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  1. I am slowly working my way through the Shudder queue on AMC+ OnDemand. Holy shit, dudes. Ryuhei Kitamura's Downrange, a slasher movie masquerading as a survival misadventure about some kids running afoul of a crazed sniper, is kinda badass and gives zero fucks about what you think about its unapologetic ruthlessness.
  2. The card itself represents fairness, but now that you mention Justice it reminds me that the classic image of Lady Justice is also blindfolded like Pac is. Too obvious not to be a connection, I suppose.
  3. Why are goods transported by land called a shipment while goods transported by sea are called cargo?
  4. There are a few things that come to mind (the game, Blind Man's Bluff, Neo having the bandage over his eyes after he is blinded by Smith in the last Matrix movie). It is probably a mash-up of several things. PAC being blinded by Malakai has allowed him to see things clearer or some shit. I am more intrigued by the Tarot Cards in the promo. I need to take a better look at it to see which Major Arcana cards were in there. I think that one was The Magician, but I don't remember the rest.
  5. Yeah, but Cody said those things in a promo that almost sounded like a shoot. If I were Punk I wouldn't have been cool with that. Those were close to being fighting words. That little ding at Brody King using Brody as his ring name was also kinda suspect and it also missed the point. Brody King didn't steal his name from Brodie Lee. Brody King chose his ring name to honor Bruiser Brody.
  6. Oh, you were talking about Cody's "Whose House Is This?" meta stuff.
  7. Forbidden Door is just working with other organizations you're supposed to pretend don't exist.
  8. It's not really dumb although it was rather incoherent. It just reminded me of the shit that fathers regardless of race, creed, or natural origin have done since time immemorial when they get into discussions that might turn into arguments and then suddenly they are all like "Before you say another word, let me remind you whose fucking house you're in right now." It was a weird shoot moment where Cody was addressing the meta of crowds booing him (which he totally shouldn't have done) by reminding people of his role with the company and how hard he's worked to get AEW off of the ground, but it's hard to empathize with that guy in the basketball game that keeps missing shots but constantly reminds you that the reason there is a game is because it's his basketball. People having heat with him over his self booking doesn't mean that they're also being ungrateful.
  9. Jon Moxley is not afraid to drop the F-Bomb, is he? Welcome back, dude. I have no problems with Adam Cole avenging his woman by smashing Orange Cassidy in the nads and then booting him in the back of the head. HOLY FUCK~!!! THAT WAS AWESOME~! Cody Rhodes bares his soul and cuts the promo that may have won back hearts and minds. I am suddenly looking forward to this title unification match. Eight years and counting until the debut of Brody Lee Jr. No, Anna Jay will not beat Jade Cargill but I am looking forward to the contest. I hate the Kings of the Black Throne's opening theme. They protected the Blondes by teasing dissention in the ranks and mental lapses. No heel turn from Julia yet. I was bummed. PAC cut an amazing promo. I am looking forward to him and Black kicking the shit out of each other or maybe PAC and Penta going against the Black Throne. Dan Lambert is the best. I like how he so wants to humiliate AEW that he is willing to back Lance Archer, but he is obviously scared shitless of the guy because he remembers Lance beating the monkey piss out of him. Kaz took as bad of an ass whoopin as I have seen him take in a long time. The little black girl giving Lance the business is the best person on earth. Crowd chants Piece of Shit. The censor in the production truck is obviously playing Candy Crush or something. Archer is decent opponent for Adam Page, but I have no illusions that Hangman Page won't clothesline the fuck out of Archer in a title match. Are we going to get Dante Martin, Lee Moriarty, and Matt Sydal vs. Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Hook? God, I hope so. LEYLA HIRSCH SPEAKS AND THEN TURN HEEL~! FUCK YEAH~!! Serena Deeb is from Oakton. It will literally take her only fifteen minutes to get back home. Serena Deeb is also a machine. RIP Skye Blue's ACL. Ethan Page has just signed his death warrant. Mox cut a promo talking about drinking blood, fellas. Holy shit, dudes. AEW went there and pulled out the NJPW history footage between Roppongi Vice and the Young Bucks! I have gone from not giving a shit about the Bucks wrestling ever again to being stoked about a renewal of hostilities between old enemies. I don't know what I am most looking forward to: the emancipation of Wardlow or the emancipation of Santana and Ortiz. Holy shit, this main event. Darby Allin is fucking crazy. I am glad it wasn't a handicap match. Sting can still go, but I worry about him taking bumps. It's awesome that Sting went in for the save and protected The Acclaimed's finisher. Sting & Darby just beat the #1 Contenders so are they going to get a title shot at JE after the Ass Boys get their shit pushed in by Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus?
  10. If they are going to bring in the Briscoes even if it's only for a couple of months, TK needs to license Gimmie Back My Bullets.
  11. If the Briscoes cost FTR the match and give a win to Brock and Big Shotty, the interwebs will break.
  12. We look on with morbid curiosity. It is like rubbernecking to see just how bad the car crash on the other side of the interstate really is. It takes a lot to offend me, but Bruce / Vince have not earned the right to receive the benefit of the doubt when it comes to stereotypical gimmicks.
  13. It's WWE. Is there any other possible conclusion to jump to other than the worst one? It is not a stretch to think that they turned Sarray into a magical school girl. Wendy Choo is wrestling in pink bunny slippers FFS.... but that's kinda awesome in its absurdity so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised with Sarray's gimmick, as you say.
  14. I think it is just you. It would not bug me if this were the early 2000's and LuFisto came in with Sailor Moon ring gear because anime was her thing, but then she'd also wrestle a classic and bleed for my amusement.
  15. I've been to Harajuku enough times to know how what a seifuku looks like.
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