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  1. That was tough to watch and Amazon just KEPT showing it... ugh. I don't know if Tua had a concussion five days ago or not but this looks really bad. Tua can't take too many more of those either.
  2. Hunter is on another level. GREAT show. The Sami segment was brilliant. Bloodline has A LOT of gas left. Roman could hold those belts another year and be great.
  3. I feel AEW is pretty cold right now with their on-screen product. The first hour was a chore and it's a lot to do with Tony treating his day 1's as stars. That's not typically going to be a bad thing but Sammy Guevara and Jungle Boy have both either regressed or are treading heavy water with no clear direction. Other talents such as The Acclaimed, Hobbs and Starks etc are way hotter right now and deserve more TV time than they get. The Acclaimed has a huge match at Grand Slam so that will be great for them. Jericho is colder now too. It's time to really start elevating the aforementioned as well as Miro and probably even get Wardlow in a bigger spot.. they badly need to transition some guys out and shift them down the card. Jericho should only be there to elevate guys now. That said, Grand Slam should be a really fun show. Hopefully they can gain some momentum off the back of that.
  4. Omega's offense looks way better in my eyes. more hurty.
  5. Good show. Maybe a Bryan vs. Mox at Grand Slam? The Acclaimed vs. Swerve/Lee 2 also at Grand Slam.
  6. Put everyone in a room and say: "Who the fuck wants to make money? if not.. there's the door"
  7. To catch everyone up. Sports illustrated reports that Omega, The Bucks and several other people have been suspended. The thought going around is that Steel is gone and Punk will either be gone or suspended but that's not clear yet.
  8. A lot of people will tune in expecting something else unfortunately. The brawl and etc. won't be addressed.
  9. I believe the quote was "if anyone has a FUCKING PROBLEM with me come find me and let's go" Something like that.
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