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  1. OK, so here is FINAL GaoGaiGar and all of its Genesic Armor attacks including its final attack GOLDION... something, I can't make out what they are saying. I .like that the Safety Clearance did away with Mikoto having to smash a panel of glass to activate it, which is a call back to one of the radio plays when she got a piece of glass stuck in her hand. But Goldion Armor is... crazy... it'd Ludicrous Speed of of th studio 7verse! James EDIT: Apparently it is GOLDION FINGAAAAAAAA! (Goldion Finger)
  2. The Mysterious Benedict Society is quirky and fun. Tony Hale is a delight! James
  3. Hey we are fuckin terrible because Takao Saito died a month ago and I don't think any of us made mention. Jow can the creator of Golgo 13 pass without even a "damn"? Also, Sanpei Shirato passed. He was one of those guys making manga back in the pay library days before Tezuka changed everything. 2 greats are gone James
  4. Great... now you mugs have got me wanting a match between Andrade and La Momia De Elvis! James
  5. No no no, this is Dusty's kid... Mr.. Nightmare Rider James
  6. I man... Genesic GaoGaiGar was an amazing design and its reveal made you want to get the toy of it. I have no idea about this James
  7. Just when you think GaoGaiGar can't get more over the top! Jam4s
  8. I've got no idea, still haven't read HAKAIOU James
  9. I still do not know what to make of FINAL GaoGaiGar... James
  10. TNR has lost a member. I shall do the brief bros dance in his honor! James
  11. So I had Sandra Violet pick out the pair of Spidey jammies she wanted me to order for her. She picked the design herself. She loves them! James
  12. I can listen to Dick Murdoch talk about how he loves his "broke leg dog" all goddam day! James
  13. There is something about Ric Flair cutting "THIS IS AMERICA!" promo tha is both weird yet utterly patriotic! James
  14. Oh man that is just one of th best Blessed being Blessed things you can ever watch/! James
  15. If we do this again then count me in. Nothign makes me love the movies more than us diuscussin our faves James
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