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    My big takeaway is that Rhea Ripley is going to be a megastar. She just has it.
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    Let's try it. Thibs is a twat.
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    This @EN090 renaissance is the shits.
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    That is so not true. Anyways, I think Becky needs to come out with Meng and Col Robert Lee Parker and announce that she's reformed The Stud Stable...
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    I annoyed a guy's girlfriend by too sweeting him once. He had the shirt, a hat, and a coat. She was like "don't encourage him. I call it his douchebag outfit"
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    I really need to figure out how to add a custom field to everyone's profile "Wrestler They Can't Talk Rationally About"
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    I don't care about anything else... Ronda/Becky must be the final match. Period.
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    Becky should’ve won both rumbles.
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    I hope you all have enjoyed WWE while it lasted. Once Woke Twitter wakes up in the morning and sees the videos of Nia taking the Finisher Train in the Men's Rumble, the mob will be out and stock will take a massive hit by lunch. Who the fuck greenlit that?
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    Jim Kelly is out and about at the Pro Bowl Skills competition and is cancer free. Just pack everything else up - nothing is gonna top that story
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    He had them chanting. Chanting for a fictional cow. That's talent.
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    I have never wanted a replica title of any prior title more than this
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    Holy Shit, Rowan's Titantron is like geocities site.
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    I still love that Ambrose doesn't like hokey shit yet did that fucking rebound lariat for far too fucking long
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    Story wise - yes Wrestling wise - lord no
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    Thibs favourite ten songs of 2018: One Kiss by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa God's Plan by Drake Shotgun by George Ezra This Is Me by Greatest Showman OST These Days by Rudimental feat Jess Glynne and Macklemore Perfect by Ed Sheeran Nice for What by Drake Paradise by George Ezra No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande Feel it Still by Portugal the Man It doesn't matter if he'd never heard some of these songs, or if he's heard them and doesn't like them. Because by his own argument, he's not allowed to have personal opinions on things, he can only like what's popular. If someone posts "Thibs is a twat" on this board, and it gets enough likes, he has to agree with it and start thinking of himself as a twat. Assuming he doesn't already.