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  1. Yea heavy hitters 2 was fun. Need to see more HOODFOOT!
  2. Brett Ison vs Eddie Kingston was great. But Akira stole the ICW show
  3. In 86 with just an antenna I got on Saturdays WWF-Superstars,SPotlight"aired twice on two different channels" and Challenge WCW-Worldwide Glow,WCCW,Memphis,Continental,GCCW
  4. Before Impact moved to AXS on PlutoTV Tuesdays around 10 or 11am they would air Impact a week behind. But last few times I have looked at the Pluto channel they are months behind on Impact.
  5. The LA PArk ep of MLW Anthology had old MLW footage in it. I think that is what they are doing with the old footage. Using it on Anthology.
  6. Most other wrestling forums I read are full of WWE hate watchers. Who get mad when you point out "Hey why waste all that time watching something you hate when there is so much good wrestling for free out there." I mean hell I got way more free time than most,and even then I am not gonna spend 3 to 5 hours a week watching something I hate.
  7. Schooled has been way better than Goldbergs for the last 2 seasons.
  8. Been a RIcky Starks fan since first seeing him in Wildkat Sports back in 2013. Even back then dude had the best facial expressions . Was a tag match where he spent most of the time on the apron making some great faces.
  9. What part of TX do they run and who do they use? I have gotten to know lots of the Dallas/Fort Worth based guys since BIW uses them. Guys like Andy Dalton,APoc,Danny Chance,Barrett Brown and others.
  10. She hasnt appeared since early 2019. Oddly she worked one of the indies near me last year in the summer. Appeared on their free iPPV along with Nature Boy Paul Lee and Davey Rich.
  11. That isn't what Jimmy said when he was asked about it almost 5 years ago. "Brother I am tired of the lies and half truths spread about me online.... IT WAS THE MIDNIGHTS THAT WALKED IN NOT THE ROCK N ROLLS!"
  12. Been shaving my head since I was 15. so 31 years almost. But the last 2 years taken to just going to one of 2 barber shops in town and getting them to buzz my head. If places are too crowded this week and next I will just cut my own. Beard wise...been growing my goatee for 5 months now.And wearing a mask when i am out I am down to shaving once every 13 days.
  13. The Memphis airing was last years Red Carpet RUmble,but now with Dustin Starr and Maria popping up with insights thru out the match. Decent watch. Seems you can watch it live each week with Dustin. Who looks like a brunette Johnny Bravo(cartoon Network not Brady Bunch)
  14. Everyday I am seeing concrete proof that MS deserves it reputation. Every local store is trying to make each aisle one way. Putting signs on the floor directing traffic. Heard a few landwhales on scooters telling the staff,that is stocking the shelves,"I AInt reading no signs on the floor. Now tell me where yall are hiding the biscuits?" Yea is this the only area with a run on can biscuits and pizza crusts? We have 3 grocery stores in the county and 2 of them have been out of both for 5 weeks. Timing it so once a week I go get meds and food for the upcoming week. Trying to hit places when they are the emptiest.But being surrounded by just ,and yea fuck it this is mean,living breathing examples of inbreeding and just generations of people that have been raised to not read and barely finish jr high.... Pretty much every week when I goto town,once I get home get everything wiped down and put up,been going to the big pier on the property and just sitting out there for hours at a time. Only people I see are the few fishing or just paddling around in the lake. Watched two kids race each other in kayaks earlier.
  15. For me it was cause every Saturday we went to visit my paternal grandparents. They had cable so would watch Saturday Night with Grannie and PawPaw every week. Then learned that on the channels we got with an antenna we got Mid south,WCCW,Memphis,Florida and others. So every Saturday starting at 3pm until 10pm I watched wrestling. Then if I could stay awake at midnight was some WWF syndicated show. Hell even in Army BCT we made it a point to catch USWA on ESPN most weekdays.
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