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  1. I'm sorry, but when Jay asked Mark what comes after 11 I had to say out loud "I don't think he knows"
  2. It wasn't long enough to get boring, it just wasn't any good really. Man, I wonder how they could have screwed up the Taipei death match. Probably Jimmy still using the fucking staple gun.
  3. You just reminded me of him having Pampers and probably Condom Depot and who knows what the fuck else as ads on his trunks during the last Bloodsport. It was a riot trying to figure out what he had on there with all the movement.
  4. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-death-and-cynic-drummer-sean-reinert-dead-at-48/ Sean Reinert, drummer for Death and Cynic, has passed away. (Every fucking time I get on Facebook. I swear...) RIP
  5. So I just turned on ROH and the cult leader guy who looks like Chris Barnes from Six Feet Under just had his audio "removed due to controversial statements" and they blurred his mouth even. He appeared to point at his dick once.
  6. It looks better than the quality I have on one of the Schneider comps. Not really a good match but some crazy shit. Rey doing highspots at the end might be the best part.
  7. Yeah, that was better; the commercial break pretty much ruined the match. Not that any of the staple gun shit was cool or anything, but it was something. I woulda rather seen tacks.
  8. I was pissed at the camera following her around so much. Don't look at her, look at the blood!
  9. Taurus' mask is awesome. Chandler Hopkins is using Hank Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can Survive" with full vocals. Yeah, Court doesn't give a fuck about paying royalties. If you think the reverse stunner is stupid just wait til you see Hopkins do a rolling jump into the ring into a Flatliner. Bloodsport Rules match next week with DBS and Gotch! This should be fun. The barbed wire match won't make you forget Terry Funk vs. Sabu but to see something like it on free TV is pretty awesome. Really bad commercial timing cut it to nothing though. It ends with a really good piledriver, so there's that. Wish they would have at least ripped each other's shirts off.
  10. Gotta love how they all start fighting for no reason. USE THE SHOE!
  11. The Cave is coming on Nat Geo in 15 minutes. It replays at 9:30/9:45 Central and will probably be available On Demand after that.
  12. See, the visual of Brock's chest covered in broken blood vessels does the opposite to me.
  13. Cody is a really good storyteller. I bet there's a hilarious podcast with him out there somewhere.
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