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  1. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Since it's so much easier to find out about this shit here, let me plea: please don't let this thread get closed down through your personal snark/kinks/politics. Act like a civilized person and treat this like the continuing trainwreck it is: with stoicism and anger.
  2. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    Christ, The Strangers wasn't even good in the first place. Though the Hollywood shit is really making me regret my purchase I'm trying to drive through the third and fourth season of Tales from the Crypt. "Carrion Death" (with a great unhinged Kyle MacLachlan performance) has to be one of the grossest Tales eps ever. What would be on your top of that list? "Forever Ambergris" is still tops for me in that respect but this one, with the hand coming off... woof. EDIT: For that matter, Chiller wasn't even good in the first place either but I lament the loss of any horror on the airwaves
  3. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    If Franken has any true north, this. The Stallone rape being found out through the police report and none of us ever knowing about it makes me want to crush my copy of First Blood right now

    Since we're talking wrestling games and I'm going to a barcade that has it, how is WrestleWar?
  5. Random music thoughts

    RIP DikMik (Michael Davies) of Hawkwind
  6. The Criterion Collection

    YES!!! My OG Elite DVD of it went missing ages ago (not the box though, which is one of those "twist the knife" type things)
  7. Your Upcoming Good Stuff On TCM Thread

    Aw man, probably gonna miss that and never seen it. At least I get to go to a barcade that night and play endless rounds of Aliens. For those interested, a DVD of Westworld is available at (redacted supermarket) if you want to pick it up on the cheap.
  8. NOV 2017 TV THREAD

    "That was different from the others." - Hannibal Buress, Broad City This should be a bronze plaque somewhere EDIT: "I don't wanna die with spaghetti" GOOD LORD THE MAN IS AMAZING

    The long hair is completely throwing me for a loop

    Is he supposed to be a Dick Tracy villain?
  11. Random music thoughts

    Whatever you do DO NOT drink and get on there. You'll wake up the next morning, check your email, and say "well, I guess I'm eating ramen until next paycheck" Don't Drink and Discogs kids, it will save bank accounts
  12. Steve is alright. I'm super picky about my country too and he falls a little off the mark for me, but he's a Townes disciple so it's hard for me to argue. And yes, he has been through some serious shit -- there's a reason he played recovering addict Waylon on The Wire.
  13. Random music thoughts

    You are going to hate me for this but Discogs beats eBay (at least I think it does, I haven't done anything on eBay for years). Say goodbye to your income and relationship if you go this route

    He should come out in one of those puffy fat suits that's airbrushed like the rest of his gear next. FULL DEFENSE~!