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  1. I'm going to miss Clare's pronunciation of Michelle's name (MEE-shell). There are times Clare is just super standout but it requires her to be in panic mode (her laying the blame on Michelle in S1E1 and SisterMichael's respnose still slays me). James
  2. The Derry Girls finale was a rare gem in this day and age. A perfect ending to a perfect show. I'm not even remotely Irish (Anglo-Turkish on my mom's side, Russian Jewish on my Dad's) and it still struck a chord on so many levels. I am going to miss all these characters (especially Sister Michael) Bravo! James
  3. I'm a joshi nerd and hace been since seeing Dump at MSG in 86. Surely we got more Joshi nerds in the joshi thread that are unaware of the women in the polls. But I stand by my stance that Mei Suruga is the best all around wrestler since Eddie Guerrero! James
  4. I await the next poll. Which WILL be won by Mei Suruga! James
  5. Oh man! This week's SNW was batshit crazy with super-science it seemed like genetic engineering by Rusty Venture nuts! I love this show! James
  6. Finished Derry Girls S3E6 and that was a gut punch. It has me on edge for the finale. I can't say anything else besides that because otherwise... ya know... spoilers and all. Still, just oof James
  7. I just fins Page so dull and his Finish is People's Elbow level awful Saya obviously got my vote because 10 months of being consistenly fun to consistently awesom has to count for something. Even when she messes up (like the double knees Phoenix Splash) it makes you sit up and go DAMN! James
  8. White Knights? They better come out to Lionel Ritchie! James
  9. Kawada used it at least once more after that (in his TC win ov er Mutoh) but it wasn't a staple move in his arsenal. The crazy thing is, wasn't that same match Kawada broke his arm? James
  10. Saya Kamitani has been the most consistent performer, not named Mei Suruga, since last August! James
  11. The best way to teach the meaning of the word "Moot" comes from the 80s James
  12. So the new Magnum PI got cancelled and to be honest? I totally forgot it was still on the air. James
  13. Hogan and Muraco in a match from my childhood! James
  14. Dr. D bleeds for pur approval! James
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