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  1. I sentence I never thought I'd see onthis board James
  2. Dude imagine growing up in the 80s where on local TV you had 3 WWF syndie show, 2 NWA syndie shows, 3 TBS NWA Shows, Mid-South/UWF, World Class, Memphis, 2 WWF USA Shows (a 2 hour show and a 1 hour show) and WWC on Univision and CCW on UHF. That's like 15 hours of wrestling in the NYC area alone. Shit that's not counting 2-3 hour WWF show once a month from MSG/Meadowlands/Nassau Coliseum. It a fuckin miracle I had time to watch Kung-fu movies and Soul Train on the weekends! James
  3. So was there a reason we saw neither hide nor hair of Koji Kanemoto during the Liger retirment hoopla? I thought he'd at least show up with flowers James
  4. Good then its not just me. Y'know, for someone who has been adventuring sincethe age of 13 Ms. Pryde sure has been and seen some harrowing fucking shit. I'm stunned she wasn't drinking before she was 16 James
  5. Is it me or are they subtly making it look like Kate is getting to in to being a pirate and becoming somewhat of an alcoholic? James
  6. Marauders is real fun, ditto New Mutants Excalibur is also fun just is a way that is very... Excalibur. I like that we have Betssy back as Betsy after decades of fucked up shared body bullshit James
  7. Remember when Bravo was nothing but West Wing re-reuns, blow out and that one realirt show about that one physical trainer and her psycho girlfriend? Better yet, remember when Bravo would show opera or hte occasional Lou Reed live show? James
  8. The GGG novel is official from Sunrise. Written by one of the show writers and supervised by the series director. It takes all the stuff proposed for Project Z and has a batshit insane story (in true GGG fashion). The novels are complete and currently are being serialized as manga. Fuck they even recorded and released another updated version of "Yuusha-Ou Tanjou" for it James
  9. Now that I've read the synopsis of the GoGaiGar vs. Betterman novels all I can say is... CAN WE PLEASE ANIMATE THIS THING! I NEED TO SEE GOLDION ARMOR~! James
  10. They're trying to recpture that Liz Lemon/Dennis dynamic from 30 Rock James
  11. The announcement came from Jim Butcher this morning! July 14th 2020, we finally get Peace Talks, the new Dresden book. Now I just ant to hear something from Scott Lynch about the status of The Thorn of Emberlain (which he completed and submitted in the spring) and 2020 might be a grand year for reading James
  12. Anyone think that this is episode 6 and the title of it being "The Prisoner" was coincidence? James
  13. I went to see char's Counterttack as well and had similiar issues. I mean, fuck there is so much white in the backgrounds when not in space, who thought that putting white subs was a good idea? Still the movie is a good watch, especially the chase inside AXIS. The aanimation is kicked up a few notches in that sequence. This was all hand drawn because man the stuff with the funnels would toitally be CGI in this day and age James
  14. If Original Recipe Law & Order comes back, this needs to be the DA and ADA shot James
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