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  1. Agreed. I’ve always said that I’d love to see the version of McGregor that beat Eddie Alvarez up against Khabib but I don’t even think that’s enough.
  2. I only read results and watch the YouTube top 10 these days so I could be wrong but isn’t the Brock V Seth build up more or less the same as Mania??
  3. peterien

    NJPW G1 2019

    Thanks Natural
  4. peterien

    NJPW G1 2019

    Started my catch up last night with Mox Vs Ishii and really enjoyed it. One thing that struck me is how jacked Mox is after getting, I don’t know was it WWE cameras or his attire there or what but I never remember him being in this shape. Great match too, Ishii is the man when it comes to G1. Has anyone made a list of must see for the G1? If so could they please pass it on, much appreciated.
  5. I watched the top 10 moments they post from each weeks show on YouTube and I cringed at like 6 of them.
  6. Nice of AJ and the Good Brothers to put over those young up and comers.... what a fucking joke.
  7. peterien

    NJPW G1 2019

    How was KENTA Vs Tana?
  8. Last year the quality of matches leaned heavily on one block, I remember skipping a lot of B(?) Block but this year both blocks are pretty stacked. Edit; for some reason Kenta V Sanada has me hyped!
  9. peterien

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    Fuck. Yes. NJPW has my money for the summer.
  10. Don’t post here that much and don’t usually complain about tv shows but for the most part they’ve definitely shit the bed this season. At this stage I can’t see how we get a satisfying ending, just can’t see it happening.
  11. Oh man I hope AJ and Orton get a decent amount of time, bar the main event and KofiMania it’s the story that makes the most sense and has had a decent build.
  12. I think the best thing (from what I’ve seen) is Brets “eh, what are ya gonna do?” face after it happens. Going to take a lot more to rattle that man.
  13. I’m a big Adam Cole fan so I may be biased but the last 5/10 minutes of the main event went beyond ridiculous. Gargano to me is great in the ring but ultimately dull as dishwater, won’t even get started on his selling. It’s a great moment for Gargano but Cole as champion makes more sense in my opinion.
  14. I’ve only seen the tag match and Riddle/Dream but both were a blast. I nearly shouted the house down at 12am over here. Didn’t think Riddle and Dream would mesh but it was really good in parts. Agree with everyone though, Riddle needs to go heel. I admire Mauro and everything he’s done/gone through but some of his shtick makes me want to turn the sound off.
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