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    It was, dammit! Rock landed on his chest. Booker T landed on his knees.
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    AEW are really sleeping on a Sami/Hager tag team
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    Virgil also had the line of the year as well: "Chris Jericho's potential is like Olive Garden's breadsticks - unlimited." I. Fucking. Died. I just re-watched that video package again and it's the funniest shit ever.
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    The most surprising wrestling thing that happened to me in 2019 is that Cody not-Rhodes is my favorite wrestler. Not because I think he's the best wrestler or because I love watching his matches the most (that banger with Dustin Rhodes aside, I wouldn't list one of his matches from this year among my favorites), but because he's picked up the Daniel-Bryan-in-2014 mantle of being the wrestler who most appeals to my early-Millennial sensibilities. That Cody has found a way to replicate his father's character except for Millennials with dreams who have to scrabble hard to achieve them as opposed to working class men with dreams who have to scrabble hard to achieve them is brilliant. He is the only character in wrestling going today whom I genuinely care about from a character standpoint.
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    “I almost got murdered in prison, why the hell would I be afraid of a match with The Undertaker?” This is actually a significant moment in my fan development. Both the incongruity of how him being an enduring survivor of a terrible life was supposed to get us to boo him (which crystallized my “Vince’s idea of heroism is backwards” thesis) and the disappointment of getting such a great tease of maybe somebody finally being not afraid of The Undertaker’s shtick only to have him be afraid of UT’s shtick and get squashed. Which made UT as tiresome for me as Hogan or HHH for the same reason.
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    Juice Robinson is a strong indictment of the system as well. And a much stronger argument for getting the fuck out of it if they aren't using you.
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    Rusev deserves so much better. That man's a treasure
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    Please let them say yes on The condition that the match is against Shawn Michaels.
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    Damn it dude it was an unsanctioned match Wound closures are for sanctioned matches Apparently highly produced video packages are for both, but still
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    After MJF turned I was like, really, not one of you fucks is going to throw garbage into the ring? Really?! And then that Stu Grayson looking dude just completely nailed MJF and it was like the cherry on top of the sundae. Thank you sir for doing what was needed. Sorry that you got kicked out.
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    Kenny Omega is everything Seth Rollins thinks he is. I'm embarrassed that there are wrestling fans in this world that think Seth can tie Kenny's boots.
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    Fuck sympathy and human kindness, am I right?
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    He really does not get enough credit for the no way out call. You could tell it was a legit emotional moment for him. And the excitement was real when he’s cheering for Eddie as he goes up for the frog splash. I have so many issues with him, but dude does have his moments
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    I don't think anyone else has said it, so I will. Batista's chest tattoo is fucking awful.
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    I think Gorgeous George gets grandfathered in on the top 5. Can't forget the folical pioneers.
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    I *tried* to pivot by sharing my favorite Luther Reigns memory but much like his career it was immediately forgotten.
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    God, can we PLEASE get them back in NXT? Are they doing anything on the main roster that is so important we couldn’t have them back in the one show where they actually were over and get to do shit like this match on the regular?
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    A Bulldog spot is not complete without a foot stomp.
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    Kenny isn't cleared. Cody isn't cleared. The Bucks were laid out by P&P. And Hangman was knocked out before the finish of the Pac match. Dustin Rhodes has a broken arm. All of the Elite are on the shelf right now, and the Nightmare Family is basically finished. The top active babyfaces in the company are Scorpio Sky/ SCU, Darby Allin, Jurassic Express and Private Party (Mox is a tweener). That's a commitment to making new stars right there.
