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  1. His daughter Gigi was the one he was bringing to the games and teaching basketball. What the fuck man. And how can these players play? Answer, they can't. NBA needs to cancel.
  2. I'm sick. 41-years old. Please tell me the kids are okay..
  3. The move in wrestling I hate the most is when one guy is on the apron near the corner or thereabouts and the other guy pulls himself up with the ropes and does a kick to the head. I don't know why everyone does it, Finn Balor is maybe the most popular guy doing it but several indy guys do it and all the crusierweights seem to do it. If you do that move then it just tells me you aren't to be taken seriously.
  4. I kept thinking Mr. Perfect was going to be eliminated and then he stuck around long enough to the point where I talked myself into him winning the damn thing. It was great to see him back and he looked awesome.
  5. Casino is a great fucking movie and speaking of rewatchable, I've probably seen it 20 times, 30 times, who knows. I think it stands on its own as a great film but it does in many ways feel like a Goodfellas sequel so I am guessing that's why the Academy didn't give it it's proper due. The Heat oversight is far more egregious. Heat is legitimately one of the more influential films of our time. Think about The Dark Knight and Winter Soldier, etc. Nolan and the Russos were trying to make Heat.
  6. On one hand, I'm looking forward to the women's Royal Rumble because I have no idea what's going to happen (though I do expect Shayna to be involved). On the other hand, they did a really bad job promoting it. They had one segment on Smackdown where they just threw them all in a ring to brawl for 30 seconds (including Bayley and Lacey) and that was it.. 4 announced participants versus 27 announcements on the men's side. Yeah, the women's revolution isn't going too well right now.
  7. I hope it's good but that match had the luxury of legends returning and Sasha Banks carrying a heavy dose of the workload.
  8. My only complaint was Rhea/Toni, there wasn't much to it. I understand they are pushing Rhea as the next big thing but Toni Storm has everything to be a star too. Time to do something with her.
  9. Matt Stafford is a healthy 69-79-1 for his career but in all seriousness he does have 4 winning seasons. It could be worse, he's been through a lot with that team.
  10. I don't know if I've spoke on this but The Rewatchables is one of my favorite podcasts out today. I was listening to the most recent Heat podcast and I'm in the camp that it's one of the best movies of the past 25 years. Like, everything about it is perfect to me and it's the definition of 'rewatchable'. It spawned several copy cats trying to recreate that bank robbery scene which is just impossible to do, but there's so much more to it than that and the diner scene.. the cast is just amazing. The directing is amazing. I can't believe it got basically shutout at the Oscars. For as much shit as the Oscars receive today, I think if this had come out today it would have been more appreciated by the Academy.
  11. I think Eli was better vs. his peers than Plunkett but what's interesting is Jim also has a .500 QB record. Found that interesting.
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