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  1. Really good show this week. Kenny Williams cheating to win is building a storyline, I am far more likely to be entertained by Noam Dar talking than wrestling, so the Supernova Sessions is the best use of him. Meiko-KLR was great.
  2. I want to hear more of Arn Anderson's opinion of Ultimo Guerrero now.
  3. On Youtube now, since it was messed up on BR Live. @AxB
  4. They were selling tickets for March 3, so I would assume next week live, tonight taped.
  5. There's a whole lot of versions of the story where Arn used the scissors first, and Arn won't speak about it.
  6. If Cody is so worried about being the "face of the company", why did he put the shittiest tattoo he could think of adjacent to his face? Why do people still make jokes about Sid and the scissors when Arn was the one who used them first?
  7. The game is being played in Lake Tahoe. When they played the outdoor game in Winnipeg, it was also delayed because of the way the sun was reflecting off the ice. Ice wasn't melting though, so they only had to wait a couple hours for the sun to be low enough to not hit the rink.
  8. Tatanka's streak getting ended by a cheating heel is the blueprint for this. The followup sucked because of Borga being a shithead, but coming out of that match, Borga was a made man for ending the streak and Tatanka was set up for a world title feud with Yokozuna.
  9. I miss the days when Callis would pick up his girlfriend after her shift at Hooters and before Jericho and his wife went full dumbass. Or at least before we all knew they were dumbasses. Lots of good matches on the show. The refs were terrible. AEW babyfaces must be shitheads, they didn't come out for the save at the end of the night.
  10. Tucker Poolman of the Jets tested positive. Still, one player among seven teams is pretty good.
  11. Joey Janela has a title match coming up this Wednesday. His win percentage is 45%.
  12. if they run all four lines equally, it's going to be difficult for anyone to match that depth in the North. if the 4th line gets treated like a 4th line, it's not enough playing time for them, Lowry and Appleton have been really good so far this year. My fantasy booking had Wheeler on the 3rd line with Lowry, until he remembered how to play defensively.
  13. This is a strange move. It's a football move for Central Arkansas, with the rest of the good Southland Conference teams going to the WAC, but this only gets the A-SUN to five football playing schools, which is not enough to get an automatic playoff bid.
  14. The North Division featuring a bunch of teams who are allergic to playing defense = FUN hockey.
  15. Not happy with this trade. I understand why it happened (Laine won't sign a deal beyond this year), but I don't like it.
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