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  1. Ramo2653

    My NXT project

    I always figured that Dawkins must be a great person to have hung around for so long without breaking out until the last year or so.
  2. That Sami match was insane especially since Sami had been back wrestling for like a little over a month at that point. Ciampa wrestled Dream last night in a pretty good match and got to give the we are NXT speech at the end of the night.
  3. Is Tynara taller than Mendoza?
  4. Ramo2653


    Just made two more obscure-ish WCW guys: Sgt. Craig "Pitbull" Pittman: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/32684 Ice Train: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/32685 Any comments are appreciated although I think I have the logic part down pretty good down. I made a Flair edit a few weeks ago and he wrestles pretty close to his mid 90's version which is the one I remember the most.
  5. Ramo2653


    Ugh. I've played one game of NBA2K since I bought it the first week of the NBA season since it was half off. I was looking at getting this since I figure I can always come back to Fire Pro.
  6. I think the only time we got extended angles for Women without a title being involved was Nikki's initial SD run after the first brand split. But those angles were all focused around people being mad at Nikki which is I guess a good example of having a developed character?
  7. Ramo2653

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/15/18

    Impact had an angle with Mike Bennett trying to get the X-Division title to get a world title shot but he was foiled by Eddie Edwards who then lost to Lashley in a title for title match 2 years ago I think. I didn't catch last week's episode, but they made Sam's Town look way better than ROH ever did. The Cage/Callihan match had weird ending sequence.
  8. Ramo2653


    I usually don't watch this since there's so much other wrestling (I watch Raw/SD/NXT/NJPW on AXS/ROH) but I did catch this week's episode and that Alexander/Rush match was awesome.
  9. I really dug the Mia/Bianca match and the Undisputed Era antics. I'm excited for Black/Gargano assuming that it'll be a brawl.
  10. Ramo2653


    He looks like Birdie from Street Fighter.
  11. Ramo2653

    My NXT project

    Judas Devlin is Vibora from Lucha Underground/Luchasaurus on the indies.
  12. Ramo2653

    The UpUpDownDown thread

    I've seen Nia live from the front row at a NXT show and I'd say the 5'10" is closer to the truth.
  13. Ramo2653

    Smackdown Spoilers for 11/6/18

    Yeah, and they didn't mention her being on SD so I'd say it might be a one off. But Ruby hung around on NXT for a little while after being called up so it could be both. I don't read spoilers so I don't know what happens next week, then they have the San Jose taping so who knows.
  14. Ramo2653

    My NXT project

    I thought Grey had a really bad injury and had to retire?
  15. NXT has so many people. Like I want to see more of Mendoza, Carillo and Menzies but they probably won't show up on TV again for 2 months.