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  1. Yeah, no doubt as I was using the Talk to Text feature and it's been harshly crazy as of late. My bad yo
  2. On a side note has anyone played the new NWA POWERRR game that they're basing after the old wrestlefest games? I mean I'm sure there's only demos right now but I hope they put a lot of extra characters in it wrestlers and some storylines would be great this day and age was so many people that know how to do so much work on games the storylines and everything are limitless. just curious as to what everyone thinks about it I hope they have more moves instead of just the typical body slam etc. and I know she car I was working on a video game it look decent and I give them props for that any word on it yet.. thanks again in advance...
  3. thanks so much for telling me about fire pro wrestling but I've been a firepro and since the nineties I actually bought a Sega Saturn had it modded boss b Japanese version of the game it was 6 man scramble i think n I bought another game after that in the firepro series and I've been an addict of it ever since. I'm trying to wait around to buy the new fire pro when all the extras are for sale. But I was just trying to see if the 2K 20 was worth a crap but thank you for the heads up please anyone else if you can give me some information please do I'm just stuck here at the house leg up antibiotics sticking in my vein all day long it's just a miserable experience right now and I just want something to pass the time thank you all and thanks in advance. PS thanks 4 listening to my rambling as I know there's a lot of typos on this talk to text feature. Long live fire pro!
  4. So bottom please someone tell me if this game is worth buying I want a wrestling game so bad I haven't played the 2K games and so long and this looks like it has a lot of extras but it has a lot of bugs please tell me if the bugs have been fixed and if it's in your opinion worth purchasing. I'm laid up with surgery on my foot which got a huge infection that put me in a septic level on I have nothing to play besides the start of wars game which is awesome and I'm almost finished with it but please Any info would be great and please forgive the typos as I'm using the talk 2 Type feature thanks in advance
  5. I want these SOOOO BADLY!!! What's the word on how to get them, prices etc?! And thanks so much for always posting MUSCLE merch! You da man!!!!
  6. ...wasn't this back when the wrestlers would wish the fans happy holidays n Merry Christmas etc on TBS? Seems like I remember that whenever whenever I was a little kid And I was so stoked because I still believed in Old Saint Nick.
  7. Where in the world can we get these?? And what's the damage price wise?! Thanks in advance...
  8. ...what...love it or hate it, that's what video games entire creation was intended for-another quarter and/or another continue! Democracy as it's best/worst! And 2K has some of the best shite in the gaming verse!
  9. ...FrankenStroman. Sow these hands?! Playable character. I gotta admit, I'm stoked for this first DLC pack-I skipped last year's game and I've regretted not being able to play the classic Matt Hardy Crazy Universe. And with all the spooky Halloweenish type stuff I'ma sucker for anyways, this DLC pack has me frothing at the mouth-no matter how cheezy it is. I just hope the gameplay is great and I really wish they'd allow us to use our own music for create-a-character. I wonder if they'll have some unique Halloween Havoc stuff? I did see two new arenas based on the Spookyness-something about a Swamp Arena and then a Cemetary one as well. We can hope...right?
  10. On a side note-if you keep images online with TinyPic.com, welp...they're shutting down this year. It doesn't have a date either-it just says they'll be gone sometime this year. I put a shit ton of images there years ago and it'll suck trying to go thru all of them to save them back...but anyways, just giving a heads up.
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