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  1. Disco's WAR would have been -4.7 in 1999 Orange Cassidy is looking like Ketel Marte
  2. I don't know didn't Colt get laughed at his first AEW appearance where he had to explain he was a wrestler? And in 2020 he's still coming out to that awful boom boom theme.. I think he qualifies
  3. Very good show but they can't keep waiting for "live crowds" to return to take these stories to the next level.. I spoke on that last week. It sucks but live audiences could be months and months away.. just tell the stories.
  4. NXT had slightly more total viewers, AEW had slightly better demos and wrestling Twitter is arguing about it lol. So..it's Thursday
  5. As a former PWI subscriber.. I'll take a crack at the top 10. 1. Asuka 2. Sasha 3. Bayley 4. Otis 5. MVP 6. Randy Orton 7. Hector Garza 8. Daniel Bryan 9. Zelina Vega (I assume managers are eligible here) 10. Okada
  6. It also helps that pretty much every woman on the roster is wrestling at or near the peak of their abilities. The whole division has direction and is motivated. I think it's the best it's been main roster wise in a few years.
  7. Well hopefully these lockdowns have kept Jimmy out of the clubs and in his backyard throwing deep balls.
  8. I'm enjoying this minor league football discussion.
  9. My two takeaways from tonight's show. Best Orton's been since what 2004? He's been so great. Also, the women's division is on a fucking tear right now. I don't think it's a coincidence that fresh feuds have spiced it up a great deal either.
  10. 49ers will beat him next time but congrats on the Dr. Dre money.
  11. I'm way more into AEW but I feel they have been treading water since the Stadium Stampede and NXT has gotten better but both are strong shows. I didn't even pick sides during the height of RAW and Nitro. I flipped back and forth every 2 minutes. It would drive my father crazy.
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