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  1. I thought they would run that play as well. Seemed like a better choice. Regardless, the New England offense looks to be in good hands.
  2. The interception he threw last night was pretty bad, and he got away with an identical mistake earlier (that likely would have been a pick-6 if caught), but he looked great otherwise. I don't like the play called to end the game but that's not on Cam. He did enough to win, they just didn't. And Russell Wilson looked fantastic as well. Great game.
  3. While I think he SHOULD retire, my gut says Verlander comes back so he can retire on his terms. Maybe he'll pull a Smoltz and be a closer for awhile.
  4. That's 3rd in the NFL in passing TDs and owner of a 104 rating Mitch Trubisky to you, pal!
  5. In Spokane, it was 499 on Sunday. The scale officially goes up to 500. Just visibility-wise, playing would be impossible, let alone the breathing issues.
  6. Just remembered a couple more awesome channels: Thomas Game Docs - tend to be more bite-sized but also offbeat. Game Sack - not documentaries but so much quality information and humor
  7. Sony has been so much smarter about this. Microsoft has had nothing but dumb names starting with 360.
  8. Tabe

    2020 NFL Week 1

    In case you missed it, Bruce Arians put the blame for both of his interceptions squarely on Tom Brady's shoulders. First one, he said Brady read the defense wrong and that Mike Evans read it right. Second one was a "poor decision".
  9. Yeah, if I were you, I'd do the real stuff. I like the imitation but the real thing is definitely better.
  10. Hey, they could have Chris Davis instead.
  11. What's weird about that is his baseball books are totally not that. They are absolutely top class books.
  12. Tabe

    2020 NFL Week 1

    Kelly Stafford: He can't throw it AND catch it!
  13. Tabe

    2020 NFL Week 1

    Looked to me like the ref walked into Collins.
  14. Two years ago, the we had 9 of the 10 worst-measured days for air quality in Spokane history. The index topped out at something like 310 or 320. Today the index reached 484. We are safe, no fires near us but they are some in the surrounding areas (one town 30 miles away was completely wiped out). It's awful being outside - the smell is very strong and the air burns your throat and eyes. And there's no rain in the forecast for at least another 10 days - we have had 0.07" of rain since July 1st. Even for Spokane, which is always very dry in the summer, this is extremely unusual. Plus we'r
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