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  1. Oh man I hope AJ and Orton get a decent amount of time, bar the main event and KofiMania it’s the story that makes the most sense and has had a decent build.
  2. I think the best thing (from what I’ve seen) is Brets “eh, what are ya gonna do?” face after it happens. Going to take a lot more to rattle that man.
  3. I’m a big Adam Cole fan so I may be biased but the last 5/10 minutes of the main event went beyond ridiculous. Gargano to me is great in the ring but ultimately dull as dishwater, won’t even get started on his selling. It’s a great moment for Gargano but Cole as champion makes more sense in my opinion.
  4. I’ve only seen the tag match and Riddle/Dream but both were a blast. I nearly shouted the house down at 12am over here. Didn’t think Riddle and Dream would mesh but it was really good in parts. Agree with everyone though, Riddle needs to go heel. I admire Mauro and everything he’s done/gone through but some of his shtick makes me want to turn the sound off.
  5. All in! I love how they showed us a good amount but still didn’t fall into the trap of showing us everything. The pay off of Phoenix turning into what we see at the tail end of the trailer will be worth the slow burn.
  6. If Orton and AJ keep cutting promos like their first one I think they’ll have a pretty good hype video.
  7. Make AJ vs Orton the main event right now, that was fucking awesome.
  8. Did anyone else watch this weeks Being The Elite?? Why did Pentagon and Fenix just wait around after and not beat the fuck out of them? And then just hang around after AGAIN and get another super kick?????? edit: apologies if it’s wrong thread
  9. First time I’ve watched a non top 4 PPV live in a while. Womens chamber was better than i thought- Rose and Deville did fat better than I thought. Mens chamber was great, Kofi was a fucking star. In fact, I don’t think anyone came out looking bad. The Ronda/Charlotte/Becky segment was good and made sense in that Rousey&Flair will now both beg for Becky to be added to the match. One thing I have to say is that if Nia was as careless as Becky was with the crutch towards the other two there would be uproar.
  10. What happened with Joe and the uranage? It looked like he forgot that Kofi was supposed to go to the outside of the ring or something like that
  11. That tag match was awesome, Roderick Strong has been MVP in every Takeover match I’ve seen lately. He’s so damn good. I remember skipping all his ROH matches back in the day but being in UE fits him like a glove. Edit: Ohno/Riddle was great too. You could tell the crowd was a bit spent from the tag. Ohnos role in NXT fits him perfectly. Is Riddle a potential main guy? I don’t think so right now but he carries himself very well. This is a great show.
  12. I hope someday to find someone to love me the way Jericho loves himself. That said it was a good listen at times.
  13. Been rewatching True Detective season one in preparation for season 3 and I can’t figure out if it’s McConaugheys performance or the show as a whole but it’s in my top 5 series of all time. Re; season two of the Wire. I have to agree that it’s very underrated, I remember wanting to quit it two episodes in but my buddy convinced me otherwise. Ziggy and the duck, love-child, the Greek, among other things make that season fucking awesome.
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