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  1. How many, if any, good movies has Jennifer Lopez made? I suppose you could argue "Selena" was pretty good. "The Boy Next Door" was awesome but not good, if you catch my drift. She's done other stuff I haven't hated but nothing good that I can think of?
  2. Of course the Dolphins aren't concerned. Nobody thinks they somehow overrode the decision of the independent doctor. They just think the Dolphins should have used their own eyes instead of being willfully ignorant by playing Tua when he was OBVIOUSLY injured.
  3. That was my thought. Imagine having just completed the absolutely perfect storybook ending to the greatest NFL career of all-time, with more money than you can possibly spend and............ not wanting to go home and stay there.
  4. Detroit has somehow won 11 out of 13 despite having a DH who got hits in just 2 of those games and has .620 OPS for the season.
  5. In case you missed it, Juju Smith-Schuster totally dissed Mike Tomlin in comments before the game, saying he has learned more about offensive football in part of a season with Andy Reid than 5 years with Tomlin n combined.
  6. C'mon, that's almost 5 months old!
  7. Bit of controversy with Ole Miss today with Lane Kiffin angrily shoving one of his players for getting a false start penalty. Definitely not cool.
  8. The last time they made the playoffs, I didn't have gray hair. Wait, that's not true. I've had gray hair for 30 years
  9. It is incredible that the last time the Mariners went to the playoffs, it was a season where they won 116 games.
  10. There's a reason they dropped that mantra four years ago.
  11. I certainly wouldn't expect 25 minutes to get chopped off. That seems crazy. Having said that, the pitch clock makes a BIG difference in games, just in terms of flow.
  12. For those still opposed to pitch clocks, MLB says using the clocks in the minors this year cut *25* minutes off average game time: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34690249/pitch-clock-cut-minor-league-games-25-minutes-two-hours-38-minutes
  13. I sort of get what McDaniel was saying but "nothing more serious than a concussion" is definitely not a good luck and betrays an old school, ignorant mindset. It's a concerning choice of words coming from a head coach. I think it's entirely possible that Tua somehow passed the protocol last Sunday. Maybe he didn't actually have a concussion though that seems unlikely. Having said that, he definitely needs to sit for awhile after last night. That "fencing" response he showed last night - something every NHL fan is very familiar with seeing - is scary stuff.
  14. "Staying one step ahead" by wasting valuable practice time on nonsense. Well done!
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