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  1. I had a go at creating one off the WWF Title lineage (battle royales constitute a title change as does failure to defend in 90 days). I ended up in the same place you did: Wrestler Beat Date Buddy Rogers N/A 11/04/1963 Bruno Sammartino Buddy Rogers 17/05/1963 Gorilla Monsoon Bruno Sammartino 4/10/1963 Bruno Sammartino (2) Gorilla Monsoon 30/12/1963 Fred Blassie Bruno Sammartino 24/08/1964 Bruno Sammartino (3) Fred Blassie 18/09/1964 Fred Blassie (2) Bruno Sammartino 23/09/1964 Dory Funk Jr Fred Blassie 4/10/1964 Lou Thesz Dory Funk Jr 4/01/1965 Dory Funk Jr (2) Lou Thesz 30/09/1965 Dick The Bruiser Dory Funk Jr 8/10/1965 Lou Thesz (2) Dick The Bruiser 9/10/1965 Gene Kiniski Lou Thesz 7/01/1966 Fritz Von Erich Gene Kiniski 22/09/1967 Gene Kiniski (2) Fritz Von Erich 20/10/1967 Fritz Von Erich (2) Gene Kiniski 14/11/1967 Gene Kiniski (3) Fritz Von Erich 17/11/1967 Johnny Valentine Gene Kiniski 11/12/1967 Red Bastien Johnny Valentine 2/04/1968 Killer Karl Kox Red Bastien 7/02/1969 Spiros Arion Killer Karl Kox 21/02/1969 The Spoiler Spiros Arion 4/04/1969 Tex McKenzie The Spoiler 11/04/1969 The Spoiler (2) Tex McKenzie 18/04/1969 Mario Milano The Spoiler 9/05/1969 Michiaki Yoshimura Mario Milano 11/08/1969 Danny Hodge Michiaki Yoshimura 22/11/1969 Dory Funk Jr (3) Danny Hodge 10/12/1970 Jack Brisco Dory Funk Jr 12/01/1971 Tarzan Tyler Jack Brisco 19/01/1971 Jack Brisco (2) Tarzan Tyler 19/01/1971 Tarzan Tyler (2) Jack Brisco 15/02/1971 Jack Brisco (3) Tarzan Tyler 15/02/1971 Dory Funk Snr Jack Brisco 2/03/1971 Ciclon Negro Dory Funk Snr 5/04/1971 Dory Funk Snr (2) Ciclon Negro 12/05/1971 Ciclon Negro (2) Dory Funk Snr 20/05/1971 Dory Funk Jnr (4) Ciclon Negro 26/05/1971 Ciclon Negro (3) Dory Funk Jnr 21/06/1971 Dory Funk Jnr (5) Ciclon Negro 24/06/1971 Jack Brisco (4) Dory Funk Jnr 30/06/1971 Antonio Inoki Jack Brisco 5/08/1971 Jack Brisco Antonio Inoki 6/11/1971 Failed to defend within 90 days Dory Funk Jnr (6) Jack Brisco 19/11/1971 Johnny Weaver Dory Funk Jnr 14/02/1972 Karl Von Steiger Johnny Weaver 3/04/1972 Argentina Apollo Karl Von Steiger 12/04/1972 Man Mountain Mike Argentina Apollo 18/04/1972 Won in a battle royale Ole Anderson Man Mountain Mike 11/07/1972 Won in a battle royale Klondike Bill Ole Anderson 27/07/1972 Mike York Klondike Bill 15/02/1973 Sandy Scott Mike York 13/06/1973 Johnny Valentine (2) Sandy Scott 6/11/1973 Bob Bruggers Johnny Valentine 8/12/1973 Johnny Valentine (3) Bob Bruggers 27/12/1973 Jerry Brisco Johnny Valentine 15/02/1974 Dory Funk Jr (7) Jerry Brisco 22/02/1974 Chris Taylor Dory Funk Jr 1/04/1974 Won in a battle royale Baron von Raschke Chris Taylor 15/06/1974 Won in a battle royale Ivan Putski Baron von Raschke 10/07/1974 Baron von Raschke Ivan Putski 7/08/1974 The Crusher Baron von Raschke 24/08/1974 Horst Hoffman The