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  1. And one more image for you Dahhhhhlings of his Dads co-workers and the true Adorable One.
  2. I HATE HATE HATE the "Getty Images" crawl over amazing photos, I found a brilliant set of photos of Adorable Adrian Street dressed complete in his wrasslin drag, standing beside his Father who looked like a salt of the Earth, tough as nails old man who had worked his entire life as a Coal Miner. The juxtaposition between the both complimented the Black and White Photos....except that Getty Images crawl was a pain in the arse.
  3. Can someone please post some gifs of the created moves on the new FIRE PRO game? I mean I've been so stoked and happy to see these! SOME AMAZING SHITE! Hell, post a link, it's the greatest thing that makes my day checking this part of the board and seeing what you geniuses have came up with! Even the M.U.S.C.L.E.S. Little Pink Men maneuvers. Long live FireProWresrtling and your creativity!
  4. How and where do I get info to order this shirt?! Much thanks, DNF
  5. Got DAMN!!! I gotta know the name of the lineup on Babas team! And if that's Ricky Morton, holy shitter, who can get us the box score?! Simply brilliant image!
  6. Oh yeah...then there was that time when Kevin Sullivan was using his crazy ass Satanic Cult/worshipper persons and I'd just turned the dial on the tv to watch some wrasslin, when literal pandemonium was breaking loose inside the wrestling arena, Sullivan was scaring the white out of the fans in attendance, he'd bloodied his opponent with a brilliant blade job and the creshendo which topped everything off was the moment the entire wrestling area's lights were extinguished and the arena was pitch black!!! I can only imagine what kids my age were feeling like, stuck inside a n arena with no lights, and a devilworshipping madman who was wielding a bloody ice pick running loose! When the announcers came back on They EXPLAINED that Kevin Sullivan had turned the lights off with his MIND!!! Anyone else recall this?!
  7. I remember a wrestler named(spelling is prolly wrong) named TEEJO KAHN. He worked for the N.W.A. back in the 80s(matter of fact he pulled up next to me and my cousin at a redlight, sporting a airbrushed NWA bandana on his head, then he slowly turned and gave me the EVIL EYE and he of course sped off while screeching his tires) . He was totally bald except a long black hair braid that emerged from the crown of his head and flowed down to at least his neck. He mighta been managed for a sec by Paul Jones?! I dunno if he was part of the whole Jimmy Valiant storyline in which the friggin NEW BREED tag team came back in time to destroy the Boogey Man or what. Shit, I know Dean of some of you fuggers gotta remember this guy
  8. Well damn!!! I've always dug Chikara from its fresh perspective on wrestling, to it's zany antics and characters -many of whom went on to bigger and better things, to the overall attitude of the Fed itself and OF COURSE the amazing ARTWORK they placed on the Dvds, comics, shirts etc. I hope this isn't true and that someone steps in and helps to train, book, etc. Please keep us updated...this truly sucks!!!
  9. Can you imagine?! I miss this game and series something fierce, and no....Madden doesn't quench the thirst of all that was involved with this series. From recruiting to moving to a new team after a good or bad year, not to mention the leaps n found a of progress they'd made in league play with friends and the Weekly Top 25 bragging right...so many things. I would hope with the new systems and the hopes that players could get a small wage from their Likeness, welp...maybe it'll happen again within our gaming lifetime.
  10. Damn, I really miss NCAA Football like nothing else. Madden just doesn't hold my interest, and to think they'd began to iron out everything so we could play with a buncha friends...even with a TOP 25 weekly. Maybe one day...
  11. I friggin' LOVED Kendo KaShin's running, leaping(while his opponent was dazed on the turnbuckle) onto the top rope flying ARMBAR!!! It was so damned strange yet fit somehow.
  12. I'm super stoked to see what the folks at NetherRealm have done with MORTAL KOMBAT 11 - AFTERMATH. I was a huge nerd of the series back in the day, my college placed a MORTAL Kombat 3 machine inside the food court, many college courses grades dropped that semester as anyone with 50 cents was hoping to pull off a "Scorpion Juggle" or at least a "Babality". Needless to say that corner of the food court became super loud and I was amazed by how much trash talking occurred to the point that the machine was moved into an entirely different room. ANYWAYS, if you have a PS4(I'm sure XBox Ones have it as well) just swing over to the new games section and check out the MORTAL KOMBAT 11 - AFTERMATH video. It's well worth the couple minutes, especially the OLD versions of the fighters versus today's new,improved and stacked with new abilities fights. Now, I just gotta make enough cash to grab this sucker, right after I get serious about finishing WITCHER 3.
  13. I had a nice write up on waddling shirts of old, New and in versions and where I could find links to the super secret websites(in some cases) , Instagram accounts, Facebook show and more. But I accidentally hit some delete button and it was gone quicker than Alex Wright's push(no shite, look it up...Ric Flair was asked at the end of one of his WCW GREATEST VIDEOS AS TO WHO HE THOUGHT THE LEADER OF THE NEXT GENERATION OF STARS WOULD BE; FLAIR SAID WITH ALL CONFIDENCE, ALEX WRIGHT. OH well, can't win em all.) Anyways, thanks ahead for any linkage...I appreish. Our basement was flooded along with my amazing shirts....thankfully they didn't swamp the Legit JIM CORNETTE suit jackets, dress shirts, pants and more. One day I'll unveil, I happen to live near Smokey Mountains hotbed, and had friends who lived near Corny and his love interest at the time. Hollah!!!!!
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