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  1. Curt McGirt


    Missed a great chunk of both of them because SOA came on right in the middle but the last two eps of Snowfall were pretty good.
  2. Curt McGirt

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/20/18

    They still had a kid ran over though apparently haha Also gotta say, I dig the Fly By Night Anthem logo. Gotta show that Canadian pride!
  3. Curt McGirt

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/20/18

    The most I've ever watched of TNA was back when Angle/Joe was gonna be the big match. For some reason, probably the good press from y'all, I found Pop on my DirecTV (it wasn't even added to my favorites channel) and watched this week's episode of Impact. Go figure, it's them in Mexico with the AAA crew so it's just like the LU from last night. Nice seeing Faby Apache, I guess she just lost a hair match? Lucha Bros. were their usual quality and it's nice to see them tag together. The opening spotfest was whatever -- lots of guys standing in place waiting to be dove upon. I had no idea Ohio went so haaaard, yo. Sami needs the hair Fabi lost. And per tradition I fell asleep before the end. Think I'll keep watching. The OGs/LAX feud looks neat and I can tolerate Callis and Mathews.
  4. Curt McGirt


    Good video (audio?), but lord at the speed they're rambling at you'd think they're both tuned up on coke
  5. Curt McGirt

    [NXT] September 19, 2018 TV Show

    High time for another NXT Greatest Matches DVD set, WWE (hint hint)
  6. Curt McGirt

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    I'm sure this has been posited before but it's highly likely the entire female staff gets a bonus check in the mail whenever they pull this shit. Might as well hedge their bets and keep people happy, you know.
  7. Curt McGirt

    The Isley Brothers Appreciation Thread

    I'm gonna eat this thread alive soon as my net time turns over on Sunday
  8. Curt McGirt

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    Whoops, forgot about all the Sullivan stuff which of course I've seen. I meant more in the way of just full matches with commentary like above.
  9. Curt McGirt

    IN MEMORIUM 2018

    RIP Pasquale Buba, editor of Day of the Dead, Creepshow, Heat, etc. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/pasquale-buba-dead-george-a-romero-editor-was-72-1144217
  10. Curt McGirt


    He started playing his crops his matches and they refused to sprout. Seriously, when you - become the first yokozuna expelled in bad standing from Sumo - get fired from NJPW for calling Riki Choshu an ethnic slur - get fired from SWS for being a baby and shooting on John Tenta then calling wrestling fake on the mic - then get shot on by Takada and KO'd with a headkick, you might as well be failing at growing taters.
  11. Curt McGirt


    Never saw any of that, so WTF was the Clap?
  12. Curt McGirt


    That was a pretty good episode of nearly all wrestling. Too bad they decided to have the three-way go that way because that was about half of a really, really good match until they decided to do what they did. I also don't know about Zombie Fenix who is looking pretty silly.
  13. Curt McGirt


    Severn was NWA champion as well as a one-time prominent WWF guy so that's a pretty big disqualification
  14. Curt McGirt


    It was the first name I thought of. In fact it was his image in a gi that specifically showed up in my mind. No talent, bad attitude, flamed out of Sumo as well. He even had his own Produce and that failed.
  15. Curt McGirt


    The answer to this question is Koji Kitao.