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  1. Random wrestling thoughts I’ve gathered over the week catching up on the last months goings on; I wish EC3 was as good as he thinks he is. FTR need to talk less. The Good Brothers look out of place in anywhere but Japan. Cody, The Bucks, Hangman and Kenny are all booked a little too well. MJFs promo from Wednesday gets cheered in front of any live crowd. For some reason I think Mox gets a smattering of “boos“ in front of any live crowd. Orton is the most interesting part of RAW
  2. Thanks for posting this, I sought the match itself out and it’s fucking great. For some reason I thought their paths never crossed.
  3. Very tough to watch. Most of you guys have covered my thoughts on it. Owen deserves his spot in the WWE HOF more than half the guys that are in there but I hope he’s never put in because of his family’s beliefs, what warriors. One thing that bugs me about Cornette and Ross on documentaries like this is that they worked for wwf at the time. Cornette mostly says stuff like “they let the show continue” “they did this” and etc and I don’t know if he was backstage that night or not but fucking say something about it then, walk out, get angry with the people who wanted to continue the show. Same for JR, he doesn’t say it on this but one can imagine he felt the same, get up, walk away and tell Vince you’re not doing it.
  4. Few takeaways/questions from episode 2- Taker doing the Saudi shows and then saying it’s about “redemption” is like that episode of The Simpsons where Chief Wiggum hands Moe his “laundry” in court. I wonder if they did this documentary in like 98 or 2007 or 2010 what version of Mark Callaway do you get then? Because I refuse to believe that he’s ALWAYS been this cool easy going guy who’s a bit anxious like the rest of us. What were the ups and downs in his personal life that Vince helped him with? Wasn’t he ready to quit in 99? The Cena match could’ve been at least 5-7 minutes longer but I guess Vince just wanted to give him his confidence back without taking a risk. Takers run is always impressive to me because he was never THE GUY but obviously a huge reason/factor why people bought tickets.
  5. First episode of Taker doc was great, gives a good insight as why/how he was so motivated during the run with Brock run in 2015. He needed to prove himself. Weird to see JR and Jericho on a WWE doc even if their parts were shot years ago.
  6. It could just be me but that Matt Hardy segment was cringeworthy.
  7. I think it works so much better if Hardy and Lee switched places, yes Hardy would have to play heel and tone it down a bit but the ‘broken’ gimmick has run its course. They had their reasons for doing it this way but Lee would’ve fitted better as the surprise 5th man for the Elite.
  8. Just finished it, a harrowing watch. Such a surreal time back then. One positive I took (along with the ones you guys have mentioned) is that Chris Nowinski got the fuck out of dodge, saving his body and brain and now being able to help others. That takes balls.
  9. No one is ever going to get one over on nWo or DX. Their yearly wheel-out keeps getting worse, allowing some one to crotch chop or two sweet with them is as good as it gets I’m afraid. Sad.
  10. Hangman Page is the man at the minute. For some reason the reactions he’s getting remind me of late 96/early 97 Steve Austin. For that reason alone I kind of want him to have AEWs secondary singles title (when him and Kenny eventually lose the tag titles) just so he can fling it around the place and use it as a beer coaster. When he gets cleaned up and wins the world title in a year from now it’s gonna be insane
  11. Adam Page is the fucking man. Brock Lesnar Guy is not, how the fuck does he afford to be everywhere? I feel so much rage when I see him in pics/on tv.
  12. I understand how people like Beckys shtick and how it got her where she is now but it always comes off as forced and corny to me. Shayna does it way better and seems more natural.
  13. Goldberg winning the belt makes zero sense, with that said i look forward to seeing Goldberg leave Saudi with belt in tow.
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