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  1. Had a few friends work shows where Tessa was booked. And yea seems she had/has major attitude issues. She is talented but acts like she is the best ever. Been told at one show she was pissed that she didn't get her own private locker room.
  2. Andy Dalton and Barrett Brown are great. Watched them have a great match against each other back in November. A few TX/LA/MS Indy talent ... Rey Fury,he is just starting his 5th year. Works all over the south and keeps improving. Vordell Walker,the best person working the southern indies. Danny Chance a younger TX guy. Good in the ring. Connects with the fans.
  3. It's out on Blu and Dvd. Got added to my wishlist. Might get lucky and my in laws grab it for my birthday.
  4. Sunday at 8pm caught a great sleaze flick on B Movies Tv. They showed the mid 80s Roberts Findlay film Tenement aka Game of Survival. A gang has moved into the basement of a run down apartment building. The cops are called. But the gang gets released on a technicality. They come back and proceed to take over the building.Seems this movie got a X rating cause of all the Gore and violence. Imagine a lower budget Death Wish III.
  5. About a third of the way through Pimp by Iceberg Slim. Decent read.
  6. Spaced on this.. For 4 or 5 years Powerslam Productions held monthly shows in a community theater. SRO was 110. Thats the last match from Powerslams final show at the community little theater.
  7. 2 years ago went to an Elev8 pro show held in a zombie themed paintball arena. Here's the main event. I know about 6 months later the former NWA Battlezone ran a show at the same place.
  8. Yep they day after Thanksgiving finally cable hit the area. Was 20 channels for 55 bucks a month. Only premium channels offered were Showtime, TMC and Disney. Was 10 bucks for each premium channel. And no PPV.
  9. Been getting the normal mid Mississippi January weather..IE 3 days of 40s then 2 days of 70s and 80s. The worst was last Saturday. Went to visit some friends. Left around 11pm the husband warned me about the fog. To get from their place to mine I gotta drive for 30 minutes on a two lane road. Full of hills and blind curves. Normally I can do 60 on this road. But the fog was so thick I was barely doing 35. Plus had 3 times when deer darted out into the road.
  10. Was born in 74. Both my parents were born in the 40s.Was taken to the drive in when I was 3 to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Was pretty much allowed to watch whatever I wanted. Of course cable not coming to my area until late 90 might be part of why I was allowed to watch whatever.
  11. Nice to see Katie Forbes/Kholie has improved. Had heard Barbi Hayden had retired.
  12. That sucks. Been seeing the Robocop Blu ray pack of 1 thru 3 at Dollar General for 5 bucks.
  13. If they weren't already promised to people. ..you would get one. Check your local Dollar Tree.
  14. At a buck each the 4 copies of the original will be given away.
  15. I got the Blu Ray of RotLD that comes with the coloring book. They were exclusives last October IIRC. Got Wish for wings that work,second release of RnR High School,Superman TAS Mentallo,Hangman's Curse and some Ultraman set with the first 8 episodes,all on DVD for a buck each.Then on Blu ray for a buck. The King of Comedy,The Marine 3,Honeymoon in Vegas and 4 copies of Robocop.
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