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  1. Well, his character was a super asshole in that movie. Mad Men didn't give him any great favors either.
  2. Somewhere Quentin Tarantino is PISSED.
  3. This is why I love this thread -- all of the matches in here share a lot of the same traits, and it isn't just blood. It's the high drama AROUND the blood. Cake is good and frosting is great, but the two together?
  4. https://archive.org/details/1566981383 Frankly, I just feel bad after watching this. It's long, poorly shot, and negative. The last shot is like the evil version of Pink Flamingos. I understand what Melvin was up to, trying to make a film that was Black Revolutionary, but that was just done improperly to my taste. All the same, despite my thoughts, he did what he did and it is a triumph.
  5. The only thing the main was missing was hearing Suzuki's whip-crack elbows.
  6. The Miro slaughter was the second best thing on the show by far.
  7. The best thing about all this, and I think the talk on here is the same, is there feels like all of this is pointing towards MORE.
  8. All the tag matches pretty much felt like cooler matches but that main was worth it. Suzuki smacking the ropes with the cane to get his heat back even during the celebration... just great. And Eddie finally got his big win.
  9. Ooof, Mason Ryan might be the worst WWE name ever after all.
  10. Hangman Adam Danielson is the first one that came to mind. Not the greatest. The NXT one was Zombies Harrow
  11. https://deadline.com/2021/09/melvin-van-peebles-remembered-by-spike-lee-david-alan-grier-barry-jenkins-ava-duvernay-more-1234842533/ The irony... Spike Lee Tweets just like Hulk Hogan. I guess at least he doesn't add SL to his posts. And of all people HAMMER pays tribute!
  12. Man, that one hurt, and I didn't expect it to so much. I love James Mitchell. Ever since I saw him on the Forever Hardcore doc talking about him being a drunk and him blowing his hand apart, imitating Sandman and saying they used to play trivia all the time, I've loved that guy, and this just cements him as the most solid dude ever.
  13. According to Terry Funk in his autobio Moose actually took the moose head on the plane with him.
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