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  1. Mea culpa, you are correct! Sorry for the brief derailment, I'll see myself out
  2. Actually, looking it up now he did use the exact font JYD used! I feel like an idiot because trust me, I was around in the 80's. Visually it fooled me at first and I still want to believe he was trolling the rednecks in the crowd. That or I'm too deep into politics...... So now I'm wondering why Trump jacked JYD's style!?
  3. Indeed! That's half of why it was so great! It was a JYD shout designed to look visually like a Trump logo
  4. oh yea, Kingston with the Trump style 'Thump' shirt was epic trolling in the deep south! Shades of Punk in his pro-choice t in Texas. I think the crowd was confused by it, he didn't get his usual massive pop on the hot tag
  5. Absolutely loved Team Taz v. Lee & Swerve. So much talent and charisma in that ring, all 4 working their asses off and a super hyped crowd. Ricky being so over was dope. Super talented in the ring, plus I've been filling some gaps in my Dynamite backlog and I've grown to really enjoy him on commentary I thought the crowd really added to the show except when they didn't in the two spots. I liked the announcers constantly putting over how this was a make up date for a show cancelled by the pandemic making them seem like they'd been pent up with rabid anticipation for AEW. Little stuff like that really puts it over as a hot product. AEW's TV is a great advertisement to come see it live because it looks super fun Penta-Punk was a good style clah, tag title and trios were really fun. Going into the title match I thought ReDragon might win but by the end I think JE retaining was the right call. The end to me looked like FTR coming down to challenge JE and ReDragon intercepting, I wasn't confused by it, and I won't complain about a 3 way program. Seems like eventually ReDragon should have the ROH belts and FTR should have the AEW, and I guess send Luchasaurus back home to Mexico with the AAA belts! Joe and Suzuki beat the piss out of each other and I loved every second of it. I also love how over Suzuki is to the AEW crowd, and you can tell there's some people who probably didn't really know who he was before he started showing up in AEW, but they sure as shit know now! There was one girl in the front row with her parents who was definitely NOT into the brutal tenderizing of flesh, lol The ending sucked and I agree with everyone who's pointed to the lights going out being a big part of the problem. Save it for HoB or a superstar debut. I was expecting something big when the lights went out and yea......On the plus side he looks like a younger, more mobile Khali and I'm on board with that in theory I don't like so much ROH on AEW tv, but maybe that's just me. I haven't cared about ROH in a long time, and aside from when the Bullet Club was in and they were working with NJPW I wasn't much of a fan of basically the last decade of the product for the most part. I also don't have enough time to keep up with AEW as is (I almost never watch the web shows) and I don't even watch WWE! Expecting people to support AEW AND ROH, plus NJPW and all the other promotions out there.....it's too much for me My other takeaway is how cold the two world title programs are. Not great.
  6. oops! Sasha and Liv then, but the point stands. Two matches going 5 minutes combined on a 3 hour show? Do the women do worse ratings than video packages or what? EDIT* gotdamn two strikes! I checked the recap again to make sure. IT WAS BIANCA V ZELINA AND NAOMI V LIV. YA HAPPY NOW! I managed to botch both matches twice. I knew Sasha was there somewhere (at ringside). F'n WWE
  7. reading the Shingo stuff makes me wish I could understand Japanese better because AEW with commentary from NJPW wrestlers sounds hella fun I might seek these out just to get a feel for the reactions. I've watched enough puro without English commentary that you can at least feel the emotion and tone of it RE: Sammy. Kid is a natural cocky heel. His babyface run did absolutely nothing for me. Started with him being the one to beat Miro which I was not at all on board with, plus the cheesy shit with Fuego. Sooner he's back heel the better. Too pretty and too cocky to be a face, and the Tay stuff certainly isn't going to get him cheered
  8. reading the recap my biggest takeaway is two women's matches that look decent-good on paper in Bianca/Liv and Naomi-Zelina got like 5 minutes combined you can't give Bianca and Liv 7-8 minutes? the show is 3 hours Bruce! wtf
  9. From everything I've read Twitter's own algorithms promote negativity and controversy. But there's a difference between boosting yourself on the platform and targeting a competitor with gimmick accounts and bots. I'm not active on twitter, is this normal between say KFC and Popeyes? I'd like to think Tony isn't stupid enough to suggest something like that without some evidence behind it, but then again if I had evidence I'd be looking at possible litigation not clicking send on my twitter app. Dave and Bryan are being cryptic but to me reading between the lines it sounds like Tony's building up evidence of a coordinated effort by "someone" to fuck with their upcoming TV negotiations. I don't know man, the whole thing is pretty stupid. I will laugh my ass off if Nick Khan is behind the pro-wrestling version of the Internet Research Agency. This is what a 21st century wrestling war looks like, can't wait to hear what Cornette has to say
  10. He thought the tweeting was strategic. Never said anything about it being a good strategy
  11. Not to derail the thread, but they did it a lot. There was a famous one in Texas where they set up head to head anti-muslim and pro-muslim counter protests, and it also happened with BLM type rallies. And when they weren't outright organizing stuff on social media they would co-opt and amplify existing divisions, riling up and encouraging both sides to get more radical. We ignore foreign influence on our domestic politics at our own peril FWIW Meltzer says what Tony is talking about absolutely has legs, and his questionable twittering is "strategic"
  12. Who is saying CD used the "budget cuts" phrase? Marko? Some website? Who told them? I like Marko, but this is probably coming straight from him and he's working it to get sympathy/bookings. I'd expect nothing less. But it reads like something crafted to appeal to smart marks on the internet
  13. In all my excitement last PM/AM I forgot to mention that Toni's Heart-esque with Rush vibes music was killer!!!! AEW continually hitting home runs on the music I was a big Toni Storm fan in NXT. Admittedly I never sought out her Stardom stuff but she has mega superstar potential. HHH definitely saw it and she checked every single box for them, another in a long line of what ifs The match itself wasn't bad but the crowd definitely hurt it. I wouldn't have squashed Bunny so I probably would have picked a different opponent here, but this should have been a 5 minute showcase, not a long match with a commercial break on a show loaded with great in-ring Also forgot to put over the Andrade-Darby match. I feel like I've seen better action from them, but this was still really good. And as many people noted Andrade really needed this win. He's been consistently great in AEW but he's lost all his big matches starting with he who shall not be named
  14. I'm a big Marko Stunt fan. I thought he added a lot to the JE act and I wish they'd found a role for him doing something. He's charismatic, he's entertaining....... wait a second, this is starting to smell like a work........ Christian stole his spot too!
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