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  1. Shrewsbury 2-2 Liverpool League One Shrewsbury Town have come from two goals down against the European Champions and the Premier League leaders.
  2. Yes, please. WALTER vs. Daniel Bryan is my dream match.
  3. Thought I'd have a quick go at the 10 best Royal Rumble matches: 10. 1998. Winner: Steve Austin. 9. 2002. Winner: Triple H. 8. 2018 Men's. Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura. 7. 2018 Women's. Winner: Asuka. 6. 2010. Winner: Edge. 5. 2004. Winner: Chris Benoit. 4. 2008. Winner: John Cena. 3. 2007. Winner: The Undertaker. 2. 2001. Winner: Steve Austin. 1. 1992. Winner: Ric Flair.
  4. There's only a handful of matches I'm into: both Royal Rumble matches, Fiend/Bryan and Becky/Asuka. Rest is filler you'd have to sit through live so I'm not sure I will be. Predicting Roman Reigns wins the Men's Royal Rumble match. Shayna Baszler the Women's version though I'd really like it to be Sasha Banks. Don't want Charlotte. Other matches have predictable outcomes. Love Daniel Bryan to go over but that ain't happening.
  5. Matt Hardy reverts back to an old look on Instagram.
  6. The above. I'd also suggest though it won't happen, Daniel Bryan. Bryan's the best at working round strengths/limitations of opponents.
  7. What's Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1-12 like? Thanks.
  8. Ripped. Glad Cesaro's gone back to wearing trunks. When he wore the pants short at the ankles for the first time, I and others thought his wrestling gear went missing.
  9. Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!
  10. Credit to Drake Wuertz for his handling of Alexander Wolfe getting KO'd.
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