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  1. This years Sentai is fucked and I fear so is 01, just when the latter was getting great James
  2. Oh sure, because rewatching The Master isn't some form of my assured self-loathing! James
  3. That's some bullshit! You mean I just rewatched all of The Master for nothing? James
  4. Pretty sure Geordi is dead per the series in canon prequel comic James
  5. Janeway is possible but I'm pretty sure Avery Brooks would rather extract his own teeth than comeback as sisko. I'd be very cool with Colm Meaney showing up though James
  6. With Sandy on the cusp of turning 2 there is no way I'm getting 5 reviews in again! James
  8. Giulia makes sense as they have building her momentum since January. Tam makes sense as she can use winning Cinderella to parlay that win in to a challenge against Arisa instead of going for the red belt. I don't see them putting Hana over so strong again after her winning the 5*GP less than a year ago. James
  9. I know I'm not the only person watching Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist but none of us havereally said anything about it. Well I fuckin love it and am so glad Jane Levy landed a pum gig like this asI couldn't remember seeing her in anything since Suburgatory was cancelled James
  10. No, this is Toei doing their own thing. Thy are starting with Goranger and JAKQ as I understand it James
  11. I'm picking either Giulia or Tam to win this James
  12. I shat the bed for Ernie Ladd I need to redeem myself! James
  13. This morning I got to watch Kakuranger with Princess Sandra and she loved every goddsm goofy moment of it!! James
  14. Its up and running. Ultraman LEO block is up currently James
  15. There needs to b more love for the Roger Stern era Spidey stuff as a lot of that helped build the Hobgoblin mythos James
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