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  1. They're just trying to stand and deliver... It was at this point a I threw my hands up in the air and muttered "this is os stuupid" James
  2. Wargames was overbooked to ECW levels. They turned it into a generic garbage match which is kinda the antithesis of what the matc his supposed to be James
  3. J.H.

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Well Slott's first FFF arcwrapped in issue 3 (why not 4?) and it was just kinda... there. No grand epic feeeling to it. The overall arc was like shaking up a soda can only to find out the contents inside were flat. James
  4. J.H.

    RIP Stan Lee

    I've told this story before on earlier versions of the board as well as on my defunct blog.... I was 19 years old and somehow got myself a job in the Marvel mailroom. About 5 months in I'm doing my rounds of delivering bundles of comics to every employee at Marvel who worked at the old Park Ave South address. I whip around a corner with my mail cart full of comics and stop short of running over Stan Lee. I immediately start apologizing while trying hard to fanboy freakout alll over him. He makes like its big deal and smiles that Stan Lee smile. I finally tell him what his work means to me and how his stories were one of the major factors in me learning to read. He flashes that smile again points at me and says "The smile on your face says it all true believer" and then walked off waving to everyone who he knew or that called out to him in the office. Stan Lee called me a True Believer to my face and wasn't being sarcastic or ironic. That is all that maters to me and all that ever will James
  5. J.H.

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    Gravity Falls is one of those shows that relies on some very dark themes and gets a little gory at times but the rt style is definitely aimed for a younger audiencve and so is some of the humor but the overall story and themes (and yes there is an overarching story over 2 seasons) is like the X-Files when the X-Files was its best. Also... I pretty much love all of Gargoyles (save for New Olympus). It remains the best show Disney did in the 90s James
  6. J.H.

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    So I lost my job 2 weeks ago and I've been home with the baby watching a lot of stuff. By stuff I mean Gravity Falls which I think was the best thing Disney TV Animation has put out since Gargoyles... speaking of which Baby Sandy wants you to lknow that Hudson is the best Gargoyle and her views on the matter shant be contested! I mean Gravity Falls counts as an action cartoon right? It is really kind of not a kids show despite being marketed as such James
  7. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Also, Noboru Tanaka passed away, best known as the voice of Sosai X in Gatchaman and Gatchaman II passed away. I'd like to think he and Keye Luke (the voice of the Great Spirit of Spectra in BotP) are in afterlife sharing some tea James
  8. J.H.

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    What helped DD S3 so much was the focus on one storyline with multiple characters as opposed to 2 storylines fucking up the narrative. If S2 had just been about the Punisher it would've been perfect but shoehorning Elektra and the Hand along with it split te story and made the superior story suffer. James
  9. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Well HiDive does have Gatchaman and season 1 of GARO sooooo... James
  10. J.H.

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Didn't Austen write a run on Superman for DC that is almost as reviled as his X-Men run? James
  11. J.H.

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    Martel was damn fine as AWA Champ and he had a certain babyface vibe with Zenk and later Santana but it wasn't until his run as The Model that became interessting beyond being a relatively good looking guy. James
  12. J.H.


    The first season of Airwolf is such a different show than the seasons that followed. There was some real spy/counterintelligence black ops stuff going down in the first half of season 1. Shit the TV movie pilot is pretty dark and everythin up until "Ghost In The Machine" really sets Stringfellow Hawk as a really dangerous loner that the government shouldn't trust with Airwolf. James
  13. J.H.

    The All Purpose Tokusatsu Talk!

    Shout Factory has had Zyuanger-Ohranger up on their streaming channel for awhile James
  14. J.H.

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Outside of DD season 1 and Punisher I've kinda hated al lthe Netflix Marvel shows. Holy fuck was defenders so not what went into it. James
  15. J.H.

    The MST3K Thread

    Both HDTGM and We Hate Movies have covered Mac & Me at this point. For MST3K to tear into seems just down right cruel! James