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  1. Yes, it's funny looking back because by the time the they were on HDNet it wasn't the same Ring of Honor as the Gabe era of ROH. It was more structured for the TV show and alot of Cornettes influence and Pearce being the Booker but it was still a really good show every week
  2. Is there a reason he's not wrestling? I'm surprised HHH didn't do him like Undisputed era and keep him in NXT.
  3. That's been an excuse for almost 20 years with them. A company that has a creative team of 30 people on top of that. Whether or not 30 people in creative is needed is a different story. It's just a lame excuse to give reasoning to cut people. That's just like when Vince went on Austin's Podcast and said none of the talent would go out their way to try to get over or pitch him ideas. Then afterwards talent would go on Austin's Podcast or Jericho's Podcast and talk about how they'd got to creative or even Vince directly and their ideas would get shutdown. I'm sure there is probably mo
  4. There was a point in time over the past few years where they weren't doing releasing people in Bulk like this. Up until the Pandemic they were picking people up just to keep them from AEW, heck they were picking people up to keep them from MLW. I think they thought they whole industry was going to really suffer from the Pandemic and it wouldn't matter who these other companies had access to at that point. Me personally, I've always thought WWE wouldn't have released so many of those guys if there wasn't a Pandemic and they continued running normally because they probably wouldn't have co
  5. Everyone puts them over so Well. I think they'll benefit from wrestling outside of WWE. The only issue is that there's not actually any other promotions that are booking Women's Wrestling. Maybe Impact has a good division but both those Women need more visibility than Impact. I guess AEW is starting to really turn things around. I wasn't really a fan of the IICONICS gimmick even though they pulled it off well. I think I didn't like it moreso because I knew they'd be type casted as gimmicks rather than quality inring workers in WWE. Even what Billie Kay was doing in the end, I'm sure Vince thou
  6. Billie Kay and Payton Royce never clicked for me in WWE. I loved them both in SHIMMER but for some reason In WWE they didn't do anything for me. Maybe it's because they were too much like LayCool or beautiful people for them to translate to me
  7. If you would've asked me who would have an overall better run in WWE a decade ago between Bo and Bray, I would've bet on Bo because he was pushed so heavy in FCW/NXT. I thought the Wyatt family was cool but knowing WWE I didn't expect it to be a thing for 2 long. I wasn't much of a fan of Bo in NXT, he wasn't bad but I just thought there were people way better that could've been in his spot. He's definitely way better than Bray in ring but Brays gimmick was way more over. I kinda wish Bo got a chance to work other places way sooner than he may get the chance to when his non compete is over. I
  8. It sounds like the name of a post WrestleMania house show tour. I actually like it, it makes sense based on how they book post WrestleMania PPVs. You usually get a rematch of one of the Main Title matches or a variation of them. This is probably more to do with drawing people to Peacock than anything else
  9. Joe is by far the best commentator they have. I wonder if he's any less produced than the others. If he is produced just as much as anyone else than even more props to him. CM Punk was amazing on commentary in WWE too. In my mind I don't see Vince Cussing Joe, Punk or even Booker when he was doing commentary but then again he treated Foley like the other Commentators. I've been seeing random clips of Joe cutting promos during his WWE run and he's come across so much better than everyone else, like what he says is his words and not like he's interpreting other people's words. I hope he isn
  10. I feel asleep at the start of night . Not for any lack of interest. It's frustrating that I can't hit the rewind during the live stream. That's my biggest complaint because if I miss something or get preoccupied with something, I could easily go back watch at my own pace on the same night. I really want to see Sheamus vs Riddle. Rea vs Asuka and the Main Event. Night 1 was a really good show. Watched Bianca vs Banks again and I thought it was like Sasha vs Bayley at NXT Takeover Brooklyn level on a bigger stage. I saw HHH tweet about Sasha being a General, I very much agree. Austin kinda
  11. Maybe she is but that division needed people kicking and screaming to get where they are now. I don't know whether you'd consider the Bellas Marks for the business because they didn't grow up in it but I'm sure they have a love and passion for it closer to a Becky or Sasha now. Alot of those women prior to the Women's Evolution were fighting to get even close to enough as the Men got in the ring and alot of them were the Johnny Ace swimsuit calender models that were recruited. That whole locker room of Women wanted a fair chance. You can't really blame them for trying to knock the do
  12. Sasha is a Wrestlers Wrestler at the end of day. She's a student of the Game. She follows Rob Naylors Instagram, I see her liking his classic wrestling posts. She's a big fan of Bret Hart too so she knows if you're going to lose, lose making your opponent looking like a million bucks as well as yourself. I think Sasha finally got what she felt like she deserved. She got a long enough title run, which she should have gotta a while ago. She got to have a program with someone lower lower on the card regardless of whether the angle was good or not leading up to Mania. On top of al
  13. Ever since yesterday, all I keep thinking about is if Lex ever found his DMX tape
  14. A year and a half to 2 years ago they were snatching up people from the indies to get them off MLW and keeping them from signing with AEW. AEW has been a threat to WWE. The Jericho thing in my opinion was allowed to create buz about the Peacock deal. I'm still shocked they are allowing Jericho on Austin's pod but honestly they need something as monumental to plug people in. Like the Network as it was and switching to Peacock is more of a disaster for consumers that don't already have it. The got a ton of money which is the end game but I don't see as many people trying to get the network back
  15. Nash always seemed to have respect for Taker plus like I said earlier they probably got along well outside the ring and Undertaker was a guy I could see Nash wanted to work against in a money drawing feud and Taker is probably the only person at that time that Nash would actually put his working boots on for.
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