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  1. Dewar

    2018 NFL Draft

    He underthrew the trash can, and it ended up smashed on the floor.
  2. Sid really was the master of the universe, and ruler of the world. Give me big dudes throwing people around over small dudes and their "fighting spirit" bullshit any day.
  3. Dewar


    Konnan talked about this on his podcast recently, that he is stuck kicking people out of locker rooms because younger wrestlers think bringing in their friends and kids is okay.
  4. Dewar


    Shit that annoys me: The NHL can't be bothered to release a schedule for the next round before this round is over. There's no reason that Jets/Predators and Penguins/Capitals could not be starting Thursday and Friday nights, respectively. That, and they somehow managed to have only three games this past Saturday, and started two of them at the SAME FUCKING TIME.
  5. Dewar

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Far as I can tell from the history of WWE website, the first time they went to South Africa was 1996. They had a couple of Samoans (Yoko and Sultan), a Puerto Rican (Savio) and a Marc Mero on the tour.
  6. Dewar

    The Cricket Thread, Mark 2

    I don't watch a ton of cricket, but I seem to recall watching some T20 match I bet on, and it took less than three hours. Am I completely out to lunch on this?
  7. Dewar


    He was suspended, but why should someone's concussion history be a factor in the length of suspension? Marcus Foligno punched someone with knee issues in the back of the knee in game three, and caused an injury that forced the player to miss a game (and for the record, Staal did not even miss a shift). Where's your "lenghty suspension" diatribe about that? Not suspension worthy because it was only filthy, and not dangerous?
  8. Dewar


    Meltzer gave a Smoky Mountain Rage in the Cage match five stars. So Brian Lee, Jimmy Golden, Robert Fuller, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Stan Lane, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Kevin Sullivan, Tazz and Killer Kyle all have more 5 star matches than Daniel Bryan does.
  9. Dewar


    Lars Sullivan is officially my favorite NXT wrestler now.
  10. Dewar

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Think how much more enjoyable Raw and Smackdown would be if the best seats went to families, and the dicks in the front row mugging for the camera and yelling "sweet" after every two count had to go sit in the upper deck.
  11. Dewar


    1) It should have been a penalty. 2) Fuck Eric Stahl. He started the Slap Shot-esque goonery in game 2 without getting a penalty. Dubnyk has been pretty good for Minnesota in this series, but they are outclassed everywhere else on the ice.
  12. Dewar

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    His predecessor won the league, the cup and the Champions League in the season immediately before he got there. Since he left, they won the league twice in two seasons, and have made the cup final this year. The argument can be made that his lack of success in Europe means he underachieved.
  13. I just searched the pdf version of the book, and did not see anything beyond Hart thinking Idol got cocky after becoming a draw in the golf coast.
  14. Dewar

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Can Mike Ashley please sell Newcastle to someone that might give Rafa at least 25 dollars to purchase players with? If it was not for Man City going to break records for points this season, he would be the Manager of the Year for getting that team into the top half of the table.
  15. Dewar

    WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    They really need to reduce the amount of inductees, since they refuse to limit how long they talk. There's no way this show should be dragging on for four and a half hours every year.