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    There's an idea for a stable. Owens, Joe, Ohno, and a fourth, maybe Damo/Dain. Their name would be
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    Hey, if WWE was going to make a play for a monopoly I'm sure the head of the Small Business Administration would stop the- Oh, right.
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    For you, it was the most sartorially repugnant display you've ever witnessed. But for Michael Hayes, it was Tuesday.
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    Apparently Wade Barrett is appearing at Wrestlecon during WM weekend using the name Fake News Bennett. This is a gimmick that needs to be on TV right away
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    I'll take em both. I'm hardcore.
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    Smile, for not all of this actually happened.
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    My advice: steel plate under his winnipeg jets sweater.
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    "Now, if this guy could be bothered to take off his baseball cap while pleasing his lady you'd be able to see that is a very young Robert Forster arguing with Magnum P.I...Ironic that we're watching a Magnum right now given the quality of the fucking going on. That car Forster is driving is his own car. The director saw it and, no, wait, that's a swollen ankle. She should get that looked at. Ladies and gentlemen, Diabetes is a silent killer. Everyone should be aware."
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    The people I want to see AJ wrestle at in Mania in that video (in order) Jamie Knoble Daniel Bryan Adam Pearce Michael Hayes Michael Cole Renee Young Shane McMahon Road Dogg
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    This made me laugh tonight.
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    This show can kiss my whole asshole
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    So much school spirit, they were literally hanging from the rafters.
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    There were three Marty Sugars. The original died in 1992 so they got another guy that looked like him and put him in a bodysuit.
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    Can I just take this moment to address everyone who makes/uploads their amateur sex stuff to porn sites, and this is important enough to admit that I have seen your work. Okay, and I know a few of you are, in fact, here right now reading this. Just statistically, we can all acknowledge that. And we all appreciate your work and sacrifice. Good on you and everything. But please. For the love of God. For the love of all that is holy and dear to us all. Pleeeeeease... TURN OFF THE FUCKING T.V.!!!!! It is not helping me in that moment to recognize that you are watching an old rerun of Emergency! on Me TV while you are getting it on. It only lets me know that 1) You can't afford cable 2) It's 2:30 on a weekday when you are doing this 3) You are able to maintain an erection while an old man explains to you that his catheter service helps him avoid bladder infections NONE OF THAT IS HELPING!!!!! I'm sorry, guys, I just need to get the word out.
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    I imagine this is like a scared straight program for chiropractors.
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    May he live another 91 and tell people "Awwww, come on now!" for another set of generations.
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    Still never work. Doing your thing with a camera on you is probably something that'd take a lot of guts- why offer it to a notorious coward who dove through the window of the Barber Shop to escape Shawn Michaels?
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    Unfortunately, it will be Bob Holly and Bart Gunn.
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    That anger...it's like you can feel it...coming in the air...tonight.
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    "I joined the Wyatt family for 2 weeks. At no point did I consider arsoney" - Daniel Bryan Talking Smack
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    1. I'd probably vote for him simply cause I always liked the dude. 2. We're lucky the election is on May 1st. 18 days later might cause issues.
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    I'm sure the Stamford police chief just told him "That's some nice reckless driving Mr. McMahon"
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    They were going to one year but he had another engagement.
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    "Once upon a time there were three schlubby journeymen who had problematic BMIs, and they were each working in bingo halls. But I took them away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Hunter."
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    Please don't let this thread get locked again.
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    As opposed to all the other times New Jack would snort coke.
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    I enjoyed all my years on Baywatch, brother. I slammed David Hasselhoff when he weighed 300 pounds. He almost died. I suggested he quit acting and become a German pop sensation. All true.
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    Do you get mad when folks post about how your dad is old and haggard and needs to stop having matches?
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    Vanguard Group owns 4.77% of the stock? That little drone friend of the Hardys must be filthy rich.
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    LOL "I'm Kota Ibushi and this is alleyway firework wrestling!" (twangy guitar)
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    If this means John opens up a present and gets bit by a cobra, I'm all for it.
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