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  1. I finally got to watch NWA Powerr, I think it might be the show I might be consistent in watching, the whole format is different than anything on TV. It's as far away from WWE tv as you can have. The studio set and the promos are lit, I want to go to the tapings in December. Easy to follow too.
  2. I don't understand why people get so worked up about Cornette voicing his opinion on modern Wrestling, Ofcourse he's not going to like alot of what he sees today. I find it very funny to listen to his reviews and such. There is obviously an audience for it. The fact that he now has to take the time out to watch shows of a Promotion that isn't his preference is entertaining. He probably watches more modern Wrestling as a result. There are some talent he is a fan of even outside of Jericho, Dustin and Cody. He's given then so much attention and Tony is such a mark I'm sure he's eating it up even if he's the butt of a few of his joke. I'd be marking out too if I was him
  3. Why should it be a criteria for everyone to be able to talk.in that setting. If your not much of a talker than why should you have to be able to deliver verbiage in that setting. AEW is going to hold it against you or use that as a reason to not push you if you can't talk. It all depends on the angle and the setting. MLW does a great job with the ECW backstage style promos or even look at NWAs studio style interviews, those are different then we've been seeing on mainstream Wrestling tv for 25 years and that's what mainstream Wrestling needs, a different feel and formula. Some guys dont need to talk at all. I'm sure there are other guys that are just as good as Jericho on the mic in front of a live crowd. WWEs excuse to micromanage verbiage is not because they dont believe in the talent, even though they used the excuse because in every era there have been guys that are good talkers and guys that aren't. Gabe's era of Ring of Honor had a ton of excellent workrate guys that were excellent talkers as well. Why have we been brainwashed to believe that Wrestlers all of a sudden need scripts and writers?
  4. He was always a guilty pleasure in the sense that I wouldn't think I wouldn't expect to be a fan of his like I was. The only problem is he's been out of the ring so long and for someone with no experience outside of WWE, that's not good. Ryback is one on these guys that if WWE was all the way on board with him he'd have been a big enough star for them. They've slotted Swagger nicely into the roster, He's best inring work was at the end of the WWECW when he came in working people like Finlay, Christian , Borne and Dreamer. MLW used him nicely having him work sorta the Josh Barnett Bloodsport type style. If they bring in Harry DBS Smith jr and other guys like that , that would be cool for him to have guys to work that style. Honestly I'd like to see that style on mainstream TV. Guys that work like Riddle
  5. I hope Amazing Red is still heavily involved, he deserves it. With P's money behind it they can do good things.
  6. Remember the Theory Dylan Hales had about Roman being Sabatoged by Creative. It's way more Obvious with Seth. This finish does never any favors . Why book the match.
  7. I think I would consider Batista as real world cool especially dress wise especially when 10 years ago when he was con temporarily dressing like Lil Wayne and Ksnye. Roman comes across as cooler than he get to be portrayed on tv during podcasts. I think modern alot of modern wresters are more in touch with modern mainstream culture than ever for the most part especially in WWE, its only the people in charge and in creative that aren't. Wrestlers in previous Generations for the most part have been in the Wrestling bubble thus behind the times. It's not so much the case today it's just most have to push to get the chance to show it.
  8. Unfortunately that's a large part of Wrestling Twitter. Playing opposition to a Promotion , a journalist or a wrestler and they have to stick to the gimmick.
  9. I'm catching up with the last few weeks of NXT and I like how they still.arent using the same guys every week. With 2 hours now they've placed the UK and Cruiserweight guys well into the show. I hope they dont panic and start bringing in top talents for the other brands because once they do they might get carried away and rely on those guys too often. I also think they should stay at Fullsail atleast for a more Takeover cycles.
  10. Wasn't Austin and Taker booked to show up. Maybe people were expecting to see them too. I'd like to know what they would've drew without the legends promoted. I'm sure they'll use Austin and Taker at some point though.
  11. It came across as forced and desperate the way he was pushed before now they are consciously keeping him out of the title picture. It occurred to me last night that a year ago I wouldve imagined Bryan as a heel, and just when I thought I get to see a Bryan vs Roman feud , they switch gears and turn him Babyface again. Now Bryan is the cheesy Babyface that Roman was earlier on. At least Roman comes across as more of a badass Face this time around.
  12. My thought was that he'll be moved to RAW soon. I dont think they want to be heavy with the Mcmahons every week on FOX. I was expecting Brock to give Kofi the same amount of offense he gave Finn in less time. The entire segment didn't make it much of a problem to me. Either way Kofi is a bigger star than before he got slotted into title picture. I see New Day going to RAW, I think Heyman will use them well.
  13. I want to see her slotted back in once the Draft happens, I love each of the 4 Horsewoman but I wish it wasn't and onscreen thing. They make call backs to the curtain call and other women sorta get boxed out. I like Sasha and Naomi's onscreen chemistry I'd like to see the intertwined again.
  14. Yes, I've seen alot more of his matches over this Summer, I haven't seen much of his work before the G1 but I agree. The reaction wasn't good around hear when he won the title. He was seemingly in Omega spot, people was going to shit on him anyway but he's ready for that spot now. He Reminds me of Roman, once he got in the main event spot he felt like he belonged even though the booking of him was not good at all.
  15. That's my only problem with the booking of him so far, I think it's too soon to put him in a title match. Do you want to put the belt on him and ever one chase him for it. Or does he not win an you sorta hurt him by him getting screwed in some way. They've hurt a lot of guys by giving them a shot too early and not going with them. Look at Braun, he should've been Champ two years ago.
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