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  1. Fusion is the best hour of wrestling in at least 20 years. It's odd locally every one watches WWE and MLW. Even though the channels NJPW and Impact air on are easier to get.
  2. Love that podcast. Just wish Season 2 would come out.
  3. The PlutoTV app also has a AAA channel. Watched Triplemania from 2005 on it the other night when I couldnt sleep.
  4. Since 2013 a few friends of mine have been talking about running a lucha show in Mississippi. Well May 4th it happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G5g9JFTsBY&list=PLmuE7jNxm3yTzk6IRp6pzrMv-QGP0MWDs There is a playlist of the entire show. Main event was Matt Cross vs Ricky Reyes for the Hoodmark Lucha Libre title. As of right now they plan on running 1 or 2 shows a year.
  5. Yep the film made by wrestler David Defalco. Has Sage Stallone as one of Krugs gahg. Defalco use to claim he had never seen LHotL.
  6. I've taken a few breaks. Stopped in 87 for a year after Watts UWF died. Started again in 89. Stopped August 92,shipped out for BCT. Started again when I finished my time in late 96. June 2007 was at the Beaumont TX house show,then the Houston PPV Benoit no showed. Was at both shows with my oldest son.Learned the following Tuesday morning what happened. Stopped watching until early 98. Stopped again in early 2013. Mostly cause I had 3 Indies near me that ran monthly. 2 of those indies closed up in early 2015. By then I finally had a way to watch the weekly ROH show. Since then I catch pieces of WWE,mostly cause of a few friends that still watch. But between ROH,MLW,NJPW and Highspots Network I get my wrestling fix.
  7. I collect Betamax pre records. Got Phantasm for 50 cents a few years ago.
  8. Haven't cataloged my collection in 6 years. 1.NotLD68-Between vhs,dvd,Blu and laserdisc I own 8 copies. 2.Texas Chainsaw Massacre original-Got 6 copies. 3.Rock n Roll High School-5 copies. 4.Phantasm-Got it on betamax,vhs,laserdisc,dvd,blu
  9. Implants,she is more plastic than flesh. Really nice lady,but flat out awful in the ring.
  10. I lucked out and got the VHS of this film cheap in 98. Great film that has been forgotten.
  11. Had a few friends work shows where Tessa was booked. And yea seems she had/has major attitude issues. She is talented but acts like she is the best ever. Been told at one show she was pissed that she didn't get her own private locker room.
  12. Andy Dalton and Barrett Brown are great. Watched them have a great match against each other back in November. A few TX/LA/MS Indy talent ... Rey Fury,he is just starting his 5th year. Works all over the south and keeps improving. Vordell Walker,the best person working the southern indies. Danny Chance a younger TX guy. Good in the ring. Connects with the fans.
  13. It's out on Blu and Dvd. Got added to my wishlist. Might get lucky and my in laws grab it for my birthday.
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