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  1. So did they do Alternate finishes for Every match, its almost like he was watching to make sure it was the finish of him Winning. Was the Alternate finishes done just incase the intended winner got Sick before the airing of Mania. I know Vince is very indecisive and changes his mind out the blue these days but I don't get why you'd have guys do matches with different outcomes for most of the card, maybe one or two.
  2. I never knew that was some peoples logic behind that, Beside Hunter and Shawn and Taker too they probably were the only ones that could get away with using it at the time, which is probably why they even used it. It shocked me, but I wasn't offended by it but when Bryan got fired for choking Cole with a tie, I was furious at the fact that people defended his release because the used of the crossface so soon after the incident came to mind real quick. It's like when Batista and Jericho got fined for getting color while Taker and HHH was hitting eachother the chsirshots to the head after that was banned
  3. We like in this snowflake era where people can point out something that comes across even remotely insensitive and a large number of people will run with a particular narrative. I don't know if they wanted to subliminally hit that nerve but honestly, It didn't cross my mind till I logged into Twitter. Both Orton and Edge worked closely with Benoit in some of his most higher profile matches in WWE so when I think in hindsight it's hard to believe it didn't cross their minds especially when they were working a match that they had all they time in the world to brainstorm and even do over and post produce. It doesn't really bother me like alot of people because the match sucked but I understand the circumstances. Under normal circumstances this would've been a completely different match in front of a live crowd. I really feel sorry for Edge and even Drew because they would've had the biggest most organic moments at Wrestlemania this year. Tell me this though how is this any less offensive than Shawn Michaels and HHH doing Crossfaces literally months after the incident in main event matches on PPV, guys that don't even do submissions.
  4. I agree, but I've actually really turned the corner in liking Charlotte in the past year and a half or so. I think NXT would give her fresher talent to work against instead of waiting for them to move up. Most the women are victims of 50/50 booking before they get a meaningful match
  5. I think they should air the Edge or the Undertaker documentary or one of their better recent network specials that could probably gauge the interest of ESPN veiwers. Something that is fairly recent, maybe even the Bret or Undertaker Broken Skull sessions. One of the recent WWE 24 documentaries that feature behind the scenes from the bigger shows like RR or Wrestlemania that could get people familiar with the modern guys and have people like Goldberg or somebody like that that those veiwers are familiar with.
  6. That first Smackdown with No crowd, Bryan seemed the most at home. Not just because of less crowd experience but just his ability to adapt, he's wrestled in Europe in front of the same fans every night, and Japan and Mexico. Most the other guys feel like they instinctively do things as if they are working for the audience in the crowd, it's no necessarily a bad thing because you can understand why.
  7. This was the second show I've watched with no crowd and I thought it was Decent under the circumstances. I with Bryan and Zayn had more time and the Women's tag match was good. Everyone seemed to really work hard, I didn't I fell asleep at the Rollins vs Owen's match though, it was really good what I did see of that.
  8. I dont see why people so bugged my McMahons inclusion either was, They are spectating in front of thousands of fans in domes an stadiums no matter if it's a known work. The common ground is the live areas and stadiums why split hairs on the classification.
  9. Didn't know until recently that the original plan was for Rude to be the insurance policy for anyone that would pay for his services and not solely for DX but Shawn wanted Rude as his bodyguard instead. They sorta did the same thing with APA years later.
  10. I Bret's book, He was the only one that wanted to make him look strong. Outside of Bret and Kid no one else really wanted to give him anything to work with. If he came along a year or two later he may have had a better chance. He was alot bigger than the other Michinoku guys and Tajiri even later. Tajiri had more personality and charisma , similar to Asuka even when they aren't even doing any significant they are over to a degree
  11. Is All Japan looking like the best promotion right now because they have a crowd or is it CMLL or AAA?
  12. Why don't New Japan put more classic content on NJWorld? I was looking for more Bulldogs matches or Black Tiger matches. They have the time to add more content, I don't care about the English commentary
  13. Watching Smackdown last week, I kept thinking that I couldn't imagine them running an entire Wrestlemania from the PC with no audience. Sure they would've if they had no choice but I believed they would've tried to run it somewhere else. This seems like it could put alot on their plate, considering how neat they like to be with their presentation nowadays especially as compared to "86. This could come across as a disaster but what worse could it be considering they can't have a full arena full of fans. I think at this point the appeal of Wrestle Mania now is how is the show going to turn out. How is the present going to come across. Several different locations could give the show more uncertainty because you wont have Vince at every location and different agents and producers or whatever. I will be interesting to see how it happens. Say what you will about Vince, it may not be a smart move but we know enough about him to know he is probably running this just to stand out from these other sports organizations and say that he ran his Superbowl after the fact and on the other hand I believe was going to do anything in his power to run Wrestlemania at the time he originally intended to.
  14. They could have guys do Cameos and Promos and air hidden gems from the network for the audience that doesn't have the network or do like a PWG thing where talent does alternate commentary for classic matches
  15. Isn't that one of Vinces overnight institutions, he just decided a few years ago that wrestlers shouldn't wrestle during commercial. It's not their fault, that's just a rule of tv wrestling for WWE until Vince just decides he wants the match to keep going. Its nothing really new to this situation. WWE teaches its wrestlers to work for the cameras , Not the audience anyway which I believe is a dumb approach that's been around for a long time.
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