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    Punk hasn't talked to me since I banned him from the board
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    Marie, 37. Professional perm-to-temp call center sales at a regional office furniture supply company. Currently single after her first two marriages crumbled when both husbands discovered findom websites. Her two youngest children are referred to as "her world" in all of her social media bios, but they're currently living with her parents while she, "figures some stuff out." She only occasionally hears from her oldest son, who she had in high school when her then-boyfriend told her she couldn't get pregnant in a pool. She's also planning on opening a yoga studio when she has the seed money and learns yoga.
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    "After getting Punk to admit that CM stood for Chick Magnet, the prosecutor then said 'And Since I've got you up here and if you'll indulge me for a moment, just how big is Batista's dick?' The class of 8th graders were then ushered from the room, except for their teacher who stuck around to confirm his suspicions."
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    How to ruin a match 101:
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    At bowling practice tonight (made it to nationals, so now I have to practice) we found out that one of our teammates is a Chris Benoit truther. Like full on "Kevin Sullivan killed them all" believer. I thought he was an idiot before, and now I have proof. I gotta share a hotel room with this moron for five days.
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    This is the most important fact to come out of the trial.
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    And Punk has stated - under oath - that the CM stands for "Chick Magnet"
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    "@amymek" being the "anonymous" handle for a woman named Amy Mekelberg is some Superman-putting-on-glasses shit.
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    Jury agreed with it being ridiculous. Deliberation lasted less than two hours. Punk and Cabana cleared on all counts.
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    Daniel Bryan threatening to tear people's ACL is the Daniel Bryan I wanna see
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    Never was going to listen to it because it's by fucking Enzo.
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    Nah, dude speaks and writes at a second-grade level on his best day. Also, that dude is not my president. Also also, I'm going to stop typing before I get banned from this board.
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    For someone that's had an uneventful career otherwise, Michael Tarver standing at ringside with the face mask on is one of the most indelible images in wrestling from the last decade for me.
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    And then for an encore...
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