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  1. This was an incredible match. So, so good.
  2. It's hard, when you think about it. Even Abby had a period in PR where he was happy dancing Abdullah the Butcher, right? EDIT: The Sheik. Sheik was NEVER a face, ever, anywhere.
  3. I understand corporate procedure and everything, but it doesn't mean I agree with it. Having to be camera-ready 24/7, especially if you're just staff, is some bullshit. Anyway, who aside from Rick (besides some exceptions) has ever been totally heel throughout their entire career? I was thinking Vader but then remembered the Baby Bull period he had. Brock?
  4. '84 was another jaw-dropping year for metal, but if there is one single song from that year that I would put in the book it'd be this.
  5. I had the Cyborg 2 poster on my wall when I was a kid. They had free posters at the Circus Video I lived near so I grabbed that one. I also grabbed this one but my parents deemed it a little too adult to put up... EDIT: I still think it's a badass poster I remember absolutely nothing about the movie, of course
  6. Yeah I know, stole it off Segunda. Which says a lot, match-wise. Chicana must've been wore out after that battle.
  7. I forgot about that, my mistake. Shit.
  8. No matter whether you agree or not, the sack on this one, especially considering the spokesman, has to get your applause.
  9. Come on Dave, no Six Stars? Or is that only reserved for the man that makes pieces of paper fall from the roof? If Ivelisse wasn't trying to sandbag the match judging from that clip, then woof.
  10. I agree... if it's Mexico. But if he's willing to put the mask back on in America, he shouldn't have a problem putting it back on in PR, which is America anyway. I just want some consistency either way. Of course, he should have never lost the mask in the first place. WCW activities should be considered a mulligan for just about anything for anyone probably.
  11. Yeah, but this is just so on the nose. ONLY MOVIE IN THE BOX OFFICE.
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