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  1. Cool, I've been wanting to see an AJPW one since they get talked up over on Segunda. Thanx! EDIT: Aw man that was just great. I forgot that they were pinfall rules. I also didn't expect it to be a murderer's row of basically all the incredible talent they had at the time so you have the Four Pillars, a super pissed Hansen and the gaijin crew, Baba, etc. And what the hell is that song from? I thought it was the theme from Dallas but it isn't. Instantly recognizable though.
  2. That was a ton of fun. The finish was a surprise too. The only downside is the cameraman constantly running around the ring, just point and shoot you dummy.
  3. Ah okay, so this is the one you guys have been bringing up. I guess I'm behind a week somehow?
  4. TJP vs. Holliday was pretty much TJP rolling through every technical spot he can think of then Holliday hits him with two moves and pins him? Okay then. Calvin Tankman is a fuckin' beast. He doesn't need to be doing dropkicks though. Another guy finishing with a Rikishi Driver too... I still want somebody to bring back the Dominator. Goddamn does Dominic Garrini look like such a sleaze with the sunglasses, mullet and gi. It's fantastic. And I think Lawlor is wearing trunks that have a jean shorts print on them?! Also Garrini creepily looks facially like Pat Patterson. I think it's t
  5. After all the legal acrimony between Jerry and Glenn I think he'd have rather sawed his own leg off in his basement workshop then give up the rights to that name. If you're not a fan it's hard to imagine just how shocked we were to see they could work together again at all for these last couple years. By that point I don't even think WCW's lawyers could have done anything -- Jerry's dad runs/ran the biggest X-Acto competitor in the country so they had the money to fight it too.
  6. Ken Shamrock vs. Sting Seriously though. Impact I like for the Knockouts and the goofiness, but they have Willie Mack, TJP, Acey, Fallah Bahh, Moose, and I guess Eric Young, ECIII, and the North in a second tear of guys I'll watch (we'll throw in Dreamer and Swinger for fun too). I have no ROH nostalgia so I'll leave those guys to y'all. They could make for some fun matchups. I'm not much higher on a lot of the AEW roster TBH.
  7. https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3643425/cronenbergs-eastern-promises-getting-follow-small-dark-look-jason-statham-talks-star/ Now this is completely out of left field. Eastern Promises is getting a sequel... without either Viggo Mortensen or David Cronenberg.
  8. Anything for Jackson Premiering on Shudder today Butchers On VOD January 12 Climate of the Hunter Also on VOD Jan. 12
  9. Warrior's a good choice. Lots of controversy and Wrestlecrap, don't know why I didn't think of him before.
  10. 1. I should have supplied a chart for who is who in the New Japan match. 2. After watching the sit-in-chair-and-strike segment of the Mack/Necro match you kinda just have to laugh at the one from Moxley/Omega yesterday.
  11. The Cartel Project It isn't clear but I think this is gonna be a series of documentaries.
  12. Okay, wrapping up the show. Hirsch is soooooo tiny. Baker still isn't looking great and I think this hockey fight thing is gonna have diminishing returns. At least Reba got smashed again to keep up her status as Lana-style crash test dummy. Jericho/Kazarian (you guys calling him Kaz fooled me for a minute and I was like "Hayashi is over here?") looked okay, the Flux Capacitor or whatever looked like a Super Exploder where he lands on Jericho. Ouch. The tag match was perfectly fine too as long as Cody wasn't in there. Hobbs and Darby is gonna be your money match. JR telling Tony he didn't
  13. How'd I miss them redoing Mortal Kombat? Is it gonna be R rated now?
  14. Kundalini wants his hand back. RIP
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