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  1. I'm far from saying this is gonna be good, but I'm certain it'll probably be fun. NSFW Also, I came upon this from watching the trailer for Don't Be Bad which was Italy's entry for Best Foreign Film at the 2015 Oscars. Which is just now getting a stateside release. There isn't any greater sign that Italian cinema is on life support than that. For fuck's sake we've already got a second Trainspotting coming out and it took you THAT long?!
  2. Good lord I missed A LOT there. BTW, that particular story was shot in the film version of The Acid House and is pretty awesome. Here's a sample:
  3. Movie

    As long as Robert gets a bigger budget than everything else he's been doing for the last decade then hey. It can't be worse than Escape from LA, can it? I mean I saw that thing in the theater and all I remember is Bruce Campbell.
  4. TV

    On @Midnight just a minute ago, the topic was "Robot Hip Hop" and Ron Funches said "Brotha Glitch Hung". I fell out. (BTW, 24 Deep and Season of da Siccness are awesome)
  5. Watched a bit of Wait Until Dark the other day. Harry Roat, Jr. (from Scarsdale) is one of the best villains of all time. "This is Geraldine." "May we have Geraldine too?" "No, you may not." "Why not?" "Because she's the referee."
  6. You might remember him from Traffic but some of us remember him from Companeros, The Four of the Apocalypse, Almost Human, Don't Torture A Duckling, Django... Kill! If You Live, Shoot! etc. A star of the cruelest of Italian cinema. RIP
  7. TENZAN/SANADA I only half watched and it looked pretty sloppy. Sanada seemingly hurt his shoulder and was down for awhile trying to recover from that or something else at one point. Emotional end for Tenzan in his last G1 match supposedly ever though. ISHII/MAKABE: Well, you know exactly what this is gonna turn out like. Goddamn those chops to the throat are disgusting. And like five in a row! That'll make Makabe fucking sell for a change. Really, really don't like him getting up right after a Dragon suplex. And for like the third episode in a row we get the NJPW Bloody Mouth!!! A new record! Makabe does hit an enormous powerbomb to put him back in my good graces. I kinda liked him kicking out at one for the lariat, kicking out at two for the sliding lariat, then getting pinned by the vertical brainbuster. Dunno why I've never seen that before, especially in a puro match. Ishii's selling makes this one work because watching Makabe fighting a mirror vision Makabe, which this well could have been, would have me throwing my remote. At least Warmaster called them "Vader Hammers"/forearms instead of punches, which they weren't. Also JR was comparing the match to that, not that particular exchange to that (which would have been horribly inappropriate. The comparison to the match itself is just regular inappropriate). GOTO/MARUFUJI: Introducing Naomichi Marufuji, GHC Heavyweight Champion, soon showing up on an episode of Impact near you! Ugh, don't even want to think about that. Jarrett would probably have him throwing salt if he had his choice in the matter. For a second there I thought we had our second NJPW Bloody Mouth of the night after Goto's face went into the guardrail. Holy shit what chops Maru unleashes! They are flat out Kobashi/Tenryu level. Who would have ever expected that from him after all these years? It makes sense given who he's worked with but doesn't fit his style; the crowd is as stunned as I am by them. They have a really sweet exchange avoiding each other's moves that ends with Goto cracking Maru's head against his knee; he comes back with a sick knee in the corner. These guys are now suddenly on fire. Marufuji's force is equal to his speed these days with those chops and also his kicks. Goto is smart enough to turn the Shooey Nooey into a sleeper and GTRs him out of it for the win. Nice, simple, no overkill. Very smart match that only had one dive and was 90% strikes. Marufuji has turned the curve to me after changing up his style whereas I used to hate him. That and the latter half of this picking up so much makes it a very solid watch. And now they put up an "In Memory of Jan Ross" photo and I'm crying. Goddammit.
  8. Matt D talking up Matsunaga vs. Otsuka on Segunda reminded me of this match which led me to this match, which I had no prior knowledge of ...and here's some Blue Panther and Gran Hamada, just for fun EDIT: The whole key to the Ishikawa match is it sets up the Otsuka match, so watch it first. Really good working around the nail stip and some of Matsunaga's best kicks ever. The Yamakawa/Usuda match has been reviewed in the Driver before and that's just a blast. Too bad the title gives the "incident" away.
  9. Don't remember if this has already been posted (my famous memory) but hey, Ted Levine! Gypsies! Black magic! Murder! Looks like a good time to me. It's out right now on demand.
  10. Hama is holding a gift of Easter eggs for Volk. His secret identity is Super Egg Big, as he actually looks like a giant egg.
  11. Since Rippa just reminded me, there are so many HBO docs that could be on the list. Iceman, or one of the versions of it, needs to be on there. Watching things like Autopsy when I was a kid is what got me into documentaries in the first place.
  12. Movie

    My memory is officially shot
  13. The X from Outer Space is on TCM right now. I recommend smoking for this one, even if you don't. I'm not and I'm already curious that this might be the steal of the plot for Life.