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  1. Both deserved suspensions. People should be able to come to work without being threatened with physical violence.
  2. Yeah, that movie didn't bother me. Tries too hard, comes up a little short.
  3. Tabe

    All Things Pixar

    I did that at the new Godzilla. Don't care if I missed anything.
  4. I actually don't have a problem with the ejection. Griping about a borderline pitch and not shutting up after multiple warnings? Yeah, you gotta go.
  5. This thing is great. Tough watch but great.
  6. Stuber seems like the kind of movie that just doesn't appeal to me anymore but... I saw the trailer and it looks hilarious. I'll probably see it.
  7. Shenmue 3 has been announced as a one year exclusive for the Epic Store. Lots of upset people because of that.
  8. Tabe


    He's been found, safe and sound.
  9. If you haven't already seen it, "The Russian Five" documentary is available now on all the rental streaming services like Amazon. It's really good. A little too much Jeff Daniels but more than made up for with great Vladimir Konstantinov footage.
  10. Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has died.
  11. It's not all that surprising. A game with Ichiro driving the ball 3 times in one game to get the double, triple, and homer? Yeah, right. We're talking a guy that had eight full seasons with 22 or fewer doubles.
  12. That was undoubtedly a factor. I think most people, however, were just sick of the Bee Gees.
  13. My best friend is a Dodgers fan. I may have to pick this up...
  14. He BARELY admired it. And jogged at a good pace, too. MadBum was salty because the home plate umpire wasn't giving him a 21" wide home plate. He literally was arguing after like two pitches. Muncy's response is great.
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