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  1. Tessa was suppose to work the Texas All Star show today,but after the news got out recently she was unbooked.
  2. I shall have to look it up. What is ISFDB?
  3. I gave up on Chikara not long after they came back from the shutdown. Only person I know that still follows them is the promoter of Pro Wrestling EGO. Few years back traded him that Big Vision Chikara dvd for free entry into a bunch of EGO shows.
  4. Figured that since more and more people are becoming Tim Storm fans yall might be interested in seeing one of his matches from before he became known outside the TX/LA/MS area. Been told by Tim that until the NWA Powerrr match with Aldis,that this match against John Saxon was Tim's favorite match.
  5. No idea why it is showing a grey screen but the video works. This was the main event from last weeks Lost Art of Wrestling event. LAW was started by MS indie guy Paul Riot. He wanted a family friendly fed that ran the mid MS area. Rey Fury is the first LAW champ. And his first big challenger is ROW/MLW talent Gino Medina. On the same channel as this match is the entire LAW show. Plus Gino's seminar. The channel is ran by a guy that just turned 23 and has been going all over the deep south filming matches since he was 17. Last year him and another friend promoted the first Lucha Libre show in Mississippi.
  6. Started watching Wentworth about 3 weeks ago. In the middle of season 3 now and damn this is good. Saw it has 2 more seasons to go,for a total of 9.
  7. No mentions of how Sundance went from a channel with decent movies to being the Law& Order an Mash marathon channel? Pretty much every big cable channel has gotten a bad case of channel rot. It feels like every channel Universal owns shows hours every day of L&O and L&O SVU.
  8. This is the third time I have bought Hard Ticket to Hawaii. First got it on DVD when BRentwood/BCI released it. Then got that cheapo Mill Creek Andy Sidarius films set. And then ordered the Blu Ray months ago. While Hard Ticket gets all the praise Picasso Trigger is my fave Andy Sidaruis film.
  9. Got three books for Xmas and of course I started reading all three at once. Death of the Territories-ABout 80% of the way thru this. Good damn book. It has become my bathroom reading book. Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame the Tag teams-ABout halfway thru this. Pretty good so far but not as good as the Pro Wrestling HOF The Heels books. Again Dangerous Visions-Have been wanting to read this for years and years. My favorite uncle got it for me for Xmas this year. Just started the first story. What I am wondering is what is gonna happen to the third volume now that Harlan is dead.
  10. Well it looks like winter has finally hit Mid Mississippi. Which is good cause the constant shifts from cold to hot had my bi polar going nuts. Hadn't slept well in 5 weeks. To add to the good news,looks like before the BIW show Saturday I am going to interview Apoc Adam Asher. Dude has been wrestling all over TX/LA/MS for at least 20 years now. When he started off he was partnered up with the now Lance Archer. Also was just given about 10 wrestling dvds to sell at the show.SO YAY MORE PROFIT>
  11. I use Highspots for Northeast Wrestling,Bar Wrestling and Inspire Pro,since they get all those feds shows not long after they happen. Plus most nights I fall asleep listening to one of the 500 or so shoots Highspots has.
  12. There is a few free ones.With Jarrett Parsons wrestling being the best of them. For ones you gotta pay for there is Highspots Wrestling network-10 bucks a month and loaded with shows ,documentaries and shoots. IWTV-Keep hearing they are good and IIRC they now carry the smartmark video stuff.
  13. Yea Masada is kinda known for abusing women. Add in how hated he is by most people behind the scenes. I figured it had to be a bit overhyped. Then met Masada 4 years ago and he is a piece of shit.
  14. So happy to seen Gino becoming known outside of TX. Saw him first time like 2 years ago and he stole the show. THen last year in May he worked the first lucha libre show in MS. And almost stole the show.
  15. So trading one wifebeater for a guy that beats his ladies and is a homophobe.
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