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  1. J.H.


    Are you saying this Joe Walsh's Maseratti doesn't go 185? James
  2. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    But tht is my fear i.e. they do this movie and then when Super returns to TV all S1 ends up being retelling of this movie James
  3. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I can't imagine they'll change him that much unless they do this movie and they retell the movie when SUPER starts up again for TV. I mean if they give Broly an actual character/personality then I'll change my mind. Fuck it, I'm just going to re-watch the Dr. Willow movie as it is easily my fave! James
  4. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    ck! I LOATHE Broly and the fact he was in 3 movies already irks me no end. Heck I hate most of the SS Era DBZ films (though 3 Great Super Saiyajins is my guilty pleasure). I'd almost rather they bring bck a souped Topaipai than another go round with Broly James
  5. J.H.

    The Really Swell News Thread

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Janice & I are proud to present to you... Sandra Violet Bertrice Harris Hebrew Name: Shaina Natania Vat Yaakov (Lily, Gift of G_d Daughter of James) James
  6. J.H.

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    So basically turn Doom into Norman The Lunatic? James
  7. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    If it comes to watching GARO, skip the anime shows entirely and just watch the Toku, it is a better watch overall James
  8. J.H.

    The Really Swell News Thread

    HA~! You are the2nderson to suggest that Matt! Mind you Shiratori No Jun Harris does have a certain ring to it but so does Mughi Harris James
  9. J.H.

    The Really Swell News Thread

    On June 2nd 2018 Janice Kowalski and I welcomed our daughter in to this world Her naming will be on the 17th of June. For now please enjoy this photo of our new Family! James
  10. J.H.

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    If they brought back Pushing Daisies I'd absolutely PLOTZ~! James
  11. J.H.


    I trust Satanico as much as I trust Dr. Wagner Jr with my cat near a window! James
  12. J.H.

    James Bond XXV

    Watch EON is swerving us and Boyle is directing "007 In New York" James
  13. J.H.

    James Bond XXV

    I want EON to fuck with the casual Bond fan! Adopt the actual novella of The Spy Who Loved Me. Watch people lose their minds when Bond isn't in he mvoie for 2/3 of it, hell you can even do an action sequence with Bond i nthe beginning with him trying to escape from SPECTRE agents in... CANADA!!
  14. J.H.

    James Bond XXV

    I think you mean from terrible (Moonraker) to batshit insane (i.e. A View To A Kill) Octopussy has its moments of greatness (i.e. Louis Jordan) to its moments of groan inducing silliness (the entire manhunt in the jungle). It also gave us a cool sidekick in Vijay, who I wish they hadn't offed but sadly Bond sidekicks never fare well James