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  1. I did go to rmthe movies by myself once. I saw the first 15 minutes of Paul Blart: Mall Cop before walking out. James
  2. I can't plunk down movie theater prices for Napoleon because I maintain Joaquin looks like Richard Kind and can't get past it James
  3. It was important to me that Sandy's first movie going experience was with me and NOT her mother was mainly my soon to be ex has shit taste in movies. I knew Sandy would willing go to Across The Spider-Verse so that was her first movie theater trip. If I had known it 2 and half hours going in I would've waited but I will not trade the experience of my daughter in my lap, snuggling her daddy as we both watched Spider-Man together for anything Some things are meant for a movie theater James
  4. My Favorite Joshi matches... yikes... 1. Kandori v. Hokuto from Dream Slam Just the gutsiest performance from the gutsiest wrestler AJW ever produced in Akira Hokuto. Faking a dislocated shoulder in the beginning of a match and selling it for the entirety of the match while having to deal with an insane amount of blood loss that would make Dracula say "You know what? I'm good for now" is just nuts. That's not to diminish Kandori's part in this as a legit badass who just comes up short to Hokuto's sheer desire to keep going when stopping the match would've been sensible 2. JWP Openweight Title 12/9/2007 Azumi Hyuga v. Kaori Yoneyama This was Kaori Yoneyama's coming out party. She'd been slowly building up her way up the JWP ladder for 6 years to get to this point. The fact that she wasn't supposed to be in this match originally just shows how much she put into the match to prove she was a worthy challenger and was to be taken seriously. Azumi Hyuga, on the other hand, had been looking forward to facing Meiko Satomura but an unfortunate knee connecting with Satomura's orbital bone nixed that match (and kinda killed the JWP v. Sendai feud with it). Azumi finds herself giving Kaori this title match after Kaori pinned her in a tag match a few weeks before. It was supposed to be Satomura. It's what Hyuga needed to cement her status as one of the joshi elite in her generation. Instead she gets Kaori Yoneyama and so her frustration has to be vented on the challenger. There was no doubt Hyuga was winning this match but it doesn't stop Kaori Yoneyama from throwing everything she's got at the champ. It's the match that made me a Kaori Yoneyama fan. Not in a simple "Let's go Kaori!" kinda way but a legit believer that she might pull it off against the Ace of the company. Every nearfall she scores as the match builds to its end put me on the edge of my seat. It made me a believer! It, after kinda giving up on Joshi around 03, made me a beiever again! Kaori Yoneyama and Azumi Hyuga brought me back to the fold! Finally, Azumi Hyuga had enough and avenged her pinfall loss. Kaori wasn't winning on her first challenge for that Openweight belt. Reality has to set in at some point and Azumi Hyuga reminds you why she was chosen to be JWP's Ace. Kaori Yoneyama has to be put down to prove it. Kaori Yoneyama wasn't supposed to be in this spot, not yet. Azumi Hyuga NEEDS to put Kaori Yoneyama in her place! It comes to an end, Azumi Hyuga proves why she's the champ. Kaori Yoneyama however, has proven she is no longer just the plucky youngster she was coming into this match. No, Kaori Yoneyama is a credible threat who can make a jaded wrestling fan a believer once again! Am I saying this is 5 Star classic? No, but it is a match that reminded me why I love Joshi Puro and in turn I love this match with all my heart! (My 3-5 picks will be another post) James
  5. "Wild Blue Yonder" was fantastically creepy and fun. RTD's best episode since "Midnight". James
  6. You make sound like Reacher wasn't damn fine television James
  7. Special #1... damn that was fun! James
  8. I do it for the kids! We know Shirley actually throws a mean punch. It dawned on me that if Deuce and Domino were more Lenny & Squiggy and less Grease they would've gotten over... or not James
  9. Actually, I really want to see that Laverne Defazio v. Demon match. I'm hoping Laverne wins after a bottle of milk and Pepsi explodes in The Demon's face leading to a roll-up of some sort. Post match beatdown by The Big Ragu! Jamez
  10. The highlight of the scrum for me was TK reading Toni Storm's letter which had an MST3K level derp cut to the Peter Lawford/Sinatra beef (at least that's how I read it) James
  11. Julia Hart huh? Truly the Eydie Gorme of women's wrestling James
  12. No, Moira was stripped of Mutant rebirth power by Mystique and Deztiny via Forge's Neutralizer Gun James
  13. Ironically, "The Tailor Made Man" was a gimmick he got in WCW. The fact no one thought of that for him in WWF is kind of a huge "how did they not get that?" James
  14. For no good reason, ABC's "When Smokey Sings" assaulted my brain last night. It was a pleasant assault mind you because it is reallycsuch a nice bit of Britush blue-eyed soul... https://youtu.be/BTV5FvNCbhk?si=IxhPTvky1EcROQDb James
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