Crusher 13/09/1974 Verne Gagne Horst Hoffman 4/10/1974 Billy Robinson Verne Gagne 14/08/1975 Baron Von Raschke (3) Billy Robinson 7/09/1975 Billy Robinson (2) Baron von Raschke 12/09/1975 Baron Von Raschke (4) Billy Robinson 27/09/1975 Billy Robinson (3) Baron von Raschke 28/09/1975 Baron Von Raschke (5) Billy Robinson 8/10/1975 Verne Gagne (2) Baron von Raschke 11/10/1975 Nick Bockwinkel Verne Gagne 8/11/1975 Billy Robinson (4) Nick Bockwinkel 13/11/1975 The Assassin Billy Robinson 13/04/1976 Dusty Rhodes The Assassin 4/05/1976 The Assassin (2) Dusty Rhodes 8/06/1976 Dusty Rhodes (2) The Assassin 15/06/1976 Terry Funk Dusty Rhodes 14/07/1976 The Super Destroyer Terry Funk 29/07/1976 Ricky Romero The Super Destroyer 13/09/1976 Tank Patton Ricky Romero 27/10/1976 Terry Funk (2) Tank Patton 3/11/1976 Dusty Rhodes (3) Terry Funk 6/12/1976 Andre The Giant Dusty Rhodes 7/01/1977 Won in a battle royale Pat O'Connor Andre The Giant 9/09/1977 Won in a battle royale Ivan Koloff Pat O'Connor 28/10/1977 Harley Race Ivan Koloff 18/11/1977 Giant Baba Harley Race 18/01/1978 Kintaro Oki Giant Baba 15/03/1978 Won in a battle royale Abdullah The Butcher Kintaro Oki 28/03/1978 Won in a battle royale Tommy Rich Abdullah The Butcher 9/05/1978 Ole Anderson (2) Tommy Rich 22/05/1978 Mr Wrestling II Ole Anderson 18/06/1978 Thunderbolt Patterson Mr Wrestling II 18/07/1978 Won in a battle royale Harley Race (2) Thunderbolt Patterson 24/07/1978 Dick The Bruiser Harley Race 8/12/1978 Andre The Giant (2) Dick The Bruiser 2/02/1979 Won in a battle royale Jimmy Snuka Andre The Giant 1/04/1979 Won in a battle royale Paul Orndorff Jimmy Snuka 8/04/1979 Won in a battle royale Nick Bockwinkel (2) Paul Orndorff 22/04/1979 Greg Gagne Nick Bockwinkel 6/06/1979 Nick Bockwinkel (3) Greg Gagne 29/07/1979 Bruiser Brody Nick Bockwinkel 31/08/1979 Harley Race (3) Bruiser Brody 5/10/1979 Giant Baba (2) Harley Race 31/10/1979 Harley Race (4) Giant Baba 7/11/1979 Mil Mascaras Harley Race 8/02/1980 Harley Race (5) Mil Mascaras 8/05/1980 Stripped of title after no defence in 90 days Kerry Von Erich Harley Race 28/07/1980 Harley Race (6) Kerry Von Erich 19/01/1981 Ted Dibiase Harley Race 6/02/1981 Harley Race (7) Ted Dibiase 21/03/1981 Dusty Rhodes (4) Harley Race 25/04/1981 Dory Funk Jr (8) Dusty Rhodes 12/05/1981 Jack Brisco (6) Dory Funk Jr 15/05/1981 Pat O'Connor (2) Jack Brisco 12/06/1981 Won in a battle royale Ric Flair Pat O'Connor 17/07/1981 Dusty Rhodes (5) Ric Flair 7/08/1981 Ric Flair (2) Dusty Rhodes 17/09/1981 Dusty Rhodes (6) Ric Flair 15/06/1982 Don Muraco Dusty Rhodes 4/07/1982 Tommy Rich Don Muraco 25/07/1982 Ric Flair (3) Tommy Rich 22/08/1982 Harley Race (8) Ric Flair 8/10/1982 Jumbo Tsurata Harley Race 24/10/1982 Genichiro Tenryu Jumbo Tsurata 30/10/1982 Won in a battle royale Stan Hansen Genichiro Tenryu 30/11/1982 Buzz Sawyer Stan Hansen 