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  1. Josh Alexander rules. Therefore, he got my vote.
  2. Dewar


    All the teams with vacancies should make a run at Trotz, and Las Vegas should probably push DeBoer aside to go after Trotz as well.
  3. Pleasantly surprised with the Jets haul last night.
  4. https://youtu.be/GEuFM37euok Marshawn on the zamboni at the Kraken training facility.
  5. Ross has just under 100 matches listed on Cagematch, Wayne has 20. I don't remember seeing either of them work. Bassrab was okay. Did an All-Japan tour, had a few WWF matches as well. Once he got divorced from Stu's daughter, he was pretty much done in Stampede. Can't recall any BJ Annis matches either.
  6. As soon as Germany went into the same pot as Spain, I spent the rest of the draw hoping Canada would avoid that group. Need to check the betting sites and see what the odds are for Canada to get out of the group.
  7. Belmont and Murray State are two REALLY good basketball adds.
  8. Slam Wrestling Caveman Broda obit - https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2022/03/21/winnipeg-icon-caveman-broda-passes-away/ Less discussion of bodily functions.
  9. FGCU's women's team was the only game I got wrong in the women's tournament today. Men's bracket is very bad. If Wisconsin wins, I get 21 correct. Since the bracket already sucks, this means I am pulling for Colgate.
  10. The Lambert angle ran out of steam when they did it in Impact. I'm not sure why it needed to be brought to AEW.
  11. Went with a same game parlay. Rams -2.5, total over 48.5, Kupp anytime touchdown and OBJ over 63.5 receiving yards. 100 bucks if it hits, off a free wager.
  12. Andy Reid went full Andy Reid today. Whatever that play call was right before halftime was terrible, and then the second and third down plays at the end of regulation were even worse. Bengals played very well in the second half, but Reid pissed away this game.
  13. Devin Hester had six kick/punt/missed field goal returns for touchdown that season, and the defense scored three times. Almost 15 percent of their points came on plays that didn't involve their offense at all.
  14. I saw people theorizing they should have done the squib kick. Problem with that is the clock doesn't start until KC touches the ball, and if they are properly coached, they grab the ball and take a knee immediately. which takes one second off the clock, so they still have enough time to run two plays, call two timeouts and kick the field goal.
  15. Tennessee and the Giants both lost as #1 seeds in 2008/09. New England and Atlanta both lost in 2010/11 as #1 seeds.
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