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  1. With there being 2 singles titles and a Women's tag title coming soon, I'd like the idea of having someone relatively new to the main roster win the Rumble. Its not like they need an established name to win just to another women's match to headline WM. Plus it adds unpredictability to the Rumble by having an unknown win. You can have her in the Womens Elimination Chamber and not win it if you dont want her in a Women's title match but it would be great to have both the MYC winner and RR winner on NXT UK and give the Storm vs Ripley feud more credibility.
  2. This is the best SubBrand of WWE right now, one of the best things about NXT UK is that there is no factory WWE talent on this show atleast not till they start bringing guys up from the Performance Center. I think this is overall my favorite TakeOver. Dunne vs Coffey was insane as was Storm vs Ripley and BSS vs MM. After seeing this show, I want to start watching the weekly tv. The fact that I'm least familiar with the British guys and I'm the most enthralled with this brand says alot.
  3. I've watched only up to the Mastiff vs Dennis match , this show is awesome, the British style is my favorite style, I'm not familiar with alot of these guys but I was so drawn in.
  4. Ziggy

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    When Sasha, Becky and Charlotte got called up from NXT is assumed that they would feature the Tag team division more prominently in NXT. Its been featured strongly at times since but it hasnt really translated well into WWE because obviously Vince isnt a tag team guy. I never understood why TNA tried to become more of a a Tag team territory, theyve had AMW, LAX , Beer Money , Team 3D and some really great feuds between tag teams sprinkled out through their history but not anything that would make seem like the valued tag wrestling anymore than WWE. I thought TNA Womens Tag division was some of the best stuff they did atleast early on. But yeah I hope AEW has a deep tag team division like mid 80s NWA.
  5. Ziggy

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    You could build angles off the fact that the a follow wrestler as a judge voting against a guy as a way to screw the guy out of a win
  6. Ziggy

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    FCW did it right before they became NXT it was the Jack Brisco Memorial, it was a metal. I enjoyed it, it had people like Richie Steamboat, Rollins and Ambrose competing for it, alot of the bouts were 15mins but it was really enjoyable to me
  7. Ziggy

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    I agree , I don't see how people compare him to Brock or even Taker, He can still go at a good level and he wants to add to whatever he's involved in and too who even he works with. Unless you just personally never been a fan I dont get how you think he's just taking a payday.
  8. Ziggy

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    What more could you ask for in a guy in his Position, Dixie Carter didnt know the business like she needed too and he isnt just a money mark and he's young. He knows what he want for him company and that's more you can say for most startups in wrestling
  9. Ziggy

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    I dont think AEW will be bringing many WWE Legends in at all, Rey Mysterio was the best fit obviously, I think Jericho has proven with his NJPW run to be an asset for the current guys, he knows his limits and he works to either get his opponent over or atleast keep his opponent over and Jericho seems in tune to what the current fans want. It seems people expect them to make the same bad decisions TNA did. Khan is a younger businessman who is a true fan that knows the business and knows what he wants. I'm sure we'll see more modern former WWE talent come in but, it wont be just off the merit of them being Former WWE talent. I don't think they need a John Cena or Hogan or Reigns level talent to come in, I'd say Omega is a big enough star if he comes in. I think that they'll sell out the first show maybe not nearly as fast as All In. I think they be fine come time for the first show. It will be interesting to what WWE/NXT guys ask for releases.
  10. Ziggy

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    Since NJPW is working with Ring of Honor, I hope with them getting Pac, I hope AEW brings more Dragon Gate talent in. This is amazing that All Elite is more of a theater to WWE than TNA ever was.
  11. Given the fact that in today's environment announcers very rarely get the chance to improvise and go off the cuff an really feed of talent during promos , You realize he was more than just a voice. No matter how ridiculous a persons gimmick was he was such a great straight man. He is probably the most recognizable non inring talent ever. I'm glad he got to do that Commercial with Kevin Hart recently, that was cool. I'm also glad he did alot of stuff on the Network too in recent years.
  12. Both Rumble matches were good, that was one of the probably top 3 PPVs of 18, Rumbles have become very formulaic and have the same troupes every year but last year both were booked well
  13. Ziggy


    I want to get back in the ROH loop, I really want to see Greshams work and Cobb too. It's about time Sainclair really invest in ROH, It will be interesting to how they shape the roster in time for the MSG show. It's just an interesting time because you obviously have someone putting money in MLW locking guys in too mainly bringing in talent from Mexico
  14. Ziggy

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    When I first got High speed internet his matches was some of the first matches I'd seek out. His body of work is insane, lead me to discover British Wrestling. One of the best to ever do it.
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    Where can I get this shirt?