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  1. I guess they are giving LA an extra year of wait considering how strict they are with the Covid restrictions. This was supposed to be the year they were gonna have WrestleMania had the Pandemic not been a thing. If Everything goes back to normal it'll be interesting to see if they trying to have Rock do a match considering he treated a March between he and Roman when Mania was announced for Hollywood originally. And how will they fill Cowboys stadium next year. I wonder with them most likely not going back to the normal schedule of running town when they start back having fans with it increase
  2. Many people were saying this before HiTC, but WWE isn't concerned with long-term booking because they needed a Cell match. I doubt they go back to this feud right now. I hope Bianca wins, I loved her being so dominant in this years Rumble. It doesn't get you any more over but eliminating a ton of guys every year but not win it. I'd rather Bianca win and face Sasha or Bayley as champ.
  3. I'd he has 14 days to Quarantine he should be ready in time for Royal Rumble, it would seem weird for WWE to sell for Covid, especially it involving your main event guy when he can just miss only 2 TVs and be back for the go home RAW
  4. In NXT he came in and was booked like a star, in WWE he's been booked like a person that they are trying to get over to the WWE audience. Remember when he was WWE champ and they overdid the Low blow just drill it to the audience that he was a heel. I had no problem with him using the low blow but they completely overdid it to where it ruined his matches with AJ. Nak has always been a great heel but WWE booked him as if he never worked heel. Lately he's been his natural heel self but he's pretty much midcard, slotted to have a token good to great match for the occasional top guy to pop a ratin
  5. After they completely ruined the Summer of Punk run with HHH sabotaging him people were completely tired of HHH basically being Vince. They did tease Shawn Michaels being apart of the angle by screwing Bryan out of the title once. At the time I thought it would have been cool if they played off the fact Shawn trained Bryan.
  6. There is still so much other wrestling out here outside of WWE that is easily accessible. Most of them the same quality work rate but easier to invest in. New Japan, AEW, MLW are easy to sink your teeth into. Why wait for WWE to somehow get good again. I have the network so I just live off the PPVS for my WWE viewing. Smackdown is pretty good right now though. Even Dragon Gate has english commentary I hear
  7. I hope Cardi does get involved at some point because I hate when a hot main stream celebrity has an interaction with one of their talents independently of them and WWE gives it attention but the celebrity for some reason or another doesn't follow up. It makes WWE seem so desperate for mainstream media attention and lame when the celebrity doesn't try go get a payoff of the interaction. Like when Chris Brown had that interaction with Punk and he basically blew them off by name dropping wrestlers that were around before he was old enough to walk. Cardi's husband is closely associated with Flair
  8. I'm not a fan of the character, especially in today's world. It's a real fine line with it especially since she wants to keep kayfabe with it. I respect that she's dedicated to it but it's 25 - 30 years to late. That type southern Belle thing is old.
  9. Both Drew and Roman don't mind working stiff, so in that regard outside of Sheamus these 2 are the best opponents for Goldberg. I know working stiff still doesn't prepare you for someone as unrefined as Goldberg. I just realized I want Sheamus vs Goldberg or Goldberg vs Cesaro both would be fun. Why would you run Goldberg vs the top guy on both brands on 2 flagship PPVs in a row. I like Goldberg, and was ready to see he vs Reigns last year. This year though, I think they've done a better job building up challengers for Roman on the Smackdown side. They're doing a good job with Keith Lee
  10. Correct but he lost feeling in that leg and still doesn't have feeling in that leg, permanent Nerve damage
  11. Finlay, having an inring run in WWE after his career ending nerve injury in WCW. He didn't change a bit since WCW even considering he was in his late 40s early 50s in WWE. Even his Indy run even later was just as good or better even against much younger guys. Finlay is one of my all time personal favorites. Heck, even Vince said Finlay was a personal favorite and he would've made him Champion if he was younger
  12. Smart move on his part because he would've been terrible on his own with out those guys. He was already split with Debra which would have been another thing working against him as she added so much to him. Being linked with Flair , Arn and Benoit I'm sure stopped him from being a complete disaster in the ring so good for him. I'm sure they could've put him back in the booth. I'm sure people probably thought he was a waste of a Horsemen slot but he fit it perfectly Persona wise. He had charisma and just like Kevin Greene the fans knew he was a genuinely huge wrestling fan, that always helps whe
  13. I've been a fan since the CHIKARA days. I think pretty much everyone that really knows the business was always are of how good he was especially being in the Wyatt family work horse. I was just thinking right before TLC that his match with Orton was probably Orton best match in recent memory and I remember the Ziggler match at TLC getting much praise.
  14. New Day are pretty much lifers in WWE at this point, unless they just decide to leave and I don't see AEW not being a thing anytime soon but strangely enough I was just thinking about how Xavier Woods vs Omega is a dream match of mine. I believe they could have a match on the level of Omega’s matches with Okada
  15. Sami Zane got to be in a few segments and a main Event, he's constantly been the best heel in company. Good to see him in a prominent spot with out being associated with Owen's. And Big E is the next big thing, he was great earlier on an the quiet but dominant big man. Him in the New Day it brought out his personality for sure but he seems much more of a threat being a man of few words and being serious.
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