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  1. FYI (and I've missed some posting so forgive me if this has been brought up already) but New Japan is re-debuting on AXSTV in about 45 minutes. Just a reminder. EDIT: Whoops. I guess it isn't coming back with new stuff until March 3rd, so tonight will be... some kinda footage? EDIT II: It's Jericho vs. Omega from 2018. I guess they wanted to start with a bunch of blood and cursing on purpose. Completely forgot Josh Barnett was on commentary!
  2. What got to me was Britt not just playing possum for a sec before no-selling the table bump. People in this fed are always going head-first through these things and here she takes a trust fall onto a piece of breakaway balsa wood and they treat it like something she wouldn't immediately get up from?
  3. Cody vs. Punk would be a fine, fine use of both men. Anyway since Technico was listing lines above here are my favorites recorded in the Discord chat: "I'm sorry you had to see that, Tony." - from whoever was sitting in on the mixed tag when Britt and Cole kissed... was it Starks? "You're probably like Clint Eastwood, allergic to horses." - Jake to Wangman
  4. You know what, low key that was the best segment on a show filled with them. Billy Gunn came off like a mean, hard-ass bastard.
  5. Oh man, Sting's "maybe I shouldn't have done that" reaction is perfect.
  6. Archer was busting ass and stiffer than outside of Japan, I didn't see that at all. Maybe the elbows confused me. Moxley hopefully had the heckler held at the back entrance for a DC ass whooping.
  7. I am riding hard for Archer, Serena, and STING right now. Bring the fire. EDIT: And Jake is BACK! Plus, give us Cody vs. Punk now.
  8. I'm also curious about who would pull up the app just to watch the Swedish porno but I'm not gonna ask (it won't be me. But as an historical curiousity, I would understand).
  9. The Friends of Eddie Coyle was on last night and is always worth a watch. I forgot how much of a downer the end was (and the casual racism of the characters, too).
  10. I had the Nihilist Arby's hot sauce a couple days ago at a friend's house. Not recommended. They should have gone for a supercharged Horsey Sauce but it was just hot BBQ. (BTW, if you want a supercharged Horsey Sauce, get the horseradish sauce that St. Elmo's puts out. That and the remoulade they do are spectacular.) EDIT: If Elias retired tomorrow he could sleep happy over the heat he got from that one comment. Cheap heat, who cares, that is still the loudest most hostile pop ever. It's like a whole stadium heard the Half Baked guy say "BOO THIS MAN" and responded as vocally as humanly possible.
  11. Sorry Matt, I was spacing on giving you a pick. Try out... hmmm... this. Probably the best RVD match and an interesting little footnote in one of the best years of All Japan.
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