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  1. SDL is Bulgarian Pavarotti - 1/2/2018

    Is this the 2nd week ruining that Orton and Shinsuke haven’t been on SDL?

    Been watching Catastrophe (amazon) lately and just finished the 3rd series, I knew what was coming at the end and it still hit me like a brick. One of my favorite series and couples (Rob&Sharon) of all time. Everyone needs to watch this.

    Burned through 2 and a half seasons of Catastrophe over the last few days and it’s one of my favorite shows already.
  4. The whole build to the Kylo & Rey team-up and the payoff was fantastic imo, me and my buddy were in awe of it.
  5. Had high expectations which dipped a small bit about 40-50 minutes in, it has its flaws but on first watch it’s one of the greatest things I’ve seen in my life. I felt physically and mentally exhausted leaving the cinema.

    So hopefully this means AJ keeps the title?
  7. Survivor Series XXX

    And also show them a pic of Styles V Lesnar. Assuming they announce New Day V Shield, Survivor Series weekend is fucking stacked!
  8. Stranger Things

    Ive one episode left but thoughts so far; Ep 1 is great, just a simple welcome back episode. Eps 2-4 are the brakes being put on a small bit storytelling wise but from the end of ep4 onwards its very impressive. Ep 8 is incredible and the room got very dusty at the end of it even though it was fairly obvious. Some spoiler-filled thoughts ahead-
  9. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    What the hell.... Can see AJ pulling double duty and somehow entering the TLC match maybe replacing Angle after he takes a early safe bump.
  10. WWE No Mercy 2017

    One thing to consider after that Reigns/Cena match and Cena kind of touched on it on the E&C podcast (which was very good btw) is that like him/hate him Reigns showed something different over the last 4 weeks, he showed a bit of fire in his promos BUT now that the Cena feud is seemingly over where does he go now? He's not going to feud with Brock yet, Braun and Bray have been done. A stop gap feud with The Miz? Its back to square one if it is.
  11. WWE No Mercy 2017

    I thought Reigns/Cena was good- slow start but a good finish and a great crowd. Lesnar/Braun was a waste, just a level above Lesnar/Ambrose. The Suplex City shtick has ran its course.
  12. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Great trailer. When do we get a release date though???

    Is it normal to get offered 3 free months of the Network? Just got an e mail today
  14. That was cool and all but the end product has to be KO straight up murdering Shane and not the usual "Shane lost but goddamn hes a tough SOB" routine.