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  1. The WWE production team could make Hornswaggle and Carlito look like the feud of the century.
  2. Not yet. he just said "WE'RE OUTTA TIME"
  3. The Boston Celtics are now in first place in the East. I will say that of course I would be very surprised if they actually beat the Cavs in a series. However, this is more about Danny Ainge. I've been hard on him about adding a max player. I didn't necessarily want or need Cousins but I wanted someone. That said, I take a step back and just look at what he's done. He hires Stevens, best young coach in the NBA. Then he turns aging KG, Pierce and later Rondo into Thomas, Crowder, Jaylen Brown and maybe the #1 pick in this year's draft as well as possibly a lottery pick the year after. He also drafts Avery Bradley. And they still have that room for a max player.
  4. The funny (actually sad) thing about Braun's placement at WrestleMania beyond what's been said is that tonight on the go home show this dude cut a fucking MONEY promo too. It made me want to see Braun and Show again. Seriously. and yet they are in the battle royal on the pre show, amazing
  5. Main card = Part timers and Pitbull Kickoff show = Braun Stroman, Smackdown! women, Neville/Aries and maybe a ladder match? Can we just watch the kickoff show???
  6. Hooray for Hold-harm agreements!
  7. Braun being on the kickoff show is maybe the worst mistake they've made all year. The smackdown women deserve better also.
  8. At least she didn't stand tall.
  9. Tinashe (my bride to be) will be performing as well. She's no Pitbull but who is.
  10. MM17

    I love their act and they did put on two of the best tags I've seen in quite some time with #DIY. They probably had WWE's match of the year or under the WWE umbrella. Maybe the world. They also had some great tags with Alpha. But then we look at AJ Styles and it's easy to say look at the series with Cena or look at the TLC match with Dean. He had more than a handful of incredibly impressive high end matches at big shows. But for me and why I'd vote Styles over anyone in the world this year it's the day to day.. You look at the tag match with Y2AJ vs. New Day. Probably New Day's best match and it was a random RAW. You look at the triple threat match to end the year on SDL. You look at pretty much every single week he's carrying SDL from an in-ring standpoint but then also he elevated himself to being probably a top 5 guy this year on the mic. Have to go with AJ this year.
  11. Is there any word on this Bad Blood show? I'm reading a few sites that they are bringing Bad Blood back as a RAW brand PPV and that it's in Hartford but as of yet no information on tickets or even an official word from WWE.
  12. Now I remember why I had you on ignore. You are incapable of holding a conversation without deflection. I'll save us both the time.
  13. The thing is there isn't much difference between the brands as a whole. Did DC make shortcuts? Yes. Did that cause problems for them? Yes. That's all true. But many of the same people here can see those flaws but do not acknowledge the issues with Marvel movies and I'm tired of them running into these threads to shit on DC every time a trailer is posted. With Marvel, the characterizations especially and it goes far beyond The Mandarin. How Winter Soldier ended, that's not Captain America. That's not something we would have ever expected out of him. Cap was also pretty shitty in Civil War with how he handled the Bucky situation. But all people here want to rail on about is Superman. Then there's the use of CGI and green screen.. all these movies are like that be it DC or Marvel. Some look nice, some don't. So why bring it up? The beginning of Age of Ultron looks like crap, I didn't run into the Marvel thread to say it. I don't want to read "Well why do you care?" Or "you are too invested in this". This is a message board and I obviously have free time. I like both Marvel and DC movies but I spend time defending the DC ones because that's where the unfair piling on occurs. This is how I choose to use my free time by asking these questions or pointing out double standards.
  14. You should be quoting others. It's the same song and dance and it doesn't come from me.
  15. the Flash costume looks like it's out of Injustice but I'll expect the usuals to blame Snyder for it. Looks like fun. If Marvel released the same trailer you'd be going crazy for it despite their terrible visuals. I just watched Doctor Strange and it looked like a TV movie. Ugh.