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  1. I really loved tonight's episode of Lovecraft Country. There's been a couple episodes that I haven't liked that much but this was another A+ effort.
  2. I'm not sure a single movie coming over to Disney+ will necessarily prove what the success of Mulan is because now that so many movies have been rescheduled there really isn't going to be a place for them. I'd say if Black Widow moves to Disney+ then we know it's where they think they'll make the most money.
  3. What are some other GREAT TV matches that come to mind? I don't want to count Clash/SNME in that as they are specials. Let's just go with weekly TVs..
  4. Falcons are inventing ways to lose each year.
  5. Well that's it. Week 2 but the season is over already.
  6. Jesus... that's sad. I thought they would keep him out of the game after the first time it looked like he tweaked his arm
  7. They should be sued for everything.
  8. Tevin Coleman hurt now? Ah Nick Mullens you suck.. get well Jimmy
  9. Jets are down by 21 to these guys
  10. and Mostert is out too. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON
  11. and now Jimmy G is out of the game
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