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  1. I would bet they ignore the older stuff, yes. The appeal on that stuff is really limited, unfortunately, especially among Zen fans.
  2. They've also said to expact another pack of tables before the end of 2018. I've been playing the beta versions of these tables since the day it was announced and they are fabulous. Big-time improvement over what Farsight was doing. 5 years ago, after much frustration with Farsight, I was saying, "Man, please give me real pinball games done with Zen polish and skill". Well, that's what we're getting now and it's awesome. Each table will also have a "remastered" mode that can be toggled with the touch of a button. That "Zen-ifies" the table. You get 3d animated characters, Zen physics (instead of realistic), wall art, and lots of graphic flourishes. The toggle is really fast and it works great. The differences between the two versions are very apparent immediately. Along with these tables being better than their Farsight versions, we should also get access to more licensed tables than what Farsight could do. Zen already has an extensive history with the biggest licenses in the world - Star Wars, Universal films, Marvel, South Park, etc. There's no reason to believe that Indiana Jones, the SImpsons, and other expensive licenses would be out of reach for Farsight.` I am super-pumped for this development and can't wait to see what we get from Zen. Having listened to the Zen guys on podcasts, they are really dedicated and are listening to what people what. They actively monitored the DIgitalPinballFans forum closely and feedback on there went directly into updates on the beta versions of the Williams tables.
  3. Tabe

    2018 NFL - WEEK THREE

    Incidentally, the "full weight on the quarterback" rule has apparently been in place since 1995. Just got new emphasis this year. http://www.realclearlife.com/sports/nfl-rule-changes-created-golden-era-quarterback-stats/
  4. Tabe

    2018-19 NCAAF: WEEK 5

    I can. Geezer was holding back the young people from the spot they've earned. Step aside, old-timer! Sarcasm, of course. Yeah, even I can't hate it. I believe the dude was actually an even 100 years old.
  5. Tabe


    He's been out of shape and injured for much of the time under his latest contract but VMart was really, really good from 2011 to 2014. He hit .337 in 2014 with 2 strikes, the second-best 2-strike average since 1914 (thanks Wikipedia). He had a really nice career, much of it in a Detroit uniform. Enjoy your retirement, VMart.
  6. Tabe

    30 For 30

    Yeah, Deion is another guy whose exploits read like the made-up stuff you'd hear about guys from the 1930s. Just insanely athletic.
  7. Tabe

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    I just got a catalog from JCPenney with Shaquille O'Neal (looking slimmed down a bit!) selling suits on the cover.
  8. Tabe

    30 For 30

    Standing backflip in waist-deep water. Standing. Backflip. In. Waist. Deep. Water. Bo Jackson was not human.
  9. Tabe

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Hopefully not lost in the bad penalty and missed kicks is the "woulda made Andy Reid proud" clock management by Mike Mccarthy. They basically took no time off the clock while allowing Minnesota to retain timeouts. Pop Warner coaches who don't know the rules would have done better.
  10. Tabe

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Good grief Cousins has been great today though.
  11. Tabe

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Having seen Rodgers bailed out a billion times by garbage calls by the refs, I heartily approved that questionable call.
  12. Tabe

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Which also made for terrible habits for years. "Eh, I can throw into triple coverage while staring down guys and also don't have to be accurate" since Megatron would bail him out.
  13. Tabe

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    They were snake-bit for quite awhile with one RB after another suffering devastating injuries. Kevin Jones was stud as a rookie - 1100 yards at 4.7 YPA and then had injury problems. He's just one of many. The last 5 years they haven't even tried. I mean, seriously, they bring in Blount as a big name free agent pickup and give him 4 carries. FOUR carries. No, those 4 carries weren't successful but c'mon. You gotta feed the beast at least a little. ESPECIALLY SINCE THE GAME WAS CLOSE (for awhile). In looking over the last 15 years to look at Lions leading rushers (including one year where the leader had *390* yards), I was reminded that Daunte Culpepper was actually in Detroit for two seasons, including the 0-16 year. He was 0-10 in his starts. I'd somehow forgotten all about him being in Detroit, let alone for that long.
  14. Tabe

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Because that kind of trial by fire turned David Carr into a HOFer. Oh wait...
  15. Tabe

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    For example - Detroit ran the ball only 13 times this past Sunday in a game that was tied 17-17 in the 3rd quarter.