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  1. Which DLC has the extra moves? Is the Juniors storyline one? I keep having edits that I can't use.
  2. Picked up Horizon Zero Dawn for $10 and bought the Contra Anniversary Collection yesterday too. I still have a goal to get the Ebony Warrior fight in Skyrim before I play anything else though. My character is currently at level 74 so I'm almost there.
  3. Is it bad that I wanted to see a Gambler control segment here at least?
  4. I watched this week's episode, it was ok. But the interview segment with Haskins and Williams, had Williams looking giant in the frame. Internet says 6'2, but he was almost out of the frame
  5. I kind of forgot this was on so I just finished it up. Opening match was fine. I really dug Dream/Breeze and I agree that Tyler should have been more angry about the finish. Ladder match was fun but looked dangerous as hell and Fish coming out later with the brace isn't a good sign. Montez died for our sins with that dive on Ryker. Io always said that while she wanted to be the champ, this was personal for her since the attack on Kairi so the attack after the match makes sense to me. Did Io do hardcore matches in Japan? Guess I need to give Cole and Gargano 10 in all defense categories in Fire Pro now.
  6. Ordered Kingdom Hearts III Thursday since it was $30. I've only played the first 2 so I know I'll be a bit lost on the story. How is the gameplay?
  7. I've been playing since I downloaded a ROM of Fire Pro X Premium back in 2000. And I played a ton of Fire Pro D in High School and College using my dial up connection to download rosters and the DLC moves. So I recommend buying World any day.
  8. There were a few obvious cuts in this episode, the Candace/Reina finish was the most obvious. I still dug the episode. The Dream/Breeze segment was great.
  9. I tried to watch this but I got a blank screen showing that Pursuit is no longer available on UVerse. I don't see anything indicating that it's been removed except one post on the AT&T support boards so who knows what happened.
  10. Jesus what a terrible outfit Tana wore on this week's episode. I dug the Taichi/Cobb match, that's probably the best Taichi's looked in the ring in matches I've seen of him and I already loved his stalling and other character stuff. The other matches were fine. I'm just not that into big match Okada. I can see that's it's a good match but I'm not really invested in him.
  11. Rhett Titus' new gimmick of being super lean was creepy when he would pop up on commentary once in a while, but doing the whole show and catching those shots of announce desk in the corner here and there were too much tonight.
  12. I'm assuming any edits I have that I can't select anymore have DLC moves that I don't have?
  13. I know I've mentioned this in a thread a few years ago, but whoever was in charge of hiring backstage interview/ring announcers had a type and went on a streak. Between Charley, Andrea Ocampo, Dasha and Kayla (and even Cathy Kelly if you want to stretch), they were all dark haired, kinda racially ambiguous women. With Dasha gone, I wonder who they'll pick up next. FYI, looks like Devin is a CDB connoisseur and is hawking vegan smoothies on her Instagram nowadays.
  14. The culmination was her running off Alexa at NXT Brooklyn 1 right? Which was August of the next year. Wiki also says she faced Alexa a few weeks after and then was in a random Nia Jax squash in December of that year.
  15. Blue Pants! Odd to think that this really turned into a think for NXT for at least a year plus right? I wish the main roster did stuff like the mirror of corruption just simple plot devices that call back to previous events. But that's not how it works. I started watching right before Fatal 4 Way and I wasn't into Neville at all. Even though I dug his stuff as PAC in Dragon Gate. His character stuff after that point turned me though. He rounded into the Ace of NXT in my eyes.
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