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  1. So wait... it was Fabi that married Bily Boy? Why can't I remember the specifics of the Los Apaches feud in AAA? James
  2. TV

    I don't get the point of a new version of The Gong Show. The joy of the Gong show was how bottom of the barrel and cheap it was... also how coked out of his mind Chuck Barris was James
  3. I do love that Luger sells the mist like he got shot in the face with buckshot James
  4. I also remember Jim Ross going over the Mist categories on a Clash, even mentioning a deadly yellow mist that kills as well James
  5. Just watched The Sicilian Clan, which is not a Criterion release but dammit it should be! Fuck it, every French gangster movie with Alain Delon should be! James
  6. Regardless of match quality, Mutoh pretty much carried NJ on his back for all of 1999, took a vacation in WCW and then cameback re-invigorated in 2001. Hell even before then he'd whip a good to very-good match (his IWGP title match with Tenzan from... 95/96 is an example). All Time Great... maybe not but definitely an important figure for the last 30 years. James
  7. Johns confirmed that it is Dr. Manhattan as the big bad which kills any interest i nthis project for me now.I'd rather be sweved tan have it all be predictable and thus dull. James
  8. In regards to Barbed Wire Matches... I did a match between Ohata/Sane v. Aja/Ozaki. All 4 bled, beatthe crap out of each other and the bomb went off KOing EVERYBODY! Match rating was under 50% James
  9. Wish I culd find a reasonably priced version of the Criterion release of Le Samourai because I love that movie to pieces. James
  10. I mean he isn't dead or anytihng. He's just super selective about his projects. I'm sure if James Robinson said "Let's do mor Leave It To Chnce" he'd be all fver it James
  11. Lowest Match rating so far? Kofi Kingston v. Pentagon Jr Exploding barbed Wire Match got me 45% The fans were upset that only Kofi bled James
  12. I really want Mercedes Martinez to win but realize that probably isn't happening what with her being Shimmer champ and all. I'm pretty sure Kairi goes to t least the semis. There are plenty of girls with personality in this, now we just need ot see if they can wrestle. James
  13. Oh my yes! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1019026528&searchtext= James
  14. Last report I heard I remember reading was that after Barbara Broccoli co-produced his last sage peformance he was pretty much onboard for Bons 25 and thy just needed to come to terms. James
  15. Dear lord I know people working on CAW for Antichristo wcomplete with AI logic... Such silliness must be comended! James