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  1. Jason Lee during his My Name Is Earl run very much looked like ROH era Brodie Lee..
  2. This is what Brodie left WWE for? Should have gone to Japan to be a dominant gaijin instead of the leader of a mid-card for life stable. Jericho is the MVP of this promotion. He's so far ahead of Hardy on the food chain that this is a waste of his talents. Archer killing Marko was great. Moxley video made Hager seem like more than the schmuck he is. Putting Shawn fucking Spears in main events is a terrible idea, possibly worse than giving QT Marshall time on a nationally televised program. If Cody was Mr. 3 Star, is QT Mr. 1 1/2 Stars?
  3. Stupid name for the title. Darby-Sammy final, book it now.
  4. Rick Martel vs The Natural (Don Callis) in a cage. Held in AWA country (well, the Canadian outpost), fired up babyface Martel shines through. An added bonus, evidence that Callis could work.
  5. This explains why it did not record for me... Brodie's finisher looks like dogshit. Hit a fucking Stan Hansen lariat, you are fucking huge. Marshall also seemingly spun the wrong way. which made it look worse. Someone needs to pull the plug on professional wrestling right now. All of these empty arena shows suck. Send the workers and the crew home until the pandemic is over.
  6. I finally heard the Trump Junior episode. Really hated how Jericho started off the show talking about how he went to journalism school, and then proceeded to let Junior cut a promo for the next hour and didn't even attempt to provide the other side of the story. You only need to watch the first 15 seconds, but the rest is great too.
  7. No battle royal, so you have to fill the show with something. They should have built something to those matches in the next couple of weeks before announcing them.
  8. I think they 100% were hoping for that. If they can get some NFL funding to be their minor league/place to test new rules, it has staying power.
  9. Dewar

    The Olympics

    Canada has pulled out of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Great move by our country.
  10. I work for the provincial government. They have shut down schools and daycares, and are giving the staff shit for requesting to work from home because they have no place for their kids to go. Even more frustrating is that some departments sent their staff home, and we still have to come in every day. I feel like the government is afraid of backlash of "lazy government workers staying home and doing nothing", so we get to keep potentially exposing outself to Covid-19. Yay.
  11. It shouldn't be happening. If one person ends up being positive for that virus, you put everyone who uses the ring that night and in the locker room at risk. The risk isn't worth it for them, or WWE, or whoever else is running these empty arena shows worldwide. The problem with Satin making that tweet is he actually appears on WWE television. If Bix had done it (although he never would, unless he found a way to shit on WWE while doing it), it would have flown under the radar.
  12. We might end up with maggots on the mat again. Since it will be an empty arena, unless someone inside the company leaks spoilers, they could tape this all in advance. It's still a terrible idea. All of this empty arena wrestling sucks, even worse than just having douchebags in the audience.
  13. The AFL just announced they will be cutting the season from 22 to 17 games this year, and might be scrapping their idea to play games in empty stadiums.
  14. They were saying on ESPN this morning that approximately 500 players did not vote.
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