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  1. Oh dont mistake me... I adore G Gundam more than any non-UC Gundam James
  2. I've never thought of 00 as a departure from UC. More of an attempt to kinda redo W The real departure IS G Gundam (and still the most fun Gundam series overall). Its batshit insane because Imagawa loves batshit insane robot fights. James
  3. I think the most important question is... is Kanno doing the music? I mean with Origa's passing we won't be getting her awesome vocals for an opeming song James
  4. Fuck does Letterkenny just have a great selection of music but damn if Lisa Leblanc just rock my world James
  5. WTF? that's weird, giving how much it playedin te whole show. I do hope Baby Billy is still around for season 2 James
  6. In case you didn't hear already, the first 41 episodes of Saint Seiya from 1986 are up on Netflix with a new awful dub (not to worry, there are subs with Japanese language available). Hopefully enough people watch this so we can get the rest of Sanctuary completed and fuckit would miraculous to get Asgard and Poseidon subbed finally! James
  7. The finale of The Righteous Gemstones wrapped thngs up niccely. Of course there were certain things that became obvious were going to happen, not the least of which was calling what happened to Baby Billy once it started raining. I was totally wrong about Baby Billy being on the level anyway and I admit it. Eli Gemstone is boss of bosses just for his toally gangster line of "I forgive you but I won't forget" James
  8. What if this is a giant swerve and the X-Men Xavier are using are actually the hatched Brood X-Men that no one has done anything with since Claremont introduced and then totally forgot he even created James
  9. If they went back to that Wolfman/Gene Colan era Batman I'd be cool with that. I'd be down for sn updae for Nocturna and the Night-Slasher James
  10. On a separate note, While the baby naps I've taken the down time to start watching Black-ish and enjoy it quite a bit. Damn if that Prince tribute episode wasn't just the perfect thing t owatch this afternoon! I'm even more impressed how Anthony Anderson has mnaged to keep getting work given all the trouble he keeps getting in off camera James
  11. Gosh darn do I love Stumptown so far. i was wary of Cobie Smulders simply because she's not who I saw as Dex but damn if she isn't charming as heck in the role James
  12. It still blew my mind when I found out Violence Jack was the sequel to Devilman James
  13. Take in to account, I went to see Urotsukidoji without knowing anything about it, I was going with a friend I hadn't seen in aawhile and he recommended it. Maeda is a talentd artist and writer but he never found his a place in mainstream manga but hit it big doing H. He is on social media and by all accounts just really normal guy (I have a friend that knows him personally based on them talking on social media and then meeting up in NYC and becoming friends). It was Urotsukidoji that made me aware that H manga and anime are not for me thank you very much. The difference between Maeda's stuff and Hokuto No Ken is target audience and marketability. Hell the pilot manga for HnK is radically different than what the series manga ended up being James
  14. I don't which is more emotionally brutal, Barefoot gen or Grave of The Fireflies James
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