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    Cena probably thought Ford wouldn't notice the sale since they couldn't see him
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    His PhD is in Thuganomics, not Contract Law.
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    @cwoy2j debuted his new gimmick. He lost overness with the crowd.
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    So now Steph will claim the WWE fixed the Middle East just like the saved America after 9/11
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    Let's not say things we can't take back
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    There once was a man named Jordan He was part of a great tag team He was made into Olympic seed But the fans didn't take heed And tonight, he wound up pedigreed
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    I work on sets for movies and tv shows, so I've been interacting with a lot of celebs lately. Kyle Chandler is a total sweetheart. Took time to thank all the "below the line" folks like me individually, not in a condescending or self-aggrandizing way, but in the way of a dude who is happy to be where he is. Could not have been cooler. John Cena was awesome, too. I was wearing one of my "Krav Maga" training shirts and he walked up to me and asked why a man my size needed Krav Maga. We talked for 20 minutes. Just the nicest guy in the world. Met AJ Styles at a Dicks Sporting Goods in Buford, GA. He was there with his family, but we were looking at the same item, so I quietly told him I was a fan of his work and didn't want to make a scene. He thanked me for being quiet and shook my hand. We talked for a minute. Maybe the most gracious dude I've ever met. Ryan Gosling was cool but "out there". John C. McGinley was very nice, but quiet. Jennifer Lawrence was nice, but seemed to be waiting for people to make a bigger deal of her being on set. Lucy Hale sat next to me at catering on a pilot we shot last year, and was very sweet and unassuming. I even had a good encounter with Vanessa Williams after seeing her fire two other people that day. I had to install a table I'd built for a set piece on a show, and she was standing exactly where i needed to work. I was polite and quiet, and she gave me a big smile and said to do whatever i needed. It was mildly terrifying and slightly arousing all at the same time. I also watched the door at a tavern in Buckhead in Atlanta several years back, and met several current and former Braves. Freddie Freeman is a human golden retriever. He's just the sweetest guy in the world. Dan Uggla was nice but dumber than a bag of hammers. I'd heard horror stories about Chipper Jones, but guy was never anything but gracious and accommodating to our staff. He would sign autographs and take pictures, he just asked that we go to the VIP room or somewhere else out of public eye to do it. Signed a cap, several cards, and a few Starting Lineup figures I had in the box. He even chuckled when he saw the figures. Just a really nice guy who I think bristles at too much attention. Took time to make small talk with our servers and always overtipped. Jeff Foxworthy is a nice guy, but I think is very averse to public attention. Who else? I waited on Katt Williams at another restaurant in Atlanta. Guy came in with 3 companions. Spent 640 dollars at lunch. Gave me 10 Benjamins and told me to keep the rest. He's even shorter than you'd imagine. When I lived in Peachtree City I became acquaintances with Katherine Heigl due to seeing her at the gym every day of her shoot and telling her about the best places to "get in trouble" in our small town. She's very striking in person. Another one I'd heard bad things about that defied my expectations. She signed a couple items for me. Super sweet. Oh, holy shit, I almost forgot the best one. The things they say about Shia LeBoeuf are true. Kid is fucking nuts. He was shooting LAWLESS in Senoia, and would come into our dive bar in peachtree city at night. There's a very nice resort hotel all the actors stay at when filming in the area, and that bar is less than a mile from there. My friend's wife waits tables at this bar, and we'd go up there and shoot pool and see if any celebrities were coming in. Well, TheBeef is drunk and talking shit to anyone within earshot about how much our town sucks and how he could buy and sell the whole place if he wanted to. There were several people out from LA on the production there that night, and they all looked embarrassed. Finally he grabbed my buddies wife by the ass and made a lewd comment. My buddy and two of our other friends jumped into action. They're all around 5'8 and less than 170, so they were held back by security. I looked to intervene and felt an iron grip on my shirt at the same time I heard a low voice with an accent say "let it go, mate." The owner of this voice raised his head to where I could see under his hat brim and TOM fucking HARDY is the owner of the iron grip and low voice. He was far cooler than he could've been about the whole thing, and ended up paying our tab. He even stood around shooting the shit and took a few shots at the pool table. Tom was maybe the nicest and most unassuming celebrity I've ever been around. TheBeef was escorted out and ended up getting a DUI later that week. My friends still joke about "the night big Andy almost fought Bane." I don't think it's nearly as funny as they do.
