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  1. Omega to me is like the Dolph Ziggler problem from ten years ago, where people rightfully pointed out similar issues about being able to see the strings, and not finding the character of someone who just wants to put on the best match on the card to be entirely conducive to whatever is left of kayfabe. He's just not as overstated in that mission statement, the bumps aren't quite as show-offy and he's got a Smackdown vs Raw CAW moveset instead. I often wonder what AEW would be like if we had the Omegaverse instead of the Codyverse. The Omegaverse works in the storyline sense that you've constantly got all these guys coming through the Forbidden Door to get these ridiculous dream matches. It doesn't work so much when he's the company titleholder and it feels like its in the back seat to the star ratings. Whereas Cody suffered as a result of not having that character motivation to succeed and you constantly had to come up with these goofy reasons for why you should care about Cody vs this other guy for no real stakes at all. Everyone bought into Cody chasing Jericho for the title as they are now with Cody chasing Roman for the title (your thoughts on Zayn aside).
  2. The cancer storyline in Superman & Lois feels a bit off. Outside of the really unlikely chance they're killing the title role off, you can pay lip service to the suffering of cancer patients and doing it the long way all you like, but ultimately I can see this getting some sort of miracle cure which seems cheap contextually.
  3. I went and saw Shazam 2. Out of all the superhero movies, there were plenty that didn't have anything new to bring to the table, a couple I was outright bored by, and then there was Batman vs Superman which was so bad it was almost good. Shazam 2 is sitting comfortably in the realm of the latter two options. 3/10. Just a total mess of a screenplay.
  4. Had the pleasure of meeting CM Punk at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny
  5. OK, but we're sleeping on a money making opportunity where we hire out a movie theatre and we watch the entire Rocky series with Punk.
  6. Have Callis come out next week and imply it was actually Dark Order that attacked The Bucks seems the logical step from there to further dissention between Hangman and Kenny . (and if you really want to Russo it up to 11. Have it that the Dark Order did attack the Bucks, Callis thinks he manipulated them into doing it, only to realize that they've actually joined the House of Black instead, leading to him/Nak/Cutler getting nuked).
  7. I think they said it was Bischoff on the first Bischoff/Russo Nitro.
  8. Feel like there's going to be a swerve over who really attacked the Bucks from this. As amazing an episode this was, if next week results in just a rehash of who drove the hummer/ran over Stone Cold with Dark Order, HOB, Callis, Hangman, etc it's a negative.
  9. As much as its the hottest thing on the card - I think the tag match should go on night two rather than headline night one. There's more drama and anticipation around what they've built up in the past few weeks of promos, that if the Usos drop the tag titles, are they now going to come out and cost Roman the title, as it's now front and center rather than what happened last night and 3.5 hrs of night two ago. If Cena is going over, I think that headlines night one. HIAC is probably a good choice also (especially if its supposed to be Edge's farewell), but from a logistics/timing standpoint, you probably want that either opening the show or in that midpoint part so they can work around the Hall of Fame inductees or silly backstage stuff while they set up and take down the cell.
  10. Have any of the fifty odd who joined the concussion class action against WWE been used since then? I think Henry Godwinn being on the Taker retirement/table for three is probably the only instance?
  11. Given the Hebners got fired for selling WWE merchandise without permission and were part of that concussion lawsuit, I'd be surprised if it was him.
  12. Brian Hildebrand possibly?
  13. First two that come to mind are Taker's matches with Foley and Vader at Survivor Series and the Rumble after Bearer turns heel on him. They did a great job of redefining the zombie character as this puppet without strings discovering what his capabilities are on his own.
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