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  1. Fun fact: Onita's version of "Wild Thing" is the X version, not Joan Jett as I always thought it was. And she never covered it solo, though the Runaways did.
  2. Tankman vs. Laredo Kid was the shit. Laredo had almost enough firepower but Tankman is, well, a tank. So many crazy spots in this match. Fuck, that was great. I'm very disappointed in Dynasty not breaking up yet. Hammerstone needs to leave him in the dirt. Meanwhile, Fatu needs to be in AEW NOW. Along with Josef Samael. Tony, do it. Trade Court Shawn Spears and even Miro.
  3. If I, or many of us for that matter, had gone through that we would have crumpled. Somehow, Gary didn't. Buddy didn't. Austin Idol didn't. So, they deserve their regard. That's why I felt the need to share that story.
  4. They'll put Nick Gage and Maki Itoh together and have promos that are voiced over by Ed Ferrara.
  5. Coach Tony could definitely afford to buy out Court's contract with Park if he really wanted him. DON'T LOSE HOPE!
  6. I skipped through the meat of the show to see the trainwreck and the main event. Leave it to Bryan to do something totally different with a cage match by deciding to forgo the escape rule and instead use the lack of rope breaks to work on and force a submission. He was also taking mean bumps and working offense outside of the ropes which I've never seen either. Jey definitely held up his end of the bargain, loved the Samoan drop from the top and the big splash. Nice work.
  7. Oh shit. You just know we are gonna get a Sting/Wight match now
  8. Better living through chemistry
  9. Thank you. And you forgot sledgehammer. Don't bring a weapon to the ring if you can't use it, kids.
  10. How about Crow Sting vs. Biker Taker? Actually, that might've been a great tag team...
  11. You just know it would be a borrowed iPhone from somebody coming in to work the territory as an extra payday, and the video quality would switch whenever they left to go work a better spot.
  12. Here is the tale of the plane crash with Buddy Colt from Gary Hart's book. It is harrowing, I warn you. RIP, Buddy.
  13. Man wouldn't Mike Awesome have been a better Yankem? In a Bizarro World timeline Awesome as Kane would have been the shit. EDIT: I dunno. Mike was billed at 6'6" and Glen was billed as 7'. I wonder if there's ever been a picture taken of them standing next to each other.
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