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  1. Ramo2653

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    When Kofi pinned Orton, I figured Bryan was winning, but that extended finishing stretch drew me back in and bummed me out. Stuff like this is why I watch wrestling. There's no clear guy for Bryan going forward so that'll be interesting over the next month-plus. Count me in with the group that thinks that Ruby deserved more, it seems silly to put a 2 minute match on a PPV when you could have just had a contract signing or just an interview segment with both to get to the same place. I feel like were getting a multi-man IC match with Finn, Lashley, Drew, Braun, Corbin and Lio at Mania.
  2. Ramo2653


    Ooh, I'd also like to nominate downtown Waukesha for terrible one way streets in Wisconsin.
  3. Ramo2653


    So yeah a lot has changed. I really like it and the graphics are insane. The deluxe edition was the right pick since it includes the DLC which alone costs the same price.
  4. Ramo2653


    I just purchased the deluxe edition today since it was $30 on PSN. Last one I played was 2k15 on PS3. I assume a lot has changed? Or not really?
  5. @RIPPA Mauro and Nigel also mention it on commentary once in a while but don't really harp on it so it's easy to miss.
  6. Ramo2653

    This Weather Sucks

    They still haven't plowed the side street I live on. Driving to work this morning and getting back home was an adventure.
  7. Well I saw a DGUSA show at the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee in 2010 that had one of Bryan Danielson's last (or last) match before he went back to WWE after getting fired. The ring they were supposed to get didn't work so they had to order a ring from Chicago which delayed the show. I did get the see CIMA ordering around young wrestlers like a boss though. The main event of the match was Bryan vs. Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose and I remember Bryan diving onto Moxley with so hard it made the theater seats rise from the ground even thought they're all supposed to be bolted. Other one was a random indy show at the old Horny Goat volleyball tent. This was a really crappy brew pub that had a nice patio space and a makeshift sand volleyball tent, it was basically a big fair tent that had 3 giant heaters that kind of kept it warm in the winter but did nothing for condensation so during the show in January there would be water dripping and shards of ice falling on you. At least they put boards down instead of having the seats and ring in the sand.
  8. Ramo2653

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    Wow, what a thread! Count me in with the group that thinks The Revival is just OK. When I saw them in NXT a few years ago, I was in the aisle and I'd probably say they're 5'7 to 5'8 so even though they're thicker guys I don't really buy then against a lot of main roster teams based on their style. I'm fully aware that in real fights a smaller guy can take out a larger guy. It took them almost a year but they got Lashley going. Even with no build, I'm excited for Ruby/Ronda. Is Nia hurting Becky one of the great "What Ifs" in the last 10 years of wrestling? Because she wasn't going to beat Ronda so it would have been a few weeks of Twitter jabs, a nice match, and then probably the Asuka feud for her til Maina right? Then Charlotte would win the Rumble and face Ronda. I don't mind the triple threat but whatever happens they had to do something because there's almost 2 full months with Fastlane between now and Mania it couldn't just be 2 months of them going back and forth on TV and Twitter saying "I'm the best"
  9. Ramo2653

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/8/19

    Agree with everyone regarding the episode, I thought the undercard was pretty good if not a tad on the boring side, similar to most of the ROH weekly episodes. I perked right up once the main event started and basically didn't stop until the end. I can go for a match that says to hell with selling once in a while (between Halftime Heat and this I'm probably at my limit for a while) but that match was dope. I'll have to rewatch in the morning with some coffee.
  10. Since there's two months and two more tapings until the next Takeover, I'm interesting in seeing what they do with Bianca and Io in regards to who gets Shayna. Also hats off to Io really over selling the win which made Bianca's salty look even better.
  11. Ramo2653

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    It wasn't a title match, but Joe and Sami had Corbin in a sharpshooter/crossface combo submission in a #1 contenders match in NXT.
  12. Ramo2653


    That was Uso's vs Cesaro/Kidd right? I think Jey got shoulder surgery right after that which led to Jimmy being the color guy on SD which was interesting.
  13. Ramo2653

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    I feel like he hasn't been the same since the double injuries from the base jumping mishaps. But that's not really shocking.
  14. Ramo2653


    I'll have to mark this down next time I get one of those Network surveys, but it would be nice to get the ability to make playlists that auto played similar to YouTube.
  15. Not to get all Hogan with the don't work yourself into a shoot, but I'm really skeptical that it wasn't a planned now. I highly doubt that they would have a follow up on it on NXT and have Sam double down without it being planned. Also if it wasn't, that would be the equivalent to openly questioning your managers choices in public, which is a great way to get fired.