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  1. Well Onita doing a promo for AEW makes me think he is running in, jumping both Mox and Omega, pinning one of them all so post match he can spit water on his wounds and in the air, cut a promo in barely intelligible Japanese and then walk off as "Wild Thing" plays. Oh who am I kidding... I'd watch AEW on regular basis if this friggin happened! James
  2. I hope the AZM/Natsupoi match delivers and expect Mayu to further destroy her neck and back bumping for Yoshiko James
  3. At first I thought Tam winning was a forgone conclusion... but now, with hours to go befeorethe match... I fear for her hair! James
  4. I seem to recall Edge and LancecStorm having a pretty damn fine IC title match James
  5. With the demise of TCS in STARDOM let it known that Utami Hayashishita's "Riot of Flowers" is the best ring music in wrestling currently!
  6. Gerber's stuff, overall, hasn't aged well to the point of it being so over the top at times that just reading a simple 1 issue Conway Spidey story is a perfect pallette cleanser. I think Starlin's stuff holds up better compared to Gerber
  7. Isn't John Mahoney dead? I don't think I could stomach Kelsey Grammar with just him and David Hyde Pierce. I'd rather Jane Leeves do a revival of THROB than Frasier James
  8. I'd like to think when Kyona it is in the form of jumping Kyona voming through the crowd in street clothes as Konami is coming to ring. I don't just want STARS/ OR stable ear, I want STARS going guerilla warfare!! (I know this probably will not happen) James
  9. Fuck I can watch Magnum T.A. slap Bob Geigel all day I don't give a fuck about your reprimand! James
  10. add to this, Mayu being unable to put Tam away in their singles match helps elevate Tam and now also gives us kind of a storyline that might lead to Mayu wanting some serious payback against Odeo Tai for the spring/summer. I think once Kynoa gets back they both are going to be looking for lots of revenge James
  11. I never got Black... I think he's dull and not terribly compelling in the ring, but that's me. I know plenty around here dig him. I just turned 49 on Saturday so maybe I'm becoming a curmudgeon regarding pro-wrestling in general to the point where Jim Cornette might tell me to lighten the fuck up James
  12. Oh man, the Brooke Shields episode is the Alice in Wonderland episode! James
  13. I watch a lot of wrestling with Princess Sandra, so it is no surprise that last night, right before bed I made a request... Me: Sandy, I don't need no handshake. What I need right now is a hug and a kiss to seal the deal! Sandy raps her arms around my neck and kisses me on the cheek and literally lays down and falls asleep in 2 minutes. Leave it to Dusty Rhodesto help me get my daughter to sleep James
  14. Continuing the "Mayu has trust issues" storyline I see James
  15. Hayabuas/Tanaka v. Funk/Mr. Pogo No Ropes Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Exploding Deathmatch is a fun little fight, as you have Busa throwing himself all over the place, bumping like a freak and Terry Funk is in full "Crazy Terry Funk" mode while Pogo is Pogo and Masato Tanaka is just trying to direct traffic and have something resembling a match I love this match to pieces! James
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