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    Adam Page wants to be my favourite wrestler.
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    I am getting an estimate for a kitchen project, so I am getting unknown calls on my phone that I have to answer. So today I get the one where the guy tells me I haven't paid my taxes for 3 years and I need to tell him my social security number to clear it up or the police are going to come to my house and arrest me. Today is a really shitty day for this call, I'm not in the mood for this disgusting criminal who is trying to likely prey on uneducated/elderly people. So I snap into full promo practice. The police are coming? To my house? Are you coming? You should be the first. I hope you are the first one on the stoop. Are you coming? Sir I work for the IRS and I.... you know why PAL? Because when you you step to my door I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget, WOOOOOO!!!! I'll beat you from pillar to post and make you regret the day you tested the GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD WOOOOOOOO!!! Click. Nope, not today. I call him right back. The same guy answers. He asks if this is Joe B? (My real name, so that's a little jarring) and I tell him to never, EVER let my name slip from his lips again and he is digging a hole. He cuts me off and says "Sir, you are wasting your time". I calmly say, "your right sir, I would actually like to resolve this situation. What do you think should be done?" Well I ju.. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK because it's me and you tonight inside a steel cage and only one man will walk away!! Click. I called back but they just put me on hold and every time they would check to see if I was there they would quickly put me back on hold, and then they hung up again. I really wish federal agents would raid their facility and put them in jail. But in lieu of that, I can let off a little steam.
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    All you jerks will have left is awesome 50s French Catch.
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    Jim Ross: Excalibur, tell us more about Elle Triggerangola della Morton.
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    WWF did that show in the 80’s. It was called “Tuesday Night Titans”.
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    I don’t know what Gritty, Warren Beatty, and Matt Riddle have to do with anything.
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    I think of people snorting giant rails of cocaine and then answering questions. Which is actually a better concept than Hot Ones
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    Well clearly these people have never worked with Vince before
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    The irony of Jeff Hardy being on a show called "The Bump"
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    My ex-wife, my daughter's mom, is a fucking moron. She's been in full panic mode and has been watching the news non-stop and feeding my 9 year old daughter information that's way over her head. Shit like that it's unsafe to leave the house, getting take out is a good way to get sick, that sort of shit. This dumb bitch doesn't bother to make sure my daughter is clean and dressed out of pajamas by, like, 3 pm, or have her hair brushed, but she sure as hell is going on and on about coronavirus and all of that. Thankfully, I'm somehow not remotely anxious about this (I was at about a 2 out of 10, now it's maybe a 3 or 4) and my wife is a nurse (well, now she's a regional manager, but she'll still run treatments here and there) and a saint and we're more than capable of having good discussions with a 9 year old. So a lot of the night tonight was spent calming her fears after we ordered takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant or if not calming them, helping her get a better understanding for what this all is so she can be better equipped to not be afraid. It's one of those things that makes me wish I had full custody and not 50/50 custody just to have full control of the situation. I'm sure tomorrow will bring more questions and that's what my wife and I want. If my daughter is worried, we want her to ask a million questions or even re-ask them because we both know that we'll handle it extremely well. Then there's my friends who are being impacted. One in LA was laid off or furloughed from his restaurant job and there's not a lot of acting gigs available, another friend here is a manager of a hotel and who knows what their situation is going to be, another friend out on the west coast was also furloughed, same for a friend of mine in Chicago, and that all sucks. And then there's my mom and other relatives who are stuck at home and isolated more than they were before. I feel bad for everyone more than I actually worry about this. And then I start feeling mad because we could have been better prepared to handle this, but the president is a complete and total fucking idiot and continuously leads the country and ultimately the world down the wrong path. Sorry for the political talk, but fuck him, fuck that entire administration, and bless Fauci and others trying to do what they can for as long as they can until they're fired.
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    “I know! We’ll have WrestleMania in the performance center! Every ticket holder hop in!” ”Mr. McMahon, they’ll never fit-“ *I know that’s two Simpsons in a day. Tell it to the Seinfeld people.
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    Didn't want to mess with these guys on the streets or the dance floor in the 80s.
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    Masterpiece of a match: Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania X.
