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  1. So I got Democracy 3 in a Humble Bundle, and decided to give it a whirl. I am the Prime Minister of Canada, and got assassinated by capitalists after winning re-election the first time I played, and then the next two attempts, I was assassinated before the first election happened. Has anyone else played this game? Any helpful hints?
  2. Kevin Love got traded to Cleveland after LeBron had come back to town. It was Kyrie and the scrubs the season before LeBron returned.
  3. NFL

    The answer to me, is simple. Don't let the NFL get away with being able to sign guys to massive deals, and then cut them and pay them pennies on the dollar. The other three major leagues in North America have to pay all the money out if they cut a guy, or if he is too injured to continue. There's not a damn reason why the NFL does not have guaranteed contracts, other than the players union won't stand up to the owners to get them.
  4. NXT

    Asuka murderizing whomever wins the Smackdown women's title match at SummerSlam (works best if it's Becky Lynch, but murderizing Naomi would be good too), leading to Carmella and Hogsworth skipping down the aisle to steal the championship would be amazing.
  5. 2018 Silly Season Update: Erik Jones to Joe Gibbs Racing in the #20 car Matt Kenseth from the #20 to ? Alex Bowman takes over the #88 from Dale Junior
  6. NFL

    How much weed was the engraver on at the time?
  7. Good lord, that missed elbow drop looks like she hurt herself and massively hurt her opponent.
  8. @RIPPA you have Day 15 locked for comments.
  9. Few Good Men (Gonzaga) and Always a Brave (Bradley alum team, paging @Pete) are two mid-majors who made it to the final 16 this upcoming weekend.
  10. I was expecting a bunch of thumbtacks. Somehow, the papercuts were so much worse.
  11. That's brutal re: Talking Smack. Low cost, actually interesting network content and they cancel it.
  12. There was some strange calls and non-calls last night. Didn't help to have Glen Suitor in the booth to argue pretty much every call against the Bombers.
  13. French Guiana had the game forfeited, Malouda banned, and will get run off the field by Costa Rica tonight and sent home. And CONCACAF is TNA levels of bush league, and does suck.
  14. That Spud gif is amazing.
  15. Ellering said on JR's podcast that Rocco is hanging on the wall at his house. Whether he was being sarcastic or not, I do not know.