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  1. [NXT] NOV 8 2017 TV SHOW

    Fucking Mauro. Every time he yells "Mamma Mia!!!", Percy Watson should punch him in the mouth. This way Mauro shuts up, and Percy finally earns his trip to the pay window.
  2. Scott Williams used to try and edit for Dave. He used to tell us in an AOL Chat room about how the edits rarely made it into the actual newsletter.
  3. Survivor Series XXX

    Was Adam Cole, Bullet Club member even a big deal? I mean, sure it was for ROH, since they could not get Omega in to do stuff with the Young Bucks, but did anyone in Japan care about Adam Cole (BAYBAY)? Related, does Adam Cole thank Steve Corino on a daily basis for coming up with that?
  4. I don't think that Omega suplex was an accident at all.
  5. PCW is running November 25 at a dive bar with Kenny Omega. I think I have to go see this, along with 77 other Winnipeg wrestling fans.
  6. Damn. I know CWE is running Winnipeg on the 24th, had not heard about this other group.
  7. The suplex onto the folded up table legs seems like something that would hurt way too much to take.
  8. Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    Australia beats fucking Honduras, one qualifying match left to go tonight, New Zealand vs Peru.
  9. Who was claiming to run that tour? We all should have known it was bullshit anyway when Thompson was on the schedule. Northern Manitoba in November sounds like a terrible place to run a wrestling show.
  10. Highway to Ham Week #11

    Thursday, November 16 Tennessee at Pittsburgh Sunday, November 19 Detroit at Chicago Jacksonville at Cleveland Baltimore at Green Bay Arizona at Houston LA Rams at Minnesota Washington at New Orleans Kansas City at NY Giants Tampa Bay at Miami Buffalo at LA Chargers Cincinnati at Denver New England at Oakland Philadelphia at Dallas Monday, November 20 Atlanta at Seattle Tiebreaker #1: Tom Brady passing yards Tiebreaker #2: total points in Rams/Minnesota Tiebreaker #3: NY Giants turnovers
  11. Highway to Ham Week #10

    Week 9 results: Tie at the top this week. Tiebreaker was Oakland points scored (27) 9 - Lacelle (WINNER, 29 for tiebreaker), Joel Martin (23) 8 - FluffSnackwell, Dewar, APO 7 - gatling, elizium, Kuetsar, AaronMLuke, dogwelder, Hail Sabin, EdA, JustJay 6 - Death From Above, Gonzo Week 10 results: Death From Above kills it with a perfect week. 14 - Death From Above 12 - gatling, Hail Sabin 11 - JustJay 10 - Lacelle, elizium, Joel Martin, Dewar, AaronMLuke, dogwelder 9 - Kuetsar, Gonzo, FluffSnackwell 8 - EdA, APO Overall standings: 97 - elizium (three week wins) 95 - Lacelle (two week wins), Hail Sabin (one week win), Death From Above (two week wins) 94 - Dewar (one week win) 93 - gatling 91 - FluffSnackwell (one week win) 90 - APO 89 - Kuetsar, JustJay 88 - Joel Martin 84 - dogwelder 82 - AaronMLuke 80 - EdA 79 - Gonzo
  12. Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    Denmark rolls Ireland today to get the final European spot in the 2018 World Cup.
  13. 2017 CFL SEASON

    Bomber pass defense: Garbage Andre Proulx and his officiating crew: Garbage CFL Replay officials: Garbage Slow ass food and drink lines at Investors Group Field: Garbage That's my offical review of today's game. Edmonton deserved to win, but fuck was the officiating spotty at best. Richie Hall needs to be traded to some team in the Mountain West Conference.