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  1. @The Naturalis awesome and Hogan is a guy who thinks he worked everyone into believing his half-assed apology and now can go back to taking credit for everything. Once upon a time I liked Hulk Hogan but what can you do, he brought this on himself. I can still watch his old matches and be fine with it, he is who he is.
  2. This is already better than the WWE/WCW Invasion for several reasons. 1. AEW and iMPACT are actually separate promotions. Nobody cares about WWE Owned WCW/ECW. 2. Kenny Omega is actually real life friends going back decades with Callis and his family (and potentially Gallows/Anderson if they want it). It's not Steve Austin turning on WWE for "reasons" Omega actually has a lot of legit reasons why he may have did this. 3. No McMahon family drama. That's always a plus in any story. 4. iMPACT doesn't have many stars in the men's division but if they do want to use them
  3. I think the talk of iMPACT stink is overblown. That will not affect AEW in a negative way. The story and how they play it is far more important and going by this past year id say AEW likely has some good ideas of how they will present this. AEW is not WWE pushing a Retribution faction with no plan just cause vince wants to own libs. AEW actually has plans and stuff.
  4. ROH/CZW had a great match. InVasion angles have left a bad taste in my mouth because of WWE and really only because of WWE. I can't think of one that was more haphazard and insulting than the WCW/ECW Invasion.
  5. I don't think AEW has to get anything out of this other than compelling television. Their world champion is appearing on a "rival" promotion's program. It's different and opens up the door for some possible cross promotion match ups.. Mox was attacked a few weeks back, we now know that it likely was not Omega who did it, it could have been the Good Brothers for all we know. Kenny, obsessed with besting Mox and finally becoming world champion in AEW turns to his former NJPW buds in Good Brothers/Don Callis? Possible. He said a couple weeks ago he had a plane to catch so I presum
  6. Schiavone screaming IT'S STINNNGG was one of the best moments of 2020 fuck it Kenny and Don screwing over AEW and bringing the title to iMPACT is like if WWE would have actually done the Summer of Punk correctly. Great angle.
  7. Drew McIntyre eliminating Brock Lesnar from the Royal Rumble to a huge ovation feels like it was about 5 years ago.
  8. https://twitter.com/PattyJenks/status/1333861228695875584
  9. Disney did announce that they are going full steam ahead with Disney+ planning to spend millions and millions for future programming so this is the first.. the Marvel shows are on the way and there will likely be a WAVE of new Star Wars content. An Ahsoka Tano show is likely among others.. This TV Universe is going to be like when Thanos would show up for ten seconds and it took years to get to the conclusion of that arc. It will all be satisfying in the end but you will have to spend hours with Tony Stark fighting random guy in a suit that he wronged.
  10. I think this debate boils down to how long the series is expected to run. It feels to me like Disney thinks "we have a smash hit on our hands, let's do all these little cool side quests to lengthen the run" but if they were to announce season 3 is the finale then it'd feel more like they wasted time. I don't necessarily think they are wasting time though, I think this series has two objectives: 1. Mando gets Grogu to X 2. Introduce characters that will expand the TV Universe for years to come.
  11. TBH they are doing too much with bringing characters back from the dead. I don't mind it once in a while but it's becoming like comics where deaths are meaningless.
  12. I don't think we are going to see a bunch of Jedi show up as it would defeat the purpose of exploring the universe apart from the Jedi saga.
  13. Looks like an extended SW TV universe is upon us and I am fucking here for it.
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