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  1. I can see Disney bringing Avengers: Endgame back out for any award campaigns and any sort of milestone as a reason to.
  2. I liked Dolph Ziggler round about 2010-2013 time. Dolph Ziggler MITB cash-in to Alberto Del Rio on the post WrestleMania XXIX RAW was one of the most memorable of them and the double turn match at Payback 2013 was well done. Ziggler doesn't feel like he's freshened up his act, dorkiness as well. Ziggler's had moments but weren't capitalized on. Ziggler/Lana pairing vs. Rusev/Summer Rae sucked.
  3. Happy birthday to an all time great, Bryan Danielson.
  4. That's one of my favourite comedy matches ever, the hug it out match on RAW in September 2012. I believe it was in Chicago. The crowd chanted "hug it out" and you could hear loud laughs when Daniel Bryan says "I hugged you, you didn't hug me!"
  5. So that's Daniel Bryan who started it all, John Cena and now Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn wasn't wanted. Women aren't allowed.
  6. Looking back, I'm surprised there's a good chunk of entries without Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on RT lists. I picked it as I like QT and figured his track record would seal the deal. Still haven't seen Death Proof and The Hateful Eight.
  7. Replacing Lawler vs. Woodley II due to Woodley's injury. UFC 239 still looking good. Any word on Lawler still fighting on that UFC Fight Night or will he be moved onto another show?
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