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    Hey, all you assholes criticising Corbin's cash in attempt... have any of you ever tried cashing in MITB? No? Then you have no goddamn right to talk about it!
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    Please tell me you had to dial 1900-909-9900 to find that out.
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    Maria is the plural of Kanellis. The Mike is silent.
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    I'd have dumped her too.
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    Meanwhile in Tennessee
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    I kind of love that as a heel commentator, Booker doesn't support the bad guys but he's just a fucking downer. He just concern trolls the fuck out of everyone. "Bayley has a lot of spirit but you know in this business out of sight out of mind and I could see people just forgetting about her once she's out the picture. It's too bad." "You know Finn is a cool guy and in this business you gotta believe you can walk through fire but it gets hard and it wears a guy like this down...I'm worried about his longevity, dog!" "Seth is doing all he can but once you've exposed your soul to the world it's hard to get a second chance. They just pile on the rest of your life, dog, and before you know it you're driving alone and creative stops thinking about you like a team player and then it gets hard to pack that bag and make it to another city. I like Seth but I think he's in crisis and if any of his relatives out there are watching please call him immediately."
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    Yet, in the lower 10 % of nastiness among all attendees.
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    There could have been a guy on fire and Hogan could walk up with a bucket of water in hand and Heenan would still question if Hogan would put the fire out. That's just who Heenan is. In hindsight, one of my favorite parts about Hogan's heel turn is that it vindicated years and years and years of Heenan pointing out that Hogan was a scumbag and every other face announcer thinking he was crazy.
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    Wait, we're supposed to hate Mutoh now because no-knees bald Mutoh wasn't a workrate machine? Sigh. If anyone needs me, I'll be over in the corner plotting to destroy the internet. It has awful opinions.
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    Maybe someone tried to teach him how to be 7 feet tall and he found out the hard way that's a lesson no one can learn.
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    I like to imagine she just enters various rooms of the white house all day to the sounds of the 90s WrestleMania theme, then slowly backs out
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    Just paid for the Miz's tab at the bar... consider it a gift from all of DVDVR.
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    "LOL" somehow isn't enough for this. Holy shit.
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    Is the "hot summer angle" breaking up tag teams which hid each others weaknesses to cause all of this intrigue about "what the hell do you do with these people now?"
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    From Tape Machines Are Rolling on Tumblr. Crazy strength. It doesn't look like Giant even goes up for him that much, it's just all Scott.
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    "Who just entered the Impact Zone? It's Duke Carbine!"
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    How many neckbeards have always wanted to throw their computer chairs at Roman?
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    His head? Shit, he's lucky he didn't re-break that arm. It had just finally healed the week before.
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    Smackdown falls on Halloween this year. If the former Bollywood Boyz aren't dressed in Dr. Suess-type outfits as "Singh 1 and Singh 2," I'll be thoroughly disappointed.
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    I do love that Luger sells the mist like he got shot in the face with buckshot James
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    Kevin Nash still owns fools on the mic.
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    I'm dissappointed his chyron said "witness" and not "genetic freak" or "big bad booty daddy." That's just a wasted opportunity.
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    Apparently today is the 25th anniversary of Ron Simmons winning the world title. That's ridiculous. The kid at the end is still my favorite part of the win...
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    Personally, I don't want Heenan to say nice things about Hogan. Even knowing they didn't shoot hate each other feels wrong.
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    Actually that might very well be the best job of selling Lex did in his entire career. Also this belongs in the gif gauntlet IMO.
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    Someone should have explained the mists to Luger before the match. He's selling the fatal black mist, not the burning green mist:
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    "How are those small businesses? Still small?" "Still small." "They could get smaller though?" "probably." "good stuff. See guys this is what I'm talking about."
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    Also, this might be the spot of the night
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    King Kong Bundy would suggest otherwise.