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  1. Yeah I'd fine the shit out of em. You can't keep talent off TV because it just makes fans snarkier, you can't fire em because that gives em to the competition. Hit em where it hurts, in the pocketbook. Or just job em out! That's a lot of ems
  2. Jay, at least, doesn't seem to be the kinda guy that would lead Darby to do some really dumb shit. But he'll probably do some really dumb shit anyway. They could always have a nice technical match with some shenanigans. After thinking about all the problems with Sammy I'd rather they go after him, teach the little bastard to keep his mouth shut once and for all.
  3. I think the answer would probably have to be whichever one of them came first, which probably led to the rest of them. Like we know how nachos came about and that shit would have happened sometime anyway, same with burritos. It has to be tacos, right? That sounds very jumbled and like I'm arguing two points at once but I'm keeping it that way haha
  4. Yeah I was wondering if he had an ROH deal. If Tony resigned him and he decided to take the belt to ROH after a win, that would be a neat little angle. Hmmm...
  5. Yeah, that TNT match is a biiiiig softball. Is Cage under contract with anyone right now? Maybe Tony is cutting brother a break and giving him a check and some TV time. Everything else looks great.
  6. There's already a Navel Gazing thread, go talk business there EDIT: Something funky happened with Natural's posts last page, totally different tweets on them now EDIT II: And now they're back to normal. That was odd. Like the Acclaimed stuff was showing up in the Andrade stuff. Maybe it's my computer.
  7. I only half-watch but a lot of it kept my attention this time. All the women's stuff was good and the Bobby/Ali match was great. They definitely were going for a Taker/Jeff Hardy thing except without the "I respect you kid" finish. Bobby's "THIS motherfucker" face is too good. The big Wrestler Thing these days is spiked leather jackets. Every other damn one has one. I want a meme where all of them are pictured and the caption reads "Do you even Discharge, bro?"
  8. Had to watch the Cheeseburger and Abadon squashes. Cheeseburger was a good excuse for Wight and Riccaboni to make food puns. When I saw Abby Jane I said out loud "Abadon is fighting A CHILD."
  9. Whoever catches a spot from a King Mabel match in Wheeler/MJF wins a prize!
  10. Honorable mention to Stacia, nude dancer for Hawkwind!
  11. I totally forgot about this killer bill coming up at Thalia Hall (never been) in Chicago: Napalm Death, Brujeria, Frozen Soul, and... M D C We almost played with MDC back in the day but our venue fell through. Gonna go way more apeshit for them than any of the others, however good they are.
  12. HOLY SHIT THIS IS GREAT. If we had the full thing, and if they had the chain on the whole time, it might be level with Piper/Valentine as far as chain matches go. What snagged me immediately from the start is how they themselves snagged each other with the chain. Aquiles does some wild wrapping-up with it, almost technical chain work? Like THAT's ever existed before, haha. Then Argentina wraps it around his throat and judo throws him and it's super nasty. The rudo-technico split is obvious with the movie star looking Argentina and the stout, ugly, troll-like man that is Aquiles, yet the crowd doesn't seem to have any preference and is just hot for a fight. That's what they get for sure. One of the coolest things about the match is it's done in the round system and really does come across like a boxing match with guys trading off advantages and getting to sell during the breaks. After the third round the chain comes off and it gets even crazier. Aquiles looks like his eye is gonna end up out of his head, Argentina is doing the awesome Fujiwara spinning neck twists with his feet (which had to be a super popular babyface move even though it looked like a super dick move too), wild adults and children at ringside are just freaking out watching these guys throw huge clubbing hammerfists at each others' wounds. It's a trip, and an all-time great match. Another thing I wanna mention is that this match has actual limbwork with both guys going after the opponent's legs, and Aquiles even busts out a Kimura at one point? You don't see that in a chain match very often. But then again, it is done with such viciousness that it erases any finesse. Especially when you have this prideful little Orc licking his lips in his thirst for blood.
  13. Bet he had a code for them in public. "GET THAT INJUN HE'S AFTER MY DAUGHTER *sees high sign* Oh hey Jack, how's the wife?"
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