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  1. NOV 2017 TV THREAD

    For some reason I thought they had made Major Payne into a TV show already. I was justifiably shocked to fins out they hadn't. I mean as far as Bill Murray movies go, if they could make one into a TV series I think the world is ready for a full mini-series of "Where The Buffalo Roam" James
  2. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Didn't Cebluski used to run Tokyo Pop? James
  3. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Also Mikami Reiko from GS Mikami and Ukyo from Ranma 1/2 I cannot imagine the cast of DB not being in extreme grief right now since that casr has worked with each other for so long James
  4. The Criterion Collection

    My copy of the new release Le Samourai is in my grubby hands and I couldn't be happier! James
  5. N, no , no... The NEVER Brass Knucks U-30 title will become the industry standard! James
  6. DC Comics omnibus thread

    I'd love to see him do something with Ragman or Nightwing James
  7. What are you reading?

    This is the first volume of Dark Horse B&W reprints. It collects the entire original quest in a hefty 720 pages. James
  8. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    My gut is telling me that the Tournament of Power ends with Goku/Vegeta/Jiren fighting Wis' father because he will be revealed as the big Bad we all suspect he is. James
  9. What are you reading?

    Still making my way through ElfQuest but also making my way through the volume of Valerian & Laureline which is remarkably fun and quirky James
  10. The Netflix Thread

    I was bored last weekend and decided to power watch Hulu's Casual on a whim and... wow I really dig it. I'm through S1 and starting S2 and everything on it clicks for me. I'll also throw my support for Big Mouth. I'll pretty much watch anything that gives Jason Manzoutkas a chance to play another weird character but both Nick Kroll and John Mullaney are really great. I mean ho can I not love a show with the Ghost of Duke Ellington as one of he regular cast of characters? James

    Well damn, guess Blizzard wants my money again because I will totally pay to play WoW CLASSIC and possibly even the new Bttle for Azeroth expansion looks tight from a story perspective James
  12. Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    Jeckie's defining moment! James
  13. Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    I will have no ill words spoken of Arm Fall Off Boy! James
  14. Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    Of course bringing up Ferro Lad (one of my fave Legion members) reminds of a fun one off issue... James
  15. Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    "I leave you to the mercies of Orion" is the closest thing Highfather came to flipping Darkseid the bird James