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  1. How does something like this not get posted here already
  2. Always happy to see that someone else has one of these piles. when the next order arrives i'll have around 30 to watch
  3. How did you originally sign up to paypal? mine is connected to my bank account and i recently had to change a bunch of shit. maybe you just need to reauthorize your account? I had a problem last year where paypal was showing i'd made duplicate orders and trying to get help from paypal & BN was pointless.
  4. Might be an obvious suggestion but do you run any ad blocking or privacy apps on your browser like AdblockPlus, uBlock etc? if so, try switching them off on the BN page. might do the trick.
  5. A shame to hear that about Sasaki. Always thought Shadow would at least get a farewell show or something before he'd leave. Nikkan Lee also seems to have been missing for a few months.
  6. Check out the mexican film El castillo de la pureza/The Castle of Purity (1973) very similar
  7. I've been getting back into BJW this year after missing the last 2 years (pissed i missed the Sumo Hall show ) just wondering what's happened to Mens Teioh, Shadow WX and also did Yoshihito Sasaki & Shinya Ishikawa ever come back from their injuries?
  8. Are these threads MOTYC's or recommended viewing?
  9. Yeah from experience i know not to download players without knowing their safe. There's got to be a way of hiding matches on DM or something. ah for the days of megaupload
  10. What's the best way of watching on Veoh? just stream it or download the player? tried watching (streaming) BJW a few weeks ago and the quality was rubbish. What gets posted on rutube?
  11. I preferred Heard a great story while there that MMA legend and Pancrase founder Suzuki likes to arrive at the live events early and get in the ring with the 'young boys' aka rookies and newbies and work out with them. I'm told that everyone always knows when this occurs because they can hear the young wrestlers screaming. - JR
  12. So i’m wrong in thinking it just looks like the prequels with a daft lightlaber? Looking at twitter, all they had to do was play the theme, chuck in a couple of X-Wings, the Millennium Falcon and they’ll be playing with themselves til new years. #IJustDontGetFanboys
  13. Now now lets refrain from blasphemy towards Angel The more i see it the more i think the FA need to axe Mike Dean, other than Wenger HOW DOES ANYONE NOT SEE THAT AS A STRAIGHT RED? 7 points from the last 4 games which included games against Chelsea, City & Arsenal, not bad for a side who have had 42 injuries in 12 Games.
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