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  1. Well I'm glad they didn't go full WrestleMania IX and trot Terry out there.
  2. Big Show AKA "Kane was busy" but seriously though Big Show was really good out there with the shit talking looking like a legit monster and Drew McIntyre looked great in the win. Overall the show was really fucking weird but enjoyable...
  3. So you're saying the unedited version is still shorter than Edge/Orton?
  4. It was a look into Cena's future through the lens of Hollywood Hogan.
  5. We would have had two....not so good.... matches. But other matches would have been improved with a live audience so I think this WM wound up in the same place.
  6. Honestly, about halfway through the LMS match I started reading and I completely forgot about it until I looked up and Edge was about to win. Some matches obviously suffered from no live crowd but man you wonder what this would have been.
  7. I dug the fatal 5 way match a lot from a storytelling standpoint. I liked the little Team B.A.D. bits in there and the Sasha/Bayley story is compelling. Sasha reminded me on Owen Hart at WM X where he was on the ramp as she was tonight looking on at Bret... I HOPE they are slated for SummerSlam.
  8. I think what this weekend shows is that if done well cinematic wrestling with a big budget is a viable thing. I think it can be more than a one off... However, I think it should be done sparingly. Was John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt or The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles going to be good matches in front of a live crowd? Hell no... so this totally worked for them. Does Cesaro/Bryan/Zayn/Gulak/Nakamura need to have a cinematic presence? Hell no.. their characters wouldn't fit and that's not their strengths, they are great wrestlers so you have to make this choice all dependent on the characters you have.
  9. MVP of the weekend was WWE's fantastic behind the scenes/production team. They've always been the best around and this weekend they shined bright.
  10. I LOVEDDD The Firefly Funhouse "Match"... I'm not looking at it as a match it's more so a cinematic segment/vignette but it hit all the right notes for me. It was a career retrospective for both men and I believe that signifies a John Cena heel turn? That was the whole nWo bit.. Cena is Hollywood Hogan and it's time for Cena to turn etc..
  11. I am just explaining Braun being #1 contender because he won the Greatest Royal Rumble belt. Roman got pulled because of injury. Let's just imagine that as the reasoning.
  12. I felt The Boneyard Match was produced A LOT better than those previous Wyatt segments with Orton and New Day. The cinematography last night was a lot better, you could actually see what was going on and the score was good too. Plus, you had two characters that play their roles perfectly. I don't think it works as well if it's not Undertaker vs. AJ Styles. It played to both of their strengths as characters and ended up playing out like a cross between horror and an old western where a grizzly old bastard saves the town from the obnoxious young gun.
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