22/06/1983 Pez Whatley Buzz Sawyer 30/06/1983 Buzz Sawyer (2) Pez Whatley 19/09/1983 Tommy Rich (2) Buzz Sawyer 22/09/1983 Ted Dibiase (2) Tommy Rich 4/12/1983 Tommy Rich (3) Ted Dibiase 30/12/1983 Sid (Lord Humongus) Tommy Rich 23/04/1984 Jerry Lawler Sid 21/05/1984 Rick Rude Jerry Lawler 11/06/1984 Jerry Lawler (2) Rick Rude 2/07/1984 Won in a battle royale King Kong Bundy Jerry Lawler 16/07/1984 Jimmy Valiant King Kong Bundy 3/09/1984 Assassin #1 Jimmy Valiant 7/09/1984 Jimmy Valiant (2) Assassin #1 15/09/1984 Assassin #1 (2) Jimmy Valiant 20/09/1984 Jimmy Valiant (3) Assassin #1 21/09/1984 Tully Blanchard Jimmy Valiant 7/10/1984 Dick Slater Tully Blanchard 12/11/1984 Tully Blanchard (2) Dick Slater 6/01/1985 Dusty Rhodes (7) Tully Blanchard 16/03/1985 Tully Blanchard (3) Dusty Rhodes 28/04/1985 Dusty Rhodes (8) Tully Blanchard 30/04/1985 Tully Blanchard (4) Dusty Rhodes 18/05/1985 Ric Flair (4) Tully Blanchard 29/05/1985 Butch Reed Ric Flair 6/11/1985 Ric Flair (5) Butch Reed 25/11/1985 Wahoo McDaniel Ric Flair 29/01/1986 Ric Flair (6) Wahoo McDaniel 12/02/1986 Lex Luger Ric Flair 18/06/1986 The Masked Superstar Lex Luger 22/07/1986 Lex Luger (2) The Masked Superstar 27/07/1986 Kareem Muhammad Lex Luger 21/09/1986 Lex Luger (3) Kareem Muhammad 24/09/1986 Kareem Muhammad (2) Lex Luger 11/11/1986 Ron Simmons Kareem Muhammad 2/12/1986 Kareem Muhammad (3) Ron Simmons 27/12/1986 Ron Simmons (2) Kareem Muhammad 8/01/1987 Bad News Allen Ron Simmons 13/01/1987 Ron Simmons (3) Bad News Allen 18/01/1987 Bad News Allen (2) Ron Simmons 20/01/1987 Kevin Sullivan Bad News Allen 18/02/1987 Scott Hall Kevin Sullivan 1/03/1987 Riki Choshu Scott Hall 30/08/1987 Big Van Vader Riki Choshu 25/07/1988 Antonio Inoki Big Van Vader 29/07/1988 Riki Choshu (2) Antonio Inoki 22/02/1989 Shinya Hashimoto Riki Choshu 24/04/1989 Big Van Vader (2) Shinya Hashimoto 24/04/1989 Salman Hashimikov Big Van Vader 25/05/1989 Riki Choshu (3) Salman Hashimikov 12/07/1989 Big Van Vader (3) Riki Choshu 10/08/1989 Otto Wanz Big Van Vader 22/12/1989 Rambo Otto Wanz 4/08/1990 Big Van Vader (4) Rambo 22/12/1990 Tatsumi Fujinami Big Van Vader 4/03/1991 Ric Flair (7) Tatsumi Fujinami 19/05/1991 The British Bulldog Ric Flair 3/10/1991 Won in a battle royale The Undertaker The British Bulldog 22/10/1991 Hulk Hogan The Undertaker 3/12/1991 Ric Flair (8) Hulk Hogan 19/01/1992 Won in a battle royale Roddy Piper Ric Flair 19/02/1992 Sid Justice (2) Roddy Piper 23/02/1992 Ultimate Warrior Sid Justice 26/07/1992 Failed to defend within 90 days Hercules Ultimate Warrior 8/04/1993 Failed to defend within 90 days Ultimate Warrior (2) Hercules 16/04/1993 Hercules Ultimate Warrior 27/07/1993 Failed to defend within 90 days Shinya Hashimoto (2) Hercules 21/09/1993 Scott Norton Shinya Hashimoto 6/03/1994 Shinya Hashimoto (3) Scott Norton 21/03/1994 Tatsumi Fujinami (2) Shinya