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  1. Just got done watching the Brawl for All documentary while having a pizza, that hit the spot. Three thoughts: 1. I remember Bart Gunn knocked Steve Williams, Godfather and Bradshaw out. I forgot all three were KO'd in style. 2. I can't lie, I did enjoy Bradshaw getting KTFO. 3. The part covering Droz's injury was hard going especially seeing the photos taken of Droz as he was paralysed. I've never seen those before. What about everybody else here? Feel for Droz and D-Lo having to deal with the consequences of what happened. Fair dos to both for not blaming the other.
  2. In an interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Dana White was asked if he thinks going on with events is a risk: “First of all, everybody’s afraid to be first. Realistically, the only guy right now who isn’t afraid is me and Vince McMahon. I mean, Vince McMahon hasn’t skipped a beat but what he did was, he found solutions, he found ways, get rid of the crowd and I’m sure he’s doing everything in his power too to make sure that his guys are safe. Everybody else is afraid to be first, right now we need leadership, we need people that are going to go out and find solutions. Hiding in your house is not the answer, I get it, we have to do it. We’ve followed everything the CDC has said. But at what point do we get back to normal? You keep people in their houses for too long without entertainment, people are going to start losing their minds and we need to start figuring out solutions and that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to do this, we’re going to keep everyone safe, and we’re going to pull this thing off.”
  3. Joe Rogan's reaction when Uncle Dana White says "You will be commentating on UFC 249."
  4. One of my favourite things about WrestleMania is seeing the bigger entrances on the Grandest Stage of All and the new ring gear wrestlers wear. Obviously the former wasn't happening with the move to the WWE Performance Centre. I thought the latter was disappointing with the exception of The Undertaker as a hybrid Dead Man/Biker Taker, Kevin Owens carrying on the KO Mania shirts, Seth Rollins coat and Bayley's gear with the big crosses over her former smiley logo.
  5. When something is heavily hyped, it adds expectations which are either met or not. Glad it was the former for you. So glad I got to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) at the cinema. The film captures Spider-Man at it's best: Heart, humour, story and visuals.
  6. I'll also be voting for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and The LEGO Movie. Cursed the air blue the other day finding Kubo and the Two Strings halfway through it on the Film 4 + channel. If you want some more Batman recommendations: Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) Batman: Year One (2011) Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (2018) though that depends on how you feel about the television series it's based from. Have you seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)?
  7. Nice to see a fellow fan of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. I'm assuming you know that it was released in two parts and then as one film? If you want more animated Batman recommendations, Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010) and Batman: Year One (2011). I liked Batman's cameos in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies as well. That series where it comes from is an acquired taste. Cheers, mate, Good to know somebody else feels the same way about Snowpiercer (2013). I'm thinking it's going to miss out on my ballot. I'm with you guys when it comes to Get Out (2017). I know we're in the minority compared to everyone else on Get Out.
  8. Edge: The Second Mountain. One of the best documentaries ever produced by WWE. Watch it.
  9. I'm quoting what I said about Vince McMahon in the pre WrestleMania XXXVI thread. Just substitute Vince for Dana White:
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