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  1. Sam Jackson is awesome in With a Vengeance. I love that shit so much and the New York City backdrop. I don't count the last two, they never happened... 1. Die Hard 2. Die Hard With a Vengeance 3. Die Hard 2 If you want to count The Last Boy Scout as part of the series you could do that too. An amazing movie.
  2. I think it looks good but the trailer didn't completely blow me away which is probably also good as I hate being disappointed.
  3. I looked it up, it is an FX production. A joint production with Marvel TV and 3 other production teams.
  4. I agree. I think Joker should probably be nominated as I feel it's better than a couple of the movies there that I have seen, I cannot speak on the ones I haven't seen. However, a nomination for Joker would be a win in itself, I don't feel it's the best movie I've seen this year.
  5. My Best Picture list of probables: Marriage Story The Irishman 1917 The Lighthouse A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite Ford v. Ferrari Jojo Rabbit
  6. I've never seen Legion. Who produced that, FOX? I heard good things.
  7. I think both Goodfellas and Casino did a good job of showing the other side of the crime/mob lifestyle. Scorsese didn't dig as deep into that as he did in the final hour of The Irishman but it was there especially the chaotic conclusion to Goodfellas. A lot of people on Twitter and comicbookmovie.com or whatever are going to be upset when The Irishman is racking up the noms.
  8. Which ones? Agree if you say WATCHMEN. Which isn't a film but IS on the level of artistry I don't normally see in comic book stuff. I'd like to see Marvel explore some of those themes but I don't feel they will.
  9. The Irishman was a classic, Scorsese is a God. Anyway, Black Widow trailer was decent. The team outside of her sister looks whatever but I like the vibe to it.. feels more like Winter Soldier one of my favorite if not THE favorite Marvel movie.
  10. We've talked a lot about the women's division and needing talent but I think the men's singles division needs a few pieces too. They have a really good top 6 or so but there's a steep drop off. I would start pushing both Lucha Bros. as singles stars as well as teaming. I would also attempt to upgrade the Shawn Spears/Joey Janella part of the card.
  11. WWE hates their hardcore fans and most other groups of fans too but mostly hardcore. This sucks.
  12. Becky isn't as convincing in the role as I had hoped she'd be and Kevin Owens isn't convincing at all in part because management fined him $100,000 and then he acted like it was the end of the world and apologized.... a real badass move there.
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