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  1. What's the difference between a streamed event and a PLE? They'd both be on Peacock right?
  2. I'm not crazy about Rampage turning into a ROH backdoor pilot, but Hardy/Darby was cool.
  3. Considering the time frame, I assume it was shot at the Japanese exhibit/area at Disney World. Sonny Onoo filmed stuff there with the NJPW guys in 95. Basketball (and maybe volleyball) has to be one of the few sports where a coach/manager can be taller than most of the team and it's not too odd looking, right?
  4. You know what game I'd love a remaster of? MegaMan Legends. I think that game with modern controls and updated graphics would be pretty neat.
  5. I mean Starks said it during the Team Taz/Darby Sting Feud
  6. Dope show, not sure why Toni keeps doing these low impact piledrivers/ddts, they look awkward but not hurty awkward. What's stopping her from using the tiger driver again? Or that neckbreaker/cutter thing she used in NXT for a bit?
  7. As various interviews have mentioned, the stipulations are set up so whatever the fans vote on the wrestlers can adapt without too many issues (not a big difference between a No DQ or a Tornado Tag match), but I imagine have to set up the steel cage and it not be voted as the winner would be a pain in the ass. I'd like to see Melo vs Gacy since I think Gacy can go in the ring (gimmick leaves a lot to be desired though) and the cheating between Trick and GYV would be great. Also, you don't need to sign up for anything to vote?
  8. The fact that WWE's developmental promotion and their overseas offshoot (with a couple send downs from the main roster that aren't being used) can put on this good of a show on a random Tuesday night is an embarrassment of riches.
  9. FYI Clearwater has the UWN World Title while Jordan Cruz has the Heritage title. I assume Danny won't beat Clearwater now but might start a face turn redemption later on? This was a perfectly fine hour of indy wrestling. Also I got my friend to watch this episode tonight instead of some XPW trash on Fite so I've done my good deed for the week.
  10. Are Tito and Che getting work with NJPW or just Tito? I'd like to see the Wolf Zaddies get some action in NJPW or Strong.
  11. When the UE came to NXT didn't Fish and O'Rilley come out as individuals in showcase matches before grouping with Cole?
  12. This was a great episode with some good wrestling and storyline development. Also that double sided tape was working overtime for Mickie's outfit.
  13. Going through FF15 right now and I'm 40 hours in, at level 49 and I just started chapter 4. I kept getting distracted doing hunts and fetch quests. I feel like I've done this wrong but that's the risk with open world games right? I am digging the world although the combat can get a little hectic when you're out in the open world (you could have made the trees go opaque or something when the camera is facing them).
  14. He could have been full of it but when he did Jericho's pod he talked about his first match in HWA which was 40+ minutes because the vet he was with was like "nah let's just keep going"
  15. That quote from Anderson is odd because as Dean said, he's solid at best so you're never going to get anything outright bad from him. His strength is character work which is why I assumed he'd be one of those guys that would stay in WWE for 10 years before you'd notice. Anywhoo, he had another solid match tonight. Kushida/Deaner was cool which I expected. Apparently Deaner's finisher is either the G'iver Drop (not sure what that is) or the Deaner DDT. I think this last run Rayne has had in Impact she's been really good which makes her going into a coach role kind of odd, but if she's going to work every so often in AEW then it'll be cool. She was more a less a seasonal worker in Impact these last 4 years or so. Match with Mia was dope too. Rocky/Bailey was a banger! I was shocked they gave it that much time too. I just realized Bailey wears kickpads but no shoes.
  16. I'm pretty sure Lisbet's assistant takes over the shop once she dies. And he might have some dialog that unlocks after. Most shops have a backup merchant if the primary merchant isn't an essential character. I still feel bad about Adrienne getting killed in a vampire attack in Whiterun. Her poor hubby didn't know how to forge so he has to buy weapons from traders to make a living now.
  17. I'm not sure what happened between Kross' Impact and NXT runs that made him flop (might be the entrance since it's waaaaaay to much) but dude is talented and they might need to tweak some things to make it work. Also Cole just destroyed him in that one promo which didn't help matters. But they need new match-ups and bringing back some folks might be a better strategy compared to calling someone up too early. Dug the rest of the show and I think we'll keep getting subtle changes over time and I'm glad the womens tag titles are being brought back.
  18. Care to elaborate on this one?
  19. HHH has admitted in interviews in the past that he knows NXT won't work on the main roster, it's just a matter of figuring out what tweaks need to be made when someone if called up. Looking at the numbers, NXT gets roughly a third of what Raw does in ratings so you'll have some folks not familiar with people coming up and will need to tweak things. If you run NXT like an old territory, then I think that's the best route and it keeps the rosters fresh, the move to USA stopped the changeover and we got UE kind of having the upper card in a chokehold. Also I'm sure Dean and back me up on this, but Zoey Stark had a good run in CWFH too. She had a best of something (5 or 7) series with Heather Monroe that was fun. Also who did Monroe piss off that she can't get picked up by one of the bigger promotions? If they get rid of the silly transformation stuff with Sarray, then I'll be happy. Also, I actually watched Raw Monday and I dug it, mostly because they gave matches time. Promos will be some work, since they've all worked a certain way for a long time and habits will be hard to break, and HHH's signature was long promos so we'll see what happens.
  20. Looked like a Code Red without the "snap" to me so it just ends up being a sunset flip. Similar to how Johnny B Badd used to finish off guys sometimes. As a quick aside since I've been watching old episodes of Saturday Night, how did go so long in WCW without a true finisher? Like he had the right hand but those were technically illegal but everything else was something random, and it's not like the announcers put over him as a guy with a lot of different ways to beat a man. Dug the show overall, nice to see Dakota and Io get the re-sign/call up, Miz made Paul look great (and he help up his end), My heart hurts for the Profits and I hope this doesn't lead to them breaking up. Rhonda has legit gripes and we'll see if they play it right. The main event was a banger and a great way to cap off the feud. Hopefully they won't feel the need to break the glass in case of emergency anytime soon.
  21. I've for sure had something like that for brunch of a weekend after having too much to drink the night before. And a bloody mary before the food came.
  22. There's a Bateman/Royce Isaacs chain match from I want to say 2019? It was for the UWN TV title. I always dug this match.
  23. That's not a tattoo above her kneecap? Or are you referring to the marks around the side of her knees?
  24. Didn't Roman have a super high Cameo fee too? Usually if it's high it's to deter people from doing it.
  25. Yikes, does working for WWE just mean you look at TVs at an angle for the rest of your life?
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