Hashimoto 4/04/1994 Shinya Hashimoto (4) Tatsumi Fujinami 1/05/1994 Hiroshi Hase Shinya Hashimoto 22/07/1994 Kensuke Sasaki Hiroshi Hase 4/08/1994 Masahiro Chono Kensuke Sasaki 7/08/1994 Shinya Hashimoto (5) Masahiro Chono 27/09/1994 Scott Norton (2) Shinya Hashimoto 8/02/1995 Shinya Hashimoto (6) Scott Norton 19/02/1995 Keiji Muto Shinya Hashimoto 3/05/1995 Shiro Koshinaka Keiji Muto 11/08/1995 Ric Flair (9) Shiro Koshinaka 12/08/1995 Keiji Muto (2) Ric Flair 13/08/1995 Nobuhiku Takada Keiji Muto 4/01/1996 Shinya Hashimoto (7) Nobuhiku Takada 29/04/1996 Riki Choshu (4) Shinya Hashimoto 2/08/1996 Kurasawa Riki Choshu 17/09/1996 Road Warrior Animal Kurasawa 21/09/1996 Tadao Yasuda Road Warrior Animal 23/12/1996 Failed to defend within 90 days Kensuke Sasaki (2) Tadao Yasuda 17/04/1997 Scott Norton (3) Kensuke Sasaki 15/02/1998 Ric Flair (10) Scott Norton 25/03/1998 WCW Curt Hennig Ric Flair 8/07/1998 Failed to defend within 90 days Goldberg Curt Hennig 10/07/1998 Merged with WCW title Kevin Nash Goldberg 27/12/1998 Hulk Hogan (2) Kevin Nash 4/01/1999 Ric Flair (11) Hulk Hogan 14/03/1999 Diamond Dallas Page Ric Flair 11/04/1999 Won in a 4 way Sting Diamond Dallas Page 26/04/1999 Diamond Dallas Page (2) Sting 26/04/1999 Won in a 4 way Kevin Nash (2) Diamond Dallas Page 9/05/1999 Hulk Hogan (3) Kevin Nash 14/08/1999 Sting (2) Hulk Hogan 12/09/1999 Goldberg (2) Sting 24/10/1999 Bret Hart Goldberg 25/10/1999 Scott Hall Bret Hart 8/11/1999 Won in a 4 way Chris Benoit Scott Hall 15/11/1999 Bret Hart (2) Chris Benoit 21/11/1999 Kevin Nash (3) Bret Hart 10/04/2000 Failed to defend within 90 days Jeff Jarrett Kevin Nash 22/05/2000 Merged with WCW title Kevin Nash (4) Jeff Jarrett 23/05/2000 Won in a 3 way Jeff Jarrett (2) Kevin Nash 11/06/2000 Merged with WCW title Hulk Hogan (4) Jeff Jarrett 9/07/2000 Jeff Jarrett (3) Hulk Hogan 9/10/2000 Failed to defend within 90 days Sting (3) Jeff Jarrett 10/10/2000 Kevin Nash (5) Sting 13/10/2000 Mike Awesome Kevin Nash 14/10/2000 Won in a battle royale Scott Steiner Mike Awesome 23/10/2000 Booker T Scott Steiner 11/11/2000 Merged with WCW title Scott Steiner (2) Booker T 26/11/2000 Booker T (2) Scott Steiner 26/03/2001 Scott Steiner (3) Booker T 26/06/2001 Failed to defend within 90 days Booker T (3) Scott Steiner 26/09/2001 Failed to defend within 90 days The Undertaker (2) Booker T 13/10/2001 Rob Van Dam The Undertaker 12/11/2001 The Undertaker (3) Rob Van Dam 9/12/2001 Triple H The Undertaker 20/01/2002 Won in a battle royale Booker T (4) Triple H 28/01/2002 Steve Austin Booker T 2/02/2002 Chris Jericho Steve Austin 17/02/2002 Unified with existing title Triple H (2) Chris Jericho 17/03/2002 Hulk Hogan (5) Triple H 21/04/2002 The Undertaker (4) Hulk Hogan 19/05/2002 Kurt Angle The Undertaker 18/06/2002 Rikishi Kurt Angle 22/06/2022 Lance Storm Rikishi 2/07/2022 Booker T (5) Lance Storm 