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  1. I never played any of the NuDoom games. I only have DOOM 1, 2, and 3. I played bits of DOOM 64. I liked DOOM on SNES. DOOM.
  2. USM 6 preview https://aiptcomics.com/2024/06/13/ultimate-spider-man-6-preview/ Times going so fast.
  3. I wish they bring back KOC even if as a mobile game. Getting too late anyways for that.
  4. Tatum Paxley in TNA, highlights https://youtu.be/mNtjNxNFDy8?si=bFzN-Aa3VIKQ8bXS
  5. Champion Wrestler: Jikkyou Raibu (1996) for the PlayStation, its the sorta sequel to Champion Wrestler (1989) https://youtu.be/6EhSEgKMQqg?si=HjfFer4cvd7BoaYJ Shigeru Kajiwara did the commentary for the game, years later he appeared in the 2004 Japanese-Korean co-production Pro-Wrestling movie Rikidozan as a play by play announcer. The game system is more like Fire Pro but with its own spins on mechanics.
  6. The Saturn and PlayStation ports have better graphics and bigger sprites (only somewhat smaller compared to the original arcade version). Anyway, both are the closest to the coin operated Arcade game. But both of the Saturn and PlayStation ports have load times and they lack in game music during matches. Still, both ports have almost most of everything else that the cart ports lacked. The PC Dos port looks kinda weird but has no load times.
  7. From PWInsider, RD Evans who worked for TNA is now working for AEW, he is helping with the backstage segments.
  8. SWS Wrestle Dream In Kobe 01 04 1991 Bret Hart vs George Takano https://youtu.be/pxzWxJrAmHM?si=ygBcLpAy2iBoQ-Gh
  9. Former Sendai Girls player Rea Marumori decided to join Marigold. She looks like the Pokemon trainer Sabrina and she does her own weird poses.
  10. TurboGrafx-16 game Shockman (1992), another Megaman clone https://youtu.be/KGDx4TX6T2w?si=prx7HjeVfbkof3Ox
  11. The video above has a smoothing filter to it applied to the game, so the SNES port didn't look that smooth. Genesis vs 32X ports comparison video https://youtu.be/Vcf4UFJMees?si=HAJtOe6O3b4AGg_t The 32X port has higher resolution, and better graphics over both the Genesis and SNES ports. The 32X port however only runs at 30 FPS. Very less slowdown issues. The audio is better than the Genesis port.
  12. Iyo Sky vs Utami in Marigold at Sumo Hall soon. Both were former Queen's Quest unit members.
  13. The SNES port, I used to play this port https://youtu.be/PWOa31i8fPo?si=yjJVyyo4Q_3IKYlq No Bam Bam and Yoko in the SNES port, and only 3 in the ring at a time, and some slowdown. But better graphics and sound over the Genesis port. The SNES port lacks several voice and commentary samples. Damage taken in the SNES port by in game fighters from attacks was reduced, so its the easier port to play.
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