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  1. I have faith that Kingston can promo his way out of this. He didn't know the pyro was gonna botch when he sacrificed himself. The face turn still works.
  2. It's actually called Dynamite because that's the name of the show Tony Khan fantasy booked for the past 20 years. The fact it's on TNT is just a coincidence.
  3. Still time for Orton to win the Elimination Chamber
  4. Listened to a lot of Elliott Smith in my early 20s. If you're trying to get into Elliott Smith it helps if you're hella depressed.
  5. Fuck it, here's the correct Star Wars list The Empire Strikes Back The Last Jedi A New Hope The Return of the Jedi The Force Awakens Solo Rogue One The Revenge of the Sith Attack of the Clones The Phantom Menace
  6. This list is mostly a mess, but at least Cody recognizes that The Last Jedi is the second greatest Star Wars film, behind only The Empire Strikes Back. As for retconning. I'm pretty sure anything not shown in a film/tv series is non-cannon and subject to change. Then again I definitely saw Palpatine got thrown into the core of the Death Star II and explode twice and apparently he's fine, so who the fuck knows? regarding cgi/deepfakes (if you're this deep into the thread it's pointless, but I'll spoiler tag anyway)
  7. Not if you didn't watch that piece of shit movie and are pretending it didn't happen.
  8. You missed The Last Jedi, which is great
  9. Yeah, whatever. Is Chloe Moretz in that outfit the whole movie?
  10. FUCK. I didn't recognize him without the accent. Hell Yeah
  11. Finally, shit I intended to watch but didn't get around to
  12. Not posting my whole ballot, but I'll post what didn't make it.
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