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  1. Jesus, only Rude actually looks like himself
  2. Yeah. Lester, at 40 something, married a stripper. He ain't tortured.
  3. The question was "biggest monster on TV" though.
  4. Okay, we need a panel to figure out who is lumpiest/most stiff in the federation now.
  5. It has the Bad Brains DVD that my rotten asshole roommate stole from me so it qualifies. (The Bad Brains are rotten assholes too but hey, it's good footage)
  6. I love this fucking board and all of you so much. Just because it needs to be said. If any of you are ever feeling bad about yourselves, just remember, "well, I'm tolerated by the DVDVR board, I must be able to tolerate society and vice versa for the next week, right?"
  7. I saw the Dicks doc and immediately signed up. Thank you.
  8. Haha touche, just himself in this case EDIT: Especially since I'm sitting here watching the Delfonics on Soul Train right now
  9. Seriously. Lemmy was a non-racist WWII enthusiast. He was also GOD. Leave your politics at the door, please.
  10. Every time I see Mark Briscoe I'm reminded of the DVDVR that said his promo was like somebody put peanut butter in a dog's mouth
  11. Bix gave me shit for liking Motorhead on here one time. Fuck that guy.
  12. I'll do my duty in this one too and throw Marlo Stanfield into the mix ( and be shot down again)
  13. Heads up! http://dailygrindhouse.com/thewire/grindhouse-releasing-tough-ones/
  14. Sheamus apparently raided Baron Corbin's wardrobe. It would be neat to have a dude with a red mohawk serve you at Applebee's.
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