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  1. i'm probably putting in too much thought but i felt The Demon was protected but also not protected. if "act of God" is the outcome then The Demon can't recover because God won't allow it. Edit: i thought it was Heyman but the replay made it seem like "act of God"
  2. The main event was pretty damn good... and then we got to the Hulk Up which was weird but i was with it... for maybe a split second i actually bought The Demon pulling it off. The rope snapping is just terrible.. i thought Heyman cut the rope which might have saved it but if they are rolling with "an act of God" then that's ugh..
  3. You guys who are all "i don't like this wrestler or team so i will never give a match a chance" are odd.. i have wrestlers that i loathe that can still entertain me on occasion.
  4. First time i saw Bryan wrestle live was against Homicide at an ROH show here in CT probably around 2006 maybe. Samoa Joe was the special ring enforcer. it was a great match and dope event overall.
  5. Girl Trip sequel starring Sasha, Bayley, Liv Morgan and Doudrop.
  6. Barclays is the cheaper option but either works. i prefer Barclays and there's Shake Shack right there
  7. The rating is a nice number but it is somewhat disappointing. i don't think AEW has to change course or anything, i just don't think Pillman was the guy to hold an audience after 8:45pm.
  8. When's the last time a crowd was THAT hot before the bell? i remember the first Wyatts vs. Shield match having a "this is awesome!" chant before the bell... but last night was MOLTEN. Probably Hogan vs. The Rock in Toronto. AEW NEEDS to do Arthur Ashe Stadium once a year now.. it needs to be part of their rotation. it's such an amazing location, tremendous visually and loud as fuck.
  9. Sammy's paired with Miro so maybe pair MJF with Darby or Jungle Boy. He needs a hot feud. Pillman sorry to say is a Dark Elevation worker right now and should maybe stick exclusively to tags.
  10. i don't know if it will be tag titles or not but when AEW does introduce a secondary women's title, that would be a good way to give Jade something to do. She so obviously has a ton of potential but she's not ready so maybe hide her it tags for a while.
  11. i really like Ruby, she's got a great look, she's been killing it on the mic and she's a good wrestler but all that said i don't believe she's someone you can build a division around. i felt the right woman went over and when it's time for Dr. Britt to drop the title, i would still have Thunder Rosa be that person.
  12. He's been wrestling through a couple injuries for about a year. When he drops that belt (maybe to Hangman?) he's likely gone for a while..
  13. After all these years of him spelling his name for us and you botched it
  14. Remember when Meltzer and people were trying to say Sting wasn't a hall of famer? Lol. Can't blame Ruby for getting tired. Did she ever wrestle longer than 5 minutes in WWE outside of maybe a random house show tag?
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