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    Cody has to contend with his legacy as Dusty's son. Even if it isn't exactly the case, Cody is viewed as the booker. And if a booker named Rhodes puts himself over + gives himself the belt at the company's first post-TV PPV, it's a bad look. It's an easy talking point for critics and the competition. Way too much baggage for something unnecessary. And it is very unnecessary - Cody is honest-to-God over enough to not need a belt and he's probably quite aware of it. Taking himself out of the title picture is a show of good faith to the other talent that he won't Dusty himself to the top. allows Cody to still book himself strong in unique, story driven feuds that aren't about a title chase, allows Chris Jericho (who is still bar-none the company's biggest draw) to stay on top and let the Inner Circle continue to solidify themselves, and sets up Cody rescinding the rule if he's turned heel down the line. From where I stand, Jericho wins and it isn't even debatable. We'll see. I also think people are forgetting that Omega/Moxley may well end up being the first all-the-way Kenny Omega main event w/ a fully capable partner since Tanahashi at the Dome, that Kenny's run as the critic's "Best Wrestler In The World" is an essential reason why AEW even exists, and that nobody wants to go on after him when he's given all that spotlight. I don't know if that means Kenny goes over and becomes the guy to unseat Jericho, but I do think the Lights Out Match is going on last.
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    Carrying on that trail of thought, Happy Thanksgiving to American posters on this great message board xxx.
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    There's a show on the network, I believe from Japan, with an unproduced Michael Cole, where he is quite good.
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    Could be worse, I almost brought up Maven.
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    She just says dumb shit on Twitch.
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    Following the announcement of the prime-time dream series of Holzhauer vs Jennings vs Rutter, Jeopardy James took to Twitter with wrestling memes.
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    @HarryArchieGus your point about how it feels good to support this company for the things they do right cannot be liked enough. AEW has a ton of goodwill they have built up in their short existence for the simple reason that this company does not make you feel like they actively hate you or think you are stupid like WWE main roster shows do. Its amazing how when you book babyfaces not to be utter geeks that we the fans can get invested in them. I could not give two shits about Cody in the WWE but I actively look forward to what he's doing here. Jurassic Express would have lasted maybe 5 minutes before Luchasaurus turned on Jungle Boy, but the people got behind them and they are stars in the making. Goodwill goes a long way and AEW has it so far
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    out-coking Neidhart seems difficult. out-coking Warrior seems impossible. but if anyone could, Marty'd be my bet. it's a miracle that cocaine survived The Ultimate Maniacs (not a traditional 4 man survivor series cokepromo but I mean can you really say this doesn't belong in that discussion? )
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    All I could think, watching this, was the following exchange: Kairi: "TITTY! TITTY!! TITTY!!! TITTY, TITTY, TITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTY, TITTY!!!" Charlotte: "... titty." I accept my Cibernateco, shamelessly.
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    I can't really add anything that hasn't been said already about the show. But I do want to admit that I was wrong about Cody Rhodes. Before AEW was a thing, dude always struck me as a guy who you could count on to hold your secondary championship, maybe main event a low level PPV but nothing above that. But he has honestly been one of the best parts of AEW since it started. Yes, all the EVPs have some schitzophrenic booking amongst themselves, but I'll be damned if Cody doesn't suck me in every time. The match vs Jericho was my favorite of the night, and dude is just killing it as the best babyface the company has. As much as we are all rightfully looking forward to MJF's total rat bastard promo that we know is coming, I'm looking forward to Cody's response even more and I never thought there would EVER be a day I would say that. Respect to you, Mr Rhodes
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    Also, I guess it's only ok to do spots and moves on the bare wood if you're Gargano and Ciampa.
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    Let us not forget our Jewish friends this holiday season
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    also, mentions of wrestlers and unionization make this as good a time and place as any to once again say Fuck Hulk Hogan.
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    Who will be the fourth member of Team Ciampa? You guessed it... ...Frank Stallone That one's for my homey @PetrolCB.
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    Meanwhile, in Japan... I’m having serious Tarrant on TV flashbacks
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    This is going to be like Heenan always calling Ray Traylor Bossman no matter the gimmick WCW gave him.
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    Psst, I heard there's a Murder She Wrote marathon on TV right now.
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