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  1. Fact, its not like the Dixie Carter era of TNA where most of the exWWE guys were past their prime and reached their full potential. Some of these guys are still in their prime and havent gotten a chance to reach their full potential. Its not like alot of these guys are much older than the other guys here. Even Zack Ryder seems like he's been in WWE forever but he's still relatively young. I think some of these guys really deserve a chance to try to get over like they should have but at the same time they need to put in the effort to show they are worthy of their spot that some unknown indie ta
  2. Wow had no clue he was around for that long without a break. I assumed he got released the early part of the decade then got rehired. Had to be the longest he ever stayed in one territory
  3. Didn't IRS have a run as an agent in the mid 00s when guys like Steamboat and Windham had runs as agents? I didn't know IRS came back as an agent.
  4. The Regalplex, it seems like a move not many could pull of correctly because when you go for a pin it would seem difficult to do it while keeping a good pinning position
  5. One thing about Nash is he never has a problem voicing his mind about WWE, even his boys. He's he insinuated that his last run with Punk , That Hunter put him in a position to make him look bad. He's mentioned that his return in WWE that Vince held it against him and Hall about leaving in 96. There are times he defends or makes excuses for WWE and Hunter and Vince but he doesn't come across as a guy thats butters up because he's afraid to burn a bridge like most legends. Like Bischoff burying AEW then he got to appear on the show and now he's more neutral between WWE and AEW. It's easy fo
  6. I watched Sasha on Dvon Duddleys podcast today and her real name showed up on the screen so, I guess you're right
  7. I can't be the only person thinking in the beginning when people like Sasha was having fans pay 300 to $400 plus for a cameo that WWE was gonna try to get in on it. When I has a kid and this was around, I wouldn't bother asking my parents for a cameo. Not for those prices but hey, there's obviously a market for it. I'm all for WWE Superstars having projects and deals outside of WWE while under contract. I feel like certain endeavors can help guys get more mainstream credibility and possibly the company as well. We've all heard stories of certain companies wanting to business with t
  8. I believe its because they didn't get enough time. I was enjoying the New Breed I was a fan of each of them except Thorn.
  9. Were the Dark side of the Ring episodes S2 getting better viewership than those WrestleMania airings on ESPN or FoxSports? Were they doing better than NXT and Dynamite
  10. You can tell Daniel Bryan is apart of creative because he's tweeting his opinions during the shows lol
  11. Whether Roman is a tweener or a Flat out heel, he gets to show the heelish arrogance he brings on interviews and podcasts. That's the Roman that people want, that's the Roman people want to see. He doesn't need a manager but Heyman has a history with his family so it makes sense. Heyman is such a heel, just him being aligned with Roman gives him Heel vibes so that's a plus. I just would rather see him by himself with this attitude. As far as Braun, he's better as a heel but, if Reigns is going to be a Heel or show heel characteristics then they should've kept Braun as a face for a little
  12. Roman is a better talker when he has a Attitude or being a Dick or anytime he gets to show heel traits. With that being said, He definitely doesn't need a mouthpiece. At the same time if your going to put Heyman with anyone but Brock it should be someone at Roman's position in the card. I just believe Roman should walk alone if he finally gets to have an Edge. Kinda like Diesel after Survivor Series when he was a Tweener but he was Heeling it up like crazy before he became a Definitive heel in his Feud with Taker.
  13. So is Roman a Heel, if so Why'd they wait till to Crowd. Roman must've requested it if so.
  14. I could imagine Vince in her ear saying "Tell em to Wrap it up Dammit" lol
  15. I enjoyed both matches but I agree, maybe because my expectations are so high when Asuka goes against any of the 4 horsewomen because she usually has their better matches, save for the screwy finishes. I expected Asuka to win both titles so during the Sasha match I started to think Asuka was losing to Sasha. I also didn't expect Street Profits to win either, I enjoyed that match too. I hope they have a rematch. Dominik vs Seth was really really good, I didn't know what to expect from this but it delivered from a story stand point and an inring stand point. It also made me want t
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