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    Went to my first wrestling show at 6 months. Started watching wrestling on TV every week by the time I was about 4.
  2. bobholly138


    Kaiju was fun. I was offline for about a year and that is when it ended and Crush Kill Crush started. I wouldn't have known what happened by Bix's cousin let me know what was going on.
  3. bobholly138


    Isn't Kaiju dead? Last I looked Crush Kill Crush was pretty dead. What about Wrestling Fans Suck?
  4. bobholly138


    My issues with Wreddit is all the WWE only fans that hate on anything not WWE. But don't watch anything but WWE. The worst forum is the Freaking Awesome Network forums. They started off as the official Wrestlecrap forums. But the guy behind Wrestlecrap got tired of the shit at the forums and removed the official status. So The Official Wrestlecrap Forums became the Freaking Awesome Network forums. They are full of wrestling fans that hate pretty much all wrestling. But watch WWE every week and complain about how bad it is. Add in that the mods pick and choose who the rules apply to and you got a pretty shitty forum. Never bothered with the WON forums. Mostly cause lots of the asshats from other forums post there. BTW the new Official Wrestlecrap forums,The Craphole,are pretty crappy. But that is cause the Admin refuses to ban trolls and does nothing really. In the past year it has went from about 70 regular posters to maybe 10 now.
  5. bobholly138


    I thought the wrestling forum version of Mos Eisley Cantina was Freaking Awesome Network.....
  6. bobholly138


    Out of all the wrestling forums I have seen Wreddit is the second worst. But hell I have been here since 99 or 2000.
  7. bobholly138

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    I read both series about 2 years ago. Damn good reads.
  8. bobholly138

    What are you reading?

    Book-High Cotton by Joe Lansdale Comics-Doing my every few years re-reading of Preacher. Up to issue 28 or 29 right now. Wasn't going to read it this year. But my teenage son is visiting and wanted to read it since he has been watching the AMC show. So each night before bed he will read one of my trades and I am reading digital copies on my tablet.
  9. From what I remember,and I haven't seen the entire show since I took my grandmother,Jake tried to get fully nude but was stopped. It was odd at the time I was living out near Beaumont TX. Was back in Biloxi visiting family. A cousin called me to tell me there was a show at the casino in Bay St Louis. I called and they had plenty of tickets left. So I got two tickets. Grannie loved it. But then she loved any wrestling. From the many Mid South/UWF shows I took her to. To the shitty as hell Tiny Frazier ran Gulf Coast shows. Only bad part is she would get mad when a heel cheated and try to get my dad and then later on me to jump the rail and go attack the heels.
  10. bobholly138

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    Brickhouse is still alive. What happened,at least from what I keep seeing and hearing,is his mother was told Brickhouse wouldn't make it thru the night. So she called and told a few people that Brickhouse had passed. Then hours later Brickhouse woke up and said "I'm Hungry".
  11. I was there live with my elderly grandmother. Best part was her turning to me and saying "I think Jake might be on THE DRUGS!"
  12. bobholly138


    That is what we do. Win some money at the casino. Then go buy shrimp fresh from the gulf. BTW Happy Birthday sir. Forgot that our birthdays are in the same month.
  13. bobholly138


    Might just be I grew up on the Gulf Coast in a family full of shrimpers and fishermen,but I find Red Lobster's seafood to be horrible. But then so far I haven't found a chain place yet that has good seafood.
  14. bobholly138

    Hulk Hogan returns... still a racist

    Now I grew up in Mid South country. But at my school during the peak of Hulkamainia he was fairly hated. But then all us kids saw WWF as "That fake Yankee shit."
  15. bobholly138

    RIP Steve Ditko

    I was born a bit late to have read the original Ditko stuff on Spidey and Dr Strange. I am sure the first Ditko art I saw was a reprint of one of his issues of Spidey. But the first time I saw his art and thought to myself OK I gotta see more work from this person was in the early 80s. I had just gotten paperback book that reprinted,in color,a good chunk of the Ditko Strange Tales Dr Strange stories. And I was hooked. Every time I went to the comic shop I would grab anything I could find and afford by Ditko. As I got older I started reading up on him. And yea I doubt Steve Ditko and I would have agreed on much. But his art was so damn stunning. I get why Kirby gets so much praise for his silver age stuff. But for me Ditko is the real star of Marvel's silver age stuff. Am I the only one that remembers how right at 8 years ago there was a rumor going around that Steve Ditko was going to be at a UK comic con? I heard the rumor and had already started working on getting a new passport and all. Should have known there was no way Ditko would do a con. But for about 3 days I was so excited. I had already met Kirby about 3 years before he died. And I thought I was going to get to meet Ditko. Finding out now that if you wrote Mr Ditko he would write back,makes me wish I had written him.