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  1. Uproxx said the Ric Flair 30 for 30 is finally coming out on September 8th.
  2. That is fucking insane.
  3. Was that the Demons logo on the back of the biker's jacket? I mean, given the Italian pedigree, I wouldn't be surprised... Also, there is no reason this shouldn't be in full on Youtube, yet it isn't.
  4. Dammit, I was out of town (well, technically, in town and out of the sticks) and the only replay is at 3:30 on Sunday morning. Thankfully I get Monday off so I'll try and stay up and watch it
  5. Movie

    My idea was like when Tyrone Biggums on Chappelle Show drank Red Balls and lifted up a bus to grab a dime haha
  6. Ha, my folks are in Vegas this week. Luckily both parties will have a designated driver
  7. Movie

    This made me go down a mental rabbit hole of a heroin-addicted Superman that would make a pretty good underground comic, or Adult Swim show (if they had the balls)
  8. Hey hey! Remember a couple months back when I got the wrong order -- TWICE -- from Amazon? They want their records back, or else they're billing me, even though they don't know what the records are! I'm tempted to print out the shipping labels and send them some Conway Twitty.
  9. Happily I've only seen four of those (Cannibal Holocaust/Audition/Aftermath/The Girl Next Door). I don't count Men Behind the Sun but I saw the sequel and that was bad enough. And the first Nekromantik which was bad enough, but somehow less nauseating than the Men sequel. I own a Dutch bootleg DVD of Cannibal Holocaust so I can't really bitch about anybody adding that if they want, but for me... nope.
  10. Movie

    Good lord, please get our inimitable Crow screenwriter off the bridge already Javier would make a pretty good Dracula though... Can The Wolf Man from a couple years back just count so they don't have to make another one? That was actually decent.
  11. Movie

    So we're gonna get another Creature from the Black Lagoon? Do they really want Dave Schow to commit suicide? (this is a joke only me and OSJ will get)
  12. I am so incredibly pissed that we had to dump Showtime
  13. Movie

    RE: A New Beginning RE: Alice Lives RE: The New Blood RE: Alice Takes Manhattan Alice Goes To Hell: The Final Evil Alice XII
  14. Is this real? Because if so, that's hilarious. My own conspiracy theory: Golden Truth broke up so R-Truth can be traded to Smackdown and take the belt as Vince's other pet favorite to be the unimportant secondary title champ, pal.