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  1. Iron Moose


    The Library of Congress will be live-streaming John Cena reading from his new children's book, which sounds like The Little Monster Truck That Could. Friday at 10:30 EST via the LOC's Facebook
  2. agreed. This Takeover felt, to me, like a lot of the strings were showing. It seemed clear going in that Bate and Seven had no chance of winning, that EC3 would be his usual vacuum and Dream would struggle. Props to Shayna and Kairi for the MOTN.
  3. This was my first time seeing EC3 and I was so, so underwhelmed. Cole at least made me care for a bit with the superkick party.
  4. Iron Moose


    ... I feel like Murphy and Kalisto just set the bar pretty high for this weekend.
  5. Iron Moose

    Elimination Chamber VIII - 2/25/2018

    didn't she get her knees up?
  6. Iron Moose

    WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    ... that made Sami and Becky look pretty bad, I thought.
  7. Iron Moose

    WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    I'd add Alexa... it seems reasonable to deploy the "champ in the rumble to avoid a title defense" line given Asuka coming for her. By that logic, we can add Charlotte...
  8. Iron Moose

    Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    To quote my lawyer: "It is so clear they have no queer folks on that graphic design team, otherwise someone would have mentioned the subtextual implications of calling someone a "top" in conjunction with that fist imagery. "
  9. Iron Moose


    I lean to predicting a triple threat where Lesnar pins Kane to retain. :\
  10. Iron Moose

    HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    For everything else, there's a Simpsons clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhe3vSe-mmw
  11. So these spoilers aren't as nuts as the ones pre-Dallas, but... they're pretty nuts.
  12. Iron Moose

    SummerSlam XXX

    Per Bayley is out of Summerslam and we have two Triple Threat matches tonight where the winners face off next Monday to get to the number one contender spot.
  13. Iron Moose

    Raw Is Emma's Dating Habits - 7/24/2017

    RIP Sasha's knees after that Meteora. I picked up on some interesting storytelling in Sasha/Bayley (he understated). Bayley didn't do her characteristic "woo" after rolling back from her corner spear, Sasha's arm-wringer into the corner followed by double-knees was something out of Banks/Lynch Unstoppable, and slapping her way out of the Bayley-to-Belly only to have Bayley slap back and lead into a Frye/Takayama was also notable. Also, *losing clean* off a Frog Splash could easily be a "stop trying to be the next Eddy, start being a BOSS again" moment.