12/08/2002 Big Show Booker T 13/10/2002 Brock Lesnar Big Show 2/11/2002 Big Show (2) Brock Lesnar 17/11/2002 Kurt Angle (2) Big Show 15/12/2002 Brock Lesnar (2) Kurt Angle 30/03/2003 Kurt Angle (3) Brock Lesnar 27/07/2003 Won in a 3 way Brock Lesnar (3) Kurt Angle 16/09/2003 Eddie Guerrero Brock Lesnar 15/02/2004 D-Von Dudley Eddie Guerrero 20/04/2004 Rob Van Dam (2) D-Von Dudley 3/07/2004 Luther Reigns Rob Van Dam 17/07/2004 John Cena Luther Reigns 20/07/2004 JBL John Cena 25/07/2004 John Cena (2) JBL 12/03/2005 Carlito John Cena 25/07/2005 John Cena (3) Carlito 1/08/2005 Kurt Angle (4) John Cena 24/10/2005 John Cena (4) Kurt Angle 27/10/2005 Kurt Angle (5) John Cena 2/01/2006 John Cena (5) Kurt Angle 2/01/2006 Edge John Cena 8/01/2006 John Cena (6) Edge 29/01/2006 Rob Van Dam (3) John Cena 11/06/2006 Edge (2) Rob Van Dam 3/07/2006 Won in a 3 way John Cena (7) Edge 7/07/2006 Umaga John Cena 17/07/2006 Kane Umaga 8/10/2006 Umaga (2) Kane 9/10/2006 John Cena (8) Umaga 7/01/2007 Shawn Michaels John Cena 23/04/2007 John Cena (9) Shawn Michaels 29/04/2007 Won in a 4 way The Great Khali John Cena 28/05/2007 John Cena (10) The Great Khali 3/06/2007 Carlito (2) John Cena 30/07/2007 William Regal Carlito 6/08/2007 Won in a battle royale Cody Rhodes William Regal 18/08/2007 Jeff Hardy Cody Rhodes 22/09/2007 Won in a battle royale Randy Orton Jeff Hardy 15/10/2007 Unified with existing title Ric Flair (12) Randy Orton 26/11/2007 John Cena (11) Ric Flair 7/02/2008 Randy Orton (2) John Cena 30/03/2008 Triple H (3) Randy Orton 27/04/2008 Won in a 4 way Jeff Hardy (2) Triple H 11/11/2008 Chris Jericho (2) Jeff Hardy 8/12/2008 John Cena (12) Chris Jericho 13/12/2008 Shawn Michaels (2) John Cena 12/01/2009 John Cena (13) Shawn Michaels 26/01/2009 Edge (3) John Cena 15/02/2009 John Cena (14) Edge 5/04/2009 Won in a 3 way Edge (4) John Cena 26/04/2009 CM Punk Edge 28/04/2009 Umaga (3) CM Punk 17/05/2009 CM Punk (2) Umaga 30/05/2009 John Morrison CM Punk 23/06/2009 Dolph Ziggler John Morrison 1/07/2009 The Great Khali Dolph Ziggler 3/07/2009 CM Punk (3) The Great Khali 1/08/2009 Jeff Hardy (3) CM Punk 4/08/2009 CM Punk (4) Jeff Hardy 23/08/2009 The Undertaker (5) CM Punk 4/10/2009 Chris Jericho (3) The Undertaker 9/02/2010 Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho 12/02/2010 Chris Jericho (4) Rey Mysterio 21/02/2010 Jack Swagger Chris Jericho 30/03/2010 Randy Orton (3) Jack Swagger 5/04/2010 Jack Swagger (2) Randy Orton 25/04/2010 Kofi Kingston Jack Swagger 18/05/2010 Drew McIntyre Kofi Kingston 22/05/2010 Kofi Kingston (2) Drew McIntyre 23/05/2010 Rey Mysterio (2) Kofi Kingston 1/06/2010 Won a battle royale Jack Swagger (3) Rey Mysterio 5/06/2010 Won a four way Rey Mysterio (3) Jack Swagger 8/06/2010 Kane (2) Rey Mysterio 18/07/2010 Randy Orton (4) Kane 19/10/2010 The Miz Randy Orton 22/11/2010 Edge (5) The Miz 