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  1. Berserker tried to stab someone i believe, I remember the sword sticking into the ring.
  2. Hopefully they will ditch the Reginald shit and do a traditional cocky champion vs. upstart challenger story. shit ain't hard to do.
  3. what the fuck lol wow this promotion man. i'm watching the opener and Shaq is looking great out the gate.. some great 80's big man shit going on here. Red Velvet was decent. Jade was impressive. We see a Shaq knife powerbomb. THEN Cody and Shaq do a wild table spot. Shaq disappears like The Undertaker.. What did i just watch.. how was this so damn entertaining?! Sign me up for Shaq vs. Paul Wight right now.
  4. i remember seeing folks at NJPW shows wearing masks and think wow that's seems uncomfortable. Nope, you get used to it and it's totally worth it.
  5. i feel like MVP probably has some creative freedom with his promos. @Ziggy the stuff he references sometimes, i can't imagine WWE writers have a clue. i'd love to hear MVP speak on it.
  6. Wow. This promo from May 2020. Where it all started.
  7. the thing about WWE being 'fake' is it's been over 20+ years since the PSA's came out etc. They've acknowledged being actors/stunt professionals for decades. Anyone trying to pull back the curtain now just looks dumb.
  8. this might be nitpicky but i am pretty sure they changed the name of the ECW World Title to just the ECW Heavyweight Title prior to Jackson winning it. The brand was no longer being discussed as equal by that point.
  9. She does and that would be a great match i don't think NXT is running a PPV that week. They could also do a multi woman match for a future title shot.
  10. i can't believe these motherfuckers got me excited for WrestleMania. Didn't see that coming.. lol
  11. i think they need to have Roman and Lashley both go over. if they have Sasha/Bianca main event Night 1 Sasha can put over Bianca as a WM moment and Lashley/Drew can be like the co-main event. Then Roman can retain on Night 2 even though I know Vince.. he doesn't typically want to send the crowd home "sad" but there's two nights.
  12. don't think Miz needs to be anywhere near the main event. that'd be ridiculous. he's served his purpose and to his credit he was great in the role. Drew/Sheamus just had a great hoss fight last night. Lashley/Drew could do the same.
  13. They were definitely keeping Lashley strong for a long time protecting him and i had hoped he'd eventually win the WWE title but i'm still shocked and delighted that they actually went through with it.
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