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    In other news, Sensational Sherri just sentenced Larry Nassar to up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing a bunch of gymnasts:
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    Braun casually strumming a fucking DOUBLE BASS may be the greatest thing ever.
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    *Young Bix looks at sleaze thread back in the day *Young Bix longs for that kind of attention *Becomes older Bix where every...single...story is all about sleaze. Expect a multi-part expose on the Dildo Blender any day now.
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    "Today is the best day of my life." Ron Howard: "It was not."
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    And he responds with coffee snobbery.
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    I am so happy that Molly Holly was in it Talk about someone who was born a generation too early
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    "Fred Ottman is a literal actual boat that floats around in the ocean, thus the boating theme."
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    I think they're already too deep on Rey vs. Kylo, but there could be a swerve in the third movie.
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    FYI, Sasha isn’t actually the “boss” either, just an independent contractor.
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    The problem with Woken Matt Hardy on Raw seems to boil down to...it's less that "WWE Raw turns everything to shit", and more that when it comes down to it, "WWE is just TOO GOOD to be truly BAD." WWE can be bad, mind you- they can be very bad, a lot of times. However, at the same time, the wrestlers in WWE are by and large the best in the business, and we're at a point where even the worst person on the WWE roster would be at least "they're okay." Likewise, WWE has some of the best booking minds in the sport, and any booking mind who'd be considered one of the best in the sport is one that WWE could get if they really wanted to. The quality of WWE's roster- on and off-screen- is very, very good...and because of that, they were doomed to fail at the Woken Matt Hardy stuff. Broken Matt Hardy worked because TNA hit rock bottom, and when they hit rock bottom, they grabbed a jackhammer and started hammering all the way into the magma, and when they hit magma kept going until they hit the earth's core, and when they hit the core kept going until they came out the other end and flew out into space. TNA was so bad, on every conceivable level, that Broken Matt's saga could harness So Bad It's Good and run with that to become excellent. Woken Matt Hardy, on the other hand, is like if, after the success of "The Disaster Artist", some major movie studio went to Tommy Wiseau and said "We want to remake 'The Room'. We'll give you a $150 million budget, we'll get the best screenwriters in Hollywood to work on the script, and we'll give you an A-List Cast. Just give us 'The Room'." The results would still be bad, but they won't be BAD ENOUGH to become awesome.
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    Dolph Ziggler making an indefensible and idiotic career move because he thinks he's much bigger than he actually is and then making a grand return to an even lesser position than he was in before to zero fanfare may be some of the most accurate in-character writing the WWE has done in years.
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    Stephanie reacted to each new entrant like someone opening shitty wedding shower presents. "A coffee mug...oooooh. That's nice." "A little flashlight? Oh, it's a key chain. Does it light up? No? How cute though. Yay!"
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    I was taking a piss when Rey came out and I heard my whole family lose their minds. I said "What?!" and they said "Rey MYSTERIO!" and I forgot what I was doing and made a mess.
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    If Joey Ryan is pulling in six figures by using his dick to flip people, more power to him. The most offensive thing in this thread is the allegation that poutine is vile.
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    Kenta Kobashi liked one of my tweets today and later Yuji Tsuruta (Jumbo's oldest son) followed me on Twitter. I win "puroresu nerd" today.
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    This wasn't surprising because I've lived through it before but it is still astounding how beautiful and how uncoordinated Kelly Kelly is. She's like a breathtaking flamingo that was born without any joints in any of its extremities. And with castors that are permanently locked for feet and hands. and you see it standing among the pond rushes and you're transfixed by its overwhelming fragile charm. And the it tries to move or feed or anything really and you can't stop laughing at it.
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    Braun and Brock potatoing each other is just a Rumble tradition at this point.
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    Someone needs to make a GIF of Vince saying watching a 3-3.5 game is laborious and just stick that at the top of every RAW thread.
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    He was warning the crowd that they were in for a terrible show.
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    Big Bully Busick hitting the Skull Crushing Finale and the Rainmaker in WWF in 1991:
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    Dude just joined the board and he's already picked a hill to die on. We usually wait until next month for that.
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    Not to get political or anything (and if this stirs some shit I truly apologize to the mods in advance) but I've been dating a black girl for about a year now and it's really opened my white guy eyes to how easily something like that could've turned into a tragedy. I'm just glad the guy is safe.
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    Steph and Cole sounded like they were calling the Macy's thanksgiving day parade and the research department gave the a list of facts about the Edina hs marching band and how many people it takes to guide the Bullwinkle balloon.
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    And TJP is TJP, which is a curse in its own right.
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    OH! I don't know why I just remembered this but I was rolling over Cole claiming that the women would be completely stumped by how a Rumble works because it never existed before and both Steph and Graves were like "they own TVs"
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    Rusev was so fucking over it was breathtaking. I'm elated.
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