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  1. I watched part of the Isom/Crowbar match after watching the Bucks game on the regional Fox Sports channel so I wasn't sure if this was a new episode or not. Crowbar looked so much bigger than Isom, but I shouldn't be suprised at old guys being way bigger than newer workers nowadays.
  2. Fonzie, if you're really looking for a WWE game with official scans, music etc, then 2K19 is pretty good. I got it last February when it was on sale and I like it aside from the submission system. It's not better than FirePro though.
  3. A couple things from this episode: I'm pretty sure Diamante got hurt after this set of tapings so she disappeared from LAX, by the time she recovered, she made another appearance in some clubhouse segments, then got hurt again and that was it for her in Impact. Moose was the face in the feud with Lashley since the ATT guys didn't "respect" pro wrestling. This was a pretty extended feud since James Storm got involved on his way out of the promotion and eventually Lashley turned back face.
  4. Isn't Shelly still signed with ROH? Or was that just a short term deal?
  5. I only watched via AXS because I have it on my cable system (I've oddly had this channel longer than some of the other smaller channels that have had wrestling, like POP, Destination America, El Rey etc). I really liked the early episodes with the interviews before and after the matches to provide context for the matches. Also Mauro and Barnett always seemed hyped as hell for those matches for some reason despite there being a big delay. Nothing will ever beat Mauro's call of Fale's Grenade finisher for me. I probably won't get World because I already have too many subscription services as is. It was fun while it lasted.
  6. Kinda shocked they didn't have a Stardom Fighting Road scenario. I'd have to assume the new character DLC will be more NJPW guys (yay Chase Owens) and not a new promotion. If we get a parts and move editor, then this is a truly evergreen game.
  7. Just bought the Entrance Craft DLC since I a couple edits I downloaded didn't work (they used some of the entrance parts for attire). So I'll start playing with this this week. I also finished up the Jr. Fighting Road mode. I ended up joining L.I.J. due to my characters use of rough moves. I did like this mode though because I got to work a different style than I normally do, kinda wish I had imported my edit to the main game before I saved before the last match (I fought Omega in the HW champ v. Jr. champ bout). That last match with Kenny is a doozy though, due to his OP stats, I usually use a lot of Ukemi in the beginning of the match so I can make a comeback to win but after Kenny kicked out of 3(!) of my finishers he just ramped everything up hitting a ton of V triggers and poison ranas and snap dragons. I ended up having to finish him off with a quick spin kick and hitting a top rope moonsault to win.
  8. Redbox is getting out of the game rental business so you can get the option to buy games at their kiosks. I picked up the Fallen Order game for $25.00 at the one by me.
  9. Mauro did use one of convoluted similes on Wednesday to mention that Io is engaged to EVIL, right? I don't think I misheard that one.
  10. I was thinking that her video game vids were way better than her cooking ones outside of the stuff with Kikutaro so I'm glad to see another one. I also wonder who the camera person is for these vids? Is it another wrestler? A SO of some sort?
  11. So Shida is basically off until 2020 since there's no Christmas day show (not that there should be)? Bummer.
  12. The NBA broadcasts on TNT this season have had some similar audio issues so I wonder if it's just a TNT thing right now.
  13. Is that a typical way to make sushi at home? It just seems so haphazard.
  14. I pretty much agree with everyone's recommendations for PS4 edits. The only addition I have is aspiration10 for Joshi edits and to pimp my own few WCW C level guys that I made (Ramo2653).
  15. That was a little over 2 and a half years ago! That was a pretty good run for them storyline wise, you had the really fun Lashley title run, the Broken Hardys stuff, and Rosemary and Jade/Mia Yim going at it. Now you have Allie and Sutter in AEW, Sienna and Sandow in NWA and the other 4 in WWE.
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