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  1. I was going to go for that look for a friend's wedding in October but now he stole my thunder, the bastard. Instead I'll just flip it inside out I guess. Violet underneath black will be classier instead of the reverse, anyway
  2. Those last two trailers give me absolutely no hope for the human race (not as if I already had any anyway)
  3. The new Alien: Covenant trailer on TV features a Willie Nelson song. Way to go. Having that along with a CGI Xenomorph headbutting a spaceship while Mr. Eastbound and Down freaks out has officially taken the piss out of what might be a decent horror film. So much for that terrifying poster and the shower scene... EDIT: Note, I love Willie, but this is improper usage to say the least
  4. Good lord I was about to make a joke about the Hardys(z) asking WWE to hire Steve and wanted to find a picture of Matt looking craz(z)y, I put "Broken Matt" into Google and I get this Forbes... Forbes.
  5. Never thought I'd watch something in wrestling that looked exactly like the current Illinois budget crisis
  6. Movie

    After finally watching that I'm seriously questioning whether "Ana Lily Amirpour" is just code for "Harmony Korine" And then I just read this and now I REALLY don't know what the fuck to think
  7. Ouch, this is a good one. If you haven't seen Valentine/Piper now's your chance. They went out to make the most brutal match possible and did just that. Didn't Piper lose the hearing in one of his ears because of it? Now going up against MS-1/Sangre Chicana... well, we all know how this is gonna turn out.
  8. I'm going to see Choking Victim in Chicago on the 16th next month. It'll be fun to get out of the sticks for a change. Also, the friend I'm going with just recorded me half of one of his King Tubby LPs but his player fucked up and he couldn't finish it. I love dub but am not a big reggae/ska head, though I've been friends with 3rd wave ska kids for years. Anyway here's some tunes and the new Cock Sparrer
  9. That's really cool. I don't think I've watched it all the way through before. The level of BS that Dick Beyer comes up over the course of the match to avoid Riki is pretty inspired. It's also neat seeing how it informed all of puro through history -- stoic face, big bump on the floor, gifts and congrats after the match is over, etc.
  10. Moose/Chene is awesome. It's one of those matches that throws you into a time warp where you're visiting another era and finding out hey, they liked wrestling too back then.
  11. Say what you want about the man, he loves it and us.
  13. Re: Vader This motherfucker wants to die in the ring. I don't know if that's cool or not, considering you're exposing people to your demise publicly, but his balls are bigger than all of ours combined. Seriously, it might be an assisted suicide issue
  14. When we are debating the booking sanity of a man who never knew what a burrito was until someone told him, we are all guilty.
  15. It's like they beefed up the top image and fucked up the logo. Weird. The OG def. looks better