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  1. Lot of the absolute lines looks Public Domain proof. Not much usage of things that will fall in the public domain in the next decade. Kelly confirmed Absolute Wondy is still greek and isn't an archaeologist, and Goddesses will appear.
  2. My inner monologue sounds like the unsolved mysteries guy.
  3. MUSASHI is joing AJPW. He is a former Michinoku Pro Wrestling guy. Nextream is finished. The unit lasted from 2015 to 2024, it was a tag team before ending. The participants for the Royal Road tourny are out there.
  4. Absolute GL and Flash and Martian Manhunter come later, I dunno who will be the GL and Flash. I guess they will do the counterpart of the JSA and JLA team later.
  5. NJPW 8 16 1990 Animal Hamaguchi and Masanobu Kurisu beat each others up https://youtu.be/CJiN5NVYmFs?si=uPqm5hSnZczW2ZBc
  6. NJPW 1 4 2005, Toukon Festival: Wrestling World 2005 Amateur Wrestling Exhibition Match Yuji Nagata vs Katsuhiko Nagata https://youtu.be/P5bBesxykIE?si=zVltXBpMMDWm30t4
  7. I don't think the tone, setting, and how they will use time will be the same as the new Ultimate Universe. Unlike the Earth One line, the Absolute titles are all in a shared universe. I kinda miss Nu52. I really don't care so much about the current Earth 0, and I would divide the Earth 0 back into their respective individual Earths they were Pre-Crisis.
  8. Gimmick! 2 for the switch https://youtu.be/_xVRXS4hIb0?si=oIsLxyZ03Udwr5y4
  9. More info absolute out. I was right about the stripping away of stuff like Butlers and Mansions for Batman and more.
  10. I'm getting my teeth fixed wth new dental plan. There are promising newer treatments for OCD. Honestly I only want to rid of some lingering intrusive thoughts from some ocd spells that are left over.
  11. I know. But still Johns ideas about Metaverse and Earth spawning.
  12. NJPW 1 4 2005, Toukon Festival: Wrestling World 2005 "Dog Fight" rules match Masahiro Chono vs Riki Choshu and Masahiro Chono vs Hiroyoshi Tenzan https://youtu.be/hYjNG9lQkZA?si=d3W9h0mTK83VnCJT
  13. Well its Johns. It also finally the real next new DC universe. The regular Earth 0 won't be rebooted. The solicts for Earth 0 are being leaked on the CBR boards.
  14. Ultimate Hawkeye will be Native American. It's not Clint either, he doesn't want to be a hero on that Earth.
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