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  1. And hot damn, how could I leave town without dropping this... "I am Sid Vicious, I am Master and RULER of the WORLD!!!"
  2. I'm headed outta town on vacation...so I'll leave you brilliant fuggers with these...
  3. Can ya'll name a few of your top fave Podcasts? Ya know, I listened to "Busted Open" a lot when I had Sirius for free...but lotsa times that show just turns into blabber. I love Cornette but I know to fast forward past the first 15 minutes or so because the majority of that time is spent shilling his gimmicks or upcoming appearances. I really liked some of Stone Cold's podcasts but I swaer I think he's STILL on CHRISTMAS VACATION from LAST YEAR! But I'd love to know if anyone agrees on a couple of PodCasts...thanks in advance yo.
  4. I ain't bitchin', just wondering what the hell the tie-in is here?! Are they gonna be in the new film that's supposedly coming out next Summer? I hope they get HBK's cross-eye exclusive figure included. And there could be all sortsa f'ed up storylines with deceased wrasslers from days past...I can only imagine what sorta slimey hilarity Captain Redneck Dick Murdoch would create...
  5. Why is she staring at an image of Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl?!
  6. Uh, Anyone hear anything on 2k20 yet? Isn't it usually by now that they have at least some info up about it?
  7. I was finally able to snag enough time to grab the MORPHEUS program and watch some very interesting films. But I've also heard of an "update of sorts" called "MORPH TV" for ANDROID as well. Can anyone tell me the difference betwinx the two? Also, is there any amazing wrasslin channels/station/documentaries that someone can recommend?! Thanks in advance!
  8. A few oldies but goodie movie posters...and if they were in theaters, I'd have to check 'em out.
  9. ...WWE, XFL...and I'm fugging takin' over Broadway! (Pooch out my lips! Pooch my Lips! Pooch My Lips!!!)
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