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  1. That was actually real?? I thought it was a meme on Twitter. Holy shit.
  2. Barry is super super dark this year. Tokyo Vice shit the bed half way through episode 7. Pity.
  3. I think Punk wins by some sort of shenanigans, not exactly a heel turn but something subtle that ends nice guy Punk for a while. Then have him and MJF avoid each other until Revolution and Max goes over. That or Kenta costs Punk.
  4. Give me Okada at Forbidden Door, give me full on Rainmaker entrance. Give me Okada just drop-kicking fools beautifully. Give me Okada telling someone like Fish or O Reilly they should be on 205 Live (like he did Scu*rl). Give me Okada at the end of the show with a big showdown with someone to set up his next appearance.
  5. Big fan of Tokyo Vice, watched the first 4 episodes and really enjoying it. Ya there’s a few nitpicks like Elgorts character, pacing and the waitress subplot but it looks SO good and feels like nothing I’ve seen before.
  6. They show the JR cosplayer in the crowd again around the 15:10 minute mark of this video and it’s great
  7. Meh. It was a misstep on a fantastic show. But if TK has to sacrifice one show closing spot to keep execs happy/get more eyes on his company/get airtime in a different country then that’s fine and should be fine with fans of the company.
  8. I’m late to the party but I’m bingeing Barry so I’m ready for season 3…. The Ronny/Lilly episode… HOLY SHIT!
  9. Don’t really watch Rampage but i did this week. Some thoughts- AmDrag V Trent was great, Danielson took some nasty bumps to his head. Red Velvet is terrible, Willow looked 10 times better and should have gone over. That finish-yeesh! Speaking of bad finishers- what the fuck is Swerves supposed to be? I do not ‘get’ Danhausen. I do ‘get’ HOOK though so I am a small bit intrigued to see where it goes. Yuta V Mox deserves all the praise and stars.
  10. Odds for The Briscoes appearing tonight?
  11. Logan Paul is a stallion. Dude could definitely make it
  12. Codys promo was good…I guess but some of it came off really forced and maybe a bit disingenuous? I dunno. What I will say is if he cuts that same promo in 2 or 3 weeks time instead of last night when the Mania buzz is gone and casual fan isn’t in attendance I don’t think it goes so well.
  13. I am 100% happy for Cody, any man that makes the right decision money wise for his family is a good man. But part of me can’t get over the fact that this is all about Cody’s ego and him going back to the ex-lover whos name he dragged through the mud for 6 years is still hard to believe. That said his entrance and match performance was great but then he cuts the same old long winded promo as above^.
  14. Are people still enjoying Winning Time? We’re getting it in Ireland and the UK on Monday.
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