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  1. Now that I'm all caught up on House of X all I can say is Hickman is just really good at shredding a reader's hope in one issue and then turns around the next issue to sweve you in an absolutely incredible way. James
  2. Its called a Progriss Key, kinda liek a Gaia Memory from W. I've avoided posting the actual 01 henshin because fuck is it over the top James
  3. In other news, Crunchyroll has added Bakuretsu Hunters and Arcadia of My Youth! James
  4. Even a Buck Zumhofe WWF squash match? James
  5. The first 3 episodes of Kamen Rider 01 have damn fun, especially with the debut of Kamen Rider VALKYRIE Rushing Cheetah form! The color scheme is such a tribute to Dekaranger's DekaSwan that it is impossible for me to not love it! James
  6. Loved Gemstones this week as it was still about characters that aren't Eli yet Elis' presence is so strong throughout. It was mainly about Baby Billy Freeman and what led to his falling out with Eli. I think Baby Billy is kind of looking for redemption, in that way all great Walton goggins characters do, I don't think his intents are as malicious as I initially thought. I think he wants to be Eli's right hand more than anything. James
  7. The world is just a little less cool without Ric Ocasek James
  8. So Keith David said in an interview that Goliath was one of his favorite roles and said he'd jump to do a Gargoyles continuation. I know Disney passed on Key's pitch for a reboot and I say just brign the band back together and get us a proper Gargoyles reunion James
  9. I love that there can be long stretches where Goodman isn't onscreen but weight of Eli Gemstone is felt in a scene. Then when Goodman shows up it feels even more important James
  10. Y'know, I'm okay with that because if I gotta remember a Gil Gerard show that isn't Buck Rogers I'm glad its Sidekicks and not Earth Force James
  11. Hey am I the only person who remembers Ricky Steamboat on that Gil Gerard/Ernie Reyes Jr show Sidekicks? Of course then there was the Piper/Ventura show Tag Team James
  12. Righteous Gemstones renewed for Season 2! I love thid how so far and think it is just tons of fun James
  13. Seeing that moonsault double footstomp just makes me miss Hikari Fukuoaka even more. Shit her Rider Kick was even better than Sasuke's James
  14. Shit now I just want a whole stable of Cannell themed wrestlers. I mean the guy playing Rockford would get his ass kicked a lot but he'd get the last laugh in the end James
  15. Kamen Rider 01 Episode 1 - Its like W and FAIZ had a kid in terms of the tone and plot points but fuck if I'm not digging it. Ity has the MOST elaborate 1 st Henshin for a Kamen Rdier EVER~! James
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