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  1. Man... AJPW with a women's division. Now doubt that this ain't your Giant Baba's All Japan James
  2. When Rusev first showed up in the Royal Rumble, before his main roster debut, I was so impressed with him James
  3. The only reason I got confused is because Harry always used to be drawn with a more narrow face. That was a mandate in the old bullpen so people could actually tell the difference between Harry and Norman James
  4. WAIT... I'm confused... Is it Harry or Norman? Because that looks like Norman James
  5. The only strike against it is that you pretty much read every Claremont Spidey story that happened in Marvel Fanfare and Marvel Team-Up to understand why Kulan Gath is torturing Spidey. Of course there is a totally bonkers Claremont penned Spidey/Red Sonja team-up James
  6. Uncanny X-Men 191-192 are criminally underrated as a defining Spidey story. I mean the whole basis for the story are Kulan Gath getting revenge on Spider-Man for previous battles in Marvel Team-Up and Marvel Fanfare. Hell Spidey is trying to gind a way to fight back despite being brutally tortured. James
  7. My jaw dropped at the end of that Fresh Prince trailer James
  8. MJ smoking was something that came up toward the end of Micheline's run as I recall, with the LMDs masquerading as Peter's folks sent by The Chameleon. I thought that was kinda hamfisted myself. James
  9. Part of me would like to think Eddie gets used as a manager for the New Rockers for some strange reason... James
  10. Kts always nice when Takako Inoue updates her Facebook because there are a lot of pics of her and Kyoko hanging out together and it does my heart good that they are legit best buds after all these years! James
  11. Plus Waid brought back my fave 4th string Spidey villain in The Spot... TWICE!! James
  12. Waid's DD is more akin to how Stan Lee envisioned the character imo James
  13. So someone posted the weird as hell, in continuity Dr. Slump/Queen Millennia crossover special to youtube. I'm forever baffled how this thing even came to be James
  14. Chichester did Fall of the Kingpin, which wasn't awful but man, it was a slog to get to that point. Stan Lee did write "Brother Take My Hand" did he nor? That might have been tbe first great DD story Miller took a 2nd string Spidey villain and made him something better than he would've been by leaving him as a Spidey nemesis. If not for Miller, Wilson Fisk would be using a taser tipped walking stick to steal museum artifacts
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