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  1. The main menu is one of the best video packages you'll ever see:
  2. I do enjoy lists for what's there, placements and omissions. I've made lists which change over time having seen/read more and some with no alterations in my top five as an example.
  3. That photo I posted of the iconic finish to Hart vs. Austin at WM 13, is one of my favourites I've come across from it.
  4. Adapting Chris Jericho: Let's make a list! Or Politely ask the Higher Powers here to split our posts into a thread for such a thing. Please, the @RIPPA.
  5. You don't need Alberto Del Rio because: ADR's burnt so many bridges. The roster is packed with talent better than ADR. The roster is huge. You already have Rey Mysterio and Andrade. Case closed.
  6. Velveteen Dream in NXT for a little longer may do him good, added experience plus the hits and misses of NXT callups on the main roster. Also be nice to get some stability for the NXT North American Championship. Counting the first champion, Adam Cole, we've had four champions in less than a year.
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