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  1. I'll never get tired of Jade berating Tony backstage. Good job on not having Tony get berated backstage twice with the Britt/Toni segment. Hook doing goofy shit with Danhausen is fine IMO lots of time to figure out stuff with him and add some depth to his character. Did they drop the Statlander is an alien stuff? She was announced from Long Island on the show. Main event was dope. Martin flies around so smoothly.
  2. I miss the run WWE/NXT had with generic brunettes that were of slight unknown ethnicity compared to the generic blonde lady run as of late.
  3. Couple things: 1. The Sasha/Naomi stuff seems needlessly dumb from management's end to me. Why feed your tag champs to your singles champs at a one off show with no payoff if that was the plan? They'll get this figured out assuming both sides want to play ball. 2. Did anyone else's broadcast of SD bleep out the Cole and McAfee saying Chingona Bomb during the Raquel/Shotzi match? I thought that was odd. Also I see that Raquel took the "smile more" advice to heart. LOL 3. Main event was good, when the overuse of crowd reaction shots works, it really works.
  4. Entrances are fun to watch at first but eventually yeah I end up skipping them. Creation-wise, if they have the option to import faces into the game then they'll be 90% there. I assume the move list will be halfway decent. Even for the hardcore E-Fed sim folks, you just need a mode that can have multiple "seasons" and you'll be fine. I don't think we'll ever get anything topping the last FirePro game as far as customization goes.
  5. I might be in the minority but Moxley's NJPW theme > Wild Thing
  6. I'd say that VSK and maaaybe Zicky Dice are 2 people that were on CWFH and ended up in Impact. I thought Heather Monroe would end up in Impact when she was showing up in vignettes with Taya pre pandemic but nothing ever came from that.
  7. Finally got new episodes on Z Living! Halston Body is no longer a fab gay man is now a weird stoic Amish man! The match with Lord Crewe was meh. Beef Candy are back and are faces? Sure. Flex actually worked a decent amount this time. Guy Tweakacetti comes out and says no one is good enough for the Midnight Heat! Which bring out Beef Candy to challenge for the belts, which then brings out the tag team of Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas (apparently they are PPRay and were a tag team previously in CWFH, good on the announcers for bringing that up). They say they're here to last and want a shot. Guy then gets all worked up and accepts a 3 way. The result is spoiled based on the promo videos for the next taping on 05/17 that has shots of the tag champs. I'll leave it vague in case these promos aren't on the YouTube video. Baron Black takes on Honest John and Black is not here for HJ's games and handles him with ease. I thought Reka Tahakka was a chubby lady wrestler, not a tallish jakked lady, this changes my feelings for her. Decent match.
  8. I didn't buy it but I rented it one weekend from Blockbuster and boy did I play the hell out of it because I wanted to get my $6 out of it.
  9. DKC/Knight was a solid opener and TJP/Dorada was good. Lethal/Narita was great and Ren looks better every time.
  10. MCMGs all day. I'm not that crazy about Deonna as others. Jonah is doing stuff for NJPW stateside so I'd assume he'd get a look once they start requesting more visas.
  11. I'd guess Moose finally gets that surgery then? Dope match tho. And Josh/Ishii should be great. Excited to see the Briscoes in a more lively environment.
  12. I feel like Gia's accent is notable because folks with that thick of an accent don't get on TV too often. I don't think its as pronounced as when she first started but it's still there (and should stay BTW).
  13. Good for Stoke and Dakota saying "F it" and going on their own. His message to Xia today seemed to balance character and legit too. I'd guess Roddy goes on a more "insane leader" role in Diamond Mine since I believe he's locked up for a bit (not that they won't cut folks who have long term deals). At least Harlan can grow his hair back now.
  14. I thought the Bucks were in one of the FPW DLCs but apparently not. I'd have to agree then they'd be the most popular non-lucha wrestlers to not be in a video game.
  15. Naming a rollup after a brand of blunts is amazing. McAfee didn't have to drive the pun home so hard though.
  16. Yeah, you're better off killing Froki early in the game since you get the Token and his fortify archery ring if you really want it.
  17. I know he's not the tallest, but I can't think of someone who's the most WWE TV guy that's not on WWE TV than Knight. Using him as a manager isn't great.
  18. Dude, I posted about this before, but I purchased Battle Axe because I like hack and slash games and it had slow down then a bunch of enemies were appearing on the screen and flickering and you can't build a retro style game from scratch and have that stuff. I'm running a PS5 with a 55" 4K TV and that shouldn't happen.
  19. As long as they don't have those god awful nightmare stages where you had to walk on those thin lines of blood it'll be fine. Also they should keep the bad voice acting.
  20. NXT was really good this week. Lash/Nikitta was solid, Creeds/Imperium as dope and Bron/Gunther was dope. Bron is really twitchy in a way that Scott Steiner/Booker T were IMO so his moves look really nasty plus he's so smooth that it seems like he's floating around the ring, it's a case of someone who's really athletic using their athleticism in a different way. If Guenther moves up, good for him, if he sticks around 2.0 there's some more matchups to be had. Oh and that last segment with Gacy was nuts! Just floating the edge of overacting but still fun.
  21. Dug night one more but I night two had the better celebrity matches. I'd like to think Cole was more animated and charged up during the McAfee match since Vince wasn't in his ear. I still think Drew McIntyre is Roman's next feud. Maybe Lashley but I don't think they're going that route. My dream would be an extended Nak feud but that ain't happening.
  22. If you're going to try to draw in kids, a 1.5-2 hour YouTube vids ain't it unless you got something to grab them in the first few minutes. That probably won't even get caught in the algorithm to get suggested to kids. I know @Log mentioned his kid is into AEW and I assume that's partly because his dad liked it so he wanted to check it out and then he liked it. If it's the reverse and he got you into it, my apologies.
  23. Not that it matters because they don't give AF about consistency but Steveson was drafted to Raw last fall. I'd like to think Bron has more story left in him in NXT but who knows? That Waller elbow drop was stupid and whoever gave the ok for that should be let go. I can't believe I'm turning into an old man about that kind of stuff. Everything else was ok but based on the matchups I knew we wouldn't get any real bangers. Now to make some cookies and play some FF15 before WM starts.
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