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  1. Week 1 results Three way tie for first. Tiebreaker was more passing yards, Tom Brady or Drew Brees 11 - Joel Martin (Brees), DangerMark (Brees), Hail Sabin (Brady - WINNER of the week) 10 - Kuetsar, AaronMLuke, APO 9 - Gonzo, cubbymark, EdA 8 - dogwelder, Dewar 7 - FluffSnackwell 6 - MavsFan77 5 - elizium (remember to do your early Sunday picks this week!!!!!)
  2. Cleveland Tampa Bay Tennessee Chicago Dallas Green Bay Minnesota Miami San Francisco LA Rams Pittsburgh Arizona Houston Kansas City Seattle New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: Cam Newton rushing yards vs Seattle - 33 Tiebreaker #2: Kansas City points scored - 38 Tiebreaker #3: Alvin Kamara rushing yards vs Las Vegas - 103
  3. What if Vince and Hunter approved Jericho's request to have NXT work the original Jericho Cruise?
  4. Thursday, September 17 Cincinnati at Cleveland Sunday, September 20 Carolina at Tampa Bay Jacksonville at Tennessee NY Giants at Chicago Atlanta at Dallas Detroit at Green Bay Minnesota at Indianapolis Buffalo at Miami San Francisco at NY Jets LA Rams at Philadelphia Denver at Pittsburgh Washington at Arizona Baltimore at Houston Kansas City at LA Chargers New England at Seattle Monday, September 21 New Orleans at Las Vegas Tiebreaker #1: Cam Newton rushing yards vs Seattle Tiebreaker #2:
  5. Put your mouse over his user name. His profile will come up, and the ignore user button is at the bottom.
  6. He should have stopped talking after "you have to look out for yourself". All he did after that was contradict that statement.
  7. How does the underdog team in a series losing constitute choking? You want to claim Milwaukee choked? That's a pretty good claim. But who actually thought Houston was winning that series?
  8. That was a bunch of tired mother fuckers playing in that Boston-Toronto game 7 tonight. Tatum was very good for Boston, Ibaka was good for Toronto, and everyone else sucked.
  9. Kansas CIty Atlanta Baltimore NY Jets Carolina Chicago Indianapolis Minnesota New England Philadelphia Cincinnati New Orleans Francisco LA Rams Pittsburgh Tennessee Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Brady or Brees - Brady Tiebreaker #2: NY Giants interceptions thrown + fumbles lost - three Tiebreaker #3: Dak Prescott passing yards - 245
  10. TV listings for this week: http://mattsarzsports.com/Schedule/Weekly/football2020r/2 Coastal Carolina and Kansas starting at 9 pm local time is amazing.
  11. Back by lukewarm demand is the Highway to Ham! For any newbies, you pick straight up winners. Tiebreaker questions usually involve an important game or something that makes me laugh. Thursday, September 10 Houston at Kansas City Sunday, September 13 Seattle at Atlanta Cleveland at Baltimore NY Jets at Buffalo Las Vegas at Carolina Chicago at Detroit Indianapolis at Jacksonville Green Bay at Minnesota Miami at New England Philadelphia at Washington LA Chargers at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at New Orleans Arizona at San Fr
  12. I noticed Giannis writing the letters "H E A T" in the air as he went to the locker room in game 4.
  13. Dewar


    Good. He deserved it. He left the court without shaking the umpires hand as well.
  14. Dewar


    No, they have not.
  15. They should book MJF and Wardlow just like Shawn and Diesel. The heater eventually wins a singles title before the "star", who gets jealous and turns against him. They will have to keep them together for awhile, so when the breakup happens Wardlow is seasoned enough to be a real player long term.
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