31/01/2011 Alberto Del Rio Edge 3/07/2011 Failed to defend within 90 days Big Show (3) Alberto Del Rio 6/07/2011 Mark Henry Big Show 17/07/2011 Heath Slater Mark Henry 24/07/2011 Won a battle royale Ezekiel Jackson Heath Slater 24/07/2011 Cody Rhodes (2) Ezekiel Jackson 9/08/2011 Mark Henry (2) Cody Rhodes 16/08/2011 Won a battle royale Daniel Bryan Mark Henry 22/11/2011 Mark Henry (3) Daniel Bryan 29/11/2011 Zack Ryder Mark Henry 5/12/2011 Doloh Ziggler (2) Zack Ryder 12/12/2011 Won a four way Zack Ryder (2) Dolph Ziggler 18/12/2011 Jack Swagger (4) Zack Ryder 16/01/2012 R-Truth Jack Swagger 20/01/2012 Sheamus R-Truth 22/01/2012 Won a battle royale Mark Henry (4) Sheamus 23/04/2012 Sheamus (2) Mark Henry 24/04/2012 CM Punk (5) Sheamus 2/10/2012 John Cena (15) CM Punk 12/11/2012 CM Punk (6) John Cena 18/11/2012 The Rock CM Punk 27/01/2013 John Cena (16) The Rock 7/04/2013 Daniel Bryan (2) John Cena 18/08/2013 Randy Orton (5) Daniel Bryan 18/08/2013 Daniel Bryan (3) Randy Orton 15/09/2013 Randy Orton (6) Daniel Bryan 27/10/2013 Kofi Kingston Randy Orton 13/01/2014 Batista Kofi Kingston 26/01/2014 Won in a battle royale Alberto Del Rio Batista 24/02/2014 Sin Cara Alberto Del Rio 28/02/2014 Bad News Barrett Sin Cara 8/03/2014 Sheamus (3) Bad News Barrett 27/05/2014 Cesaro Sheamus 10/06/2014 Sheamus (4) Cesaro 21/06/2014 Won in a triple threat John Cena (16) Sheamus 29/06/2014 Won in a multi-man ladder match. Unifies with actual WWE title Brock Lesnar (4) John Cena 17/08/2014 Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar 29/03/2015 Won in a triple threat Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins 4/05/2015 Seth Rollins (2) Dean Ambrose 17/05/2015 Won in a four way Randy Orton (7) Seth Rollins 5/06/2015 Sheamus (5) Randy Orton 14/06/2015 Won in a multi-man ladder match. Dean Ambrose (2) Sheamus 15/06/2015 Sheamus (6) Dean Ambrose 20/06/2015 Randy Orton (8) Sheamus 11/07/2015 Sheamus (7) Randy Orton 23/08/2015 Randy Orton (9) Sheamus 29/08/2015 Sheamus (8) Randy Orton 4/01/2016 Failed to defend within 90 days Roman Reigns Sheamus 4/01/2016 Triple H (4) Roman Reigns 24/01/2016 Won in a battle royale Roman Reigns (2) Triple H 3/04/2016 Seth Rollins (3) Roman Reigns 19/06/2016 Dean Ambrose (3) Seth Rollins 19/06/2016 AJ Styles Dean Ambrose 11/09/2016 John Cena (17) AJ Styles 4/10/2016 AJ Styles (2) John Cena 8/10/2016 Won in a triple threat James Ellsworth AJ Styles 11/10/2016 Johnny Maverick James Ellsworth 22/10/2016 Boyce LeGrand Johnny Maverick 14/01/2017 Won in a battle royale Synn Boyce LeGrand 21/01/2017 Won in a battle royale El Guerrero Synn 27/01/2017 Won in a battle royale Kimo El Guerrero 27/01/2017 Eli Drake Kimo 23/03/2018 Austin Aries Eli Drake 24/03/2018 Pentagon Dark Austin Aries 6/04/2018 Won in a triple threat Nick Gage Pentagon Dark 6/04/2018 Keith Lee Nick Gage 7/04/2018 Matt Riddle