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  1. What are you reading?

    Found my copy of Stormwatch Vol 1. Which reprints issues 37 thru 47 of the first series. Been years since I read these issues and re-reading them just makes me miss how much fun Wildstorm became in it's later years. At the same time I am reading Jonathan Ross's The Incredibly Strange Film Book. This is a later printing of it and it is pretty damn good. I wish they would release both series of The Incredibly Strange Film Show on DVD. Watching it back when Discovery channel was airing it was how I discovered lots of cinema.

    What I keep hearing is in the years since the last WM in NOLA the LA Commission has gotten much stricter. Now they supposedly aren't allowing blood on any wrestling show. Where as just a few years ago Wildkat Sports had a match which ended with blood all over the ring and floor of the Mel Ott Center.

    Heroes of Wrestling was fun live. But it was myself and my eldery grandmother at the show. She took me to my first wrestling show when I was 6 months old. I took her to what turned out to be her final show when she was 75.

    He has been fun to watch in Pro Wrestling EGO. The fans love him and he was the Federated champion for a long time. Bayou Independent Wrestling presents The Rematch Feb 3rd 2018 Brookhaven Mississippi Lincoln County Civic Center BIW Southern Champ The Ring Wrecker Vordell Walker vs Steve Anthony. 5 years ago BIW started running Brookhaven. Steve cut a promo about common core math,i think it was math,and got the kids chanting U GUNNA GIT IT at him. He played it up and each show for the next 2 years when steve walked out he got the chant. Then BIW took a almost 3 year hiatus. The kids that were heckling him are teens and front row for the match that BIW has been building for 3 years.
  5. Your 2018 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    Opening match to BIW's The Rematch show.

    I had never heard of Jon Davis or Odinson until Pro Wrestling EGO,run the Jackson MS area,started using them. Hit Bayou Independent Wrestling's The Rematch show tonight. 3 years ago the match was booked and then BIW took a hiatus. So tonight we got BIW Southern Champion Vordell Ringwrecker Walker vs Steve Exclamation Point Anthony in the main event. Rest of the show was more than worth the 10 bucks tickets cost. Drew 250 people during a cold as hell rainy night. Will put a few matches soon in the 2018 indy match thread. I did ask Vordell before the show if he knew about DVDVR. "What's a Death Valley Driver Video Review?" was his answer. They are coming back in May might get a pic of him and a DVDVR cover printout or something odd like that.

    Might be cause house shows still draw well. WWE might come to MS every 3 years for a SD. But they come every year to Jackson for a house show. That draws a huge crowd.
  8. The Grindhouse Report

    I got a old Brentwood/BCI horror set with The devil's nightmare on it. Brentwood took a Redemption laserdisc and didn't even bother to remove the Eileen Dailey intro.
  9. The Grindhouse Report

    I lucked out in the mid 90s and found a video store that had Bad Taste,Meet the Feebles and Nekromantic.
  10. The Grindhouse Report

    Still wondering how they got the rights to Bad Taste. How does the print on that set look?
  11. The Grindhouse Report

    Yeah lots of repeats in the Mill Creek big sets. Got Drive In Classics and Pure Terror for 5 bucks each years back.
  12. The Grindhouse Report

    Those 2 plus Drive In Classics are great.
  13. The Literary In Memoriam Thread

    I just saw that Jack Ketchum had passed. I didn't discover him until back in 2008. And since then managed to get 90% of his books. Last year my father got back into reading so I loaned him a copy of Red. After reading it in one day he wanted more Ketchum. And for the first time in his life my father went to a book store and bought one copy of every Ketchum book they had. I sent Mr Ketchum a quick message about this on FB and got a fairly prompt reply. Seems Jack found it amusing that he had gained a new fan and a fan that was at the time about 4 years older than Mr Ketchum. The world of fiction has suffered a huge loss.