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  1. also for the record, you should all be giving the Excalibur EPIC Collection your best "Come here and let me read you in bed" look. Dear lord I forogt ho much I love Alan davis teamed with claremont James
  2. Yeah I noticed how there seems to be lack of love X-Men: The Hidden Years. I never read it but some people told me it as fun but way more said it was not worth reading a single issue. Apparently all the love is saved for X-Men: Year One James
  3. It looks like they updated the old Mouse Trap game and threw in a Dean Ambrose figure James
  4. Freebirds were coming out to Skynyrd way before that as I recall. I mean they were doing that in 82 in Dallas and probably sooner in thoer places James
  5. Let us not sell short Dave Cockrum's art during his 2 runs with Claremont. The majority of the Brood War was Cockrum and then that flows into Paul Smith's incrdible run followed by JRjr's first run. Basically, read everything from Giant Sized #1- Mutant Massacre (jesus talk about a giant status quo shake-up). If you want ot follow through to Fall of The Mutants, X-Men Australia and Inferno I would not dissuade you bcause you get great story and some early Silvestri, Lee and even Leifeld. I do recommend reading New utants as a supplemental seris to UXM during Brood War. In terms of characterization New Mutants might be even BETTER than UXM when Claremont was writing it James
  6. Still my favorite Roger Moore movie and yes, For Your Eyes Only was dialing it down as far as the Moore era of Bond goes. Broccoli realized thy kind of went over the top with Moonraker so they went ahead with a movie that had more of a FRWL style than the Moonraker and TSWLM (though TSWLM was still awesome!) James
  7. I heard X-Men 92 is all sorts of insane poking fun at the era/animated series in a loving way James
  8. Jesus was Lobdell on the book that fucking long? That is mind boggling I never read the Claremont/Davis run but no one ever seems to talk about it (which might be all the explanation I need) James
  9. I remember when it happened being totally stunned since Guardian was the most popular character (along with Puck). Sales dropped off after they killed him, dropped further after the swerve of bringing him back and then pretty much tanked once Byrne left. The title floated around cancellation for the rest of its run (at least that was what a few editors at Marvel told me back in the day) James
  10. Byrne's Alpha Flight was during his really hot period, those first 12 issues are some of my favorites I'm out of Claremont era X-Men and Claremont/Simonson era New Mutants and am debating if I want to even continue go past that point (i.e. into adjectiveless X-Men and *sigh* X-Force) James
  11. Gary Hart was the fuckin man and and easy top 5 pick for me. He was great at getting hs boys over on the mic but also gave off the vibe of being a skeezy dude that would bring a straight razor to a boxing match James
  12. They work... to a certain point in time. Byrne has been actively terrible since... gosh his Wonder Woman run? Byrne on FF, Alpha Flight, Hulk Superman and Action was amazing. Shit I even loved the insanity of his OMAC mini. But then came Wonder Woman and I was like "Serisouly?" I can''t figure out where Miller went wrong. Batman/Spawn? James
  13. That can't be right, 3 years? I thought he debuted in 1980 or there abouts... still f that's the case 6 years is insaely short either way James
  14. Been listening to Jay & Miles X-Plain The X-Men podcast and it has led to me revisiting all those early Claremont stories... I don't care what anyone says, this stuff is still amazing! James
  15. eh my Gatchaman one was better... James