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  1. I get what you're saying. I thought the last round of tapings really pointed out to me that Taya and Sienna looked about the same size and they've always pushed Sienna as not quite a monster but physically bigger than the rest of the division. Can anyone explain the meaning behind the words on the back of Fantasma's trunks?
  2. The WWE Total Divas Thread

    I'm sure I buy the TD story about Naomi since she mentioned in interviews about the process for getting the belt cleared so it could be used.

    Good point. I wonder if the school uses the arena for something else during that time, like the Chicago Bulls Circus road trip.
  4. Sports Games Thread

    What did they change with the shot stick? Do you not get a bonus for using the stick instead of shoot button? I've got some money allocated to get this game if it pops up as a Black Friday item.
  5. Survivor Series XXX

    Did they confirm the Shield/New Day match? I was bowling last night and saw an ad for the show and it had the match listed.
  6. [NXT] NOV 8 2017 TV SHOW

    They don't even sell that shirt anymore right?
  7. New Japan gets TV deal in US

    I had no interest in the War Machine/Bullet Club match. If I wanted to watch ROH, I would watch ROH (I actually did before I watched this week's episode of NJPW). The first tag match was pretty neat though.
  8. They had a whole episode to explain what a "Red Wedding" match is going to be and they never did. Everything else was OK I guess.
  9. The Garbage Man Can! - Raw - 10/30/2017

    Storyline-wise it speaks to the different managerial styles of the two shows. Shane had explicit qualifying matches for his team while Angle just picked guys. And on the women's side Daniel just picked a team (granted he only had a pool of 6) while Angle lets Fox do whatever she wants (however she has a pool of 5 to pick from). Now will they elaborate on this and will we see how it plays out during the PPV? Probably not.

    Jeez, I thought that was Stevie Ray or a jacked Caprice Coleman for a second...
  11. I'm actually going through the Asuka collection on the Network right now and there's a lot of matches with the usual NXT jobbers (early BIlle and Peyton, Rachel Ellering, Deonna, that random Cameron match with the sweet flying armbar, a Thea Trinidad match) mixed in with a few other bigger TV/Takeover matches. Billie actually got a decent amount of offense in what was Asuka's 2nd TV match. As an aside, that match with Diamante was a great squash. And I totally forgot about the Poker Face ripoff theme that Billie and Peyton used for a hot second. But she'll basically have 4 heels to work with on Raw so they can't book her like a monster.
  12. Count me in the (probably small) group that didn't like super Auska. I never got the notion of why she should be so invincible. I know that she had to slow down for a good chunk of her NXT run due to who she was working with but the matches she had where to booking was more even (the NXT Emma match, the Ember matches, the match with Nikki) really pulled me in. So I really dug this match.
  13. I'm surprised they went with the clean finish of Taya over Rosemary before setting up the PPV match. Also had Rosemary referring to having the PPV match in the Impact Zone

    Springboard sunset flip?
  15. GFW Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 10/12/17

    I want to know who decided to edit this episode this way? I understand you had 3 wrestling matches so you had to pace it out, but this episode was a slog to get through. I there were 5 segments before the Rosemary squash.