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  1. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    It is officially going on hiatus with an eye on returning either in the fall or spring 2019 according to Toei. It will be replaced by a new Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro, which I am all for, as it means Masako Nozawa will still have steady work! James
  2. So nothing has really changed in the last 15 or so years. I mean if not for RSPW I never would've read my first DVDVR but still, that place was toxic even back in the day James
  3. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Kokkoku is by far the show I'm enjoying most so far in he new season. After that is Overlord II (Electric Boogaloo) and Gran Crest Senki Mind you, its only week 2 so far for most shows James
  4. Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    Lightle? He has worked pretty steadily even after Legion for both DC & Marvel, just nothing as high profile. Kinda like Scott Kolins in that regard (i.e. Kolins original Flash run was great but after he left nothing he did afterward garnered as much attention) James
  5. The Really Swell News Thread

    IT'S A GIRL~!!!!! End of May/Start of June can't get here soon enough! James
  6. Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Looks like Okada is "off the market" romantically... https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2018-01-13/voice-actress-suzuko-mimori-pro-wrestler-kazuchika-okada-acknowledge-reported-relationship/.126381 James
  7. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Hakyu Hoshin Engi's first episode is nice I liked the original Hoshin Engi series just fine but parts of the manga were glossed over (and parts changed). Well they did the same thing with episode 1 of the first series (skipping Taikobo's fight with Dakki's sister). Still nice animation and a pretty energetic opening song made for a pleasant episode. Have to rewatch Hakata Tonkatsu No Ramen episode 1 again because I fell asleep while watching (I was tired as fuck after 4 nights of not sleeping well). Toji no Miko Episode 2 wa slower paced than episode 1 as they try to establish characer motivation. That's fine, interested to see where the it goes. James
  8. No, no no... you bring in Saraya Knight to beat the crap outta Sasha for revenge for her injured daughter! Just have Saraya go batshit insane on everyone to the point where evn Paie is like "Um... Mum, its ok... really" Saraya attacks Paige to show how out of control she is, leading ot Asuka making the save... yah I just want an excuse for a Saraya/Asuke match James

    Its no Shatner Turbo 2000 tht's for sure! James
  10. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    One would hope Sorvino has Pesci and Deniro with him as look-outs so they can get a lick or 2 in James
  11. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    The watching of the Winter season continues... Junji Ito Collection Episode 1 was exactly what expected it to be. Sadly don't think they are animating any of the Tomie stories for this. Kokkoku's first episode has me hooked more than anything else right now though! I'm skipping Citrus and and Mitsubishi Colors Also, the less I say about Devilman ~crybaby~ the better. I mean I'd rater they animated Devilman Grimoire James
  12. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Last Exile.. .there's a show I totally forgot about! I've rewatched Bebop, Gatchaman, GaoGaiGar (including FINAL) and Hokuto No Ken more than anything... after that is probably Slayers and GitS James
  13. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    See neither did I but when it first came out that's what most sites were calling it. To bad the manga has been hiatus for 5 years, the odds of more anime are pretty much zero if the creator isn't putting anything out. James
  14. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    See I liked Toji No Miko better than Gran Crest mainly because I want to see where it goes (decent character designs for the shw it is, I think Gran Crest disappointed me because I was expecting at least high production value BUT not everything by Mizuno gets a Lodoss level budget and this isn't the 90s OVA market). But, these are first episodes and I'm willing ot see both unfold I'm about to watch Slow Start now, I'm hoping it has the same vibe as Hyakko, which I felt was really underrated because to many people crapped on it as a Azumanga Daioh clone (which, I get but the characters were very different). James
  15. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Yeah, there was a certain lack of gravitas given how the show opened. I'm willing to give anything by Mizuno a shot though. Bt he characer designs and animatio nshould be better, it just looks... generic? James