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  1. Dewar

    The NASCAR Thread

    I saw the demonstration of the underglow. I liked it a lot, especially for the All-Star race.
  2. Dewar

    The NASCAR Thread

    The numbers are being moved as an experiment. I think the sponsors will appreciate the extra room they will get on the sides of the cars.
  3. Who is the guy with the tattoos and the facepaint?
  4. Dewar

    The NASCAR Thread

    Jimmie Johnson tested positive for COVID-19 today. He's out for this weekend's race at Indianapolis, and possibly longer.
  5. Numeris shows the top 30 shows in Canada for the week, and Dynamite did not crack the top 30 (lower level of the top 30 was just over 500k viewers) for the last week reported. I tracked down a story saying they weren't cracking the top 10 back in January, which meant under 75,000 viewers one week.
  6. They should have left Justin Roberts at home. The backup announcer is better than he is anyway. Opening match was good. They really need to stop making their referees look like idiots (more on this later). Stunt is not in the match, interferes right in front of the ref, and no disqualification. Terrible. Good match, outside of that. Shida-Ford was really good. Private Party vs Santana & Ortiz was entertaining. Hopefully the Party gets better at putting a match together, instead of just putting their spots together. Santana and Ortiz deserve better. Cody-Hager. Fuck. Decent match, but babyfaces needing to cheat to win is some bullshit. Can't believe how many people are looking forward to Cody's Fortune rip-off faction. Fuck your shitty tattoo stickers too. Main event: Trent's mom driving them to the arena was funny. They managed to make their one referee who didn't look like a moron previously look like a moron here by refusing to remove wrestlers from the ring after a tag. Announcers tried to cover for her by saying she was applying a slower count, but there was no count at all. I'm turning into Jim Cornette complaining about their shitty refs, but they keep being shitty. Chuck Taylor literally chose to hug his friend instead of attempting a pinfall to win a world title. When they break up Best Friends eventually, that needs to be point #1 in Trent's heel promo. Good match, other than the couple things noted above. Liked the end of the match, where the announcers pointed out Kenny doesn't drink. Still a dick move to accept a beer and then dump it out like that.
  7. Dewar

    The NASCAR Thread

    Corey LaJoie's car for Go Fas Racing (a backmarker team that finished 29th last season, is currently 27th this season) will be sposored by a Trump-supporting PAC for nine Cup series races starting this weekend.
  8. The Aussie Rules season has been a mess. Teams getting forced into hub cities for six weeks, border closures and mostly empty stadiums. Schedules are getting changed by the week due to the border issues, and one game got postponed because a player tested positive for COVID-19.
  9. She deserves so much more than a job in pro wrestling.
  10. ESPN would be a fit for Renee. Low Ki is still too small to be a WWE superstar. He would feud with Drake Maverick on 205.
  11. Wardlow/Luchasaurus did not need the lumberjack stipulation at all. MLF and Jungle Boy/Stunt at ringside would have accomplished the exact same thing. Shida's match/angle with Penelope was good. Page was awesome in the promo. Kenny was there. Best Friends were meh. Chuck is a bad wrestler. Booker Cody making his secondary title more important than the world title shit has got to go. Nightmare Family sucks. Press conference angle for this title stinks. I like the Colt/Dark Order angle so far. FTR's truck is stupid, and Christopher Daniels looks like a guy who should be an agent these days. After match promo wasn't good. I feel bad they are using Britt Baker to try and get Big Swole over. Swole sucks. Find a better babyface for this slot. Britt/Reba/Tony is still amusing. Matt Hardy is a bad addition to the roster. His in-ring skills are done. Cassidy/Jericho to end the show was great.
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