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  1. https://cdn4.whatculture.com/images//2023/12/b36b494e6c73f2021d76284ae1602201.jpg Dickhead Danielson is my favourite version.
  2. I think I preferred Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston AEW Collison rematch to the original on AEW Rampage. Anyone else?
  3. My top five modern Doctor Who episodes: 5. The Girl Who Waited. 4. Blink. 3. Heaven Sent. 2. The Doctor's Wife. 1. The Eleventh Hour.
  4. Thanks on both counts, bud. Evan Tanner went way too soon. Amazing how he self taught himself to become a UFC Champion. Good picks by you too.
  5. Prince Nana's dance is the fucking best. Don't know how Swerve Strickland doesn't corpse while making his entrance.
  6. Chris Sutton vs. Claudio Castagnoli in Premier League predictions: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/67560847
  7. Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston II and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brody King tonight, well tomorrow morning 1am UK time.
  8. Fancy Danielson/Kingston to be the first draw. I'd say it's a test run for Swerve Strickland. Face or heel, he's a future AEW World Champion. Can see Swerve winning it at next year's Double or Nothing and going into All In vs. Will Ospreay as the headliner.
  9. Surreal seeing WWE adding CM Punk matches on YouTube again.
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