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  1. Starting to watch Regal/Larry Z from Slamboree '94 (it's on Dailymotion but cut in between parts 2 and 3) I got the best shot. The camera starts closed in on a crowd shot of a sign reading "WCW RULES WWF SUCKS"... then pans back to reveal in the foreground, WWF Superfan Vladimir looking directly at the camera chanting "USA" for Zybysko
  2. I still don't know how they knew the difference between the two when one or the other went on offense. It wasn't like the post-diabetes Headhunters where one was considerably smaller.
  3. I'm ashamed of all of you for ignoring the ultimate eternal old man of wrestling.
  4. Fuck, that main was long. Good on Lee though. First step to the rest of the belts. The only thing that caught my eye while I was dicking around on here and the Gargano match was playing was OF COURSE him doing a Poisoned Rana on the floor. The one thing that makes me want to strangle Ohtani and El Samurai (I think, or was it Liger/Samurai?) for coming up with the goddamned move in the first place, and instantly hate the match and the wrestlers involved. Always happy to see the Fashion Police, and Spud being back. Who are King Cuerno's partners?
  5. Just for shits 'n grins, I went back and looked at how many Hogan matches made the AWA set out of 150... the total is five.
  6. No clue how I missed 'em, and don't want to be lapping ourselves, but after watching that first one if anything deserves to be reposted here it's that. (Were they in another thread by any chance?) EDIT: They did a great job taking some of the spots from the first match and switching them up into a brawling sprint for that second match. Then at the end they announce next week on the Pro is Regal/Steamboat. I'd go look for it but surely somebody's already posted that here too.
  7. So I found out THESE two guys had a feud in WCW last night?! Haven't watched either match but I'm sure they fit the bill.
  8. If they hire Eddie Kingston I swear I will never talk shit about their house style ever again
  9. Well shit. I guess I always coulda done a Wiki and figured that out for myself. So much for the evil fantasies of John Ross, Green Beret Medal of Honor recipient
  10. To me it sounds like some Japanese corporate synergy bullshit they tell each other in the boardroom when two places merge, then when they go back to work it's all just words and they do whatever they were doing in the first place.
  11. You know, Bob really was in Vietnam. I wonder how much trigger time and how much PTSD he might be suppressing every time I put on an episode of The Art of Painting to fall asleep to.
  12. That match in the Dungeon was painful looking...
  13. If anybody wants to go back and read the old DVDVRs, here you go: https://web.archive.org/web/20110512203920/http://www.deathvalleydriver.com/dvdvr/recentdvdvr.html
  14. Nah, it should be reverse that print, like you sandblast in art class in middle school. That way there's more mirror-part for the coke to go on. You don't want to scrape on the paint, that'd drive your nerves up the wall. Coincidentally I still have the Sepultura and ECW mirrors I made in middle school haha
  15. Me to J.T.: You deserve that, you lucky bastard Grrrrrr...
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