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  1. No, I didn't, but I pulled up again to see a metric fuckload of other character actors acting weird while a guy drooled blood in a jail cell among other things I can't remember (and apparently they couldn't either). Obviously I need to tackle the original series and film before this
  2. Yeah upon my rewatch recently I leaned on the FF for Marie too... but primarily just because she is the worst. As far as this episode goes
  3. Ditto I mean in the case of what Volk did looked like, not what you were trying
  4. Judging from that screencap he'd end up on Firefly Funhouse
  5. I kept looking at the Yeti and thinking "man if only this was Wilt Chamberlain" for some reason.
  6. The tag possibilities with Bock in his team are so much more interesting than any other team though.
  7. Dude can you imagine that with Sheik gibbering in the background only to grab the mic and yell in Arabic for a minute? Gilbert grabbing it back and saying "Yeah, you tellem, Sheiky baby!"? Amazing.
  8. Now you really have forced me to 1. vote for the underdog and 2. vote for a team I should have in the first place. Touche, Phil. Touche. I DO THIS UNDER PROTEST!
  9. Full disclosure, Bushwackers were my favorite tag team as a little kid. All I got was WWF and I guess I missed Demolition. If I had known they were bloodsucking freaks earlier I probably would have loved them even more.
  10. Twin Peaks: The Return marathon on Showtime today/tonight. I've never seen it so I just tuned in to episode six at random. Miguel Ferrer!
  11. They should be done with that shit now. I don't think the lineup has a spot for Russo at all besides the Owen one, which is going on last. Maybe the Road Warriors one.
  12. I'm pretty sure I saw Droz get paralyzed on air, or at least get taken out. I damn sure saw Buff Bagwell get his neck broken by that tope con hiro though. We have probably all seen way more wrestling injuries that we didn't know were injuries at the time when you think about it.
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