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  1. To AEW's credit Hager did take a MMA fight so he wasn't going to get in the ring once that happened.
  2. So we're getting another Shida match with little to no build? I know Nyla made a challenge but I don't think anything has come of it yet, right?
  3. I did watch this weekend, but I don't remember too much of it. The stupid Niko angle, the tag title match was fun until the finish. Levi and Howdy had a good promo.
  4. I don't think Cartwright has hit that handspring elbow yet and it's always his downfall. Jesse James is the perfect Indie Hansen. That women's match was pretty good! Howdy shaking the ropes during the introductions a mugging was hilarious. Levi~!
  5. Does anyone know the reason why women wear stockings when they wrestle? Would it not look as good with bare legs? Protection? Sometimes it's jarring if the stockings are that much different color-wise from their bare skin. I remember an Alexa Bliss/Lacey Evans match from a month or so ago and I couldn't figure out of Alexa had a bad bruise or what until I realized it was the top of her stockings.
  6. Never thought about it like that, but there should have been a bit where Eddie is giving her grief about having to take care of the kids on his own. Thrown in a virtual school joke for good measure.
  7. I'm not that shocked it wasn't covered, but the weekly interview series with Tana on the NJPW site glosses over his stabbing from late 2002 with a little blurb stating that they're not going to talk about it. Did Tana ever give his side of it?
  8. They cut Bea from her contract and I want to say someone else beside Havoc but I could be wrong.
  9. I liked the women's matches and that was about it this week. Everything else was take it or leave it.
  10. Pre pandemic, Heather Monroe and Lacy Ryan were featured in Impact (Lacy had a few matches while they did some shows from Vegas and Heather was in some vignettes with Taya) but nothing came from that. I know Heather had a match or two in AEW. Regarding this week's episode: So we're getting a women's title? If you count all of the UWN affliated promotions, I guess it could work, but there's only 4 CWFH women working right now. Wonder who they'll bring in. Clearwater/Sparks was pretty good. Watts always sounds like he just woke up. Tag match was meh. Women's match w
  11. I'm not going to take away Kenny's shine, but that pizza she made is an abomination.
  12. Friendship Farm brought it on this episode! Conners looks great each week. It's hard to tell who's actually tall or not in this promotion, but Conners does look like Baby Hangman. So the Niko Marquez angle, this can't end in a satisfying way, right? I mean he's already gotten his ass kicked by the women already. Oh well. Fat man crossbody by Trevor Murdoch in the Primetime Live bumper!
  13. As someone who watches Championship Wrestling from Hollywood I'm pumped to see Watts and Rosas get a look considering they've had other folks from the promotion get matches (Heather Monroe being one). I like Watts' power game but he probably won't get a chance to show it off.
  14. Sting looks like a retired motocross rider now.
  15. The Primetime Live theme sounds like some music that wouldn't be out of place in a FirePro game. Dug the beatdown on Rosas. So many indytatsic dudes in the tag division, I need the Wolf Zaddies to come back and drop some dudes on their head or something.
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