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    If you actually think about it, Brawl for All is a perfect subject. We discussed this last summer (late July to be specifically) in this same thread, where @odessasteps succinctly hit it on the head. Not that you haven't had shoot fights on the same card as worked fights (I mean promotions in Japan already did this years earlier) before, but to do this during an era where kayfabe in North American wrestling was still critical is mind-boggling. Keep in mind, your biggest star at the time is a guy who is portrayed as the toughest SOB in the world and a mega badass. He was not a part of this. Underneath that is a bunch of supposed rugged tough guys who were lauded for being badasses themselves among smart fans and the boys in the back, and they go out there and proceed to demonstrate and display the worst looking technique and (lack of) fighting acumen you could ever imagine. You got a dude out there with one eye fighting, and you got a bunch of dudes getting concussed and seriously injured while exposing the business. Add in the fact, part of the excuse to do this was you had nothing for most of these guys to do in a creative sense. At no point in wrestling on this side of the Atlantic would it seem somewhat logical to do this except the late 90s. Look at the landscape of actual shoot combat sports. You had John McCain and others putting the screws to UFC/NHB fighting, and UFC's business eventually cratering around that time leading to a two year dark period and overall wouldn't fully recover until 2005. PRIDE FC was starting to take off. K-1 was still enjoying great success as well in the kakutougi boom. You had HBO boxing (through TVKO PPV) becoming somewhat bloated and beginning to over saturate the market, but still producing big marquee fights from time to time. Mike Tyson was his own phenomenon post Holyfield fights which WWF only helped to amplify months earlier, and he hadn't been reinstated yet to boxing. Toughman contests began to become prominent. The very next summer, Toughman shows would be airing on FX and doing great ratings. Russo can bullshit and make it seem like this was something that just happened on a whim, but in essence, Brawl for All was one of the most nineties things ever. I mean combat sports (specifically boxing) transformed from this exclusive celebrity event with pomp and circumstance you would associate with something like the Showtime Lakers and the fabulous Forum Club to a more excessive, brash, gritty, and over the top tone and vibe that was quintessential to the mid to late nineties. What was happening in pro wrestling started to parallel that. Instead of just saying, "hey, it's better here since we can keep that aura through controlling the outcomes", they started to play with fire. With this context, it should be considered one of the biggest eyesores in the history of pro wrestling.
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    “Christopher Daniels, you aren’t the first out of touch old man not to believe in me, but you’ll be the last.” Brodie Lee taking a shot at VKM.
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    Then donate to those parks, don’t fucking kill giant cats, and elephants just because you’re the son of a rich snob that has nothing better to do on a weekend in Africa.
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    Awesome. Next they should do all the male wrestlers standing next to an upright Tom Philips while not wearing lifts
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    I thought they wouldn’t be doing any 205 live matches?
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    I support this line of thought.
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    Also: Wardlow and Hager look like the evolved/roided up versions of Marty Scurll and Orange Cassidy
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    I've been away from the board for a while (work stuff) but I felt compelled to come back to state something: All my life, I was a diehard WWF/WWE fan (still am, for the former part) no matter what other company may have come up to try compete I was a homer for them. I've been watching AEW (mostly out of curiosity) since about week 4. It's easily my favorite promotion now. It started slowly, but in the past two months it's become full fledged. A combination of them doing things right and WWE doing things wrong has made me a believer. I just enjoy their shows so much. Monday's and Friday's used to be the high point of my week, but now that's been moved to Tuesday and Wednesdays. I enjoy so many things about the show, the humorous lower thirds, the hilarious commentary, seeing new wrestlers all the time, not trying to browbeat you over the stupidest points, stories that make logical/technical sense, wrestlers not just going through the paces, it's just been....refreshing. The company literally has everything a wrestling fan could ask for, all types/styles/characters/stories/etc. My wife has actually gotten into the show as well. She's a self-professed fan of the "flippy bullshit" (thanks Corny) of The Young Bucks. My favorite team is The Butcher & The Blade. We both love Moxley, Dr. Luther, Brandon Cutler & Sonny Kiss, JR's and/or Taz's wacky commentary every week. I don't like The Young Bucks. She doesn't like The Dark Order. We both agree Sammy Guevara is the heelist heel around today. Jericho's Inner Circle is brilliant. We went to the Royal Rumble this year in Houston, and during the women's RR she asked "Where's the dentist and the alien?" I had to remind her she was talking about the wrong company. The entire section around us began to talk about how much they enjoyed AEW over WWE. These past weeks with the empty arena shows were very....telling. The first SD was okay, then Raw was more of the same. The first empty arena Dynamite was a breath of fresh air. You could actually present an entertaining show with no audience! It's hard to go back. Watching Raw and SD now feels like a chore. Minus rooting for Otis, I don't think there's any current story line that either of us are interested in. I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I had to let it out. I genuinely enjoy the hell out of the show, it's made wrestling fun again.
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    I don’t care what anyone says, jobbing them out to the Psycho Twins was a step too far.
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    The greatest, most pure reaction I've ever seen in my life is the guy about 15 rows back over Owen's shoulder. When the hand hits the mat the 3rd time... he jumps about 10 feet in the air. It's joy. It's believing when no one else does. It's absolute vindication. It's pro wrestling.
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    So satisfying. I've always, always felt Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania X was superior to the Ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels on the show. Two *****.
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    This might be my favorite match of all time.
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    The Exalted One segment was cool until they revealed Brodie Lee, but then my one-year-old chose that exact moment to rip his diaper off and shit on the floor. Otherwise it was all good.
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    Satin is a WWE employee shitting on their direct competition. He has no real concern, he just wants to be a company man. At least by my opinion, anyway.
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    Yeah, I'm okay with everyone just going home instead of legitimately beating the shit out of each other.
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    I finally have a job where I can wear headphones while I work. I’ve learned that strutting around to Ass Man while no one around you is the wiser is a total power move and makes me super productive.
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    Also, the match has gifted us a new Meme Format:
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    Fucking GROSS.
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    Rebecca Black is not the exalted one?
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    What a difference it makes when you have a wrestling product that doesn't have such seething disregard and hatred for its fans.
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    This shit is still right twice a day. Whoa, how could I have forgotten Sable’s classic catchphrase, “What are you looking at?”
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