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  1. Howdy Price looks just like a guy I grew up with. Well if he was 30s instead of pushing 50s.
  2. Hey got to see Dickinson squash someone,and always nice to see Dustin and Maria Starr as the hosts of the Memphis airings.
  3. Yep Cabana Man Dan has it. Sucks we just interviewed him on the night he got back from the Collective show. Really really laid back and nice dude.
  4. Damn been some rough times for some of yall. Sorry to hear that. Last year my father,after I got him a roku,discovered Youtube. Back in June he talked about wanting to start a youtube channel. But him being 76 and never touched a computer means I have to run the channel. Starting this Thursday at 4:45pm his first full video goes up. Just him telling funny and/or heartwarming stories from his life. Right now we have enough stuff filmed to cover us thru the end of the year.
  5. When I woke up today Maggie ran over jumped up in my lap and wanted to have her belly scratched.
  6. Buddy of mine snapped a pic of me while I was filming matches at the Pro Wrestling 225 show this past weekend.
  7. Oh I know he wasn't as young as I figured. Plus him getting a major injury in the previously mentioned Hoodmark match might have added to him retiring.
  8. Wow that sucks. He is so damn good and was involved in the first Hoodmark Lucha Libre match. Also just found out that one of the wrestlers on the Oct 10th BIW show in Brookhaven MS had to pull out of the show...But has been replaced by DAMIEN WAYNE!!! Kinda sad that this news got announced and most of the replies were "Who is Damien Wayne?"
  9. Man I wish I hadn't missed Will Allday's match last week. STill this is one of the fastest hours of wrestling each week.
  10. Already sold one of the New Teen Titans #2 to a local friend. He has been wanting a first appearance of Deathstroke for a bit. But all the local shops want way too much for them. I told him since it was a reader copy he could have one for $5.
  11. Got a text from a friend yesterday."Hey found a box full of comics at the thrift. Is 5 bucks a good deal for about 40 comics?" Told them yea. Then met up with them last night to get it. MARVEL Classic X-men #20 Elfquest #28,29,32 Hercules Prince of Power #2 Marvel 2 in 1 #66 The Punisher #88,89,90,91 Annual 5,6 The Punisher Armory #9 The Punisher War Journal #64 The Punsiher War Zone #18,20,21,22,23,25(2 copies of this one),26,27,28 Strange Combat Tales #1 Thor #300 Vision and Scarlet Witch #3 DC Atari Force Special #1 Batman and the Outsiders #32 Death The Time of your L
  12. Thanks. Usually on the tuesday interviews I'm not there. But had to be there to talk to Gary again.
  13. https://kingofwrestling.podbean.com/ I got added as the co host for the Friday episodes. Where we cover local indies and other indies and news. Then the Tuesday episodes are an interview with some indie star. This week is Gary Jay.
  14. It wasn't until some friends were in the Kaiju show in NOLA that I learned this.
  15. Or New South Pro Wrestling. Great fed. Limitless Wrestling's The Road weekly series has been a fun watch each wednesday. New Wave Pro's High Ground events are decent. Saw on some ACTION Wrestling show a really fun O'Shay Edwards vs Suge D match.
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