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  1. Remember Batista visited him after he Retired the first time? Two of the most fashionable wrestlers. Both holders of the Big Gold belt
  2. Pac would've gotten a name change like Aldo Montoya did in ECW, he probably would've gotten Credibles push the time Heyman got to book him. It wouldn't have taken him long to get over because he can cut promos, he'd probably be shooting about being a left behind kliq member plus he was a super worker. I think he probably would've eventually been paired with Credible a some point. By the time the Attitude era got heated Pac would've been back in WWF and in DX by the first half of 98
  3. He probably pulled off the Serious wrestler in dry humor roles that WWE loves to do and it very rarely comes off well. He pulled it off well better than most and WWE continues to put people that they think have no personality in those positions. Given his Calgary connections I'm sure Bret probably had plans to work with him if he stayed around that would've been fun.
  4. Just seen clips from Joe vs Brock from GBOF, I haven't watched since it happened, the build up was great the Match was really good considering how quick it was. That was one of my favorite matches and build ups to watch in real time in recent memory. They should've done this on one of the big 4 PPVs
  5. If he has able to do this in WWF, Vince probably would've had heat with him because he would've completely overshadowed everyone he managed including the other heel managers in the territory.
  6. Michelle McCool will be his manager/Pro again
  7. Sounds like my President lol. As much as I lov Wrestling, I couldn't joke like that., not enough people watching before and during the Pandemic to even be a issue. I'm sure Vince wishes that was true.
  8. I believe they told him because alot of prominent NFL players were coming up with domestic charges and they were a big thing all at once during the time Hunter was going to sign him and he had one on his background . He probably would've gotten signed if it wasn't such a hot issue at that moment. I think at the same time Charlotte had a domestic issue with her ex husband that was public at the time too
  9. Alot of people including myself dont believe he raped that lady, its known that she already had several mens DNA on her within a 48 period of having relations with Kobe, he was even noted saying she was going to get with someone famous during that time, the same thing happened with 2Pac in the 90s when he was falsely accused of rape by a lady he was having consensual sex with. He got charged with forcibly touching the buttocks. I'm not defending any of these wrestlers because no of them are at the level financially or fame wise as these two but it happens.
  10. Finishing up that Undertaker documentary makes me want for him to have more of a mainstream relevance outside of WWE and wrestling in general that Flairs been having these past couple of years. Everybody who's been a fan to any degree knows of the Undertaker but I'd just like to see him be more than just one of these guys that just shows up on WWE tv does a cameo that doesn't make sense just to have him on tv and leave. Plus Taker is one of those guys who's a big sports fan and I'm sure there is a ton of current athletes that are fans of him. I've kinda wanted the same for Bret he could really be a bigger mainstream star outside of wrestling without having to be in movies and things. Austin has done well to a lesser degree
  11. What's the issue with him praising Louis Farrakhan? I have my gripes about the fact that he may have had a hand in the assassination of Malcolm x but alot of the things Louis Farrakhan has been pointing out for decades about racial injustices have fallen on deaf ears for decades up until recently. I dont think Ice Cube is a bad person or anyone for bringing up racial injustices and alot of the other things he brings up on twitter. As successful he's been in Hollywood, in sure he's been through alot as a black man in Hollywood and he's been scandal free alot these years, if he's not a good guy in Hollywood, who is?
  12. Chono fit the NWO more than any of the members that wasn't the initial 3 Wolfpack members or Hogan, everyone else seemed like they were slotted in to get the rub or random Hogan friend
  13. Its definitely not a good light but I'm sure it happens in other sports heavily, it's just wrestling fans and wrestlers themselves just finally decided to address these issues as a whole. In the long run this will force the business to purge of that type of energy I believe
  14. The Swamp is being drained in Pro wrestling. Like how Trump is exposing the Pizza gate scandals but people are actually getting repercussions from their offenses
  15. When you try to be the guy to call everyone on their BS, you run the risk of someone doing the same to you. Its Unfortunate because he was becoming one of my favorite indie wrestlers
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