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  1. Everyone should pretend they can't speak English and let Vince handle it.
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  6. That's why I kicked your Bryan out from under your Bryan!!!!!!!
  7. Yup - that is exactly why Roman Reigns gets shit on. Because he isn't Okada or Omega
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  11. Terry Funk ain't do no electric chair Michinoku drivers. Bruiser Brody ain't do no avalanche dragon suplexes.
  12. Impact Wrestling: a fly by night operation
  13. Cornette wrestled a Ninja Turtle in his own damn promotion. He should shut the fuck up.
  14. American MulesAmerican MulesAmerican MulesAmerican MulesAmerican MulesAmerican MulesAMERICAN MULES...When ya see them cominBetter run for coverGirls you dont need a weekend lover... UNNNNAmerican Mules
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  17. Carry her own 80s high school comedy show. Cmon, you know the rest of you that are over 30 were thinking of that joke too.
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  19. Keep in mind, though when saying "your kid"... it's Brock Lesnar His kids would have two wrestling parents. Would you rather see in 20 years the children of Brock Lesnar showing up in UFC or WWE/whatever promotion and laying waste to it, or... ...you're in a random bar, somewhere in Canada. You see out of the corner of your eyes one of the biggest people you've ever seen. You want no trouble. You try to stay out of his way. He wants trouble. He looks at you. You try to calm things down. You have the bartender send him whatever he's drinking. It doesn't work. He heads over to you. He's a monster made flesh. You have no hope. He turns to you and says... "THIS IS FOR ALL THE WOMEN WHO WANT TO BE ME, AND THE MEN WHO COME TO SEE ME! ARE YOU READY FOR THE GRIND????????????"
  20. "Milf and Teenage Daughter Double Team A Guy" on Redtube is not a documentary.
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  24. Also, Cena is 100% the face in this thing. Please. The rationalization smart fans have for rooting for heels is really tiresome. What Cena said on Talking Smack: I'm not done. I'm not injured. I had a bad year in 2016 in terms of my win-loss record. I have something to prove to myself. What AJ Styles is: An a-hole of the highest order. He tries to stock the odds against him. He gained his early advantage on Cena by manipulating a situation where his buddies from Japan attacked him, and then spent months bragging about it. AJ beat Cena fairly (which Cena admits) and then took Cena's respect of leaving his armband in the ring/salute to the fans and wore it as a trophy. AJ whines about Cena "big-timing" him, as if playing mind-games and showing confidence isn't part of competition. Wrestling fans are heels. We wish we could cheat, brag, manipulate and take advantage of situations in our daily lives like heels do. However, real life and social norms prevent us from doing so. It's the nature of normal people to not be jerks. But we want to be so badly. We want to be bullies. We want to be on top. We think the only way to "win" in this world -- to become president, to become rich, to become the boss -- is by taking shortcuts and cheating. We just don't have the balls to break the rules of our society to do so. So we now live vicariously through jerks. There's a certain honor in being a jerk, and it's something we support, but we just can't do. Like... Why does Kevin Owens get cheered over Roman Reigns? KO is a great performer, but he's a total butt-munch. He cut the line in NXT by ruthlessly attacking his best friend at his highest moment. He constantly wins via cheating. He cheapshots non-stop in his matches. He has also manipulated his "best friend" several times to avoid getting into a physical altercation. Roman hasn't done any of that. He's just tried to fight the good fight. That's why Daniel Bryan and the YES! Movement was so remarkable. There is still a part of us that knows we are fighting underneath, and the ultimate victory comes from beating the odds fairly. Doing it that way is also hard. But it's truly honorable.
  25. Well, if you're tired, then you should go to sleep .Because then, when you wake up, it's a New Day.
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  29. He deals with the God damn customers so the ownership doesn't have to. He has people skills.
  30. There were no ring ropes so he was expecting him to just keep running until he came back around the Earth so he turned to meet him
  31. You could have just said fantasy booking is a bad idea
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  33. Who's going to do the picks when the show is on a school night?
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  37. So remember Which you can tell was posted on Dec 13 Since I am fairly positive Swann is losing to Neville at the Rumble - that means all will have lost their title in less than a 6 week span. And to have that happen right before Feb is the most WWE thing ever
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  40. They'd make decent coin working as a Batista at Starbucks though.
  41. You know the Great. Power. Uti. saw this and is blowing up Super Festus' phone trying to book Cliff again.
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  43. What does any of this have to do with anything? Cena and Undertaker are both working Mania. It's probably the one last marquee match they haven't run and can still run. That's why everyone is talking about it. That "wrestling bubble" talking point is nonsense.
  44. "Wayne!" "Shut up, butthead!" ::narration:: "Right then and there, I knew my shot with Missy Hyatt was over." ::"Turn! Turn! Turn!" starts playing::
  45. To this day I cannot hear the name Aaron Burr and not immediately think of the Got Milk? commercial.
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  49. I know Gregg is always gonna be extreme positive on the women's matches but to say ALL 5 Sasha/Charlotte matches were better than (off the top of my head) Ziggler/Miz (the IC title vs. Career one) AJ/Reigns AJ/Cena AJ/Ambrose KO/Ambrose The 4 way IC match from Extreme Rules Sami/KO (the one that was SUPPOSED to be their final match) is just silly and discredits their actual good matches
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