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  1. [NXT] JANUARY 17, 2018 TV SHOW

    Count me in the camp that always thought that her mannerisms felt heel to me. The entrance, the theme, her movement in the ring all made me think heel.
  2. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    I assume they just messed up the timing so we got the extended shot on Finn at the end. It happened a few times on Smackdown last month which led to some weird promos from Owens and Sami one week and Sami eating some extra finishers another week.
  3. Dasha's looking pretty good there too with the V-cuts.
  4. 1/8/18 RAW Aka, Daddy's Back!

    Sorta related, since I'm watching Smackdown right now, I noticed that they've "prettied up" Ruby and Sarah Logan over the last few weeks too. the makeup people went a little crazy on the smokey eyes for Logan though.
  5. And one of the kids on the show is a good 4 inches taller than Kalisto.
  6. She's been on bed rest since September, so she barely was able to.

    Keep looking on google, there is a way to convert PS2 saves for the PS3 using your computer. There might be something on the Fire Pro boards still.

    All PS3s can play PSX games since the sound driver used in the PS3 is the same. The old PS3's can play PS2 games since they basically stuck the processing chip from the PS2 in the older PS3 models. They stopped doing it to cut down on costs and never bothered to work on true software emulation. You are correct about region coding being an issue. Your best bet would be to find an older PS3 model. My person pet peeve is that the PS3 games I downloaded don't work on the PS4. I have a bunch of puzzle games and old remakes that don't work on the PS4 (heck I'd love to play the Fire Pro Returns that was released online for PS3 on my PS4) so now I have both consoles in my living room.
  9. New Japan gets TV deal in US

    Awesome match between Tanahashi and Ibushi. I feel that if you're going to have the switchblade gimmick, you should be able to grow a full beard.
  10. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    @The Natural there was also the Steph! Steph! Steph! shirts.
  11. That's the difference! I thought something looked off about the belt but I couldn't figure it out/didn't research enough. I think the all black lacks "pop" and needs some more color to make it stand out. Hopefully they don't make the strap all blue or something.

    I think ROH is going in a good direction right now. Even if Dalton doesn't win at Final Battle, they're set up to keep the feud running. I actually care about Flip Gordon/ Bullet Club. I kinda wish they'd do more with Silas but he's in a good spot. Also, is Mark kin to Wolverine or something? I'm shocked he can do stuff considering what happened to his elbow.

    So I'm guessing WWE social media spoiled the tag title switch then?
  14. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/30/17

    That double stomp on the stairs was sick. The grouping of the two different women's matches was odd but I guess it'll make sense in the coming weeks (I try to avoid spoilers). I agree with @DreamBroken Josh has been killing it on commentary lately.
  15. SDL is The Tragic Death of The Ascension - 11/28/2017

    The bump Naomi took into the guardrail looked nasty. Like her should hit square with the edge of the rail, hopefully it's padded. I assume that since they showed the stretcher job Naomi is OK (I hope). Also, I wonder what made them go for a slower paced match? I liked it since it seemed like there was a struggle to get people to move around. Liv also looked lost out there, hopefully she just had nerves.