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  1. My school library had those Crestwood House books. I always wanted a set but the price was too high. Then a few years ago I was at my local library and saw one I had never seen before. Yep there is a early 90s Crestwood House horror book. THat is loaded with gory pics. Can't find much info about this online.
  2. Yea dont have IWTV,went with Highspots instead.
  3. Walker vs DIckinson is a match we have been asking BIW to have for 2 years.
  4. The only time I saw a vcr that couldnt tape one channel while you watched another on your tv was the tv/vcr combo units. Every vcr I had owned,got our first one in 1978,allowed ya to record one channel while watching another.
  5. HUH I taped many things while watching another channel. And never needed the tv on the right channel to tape something. Only time either of what you said was true is if you had a digital cable box. And at least in my area those didn't show up until 2000.
  6. The 8 man tag was really fun. Made up for the tag team squash and the horrible 3 way women's match.
  7. It's odd we dont have the sports package on Dish but get BeIN Sports. Only reason I found out we got it was someone told me they were airing MLW Fusion.
  8. So now there is just two days with MLW Fusion Saturday you got it on BeIN Sports and Youtube. ANd new episodes hit the FITE app on Tuesdays. I assume Court realizes that most of the people watching MLW watch it on Youtube. I am one of the few people I know that watch it on BeIN Sports.
  9. Until they closed most of their stores I would get Faygo at Fred's DOllar Stores all over in the deep south. Also found Faygo at Dollar Tree fairly often. But never seen ads for it anywhere.
  10. Since early 2018 Danny Chance has been a fast rising star in BIW. With Danny as the number #2 face in Brookhaven BIW decided to give Danny a title shot at the last BIW show on 2019. So after driving 12 hours from Texas,Danny took the time to sit down and do a short interview with DIY Mississippi Filmworks lead camera man Ultimo Gallos. BIW Oct 12th 2019 BIW Southern Champion Steve Anthony vs The Amazing Danny Chance Really good match from both guys. Steve won the BIW Southern title the previous weekend. He beat Cassidy O'Reily.
  11. BIW Oct 12th 2019 Leroy Lee vs The King Rob Love This was the first appearane of Leroy Lee.Lee has worked Memphis and North MS as Tatt2 for years. And he does MMA as Darius Lee. For being a very last minute replacement Leroy was damn good.
  12. Bayou Indie Wrestling Oct 12th 2019 Apoc Adam Asher vs Camacho Quick story...Camacho is part of The King Rob Love's stable. And the Brookhaven MS crowd has dubbed Rob Love Burger King. So before the show started myself and another fan passed out about 60 Burger King paper crowns. And before the doors opened I had given Apoc one of these crowns. Apoc hid the crown. So when he came out wearing it Rob Love had no clue it was going to happen. The Superplex spot was amazing. And bent one of the pins that holds the ring together. But I am not surprised Apoc is billed as 280lbs,Camacho is billed as 400lbs. That is almost 700lbs coming down at once.
  13. Bayou Indie Wrestling Oct 12th 2019 Cassandra Golden vs Myka Madrid
  14. I want to say he is late 20s. But not sure I will ask him next time I chat with him.
  15. I was telling someone the same thing yesterday. Loved RIcky's promo. Dude has been a blast to watch since like 2012. Wish he worked LA/MS more often.
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