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  1. bobholly138

    The Grindhouse Report

    I only got to see 20 minutes before I had to leave. Midnight movie was The Big Bust out. And Guncrazy with Drew Barrymore just started.
  2. bobholly138

    YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    Catching up on season 3 of Riverdale. Loving the 80s era d&d satanic panic stuff. Plus Archie in Penitentiary 5.
  3. bobholly138

    The Grindhouse Report

    Looks like b movie tv is showing Terror at Tenkiller right now. Never seen it.
  4. Rumor right now is Barrett Brown AKA Americos has signed with Evolve.
  5. bobholly138

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Master Race was good. But yea I would have DK2 higher than it. For me DK2 was really good. One of Miller's best work since he stopped doing Sin City.
  6. A much better book. And not co written by a guy that tries to get as much as he can out of his fans. That 10 anniversary edition of Death of WCW was the most blatant cash grab RD has done. It added almost nothing,fixed almost none of the mistakes.
  7. bobholly138

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    Same here,but change wife to girlfriend. Even had free lodging and meals while in Nashville. But We are saving up for a long vacation next spring.
  8. bobholly138

    Raven Mac's Blog?

    I miss Raven Mac.
  9. bobholly138


    Yea I gotta agree my favorite period of wrestling was 85 thru 87. So I was a pre teen. When I became a teen I mostly stopped watching wrestling.
  10. bobholly138

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    Starks is Tx Indy guy. Works a bunch in LA. Decent in the ring and has an odd charisma.
  11. bobholly138


    Now you have Pro Wrestling EGO running Jackson and all the town's around Jackson. There is a tiny bit of Deep South footage out there. But not much. The issue is drawing a crowd in the Jackson and surrounding towns. Most shows EGO get 100 to 150 people.
  12. bobholly138


    This is one of the first big events in Brandon in years.
  13. bobholly138


    Some friends are starting up a lucha libre fed based in Mississippi. First show is next year on May 4th. But with today being National Lucha Libre day they have released a short vid.
  14. bobholly138

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    Keep hearing the Buffy license was pulled cause of the upcoming new Buffy tv show. And how all the Dark Horse seasons stuff will be out of continuity soon. I tried to read Buffy Season 8 made it about 6 issues in and gave up.
  15. bobholly138

    What are you reading?

    Get in the Van by Henry Rollins I have owned the first printing of this for a long time but never read it. Then was recently given a ebook version and been reading it a bit each night before bed. Really good read and it is interesting to see where Rollins mind was during his time with Black Flag.