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  1. Regarding the Bayley/Eva Marie match, it was more meta than anything. So you had the Eva gets training from Kendrick thing, plus the Total Divas stuff, plus the "WWE Corporate" stuff since I assume, HHH didn't want it to be the Authority since he wants to be NXT papa and not a heel at the time. All those things played into a fun TV match that didn't mean much in the long run. I thought it was a really fun match and a culmination of a lot of things going on, especially if you were a person that watched the main roster/NXT/Total Divas shows plus some dirtsheets.
  2. I used to love putting Saturday Morning Slam on the TV on the treadmill at the gym and watching while doing an inclined walk.
  3. Just posting to say that Karl Fredericks and Clark Conners are the most Fire Pro names ever.
  4. As always when I don't play this game for a while, I spent an hour playing with edit (moving people, updating names, etc) before I actually played a match. I with the unsubscribe option were better in the game (at least the edit you subscribe to on the site are marked red when you're uninstalling them in game now).
  5. I don't remember this one from Total Divas, but I do remember Paige grabbing Big E's pecs during a backstage segment on the show. And there was a storyline where Nattie didn't like Paige getting too handsy in matches. Young shithead Paige was a great reality TV character. I'm glad she doing better in life though (neck issues aside). That's kind of the missing element from the show, everyone is too well behaved so they have to make them go on these BS trips to generate some drama.
  6. If it's Dominic in WWE he would just be billed as Rey Mysterio, Jr. since Rey goes by just Rey Mysterio? And if Dominic goes on the indies, he can just be El Hijo de Rey Mysterio Jr.
  7. Well shit, can we get a Baby Boy remake with Tana in the Ving Rhames role?
  8. Does anyone know if this is part of the Season Pass or is it separate?
  9. I'll take the calm down Ramonetico grief for this, but did Carmella get implants? I don't remember her looking like that before. Or is it her wrestling attire (I just realized she either wrestles in a once piece or a fancy version of a sports bra so maybe i just didn't notice)?
  10. I for one loved that Edge(with Vicki/Chavo/Edgeheads)/Batista/Taker SD Era. I'm pretty sure JBL was on the undercard too. Wasn't that the start of the Shelton Gold Standard run? I'll even give some love to the short Great Khali run.
  11. Welp, if this is part of the season pass, the price is finally worth it over just buying the DLC piecemeal.
  12. Are we ever going to get a B block show again?
  13. @Eivion I agree about Mia, I'm not entirely sure that's her normal voice she's using with this slight character change. Still a dope wrestler though. I think the Takeover match will deliver.
  14. Apparently the last one had Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay at Takeover Brooklyn II.
  15. Did anyone else think the EMTs were trying to get Roman away so they could jump him? I had an inkling especially once Roman walked away and the EMTs kept staring at each other.
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