Keith Lee 7/04/2018 Shane Strickland Matt Riddle 12/04/2018 Austin Aries (2) Shane Strickland 13/04/2018 Pentagon (2) Austin Aries 22/04/2018 Won in a triple threat Austin Aries (3) Pentagon 24/04/2018 Rampage Austin Aries 28/04/2018 Mark Coffey Rampage 29/04/2018 Won in a gauntlet match Martin Kirby Mark Coffey 23/06/2018 Won in a four way Bad Bones Martin Kirby 4/07/2018 BT Gunn Bad Bones 6/07/2018 Chris Colen BT Gunn 14/07/2018 Michael Jaritz Chris Colen 25/08/2018 Chris Raaber Michael Jaritz 2/11/2018 Won in a battle royale John Klinger (2) Chris Raaber 2/02/2019 Justin Sysum John Klinger 9/02/2019 Rampage (2) Justin Sysum 23/03/2019 Mark Haskins Rampage 18/04/2019 Terry Thatcher Mark Haskins 21/04/2019 Mark Haskins (2) Terry Thatcher 21/04/2019 Matt Taven Mark Haskins 11/05/2019 Bandido Matt Taven 15/06/2019
  2. Not sure I'm that keen on a 6-a-side Blood & Guts. I feel like 4 on 4 works best, 5 on 5 is workable, but by about the 3rd/4th entrants the heat is out of it and there's a suspension of disbelief that the heels with a man advantage are yet to murder someone. Would adding a powerplay work, where you're able to send the tag team in as a unit? I think it freshens it up a bit, doesn't slow things down, and gives you new talking points around the strategy on how to capitalize on it and/or counter the team with the advantage. In this instance, there's so many "just another guy" in it. It would help speed things along. I'd like to see it where there's a Wardlow-like guy in it, and the face team use their powerplay, only to see them both just get wiped out in seconds by the monster heel instead.
  3. I reluctantly cashed in my expiring FITE credits on this one. Didn't have much interest whatsoever. The TV leading up was uncharacteristically ordinary, I'm a bit tin-foil hat about the nature of so many top guys having undefined major injuries that lead to them missing an interpromotional PPV too, so I figured we'd get shitty finishes everywhere to cater to the necessary politics involved. So glad to be wrong on all counts. That was great fun. Bring on the summer of Eddie Kingston.
  4. Mandatory 90 day title defence! Moxley has the paperwork still.
  5. https://www.fite.tv/watch/ihw-unstoppable-s06-e16/2p89s/ Julien Young beat him on 23/10/20. Possibly pre-taped earlier. Or if you exclude that - previous holder JP Simms from Oct 21, loses to Robbie McAllister on 27/11/2021 who lost to Lincoln Steen on 16/4/22
  6. Except it's the spirit of Lou Thesz occupying the vessel of Bray Wyatt
  7. How'd we never get a Salman Rushdie inspired angle in SMW or ECW? I vaguely remember a Rodney King inspired promo or two from New Jack, but hey..modernish take on the Race bounty angle with killer heels coming into the territory to make good on the fatwa issued against the guy talking serious shit in his promos against Islam.
