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  1. Dug Rocky/Lio and the Young Lions match. DKC got way more than I thought against Lawlor.
  2. O-Kahn doing the Mary J. Blige dance when he walks to the ring is hilarious. But I'm digging him. Not sure I'll ever get on the Wato train. The matches for the 3/7 show didn't catch my eye so I didn't watch. Looking forward to the rest of the tourney.
  3. My only very, very, very, minor complaint about masks is that my glasses fog so I've started wearing contacts more often which leads to me touching my eyes more. But, aside from getting COVID after spending Christmas with my mom (which sucked and I'm even more fanatical with taking steps to limit exposure now), I haven't gotten sick this entire time which is amazing. I'm usually good for a few colds during the winter.
  4. I have a bunch of random systems sitting in my mom's basement (Sega Master System, Genesis, slim PS2, Dreamcast, Wii) not sure on the functional status of some of them. I've rented movies from the PSN store when they had sales. I remember renting Sicario for like $.50 or something silly like that.
  5. I still have PS3 games that I never played or finished because there were so many of them. Like just randomly going into a GameStop and checking out the used section and taking flyers on random games because they were super cheap was amazing. I'm having a friend resolder some connections on my fat PS3 so I can put it in the living room with my PS5 and I'll be able to play every PlayStation game. I have a slim PS3 that I just set up in my mom's basement in case I'm over there for a long period of time and bored.
  6. So I signed up for NJPW World to see Moxley/KENTA and I am happy with my purchase even with their clunky UI and lack of app options. Even though they're on the Roku Channel, they don't have a separate app on Roku (my TV is TCL with built-in Roku) and while the lack of a Playstation app doesn't shock me, it would be nice. I'm using a HDMI cord and streaming via my laptop. I'm aware that this is what everyone says when they sign up. How long before we talk about the match or should that go into the Strong thread?
  7. Someone else who loved the random WCW matchups! It annoys me that WWE doesn't do this instead of using the same group of people week in and week out. Throwing a rando like Dolph's brother or Cromoto is great.
  8. Anyone else excited for the Star Wars Republic Commando re-release for PS4 and Switch? Just me? I used to love playing that on the OG Xbox.
  9. Late on the thoughts but I thought this week's episode was pretty good.
  10. The fact that NXT creative was like "How do we revive Austin after being in the Speaking Out movement? Let's make his character a complete idiot!" and it's somehow working is something.
  11. So my thoughts on the WWE twitter stuff is their attempt to button up any loose ends so they can present a nice tidy package if they want to sell the company in the future. "Look at this, our talent have no benefits and they can't make anything out of what we give them, your costs are very controlled, buy now!"
  12. Has anyone attempted to pre-order RetroMania yet? I don't see it in the PSN store.
  13. Really dug this week compared to the last few. Opener was fun and the Kimber/ODB match was good. Kinda wish the other women's match got more but they were working toward the title match. Casino scene was great and Bahh is plotting on Hernandez money again. Black Taurus is a left field get, wonder how that came about. I know they have the arrangement with AAA but still. I'm actually used to the canned heat they use now for some reason. I liked the closing segment for the show too.
  14. When cross play is fully functional, anyone want to pick up my garbage ass for a team? I have jokes and I listen well.
  15. I'm personally on the fence about these since I don't mind showing your opponent up if it happens in the context of the match. At least the Nakamura one was from a house show and those always have silly stuff in them (which is partly why there fun to attend).
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