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  1. The metalheads will get it (well, some of us, anyway)
  2. The accessories for that action figure would be a frisbee and a bottle of roofies.
  3. That's what I heard. Everything seemed fine after that. It certainly wasn't as bad as past episodes with announcers being inaudible and such.
  4. If it was me I'd give bonus credit to anybody who watched The Thing, under the pretense of it being "a Christmas movie". This is why I'm not a teacher.
  5. A further note about the Assembly Hall: that photo that looks like a giant UFO? That's all seating, and the ground isn't the floor. The real ground, where the ring was, is four stories below that.
  6. You mean, tarping off this place? Yeah I think that was rather necessary for obvious reasons
  7. I enjoyed what I watched of this one, though I'll be honest, I'm still tuning out a lot of the wrestling. Audio didn't bother me like other episodes; it seems to be different for every damn viewer every week. Open was fine though about ten highspots too long. Dustin can still go like a madman. It was funny seeing the heat almost completely die off for the match after. Props to Jericho not making a champagne joke in Champaign. Cody was great. Dark Order segment was stupid. Nyla squashing people I could watch all the time.
  8. Can't believe this thread was almost buried. Anyway, to keep it from that, here's a reminder for me to watch this. Barbie Steele in a movie about... necrophilia? Sign me up! The commercials for the new Black Christmas make it look even dumber than I thought.
  9. It is patently stupid. Do you really want a teenager to not be able to scrawl your logo on their notebooks and desks at school?
  10. Seeing Big Dave in that pic reminded me that Rollins stole the jacket he was wearing straight out of his closet.
  11. Drew getting on his knees to be "on Akira's level", so to speak, was such a dick move. Said it before and I'll say it again, whatever's in Rowan's cage needs to be crawling with maggots. Live up to the Carcass shirt!
  12. Here's something: why does No Way Jose have Adam Rose's gimmick? Was that just too good for them to give up or something?
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