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  1. I think the fact that the company is behind her makes it easier for her to work herself into a shoot, Believing she never anything. She didn't deny Spitting on her either. Her company supports her, That's all she needs
  2. Brian Last's 605 Podcast did a observer HOF special a few weeks ago. Ironically I just finished the 2nd part of the episode Sunday and He brought up Rocky Johnsons career and one of the guests brought up his book, and its seems like a good book from this bit of what he brought up. He seems to have an interesting lineage himself as well.
  3. If Shawn Michaels kids get in the Biz they'll be saying the same thing if they spazz out
  4. You can tell Corny wanted to come to her defense any chance he could in this but Last wouldn't give him an out, he finally gave him. That second generational bias , I feel him though
  5. I get what you mean but from what I understand it wasn't IMPACTs decision. It was Anthems decision. IMPACT had Hopes that New Japan would do business with them eventually. I'm sure anthem decided to just get rid of New Japan altogether seeing how strongly they are against working with them The timing of the whole Tessa Controversy probably makes Anthem wish they kept New Japan instead and probably would be enough reason to let go of IMPACT. With Marty Scurl working to bridge the gap between ROH and NJPW, we will probably be seeing New Japan guys back on ROH tv again soon so that will be good for them to continue their American exposure for New Japan America.
  6. It weird when you think about the fact that Vince has wanted Wrestling or at least his promotion to be treated serious by the Sports or Entertainment industry depending on the week that if it was and the Media did care about the Industry then they'd force him to change his business practices and cover the Wrestlers like these major sports leagues and entertainment agencies cover their talent.
  7. I like what I've seen of Starrs work but he's the Wrestler version of Dave Bix. He's to headstrong with the Politics and the Social justice that its gonna hurt him. I agree with some of his view points but dont force you views on people. Keep it separate from the business
  8. I know one Great booking quality Marty Scurl has already... He's barely, if ever on Wrestling Twitter
  9. I haven't watched IMPACT in a minute, I keep up with it through this thread an a weekly podcast a listen to that covers it if something big happens. So I do have any emotional investment in it but I think the Tessa incident put them in a bad situation because the reaction to her win was flat. They were in her home state so imagine the reaction outside of Texas. I dont think fans are just going to look past it so quickly but we will see.
  10. I know NJPW wanted him and probably still does, he could bridge the gap of that relationship. With the AXSTV deal off NJPW could benefit from having guys on their TV again
  11. The ELITE really is the new Kliq.... I hope he does improve creative because they have a good roster. I can take out another 1 to watch ROH if its better.
  12. Did he fully recover from the neck injury from.a few months back?
  13. I like Ricochet and all but he's not neccesarily Ron Simmons or 2 Cold Scorpio. That's like comparing Carlton Banks to 2Pac .. I'm a Black man myself I mean it in the least offensive way possible. I'm am very proud of Ricochet
  14. I think being away from Wrestling for so long helped Tony, He know he wasn't really feeling WCW those last few years on top of him doing office work for them. He been away for long enough that he's rediscovered his excitement for Wrestling. Honestly I wish JR was allowed himself just a couple of years away from Wrestling after he was let go sfrom WWE in 09. Wrestling fans give people like JR and Cornette a hard time for their old school Wrestling philosophies, I dont understand that. JR obviously still loves the business and he's willing to give his input. Even in that regard that's an asset to their lockeroom
  15. I finally finished Wrestle Kingdom, Jericho vs Tanahashi was good but it was probably the least of his New Japan matches he was too heavy with the heel tropes, but I get it. Judging from his IG after the match he seemed to really want to work Tanahashi probably vise versa. I dont know if Tanahashi went in to business for him self by initially challenging for a shot at the AEW title, but it sorta added interest going in. I wonder how need that Jericho wants to work with in New Japan. I really enjoyed Okada vs Naito too, I'm not a fan of Spitting to get heat. Unless you're going Hansen vs Vader throwing bombs it's ok. It's the only problem I had with Naito vs White too much spit in that match they should've been murdering each other. Really great shows overall and I'm excited for the next couple months. I really want to go to the Atlanta show. I don't really have the time to follow everything but I'll try to catch the important things and recommended stuff but I just love this roster right now.
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