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  1. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Info on the Netflix Saint Seiya project has been slowly leaking out. Here is everything I know: - It will NOT be doing the full CGI approach that the anniversary movie had.since Terumi Nishii is involved as character designer and since she handled the characters for Jojo's Diamond is Unbreakable arc except it to loo ka lot like Jojo (which I'm cool with). - If you're a fan of the manga this is the show for you as it does away with the Docrates arc after the Galaxian Wars and will go straight from the Seiya/Ikki Death Queen Island fight right into the Seiya/Misty fight which dovetails right into the Silver Saint Arc. This means no Crystal Saint, Gigas, Steel Saints or Geist Saints.Basically its from Seiya gettign his Bronze Cloth to probably Saori getting shot at Sanctuary. The more info that comes out the more excited I'm getting and my inital sense fof apprehension mlts away! James

    I remained irked that The Emmys continually snub Mozart In The Jungle for any awards. James
  3. What are you reading?

    I also just finished Andy Hyland's first Malachi English book A Mage's Gambit. I liek it enough to get the second book as free DL on Amazon for The Wife's Kindle. The world needs a lot more fleshing out because there is so much backstory for the supporting cast that needs to be firmed up. If anythign my only complaint is that Malachi is the least interesting character in the whole thing (I want to know more about characters like Arabella and even poor Becky). I'll see how the second book reads. I do see why people compare this to Dresden BUT the Dresden books have a much more dynamic lead character who gives much more a look at how things work in his world. James
  4. What are you reading?

    I love it when I mention what I'm reading and OSJ immediately has so many other recommendations in the same genre.Time to check Amazon and Rbay for some of these Authors. James
  5. Wrestling What Ifs

    I dunno, The Dudes weren't... ummm... that Dynamic. I mean outside of the match where Cornette turned on them do they have any other memorable matches? Even with the WWF creative team marketing them if the team isn't at least fun to watch then what would be the point? I think the Dudes would just end up being Young Stallions 2.0 in WWF James
  6. I remain in awe of Starcrash for the simple fact that did a movie with Marjoe Gortner and didn't even once take potshots on his fake elementary school preacher upbringing. Also, seeing Dvid Hasseloff with such a smooth babyface was truly terrifying. The Wife and I are on to the first Lost Kingdom movie. Is Bo Svenson channeling Joe Don Baker (given that Bo replaced JDB in the Walking Tall series) in Mitchell to play this lumpy swordsman? James
  7. What are you reading?

    So apparently the original Ernest Tidyman Shaft novel is back in print after like 30 years or so. I'm digging it. Its quick paced yet totally gets over that "This is the 70s. This how people in the 70s talk" vibe. Word is the other books are supposed to get back in print and I really want to read Shaft Among The Jews and The Last Shaft (where our boy John Shaft dies a violent random death to get over how violent the 70s were) James

    Kairi was fun through th whole tournament and was a great babyfce. Baszler had no presence/aura to me. Hell, Jazzy and Kavita gave off great presence/aura that even in losing made them sem like stars. Baszler just came off as "She has a tie to Ronda Rousey" aura i.e. her aura is based off ties to someone else that aren't her own. It was a good match and I enjoyed watching it. What more could I ask for? James
  9. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    So on whim I picked up Vol. 1 of X-Men BLUE and.. I really dig it. I like the characterizations, I like the interaction between Jean and Magneto (and Jean discovering Magneto's bacxkstory) hell I even like the use of Ultimate Son of Wolverine. Hopefully Vol. 2 remains just as fun an breezy though I think Secret Empire might prevent that... James

    Then dammit if we have to wait 3 years for a season 4 to maintain quality levels then I'm all for it! James

    That was supposed to be eye-patch Morty from " "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind" " right? I mean that's what I took away from it. James
  12. The All Purpose Tokusatsu Talk!

    2 episodes in and Kamen Rider BUILD is keeping me negaged to keep matching. I like the idea that not every combination used is a PERFECT MATCH and that even the base form (RABBIT/TANK) is just a dfault. They already plated the seeds for the 2nd Rider and the theme song is slowly growing on me. James
  13. It this pic that made me want it to be so bdly! James
  14. I'd rather they use Brock to make every Renier Wolfcastle film from the Simpsons a reality I yearn for "Undercover Nerd" to be an actual thing on my iTunes! James

    My ream "Dancing With The Stars" cast would include Doug Benson and Jason Manzoutkas... because otherwise why would I bother watching? James