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    If a 90 year old announcer cutting a promo talking about waiting 25 years to give a receipt to a manager for pouring flour on him isn't pro wrestling than I don't know what the fuck is.
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    [Werner Herzog] There is something sickening and powerful about watching a 40 year old man dressed in casual CEO vest and jeans, delirious from being beaten about the head and face, crawling back toward his younger, stronger attacker to keep getting beaten all because he knows that its the only thing left that might make his twisted old father acknowledge his existence. It is the true face of the so-called circle of life. Not a happy tune sung by cartoon animals, but a slow drumbeat of terror and desperation first whined by a newborn as the adult male turns and strides back into the wilderness leaving it to its fate. The father will never accept the son because the father is driven only by the primal need to sew his seed and devour his enemies while the son, even now as a middle aged man, reverts instantly to that of the mewling hungry kitten desperate for protection and, haunted by a lifetime of his father's lessons in cruelty, the only skill he is capable of passing on, now performing this clownish martyr show to prove to himself that there is still hope to experience love in this world. And all the while, the man cub knowing that what will really happen is that the slowly withering old man will puff himself up one more time and roar that the boy has once again disappointed the family before driving away with a woman young enough to be his grand-daughter. It is why the circle of life should be rewritten as a song encouraging the early euthenasia of the older generation unless they are childless. Let the will to procreate wrestle with the will to survive. We can call it the circle of impotent undeath. I would still have it sung by a cartoon baboon because I love that guy. [/Werner Herzog]
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    That's what happens when you try and jump through a window
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    Like Konnan would ever remotely be that tall.
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    Bray and Finn are basically fighting over who has a more powerful imaginary friend.
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    I am most excited about learning who all the WWE anti-vaxers are
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    Who knows. That's a lot of driving. Maybe he just wanted Jinder to know. Didn't care whether or not he saw him. Edit: It would be funny if there were a series of people bringing signs just telling Jinder boring mundane facts about their lives. "I had a banana for breakfast Jinder Mahal." "Kids are with the grandparents Jinder Mahal"
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    Jim Cornette needs to be tied down and slowly rolled through a gauntlet of minimum wage drive thru workers who were just trying to get through a shift and make rent and had to have shit dumped on them by drunk douchebags because they are powerless. It should happen once a week for the rest of his fucking stupid damaged life until he can go one full week without being a fucking nuisance.
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    This man is a national treasure. That's all.
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    A giant corporation is abusing the legal system to crush and bully a smaller competitor. We need the Small Business Administration to look into... right. Fuck.
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    Michael Cole with quite possibly the dumbest announcing ever: "It's KANE! But why is he here?!?" To get revenge for his brother you stupid fuck. This shit ain't difficult to figure out.
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    It's "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah". He's not fucking Fat Albert.
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    Not if they are going to have fucking Vampiro in them
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    I'm pretty sure Ziggler's stand up career died a mega death before it ever got started.
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    Curt's data cap didn't allow him to stream Gin & Juice
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    You know better and know the answer to this.
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    They don't even need to split up New Day short term. He can be the singles worker and the other two tag. Just let him retain some of his humour and attributes that make him so cool and likeable instead of super serious stern IC champ Big E. I know most people have given up on Wyatt too and that's fair. He is pretty much damaged goods at this point but I think there's big money in both a Bray vs. The Machine storyline (and Roman is The Machine) and Rusev as the USA loving foreigner. All of this goes back to them pretty much cannibalizing their entire roster in hopes of getting Roman over. They had huge chances in both Dean during his initial run after the shield breakup and Seth upon his return from injury. Dean has been in coast mode since his depush and Rollins never got that big babyface turn moment. The excuse that's often trotted out is that they don't know how to book babyfaces. Partially true but I think the fact they've invested in Roman at the cost of every other potential top face is far more damaging.
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    If only ol' Aaron Neville had used Go To Meeting. Like when ol' Cold Stone walked out of the Omni cause he wasn't gonna do no GOD DAMN JOB to Brock Lesnar. Instead of taking his ball and going home he could've used Go To Meeting's video conferencing technology and looked Vince McMahon right in his beady little eyes and explained in a very calm professional manner why he wasn't gonna do no GOD DAMN JOB to Brock Lesnar. Neville could've used Go To Meeting to look Vince right in his damn beady little eyes and told it like it is that he knows sometimes everybody plays the fool but betcha by golly wow, I don't know much but I know I ain't doing NO GOD DAMN JOB to Enzo Amore". Go To Meeting. It's how business gets done. Awww hell yeah!
