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  1. Actually this weeks episode has 4 Minutes of Heat. They wouldn't be out of place on an episode of WCW Saturday night. The "make your opponents do a Canadian Destroyer to each other was the most indy shit ever. Watts always seems like he should be a more interesting wrestler than he is. I looked it up and he was on Tough Enough in 2011 and wasn't signed after the show. If WWE won't sign a big guy like that, then what the hell? The trio of Brown, Quest and Rosas is so scummy, I love it. Looking at CWFH's twitter they had enough in the can to get through the second week of April so there's that.
  2. My cousin and I still use "That's it. He's dead." when talking to each other so that's the vote for me.
  3. Wasn't Austin taking Somas too? I remember listening to one of his shows and he mentioned that he was taking a bunch of energy drinks, coffee and then somas to go to sleep at night. This isn't even counting the drinking either. He occasionally mentions doing coke cryptically on his show. Not that I need/deserve him to confess everything in public or anything, but him referring to that period as "running real fast/hard" just seems like a gloss over.
  4. It's Buddy Royal not Wolf. Howdy Price wiping Levi down constantly was hilarious and creepy. What an indy garbage ending in the main event! I love it! I need someone in WWE to use that (not in an important title match or anything). I usually get two broadcasts of this show, one on Saturday at 11PM CST and one at 2 in the morning in on Mondays. The Saturday broadcast was a repeat of last week so I was worried they ran out of taped episodes. But the 2AM airing was this one.
  5. I mean he's billed at 5'4" so if they're embellishing that, yikes! But Jordynne Grace is billed at 5'3" for reference so it's probably a legit height.
  6. Ah. Then her rock yard and hanging out with Kikutaro make way more sense. I'd love to know how many WWE folks just leave Orlando when they're no longer in NXT.
  7. Not knowing the timing of this, but looking at the description, does that mean she doesn't live in Orlando anymore? Not that DVDVR would have the details on Auska's personal life.
  8. This was a fun episode. Not sure if my favorite part was Jake's promo or Jericho just riffing at the end due to probably some timing being off.
  9. Really? I had a slight feeling that might have been her but I wasn't really sure. Thanks! Between that and seeing Dario on Curb this season it's good to know some of the characters are still doing stuff.
  10. Wish they had taped more episodes of Real Housewives of Slamtown to show when they run out of taped shows. Who is Holly? Is that another wrestler or is she just someone they know? Tag opener was dope. Fallah has been solid ever since Jarret brought him over from GFW.
  11. Finished the SUDA51 story. As someone that never played the story in FP Special, it was kinda out there as a story (shots fired at Bushiroad?), also love that the last match with Notorious doesn't even matter. Based on how Suda was talking in the interview included in the game I wish the story had more to it though. I mean, picking fights across the globe isn't really good training for wrestling. And why can't the other characters from the story get included in the game? I'd fuck people up with Grateful Saeba.
  12. Which promotion is more likely to run back the Team Challenge Series: WWE Main Roster, NXT, or AEW?
  13. Loved Anthony Idol going with the old school hyped up promo. I just assumed that Wolf Zaddies are too short to get signed to WWE(although Tito is listed at 6'1 and Che at 6'). And Yuma got rid of the mullet, you knew he had to be leaving.
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