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  1. Something I've been thinking about. We KILL WWE for 50/50 booking and I'm in total agreement, there needs to be a pecking order. My concern with AEW is that all these dudes are friends and the people they are signing they are fond of but doesn't someone have to be a jobber?
  2. when did hobbits grow balls and start talkin tough? I would eat a large popcorn and down a 32 oz. Coke while reading the story about how Sam Roberts got KO'd. He's not doing his job well, I hated him when he was a "babyface" too. Also, fuck Rosenberg.
  3. Some sheets suggested that someone in creative didn't believe Rusev "deserved" Lana and some other things people posted here I don't know how much truth if any was behind those reports.
  4. I like the A.I. aspect also. I'm in on the Child's Play reboot.
  5. There was a lot out there that pointed to them wanting to break up Rusev and Lana.
  6. This really started back at WrestleMania 32 where Sasha was clearly the most over and most marketable person in the match and they gave Charlotte the win. That should have been Sasha's crowning moment. But Vince being Vince he is completely out of touch about what sells. WWE overall struck gold with the new television contracts and that is going to keep them healthy from a financial standpoint well into the next decade. It's the nature of the current TV climate. What happens after that is anyone's guess. I could tell you right now XFL is going to fail again and will be a huge waste of money. Vince's biggest problem is just like CM Punk said. He'd rather lose money or make way less trying to be right and doing things his way instead of learning from previous mistakes and listening to people who know better than he does.
  7. I heard the AAF (this might have actually been on an Observer show) knew they could only operate for the first week, they were millions of dollars short but they decided to go ahead with it anyway to beat XFL to the punch. Dave claimed AAF was looking to merge with XFL. But anyway, Dave's comparison is off. I think the biggest thing out of this that people are interested in is whether the deal is paying for air time. I don't think anyone expects the show to be 3 hours and all that other stuff commented on.
  8. I think Dave said something somewhere today that the "pay for timeslot" part is inaccurate but at this point I mean who the hell knows there's been so much speculation, I understand everyone wants to be the first to break the story but man this has been going on now forever. I can't wait until we have all the information in front of us.
  9. King of the Ring '93 is one of my favorite events ever. But I feel you.
  10. Waits for wrestlers and fans alike to hate on Becky for telling no lies.
  11. WWE sent out "sources" to try to paint these two as unprofessional but Dave comes through and confirms as most of us knew, this was just the latest in the ongoing fuck circus that is Vince McMahon and creative. They never keep a promise, ever. They are EXTREMELY unprofessional and Vince himself is senile and out of his fucking mind. Some of the posters here owe Banks an apology
  12. "Dave. They won't do ANYTHING with this. Mark my words. It'll never be mentioned again."
  13. Fan of the concept but the show itself for all the interesting match ups most of them were too short and didn't live up to the hype. Also, Muta at 0 points is no bueno.
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