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  1. In a vacuum it's a good way to write a character off TV/territory and give her next challenger motivation, but the execution was way off in reality. Plus if you happen to be a NXT and main roster viewer, it's going to be odd seeing Kairi wrestle in 6 days (just guessing). I'm just glad Candace is getting something to do. I haven't seen much of her, so I'm excited. Pumped for Street Profits vs. War Raiders. I don't if they'll overdub the introduction on next week's episode.
  2. Moose's robe was fantastic. I know some of the folks here aren't fans of them but I dig the Rascals. I just assume that like Eli after he lost the title, they want to keep Moose on TV but didn't really have a plan. The matching bandannas for Johnny and Taya were great.
  3. Thinking back on Kenta's debut here and how it all turned out for him (the two surgeries, the 205 Live assignment) it's a bit of a bummer. He looked like such a badass grabbing the chair and sitting down in the ring.
  4. To continue the Andrade love, I agree that his best quality is his ability to go from 0-60 if he sees an opening to finish the match. It really gives a sense that he's in a fight and he knows he will only get so many chances to actually win it.
  5. Hopefully E will stop doing that spear through the ropes spot after he comes back.
  6. I think since he took his time after resigning the last time they didn't have anything for him so he did random stuff here and there just to keep him on TV so I would take that as a sign that they liked him and I thought he did well with the segments. Besides that, He clearly isn't getting back into the title picture anytime soon so the tag team with Edwards made sense but oh well. He would get lost in the shuffle in WWE and ROH would have no clue what to do with him.
  7. I went to a basketball game that started at 6 so I didn't make it home until after 9 so I just started the show form the beginning which allowed me to skip a lot of stuff. I still felt that if the show ended after Kofi/Bryan it would have been great, similar to how if the Rumble had ended after Becky's win, it would have been perfect, but there were plenty more matches left. I skipped through a lot of stuff but I did like the main event. Curious to see how the women's singles titles are handled now.
  8. I re-watched a couple matches this morning with a fresh mind and I still didn't like the main event because this. What exactly did Johnny do to not be a dick anymore? Nothing. It similar to Rollin's face turn, he didn't really do anything besides get screwed over by The Authority after taking every advantage that was given to him. And it's not like Johnny is a guy that's self absorbed and doesn't care about the fans he loves all that shit. And I think the issue with Mauro's references are that 1, they're getting longer and he has to explain them and if you have to explain your reference, then it's a bad reference. Graves can drop a lyric or song title and it works fine because it's quick and if you get it, bonus and if not, it'll pass right by you without too much issue.
  9. Just finished this since I was doing other stuff last night (I had to mute the DVDVR twitter account until I watched it). Dug the tag match and I hope Ric is ok for tomorrow. Dream/Riddle was way better than I thought and I haven't seen any Riddle outside of NXT and I get it now. Dream is great at just taking punishment and then waiting for chances to power up and hit his offense. I'm a Dunne fan but I just wasn't into the match with Walter. I wonder if Pete will move around to a different brand now. Dug the women's match but I'm salty that Bianca took the loss. They have a long time until the next Takeover so it should be interesting to see what happens. The main was what I thought it would be, over dramatic. The last finishing sequence by Cole should have been it but whatever. Hopefully Johnny's a champ they keep off TV for a few weeks at a time.
  10. So that was a good opening match on this week's TV episode. The LA Dojo Lions looked good. And Aldis was pretty good on color.
  11. Rich Swann should never shave that beard. That was an odd cut during Cage's run in to save Jordynne. Everything else was solid. Now to catch up on Takeover.
  12. DVR had issues with how Pursuit schedules Impact (4 half hour blocks instead of one 2 hour block) so I only got the first half hour. I'll try to check out Impact's youtube page to see the Undead Realm stuff. @AxB is 100% correct with saying that Impact uses their women's roster way better than WWE. You can cycle Gail in for a feud since Tessa doesn't have the title and it gives her something to do. Allie, Kiera, Rosemary and Su have had a long term story going on that kept everyone involved and even Tessa and Jordynne were bit players here and there since it intertwined when needed. Even Alicia gets a match here and there (and always jobs but looks good before she loses).
  13. When I saw the run time on this episode I figured the tag match would be long. Pretty great match though. I don't like the Dusty Classic being won by singles wrestlers that happen to team up for the tournament for 3 out of 4 events. The women's tag looked ok. I'm not sure why they're keeping Shayna separate from the other 3 in the title match. I think she's retaining and isn't moving to the main roster until post Summerslam at the earliest. Excited for Riddle/Dream and I think the NXT title match will break the record for most hokey wrestler faces after kickouts.
  14. I can't imagine that he'd retire from getting hit in the NFL to take wrestling bumps. Hell, he was a stiff this past season. A very effective one in certain situations, but still a stiff.
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