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  1. I was so hype for that match and all the WCW-ness sucked it right out of me. Dusty shilling, nobody caring, everything going five minutes when you know they could have had a classic in 20 if anyone cared. Goddammit.
  2. Well hell, I remember Speed Racer too but just barely haha. Really now that it's mentioned, Voltron was my first exposure. After some investigation, the Dracula in question is nowhere to be found even though 1. I swear I found it before online somewhere, and 2. my memories do not compute with the Tomb of Dracula film, though my memories of it in general are damn near nonexistent. So it's probably the Tomb of Dracula film.
  3. Giving anyone an award on the basis of Warrior's legacy is 100% legit bullshit, no matter the justification. Just call it the Gold Watch Award, even. Why would you want to smear the recipient's name with his?
  4. Re: Piper/Hart, I think it's not brought up much/enough maybe because it's such a super face vs. face match. It has a weird dynamic to it. If Piper were a heel at the time... well, imagine the reaction to that.
  5. https://rue-morgue.com/legendarys-the-toxic-avenger-reboot-gets-a-writer-director/?platform=hootsuite
  6. Another thing about Suspiria: I'm not surprised you dropped out because that mother (heh) is LONG (2 1/2 hours is plenty for me). Luckily it doesn't drag in the least.
  7. Funny coincidence that you mentioned Death because I just got Leprosy in on vinyl yesterday. Even though I got two other records at the same time it hasn't left my turntable. At one point I for some reason thought this record was boring (maybe because I had listened to the major tracks off of it live on Ultimate Revenge 2 and on the 'best of' comp Fate when I was a kid so many times I got burnt out) but I've never been happier to have been wrong. But anyway, this is a documentary thread, not the metal thread, so here's a documentary! The Bay Area was on fire for hardcore punk in the early '00s and this is a hilarious example. Long live Burnt Ramen!
  8. How come I never knew about that? My introduction to anime was actually an anime Dracula when I was a kid. I guess because it was a cartoon my parents thought it was safe... it wasn't.
  9. Our goddam local critic gave it 2 1/2 STARS!!! I will probably really want to slap him, even more than usual, after I see it this weekend.
  10. I watched it with subtitles through the whole thing. Been doing that a lot in my old age with my shot ears from years of shows, band practices, blasting music, playing guitar. Besides, you get to figure out stuff you didn't understand on first watch, and sometimes reading the dialogue to something just makes it funnier.
  11. Yeah, I've noticed him aging. It hasn't been pretty but that's life.
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