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  1. Amazon is fond of recommending things I might like BUT I'm apprehensive about actually buying until I get a recommendation.Are The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb worth my time? It is the recommendation that pops up the most often along with stuff by Sanderson, Brent Weeks and Brian Staveley. I need somethign to sink my teeth into before I try another stab at the denseness of the Malazan stuff James
  2. 30 years ago today "The Techwood Drive Miracle" happened! James
  3. I'm shocked by Harold & Maude as well James
  4. I'm kind of disappointed I was probably the only person who voted for Four Weddings & A Funeral I think I was the only person to vote for The Street Fighter, Super Infra-Man and Kentucky Fried Movie The lack of love for Shaft is shameful! James
  5. Sat down with The Wife tonight and watched Pod People. It was her first time. I'm so proud of her James
  6. Caught up... Purefoy continues ot be amazing. The scene in the river with Trudy is just so great. Also Brian Dennehey! How can I not love tis show? James
  7. But by all accounts, cocaine or not, everything I've read says that WAS Savage in and out of the ring. His intensity and force of personality was legit and not a character. If that wasn't the case and Savage just worked the entire world into believing that then he would be, hands down, the greatest professional wrestler of all time (and an argument can already be made for that) James
  8. That's because The Maltese Falcon is a work of fuckin art! James
  9. 30 years as an active wrestler, and she ain't gettign any younger. Toyota has kept the faith longer than most. There was a tiem I adored her, then I became critical of her and finally found the balance of just enjoying watching her do her thing and try to enjoy it until the ride came to an end. Now the ride is finally ending aand I find myself looking back more fondly on her. James
  10. It's A Wonderful Life - 2 months after I proposed to Janice (aka The Wife) we were trying to pick a movie to see on Christmas Day since the theater was going to be empty and I'm Jewish (yes we had Chinese for lunch even though she is technically Roman Catholic). There was very little we wanted to see at the theater that day but then I saw there was a showing of It's A Wonderful Life and Janice had never seen it before (try to remember that The Wife and have a 17 year age difference). She agreed that we should see it. The fac the first time she saw it was on the big screen was even better. This was almost 3 years ago now. Last night we were in our shared office at home and she turned to me and said "Baby, when we have the family we want, can we watch It's Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve every year?". I almost broke down crying from the beauty of that question James
  11. The Mero = Savage analogy is fascinating because while the Mero/Sable dynamic was a talented worker with hot wife got crowd reactions, Mero was never as an intense a personality as Savage was. Mero had the look but not the intangible crazy factor Savage had. Even as a face Savage felt like he could snap at any moment. He was dynamic and exciting... Mero never felt 1/10000th as exciting as Savage was no matter how hard he was pushed pre-injury James
  12. Hell I'd take Defalco or even Micheline over Slott James
  13. I'm so tired and frustrated at real life right now that I read this as "Peter Townshend and Rex Smith" and now I want a rock opera of Street Hawk J.H.
  14. TV

    There was dedicated Hap & Leonard thread, should we dig that up? James
  15. Nininger's mechas are all awful BUT I haven't really dug a mecha on a Sentai since... shit Shinkenger maybe? My fave of all time remains Muteki Shogun from Kakuanger James