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  1. What's the point of running house shows on the evenings you have a live TV show? I understand that audience isn't large enough to take away from TV views but it seems weird like running a house show on Superbowl Sunday.
  2. I like a lot of Bix's podcasts and stuff he's involved in but he gets way too political and really goes out his way to dig up dirt on Wrestlers based on their beliefs. I'm apathetic to politics anyway. And it's bad enough to have to deal with the fact that maybe your favorite Wrestlers could be Racist bigots so to have a guy like him try to bring up reasons to hate a wrestler you liked growing up , really ruins your fandom.
  3. Any update on Ric, I'm sure he's doing ok considering.
  4. The downside of the Womens Evolution coming full circle for WWE is that now some of the Women have enough value to have a voice to say no to something that maybe some of the top guys do. Not since Chyna or Sable have women had enough value like Sasha or Charlotte today
  5. When Christian left for TNA, I didn't necessarily think he'd do big business for TNA but I thought for him personally It would be a breath of fresh air for him to had a change of scenery. He had a pretty decent run and him being paired with Tomko again was cool too. He got to work with younger guys and have fresh matches. Same for Angle too but everyone else was just in based off reputation and not to build the company. To be fair to Nash he was the most entertaining of the ex WWF/WCW guys and was way better inring in TNA than his entire WCW run. Sting had some really good matches too, I wish he came into WWE atleast 5 years before he eventually did.
  6. TNA wasn't viewed as competition to WWE in the beginning at all. WWE was actually in it's own universe at that time. One of the premises of the brand split was to create it's own competition. I really believe WWE put it a more serious effort in creating it's own competition with even the separate writers too. When TNA started up alot of the bigger name talent were recently released WWE talent that were battling issues like Road Dogg , Brian Christopher, and Hall. Other than that you had guys that WWE didn't want when they purchased WCW or WCW talent that didn't want to be waiting in WWE developmental for the rest of their career. Right now WWE has so much talent on the roster at all levels but I'm sure there are lots of AEW talent WWE would pay big bucks to have employed. I do feel like they were really desperate for anyone when TNA started
  7. As much as WWE sympathizers don't want to admit, AEW is a concern because you have people so vocal about not being happy and wanting to leave. You've had a few guys leave in recent years to go to Japan or be big on the indies but the who landscape outside of WWE has changed. WWE also has pressure from FOX as well, to the point where Fox is making demands on who they want on SDLIVE. I think it's cool that FOX has a vested interest in Making SDLIVE a success rather than letting Vince just be on cruise control because he's got revenue from the FOX deal.
  8. Agreed, but even then, there is no reason he should book himself to have the longest match time on a show. He already has longest entrance. I think Dustin is going to embarrass people like HHH and Undertaker in comparison as the Veteran worker of AEW even with the work he's recently gotten done to address injuries, he's in better physical shape and most importantly ring shape and plus I dont think his ego will get in the way of doing a match he's not capable of or put himself in a position where he doesn't deliver and work a long match just because he feels like that's what people expect. That said in Dustin goes 25 to 30 mins, I believe it will be good and not leave feeling like he stole time from other matches.
  9. WWE has carried their on air presentation as if they've had no real competition for the past 18 years and now with AEW and also the fact that FOX outright once a more serious brand in SDLIVE and even gone so far to get people switched after the Shakeup. I think WWE needs pressure right now but it'll be interesting to see how they try to do things to avoid losing ratings
  10. I think the Lucha bros are Main Eventers, these guys have been headlining major Indies for atleast 2 years and still going and since AEW and the Bucks intend on making the Tag division a strong a the Singles Main event picture then I dont see why the wont be in AEW. Pentagon was semi main vs Omega, it could've been main if they didn't have the Jericho run in so that says alot. Its going to take time for them to build up more teams though. I understand what you mean when you say Omegas the only main Eventer but to this target fanbase Pac can headline a Show and draw.
  11. When wouldn't they be, She gets a paid Vacation without being hurt, she deserves it, while Harper is being forced to work 6 more months when he presumably wants out.
  12. Atleast he didn't trip over it like Joe did in TNA
  13. She does have Naomi to work with other than that you gonna run down Alexa vs Sasha
  14. I hope Ember goes to SDLive she's the best worker of all the women besides Asuka plus I'd like to see them on the Same brand. I could see them moving Finn and the Revival though I'd like to see them and the Uso's on the same Brand both teams need a few new teams to work same with New Day
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