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    Man getting hit in the groin with a football never gets old.
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    I'm going to be on an airplane when this dumb show ends, but I cannot let this pass... Enzo Amore getting kicked out of the crowd, banned from the Staples Center, and forever becoming Persona Non Grata in the WWE, instantly makes this the show of the year.
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    In hindsight, Roman relinquishing the title, breaking the fourth wall and leaving only for it to be the catalyst for the Shield break-up feels like manipulation. Manipulation of Roman, manipulation of the fans emotions. Another ''moment'' for Vince to stroke his ego with. Just go back and read the Roman thread the night the news broke revealing his illness and the reaction of the board. The sharing of stories of lost loved ones. The emotions that night were very real here. I don't care if Roman is fine with the storyline. I don't care if he went to Vince and said ''use this, it will be great heat for Ambrose''. It feels like a slap in the face to everyone that has lost someone to the fuck awful disease. People will say it's the wrestling business. Exploitation of real world events is written in it's DNA, right? No. There's a difference between Nia being a sloppy worker and breaking Becky's nose and creative capitalizing on it (which fucking stinks too, but it is what it is) to the living, breathing killing machine that is cancer. Fuck all that. As much as WWE barks on about progression, their true, reprehensible, immoral, unethical face has shown up a lot lately. It must be painful for some to continually repress these feelings and to constantly re-write reality to defend this company.
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    Dream's story is he's a talented young man consumed with being in the spotlight. He loves wrestling, so he uses moves from those who he grew up idolizing because 1) they're effective and 2) they get him the attention he craves. But as he gets further into his career, the more he connects to his own ability. It's a coming of age story. Prince Hal into Henry V. He's still colorful and wild, but he's melding into the wrestler and man he'll will eventually become. It's becoming less about being the Experience and more about proving how good he really is. If given time, that's his chronicle. Eugene isn't a pimple on Dream's backside in terms of character arc.
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    Turning evil after repeated hyperbaric chamber sessions sounds like the plot of an Asylum horror film.
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    Ah yes, Wrestling History 101: when Greg Valentine broke [squints at notes] Yahoo's leg
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    I, for one, am shocked to learn that this highly evolved specimen once said some dumb shit on the Internet.
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    Undertaker's looking rather voluptuous on that sweater.
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    I love that the WWE sent out three High School Anatomy students to treat Rousey's neck/throat. Yes, give her a bottle of water. That will help. This was like when Elaine gave her boyfriend a cookie when he had a stroke.
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    Just wanted to let you all know that I had a customer named Don Muraco in my store today. Sadly, he did not eat a meatball sub during our interaction.
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    Enjoy: You're gonna get your fucking head kicked in!
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    I'm not sure which is more disgusting, you guys yammering about your toenails, or talking about James Ellsworth sending nude selfies, neither is an image I want to contemplate while I'm having breakfast.
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    Taker's technique is terrible. He's not even using the trocar correctly. He's not wearing PPE and violating OSHA regulations. Just disgraceful
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    I don't mind Bryan's turn. Yeslemania was more than 4 years ago and they're never going to recapture that moment. Bryan's run up till now has been pretty stale and I'm sure Bryan is itching at being a heel again. WWE also can't book babyface worth a lick, so he's better off being a heel.