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  1. Am I the only person who got the vibe that being King now is mostly a ceremonial position given who they gasve it to and the real power lies with the Small Council? In the ned Jon Snow gets to be both Maester Aemmon and Mance Rayder rolled int oone James
  2. Reminds me of Brock's gnarly seated stretch muffler James
  3. Shit it'll go on my pepperoni and sausage tombstone! James
  4. I will defend Crush/Savage Falls Count Anywhere with my dying breath James
  5. All I can say about John Wick 3 is... more please! James
  6. oh Gold Lightan, the mecha that teaches the power of smoking! James
  7. Wait, is that Mokujin Ken or Giant Gorg? James
  8. I've been involved in the SCA on and off for over 20 years. I can't think of a single person I know inmvolved who researches and re-enacts as a viking/Norsde persona that is the least bit wanting to link that to Nazism. There has been an intense uptick in interest in Viking/Norse culture i nthe last decade or so in general and a lot of what Hitler and the Nazis THOUGHT they knew about Vikings and Norse culture was grossly incorrect. James
  9. But that id thing about Shane, he was beyond redemption. You knew what he was and knew he really wasn't going to change. I can sympathize with Andy Sipowicz because he is tortured in his journey to redemption. He isa flawed but ultimately good man who struggles with the person he was at episode one and he smacked in the face with so much tragedy in those first 6 seasons of Blue. It felt liek after that the writers were like "we seriously cannot torture this poor guy anymore. Let's just focus on him doing the job" James
  10. Yeah, Mcnulty was't tortured he was just Mcnulty. There is no other explanation for it besides that. James
  11. I dunno.. I mean shane is a piece of shit as a human being so he kinda deserves what he gets. Luther has elements of Andy in him but Andy in those first few episodes of NYPD Blue nearly dies in episode one, spends the entire first season struggling with sobriety (falling of the wagon early on, then dealing with his sponsor getting murdered), has to deal with his partner/best friend having to quit the force due to IAD investigation, has a brief moment of happiness getting married to Sylvia (what ever happened to Sharon Lawrence after she left Blue the second time?) and then seeing his 2nd son botrn only to have that blown apart when his first son get killed breaking up a robbvery. Then Sylvia gets gunned down... shit ?I'm getting depressed just typing this James
  12. I've reslly come to despise the Chris Reeve Superman over the years but this always sticks with me.. James
  13. Well the talk of the new NYPDD Blue led to me binging the first few seasons and holy fuck, is there a more tortured TV cop than Andy Sipowicz? James
  14. Honestly, I think Pewrfect regains and then Beefcake gets a 2nd reign come Mania. He was jusyt way to over. Then they could have him lose the belt at the following SummerSlam and set him up to chase the world title. I mean that actually seemed to be his path from when I was a kid James
  15. Beefcake getting his face smasged is a prime example of this. He was definitely winning the IC strap at SS that year. So how different would him as IC be? James
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