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  1. My comment in the chat after El-P's fakeout whatever in the corner was that Cornette's heart finally exploded. "Twas Bucks, not Wendy's, that blew up the savage breast."
  2. Oooo, didn't think about NJ's blood ban. And here I was thinking "wonder how they feel about a woman's match on an NJ show". Shingo was also super over, and even Connors got over by the end of that match. Missed the entrance due to the streaming but it sounded like enough people knew who Shibata was and how special his appearance was too?
  3. Waitaminute there were five multi mans, not four. And there was definitely lay-down bits in four and that includes one in the opener which I saw enough of before it shat out on me. So was there one in the tag title match for a full FIVE Everybody Lays Downs? I can't remember.
  4. I enjoyed that WAY more than I thought I would. Had troubles with my feed until the proverbial Mysterious Benefactor hooked me up (thank you good sir). So, missed the pre-show and most of the opener which I'll alleviate later. - Out of all four multi-man matches the crystal ball read "there will be four Everybody Lays Around Spots" and lo and behold, there were FOUR EVERYBODY LAYS AROUND SPOTS! She never lies. - Miro deserves any title but if that meant him not being on my TV every week then let him be misted. - Women's title match wasn't as good as Rosa/Deeb but was perfectly fine. The Sting match ended up being a comedy match but that's okay too; he's still crazy enough to take a dive. Ospreay/Cassidy was an elongated version of their section of that ridiculous tag on Dynamite; I liked the bite-size version better. - Cesaro errrr Claudio is still the best. - Sucks about Cole (honestly) because that match had a real nice layout and performance. - Tanahashi is cooked. He looked it on Dynamite and he looked it here. Trying to match the power of Moxley's strikes and especially those pathetic body blows was not the proper path to take. Also, no need for blood in the match. Overall though it too was fine and crowd enjoyed the shit out of it. They seemed over the Pier 6 until Claudio came out again. Eddie still hating him was perfect -- yelling at Moxley who was all "What the fuck did I do?" and then just standing there shaking his head, hands on hips at the end. "What are you gonna do next, get Hero hired?!" You have to think they ship over Tana and Okada again because they were OVER. Also, somebody needs to alert JR that Hiroshi Hase is not a "class act".
  5. This was a jam-up hot take from Maffew Botchamania on the Facebook: He's got a point...
  6. I never got rid of anything and thankfully have the storage for it. All the tape dubs, VHS, CDs and CDRs. They're memories. Can't let go of em.
  7. Yeah. Digital got to the point where I could download anything on a whim, so I figured if I REALLY wanted it, I'd get it on wax. ...I now also have over 1000 records haha
  8. Eddie should have made a Wire reference and said his pencil lost its point
  9. Oh god yes. That was the OTHER problem with that match that I noted and promptly forgot about.
  10. The lineup changes totally knocked it down a peg for me and there was a big deflation seeing all those multi-mans pop up tonight but reading that card, on paper, it looks like it could be solid enough. I'd say five matches would be worth watching, for me.
  11. You can always get the main matches on a weekly basis on AXSTV with English commentary, just FYI. EDIT: Ooof, I just remembered that after they replayed the nasty Andrade knee into the post they replayed him running facefirst into the camera too. Ouch. Sometimes the things you don't notice hurt as much as the things you do.
  12. I liked both the main and open but I've seen Fenix and Cobb so many times from Lucha Underground that their stuff feels almost old hat. That probably comes off sounding really stupid when the open had so many crazy spots and great limb selling. The part where Fenix just bounced up and back and simply kneed Andrade in the face (IIRC) was as good as the topes. But I've seen it. Andrade was a better base for Darby or maybe that was just a better match. I love him but this was fun and not more than that. The main I kind of fell out of attention due due to the PnP heat (oh how I hate thee) and again having seen Cobb's deal before, and finding it scarier earlier. BUT, putting Cash in there was the style clash that Andrade/Fenix needed to be, because Cash would always bring it back to the old school. So I would give both matches a solid B, B+. The A- shit was the squashes, which were perfect. Martinez and Deeb are gonna have a tremendous feud after this "I can do what you can do better" deal blows up and until then they can wreck everyone and I will love it. HOOK is still the man and the other guy using KA-RA-TAY~! was great. The A+++++++++++++++ shit was the brawl. That was one of the most unhinged ones AEW has ever done and there has been more than a few. Jericho's "HELP MEEEEE" whiny face right into the camera was hilarious, as was Eddie somehow always finding him again to inflict more punishment. Some guys come out, then more guys come out, then it's all the guys and holy shit. Orange is laying into that turd Ospreay! Somebody gets piledrivered! Eddie wants another pen! Brilliant. By the way, Jericho completely fucked up when he neglected to say "I'm your pusherman" after Taz said "Superfly". Wrong movie, Wizard. I guess your magic doesn't cover '70s Blaxsploitation. We probably knew it would pan out like this but I'm almost totally uninterested in Forbidden Door now due to the changes. It is gonna be a lot of fall guys falling and people getting in their shit.
  13. It depends on your age. I was literally one of the Last of the Heavy Metal Tape Traders and still had digital aid.
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