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    Poor JoJo. If Bray's intimate moments are anything like his career, it's probably a lot of talking about what he's going to do that never goes anywhere satisfying.
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    I wish Rick Martel would make a cameo as the Fashion Police Chief.
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    at least he has connections to the IRS.
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    Don't go there...there's a dark journey down that road.
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    Did you ask him What's Up?
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    "Shut up and get out of the way! I have to get my shit in!"
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    In the first ever, historic, women's MITB match, they actually had a man climb up to get the briefcase and hand it to a woman. Absolutely one of the most tone deaf decisions they've ever made. So, so stupid.
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    She's gonna be pissed when she tries to get the shed that Randy Orton burned down.
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    I like Enzo's new gimmick of getting knocked out every week. Hopefully the reveal is the entire roster is in cahoots attacking him.
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    I think you're the first one to notice and express reservations about that.
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    First stop: the surf store...
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    They need to bring Harper into The Fashion Police as their Adrian Pimento; went undercover too long trying to infiltrate the uggo Wyatt Family to bring them to fashion justice...
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    This might get yanked, but fuck it... Certainly would have been an improvement on what we have now...
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    And as we all know, Jericho is always 100% honest, and never, ever prone to working people just for the sake of his own amusement.
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    Looking back I'm kinda shocked that my parents never leafed through my WWF magazines, saw pictures like Daisy Dukes Johnson there and sent me to a special church camp.
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    Samoa Joe is too awesome to let silly wrestling morality define him. I mean come on?
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    The only thing I liked about the ending was that all the points made by Cass for breaking up with Enzo: - You constantly blather on about God knows what every minute of the day. - You know how many times I've wanted to slap you upside your stupid looking face? - But I felt bad for you because none of the guys take you seriously - everyone is tired of putting up with your spastic antics - I'm the star. You're all mouth. Are basically all the reasons Dean Martin broke up with Jerry Lewis. Which I guess means we can look forward to interviews with an 80 year old Enzo where he's like "You know, I carried that team. I created the hot tag. Sure a few people did it before us, but everyone said no one did it like I did it. America needed us. The world needed us. And i like to think we saved both of them. Now please get the fuck out of here and tell those schmucks at the Friar's club they can shove their dues up their asses."
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    This is the weird couple you meet road tripping through the south that will flirt with you, sell you some loose, unmarked pills, and siphon your gas in the middle of the night.
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    You guys kill me sometimes: "Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin dressed badly." "Who is that guy next to the other guy in the picture even though it is so obvious who all those guys are?" YOU KIDS DON'T DESERVE WRESTLING! *goes back inside, slams door, glares out window*
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    Shibata Is My Homie is clearly not my homie
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    Since we're talking canes, I wanna see Bayley go full-on Sandman. She's getting ready to crack Alexa when suddenly Izzy stands in front of Alexa. Then Izzy calls Bayley a drunk and says she worships Alexa now.
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    Remember: Well......before: After: I'm beginning to think the Broken Universe really is the property of Impact Wrestling........
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    Appreciate the kind words! Indeed she does run a bar! I think it's called Girls Bar but don't let that dissuade you from going, they let me in. Entrance I should have stole this coaster. Apparently if you're a regular they print out coasters of your face. Entrance Pt. #2 Blessed Image #64 Shot of the decor. It was really weird/incredible to have Toshiyo Yamada pour me a beer while watching old AJW inside of an establishment.
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    Frankly, this is what I wanted. Mainly because this is *literally* how Jinder ended up with the WWE Championship:
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    God dammit. They put the belt on Rollins again AND they gave him a new hat!
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    That Bayley stuff seems like pure speculation cause why would the color commentator be involved? Goddammit, pal, lemme tell you what to do though, baby! Picture with the eyes of your mind, Bayley and Sasha Banks walking backstage on their way to the ring for tag team action when they pass by members of THE BEAR COMMUNITY!?! and Bayley being the simpleton that she is has to stop and hug one of the bears to the clear disapproval of Banks and the other bears. Next week, after a backstage Bayley interview we see that bear sneaking around the corner and he gives Bayley a balloon before running off. The following weeks we see the bear and Bayley exchanging small gifts and hugs until we get to The SummerSlam where right before Bayley's big bout against whoever the hell the champ is, the bear comes out with a gift box and they hug and he motions for her to close her eyes and it looks like he's about to kiss her but instead he bashes her over the head with the box and the bear unmasks and it's Sasha Banks and she opens the box and pulls out a big catfish which she proceeds to beat Bayley with.
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    I hope Big Show comes in, knocks both guys out, and declares pro wrestling to be the king of sports.
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    The rest of us hate you for saying that, too.
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    I did not, but, I'd simply assumed the WWE would blow the roof off it! (oh god I hate myself for even saying that)
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    @Thibs and @Craig H I am going to ask that you do one of the following things 1) Use the ignore function 2) Take it to PM 3) Fuck and get it over with
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    Joe's hype man needs to be Julius Smokes.
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    i wouldn't say he was fat.....brother's Samoan.
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    "Hey, if you stop mutilating yourself and bleeding everywhere and start licking people instead, we'll pay you 10X more for 1/10th the effort, get you even more by merchandising, and make you known to millions around the world." I wouldn't have signed that contract fast enough.
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    I have very little to add to this discussion, other that anytime someone uses the "If they were so special, they'd be getting over even with bad booking" talking point, I don't even pay attention to the rest of there post, cause it's already clear I won't be able to take there opinion seriously.
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    with the match held under "I'm not finished with your yard" stipulations, where the loser performs complimentary landscaping services to the winner for 30 days.
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    You kidding? He took a flip bump and begged off to tag in baby Tully.
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    And when the doctor spanked him to get him crying, Arn hit him in the knee with a tire iron.
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    I think we found the image Rippa needs for the next shirt.
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    I got the solution. Have Matt and Jeff come out dressed as and imitating the Swedish Chef and call themselves "Borken."