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  1. The roster is just too bloated right now to me. There's so much top tier talent with very little direction or they start a story and then you don't see a follow up for a couple weeks. I'm not advocating for even more TV time. I just think some things should be left on the cutting room floor. Cody doesn't need 15 minutes for smarky bullshit. Cole and Britt don't need to be together on TV just because they are a real life couple, they are better doing their own thing. Shawn Spears doesn't need anything more than a producer role. There should be follow up on Team Tazz vs. Lethal. There should be something on Bryan, where is he, how's he doing after the loss. Why hasn't Jade defended the TBS title or had more than a minute of TV time since winning. Why are Santana and Ortiz always disappearing
  2. I could be wrong but I feel like there's been a few instances of blood in WWE matches over the past decade. Maybe Triple H was in one of them or something.. I can't remember now exactly. Also, Lesnar and Cena may have had blood at Extreme Rules, IIRC.
  3. Crazy as ever.... love love love
  4. Can't remember.. how does CBS get Dallas/SF? Also.. why does FOX only get one WC game? Anyway.. Me and My Dad headed for war on Sunday.. wow. 90's return.
  5. Hmmm Mando related.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYkKEGcriFl/
  6. What kind of reply is this? No, I was not going to get into Instagram followers, there's much more significant evidence of her overall impact than that but we can let the discussion die if that's your wish lol
  7. There's a lot of strong evidence to back up my statement if that's where you want to go with this discussion. I would be more than happy to get into that.
  8. Nonsense. She needed that... over the top star. Then Lynch and Charlotte came along and welp...
  9. Sasha elevated someone at WM and then for the rest of 2021 Charlotte and Lynch crapped on that..
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