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  1. They could but it would kind of mess up the deal where half the guys work one night and the next night they can rest in tag matches.
  2. In fairness I was there for New Japan and I think many others were as well.
  3. He absolutely said they would have sold out Soldier Field. I didn't make it up.
  4. For what it's worth I don't think WWE should be defended lately, at least not since maybe Money in the Bank? I don't even know. RAW has sucked for well before WrestleMania; I think most would agree that Money in the Bank was a good show but other than that I don't know what they've put out there that could be defended. The firefly Funhouse is fun. Not much else. I don't mind Dave being excited about AEW, I'm excited about AEW.. I have friends who have given up on WWE that are excited for AEW. Plus, Dave is friends with some of the people. But some of these tweets and comments he's made? No, chill out a little bit.
  5. I listen to WOR almost daily. I don't believe Dave hates WWE and you're right he does defend WWE a lot even some of the shit that is nearly indefensible.. but these past few weeks he's been going a little crazy with the AEW projections. I don't believe they would have clearly sold out Soldier Field, for example. It would have an 80,000+ capacity for a wrestling setup. It's one thing to sell out a 15,000 seat arena and I think that's awesome and everyone involved should be proud. But to sell out a football stadium, let's take a breather here and just applaud the success without going overboard.
  6. Let's be honest about one thing. The Pelicans only became winners (if you can call them that) with Rajon Rondo leading the way. He is a proven winner. If he doesn't get hurt on Chicago a couple years back he probably would have eliminated the Celtics in the first round. When Rondo is on the right team he makes magic happen.
  7. AD has gotten a pass because it was New Orleans. That's it. If the Lakers fail AD will no longer receive a pass for anything. LeBron will take most of the heat but AD will catch his fair share. I love this trade for both teams. Lakers are in win now mode. They definitely need to land another star or 2-3 great role players so there is work to be done. Pelicans will have: Zion, Jrue, Ball, Ingram, maybe Randle? and the #4 pick plus additional picks down the road. They could be scary good in a couple years.
  8. Meltzer is a little TOO in the bag for AEW, no? I mean I love what AEW is doing and I want them to succeed but some of the shit Dave has been saying this week is way out in left field. Like, looking at the picture of Wrigley, Dave's opinions have looked like a Sammy Sosa home run in 1998.
  9. I think KD will still be a great player but I don't think GSW can give him, Klay and Dray the max, they really need to work on depth as these guys get older.
  10. Happy birthday @S.K.o.S. and take your time with the update I like the way this one looks.
  11. TV will be fine for the first year because theoretically they would be going to places that have not yet had a chance to see AEW. For example, if they come to Hartford or Mohegan Sun or whatever I would expect them to sell out quickly the first time around.
  12. He'll be able to shoot but he may become a liability on defense so a taller Steph Curry.
  13. The two hour thing is tricky. NXT has shown that you can do an hour and be consistently great in this era. An additional hour is going to be a lot more difficult to pull off,
  14. The idea is that WWE performers have to use buzz words and speak through the mind of the office. I don't think that necessarily breaks kayfabe.
  15. Yup they are not paying an injured KD and injured Klay max money and then offer Dray a max or near max on top of it. I was thinking maybe it's time to let KD go, re-sign Klay, basically bottom out or try to get a solid lottery pick and build around Steph, Klay, Dray and the pick.
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