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  1. bobholly138

    The Grindhouse Report

    This was Take 3 Video. A MOm and Pop place. that managed to survive for 5 years or so after Blockbuster invaded the area. But it was mostly cause they rented porn and had a good horror/cult movie section. Was the only place I have seen Last House on Dead End Street for rent.
  2. bobholly138

    The Grindhouse Report

    I saw the first one on VHS...think it was a bootleg. Then saw the other 3 in the early 2000s. Thru dvd or bootleg DVD-rs. Got the Anchor Bay three pack extremely cheap at the crackhead flea market not long after it came out.
  3. bobholly138

    The Grindhouse Report

    It was a small town in coastal Mississippi,well if you consider Pascagoula MS small.. And ran by a mother and son. They also had most of the John Waters films. The place had a great selection of back catalog titles.
  4. bobholly138

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    I am still missing a few issues of Taboo. But it is one that I know one day I will find cheap at a con. So much late 80s thru late 90s indy stuff hitting cons in cheap bins in this area.
  5. bobholly138


    Few years back at an Elev8 Pro so saw Steve Anthony and Pentagon Jr going over their match before the show. Pentagon speaks a bit of english and Steve speaks pretty much no Spanish. They used hand gestures and body language to work out the match.
  6. bobholly138


    That is why the local indy has a rule. Unless you are working the show you do not go into the locker room. All the wives,girlfriends and kids stay out in the area the ring is in. Hell most shows the only time I enter the locker room is to find the promoter and get the booking sheet for the show. Then I go back out to where ever we got out video equipment set up.
  7. bobholly138

    Explain Your Profile Pic

    A WWE Slam City figure of Damien Sandow I got got cheap years ago.
  8. bobholly138

    Horror Book Thread

    Yep that is it.
  9. bobholly138

    IMPACT Redemption PPV (04/21/18)

    Aries was not under contract. I doubt Penta was.
  10. bobholly138

    Horror Book Thread

    I think one of the books is a collection of short stories and novellas from Little.
  11. bobholly138

    Horror Book Thread

    Trying to figure out which of the 5 Bentley Little novels I got that I am gonna read. Got them all in that huge haul of horror fiction I got last year. Never read much from Mr Little.
  12. It took almost 10 years but I finally got my lady into wrestling. Sure she only wants to watch Eddie Edwards and Allie matches. Not sure why she chose those two. But cause of this she ordered the Impact PPV on the FITE app. Gonna watch it tomorrow night. With LU being between seasons,Impact is my current favorite sports entertainment weekly show. I love NJPW on AXS but to me that is a wrestling show.
  13. bobholly138

    New Japan gets TV deal in US

    While I had been watching NJPW off and on for years,ever since my buddy moved to Japan,cause of the AXS show most of my friends now watch NJPW.
  14. bobholly138

    ROSEANNE Reboot

    Just like Dan working for the city has been retconned.
  15. bobholly138

    ROSEANNE Reboot

    I am wondering what happened to Jackie's kid Andy. He was born in what season 6 or 7, but hasn't been mentioned yet.