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    Well, Kirk was thirsty, just not in the way you mean James
  2. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    When I worked at Marvel the guys who were the most gracious in my dealing with my gushing fanboyism were Peter David and Claremont. just geuninly nice guys James
  3. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Also, in case anyone missed it... Season 1 of Kamen Rider AMAZONZ is up on Amazon Prime US/Canada (as Amazon Riders). If you didn't watch it when it was originally getting fansubbed go watch it now! James
  4. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    UC2 might be the long rumored live action TV series that they were going ot do with HBO... but I doubt it James
  5. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Lord, a proper full version of F91 would be amazing James
  6. Bruno Sammartino has died

    I love that match and there are a whole series of matches tha led up to it. Tito challenged Savage i nthe Garden trying to get the IC strap back but Savage got himself DQd by punching the ref while trapped the figure 4. That led to the rematch at MSG the next month with Bruno as special ref. Tito was on the verge of winning (AGAIN!) when Adonis jumped in the ring and all 4 guys started brawling drawing a DQ. That set up a tag match the next month, Tito & Bruno v. Savage/Adonis. ISavage and Adonis won by countout which set-up the cage match the next month. I was there for all of those matches and seeing Bruno ram Savage and Adonis into a cage filled me with glee! Just a rally great booked locl feud on the NE circuit and the fans went apeshit for Bruno James
  7. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    take into account Byrne was also writing Iron Man at he time and writing and writing and drawing Namor, so he was pretty busy. Harras felt that it was the artist that were selling the books and and Claremont (and in the case of New Mutants, Louise Simonson's) writing. In the end, Harras missed the point that the one consistent thing for 17 years on UXM was Chris Claremont and in the end backing the artists instead of the writers (in regards to story content) bit Marvel as a whole in the ass James
  8. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I'd rather if they did a sequel Gundam project we got a movie for Gundam X but I'm weird that way James
  9. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Jay & Miles X-Plain The X-Men cover Bishop joining the team this week and they point out that Forge is kind of a dick to Storm when he leaves the team (especially since she was going to say yes to marry him). I think I need to go back and start re-reading the post Claremont era. I was working at Marvel at the time but had little interest in how the characters were being written and didn't care for Bishop... I might need to give him another shot in hindsight James
  10. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I really dug the first episode of Golden Kamuy , I always am interested in learning hings about the Ainu and the story has such a great caper hook to it that watching it unfold should be good (hopefully) James
  11. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Amidst all thi talk of DBS we have forgotten one very important thing... FOOD WARS IS BACK!!!! James
  12. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    It came back during Mcfarlane's adjectiveless run if I remember correctly James
  13. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Isao Takahata has passed away. He gave us the sobfest of Grave of the Fireflies but then made something as joyous as Princess Kaguya. Such a brilliant director, I will miss his creativeness greatly James
  14. Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    I was reminded today of why Fantastic Four 236 is both the perfect FF single issue story and how it is also one Doctor Doom's most batshit insane schemes of revenge!
  15. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    and so ends OVERLORD II but fear not! OVERLORD III arrives in July, in which Ains must fight Richard Pryor who has built a Supercomputer... no wait, tht's Superman II... still I'm really happy we get more OVERLORD. Now if you'll excuse me its off to watch the new LotGH James