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  1. https://youtu.be/53mYg-KTsnI
  2. Except on ESPN's web site, where there's been absolute radio silence about the biggest storyline of that game and the league.
  3. Maybe he can teach his amazing injury-preventing perfect mechanics.
  4. Major credit to Booger McFarland for SHREDDING the referees. Deservedly so.
  5. Hey everybody, this is what Lions fans are talking about. This game was flat out stolen. Two major league made up calls that changed the game and an egregious no call on PI. Gimme a break.
  6. Detroit got a bit of a monkey off their back with their first regulation win in Montreal since Abraham Lincoln was in office, winning 4-2. Hometown boy Anthony Mantha scored again - 6 goals in 4 games for him. Since mid-March, he's leading the NHL in scoring. He also resisted getting into a fight last night, which is a good thing. He's had his season derailed the last two years by injuries in fights. He needs to leave that mess to somebody else*. Dylan Larkin and Tyler Bertuzzi also continued their excellent play. This all won't hold I'm sure - Detroit's ghastly blueline group will eventually regress to the norm - but it's fun for the moment. * - Detroit doesn't really have anybody else. Montreal had one or two guys running around a bit last night that needed to be straightened out and Detroit doesn't have anybody on the roster that'll do that other than Mantha. Jonathan Ericsson occasionally fights but he's injured. Justin Abdelkader used to fight once in awhile, too, but no more. The guy that would probably fill that role is Dylan McIlrath but he's in the minors and not likely coming up anytime soon.
  7. Make that 10 points. Yeah, he's decent.
  8. Yeah, that happening to Toronto - or, even better, Boston - is glorious.
  9. Hockey is a game of inches as Detroit showed last night. They dominated Anaheim for 40 minutes, playing to a 1-1 tie. They scored to go up 2-1 early in the 3rd only to have it overturned because Anthony Mantha was offsides by maybe 2 inches. They hit like half a dozen posts*. And ended up losing 3-1. So close. * - in one sequence Filip Hronek hit the post twice and then scored, all in the span of about 10 seconds.
  10. Somebody make this happen. Can we get Rob Ryan to run the defense and Adam Gase to run the offense, too?
  11. After opening the season with a 5-3 win on the road against Nashville, thanks to a dominating performance by the Larkin/Bertuzzi/Mantha line, Detroit followed up with an exciting 4-3 win over Dallas at home. Mantha played the game of his life with 4 goals, including the winner with less than a minute left. Maybe, just maybe, he'll finally start showing up every night instead of only half. He's a 40-goal scorer if he does.
  12. Tabe

    2019-20 NCAAF: Week 6

    Yeah, it's pretty staggering how bad the offense has been for Michigan. They have no identity and constantly look confused.
  13. Tabe


    Because it's a way of creating some fake tough guy persona. "I was high all the time!" I should probably have said exaggerating instead of lying but same idea.
  14. Tabe


    Harvin is lying but it sure would explain his play.
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