  8. If it's not Cesaro, I'd be up for it being Doug Williams.
  9. That ending with Mox and Tanahashi staring at each other making Triple H faces at each other while an actual all-in fight is going on around them, is such a prime example of not booking angles to ensure characters are consistent in their actions. Nothing Mox has done has shown that he would prefer to do stupid goofy sports-entertainment shit like that, rather than get involved with the fight going on around him.
  10. I remember him doing a house show in Australia against Santino and trying to start a USA chant and getting massively booed. On the other hand, when he was here for WCW at a Thunder taping, he was probably the most over guy on the show despite being a heel with Team Canada at the time.
  11. Yeah he mentions it a LOT, and always in a super eye-rolly way that how dare the guy who ended up being the biggest star of the industry be upset to have put him over in 30 seconds on such a big show.
  12. Think I've mentioned it before, but we really do underrate Jim Duggan as far as most selfish guys in the business go. Seemingly just went out of his way to make people look bad. Austin at Starrcade and Berlyn at Halloween Havoc 99 the biggest examples. There's a lumberjack match with Shawn on Raw in 93 where he just doesn't sell for him. I'm watching an early episode of Thunder where he barely sells for MENG of all people. Tongan Death Grip is treated as a death finisher at this time, and yet it barely keeps him down for a three count. Can't think of a single match he had where he made anyone look good?
  13. Growing up, my Dad hated me watching American shows - straight up ban on WWF and Ninja Turtles. Only when I got older did he begrudgingly allow it because otherwise I just flat out wouldn't come over. My grandparents were staying with us for a period in early 2002, and my grandfather would sit with me at times and watch Raw. Immediately a huge Lesnar/Angle mark, and it blew my mind a little that he'd never heard of World of Sport, Big Daddy etc despite how massive they supposedly were in the UK in the 60s and 70s. And so whenever my Dad would pull his "stupid fake American bullshit" spiel, my grandfather would tell him to piss off and shut up, and he'd eventually either do one or the other, and usually begrudgingly sat there with us and watched it. I think he got on board with it by the end of it. He'd occasionally ask me what ever happened to Brock Psychopath years later.
  14. The second intermission was added because the cage still wasn't ready. When Lachy did his dive out of the cage, everyone stuck around practically holding the thing together just to the left of gorilla/announcers. Spoke to a friend who said the injury/stretcher angle though was a work though, so I was definitely wrong on that one.
  15. Went to my first local show in like 5 years last night. Double ring, cage, War Games seemed enough for me to do the 2hr round trip. They did an angle where the 2nd entrant for the babyface team no showed, which logically made no sense, rather than just the other 3 people on his team going in ahead of him, so rather than the logical 3 on 1 and 4 on 2 beat downs that happen. The main babyface just no sells everything and keeps running through spots. Then the guy who originally didn't come out at #2, turns up for the other team, leading to the face team having a surprise 5th guy to replace the heel turn, some guy who came into the ring with 4 ring crew guys entering the cage to hold the extension cable for the weed whacker he ended up using on his own guy. Then the main babyface injured the female entrant on the heel team by putting her through 2 tables, and even though she'd clearly busted her shoulder, they were telling her to get up and do her top of cage dive on to everyone, and hurt herself more, so while they're putting a neck brace on her in the ring, they're still doing dangerous death match spots around her, rather than selling the exhaustion of the match, or boot choking in the corner. Then half the locker room randomly emptied into one spot outside the cage to catch a guy who fell off, like 3 mins before the spot happens. It's that big a cluster fuck that the 5'6 owner of the promotion coming in second last for the face team and cleaning house against the entire heel side all with weapons doesn't even register. And of course the cage fell apart. That was enough for me, I headed for the carpark before the finish.
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