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  1. Just solo cleared Sanctum of Bones LLS. It's Cabal so bring your Unstoppable / AB load out. The Champions are spaced out enough that you shouldn't miss one, but one Unstoppable is in the last room with the boss so you'll have to coax him out and chain stun him to death if you're doing it solo. I'll be back online after 8PM EDT when Creature From the Black Lagoon is done. Still have some daily bounties to get done including the Rasputin weapon bounties for the Hand Cannon and the LMG. The Ordeal Nightfall is Broodqueen. There aren't enough adds to get you 100K @ the 970 LL level, so you'll have to find a fireteam to do it at 1K LL.
  2. Well that was easy. One quick Do It For The Gipper speech and Io bunker Is clear. Easy, anti-climactic triumph. Upgraded Io bunker to max an activated PDS so I'll have to see what is haunting the bunker next week. I suppose, but I'd rather use Revoker than Beloved as a PvP sniper which means my auto will have to be a Legendary Energy Weapon if I am going to have The Colony in my Power Slot, so that means I'll have to get lucky in the Forges or with Banshee and neither is a terribly encouraging prospect.
  3. Yep. They're going to show the entire LW&C series over a three week period on TCM Imports. Setting the DVR. There is more girls in prison sleazy goodness on TCM Underground on Friday night starting @ 2:45 AM with Caged Heat and then Black Mama, White Mama. Sunday is Easter so the traditional showing of Ben-Hur starts at Noon. Remember that it is a four hour movie and you have the power of pause.
  4. This was the better use of your time. Hopefully double rewards for the Ordeal Nightfall bug will still be active after reset. Going to start grinding Forges for a bit to see if I can get a good Galliard auto-rifle roll. I'm using SUROS Regime as my non-Survival PvP Primary, but I need to free up the Colony so that I can start using it to farm grenade launcher kills in the next IB. I am steadily closing in on that dumb Mountaintop triumph. The Calculated Trajectory medals are not falling, but the kills are slowly adding up. My progress with Luna's Howl may stall, but I can possibly secure a Mountaintop by mid-season.
  5. Damn. I just watched Goldfinger on Epix on Sunday. RIP
  6. Destroy All Monsters is even wackier and it is the best! The plot is on par with a bad comic strip, but what does that matter? It's all about the kaiju rally at the movie climax.
  7. Io bunker should be accessible after reset today. Here's the time to unlock that triumph for clearing all three bunkers in one day. By Wednesday, I should also unlock the triumph for completing all of the Io LLS's. I have over 4K Warmind Bits so I should be able to get my bunker up to at least Rank 6 and possibly Rank 7.
  8. This is how much I hate doing shit on Mars. It has taken me this long to discover that a Warmind Cell kill = a Valkryie kill to the game so now you can do Ana Bray's super annoying Kill 20 Enemies With A The Javelin bounty simply by starting an EP, shooting something until a Warmind Cell spawns, and then blowing the Cell up when there's plenty of enemies around. You don't have to wait for a Warsat PE on Mars or waste one of your Rasputin Armory Keys. It took like two cells to get 20 kills. Having Global Reach and a good explodey Seasonal mod helps you get more kills per cell.
  9. But it's not the cool Logan's Run dystopia where we're all twenty something hedonists living comfortably in a domed city. It's the shitty Soylent Green one with rampant global warming, urban overcrowding, martial law, and litter all over the streets.
  10. I will never get tired of the one that announced that my dealership has given us six months of car payment forgiveness.
  11. Forgot to add an important thing about AC: Resleeved that kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
  12. If you do not weep your eyes out at the end of Big Hero 6, you are probably dead. Watched Seoul Station over the weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit, but it is nowhere near as good as the Top 10 or so animation heavy hitters of the 2010's and nothing will beat Into The Spider-Verse.
  13. Especially when there are still two Champions to deal with.
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