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  1. Second half of the season was a dumpster fire, and they didn't bother to show up for an elimination game. Fun fact: I drank more 23 ounce beers during the second period last night than the Jets had shots in said period. The Hayes trade looks terrible now. Gave away a 4th liner and a first round draft pick for a guy who ended up being a 4th liner. I will spend the next two months hoping that Kulikov, Perrault and Little all demand to be traded.
  2. Club America knockoff wrestler >>> Chivas knockoff wrestlers. Germany Wally New Zealand Fale Japan Okada Guam Jeff
  3. America Terry would be an amazing CMLL rudo.
  4. Sounds like you had a shit day. Hopefully things have gotten better since last week.
  5. When I got my top row wisdom teeth yanked out years ago, first one came out no problem. Second one had a third root in it, and it took so long the freezing was wearing off, and I had to put my arms in front of my face to get the dentist to stop and shoot me up again. When they decided the bottom ones had to come out, they sent me directly to the surgeon. He wasn't taking the chance of triple roots again.
  6. Finland got robbed of the Women's World Championship by a video review. Lost in a shootout.
  7. Bobby's song makes me want to give it a heart, a laugh and a trophy. Well played!
  8. MonteCarl just broke my heart. I mean, he's right, but I completely overlooked that option.
  9. Not running Canada until it was too late was a major WCW mistake. Passionate fanbase, and they had Bret dropped into their laps to draw. 1998, his first year after he came over from the WWF, had ZERO cards in Canada. 1999 WCW events in Canada: March 29, 1999 - Toronto - this was the Bret Hart-Goldberg confrontation with the steel chest plate March 30, 1999 - Kitchener, Ontario (WCW Saturday night taping) November 21, 2019 - Toronto - Mayhem PPV, WCW world title tournament semis and finals, Hart vs Benoit main event 2000 WCW events in Canada: February 26, 2000 Winnipeg - house show, drew 6,683. Original main event was Hart vs Benoit, but by the time the card happened, Hart suffered his career ending injury, and Benoit was in the WWF. Bret made an appearance, main event ended up being Sid vs Lex Luger. I was there, and drank many beers, because this card was bowling shoe ugly. Nitro in Minneapolis 2 nights later only drew 4,638. August 13, 2000 - Vancouver - New Blood Rising PPV August 14, 2000 - Kelowna - Nitro August 15, 2000 - Kamloops - Thunder September 18, 2000 - Kitchener - Nitro That's it. 8 cards in the 3+ years after Bret. Half of them held in junior hockey arenas. None of them held in Alberta.
  10. I have not heard of any Alexa Bliss "alleged promiscuity" until this thread.
  11. I didn't mean they weren't more over, they clearly are. I meant their choice of people to get over was lacking. For the record, I think Flip has a ton of talent, just needs to figure out how to work matches better, which should happen over time. Never been a Marty fan, and I'm not sure there's anything he could do to win me over.
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