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  1. peterien

    E&C Pod of Awesome

    The boys are back.
  2. peterien


    Random thought- Man On Fire (the film) should’ve been a 4 or 6 part tv series.
  3. peterien

    The 2018 LaVar Ball Memorial Off-Court Thread

    Can any of you guys recommend a good book that covers the Larry Bird era of the Celtics? I’m only just getting to learn all about him. Much appreciated.
  4. peterien

    Raw - 10/22/2018

    Im only a part time fan these days so I only read results and will watch parts of what sounds good on YouTube but clicking on wwe.com last night and seeing DX on the front page as the main preview point for RAW makes me want to give up altogether.
  5. peterien

    Raw - 10/22/2018

    After watching it I thought that could happen too, at times it looked like Dean was talking to someone else that wasn’t Seth.
  6. peterien

    Roman Reigns has leukemia

    That’s class on New Japan’s part, and from everyone really. This fucking sucks.
  7. peterien


    Really? Reviews seem very mixed
  8. In case I get misunderstood for what I say below- Khabib absolutely dominated Conor, there is no need for a rematch. That said, Conor looked like a man going through the motions at time, there was glimpses of his game from two years ago in the 3rd/4th round but even the punches he threw didn’t have their usual zip and speed. Either the hunger isn’t there anymore or the year or so of partying (and whatever else) has taken a massive toll. He looked like a man that for whatever reason thought it would be a breeze after taking so much time out, got one round in and just went “aw fuck, I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew here”. Where he goes from here is anyones guess, Khabib will embarrass him in a potential rematch, I think he’d struggle with Ferguson too. If Mcgregor wants to get serious about MMA again he needs to seriously look at who he’s surrounding himself with.
  9. peterien

    Raw is Save Our Sonics - 10/1/2018

    Thank you sir. I’m not even as interested in wwe as I used to be anymore but last night really irked me.
  10. peterien

    Raw is Save Our Sonics - 10/1/2018

    I can’t sleep so I’m gonn write a bit of a rant instead. Taker, Kane and DX were over as hell, that I can’t deny but this “Last time ever” shit was done 6 or 7 years ago, it should be swept under the rug and the new crop of guys given more time to shine. What are they gonna do in 10 years time? Cena V Reigns Last time ever?? If I’m Balor or Owens I’m questioning why the hell am I still working here getting saddled with crap while a combined age of 206 takes over the main segment. Again, yes I understand that everyone likes a bit of nostalgia now and then but this is getting ridiculous. If I’m Omega/Cody/Young Bucks and I’m even considering going to WWE come January, I’d seriously rethink it because those guys and KO and Balor will always play second fiddle to the legends. Third fiddle with The Shield around (who’ve been stuck in a loop since SummerSlam).
  11. peterien

    E&C Pod of Awesome

    No pod for next few weeks for some reason
  12. peterien


    Agree on every part of this except Barry, I watched two episodes and couldn’t get into it.
  13. peterien


    3 episodes in as well, don’t know if I’ll go any further though. Armisens character really grates me, and the “kid” they introduced in ep3 even more so.
  14. peterien

    Raw is Advanced Brockomonics - 9/17/2018

    I watched Raw live for the first time in ages last night and the following things annoyed me; Reigns barely sold the Cell match at all The need to use full names of the wrestlers the whole time, “Baron Corbin just dodged Roman Reigns”- we know who they are no need to use full names the whole time. “Per Acting General Manager Baron Corbin”- geeesh!!! The commentators using the nicknames AND full names of the talent in sentences, “The Big Dog Roman Reigns had to deal with The Monster Among Men and....” The fact that the commentators or the talent have everything scripted for them and there’s no leeway for stuff on the fly makes it very hard to listen to.
  15. peterien


    Any of you guys watch Trust(FX) when it aired in US? Just started here in UK/Ireland.