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  1. The watching of Dallas continues! How the hell did Linda Gray not win an Emmy in those first 4 seasons? I mean I love Barbara Bel Geddes as Miss Ellie but Gray killed it as Sue Ellen in every episode once they got past season 1 .I know Charlene Tilton used to get quite a bit of spite back in the day from the critics but she wasn't bad and season 2 sees her character evolved a bit (though they really rushed her storyline about getting married to Kit, that could've beren at least 3-5 episodes of material). I think Victoria Principal is way worse as Pam than Tilton was as Lucy. As I said before, Jock remains my favorite Ewing for just being an all around old badass As to me watching Dynasty... outside of the Pamela Sue Martin factor, its rewatchability doesn't hold up as well in season 1. I'm just waiting for Joan Collins to show up sso the bitchiness factor can be cranked up James
  2. My 2nd ROH show was in Cleveland for the out of nowhere BJ Whitmer v. Super Dragon match plus the Danielson v. McGuinness ROH World v. Pure title match. I vaguely remember Joe getting jumped bythe CZW crew. Good times James
  3. OK so here is my 10: 1. Run D.M.C. 2. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 3. Rakim 4. Big Daddy Kane 5. Kurtis Blow 6. Boogiedown Productions /KRS-One 7. Sugarhill Gang 8. Public Enemy 9. LL Cool J 10. Kool Moe Dee I really wanted to put Latifah on there just so we get some female representation but such is life. If I had to pick 11 it would be Whodini or UTFO. De La are in my top 15 because those first 4 albums are just amazing James
  4. and christ how do we get this far and not bring up The Beastie Boys? James
  5. Also Skull jumped frpm ECW to WCW killing Da Baldies momentum James
  6. I think BDK was more agile with his rhymes whereas Rakim was more well spoken on his. If you want a dope party vibe then BDK on your stereo. Not that Rakim couldn't do high energy but you really want BDK to get every one jammin James
  7. As Skull described it? Just people coming together to rep their neighbor hood and standing up for one another. The gimmick was a little bit more Guardian Angel/Curtis Sliwa inspired than being Italian Black Shirts/Benito Mussolini inspired James
  8. It is a shame Netflix bailed on One Day At A Time as it was actually way better than I thought it was going to be. Especially with it ending on that cliffhanger! James
  9. or Skull Von Krush. Lord I'll never forget that for 2 shows for some reason the crowd turned on RVD to root for Skull, including at ECW arena. I also remember taking the bus trip to the Arena that Skull was the special guest on the montly bus trip to the Arenaand when he revealed what the New Movement was... well one friend of mine was really hoping it was some sort of Mussolini inspired Fascist gimmick. It was not. My friend was disappointed James
  10. I'd put Big Daddy Kane in the first class without question. Can't put Rakim in there without his chief rival. Before Pac and Biggie go in I'd put De La , Tribe and Latifah in first... but that's me and I have a heavy Native Tongues bias James
  11. I remember being at the Elk's Lodge when Tajiri turned heel on Taz to set-up the Heatwave 99 match. I left that show actually excited for tajiri v. Taz. Then I was watched the match and saw Taz basically squash Tajiri and pretty much gave up on ECW after that. Not even the Mike Awesome period could make me excited for an ECW show of any kined James
  12. My recollection was that most ECW PPVs were almost unwatchable James
  13. It is up on Daily Motion I believe *checking* yup James
  14. Damn if New Frontier doesn't get me in the feels everytime. Why DC never released this as a giant ass wall poster I'll never knkw James
  15. It plays once on Pandora a few days back and now it won't leave my brain! James
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