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  1. Thursday, December 5 Dallas at Chicago Sunday, December 8 Miami at NY Jets Carolina at Atlanta Baltimore at Buffalo Cincinnati at Cleveland Washington at Green Bay Denver at Houston Detroit at Minnesota San Francisco at New Orleans Indianapolis at Tampa Bay LA Chargers at Jacksonville Pittsburgh at Arizona Kansas City at New England Tennessee at Oakland Seattle at LA Rams Monday, December 9 NY Giants at Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Total points in KC/NE Tiebreaker #2: Aaron Rodgers passing yards vs Wash Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in Den/Hou
  2. Not sure Georgia and Wisconsin are truly chaos picks. Georgia wins, and the SEC gets LSU and Georgia into the final four. Ohio losing and still ends up in the four regardless. Virginia and Baylor are the troublemakers in the mix. If Clemson loses, did they do enough in their 12 wins to stay in the top four? I don't think they did. A Baylor win almost certainly puts a one-loss Utah team (assuming they beat Oregon) into the final four (assuming LSU beats Georgia). It's going to be a fun weekend, that is for sure!
  3. You also live in Canada, so you would never be counted in a ratings battle, since NXT doesn't air in Canada live.
  4. Chicago Dallas New Orleans NY Jets Carolina Indianapolis Baltimore Jacksonville Philadelphia Green Bay Cleveland LA Rams Kansas City LA Chargers New England Minnesota Tiebreaker #1: Kirk Cousins passing yards vs Seattle - 280 Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in NE/Houston - 4 Tiebreaker #3: Longest field goal kicked in Chargers/Denver - 53 yards
  5. Thursday, November 28 Chicago at Detroit Buffalo at Dallas New Orleans at Atlanta Sunday, December 1 NY Jets at Cincinnati Washington at Carolina Tennessee at Indianapolis San Francisco at Baltimore Tampa Bay at Jacksonville Philadelphia at Miami Green Bay at NY Giants Cleveland at Pittsburgh LA Rams at Arizona Oakland at Kansas City LA Chargers at Denver New England at Houston Monday, December 2 Minnesota at Seattle Tiebreaker #1: Kirk Cousins passing yards vs Seattle Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in NE/Houston Tiebreaker #3: Longest field goal kicked in Chargers/Denver
  6. Week 11 Results Everyone who remembered to make picks did a shitload better than last week. Low score of 10. But only one winner.... 13 - AaronMLuke 12 - gatling, dogwelder, APO, FluffSnackwell, Hail Sabin 11 - Kuetsar, Dewar, EdA 10 - elizium, Joel Martin 0 - Gonzo Week 12 results Another decent week. No tiebreakers. 12 - EdA 11 - dogwelder 10 - elizium, gatling, Dewar, AaronMLuke, Hail Sabin 9 - Kuetsar, Joel Martin, FluffSnackwell, Gonzo 8 - APO Overall Standings 114 - Kuetsar, FluffSnackwell (two week wins) 112 - AaronMLuke (two week wins) 110 - dogwelder (one week win) 109 - gatling 107 - Hail Sabin 106 - Joel Martin (one week win), elizium, EdA (two week wins) 105 - APO (two week wins) 95 - Gonzo (one week win) 86 - Dewar 73 - Raziel (one week win)
  7. Dewar

    2019 CFL Thread

    I got him after he passed off the cup. We were right outside the main entrance of BellMTS Place, on the median.
  8. Dewar

    2019 CFL Thread

    If I ever figure out how to post pictures from my Instagram here, I have Strevler rolling down Portage Avenue in a fur coat with no shirt on from the parade today. Someone's Bomber flag got in the way, otherwise I would have caught him Sandmanning a Bud Light.
  9. Dewar

    2019 CFL Thread

    Dominant from the word go yesterday. The smile still hasn't left my face.
  10. Houston NY Jets Atlanta Buffalo Chicago Pittsburgh Cleveland New Orleans Detroit Philadelphia Tennessee New England San Francisco LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: Aaron Rodgers passing yards vs SF - 311 Tiebreaker #2: total points in Bal/Rams - 57 Tiebreaker #3: interceptions thown in Pit/Cin - 3
  11. Thursday, November 21 Indianapolis at Houston Sunday, November 24 Oakland at NY Jets Tampa Bay at Atlanta Denver at Buffalo NY Giants at Chicago Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Miami at Cleveland Carolina at New Orleans Detroit at Washington Seattle at Philadelphia Jacksonville at Tennessee Dallas at New England Green Bay at San Francisco Monday, November 25 Baltimore at LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: Aaron Rodgers passing yards vs SF Tiebreaker #2: total points in Bal/Rams Tiebreaker #3: interceptions thown in Pit/Cin
  12. Dewar

    2019 CFL Thread

    Bombers beat the Regina Banjo Pickers and are going to the Grey Cup. Hamilton has looked amazing, but I am cheering for a snowstorm next weekend in Calgary.
  13. ICW put up a full show on youtube today.
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