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  1. Watched the documentary series 11 Minutes tonight. It's the story of the Las Vegas Route 91 Festival Shooting. It's freaking incredible. And hard to watch. And incredible. The focus is on roughly 10-12 people but you get a broad spectrum of perspectives. The whole thing is told through interview recollections so completely first-person. These are powerful, detailed, and amazing. And then there's the footage. So. Much. Footage. Including Seriously cannot recommend it enough. 10/10.
  2. Are you questioning the premise of this obviously-totally-true documentary?
  3. Memphis's Jamirah Shutes has been charged with assault after slugging a Bowling Green player in the handshake line after their WNIT game.
  4. That might be the best one I've seen yet. Well done, Panthers!
  5. Speaking of NHL jersey news - the Reverse Retro jerseys are ending: https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2023/03/21/report-nhl-ending-reverse-retro-jersey-program/ Some of the jerseys were really cool. The two Detroit jerseys were awful.
  6. Tabe


    That's a nice throw but "insane" is wildly overselling it. LOTS of guys can make that throw.
  7. This is not going over well with jersey fans.
  8. Tabe


    Yeah who wouldn't want a guy who is 7-15 with 12 TDs and 16 INTs in his last three seasons as a starter?
  9. Watched Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game last night. It's the true story of the guy who showed pinball is a game of skill and helped get it legalized in NYC in the 70s. I'm a huge pinball guy - grew up with one in the house thanks to my mom, who also grew up with one in her house in the 50s. So I've been looking forward to this one for a long time. Unfortunately, it doesn't deliver. It tries to be clever and a little meta by interviewing "Roger Sharpe" to tell us his story. I got a bad feeling when he said "you have to start at the beginning" and that feeling got confirmed. The movie looks pretty good but 90% of it is just Sharp's relationship with his future wife and his job at GQ. It's not all that interesting and builds to an anticlimactic finish. 5/10.
  10. Tabe


    Thank you. Rodgers is A LOT better than Elway was.
  11. Yeah, my wishlist is full of games that I'd love to pay $9 for that are still $14-$20.
  12. LOL. He hit the ball straight down like a volleyball spike. WTF.
  13. Tabe


    There's always the chance he's just good in the room, smart at film analysis or a good practice guy.
  14. Apparently, Angel Hernandez is now working college games: The umpire in question has been suspended indefinitely.
  15. Tabe


    2 firsts, a second and a good WR to move up 8 spots isn't a huge haul. Last time the luck was traded, Tennessee got two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds while giving up two late rounds picks as well. I guess considering the draft pool this year, Chicago did ok.
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