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  1. So Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist was shockingly renewed and they've added Gizmo! https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist-harvey-guillen-season-2-casting-1234773701/ James
  2. Lovecraft Country is basically following the book, where it doesn't seem there is an overarching story, just the same characters but in the end, what you thought was unconnected stories are actually leading to something worth your time James
  3. Steph as Batgirl was the BEST Batgirl had ever been! Supergirl & Batgirl v. Holographic Draculas on Halloween was the best single issue comic the year it came out! James
  4. I grew up in NYC, where going to MSG was a monthly ritual for me. I've lost count of all the stuff I saw as a kid James
  5. If I never watch HHH/Michaels LMS or HITC again I'll die happy! James
  6. Princess Sandra woke up at 1am crying for Mommy and Daddy. We determined that while giving her melatonin to help get her to sleep, its effectiveness in keeping her asleep is negligible. So it was camp out in the living room night for Clan Harris. Princess Sandra woke at 9AM and Ducktales is put on for her amusement. The Wife crawls back to the bedroom. She works 2nds so I begrudge her nothing. I go to the bathroom, Ducktales still playing, the TV remote safely out of reach. OR SO I THOUGHT!!! Not only does the wee one get her hands on the remote but she then proceeds to put on t
  7. Tag titles have a tendency to get delayed or never aired switches. I mean there is also the Rougeaus winning the titles but never even mentioned on tv James
  8. How can you not appreciate FSB singing about how much they love Queen in the different styles of Queen? James
  9. Or Jungle Kyona os the HERO we have always deserved and she will have all shiny belts! James
  10. Prez punching Valchak is one of the most cathartic moments in The Wire and in The Wire, ya don't get a lot of those! James
  11. And that is really saying something because 95% of those characters are kinda terrible human beings
  12. Man do I miss the Space Jews on the Japanese indy scene James
  13. I think with how aggressive Giulia is being we are getting Tam winning the tourney in dramatic fashion. Or, it is entirely possible, I'm an idiot James
  14. Christ all these old names popping up... How have I lasted on this board since V1.0 and not got tired of you all?
  15. Mu favorite disappointing match remains the Mutoh/Chono "BLACK SUMMIT" match at the Tokyo Dome. First they announce tbe match like 2 months early when Mutoh is IWGP champ, I think Chono is getting a much deserved 3nd IWGO run. Tben Mutoh drops the belt to Tenryu to set a defense against Sasaki. Thus we get NBM Mutoh wrestling Chono to determine who leads NWO Japan. I really thought Mutoh and Chono would bring their A Games but instead they have the world's dullest 40 minute match... AT THE DOME! Fuck Chono tried but sometimes Mutoh just gonna Mutoh. The point of this is... I LOVE CHO
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