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  1. As far as Colan goes, I always dug him from the moment I first saw his stuff on Batman/Tec back in the 80s. He drew the only Btman story that scared me. Saying Leifeld is just o easy a target. Jim Lee however is an artist I've come to really be annoyed with over the last 20 years. I think lacks anysense of variety in his work as everything always looks the same. From the faces he drws, to the body types... Jim Lee might be the dullest modern comic book artist. I used to love John Romita Jr. back in the 80s but man if I see he's drawing a book it makes 65% less likely to buy it these days (his first X-Men and Spidey runs remain fantastic) On the flip side of Joe Kubert... the Kubert brothers do nothing for me James
  2. J.H.


    Well shit now I just want Dean Pelton running Riverdale High! James
  3. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Can we be real and just admit that Bright Noa is the real hero of OYW Gundam? James
  4. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    The thing is I love OYW and Zeta Char but fuck Char's Counterattack Char! Oh and Kou from Stardust Memory is a pretty good dude James
  5. J.H.

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Oh lord are we really going to start a "Best Gundam Lead Protagonist" discussion? I mean how is it not Camille Bidan? (unless you want to be contrarian and say that Char is really the hero of everything from One Year War through the end of Zeta) James
  6. Shit even when t Sheik was in a tag match as a babyface he still turned on his partner (Dusty Rhodes no less) tht no one could honestly be shocked by it James
  7. J.H.

    Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82

    I thought Burt's physical abuse of Judy was a well known thing. They did reconcile after he hosted the Tonight Show and had her as his first guest. I thought the claims of physical abuse by Loni Anderson were debunked but that might be me wishing they were because you don't want to believe a guy that seems so fun and friendly is somewhat of a monster I remember seeing Sharky's Machne in theaters. I was what you might call a bit too young for it. James
  8. J.H.

    Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82

    My favorite line in all of cinema comes from Burt Reynolds in Cannonball Run. Its racist as all get out but yet still funny. The only thing that might top it is Sammy Davis Jr reaction to being called "The Chocolate Monk" James
  9. Its always worth the wait for every season. As for episode 5... they gave Rusty as close to a win as they possibly could in dealing with the Guild & OSI plus we got more details on The Sphinx Wars James
  10. J.H.

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I remain the only person who appreciates Legion of 3 Wrolds and I don't know why... and its more than geeking out at seeing Kono again James
  11. It will probably play out that Hank will misconstrue their friendship resulting in an eventual break-up... or not. I could be wrong James
  12. J.H.


    I may have raised my Crit rating to high as I got ot the NEVER title challenge after winning the NJ Cup and hit a Thunder Fire Driver on Goto 6 minutes in, scoring the Crit/KO and the title and measly 60% match rating. This after getting a 92% match rating with Shibata in the NJ Cup Final. All my matches since then have me hitting the finisher early on an opponent and getting KO. Won the NEVER 6 Man belts by stealing EVIL's big moe and ten my finisher and a disappointing 62% match rating... I need to pace myself better Then again... my training match with Nakanishi to pass my test also got me a Crit by using Ukemi when all I had was a plain powerbomb to work with James
  13. J.H.

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    You sure do spell "Curt Swan" an odd way Brian James
  14. J.H.

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Lee is easily my least favorite major Batman artist. For me its a tie between Adams and Aparo. As far as Batman v. Entier Rogues Gallery goes, my personal fave is Batman 400 or Tec 526 (which is the last time they wrote Killer Croc as somethign more than dumb hired muscle) James
  15. There needs to be some discussion of Harley Race in one of these upcoming polls. Harley might be my overall #1 like he was that time we did the GOAT poll back in the early 00s James