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  1. I read that as "the first Avengers"
  2. Very interesting final. Penguins could go back to back OR Smashville Rusev CRUSH
  3. Pens got it wowwww. What exactly was Ottawa's strategy? Something like this..
  4. Penguins dominated that first OT but couldn't get one to go. Kessel blew two golden opportunities. Still feels like Ottawa will win via quick roll up.
  5. Ottawa just won't die. I thought the Pens could hold on when they got the 2-1 lead with about 8 minutes left but the Senators tied it up very quickly. I think Ottawa probably ends up taking this in sudden death. They feel like a team of destiny right now.
  6. No surprises here, Boston was never really in the game. Cavs win 4-1. Now we head to the 3rd installment of Cavs/Warriors.
  7. I'd rather someone like Charly Caruso she at least sounds professional or Renee as said before.
  8. Congrats @Dolfan in NYC
  9. And they were up against a big time Cleveland/Boston game where Boston was leading trying to get the series tied and LeBron had gone to the bench with four fouls.
  10. Interesting
  11. Baywatch is on the climb. Up to 20%. Can it make a run at King Arthur? Pirates is down to 31%
  12. Remember after X2 which I loved, FOX put out The Last Stand and Origins which were both terrible, since then they've put out First Class, Days of Future Past, Deadpool and Logan which are all pretty solid to great.
  13. I loved Man of Steel and after watching the director cut of Batman v. Superman it cleaned up some of the issues I had. Suicide Squad is a total mess but they got Harley Quinn out of it and Robbie is a huge star now. We'll see with Wonder Woman, I'm not hyped yet or expecting it to be good. The universe is still fixable.