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  1. Was that before he did the first Omega match? I think so it was. I'd assume Jericho would have had one more WWE run and then would have probably looked to do something else, or would have just started taking the Saudi money and worked like 3 times a year.
  2. Yeah, we're not getting that match up for a few years now so I figure they decided to just go for it.
  3. Probably worth it for the eventual PS5 version since you're supposed to get a free upgrade.
  4. @Craig H nah it's a skill based game so that's about right. The challenge comes from the courses. I say that as a person that can't putt for his life though.
  5. If you have a PS4 Pro, it'll work ok for the most part, regular PS4 is a no go.
  6. Dug the hell out of this episode. I think the new gimmicks are somewhere in between the New Generation Era and Attitude Era which is probably a good spot. I think they're not going to go for too many title switches to the new guys/gals just yet and probably want to build them up a bit more.
  7. Doesn't Steveson have another year in college left? I assume he'll make an appearance or two and the disappear for training.
  8. Dug ZSJ and Ibushi and Yujiro/O'Kahn. And Yano's stuff will always get me going. This isn't really G1 related, but I had hoped the US shows in Dallas would be on NJPW World but they might be cutting those up for Strong episodes. I tried to search for the 2 Nagata/Shibata NEVER matches but the search function isn't great on World (duh). They have the rematch available (with Kevin Kelly doing commentary and mentioning the LA Dojo so its fairly recent) Guess I'd have to find the whole 2016 Dontaku show?
  9. Any reason why Wayne couldn't do both? I'm pretty sure I made cookies when I got my second dose back in April.
  10. PGA Tour is the real deal. I bought it a year or so ago and I love it. Plus with the big user base folks have added a ton of courses. Only complaint is that you can only play with your MyPlayer and you can't scan your face in the game.
  11. Even with wrestling logic, history has shown that music distracts the opponents enough that playing music is a good thing. However, when people take their sweet time getting to the ring to save their friend, that pisses me off. Granted that ramp might have been slippery since it was plexiglass over LED boards.
  12. Sorry to be messy, but didn't Shibata get caught cheating before? Is it a case of Shibata was too high up the chain to lose so they worked through it?
  13. Going back to this, seeing Big E's hairstyle is a reminder that he's a child of West Indian immigrants who grew up in Florida so that haircut makes sense.
  14. What happened to TAKA in NJPW? I vaguely remember some kind of scandal/issue with him but I could be wrong. Any reason why he's not running with Suzuki-gun anymore?
  15. Got back into Streets of Rage 4 with the DLC dropping. The survival mode is a good challenge and the added characters are fun to play with. I keep being in awe of the people on YT and Twitch that are really good at the game though. I've just started getting better and chaining moves and using bounces to my advantage but those guys have it down to a science.
  16. New Episode. They filmed at Center Stage in Atlanta. Andy Brown vs. Manny Lemons was ok. Lemons was very indy and I love it. Hey, Heather Monroe is back! Who's Reka Tehaka? Marti Belle doing backstage stuff? Bodega are back! Juicy Finau? That's a big dude. He needs some more work though. Hey it's Dalton Castle's Boys! They're looking pretty jacked baby. The formerly known Aiden English looked good.
  17. No episode of Strong this week?
  18. Going back to the storage stuff, looking at the games I have installed, the PS5 version of Destiny 2 (with a couple expansions) is almost 76GB, Madden 22 is 60GB, NBA2k21 is the chunky boi at 119 GB. I agree with the group that if you have the money, go for the extra storage.
  19. I could have sworn that the 2K games had PC versions with a mod community, but I was incorrect.
  20. Finished night one today and will finish up night 2 tomorrow. Dug the Stardom matches and the Sho/Yoh match. Thought the Yano/Owens match went waaaay too long and dug the main event. Just finished the tag title match, if that was a shoot then Marty has some Herb Dean level lack of caution with Yoshi Hashi passing out and him not calling the match.
  21. Finished off Star Wars Republic Commando last week (still a fun game even with your squadmates glitching on object every so often) and I'm debating my next game, I downloaded FF15 since it was free with the PS5, but the Demons Soul remake looks intriguing.
  22. I assume that's going to be the name of Franky Monet's (fka Taya) stable with Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea. Regarding the new directives, I'm glad they're reverting back because the men's scene was stale as hell and it wasn't going to change anytime soon. Also I don't think the new directives will change that much going on. I don't think that Mace, Jinder's goons, Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, Big E, Corbin, Gable, Azeez, Boa, Odyssey Jones, Top Dolla, Xyon Quinn (who just debuted on NXT) or Otis (granted he worked the indies for a year) wrestle the same. And on the women's side, Bianca, Carmella, Aaliyah, Dana, Mandy, Lacey, Nia, Alexa, Liv, Jessi Kamea, Kacy, Raquel and Xia don't all wrestle the same. There are spots you have to hit for TV purposes (they love the dive going into the break) but that's the nature of their production. But yeah give me new folks trying stuff out on TV and evolving instead of indy vets staying at the top of the card. And bring back Roar of the Crowd for the theme!
  23. JFC that was a lot of finisher spam tonight. That opening tag match was insane .with the number of kickouts. And Tay basically pulling a FirePro and using all of her Strong Grapples in a row only for Bunny to win via Brass Knucks was ridiculous. Miro is the best.
  24. Dug this week's episode. Is Brandi Lauren getting written off or just joining Su and Kimber? I know they use the Undead Realm to write off characters a decent bit. I never noticed how small Ace Austin is until he was next to Christian who I never considered a "big guy" I gotta appreciate Kaleb Konley leaning into the gimmick all the way.
  25. 6 man tag was great and didn't overstay it's welcome. I was wondering if Legado would bring in someone to deal with B Fab. If I had to guess it would have been the Chilean luchador they have on the roster (I assume she's still on the roster). But this should be fine. I actually like that after a big PPV Joe would have a group of challengers that would have to be sorted out. Hayes winning over Jones doesn't move me one way or another, but we'll see how things pan out for those guys going forward. I do dig both though. Is Hayes a Johnny Kickpads guy Boa losing was unexpected, guess he's getting more torture in the future. Oh and previously, Pat McAfee's muscle was Holland, but he got hurt catching Oney on a dive, McAfee then helps Oney and Burch get gold, Dunne joins up and we get WarGames versus the UE. Pat's run ends, Oney and Burch get injured and Dunne is running around solo but now the crew is back I guess?
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