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  1. Don't forget the appearance of wrestling participator Kid Rock! Or do. Or try.
  2. I'd be fine with that, but ROH Pure title should stay for ROH to have a secondary title. It's got a cool gimmick, and it'd throw them a bone. Not to ask for yet more gold but never having a women's tag with all this other shit around is really stupid.
  3. I just had a thought. What if there were seperate bookers for every section of WCW. Lucha/cruisers, lower-midcard and jobbers, old guys + prestige matches (the Flair Section), US title. Never shall the twain meet. That might've been the only way to make ANYTHING really work is if it was all done independently and there was no crossover.
  4. https://www.fangoria.com/alien-romulus-popcorn-bucket/ GOOD LORD
  5. Is it possible that Ospreay doesn't know HOW to have a short match anymore?
  6. People probably thought the same about Cool Hand Ange and Daddy Magic but look what happened there.
  7. Oh man, that is the most Attitude Era shit ever. I guess this is why Jeff started training MMA? Anyway, it does rule, but makes me wonder what Jarrett's timeline was that year because I know he was in WCW that year and into 2000.
  8. So there were ten (10!!!) tornadoes that hit Chicago. Yes, Chicago. Pssssh, global warming. Those scientists don't know a hoot, amirite?
  9. I love the story in the Nitro book that to underline how out of touch Dusty was, they tell the tale of somebody meeting him at the bar and asking why a jobber was named Shanghai Pierce and he responded that it was because he was watching Gunfight at the OK Corral from the '40s, heard a character named that, and thought it was a cool name. "Dusty liked cowboys."
  10. Have the interviewer ask questions and he just stares at them, until they say something that hits a nerve like "do you still talk to Indi" and he flips out and destroys them.
  11. Niiiiice. Getting Zemial and Crimson fuckin Glory (Midnight or no Midnight) is a win.
  12. What is supposed to be so special about Moriarty is what I want to know. You should know Matt, you're a Segunda writer, that's where the hype came from.
  13. No Mt. Everest? He's gonna wait until wrestling has completely broken his body, isn't he. What's the spread on Okada winning against Swerve so we have Okada/Danielson yet AGAIN?
  14. In case I don't end up watching that: Did their touring match get over in front of the Japanese fans?
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