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  1. Curt McGirt

    The "Bill Cosby is a monster" thread.

    Pruno Pops! Mmmm, mmmm!
  2. Curt McGirt


    Suspiria remake. Yeah, Suspiria remake. Can someone please kill me now. I don't care if it's directed by an Italian and still has Jessica Harper in it. Just... kill me. Or kill them, preferably.
  3. Curt McGirt

    The "Bill Cosby is a monster" thread.

    Anybody wanna take bets about how long it takes for him to croak after he enters the penal system? I'm not a gambler myself, but this could be fun.
  4. Curt McGirt


    Low Ki is a robot. Hire him for Westworld! They can afford the no show. EDIT: They might not be able to afford the lawsuits due to injuries to fellow actors though
  5. Curt McGirt

    The "Bill Cosby is a monster" thread.

    Finally the man utters an expletive in public. Also: goddamn this is an old thread
  6. That was the other option I was thinking of actually
  7. Curt McGirt

    Bruno Sammartino has died

    Probably because Bruno and Bret were closer in personality, as were Shawn and Buddy. There's a noble kind of side and a kind of... well... greasy side.
  8. Curt McGirt

    C+A May!!

    Fujiwara vs. Don Nakaya Nielsen from the '80s NJ set ('88 I think?) Hashimoto/Kawada. Just for the Segunda spin on it. Somebody has to come up with more Finlay btw
  9. Curt McGirt


    Yo, that Ultramantis Black EP IS pretty good. Not 100% my cup of tea (nor is pretty much anything Relapse puts out anymore) but it's solid.
  10. As long as it isn't Johnny Ichiban. God knows we don't need him in New Japan
  11. Curt McGirt

    NJPW Wrestling Hinokuni / Wrestling Dontaku 2018

    Yeah, Ishii playing the coach with the student under the learning tree then just saying "ah, fuck him" and walking off was great. And I don't even know who Henare is!
  12. Curt McGirt

    Banging the head that does not bang

    These guys took me by surprise today. It's just two guys from Toronto but boy do they rip. In an era where every other death metal band sounds like Incantation, these guys do it right with memorable riffs and hella dynamics. And not a blast beat in sight! I guess their lyrics are about Bloodborne and Dark Souls which is pretty weird though. New album coming soon on 20 Buck Spin. Oh, and their demos? Sheeeeeeeeyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit...
  13. Curt McGirt


    "Metamucil!" EDIT: Oh god I found the actual clip. "Or, bugina" hahaha
  14. Curt McGirt

    The Awesome/Annoying TV COMMERCIAL Thread

    I saw two brand new Progressive commercials last night. Sir, you are not wrong in that assessment
  15. Curt McGirt

    Unappreciated Gems

    I know this has been all hip hop oriented so far (and I love hip hop -- I just passed on buying a copy of Tical and Let's Get Free because I am stupid for the first and I already own two CD copies for the second) but this is my metal pick. Please disregard the awful cover (apparently this one was taken from a t-shirt) and give it a chance. It's breathtaking. It will be operatic, dark as fuck black metal one minute then turn into an almost alternative rock record out of nowhere, and at no time change its vibe. And Big Boss is the Freddie Mercury of black metal, period, King Diamond be damned