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    don't know what this is about but I like his new look lately
  2. I think you are leaving some stuff out there. Like how Rusev didn't just lose to John Cena, he lost to him on like 3 straight occasions after being undefeated for a year. If you are going to do that, then do it like they did Umaga. Cena beat him the first time on a fluke roll up. Then he pretty much had to survive and kill Umaga in the LMS match who still came off like an unbeatable monster. Cena didn't so much win as he SURVIVED Umaga.
  3. Tell that to Bray Wyatt and Rusev. Wins and losses matter. A lot. You don't want to be seen as a loser. He already lost a 50/50 match with Roman once before. You think Andre the fucking Giant would have been over if he was losing every month?
  4. I think Titus Brand could work if they actually put some time into it. the dude is money on the microphone. I could see him leading a stable of talent.
  5. I missed this. I saw at a house show he was doing something like Omega's V-trigger only it looked like complete shit compared to Kenny's version.
  6. Going into RAW I was 80% sure Braun was winning at Payback. Now I'm about 40%. This company burns through more money than Manchester United.
  7. A throwback to The Undertaker
  8. IT was unreal in the second half of game 4. ISO FUCKING JOE was tremendous down the stretch for Utah last night.
  9. Didn't Punk used to make fun of The Miz for being on MTV?
  10. Does Vader jr. Still wrestle? I only see him when he pops up on Jojo's IG.
  11. SDL is the "land of opportunity" and I feel Jinder winning the six pack challenge is not much different than if a midcarder won the Royal Rumble which has never happened... but logically it could happen and maybe should have happened by now. This is very much like the JBL push to me or maybe even Sheamus winning the world title from John Cena. Something like that. Both worked out well especially the JBL/Eddie feud. In the meantime, the U.S. title appears to be the main program. I can't shit on any of this yet.
  12. Lana is a professional dancer. So.. keeping that in mind, what happened??
  13. I see a lot of people wanting to rush Nakamura to a title reign but I think that'd be a mistake. I like that Nakamura was held off TV this week. He's a special attraction now, like The Undertaker once was. Nakamura can still have big feuds with Styles and Cena but keep them for the big PPVs. Also, I agree right now Styles v. KO is the main event feud. Nothing wrong with positioning the U.S. title above the world title every now and then. I like it.
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    Soup and sandwich. That's a meal.
  15. Of course, everyone loves The Big Hog