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  1. The June-September gap is surprising. Are they touring or something?
  2. WGTT / Kidman & Mysterio is so, so, so good.
  3. A double chicken wing into a float-over. https://youtu.be/10ivQ3ogO1M?t=741
  4. Becky getting in to the triple threat as a consequence of Ronda punching her in the stomach (after Charlotte dummied her for most of the match) feels underwhelming.
  5. It's not completely unthinkable... I could see a Gargano suspension or expulsion, and then a Takeover with and then a summer angle leading to a tournament final at the Summerslam Takeover for Goldie?
  6. The Library of Congress will be live-streaming John Cena reading from his new children's book, which sounds like The Little Monster Truck That Could. Friday at 10:30 EST via the LOC's Facebook
  7. agreed. This Takeover felt, to me, like a lot of the strings were showing. It seemed clear going in that Bate and Seven had no chance of winning, that EC3 would be his usual vacuum and Dream would struggle. Props to Shayna and Kairi for the MOTN.
  8. This was my first time seeing EC3 and I was so, so underwhelmed. Cole at least made me care for a bit with the superkick party.
  9. Iron Moose


    ... I feel like Murphy and Kalisto just set the bar pretty high for this weekend.
  10. ... that made Sami and Becky look pretty bad, I thought.
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