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  1. Found it interesting I wasn't the only one who'd never seen a Davey Richards match. There's been dozens of people this board have inspired me to check out more of their work. I think Richards is the only one I've avoided purely because of the reputation he gets from here.
  2. Credit to the commentary team and how the TNT title match was laid out. They took a guy who had barely been seen on Dynamite, a whiff of jobber stink with the guys he's in a faction with, and not only made him a believable threat to Darby's well-being and the title, they showcased his strengths, and they made me want to see him hurt more people in that same fashion.
  3. Only part of the show my three year old paid attention to and was very incredulous about it. "THAT WAS SILLY. HE LEFT HIS CAR DOOR OPEN. A BIRD WILL GET IN"
  4. I hope Jericho's ten cent body million dollar brain flub leads to Wardlow, genius with self-image issues.
  5. He died surrounded by family....and Prince Harry. Proving once and for all that the vaccine offers no hope. Somewhere in Paris, a tunnel feels neglected.
  6. I'm surprised everyone enjoyed the Bunny/Conti match. Thought it was terrible and was actively counter productive to what was trying to be achieved. If you're wanting to elevate Conti to the next big challenger to Shida, having Bunny no sell all of her stuff, and only barely go over a non-wrestler because Shida helped her was not it. I did wonder if Bunny got knocked out on that judo throw early on, as things fell apart from there a little.
  7. In theory, in a season where there's plenty of speculative QB going around - we've probably taken the cheapest option with the biggest upside, while allowing us to take the 4th best non-QB in the draft. In practice, XFL MVP Teddy Bridgewater is going to make us look stupid.
  8. Luger should have turned heel on the Undertaker at Rumble 94 instead of like half the roster murdering him. Luger/Taker at Mania X.
  9. Imagine Taker does go to WCW. Poor Glenn Jacobs. Surely the Kane gimmick dies pretty quickly afterwards.
  10. Definitely endorse this. Would love to see them replace the dinosaur skull in his office for a cheap "Live Laugh Love" vinyl decal.
  11. Miz's Hate Me Now was the highlight of an awful Mania
  12. For that belt I'd go: 1) Rock/Austin WM X7 2) Rumble 92 3) Punk/Cena 4) Triple H/Rock Ironman 5) Flair/Savage
  13. Topic change: What are the best matches featuring a title change for a specific title? Intercontinental title will have some really good options: Steamboat/Savage, Bret/Perfect, Bret/Bulldog, Shawn/Marty, Jarrett/Shawn, Rock/HHH, Benoit/Jericho, RVD/Eddy.. Bret/Perfect gets it for me. Far too sentimental to overlook it ahead of perhaps better, more technically sound matches.
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