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  1. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    The Punisher teaser trailer:
  2. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    New Punisher photo:
  3. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Finished the Defenders yesterday. I right enjoyed it for the interactions between the group of the show's name. Daredevil MVP. Iron Fist, oof. Best Netflix show since Jessica Jones: Season One with Daredevil: Season One on top spot. Will likely say more when back on my computer.
  4. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Oww. Amazing toughness by Asuka.
  5. RAW is fuck you Brooklyn. - 8/21/2017

    This. WWE does this unfortunately.
  6. SummerSlam XXX

    Asuka vs. Ember Moon was the match of the weekend and a MOTYC. Thought it was great on my first viewing and more the second. Jinder Mahal's shit. One of the most unlikely world champions ever. He's WWE Champion while fucking AJ STYLES is WWE United States Champion. Since John Cena dropped the WWE Championship to Bray Wyatt at Elimination Chamber 2017, the booking of the belt/title fucking sucks.
  7. SummerSlam XXX

    Changing my MOTN to New Day vs. Usos as it was the more complete match to the main event which had a great first half to the stretcher spot but was a step down after it.
  8. SummerSlam XXX

    Sasha Banks, 4x WWE RAW Women's Champion. Legit Boss.
  9. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Feel the same way. I thought Asuka vs. Ember Moon was great on a first viewing and even better second time around.
  10. SummerSlam XXX

    Cherry picked what I wanted. Main event between Lesnar/Joe/Reigns/Strowman was the match of the night with the bomb throwing and Braun fucking people up as the Monster among Men. Thought it was Joe or Braun's time. Great pre-show match between New Day and Usos. Glad I didn't skip it. I really liked Bliss vs. Banks with them bringing the hate as apparently they don't like one another. Bliss' best match topping their Great Balls of Fire bout. Shame Bayley got hurt though this was the match to do in the first place. Also liked Ambrose/Rollins vs. Cesaro/Sheamus. Amazing the quality difference/revolution of the tag team and women's divisions. So great and welcome to see!
  11. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    GIFS from the awesome Asuka vs. Ember Moon match:
  12. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    I do like Asuka as she's pretty, kicks ass, her style and I've always been a fan of the cross face chickenwing since a boy watching Bob Backlund in '94.
  13. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Just watched Asuka vs. Ember Moon. Amazing match, a MOTYC.