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  1. Results Some rough scoring this week. Tiebreaker was required, which was Patrick Mahomes passing yards vs Las Vegas, which was 348 9 - Joel Martin (240), Dewar (WINNER, 316) 8 - FluffSnackwell 7 - AaronMLuke, Gonzo, EdA, DangerMark, APO 6 - elizium, Kuetsar, dogwelder, Hail Sabin Overall standings 105 - Hail Sabin (two week wins) 104 - EdA (one week win) 103 - elizium (three week wins), Kuetsar (one week win) 102 - APO, Joel Martin 101 - FluffSnackwell (two week wins) 97 - Dewar (two week wins) 96 - dogwelder, AaronMLuke,
  2. I love the Brandi Booking Vortex.
  3. Houston Dallas NY Jets Las Vegas Buffalo NY Giants Tennessee Cleveland Minnesota Arizona New Orleans LA Rams Kansas City Green Bay Seattle Pittsburgh Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards at Phi - 279 Tiebreaker #2: total points in KC/TB - 66 Tiebreaker #3: total number of punts in NYG/Cin - 15
  4. Thursday, November 26 Houston at Detroit Washington at Dallas Baltimore at Pittsburgh Sunday, November 29 Miami at NY Jets Las Vegas at Atlanta LA Chargers at Buffalo NY Giants at Cincinnati Tennessee at Indianapolis Cleveland at Jacksonville Carolina at Minnesota Arizona at New England New Orleans at Denver San Francisco at LA Rams Kansas City at Tampa Bay Chicago at Green Bay Monday, November 30 Seattle at Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards at Phi Tiebreaker #2: to
  5. I assume this is in response to Bix's article about Drake which cites stupid things he posts on insta, Parler, etc. Fuck Drake Wuertz. Fuck his QAnon, Proud Boy loving ass.
  6. Results No tiebreakers. Thank you LA Rams! 11 - Dewar 10 - dogwelder, Hail Sabin 9 - Kuetsar, EdA, Gonzo, APO, FluffSnackwell 8 - elizium, Joel Martin, DangerMark, AaronMLuke Overall standings 99 - Hail Sabin (two week wins) 97 - elizium (three week wins), Kuetsar (one week win), EdA (one week win) 95 - APO 93 - Joel Martin, FluffSnackwell (two week wins) 90 - dogwelder 89 - AaronMLuke, Gonzo 88 - Dewar (one week win) 83 - DangerMark 19 - MavsFan77 9 - cubbymark
  7. Arizona Baltimore Carolina Cleveland Houston Pittsburgh New Orleans Cincinnati LA Chargers Denver Green Bay Minnesota Kansas City LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: Patrick Mahomes passing yards vs Las Vegas - 316 Tiebreaker #2: total points in GB-Ind - 56 Tiebreaker #3: Derrick Henry rushing yards vs Baltimore - 99
  8. Renee just posted something on her instagram, so I guess she knew he was going to say it.
  9. Or, he is a genius and trying to avoid the Timberwolves.
  10. Thursday, November 19 Arizona at Seattle Sunday, November 22 Tennessee at Baltimore Detroit at Carolina Philadelphia at Cleveland New England at Houston Pittsburgh at Jacksonville Atlanta at New Orleans Cincinnati at Washington NY Jets at LA Chargers Miami at Denver Green Bay at Indianapolis Dallas at Minnesota Kansas City at Las Vegas Monday, November 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay Tiebreaker #1: Patrick Mahomes passing yards vs Las Vegas Tiebreaker #2: total points in GB-Ind Tiebreaker #3: Derrick
  11. If a five-win NFC East team gets into the playoffs over Thomas Brady and His Buccaneers, this would be the greatest season in the history of the sport.
  12. Arizona not attempting a convert cost me a four game spread parlay. So Kliff with a K can go fuckkkkkkkkkk himself.
  13. Results... Three way tie for first. Had to go to the second tie-breaker, which was total points in Miami-Arizona, which was 65. 11 - elizium (WINNER, 49 for second tiebreaker), DangerMark (42 for second tiebreaker), Dewar (eliminated on first tiebreaker) 10 - EdA, FluffSnackwell 9 - Joel Martin, AaronMLuke, APO, dogwelder 8 - Kuetsar, Hail Sabin 7 - Gonzo Overall standings 89 - Hail Sabin (two week wins), elizium (three week wins) 88 - Kuetsar (one week win), EdA (one week win) 86 - APO 85 - Joel Martin 84 - FluffSnackwell (two
  14. That's a pretty shitty argument. Rich Rod won 25% of his Big Ten games at Michigan. That's completely unacceptable. Harbaugh has been fine, but falling off a cliff this year. Never beating tOSU means he won't get the chance to recover from this season. Question who is their next head coach, and can they reclaim their spot as a national powerhouse, or will they keep slipping closer to being what Nebraska has become.
  15. So does Harbaugh retire or get fired?
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