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  1. Ramo2653

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 7/12/18 & 7/19/18

    Yeah, the package pile driver stomp kickout was silly especially after kicking out of the Pentagon driver earlier. Sami should have been dead. I guess they need to build up Sami as viable against the former world champ since he's basically hasn't won a feud in ring.
  2. Ramo2653


    I spent $90 plus shipping for a clean copy of Zone of the Enders 2 on PS2 since they didn't make that many copies during the initial run.
  3. Ramo2653


    I was at an NXT show that had Finn/Corbin/Crews as the main event and I had front row seats. Finn threw Corbin into the rail right at me Corbin didn't hit the rail too hard but then I saw Finn running for his dropkick spot and I got right out the way and grabbed some kid next to me. The rail still hit me but I could have been worse.
  4. Ramo2653

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 7/5/18

    This was a really good show the only down part was probably the clunky Rebel/Katarina match but everything else flowed, made sense and I'm intrigued for next week and the PPV. That Cage/Kong match was a perfect quick match. Part of me thinks they're just building towards getting Cage the X-Division title so he can use Option C (if that's still a thing). Impact gets into these grooves here and there and I (and others) hope they can keep it up but something usually happens. Here's hoping that's not the case this time.
  5. Ramo2653


    Did anyone have issues with the audio? The sound kept going out every other second so I coulnd't watch it. And El Rey doesn't do replays right?
  6. Ramo2653


    As someone that's done some game coding before on browser based games, there's always bugs. The biggest difference now is that you won't have games that are completely broken and can never be fixed since updates can be made. But you'll lose some of the more fun glitches that are around like the star trick in Mario 64 or some of the stuff in Metal Gear Solid. I remember the souls glitch in Demon's Souls that got patched pretty quick. As far as what generation of games is the best, it's probably more based on age. Destiny or some other current generation shooter is probably a better game than Contra on NES, but I'm in my mid-30s so I grew up playing Contra and I spend more time playing that on emulator and playing Destiny. I'd rather play Street Fighter Alpha 3 or Marvel vs. Capcom 2 than SF5 or MvC 4. And I'm eternally salty that my Dreamcast got caught in a basement flood a few years ago.
  7. Ramo2653

    Destiny 2

    I bought a copy of the game last month on a sale. How screwed am I if I try to play this game? And do I need to join up with other players?
  8. Ramo2653

    [NXT] June 6, 2018 TV Show

    @Craig H yeah Shayna's voice is closer to villain in kids cartoon than angry wrestling lady. Jinder has that problem at times too which takes away from his promos. I ended up watching this episode with my girlfriend while we were making dinner (she barely watched during the attitude era) and she instantly disliked Evans and loved The Dream.
  9. Ramo2653

    [NXT] May 9, 2018 TV Show

    The Shayna/Kai stuff was great, Ciampa/Ohno was great. I wasn't aware that Danny Burch was that short. He projects way bigger when he's in the ring.
  10. Ramo2653

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    I would assume that the Daivari's segment was for the live crowd since I would assume that the Saudi feed is probably the one that's used to broadcast to the region so you don't want that outside the country. I ended up burning a day off since I have the vacation time. I liked the show, maybe more than Wrestlemania because it wasn't as overblown.
  11. Ramo2653

    New Japan gets TV deal in US

    Watched the show this morning with my GF while making breakfast. She doesn't watch wrestling at all and loved Taichi right off the bat. She also liked Osprey so she's 1 for 2 today.
  12. Ramo2653

    WrestleMania XXXIV

    I'm making wings using the oven frying technique from Serious Eats. Takes time to prep but it works out pretty well since you can make a big batch of wings pretty quick instead of having to fry multiple batches.
  13. Ramo2653


    I kept dozing off watching the last two matches so I decided to re-watch this morning. Almas is great, I forget who earlier in the topic said they liked it Almas just goes into another gear at times to sting together moves, but I love it too. It makes sense that you'd find another burst of energy to try and finish a guy off. I'm curious to see what Black does next since no one is really built up enough at this point to face him. But the next Takeover is in June so there's plenty of time. I'd assume there's an Almas rematch thrown in there before then. Gargano/Champa was insane and I loved it. I don't have anymore complete thoughts right now. Loved the other matches and as someone that liked Shayna's character stuff in matches but thought her offense was a little meh in the MYC it's awesome to see her improve so quickly, I assume it was coaches at the PC just pointing out little things. She's been wrestling for like 3 years though right? I don't know if Ronda will get there so quickly. As an aside, I'm always caught off guard by how I don't recognize Liv Morgan when she's in regular clothes with glasses. If it weren't for Ruby and Sarah with her I don't know if I would have made the connection. She's like the wrestling Clark Kent.
  14. Ramo2653


    So everyone that wins in their title matches on Saturday, then has to work the next morning in New Orleans? It's like the WWE equivalent of a NBA coach scheduling an 8AM shootaround in LA.
  15. Ramo2653


    I'm pretty sure that's Tucker Knight in the background. But who's the blonde woman in the red jacket that crouching? Is that Dana Brooke? Or another developmental person that never got on TV?