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  1. Amazing Spider-Man # 10 The old softie in me teared up reading this. A highlight of the current run James
  2. Abadon? Hmmm... and Maho Kurogane is teasing an anmouncement soon James
  3. Ok that Masha Slamovich/Jungle Kyona match from JCW was fun as heck! James
  4. Other moment from seeing Urotsukidoji on the big screen... My best friend Eric nd I went with my buddy Andrew and his girl at the time, Rita. After the initial shock of the first... what? 30 minutes? The scene where dude has to chop his own member off and replace with a black demon dick led to every guy to groan out in a way you expect guys to do. Rita wasn't having it! She stoodd up in her seat and screamed "IT'S ONE FUCKING PENIS! HOW MANY GIRLS HAVE BEN RAPED IN THIS FUCKIN MOVIE?" The rest of the screening was quiet, Rita put every single dude in his place. Toshio Maeda was in NYC a few years ago and posted publicaly he wanted people to hang out with and lo and behold, my buddy Mark answered and they had a totally cool time talking about artistic influences James
  5. I saw Urotsukidoji at the Angelika film center in NYC in... 93? It was a harrowing experience which led to my best friend saying afterward "thanks for inviting me, I'm going to stick my head in an oven" James
  6. Okay the first unused TJPW logo is the old Superstation WTBS logo font. It makes me wish TJPW had Fishing with Orlando Wilson as lead inat 18:05 before getting pre-empted for Yomuri Braves game James
  7. Man I love Lower Decks! I can hardly wait to see Anson Mount's hair on it! James
  8. Wow Ricca Matsumoto doing wrestling commentary is... unexpected. She still very active for a seiyuu from the 90s James
  9. I'm genuinely angry about the Princess cup result. This is fucking ridiculous James
  10. She really was everyone good girl crush between 76-84 or so. I wi go watch Two of a Kind in her honor. How a movie, with that cast, bombed I will never understand James
  11. I mean Zybysko had more than 1 run in Georgia/Crockett so older fans would know him. But he wasn't as big as he was in Minnesota James
  12. I binged it all between last Friday night and last Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed it overall. Thought Ali Wong really did great in dramatic role. Manzoutkas showing up made me go "WHAT?!?" In a totally happy way. I think it's pretty good and looking forward to season 2, which is already confirmed James
  13. I can't be the only one watching this and enjoying it... can I? James
  14. Apparently, Tony Dow is alive, still breathing but he is in hospice and it is just a mater of time sadly James
  15. Ok a few thoughts... David Warner was in so many good to great movies. I don't care how cheap Quest of the Delta Knights is, it was part of childhood before MST3K did it. Also Yime After Time is an underrated [email protected] Paul Sorvino is just one of those actors who has always been around. His uncredited cameo in The Firm is one of those "oh fuck, its Paul Sorvino! These must the mob guys" moments that I love to death. Tony Dow's cameo in Kentuvk Fried Movie slays me every time
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