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  1. Curacao is going to the final eight at the Gold Cup. Americans have a seemingly easy ride into the final.
  2. Apologies for the damn username being there for this video.
  3. I am hoping that his point about Dave ignoring Psicosis being a dickhead rudo due to good dives is part of his PowerPoint Presentation.
  4. Fuck the Mike Ashley. Canada (the men's team, for once) has been playing some beautiful, attacking football at the Gold Cup, outside of the terribly taken penalty kick yesterday against Cuba.
  5. Simon might have been my favorite act during the dying days of ECW. The entrance song added to his act.
  6. What a sellout. I hope she loses to Lacey.
  7. Bol Bol got traded to Denver before the night was over.
  8. Damn. Really enjoyed what I saw of him in ICW and NGW. Gone far too young.
  9. Twitter says B/R is available in Canada, but the B/R Live website (https://live.bleacherreport.com/terms) says this: ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to subscribe to the Service, you must meet the following criteria (the "Eligibility Criteria"): (a) You must reside within the fifty states of the United States of America ("U.S."), the District of Columbia, or certain US territories (collectively, the "Service Area") and have reached the age of 18, or the age of legal majority in your state or territory of residence; and (b) You must establish a registered account (“Registered Account”) with Bleacher Report Live. So colour me confused.
  10. B/R Live is not a thing outside of America. Damn Kenny Omega for forgetting about us little people who watched him job to Samoa Joe in a bar while getting wasted on a Thursday night.
  11. No Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro, no buys. Speaking of buys (possibly), how can someone not from America watch these two shows?
  12. Sunny pretended to like Phenius, cost them a match, was mean to him, and he eventually dumped the slop bucket on her. I'm not sure how that is supposed to prove 1990's tag wrestling is better than the Usos vs The Revival, but to each their own.
  13. He needs to stop talking about WWE. Sounds like someone who lost the breakup trying to act like they would not take back their ex in a second if given the chance.
  14. Usos, Revival, New Day. The talent in the tag division is still better than pretty much anywhere else* (except for LAX, who might be #2 behind the Usos for me). Just need to give them the time they keep using for Lashley and Baron.
  15. Deputy Dipshit from Oakland that would not let Masai Ujiri join the celebration after the game six victory has lawyered up, is claiming he has a concussion, and is on leave from his job. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/27001940/deputy-clash-ujiri-claims-concussion
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