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  1. Curt McGirt

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2019

    What a weird match. It's interpromotional and apparently an offer match of just whoever can get the most falls... but Rusher gets no falls, and Jumbo gets four? Well, that's a way to make IWE look weak. Crowd was eating it up though.
  2. Curt McGirt

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    (shhhhh we know it is don't tell them)
  3. Curt McGirt

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    My mom bought that soundtrack and played it eternally. Whoever mentioned Shottas, that has to rank up really high on the list. They probably made it for less than $27, and should have taken all the money they were saving and spent it on subtitles. This is the exact Maximum soundtrack: Beat THAT.
  4. Curt McGirt

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    OH SHIT. I know we've been through six pages but has anybody mentioned the entire soundtrack of Maximum Overdrive?!
  5. Curt McGirt

    Raw Is Balor, Clubbed - 1/14/2019

    Can YOU imagine telling Sheiky Baby to imagine the cameraman wasn't there? "I SEE THE JABRONI HE RIGHT THERE! GIVE ME CAMERA, IN-VIS-I-BALL MANS!" *smashes camera*
  6. Curt McGirt

    Scenes You Didn't Understand as a Kid

    No, that's my personal worst example of me worshipping violence in films.
  7. Ah! I knew that, thank you. I never carved 'Slayer' into a school board but I wrote it on literally every surface I could throughout high school.
  8. Curt McGirt

    Better Movies Than Novels

    Silence might -- might -- be better than its novel. But only ever so slightly. Neither Red Dragon adaptation is as good as its book, as much as I love Manhunter.
  9. Curt McGirt


    Just driving through Gary without stopping is petrifying. A friend did that to me once and I swore I was in a third world country where nobody lived.
  10. Curt McGirt


    Are those rehearsals on the digipak version of the Dracula DVD? I... uh... need to see those...
  11. Curt McGirt

    Scenes You Didn't Understand as a Kid

    As much as I love the Rambo series, that is probably the worst example of American violence worship in films. Not only did it make three redundant and each more hopeless/mindless sequels, they turned it into a fucking CARTOON SERIES?! There are pictures of me in my Rambocycle as a kid dressed like a mass murderer. Why was that okay? Because he was a patriot! Fucking Reagan...
  12. Who is Hana's dad again? I'm spacing. EDIT: Wait. Bison's daughter?
  13. Curt McGirt


    Yeah, I can just see Russo in some hotel room in Iowa, missing his cats Pussy and Eater, flipping through channels to the pay stuff in search of softcore, only to find the Coens title and having his eureka moment.
  14. Curt McGirt


    PCO is human, just a human zombie. And I love how all his worst bumps fall wrong somehow. It fits.
  15. Curt McGirt


    Yet they never called Val just "Venis". *sigh*