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    I don't think this would fit in the toilet.
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    Solid story from Meltz's update today:
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    WHAT A IRISH WHIP! HE ALMOST KILLED HIM! Credit: "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd vs. Tito Taurez & Silvano Sousa (Handicap Match) - All-Star Wrestling: January 7, 1976
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    "The slender and confused fawn tries to struggle. But once enveloped in the thick muscle-lined vertebrae of the Samoa Constrictor it is just a matter of time and a surrender to the darkness is inevitable. Its final breaths will be short and weak. The light vanishes from its eyes and the rest is sleep. A blessed sleep given the long and acidic process of digestion to follow. next up on Nat Geo Wild, a foolish injured swan with a broken leg attempts to do defend its nest from a Nia Jaxigator. Viewer discretion is advised."
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    I did not see this LIVE @Dolfan in NYC but now I think I need to go back and watch the DVR. This looks so right to me...
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    I want Shawn Michaels to do it, Four-way stare down between the Rockers and Rock N Roll Express, and you wouldn't even need Marty or Ricky there to pull it off.
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    Only went there once and it was an experience... The food was great (I mean anytime I can have fried chicken gizzards and chow mein, I'm a happy guy.) I was in Hotlanta for a World Horror Convention and this should probably surprise no one, but a lot of pros in the biz are big wrestling fans (horror fiction = literature of the extreme / pro wrestling = theatre of the extreme). Anyway, a bunch of us decided we had to visit Abdullah's. Took three cabs and about a forty minute drive to get there. We were disappointed that the great man was not on hand, but the hostess, a lovely Asian woman who turned out to be Mrs. Abdullah, was a delight to talk with and when we mentioned that there would be a huge party the next day (hosted by TOR Books), and that we'd love to invite Abdullah as a special guest, she assured us that he's show up. The evening went well until it was time to return to the hotel, there was a time factor involved as Alan Clark, the Artist Guest of Honor had a midnight presentation scheduled, but what the hell it was only 10PM, plenty of time, right? Not so fast... Apparently Abby's place is not in the best part of town and we were told by the cab company that brought us there that they didn't send drivers out that way after dark. So basically, we were stuck. Miles from our hotel, and no way to get back... Mrs. Abdullah to the rescue! The restaurant was closing, so after we explained our plight she had us all pile in to the Abby Van and after dropping off the cook and dishwasher, took us all the way to the hotel. The Great Man called the next day to inquire about the party and asked if he could bring a couple of friends (Teddy Long and a newer wrestler named Cactus Jack), we said we'd be delighted to host all three and waited for them to show up at the hotel. Sadly, they never did... So I didn't get to meet the Butcher, Teddy Long or Mick Foley, but I did have one hell of an interesting experience...
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    So you're saying with Orton, there's an Evolution, but You Can't See such change with Cena? C'mon now, Cena looks different. Sometimes his hats are red, sometimes they're blue or green.
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    Your son is holding a grudge from the 2015 TLC PPV and it is amazing
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    I LOVED that. Also, KO's interview was great. Brock mean mugging the camera as Heyman talked shit was great too.
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    They run the show like a spoiled rich kid who has never worked and a nice guy with brain damage.
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    I hope Hogan inducts The Natural Disasters. And then Scott Steiner inducts Angle. "First, I see that white trash redneck DDP get inducted. Now, I see that crippled old racist piece of garbage, Hulk Hogan. I ain't here to induct no racist white trash. I'm here to induct an American hero. Your Olympic hero. KURT ANGLE! And he ain't no racist cause he loves black chicks! Maybe a little bit too much. I'm not going to stand here and tell you all about all his accomplishments and escalades cause there's too damn many. Olympic Gold Medalist, multiple-time World Heavyweight Champion, but the most important thing he has is the respect of "The Big Bad Booty Daddy" cause this man is one of the only men I respect; for his work ethnic, his toughness. He won a gold medal with a broken freaking neck! I look around this room and I see all your toothless smiles staring back at me and it's not just Orlando white trash rednecks, it's limey British white trash too. Kurt Angle is so great that he's even Great Britain's Olympic hero. If there was tag team wrestling at the Olympics, me and my brother would've been dropping commies on their heads every four years and I'd be your Olympic hero too. But there ain't and I'm not and I'm glad cause England sucks. You ain't got no teeth cause you're always eating those little crap cookies you call biscuits. Those ain't biscuits. Biscuits are light and fluffy and you eat them for breakfast. Your breakfast sucks! Some dry sausages, some dry eggs, some dry toast, and it's all dry even though it's swimming in pork 'n beans. And whatever the hell black pudding is. It looks like shit! You want a real breakfast, you come to my Shoney's! You order the breakfast buffet. Ain't no beans to be seen and no shit pudding. Fresh baked biscuits, scrambled eggs, juicy sausage, crispy bacon. Pancakes! Stack 'em to the ceiling. Fresh fruit, fresh squeezed juice, hot coffee. That's the kind of breakfast real Americans eat. The kind of breakfast Kurt Angle ate everyday to become your Olympic hero and an American hero! Ladies and rednecks, it's with great honor and a plum that I welcome to the WWF Hall Of Fame, Kurt Angle!"
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    I'm booing you for that comma splice.
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    Question: If John Cena proposes to Nikki at Mania, will the fans boo the shit out of it? If she says no, will he spam her with multiple proposals until he finally gets the big win?
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    Whoever decided having Reigns wrestle the same two guys over and over again every week for two fucking months is a goddamn idiot.
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    I only recognize the legitimacy of sports that have the outcome predetermined by an old, possible senile, white guy. So... football, basketball, and pro wrestling.
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    Bray Wyatt is World Champion all is right in the world.
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    At least they didn't have New Day do the KFC commercial.
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    It's Arizona and they have Ziggler - already wrestling a man down while wearing American flag tights - jump a Mexican and then try and break the black guys ankle and they expected him to be booed
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    I eat in a hospital cafeteria for lunch every day. (I just want to be a part of the discussion.)
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    Last time I was at Cracker Barrel, the jacked up dude at the table behind me was complaining about the size of his grilled chicken strips. He told the waitress to bring him some bigger ones.
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    If we can't talk politics in the Life Events thread, we shouldn't be able to talk about goddamn baseball and minor league football in the wrestling thread.
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