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  1. Also, these past few months is Drew McIntyre's best work in WWE. It's reminding me of Bret Hart's heel run. He needs to win that title and add some prestige to it.
  2. This is what I think is going to happen. Cody has Roman beat. Solo comes out. Jimmy comes out. Here we go again. The Rock comes out. What the fuck. And then The Rock beats up Solo and Jimmy allowing Cody to take out Roman once and for all.
  3. They've sold close to 5000 tickets already. There's still people claiming that Mercedes isn't a draw. I can tell you one thing... there's no other women's wrestler moving tickets like that on their name alone.
  4. That press conference was both amazing and a fucking mess Lol. It was incredible. I'm glad they really turned up the TV-14 stuff, it made it feel more authentic. Seth looked like a fool for the most part. He got torn to shreds and got very little out of it. The Rock got a good ovation but it went down from there. The boos got heavier and heavier.... Cody was great. I didn't have The Rock joins Roman and then threatens Triple H backstage on my BINGO card but all of that was good stuff. The Rock as a heel is infinitely more interesting. I'm guessing that maybe this leads to Rock helping Cody at some point. They could also do The Rock and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes on Night 1. Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns on Night 2 That would make everyone happy I think.
  5. Well he did say he wanted 2024 to be like 2021. Didn't Bryan and Cole debut on the same night?
  6. Speaking of Money or Mone' rather... looks like "Big Business" is the official debut at TD Garden. Happy to see her back.
  7. This was a fantastic show. Swerve vs. Hangman tore the house down again. Glad they protected Swerve. Looks like we had a double turn there too? Blackpool Combat Club vs. CMLL All-Stars was great stuff. Deonna and Toni Storm's staredown was awesome. Sting and Darby winning the titles in a crazy match and then the Young Bucks busting them and Sting's sons open during the celebration! Best thing the Bucks have done in a very long time... Money angle.
  8. The U.S. women's wrestling GOAT is coming to AEW on March 13th. Let's fucking go.
  9. It's different than The Attitude Era. The women on the roster are either making their own gear or come up with the ideas for their own gear.
  10. I've seen Bayley a bunch of times live. Her stomach is completely flat and even if it wasn't.... who cares.... but again I think most wrestling fans on Twitter and Reddit are probably people who never leave the house.
  11. This is the same argument from when they landed the FOX deal. There's a live TV/sports media rights bubble that was on it's way to bursting until FAANG started getting involved in streaming. WWE didn't get the Netflix deal because of ratings or live gates, it's what Netflix needed to break into live streaming. Promotions can get hot and then get very cold, very quickly. Triple H had some goodwill built up by 1. Simply not being Vince. Meaning the booking would be better because they had nowhere to go but up. 2. The Bloodline Saga. That's why attendance has been up for 2 years. But decisions like this are the type of shit like the Fingerpoke of Doom that start a downward turn.
  12. That's not the story they've been telling for two years or even the story that was told at Royal Rumble where Cody was pointing at Roman.
  13. They could have also easily had Roman vs. Rock on Night 1 and Roman vs. Cody on Night 2. Roman only wrestles 5x a year, surely he could do a 10-minute spectacle with Dwayne and come back the next night for Cody/Roman II. But anyway, Cody winning the Rumble and NOT challenging Roman is one of the dumbest stories ever told.
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