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  1. Fun match they are really stacking next week's smackdown. Cena vs. Nakamura sounds more like a match that could have headlined SummerSlam.
  2. Congrats
  3. I can see how you'd say this but not exactly. Wonder Woman is probably going to be every bit as profitable as both Spider-Man and GOTG2 this year. It's making more money domestic, it cost less money to make and Wonder Woman merch has been flying off the shelves. Suicide Squad was nearly as profitable as Civil War too again factoring in merchandise and everything else. Justice League, The Batman, another Harley Quinn movie, Aquaman, The Flash movie, Wonder Woman 2.. DC might not hit the high mark that Infinity War will but they seem to be in a great position moving forward so long as the studio stops meddling. Right now Marvel is Sony and DC is Xbox. FOX is Nintendo. Sony Pictures is Sega.
  4. Couple things I've been thinking about. Shouldn't Jon be aware that Littlefinger did Ned dirty? Cat seemed to be aware of it. I'm forgetting now because it was so long ago but I feel like people would know and someone would tell Jon. I see no reason why Littlefinger is alive after what he said about Sansa. I don't think The Vale would give a shit if Baelish died. I was also thinking about Qyburn. He's been holding down the Lannisters for a long time now. Does his arrow launcher have a chance in hell of working though? I'm not sure I liked that idea.
  5. Just saying far as tribute spots go I've seen worse.
  6. Sasha's frog splash > Punk's elbow
  7. Can we mention how the crowd during Sasha/Bayley was flat initially but by the end the place was going nuts with dueling chants and shit? That was the closest I've felt to the NXT 4 Horsewomen era since they've all been called up.
  8. She tweeted about NJPW so I can only assume G1 in 2018?
  9. Also, Sasha and Bayley was quite good. I'm not sure where they are going with the women's title pictures though. Sasha and Alexa had unfinished business. I can't see leaving Sasha off SummerSlam and I can't see Charlotte being left off on the SD side.
  10. Damn that opening segment was everything. Fucking beautiful. Braun like "The only thing I care about is PILING BODIES!!" This security guard deserves a bonus
  11. Whatever the outcome, it was nasty to watch.
  12. My cable company under the RAW preview says this is Season 25 and Episode 30. Never seen that before. But I do feel that WWE should have a break during the year like every other show.
  13. They are moving a lot faster now which is tough in some spots because it's a lot to take in but I think with about 12 episodes left in the entire show they have plenty of time to wrap this up nicely. Winter is here. The Whitewalkers are coming. Dany has arrived. All of the characters are interacting now. I think the next 6 episodes probably deal with the great war that's about to pop off. Then the last 6 is for the love of God, save the planet.
  14. Movie

    Last two weekends I've seen War for the Planet of the Apes and Dunkirk in IMAX. Apes was awesome. A tremendous end to the first trilogy. It's heart breaking at times but so well done. Dunkirk was an amazing experience but I wonder if the experience itself is what I loved and not so much the actual movie. Sitting there in the IMAX, it's crazy good. When I watch it at home I don't know if I'll feel the same way.
  15. There are still two left I think? Mother and daughter?