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  1. Possibly, I wish we got to see that Widowmaker gimmick on TV even though without the Mulligans trouble I'm sure Barry would've found a reason to end that run after a PPV or two.
  2. He had some consistently good matches during his WWECW run too. He wasnt featured as prominently as some of the other originals initially but he should have.
  3. With the 50\50 booking , I would find it hard to believe talent are worried about doing a job unless you are on a Kurt Hawkins streak. Even Roman at his strongest was taking falls to guys. Based on what's on screen this seems like the most generous generation of wrestlers when it comes to losing. I don't know how vocal talent is behind the scenes but If the are complaining then maybe it's a factor in the booking pattern. If AEW becomes really competition in the Wrestling marketplace then Talent with surely become more vocal about doing jobs.
  4. Sometimes Meltzer doesn't think before he says certain things but I don't think he doesn't believe Roman was sick, but questioning the level of Romans cancer definitely gives people a reason to shit on him more. He's well aware of this opinions influence narratives and I dont believe he'd want to spread the narrative of Roman not being sick
  5. Their best friends are the office of a Company that would likely offer them multi million dollar deals on top of them working a much lighter Schedule and get the chance to work on the projects they had going on outside of WWE. Gallows is still young age wise but he's already had 2 runs with WWE I'm sure he isn't naive enough to wait for WWE to really do something with them. I don't think there are many people that are ju SD t going to stick around and wait for WWE to give them a push . Even a guy like Balor
  6. If AJ Lee wasn't didn't marry Punk and didn't get injured , I wonder how she'd be positioned now well into this Women's Evolution. She was viewed as a all time great before the other girls come up to the main roster. She could've had alot better people to work with at this point. She was having decent matches with Kaitlyn and Naomi when they were green as grass and they both turned out pretty decent.
  7. I enjoyed R-Truths run as champ, he is a great comedy act but it was nice to see him work against super workers like Andrade, Rey and even Nak since he's come back from injury. He can still go at his age and don't look any older than he did ten years ago, but Its cool Joe won. I hope we get Joe and Cena at Mania especially cause I'm sure Joe is going to bring up the fact that he helped train him or bring up there freestyle battles. Joe is so nice on the mic that he literally prevents himself from being hurt by bad booking and lossing by his promos. He is so convincing. Nobody is close, it reminds me of CM Punk before the Pipebomb. He deserves the Main title instead of the US but if he gets Cena then it's cool, if he beats Cena they should just go all the way and let him have a run as the heel WWE Champ
  8. Seems like there's alot to this story because from what I've been reading, you got people defending both Arn and Fox. From what I've heard about Arn he doesn't doesn't come across to the talent as office, he approaches talent from a worker's point of view like he's one of the boys. Whatever happened , he obviously defended himself to Vince he obviously isnt a yes man like most guys. He needed to do a shoot interview covering his whole run as an agent alone. I hope Fox can get help, if its try she worked intoxicated then she really has a problem because you dont hear about things like this in this era. I think she's talented and she's a bumping machine. There are several women ahead of her talent wise but for someone who was recruited and wasnt in developmental too long she became decent and she's been on the roster for over a decade now, not alot of people can say that.
  9. I really mean just a Japanese promotion to source talent from like they will be doing with AAA and CIMAs promotion.
  10. Im watching the Honor Rising Shows, I'm thinking that with Jericho and Omega still being able to work NJPW shows, I don't think NJPW would want to end their relationship with ROH anytime soon for AEW. The Young Bucks wasn't much of a loss for them at all and Cody didn't really fit with that style though I'm glad he got that experience. I think its cool for them to get to use the Briscoes even if it's less than a handful of times a year. More of the ROH guys now fit well with New Japan. Plus with ROH working with New Japan gives an added upside for guys staying or signing with Ring of Honor for some talent. Plus I think it gives AEW a reason to have a working relationship with a Japanese promotion that is lesser than New Japan like All Japan, Dragon Gate or DDT to build back intrest in one of those among fans in the States. I don't watch ROH tv but I might try to start back watching soon because theyve put an effort into shaking things up. I don't want them to be left in the cold after AEW gets running because ROH has a really got roster now and it seems to be rounding out nicely in past few months.
  11. I hear NOAH is under a new management, I haven't watched much NOAH since '09 but I know theyve been struggling. I'm sure he'll be back.
  12. I agree, most of her run she's been in the bodyguard type role and or the monster that isn't that hard to defeat. She never gotten a real serious chance at a singles run to really get good but her and Nia and the Faces of Fear of this division would be great for both girls.
  13. I was most impressed by the IIconics, they were working like a true team. I don't watch the weekly tv so I rarely see them work, I hope they get a run because I know they are good but its aggravating how WWE books makeshift teams over the real tag teams. It's cool they have this division but I don't think they'll treat it serious I mean the Men tag division barely gets enough attention. I feel like Sasha and Bayley got the belts just to as a consolation prize, I'm sure both of them are going to try to make these meaningful but atleast they have the advantage of being a cross branded title. I hope they dont turn Lio into a face, he was such a great heel, he might end up being mainly on 205live and not on RAW.
  14. His ability to read the crowd and work based off their reaction. He and Benoit would be agents by now. Well I even wonder if Eddie didn't die alot of the good changes probably would not have happened.
  15. I attended the Evolve 121, I really enjoyed it the Main Event with AR Fox and DJZ vs Street Profits was dope they really played to the Atlanta crowd. Darby Alan vs Austin Theory was the MoTN. The Women's match was good too.
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