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  1. Check your local Walmart if you're in the market for a new tablet. The Galaxy Tab s6 128 GB model, on sale for $400 at Best Buy, is on clearance at some Walmart stores for $154. I got one this morning myself.
  2. Did Pittsburgh get screwed over somehow? Then it was the right decision whatever the decision was.
  3. Heck, Amazon just fired a driver for recognizing a PS5 console and not delivering it.
  4. If that's our standard, then why the heck is Hines Ward on the list?
  5. Annnnnnd this would be why BYU wouldn't agree to a game with Washington.
  6. When I saw the finalists, my first thought was "Clay Matthews isn't in already?" My second thought was "wait, Steve Tasker seriously made the semifinals?!?"
  7. No kidding. Just saying "My OC and I are both absolute morons" would have been much shorter and far more accurate. Like, seriously, did he think that explanation made them look better?
  8. Chadwick was hella busy for a guy who was very, very ill. Amazing.
  9. Keep in mind, it was *CLEMSON* that had a guy test positive after practicing all week while symptomatic.
  10. Nah, this is the one you need: Sean McDonough, describing Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz before their game against Northwestern: "Mertz is 2-0 but against light competition." His last game was against Michigan.
  11. Edit: Not so fast my friend! https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/pitt-and-virginia-tech-players-will-not-be-required-to-wear-face-coverings-in-the-field-of-play-in-week-12/
  12. This one is so bad, it's hard to fathom that they actually went with this design. Basically, they took the awesome Centennial jersey and.........removed a bunch of stuff from it. The result is just so doggone plain and borrowing. Huge missed opportunity. Why not do a white version of the (unbelievably amazing and should be their new home jersey, yes I'm serious) 2014 Winter Classic? Or a white version of the 2016 Stadium Series? Or, you know, anything else?
  13. Yeah, you don't pay a guy $9m to be your backup QB and then skip over him for the $1m guy when it's time for the backup to play.
  14. Speaking of such things, in case you missed it, Lou Holtz has tested positive for COVID.
  15. Ah, a Pac 12 school bringing in BYU to beat them by 20 after having them jump through all those hoops will be beautiful.
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