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  1. Watched that WM at a pool hall with my cousin. Between the match and the giant frozen margaritas they were serving, he was asleep 5 minutes into that match. I had to nudge him when the match was over so we could leave. As far as gimmicks of their times, what about the Hardys and Lita?
  2. Ugh. I remember this one because it was the spring semester of my freshman year in college. Me and some other guys on my floor were wrestling fans so we scrapped together some money to order the PPV online for $20. One guy can hook up his computer to his TV so we watch it in his room, another guy has some extra money on his meal card so he picks up a pizza from the pizza parlor on campus. I actually had money in my bank account so we use my debit card to order it. It's me, another black guy, a Puerto Rican guy and his white roommate. Damn Rainbow Collation in Platteville, Wisconsin. We get to this match, and we're all cheering for Booker because we were WCW fans. Booker hits the Hangover and we're screaming! After the kickout, we're on edge. HHH hits the Pedigree, but I say out loud, "Nah he's taking too long he's gonna kickout" Nope. We're all silent after until the white guy says "that was bullshit!" And it still is.
  3. My episode cut off too since the Ringo Star thing went late I guess so I didn't get to see the finish. Dug the Swinger stuff and Madison segment was great. Looking forward to Slamiversary.
  4. Other people in the thread have commented on it, but Shida's gear was Tifa Lockhart but she kept it with her primary red color scheme. She's had that since Double or Nothing so I'd assume she'd be in for a switch soon. They would be in NXT feuding with UE or Oney and Burch. I can't see them working in Japan, you'd really notice how small they really are unless they worked the Jr. Division.
  5. My main Chono memories are his squash matches on WCW C shows. I always thought who is this cool dude just kicking people in the face? Then I started watching more NJPW and got more into him. I need to go back and watch his older stuff one of these days.
  6. I remember her talking about how she didn't like to cook when she did that podcast with her friend that's a comedian. Must have been a good deal.
  7. Josh and Madison shooting a home video to piece together the booking mess was a funny way to open the show. Swinger is killing it as always. Did Josh Alexander have a busted nose in the backstage segment with Scott D'Amore? Loved Trey just saying fuck it at the end and getting his licks in. If a guy jumped you twice, all bets are off to me.
  8. If I can wildly speculate, I'd imagine Impact management would have tried to resign Tessa around the time of Rebellion and if they couldn't reach an agreement, maybe have her drop the belt then? But we got COVID instead and everything got put on hold. Then you get to Tessa's contract getting close to expiring, so she didn't bother to do the video promos and wasn't coming to the country to risk exposure to drop the belt and you get where we are now. I'd assume that they put the belt on Eddie and run an Ace Austin feud again but without Alisha getting hit on. Or pull the OG TNA move and have someone from WWE debut and win the belt.
  9. I actually really liked this episode. For all the talk of people not getting pushed with Pritchard taking over, besides the Main Event crew of Cedric, Ricochet and Bianca, who on Raw would get pushed at the expense of younger guys? Orton is occupied, we don't take Big Show serious at this point, I can't think of someone that would be depushed at this point. Would KO or Rey slide into the main event? I don't think they'll throw Seth back into it at this point. Also those chiropractor vids are nuts. I watched the Lashley one like a month ago. Also, I like that Miro still refers to Lashley as Bob.
  10. Besides who was already mentioned, only other names I can think of off the top of my head is Taynara Conti from NXT, maybe bring Priscilla Kelly in on a more permanent basis, and look into how long Deonna's contract with Impact really is.
  11. Worldwide came on at noon on Saturdays for the longest here. I have memories of watching cartoons all morning, then Worldwide then playing video games after since it was the video car lot show came on at 1. Then by the end it got moved to midnight or 1AM and I stopped watching.
  12. Unless Impact is planning on making a game soon, that doesn't make any sense. @odessasteps for the last WWE2K promotion cycle, WWE and or 2K Games did reach out to online folks to help promote the game. Didn't help them since the game was complete shit though.
  13. Is Bayley's cut getting more aggressive? She for sure wants to speak to the manager now. Dope jacket though. Bryan vs. AJ was pretty dope. Does anyone know who the black lady with the blonde braids is? She was on the right side of the screen in the aisle. She's too tall to be Kayden Carter.
  14. Best part is that Impact showed the finish in their throw back segment last week. Why can't we get shit talking Lashley in WWE? I mean I know why, but it would be nice. Hell Shera left Impact and was at the Performance Center for a little bit before getting released. Crazzy Steve left, was rumored to have signed with WWE but then didn't or the offer got pulled. I don't know what Godderz is doing, but I'd be down for a BroManz vs. Brezango feud on NXT.
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