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    Man, that crowd sure does love Roman now. Thank god he changed his moveset, gear, promo style and entrance music...oh wait.
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    It's possible that Dana Warrior is a good person and deserves to be honoured. But she definitely isn't, and definitely doesn't.
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    Is that Ciclope? NO! IT'S DEAN MALENKO! My God was that pop INSANE. Dean Malenko was so over in 1998.
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    No, he didn't use an atomizer full of cologne, he used a Boston Crab.
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    Out of nowhere, Rusev struck Hitting Randy like a truck It’s Rusev Day, it’s Rusev Day And with Randy’s nine-second fail Rusev became the alpha male It’s Rusev Day, it’s Rusev Day
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    I wouldn't want Virgil carrying my bags. Do you know how much stuff would be missing? God bless The Brain.
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    Or just check the time on your phone and save even more money.
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    I love Sami and all, but Sting needs to sit down with him.
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    If any of those rats are heading the opposite direction, that'd be James Storm.
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    All the cruiserweights can't touch Enzo. Who is left to challenge him? WHO I SAY?! Gargano? Nope. Hideo? lol no Someone we haven't even seen yet, like Rush? Hahaha, oh, just wait. It was Kalisto. Yeah. Fucking Kalisto. You gotta be fucking kidding me.
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    Roman should not have offended that gypsy.
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    We live an hour north of the Twin Cities. Our neighborhood had a board last year picking Twins wins and rbi's for the tie breaker. No one picked that low, so the board rolled over to this year with the same people on it, now a double pot. It came down to two people who had picked 82 wins, myself and another gent. They hit the 82 wins last week, but I had picked 750 rbi. The other guy picked 675. They passed 750 this pas Saturday. $160 for me! This past June, our son, (8 years old) went to his first Twins game for Kid's Company. It was a noon game, BUT went to a five hour rain delay. Well, their busses had to leave at 3pm to get the kids back so their parents could pick them up after work. When I got him at 5pm, they were throwing out the first pitch. The Twins pitcher, (I can't remember who it was), was pulled after the first inning. They wound up losing by like a dozen runs or so. Anywho, the Twins organization found out that the kids got cheated out of a game, and sent TWO tickets out for each kid, and that game is this Saturday night, 6:10pm, Target Field! I can't wait to sit with my son and experience his first MLB game evar. Oh, and the $160 will be well spent on Twins gear and hot dogs. Also, the Twins play by play guy, Dick Bremer, is from my hometown, (a small place like 100 people now). Dick's father, back in the day, was our church's pastor. My father was friends with him, and still is to this day. Dad got me Dick's cell number, and Dick said that if my son and I show up early enough to the field that day, he will get my son and I into the TV broadcast booth and get autographs from him and Burt Blyleven and obligatory pix, too. Hell yeah!
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    Baby is here. All is well. Thanks for the concern.
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    Holy fucking shit. Viral Meningitis for booker of the year!
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    She was my daughter's age when that shit happened to her the first time. If McKayla was my kid, I'd probably be into my fifth or sixth year of my 25 year sentence for Murder One right about now. I know it's not justice, but I'm not sure if I could allow Dr. Pedo to live long enough to stand trial. I know it's stupid and I wouldn't be able to help my kid heal and move on with her life if I was incarcerated for the rest of my life, but it's hard not to be protective in really dumb ways when it comes to your children. Hell, I went apeshit in the office of the principal of my daughter's middle school last year when he tried to suspend her for three days for fighting after she rugby punted the school bully in the balls. Just like I taught her to.. If something like that ever happened to my daughter, I'd fucking set an all time new standard for crazy homicidal fathers. I'd be a case study in a psychology book. Maybe even be the subject of a YouTube video..
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    Everyone who booed when they started to climb down the cage is a horrible person.
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    But hey, why not stereotype gamers as being losers that live in their parents basement while we spend our money on watching people fake fighting?
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    Someone on the internet made this...
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