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  1. Who plays NBA 2K17? I have a locker code from Twitch Prime and since I don't have the game figured one of the DVDVR brethren should have it.
  2. So sad. I am speechless. This hit hard.
  3. Exactly my thoughts @sabremike
  4. Braun has been a breathe of fresh air. One of the few guys anymore that I seek out matches of. Cannot wait for his match with reigns Sunday.
  5. Both are very bland. Went with Roode based on his match with Nak and his song.
  6. Toughest play-in vote. I went with Sasha but it was tough as I love watching becky every week on SDL.
  7. Been listening to this a lot the past week. I think I can safely say that to me it is their best album as a whole since at least the black album, maybe even since Master. It's such a good listen and compared to the last 20 years is refreshing to hear Metallica like this again. I don't think there is an outright bad song on the album as it just all flows so well.
  8. Wonder what the over/under will be. First thoughts on game and I see New England winning with a score of 34 - 24. I hope I am wrong and will probably go back and forth but Atlanta's D needs to play like they are Texans against Brady and company. Matt Ryan needs to not get rattled as he is facing a really great D. Hoping for a fun game. Go Falcons!
  9. I haven't dove into Prison Architect since I got it from a Humble Bundle months ago. I played through the tutorial in the beginning then moved onto other games. I keep meaning to jump in and play some and might give it a go here soon with that write up on it. Seems like it could be fun!
  10. This game is different than all games this weekend - low scoring. Though, if I was KC I'd be worried as their bend but don't break defense won't stand up for long against this Steelers offense. This game could get out of hand or stay close in the second half but as the game goes I still feel this Steelers team is way to good even though it pains me to say that.
  11. WOW!
  12. What a game!
  13. Holy shit!
  14. Rodgers is terrifying in any situation.
  15. Still playing through Tales of Maj'Eyal on PC and still am getting my butt whopped up on. At least I have gotten to level 20 a few times. On Xbox One, been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition through EA access and having a blast with my noble male warrior. So far it is not as good as Origins but super fun nonetheless. Just went to Val Royeaux for the first time so I still have tons to do and cannot wait to delve deeper into the game in the coming weeks.