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  1. They could be testing the waters for a big rematch on PPV. Or they just don't give a shit and said "yeah, that'll shut up the internet for a minute". Probably both.
  2. GIF

    I don't know who's doing that but I know that if Kobashi could've continued, he would've turned the Burning Hammer into it.
  3. Watch Davey Richards change his mind about being a doctor and show up as the new head in six months
  4. Okay, yeah. Gordy making an entire venue run for the hills wins. Now I want to see that versus the "NOBODY POTATOES ME" Hansen freakout.
  5. Now y'all have me wanting a Juice/Riddle tag team
  6. But the singlet hides the jiggle.
  7. Caught the main event cause I got to go into work early (so this is the first time I've seen any live Raw in basically forever) Graves: "Axel looks like a million bucks! Dallas... looks like he could be parking cars at the Rainbow!" Actually, he looks like Rhyno now. And he's apparently trying to imitate Vince from the daily GIF challenge. Ouch.
  8. Not to keep this thread running, but I just want to note that it's clear that Jericho was a major contributor to that book because what he writes about in his second book and some of what's in Ring of Hell completely overlap.
  9. ...that he found in the trash, disposed of by a gang member using it to deal the drugs that Paige and ADR eventually ended up using
  10. Didn't even notice that Jimmy was the person holding back Terry. Why Terry needed a mouthpiece is totally beyond me.
  11. Movie

    Yeah, I was gonna mention that but neglected to. The funny thing is a review said it comes off as Calvin and Hobbes-influenced.
  12. Movie

    DAVE MADE A MAZE dir. Bill Watterson I'm not sure if I'm gonna like this or it is gonna seriously test my patience.
  13. Austin, pretending to trash talk Vince: "Hey Vince, are you okay? That was a helluva bump." Vince: "Bleuhhhh... yeah, yeah." Austin, walking away: "Ha, that silly old bastard." But yeah Funk always wins. Unless he wants to lay down for somebody. Not today though.
  14. HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. Me and my friend Eric took a trek down to Carbondale, IL (otherwise known as Car-bon-da-lay), one of my old stomping grounds, to see Bible of the Devil and High Spirits and the shit was LIT. The last metal gig I went to was Saint Vitus/The Skull last October and this was right up there with it, and that's saying something. If you want some high energy rock'n'roll, then you need to look into these two modern legends.
  15. Photo

    My complaint is that it's boring.