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  1. SOCCER - WINTER 2017


    If you get arrested for speeding, and don't threaten to fuck the cop's wife and nut in her eye, you are doing it wrong. I guess Robby didn't like making NFL money. He was entering the last year of his contract, and was probably going to get a nice raise, but he just fucked that all up.

    Can't they just take a knee for the extra point play? I mean the covered the spread for me already anyway.

    All the safety had to do was stand there and make the tackle. Wow.
  5. I think six foot three, 250+ pounds and being from India is mostly what he thought about.
  6. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Red Shoes is not good, but he is not Tirantes bad.
  7. Turn the injury into a chance to make money. Paige stays to manage, and brings in someone to seek revenge on Sasha for ending her career. My vote would be for Nikki Cross to come up from NXT as Paige's mercenary.
  8. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    What does he get out of it if it succeeds? Same as if it fails, nothing. There's a lot of people in this thread jumping down his throat who go into sports threads and squeal with glee when someone gets fired, or a team they don't like sucks. I don't see much difference between that and this.
  9. 1/8/18 RAW Aka, Daddy's Back!

    Also, I miss Tozawa as part of Titus Worldwide.
  10. 1/8/18 RAW Aka, Daddy's Back!

    My favorite part of this is Mr. Announcer Man wearing a Gulak pin.
  11. Highway to Ham Week #17

    Overall standings: 174 - Death From Above (three week wins), Hail Sabin (two week wins) 172 - elizium (three week wins) 169 - APO (two week wins), gatling 165 - Kuetsar 164 - dogwelder (two week wins) 162 - JustJay, Joel Martin 161 - FluffSnackwell (one week win), Dewar (one week win) 159 - Lacelle (two week wins) 156 - EdA 155 - Gonzo (one week win) 150 - AaronMLuke 9 - gatbak85 Hail Sabin with the last week rally to tie for the title, but DFA won more weeks, so he is your 2017 Highway to Ham champion!!!! Thanks to everyone for participating.
  12. Highway to Ham Week #17

    Final week results... Hail Sabin kicked all of our asses to win an ugly week 17. 12 - Hail Sabin 10 - EdA, Dewar 9 - gatling, Lacelle, Kuetsar, Gonzo, elizium, dogwelder, APO 8 - Joel Martin, FluffSnackwell 7 - Death From Above, AaronMLuke, JustJay
  13. New year, New Japan: NEW YEAR DASH 2018

    I lol'ed at Omega rocking a shirt with his shoot name on it.

    Sean Payton tried to out Riverboat Riverboat Ron. And it failed.
  15. SOCCER - WINTER 2017

    Sometimes a battle of words is a couple of punches. Sometimes you just land the knockout blow quickly. Also, fuck the Leicester City.