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  1. It's an excuse for some workers to get a payday, and for fans to hear some speeches. Any deeper thought into the criteria is about as useful as pissing into a 30 kilometre an hour wind.
  2. Catching up on JR's podcast. It's getting deleted from my podcast feed. His weekly whine about "thimbledicks from twitter" who think he is not good at commentary anymore has broken my will to listen to the show.
  3. Cody doesn't need Arn either. Been a strange pairing since day one.
  4. I always assumed if they went to a Super League format, they are no longer playing in their own country's league or cups, and the Champions League/Europa League. So they could conceivably only play 38 matches a year if they went to a 20 team Super League, and less games if they had less teams.
  5. Conrad ran Starrcast into the ground by running four of them within a 16 month period. If they were losing money as well, it's definitely not worth the extra work for him and his staff.
  6. Dewar

    The NASCAR Thread

    I knew something was up when the television cameras were not showing the rescue efforts. Glad it is not life-threatening.
  7. Benoit's WCW music was also featured in Bad Girls: Lockdown. Please do not google this, definitely NSFW.
  8. Roulette is a mother fucker of a game to play. I prefer to play poker. 35 dollar buy-in tables. Could usually last long enough to feel like I got 35 dollars worth of entertainment and drinks. Fuck buffets on the strip. Overpriced. Go to Fremont Street if you really need a buffet.
  9. Just download Brain Stew by Green Day.
  10. Torrie got married last year. Bellas 100% deserve to be in the WWE HOF. Nikki was legitimately good by the time she retired. They got two reality television shows built around them.
  11. Yes. I remember Tyson taking all of the blame for the injury, saying he tried to take the bump in a different way to make the move look more devastating.
  12. Doesn`t feel like time for Jericho to drop the belt yet, but Moxley is the best guy to drop it to right now. Can they extend the feud to Double or Nothing without doing an extremely shitty finish? I'm not sure. Re: Hangman - drinking beer is as far down the Steve Austin road you need to go with him. I would have them retain the titles with Page getting the win while Omega is "hurt" on the floor. Bucks attack Page post match, set up a return bout for Double or Nothing, where the Bucks take the title because Omega turns on Page. Would take some work keeping the Bucks from fighting Omega until Double or Nothing though. Idea needs work. I feel they booked MJF-Cody in the wrong order. MJF should win the first match by cheating his ass off, and then make Cody jump through hoops to get a rematch. Right now, he has already jumped through the hoops. Where does the story go after the PPV?
  13. No, he's "Producer" Peter Avalon. Supposedly in charge of the show. Frequently attacked by a much larger wrestler who destroys him.
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