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  1. Never fails - General Managers looking at one year instead of multiple. He had a good year in 2019 and was not good, or worse, in 2017 and 2018 and barely played in 2020. Does he have a chance to be helpful? Sure. But a "big" free agent? C'mon.
  2. There's a tremendous multi-part documentary on YouTube by noclip about the making of that game. Highly recommended, especially the last episode. Also, EVERYTHING noclip does is highly recommended.
  3. Kudos to Vrana for crosschecking Carlo twice after, too, including once in the head.
  4. You can hire Jose to hang out with you. A guy on the PSA baseball card forum did just that. Paid him to hang out with him, sign autographs, and wear jerseys, all of which ended up in custom cards the guy made. The cards were extremely cool but...
  5. So guys with a career 105 OPS+ coming off a 13-inning season are "big" free agents?
  6. Brent Seabrook has retired: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/brent-seabrook-announces-his-hockey-career-is-over/ar-BB1ehsZ5?li=BBnb7Kz
  7. Just read the synopsis of that movie and I feel like I've seen that movie 10 or 12 times already. But, hey, Amy Adams so I'll watch it.
  8. NHL discipline at its finest; Nino Niederreiter, who bumped a goalie in the head in a not-dirty play and Alexander Ovechkin, suspended multiple times in the past, who bent his stick spearing a guy in the balls, got the exact same penalty - $5000. What a joke. Nice to see they still judge based on the name on the back of the jersey.
  9. I guess George South and Denny Brown weren't available.
  10. The original show was groundbreaking and interesting. It morphed into garbage but that first season (and probably the next couple) were interesting social experiments. The cast was going in blind and it felt more authentic than later ones. A reunion should be interesting. Edit: Apparently, Eric didn't live with the rest, presumably because of COVID: https://tv.avclub.com/eric-nies-lived-separately-from-rest-of-real-world-reun-1846402126 p.s. Am I the only one who thinks the cast looks remarkably good for 30 years and is surprised that they're all still alive?
  11. Tabe


    Especially since he's only going to play 3 games before getting hurt.
  12. Tabe


    With baseball now starting with guys on 2B, I'm not crazy about their OT stats counting. I would feel more strongly if they started on 3B. No on basketball because you don't start artificially closer to scoring - it's just 5 more minutes of the exact same thing as before unlike CFB.
  13. It must suck to have your decisions questioned by a reporter who's never played basketball and is 5'2" - and whose criticism was right. Jim Boeheim is human trash.
  14. Tabe


    I have two main complaints: 1) As mentioned, I hate that you start in FG range, though obviously 42-43 yard FGs are a lot less certain in college than the NFL where they're basically automatic; 2) This is kinda dumb but I have always hated that stats in OT count the same as regulation. Game is 21-21 at the end of regulation, ends up 64-62 or something and the quarterbacks end with 8 TD passes. It's just dumb.
  15. If he really waited 2 months, it definitely came from a Chinese bootlegger.
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