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  1. S4 of WWE A&E Biographies... Scott Hall ep was a total cryfest. Sad. Orton's was interesting, it was new information and helped me see him in a new light DDP's was nice, a bit of a rehash of what was already WWE compilation fodder, but the 80s nightclub stuff was cool Slaughter's was........ehh. Just seemed somewhat unrepentant for his marriage breakdown and how little he saw his kids, and it was weirdly portrayed in an ep that didn't really have a selling point, other than just the usual WWE talking heads all unanimously agreeing that he was totally doing an interview as Sgt Slaughter and absolutely not stealing valor.
  2. I made an off hand comment essentially that it was poor form of Foley to tell second hand tales of a guy he said he was grateful for his help, that neither told us anything we didn't already know, and seemed cheap/tacky. You've written about 20 unhinged responses that have tried to unpack that as me: - defending my favourite wrestler - saying they were lying about it - THIS IS FUCKING DARK SIDE OF THE FUCKING RING - that its the wrestling business who cares - that he chose to do drugs so who cares - Jim Cornette did it so its ok This is weirdly unhinged and absurd. You're not discussing. It's this dumb idea of who can write the most wins. Davey Richards approach to discussion. You have no interest in anything I've said. You're just getting your shit it in. It's long, boring and self-indulgent, taking yourself and your arguments way too seriously.
  3. This isn't Night Court. It's not deflecting if you're going to go on absurd tangents. No-one is lying. Lived experiences are just that. Third hand gossip is not. Speaking of deflecting - why do you keep inferring he deserves it because of his drug use?
  4. Just a quick heads up - I just listened to the Pink Floyd album of a similar name to that, cover to cover, and I can tell you Mick Foley is not on there snitching on the moon AT ALL.
  5. "They can do that. There's no rule that says they can't" "Yes, I know, doesn't mean they should" *repeat ad nauseum*
  6. Mick Jagger's drug use was well documented. It doesn't mean he has less a right to privacy, or me any more right to know about the alleged Marianne Faithfull/Mars Bar story. I still don't understand the undertone of your "well he was a drug addict, he deserved it" narrative either. I agree with Foley (and the other talking heads) perspective that Gordy was a shell of who he was in-ring after he was in a coma. That much is abundantly clear to anyone. Please don't conflate that with anything else. We'll just agree to disagree on conflating that a need for further context on a person's life, should also mean it's a free for all with stories from people who claimed to be his friends. I don't think you can compare the stories Slick Johnson told that a) he was there for and experienced, b) were about someone still alive to respond and c) were somewhat in jest or "too crazy to be true" rather than just kicking dirt on the grave.
  7. It's like I'm talking to a real-life Shane Douglas promo circa 1995. "THIS IS EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING DARK FUCKING SIDE OF THE MOTHERFUCKING RING." Are you suggesting that because he had an addiction, he is somehow less entitled to his peers gossiping about him after death? Personally, I like the show, because, yes, it deals with those who struggled with addiction, and provides insight and context into their background, growing up, etc that may have played a part in their struggles later in life. Mick Foley saying he heard from a girl who was going steady with him that he passed out at 31 Flavours last night not so much.
  8. You just said it was Ray Gordy who told the story. I've just pointed you to the point in the episode where it is Foley. Your entire back and forth is "YEAH BUT JIM CORNETTE SAID HE WAS A DRUG ADDICT TOO", and to assume that this is somehow me defending Terry Gordy as a favourite wrestler of mine, or that I'm somehow offended/under the misassumption that Dark Side Of The Ring was something else. Acknowledging his problems is not one in the same as telling a highly specific third hand story about the extent of his problems. Just best left unsaid? And yeah, I think that's talking shit. Unless I'm grossly underestimating the mass appeal of wanting your coworkers to tell stories about you trying to score drugs off strangers on a plane after you die. The irony of you missing the appeal of "he was right but maybe he should have shut the fuck up here?" is not lost.
  9. Nah, you made the claim. You go see where you're wrong. I have no interest in writing or responding to your never-ending essays of baseless assumption of what I've said with anything other than the bare minimum effort on your sealioning. I'm sure there's plenty of people also wrong on the internet you can spend your time on.
  10. BOLD WRITING We needed more of the graphic details from the Benoit autopsies. And why wasn't the Von Erichs episode just the Sleaze Thread in documentary form? And why didn't they just make up stories about John Tenta, Well Liked Family Man? It's got a foreboding title damnit. Terry Gordy is now my favourite wrestler apparently.
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