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  1. Odd that Z Living Channel aired the Memphis edit of the new episode. It was a best of 2020. But was hosted by DUstin and Maria Starr. Might be cause starting in Feb Championship Wrestling from Memphis starts up. First taping is Valentines day this year. Dustin is hosting. Also hearing a Championship Wrestling From the Gulf Coast is starting up. Ring announcer down in LA was telling some of us a few weeks back.
  2. Yea need to order me a Bodega shirt soon. Loved the tag. 4 Minutes Till they get Beat have risen above jobber status nicely.
  3. So what all weekly wrestling shows are y'all watching? Monday-ROH on FITE Tues-Impact on AXS,gets DVRed and I'm always a week or so behind. Wednesday-MLW Fusion on Youtube and Limitless Wrestling The Road on IWTV Thursday&Friday-Nothing Saturday-Championship Wrestling From Hollywood either the Memphis Airings on Youtube or Zliving's late night airing of it. I know about New South's Action Clash on IWTV Tuesdays,but man the commentary team is so bad it makes the show a pain to watch.
  4. Been reading a collection of both issues of Skywald's Crime Machine series from 71. Grabbed it cheap about a year ago. Didn't know until I started reading it that it just reprints a bunch of Avon published Pre-Code Crime comics. Still the 8 or 9 page stories make it perfect quick reading.
  5. Shit. Back when he was working at Marvel. I wrote in a letter praising some of his work on MCP. For the next 8 years I got a Xmas card and a small sketch from Lightle.
  6. I pretty much gave up on WWE back in 2010 or so. Would still watch the Rumble each year and WM. This year will be the first year in forever I'm not watching Rumble or WM. But for weekly wrestling.... Mondays ROH on FITE Wednesdays MLW on Youtube and Limitless Wrestling the Road on IWTV. Saturdays CWFH on either Youtube or Zliving. Between those 4 shows all ,3 of which are free to watch,I get my weekly wrestling fix.
  7. I had both for a long time. Highspots has all the shoots to listen to plus the highspots made documentaries. That is really all they have that IWTV doesn't.
  8. Jan 2021 in MS there will be no attendance caps on indie shows. One state to the west,LA,their commission has said it might be 2022 before they allow any wrestling to happen.
  9. Match from this week's episode of Limitless Wrestling's The Road,on IWTV. For those that don't watch Limitless,Dirty Doug Wyzer is a hobo/drifter that is a wrestler. Dave Dyer hates Doug.
  10. Ok a few things on IWTV to watch. Seasons 1 and 2 of Limitless The Road. Each ep is about an hour. Great wrestling. They do have intergender matches but they are well done. Plus it might be one intergender match every few episodes. New South Pro Wrestling,North AL based fed. Lots of great wrestlers. They got a weekly show Action Clash that airs on Tuesdays.
  11. Glad to see O'Shay getting some attention. 5 or so years ago he was working the local indie,one that was lucky to draw 50 people. O'Shay was having the best match at each show but never got used right.
  12. You can watch MLW on Youtube on Wednesdays. And also on PLutoTV. Both of them air it before BeIN Sports does.
  13. In a few weeks our interview with Ray Rosas will be out. I did ask if the current Cali shutdown will effect CWFH. "We have a pile of episodes in the can. So I doubt we will be effected."
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