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    What the fuck is shitty about vanilla ice cream you filthy heathen?
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    Your time is up, Mahal is now. You can't see me, Mahal is now. It's the Maharajah that is shining now. Fuck Randy Orton, Mahal is now!
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    Oh man these Fashion Police segments, I strongly approve!
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    It's sad looking at photos like these, when only one of the guys are alive.
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    My 9 year old son is a Bayley fan. When he got WWE 2k17 for his birthday, the first wrestler he played as was Bayley. Last night he came into the living room where I was talking to some guests and said "Whew Alexa Bliss won dad. She did it. She's the champion." I said "You're happy she beat Bayley?" He said "It was hard to choose but I decided to root for Alexa." My wife was taken aback. "What?! What about Bayley? Who the hell is Alexa Bliss and why would you turn on Bayley for her?" I said "Have you seen her? She definitely has an appeal. You know what I'm saying?" I turned to my son and I swear to god he gave me a fist bump and walked off. I never said I was a good person. I'm doing the best I can.
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    Marty Sugar as NWA champion. Make it happen.
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    My new dream match is Dilapidated Boat vs Sentient Tractor.
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    In fact, he was hit with a Great Ball of Fire.
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    You know what, I'm not of Indian descent whatsoever, but I have a pretty big smile on my face thinking of all the little kids of Indian descent going to bed tonight going "Wow...I could be WWE champion one day!" It's pretty awesome, really.
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    Wow, that post is so shitty, it could become WWE Champion.
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    He tried to make them longer by making the refs count more.
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    Shots fired
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    By the way, Sheamus and Cesaro have been a really sneaky good tag team. Not enough praise for the overall build of their story. They went from feuding, to being forced to tag, to constantly waiting to get stabbed in the back, they win the titles, they still hate each other, they begin to build respect for each other, then they get to like each other, and now Sheamus has dragged out the killer in Cesaro. They are the bar.
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    Mr. Perfect really regrets not paying closer attention to that party invitation.
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    Yes - Fuck Randy Orton
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    Savage, because he kept saying he was coming for Elizabeth? Ok, maybe that was Flair. Or that lustful Hogan.
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    I submit that it would probably be his shit talking that got you in that bar fight to begin with.
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    So now I'm officially in the DAD Zone. Jack Axl was born on May 8th at 2:37am. Just like the guy whose name we used for his middle name, he chose to make his appearance on his time. However, he was early instead of 3 hours late, didn't curse out the crowd and incite a riot.
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    This is wrestling's greatest Yang.
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    We made it a day without getting the thread shut down. I think that makes it a win.
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    People who vape look like they're sucking off a Transformer.
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    If Billy wants to invest in a wrestling promotion that already has TV...fucking call me, guy.
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    This is so good.
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    Bix has the Pandemonium script and posted some shots on twitter.
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    We've heard Hogan's material. He's more like Michael Richards.
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    Despite being a promoter, I would never be so egotistical as to book myself as NWA World Heavyweight Champion...but five-time World TV Champion, ten-time World Tag Team Champion, and a run or three with the World Six-Man and Western States Heritage Titles and I'll be satisfied.
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    I love the Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross feud so much. That was the most "real" a brawl has looked in ages. They were clawing and grabbing hair. They're also playing their characters/look the parts really well. I used to go to a lot of basement punk shows when I was in college. Ruby Riot looks like a lot of girls I'd see at those shows or the parties after. Those girls were always cool-as-hell and could drink you under the table and dated the drummer in the best band in the area. They were always super funny and the life of the party. Maybe sometimes they like Warped Tour music a little bit too much or are into guys a little bit too old who look a little bit too much like Mike Ness from Social Distortion and maybe take roller derby a bit more serious than you'd expect. But overall they're really cool. There was this show in Philly every year that I can't remember the name of now. But it would always get a lot of crustpunks coming through for whatever reason. There would be a whole lot of those dudes and would give anyone who had a job who walked past shit. And there's always some "alpha" in a crew like that spewing stuff about the system. Nikki has the look of the girl in that crew who sits quietly to the side while holding a dirty dog by a bandana and laughs when some "norm" gets shoved into a parked car. Girls like that have always been through a lot -- like some sort of "diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses in high school and ended up accidentally smoking cigarettes dipped in PCP and running off with drifters" saga. I could totally see some dumb college basement show where Ruby is there to watch her boyfriend's band play. Then some gutter punk people crash the show and are all drunk and gross and rude. Some words are tossed and then Nikki just starts throwing fists and Ruby steps up because it's her dude's band and fuck these dumbasses. They fight like that.
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    My biggest fear in life is that the biggest mark I'll ever leave is the 8 or so wrestling fans who refrence the Steel Davey Richards.
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    Mama, just killed a man, but a gun against his head pulled the trigger now he's dead.
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    I would prefer no one posts about how they frequently masturbate to Alexa Bliss
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    I got married and it was good as hell. Not to brag, but my wife and I are adorable. And that's my mom performing the ceremony.
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    Personally I'd rank Jushin Liger over Evan Karagias, may be controversial but that's my stance.
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    Well he is a big Megadeath fan.
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