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  1. It could just be me but that Matt Hardy segment was cringeworthy.
  2. I think it works so much better if Hardy and Lee switched places, yes Hardy would have to play heel and tone it down a bit but the ‘broken’ gimmick has run its course. They had their reasons for doing it this way but Lee would’ve fitted better as the surprise 5th man for the Elite.
  3. Just finished it, a harrowing watch. Such a surreal time back then. One positive I took (along with the ones you guys have mentioned) is that Chris Nowinski got the fuck out of dodge, saving his body and brain and now being able to help others. That takes balls.
  4. No one is ever going to get one over on nWo or DX. Their yearly wheel-out keeps getting worse, allowing some one to crotch chop or two sweet with them is as good as it gets I’m afraid. Sad.
  5. Hangman Page is the man at the minute. For some reason the reactions he’s getting remind me of late 96/early 97 Steve Austin. For that reason alone I kind of want him to have AEWs secondary singles title (when him and Kenny eventually lose the tag titles) just so he can fling it around the place and use it as a beer coaster. When he gets cleaned up and wins the world title in a year from now it’s gonna be insane
  6. Adam Page is the fucking man. Brock Lesnar Guy is not, how the fuck does he afford to be everywhere? I feel so much rage when I see him in pics/on tv.
  7. I understand how people like Beckys shtick and how it got her where she is now but it always comes off as forced and corny to me. Shayna does it way better and seems more natural.
  8. Goldberg winning the belt makes zero sense, with that said i look forward to seeing Goldberg leave Saudi with belt in tow.
  9. How many more years are WWE going to have Heyman and Brock do the same shtick every week they’re on? That Ricochet/Lesnar bit was cringey.
  10. I really enjoyed White/Naito, thought it flowed nicely and told a great story. Ibushi/Okada was insane, the first half took a bit of time to get going but once it did it was fantastic. Couldn’t get into Tana/Jericho and I enjoyed Kenta/Goto more than i thought I would. Okada is possibly my favourite big match wrestler of all time, such a presence, he never looks uncomfortable and just makes everything look so easy. I wasn’t tuned in to NJPW for Tanas main run as the ace so I’m open to argument but for me Okada is untouchable in that role.
  11. So far I’ve watched Takahashi/Ospreay, Mox/Archer and Naito/White. Really enjoyed all 3. I plan to get through Ibushi/Okada, Tana/Jericho and Okada/Naito tomorrow, should I add Kenta/Goto and White/Ibushi to the list? Ospreay is my MVP so far. Thanks in advance.
  12. I watched the YouTube clip of the 6 man tag and I’m pretty sure the commentary team referred to Rollins as the ‘Monday Night Messiah’ at least 15 times in 4 minutes.
  13. Just out. Not the most diehard Star Wars fan but I did enjoy TLJ, thought this was rushed, overly hammy at times (especially Oscar Isaac) and definitely have a lot of fan service. When they slowed things down and key scenes settle it was enjoyable, and Driver was great to watch.
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