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  1. To be honest, I thought Pat retired years ago. Good to see he's doing well.
  2. It is a great movie but Goodfellas is a perfect movie. That's the difference for me. Plus, as good as Pesci is in Casino, he's better in Goodfellas (Won the Best Supporting Actor for Tommy), De Niro is terrifying and Ray Liotta is a better hang than psycho Sharon Stone. Scorsese was stunting on the rest of Hollywood with Goodfellas. The steadicam shot at the Copacabana is just wonderfully crafted.
  3. I'm pretty sure Goodfellas is one of the most rewatched movies ever, that has to be Wrestling Bubble chatter.
  4. I wanted to see a DQ type finish but Solo will be fine, Cody is THE guy now so he'll be alright. I think Cody should take a beatdown on SD! he's been a little too smooth sailing of late. Pretty good show. Dom Mysterio's promo half Spanish and half English was awesome! They did a nice job building things tonight. Also, the Goodfellas/Bloodline commercial was the best. Funny stuff.
  5. This takes me back. I bought two XPW VHS tapes at a store in the mall one time. Had no clue what it was all about. It was some of the worst wrestling I had ever seen but it was also unintentional hilarious at times.
  6. Young Pistols were definitely a thing in the '90-'91 or thereabouts.
  7. Does AZM usually have matches that are much more than 15? Her vs. Starlight Kid was about 17
  8. WWE claims (and I don't think it's BS either) that they have created a lot of younger fans who now attend the shows with their parents etc. Ticket sales look really good. Ratings look as good as they've been in a while. These people love Cody. Hell, I like Cody too.
  9. Are we not counting 'Battle in the Valley'? Mercedes vs. Kairi went 26 minutes. I would have also preferred a straight up Mercedes vs. AZM match however I recently watched Stardom's Triangle Derby Finals and Hazuki looked great. AZM vs. Starlight Kid was excellent as expected.
  10. Some dirtsheets said that Charlotte/Rhea was penciled in.
  11. This year (or really the last two years) has been all about The Bloodline. So go ahead and main event both nights with the Bloodline saga. Nothing against the women's titles but neither title match is hot enough to main event a night.
  12. Are they serious? Put Lashley and L.A. Knight together or Lashley and Kofi or something. He deserves more than a jobber battle royal
  13. For every "she wasn't nice to me!" there are literally thousands of people on social media who are posting "Met Sasha yesterday at XYZ! She was so awesome!" so I think it's all nonsense and neckbeards need to get a life.
  14. I'm far from a Bruno historian but that sounds about right. I've watched a good handful of Bruno matches and he's got some fun brawls. The crowd going fucking bonkers for him kicking ass helps 100%
  15. Toni Storm and Skye Blue could easily be the face of the division along with Jade and a few others. Toni Storm has been hit or miss the last two years but lately she's looked great and Skye Blue is quickly becoming a damn good underdog babyface. Let them cook.
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