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    Even Lil’ Naitch is being forced to carry Dolph.
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    Okay so I watched the Jocephus challenge video and I guess they're going with him being a professor by day and a wrestler at night. I'm intrigued with this new NWA that went from being world class athletes vying for supremacy to a Dissatisfied Teacher's Fight Club. I kinda hope all wrestlers get a gimmick that is their day job. Scott is a manager at Shoney's Restaurant. He's not great at math but he knows the odds of him winning are in his favor. Can he serve up the punishment like he serves up a country fried steak with all the fixings? Find out tonight on NWA Wrestling! And later tonight! .... Taylor has been slinging shades at the Sunglasses Hut in her local mall, but tonight she's throwing shade at our women's champion! What will our champion have to say about Taylor's wild accusations! Find out later tonight.... or on youtube if the men's matches run long.
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    Mods I thought we weren't allowed to post these apartment videos anymore.
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    I think you're being overly critical. Man.
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    Please tell me people love Jason Jordan as much as I do now. - That his character is so delusional and devoid of critical thought that he launched this whole "Kurt Angle is my dad" scam and then failed to get anything out of it because he has neither the patience nor the basic competence to milk it and just immediately started screaming things he wants into the nearest camera. - Jordan talks shit in the most amazingly nonsenisical ways. "Hey Joe you have to talk tough because you aren't really tough like me!" That is the most fantastically ludicrous brain thought. - flopping is head around like a drunken muppet every time he goes for a cover. - Selling that last Superman punch like Tim Conway pretending he's brain damaged.
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    Are you going to use some SCISSORS to unwrap your gifts?!!!.....*crickets* I said are you going to use some SCISSORS to unwrap your gifts?!!!!
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    This party-like-it's-2003 HHHate gets more boring each time it comes up.
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    The biggest thing I take from this is that Cena can sell when he wants...I'll show myself out.
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    God Harlem Heat's music was fucking awesome
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    Pasting Scott Keith rants in here should be a bannable offense, just for the Benoit god-complex.
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    For a brief terrible moment I was worried that ADR's music was about to hit.
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    Super Shane can fuck off already. Enough of this stupid shit from a guy that never did anything but fall off tall things to begin with. Thank god for the middle of the show, because the rest of it fucking sucked.
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    Braun beating up the Hype Bros and tossing Dolph into a barricade was the greatest babyface moment in WWE history since Macho held open the ropes for Liz.
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    Got out of church and someone brought me this. They knew I was a big wrestling fan and of Kane. They use to live in Knoxville and knew him. The envelope has his insurance company as a return address.
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    Like thus: Only with a documentary.
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    I mean I think we all give him credit for trying and not giving up, but he's still not, y'know, GOOD. At all.
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    There is no better way to say this than how The Wife (aka Janice) has already has... so here... I couldn't be happier! James
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    He did come out to his Natural theme and titantron.
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    Being a Bills fan is no longer your worst life decision.
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    Sometime in the near future, a congressional intern is going to be reading the archive of the DVDVR sleaze thread. "The chair calls Mr Morton, Mr Gibson and Mr Valiant to the microphone." "Mr Valiant..." "Call me the Boogie Woogie Man, your honor..."
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    Fun fact, that's a picture of Sarge as a baby.
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    "Here I come to save the day, MAGGOT."
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    "I aM kUrT aNgLe. i TaKe CaRe Of ThE pLaCe WhIlE sTePhAnIe Is AwAy."
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    Happy Rusev Day Everybody! (somebody posted a Twitter link to a 1 minute version, but this is the full one)
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    Explaining Jericho vs. Omega to my father, former record industry sales guy. vs .
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    My favorite part was Jordan selling this line like it means anything: "I've been waiting my whole life for this. This is Survivor series...THE ONLY TIME DURING THE YEAR WHEN RAW AND SMACKDOWN LIVE COMPETE HEAD TO HEAD!!!!" That is some straight up Veruca Salt demanding an Everlasting Gobstopper level whining.