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  1. "Facial-waster" "That's when you pull 'em out, when they're ripe"
  2. This is the problem. Dynamite is getting closer to Rampage where it's all character development and no matches, with Collision being "the wrestling show". Used to be there's maybe one of these a month but you wouldn't notice so much. This one was bad enough to where I really noticed. Dynamite shouldn't make me feel like Raw where it's "oh here's another talking segment" and I turn back to the laptop.
  3. But why did nobody tell me you absolutely HAVE to watch them with the subs on?! If you haven't do that, you better watch again! This is the funniest shit ever. I'm sure I've seen one or two waaaaay back in the day but a whole 16 minutes is beyond me.
  4. Oh no. OH NO. I've never seen these before. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. Dude if they Lucha Undergrounded a segment to where a bunch of Hennigan's previous personas all showed up with the different gear and names it would be classic.
  6. Polaco: "Hey Bob, you mind if I hit you with the cane when I come in to get some heat?" Artese: "Hmmm. How many vicodin you got in that fanny pack?" Taz going out that way, especially considering how many checks got bounced and everything, is really honorable and ego-free. Really cool of him.
  7. Say what you want, but threatening/scaring/attempting to traumatize children is very, very Pro Wresling. (Not to excuse Foley putting his kids through the I Quit match, though. That's definitely where you want to draw the line.)
  8. Reading that in Danhausen voice was interesting. Slightly altering it to where he turns into Danhausen is better. It also reminded me of this
  9. There's gonna be no injury from the stabbing and that's gonna be wack. No Willow/Brody, PLEASE.
  10. In my experience if it ain't free you're putting in. ...I didn't just write that, and you didn't read it
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