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    If you don't think someone saying or supporting the equivalent of "a trans person isn't a human being" can hurt someone, please find somewhere else to visit. I may end up being the last person on this board if necessary but that ain't fucking flying around here
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    I took my nine year old nephew to his first wrestling show at New South in Hartselle. I promised him when he was three I would take him like I did his brother. The show itself was pretty good. But honestly I rather be at home, I hate crowds and have severe anxiety, I was four nerve pills in just to function. But it was still an amazing experience because I got to see wrestling thru the eyes of a child. To Connor (my nephew) everyone was a star. He was angry when the bad guys cheated and jubilant when the good guys won. He was not comparing young guys to hazy memories of the past they could not compare to. He ran up to every wrestler and got his arms signed. Cheeseburger made two fans last night in me and the Con Dog. Connor begged me for a mask so I got it telling him that was his big purchase. But he wanted a shirt from Cheeseburger so much. So I got it and he threw in an 8X10. I saw the current indy wrestlers in a new light. Not these punks trying to usurp my memories. But guys with my old passion who want to make new memories. The whole trip kinda put me in the hole before April even started. But it was all worth it.
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    I loved that so much. "Wait, what? You want to what? With this? You want me to take this somewhere? This is a suitcase. Is it mine? Are you bringing me a lost suitcase because I don't think I lost a suitcase. Wait what? open it? No? take it somewhere? Hold on let me go talk to this guy...but first you are aware that you are handing me some kind of suitcase right? Is something in it? Hold on, let me go talk to this other guy...yeah...she's got a suitcase...what? open it? No? Should we call someone? She keeps saying she wants to cash it in. I didn't know we could trade out luggage in for money." Meanwhile she's just SCREAMING... It was the greatest thing I've ever seen.
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    "Okay, guys, we've got Kevin Steen, El Generico, and Bryan Danielson all in one match. So, Shane, we're really gonna need you to step up and carry most of this one."
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    If only Cena stayed in his seat, he could be a tag team champion right now.
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    I want to see a show where Mike Cioda is confused in emergency situations while hysterical people scream at him for help.
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    I figure some of it is heartfelt advice to her fans 1. Don't hug me there! 2. Neckbeards tickle! 3. Deodorant is your friend! 4. Showers are important! 5. Why does everyone ask me if Eric Bischoff is my uncle? 6. Tumblr is gross! 7. Nobody likes bronies! 8. It could be worse. I could be a body pillow.
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    Backlund looks like a ventriloquist puppet that has gained sentience
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    I for one am shocked that the engagement Cena was forced into by his boss has ended.
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    Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you want about the tenets of The Wyatt Family, Wyld Samurai, at least it's an ethos.
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    This was the last image on the Raw before Wrestlemania 10.
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    A message board is a curated space, which none of us have an inalienable right to access. By signing up, we consent to moderation. Terms of use is a pretty fundamental concept, that is very clearly not censorship. But that isn't even what's happening here, near as I can tell. People are calling bigotry what it is. If someone has a right to say stupid and/or awful things, people have a right (maybe an obligation) to call them on it. And while "sincerely held beliefs" might have legal weight, that doesn't render them beyond criticism--it's a two-way street. If Rousey, or someone else, sincerely believes transphobic shit, and I sincerely believe she's an bigot because of it, I'm not wrong for saying so. (And while we're at it, "Sandy Hook happened as reported by reputable news outlets" is fact; believing otherwise is wrong, if we're to believe in an objectively observable universe in which verifiable truth exists.)
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    I like Cone as a ref and all, but his kid was the wrong call for Braun's partner. Little JJ was right there and he was the most charismatic person on the entire show.
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    Does anyone else know why RF Video is lobbying so hard on twitter to get a shoot interview with the new tag champion?
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    Aaaaand then there's this guy.
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    So the first thing Paige does as GM is give us Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles for 15+ minutes. The second thing she does is get Shibata Is My Homie cashed. She's already the best authority figure WWE has ever had.
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    Their makeup people are making them look terrible. I don't think it's sexist to point that out.
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    "because I look fucking good in these leather pants...now go do 200 Hindu squats"
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    One of the many many reasons why you should be following Big E on Twitter:
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    It's like I can see the Johnny Cash before he happens
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    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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    2030: On the convention floor.
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    Only one week on the job and Paige has already unloaded all of Smackdown's dead weight. She might be the best GM yet.
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    Yeah, i got the sarcasm. And I like the heel turn and all. My problem is that he is mocking a stereotype while being a heel. How does that make you a bad guy? It does in the WWE, because non-asian people can now safely boo him for it, because "Hey it's okay, he's in on the joke." I also thought the AJ being "too emotional" shit leading up to the Mania match, reeked of some white writer who still sees Japanese people as the stereotypical cold, calculated, autonomous machines they were portrayed as in American propaganda films during WW2. That whole bit leading into Mania made no sense because he shows so much emotion in the ring to begin with, I'd say more than AJ anyway. My point is that someone is writing these lines for him, and based on trackrecord I absolutely worry. Same company that has had it's Japanese men paired with women, so they can run angles where the asian fears they'll lose those women to the strong strapping white American men. Nakamura delivered it all perfect, and I love him more as heel already. But if the idea is he gets heat because he acts the way redneck shitheads think all Asians are, then what difference does it make if he's in on the joke or not? He's still getting booed because of it.
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    I'm liking trolling ass Nak so far.
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    Kurt Angle has some nerve saying his tag division is full, when his tag title match the night before featured a ten year old kid.
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    There's nothing like a healthy Colon
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    I'll second this. Show's been very generous and motivated where Braun is concerned. I've got faith they'll make a good proper feud. In general, I'm just happy we get Show for a while longer. I'd assume his decision to keep at it is probably partially motivated by the buzz that'll be surrounding him after the release of the HBO documentary on his father.
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    There's only one person I want to see partner with Braun. Anything less is a letdown:
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    Just go ahead and believe him. If you do, the worst outcome is you got worked by an old carny trying to get one last moment in the spotlight. If you don't, the worst outcome is you cynically mistrusted a dying man's last wish because you didn't want to be a mark. Pascal's Kayfabe.
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    Lay off Paige, she had to do a video announcing she had poisoned the Gotham City water supply.
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    One more that I'm stealing from Naylor's Twitter:
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    I loved Heenan's story about Andre fiddling with his seat rest and then asking for a screwdriver and the stewardess actually bringing him a screwdriver. Heenan goes, "He's 500lbs and wasted, why would you bring him tools? He's asking for a screwdriver, as in the drink. What would you have done if he'd have asked for a Bloody Mary?"
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    Look everyone. In regards to trans people's rights and their ability to compete... I'm going to put this as simply as humanly fucking possible: Do NOT choose this hill to die on. This is a topic that is extremely personal to me. I'm going to sleep soon. Don't make me regret leaving this thread open.