAKE JAPAN GREAT AGAIN~! Like I said, a Japanese company probably would've shut its doors rather than allow Microsoft to own any part of it. Epic needs to play this smart. There is already a lot of jabber out there about how Epic may deliberately gimp the performance of the new Unreal Engine for Xbox titles and they will literally kill about 40% of their market if Xbox owners up and mutiny over the notion that ports of their games for Series X will not be as crispy as PS5 ports. Epic needs to get ahead of any potentially horrible PR and assure their non-Sony customers that business as usual will continue.
  4. My daughter texted me from work about Candyman's new delayed release. She's pretty angry. I'm also bummed about Halloween Kills. The Carpenter reclamation of his franchise was heading in the right direction.
  5. I am probably one of the few players that would take the time to do it since I am one of those idiots that craves immersion and does things within the context of the game world.
  6. I'm bummed to hear about the brand new lore in the game but I am still glad that D2 is not destroying my free time anymore.
  7. Well fuck. The homegirl from my character's fishing village has joined the clergy and left the game continent before I could give her my bond ring. There went my primary romance option. I guess I am going to have an affair with the Duke's wife.
  8. I was tired last night. I saw ALL IN in the tweet and thought that Keith Lee was going to AEW and pull a Madusa.
  9. Probably. I am assuming that Tony Khan spent some cash to buy the IP from the WWE since he's the money mark. It's too early to place a rift between the Bucks and FTR right now. I am sure the betrayal will come later.
  10. I agree, but Orange has been the one standing tall in the go home booking leading up to this event and we both know that does not bode well for the baby face. I totally agree that not putting Orange over is a horrible call, but I also did not expect him to win given how the go home angle shaked out. If the IC had beaten him to death with a bag of oranges last week. I'd totally have expected Orange to win tonight as the face usually gets his revenge if he gets mugged before the big event. You don't just allow Cassidy to clown Jericho two weeks in a row and then book Le Champion to lose the event match. The last gasp of the go home angle had Jericho on the ground semi conscious with a television monitor on his dome FFS.
  11. El Rey Network's LUCHA LIBRE THEATER begins this Saturday night @ 10 PM EDT with El Santo & Blue Demon vs Dracula & the Wolfman! I am under the impression that this is a new regular thing for the network and they'll show more classics like Blue Demon vs. THE INFERNAL BRAIN~! on Saturday nights at the same time. SET YOUR DVRS~!
  12. Yeah, I would be bummed about Orange losing if I didn't honestly believe that tonight wasn't the blow off of their feud. I also think they want Orange to beat Jericho in front of a live crowd, but God knows when that will happen.
  13. I'm sorry, man, but once Taz started spouting off about blood and sweat and tears, I already knew what was under the orange towel and I was like "He's going to gift his fucking FTW belt to Cage." I think I just hate the angle behind the FTW title because the booking made it seem that Taz just came up with his own belt because he could never crack the code to beat Shane Douglas and win the actual ECW World Title. I'm not against vanity belts, though. I will always love the Million Dollar Championship.
  14. Night 2 of Fyter Fest was fucking sweet! Private Party vs. Hangman / Omega was a pretty fun brawl, but it never felt like the champs were going to lose. I'm glad that Janela vs. Archer wasn't a glorified squash match. Good shit from both guys. I feel that there should've been more chicanery on Sonny Kiss's part, but faces don't cheat. That fucking eight man tag was fucking insane. What a glorious train wreck! I especially enjoyed the spots where the Bucks and FTR hit their double team finishers with the other team's partner and the inside out Mexican Destroyer was fucking bananas! The right side went over though. Butcher & Blade needed a win after being clowned for two weeks straight and Lucha Bros are back in the title picture. Brodie Lee must have lurked this board because his ring attire was definitely toned down a notch. I have no idea where the seduction of Colt Cabana is going and I wonder when Anna Jay will return from reprogramming? I still can't believe that Taz took all of that time just to hand his vanity belt over to Cage. No one gives a fuck about the FTW title. I was sorta hoping that Cassidy would pull off the upset, but I can understand why you wouldn't book a loss for Jericho after the way that angle built up.
  15. Rose says that to Danny because she's never been able to detect Danny over the years because his alcoholism has diminished his capacity. Now that he's sober and using his talent to it's fullest extent, Rose realizes how powerful he actually is and is puzzled by why he hasn't shown up on her radar sooner. It's not a ding on Abra's power and Rose knows that if the feasts on Danny's power, she may be powerful enough to take Abra on herself. Rose feasted on several souls before the final showdown, so her powers are greatly augmented and she is probably more than a match for Danny in a one on one contest. I agree that it is a overkill, but my defense is merely that it was not Mike's fault that the scene turned out the way it did. The scene is pretty much lifted directly from the book, so the blame lies with Stephen King. Midsommar had some of the most disturbing scenes I've seen in a long time and they were all in one movie. Arianna Grande having a MIdsommar-themed party makes me think there is something wrong with that kid.
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