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  1. Dateline reporter (and Seinfeld alum) Keith Morrison's voice is captivating man.
  2. Well I guess all he could do is laugh
  3. The first Suicide Squad pretty much sucked and till made around $750 million so there was no doubt at there being a sequel and this one is not really a sequel in that much of it is being rebooted and James Gunn is starting almost from scratch.
  4. I think a lot of people believe AEW Dark is a C-level show not realizing they have great matches on there with top talent.
  5. I don't think anyone said anything other than they've lost 1.5 million viewers in two weeks.
  6. The problem with WWE doing a "real sports" presentation is that it comes off like a joke in comparison to New Japan where it is presented as a real sport down to the trophy presentations and press conferences. But that's also something that Japanese fans accept and expect from the promotion. I don't know if that would even work for an American audience. I might like it but will a teenager think it's cool or will 40+ year old WWE fan who grew up in the Hogan era want to see it? I think it only works for a niche audience. I think what AEW is doing is closer to what main roster WWE should be in terms of booking and presentation and doing away with scripted promos but it remains to be seen how far AEW can go with it. For a startup company they are doing amazing.
  7. @The Natural the dog has one too? I love that the dog is like "we're seriously doing this...."
  8. I don't think 4 minute matches fixes much. The crowds would have to be so invested in the characters that they are okay with the in-ring action being short and secondary to whatever story you are telling. Most matches these days begin with the crowd sitting silently, these men and women have to work their ass off to get a reaction out there and if they're good they usually can get the crowd going but it takes more than a couple minutes. So if the plan is to shorten matches okay that means more time for story telling and you know what WWE is really really really bad at? Story telling.
  9. Yeah that's why despite the loss in viewership if the 18-49 can hold on where it's at Smackdown will be fine but with that said I do think it's a bad sign when a show goes from 3.9 million to 2.4 million in two weeks.
  10. Big upset but I also didn't think the Badgers were in the elite class this year. I think on a neutral field they'd get walloped by the top 5.
  11. Yeah but NBC isn't spending billions on Dateline.
  12. Still above average for the 18-49 demo which is good but they have dropped significantly 3 straight weeks.
  13. The card looks interesting enough. I'm way out of the Impact loop but I'm looking for new wrestling to watch, this might be a good time to get into it.
  14. Watchmen 93% on RT. Premiere is Sunday night on HBO.
  15. Oh and anyone hoping for more from Gulak.... yeah don't bother. It's fine to job to Braun but the way he was introduced and quickly dispatched means they don't see much value in him.
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