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  1. Juicey Boy/Archer was a pretty good garbage match with some nasty bumps. They OBLITERATED those tables, and Juice sells wonderfully. Once again I have to say that Lance killed it in his promo, which they smashed in briefly after the match ended. He comes off as a dude you seriously do not want to fuck with. I can't name five heels off the top of my head that have made me feel that with their work in any federation recently. Also, Juice Robinson: Worst Taste in Gear Ever? And that hair man, geez. Help him out Finlay, get him a stylist...
  2. Thanks for the Twitch link. I was mostly glued to the Shameless marathon on Showtime but watched some of Kenny/Fenix. Lots of "Kenny Ortega" jokes in the chat from people typing in Spanish...
  3. I just turned on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to see... HAPPY MAN He had on polka dot bloomers this go-round.
  4. This one is practically floating in piss and vinegar. My favorite part is probably Tenryu popping Chono in the jaw, Chono doing a Flair flop, and Tenryu giving a perfect Jimmy McNulty "what the fuck did I do?" reaction to the ref. As good a tag match as you'll want to see out of these four.
  5. They'd work better as Xmas tree ornaments.
  6. You just know Maffew is gonna put the Cornette face over that when he puts all the botches on Botchamania
  7. Oh god, it just occurred to me. You know we are getting a Shorty G/Big E team. Just because it rhymes.
  8. The funniest part to me is these desperate, imagination bereft meat-grinders have decided to already put another Suicide Squad through the mill.
  9. Stranger than Godzilla's Revenge/All Monsters Attack is pretty strange.
  10. "They gonna be clubbahrin theyselfs all thuh way to thuh py-ray-mids, Tony!"
  11. THIS is what THAT is about? I'm all in.
  12. I have no doubt that Fulci was restraining himself from killing "Bob" outright by the end of that shoot.
  13. WHAT WWE HEARS Chad Gable: Hey kids, you're tough and strong and what people make fun of you for is a superpower! Mine is such a superpower it gave me a cool new name! WHAT WE HEAR Chad Gable: Hey kids, if you allow your employers to present your only presumed personal fault as a target for bullies, you too can be nicknamed like an '80s rapper!
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