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  1. That was the one I went to right away as well. And, yeah, it might top Woodson's.
  2. Do yourself a favor and seek out Oklahoma's interception against Nebraska. Legit maybe the greatest INT I've ever seen.
  3. I would have guessed Javy's best was roughly 25.
  4. Not knowing where you were that morning is, as I'm sure you've deduced, highly unusual among people of your age. That's neither good nor bad, just unusual. As for being traumatized, I'm not either. I remember the day in detail but there's no lingering effects from it.
  5. Yeah, the idea that a lot of NFL players personnel have fake vaccine cards is not at all surprising to me.
  6. Tabe

    30 For 30

    I've watched the last three. I forget the actual names so you get my versions: Caitlyn Jenner - I almost didn't watch this one. I wasn't really wanting to hear yet another fawning "what a hero!" Caitlyn story. But I did watch and, well, that's not what this. Instead what you get is a detailed look at Bruce - yes, Bruce - Jenner's athletic career. Lots of detail on his training and all kinds of cool footage from both Olympics he competed in. Caitlyn talks about competing so hard in sports as a way to deal with her gender dysphoria. They also interview one of Caitlyn's sons (Burt). Caitlyn and the son reveal that Caitlyn tried to, and ultimately backed off of, transitioning waaaay before she actually did, in the late 80s when Burt was in 5th or 6th grade. Overall, this one ended up being a lot better than I expected as the Olympic decathlon stuff is what I most wanted to learn about regarding Jenner and that's what we got. And, political idiocy aside, good for Jenner to finally be comfortable with herself. 7/10. Mardy Fish - Fish was a hardworking tennis player who finally broke through and then...walked away. As a youth, Fish moved in with Andy Roddick's family and trained with Andy. As they both progressed, Andy pulled away and became the superstar. Fish bounced around making a solid living. In 2011, he broke through and made the year end finals. He then advanced to the 4th round at the 2012 US Open where he was to face Roger Federer. However, he had a massive panic/anxiety attack and walked away. He'd play a little bit the next 3 years but was essentially finished. This was a pretty good episode, telling a story I knew nothing about. Knew who Fish was but not his story. Timely stuff with the Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles stories this summer as well. 7/10. The Hockey One - In the early 2000s, a Connecticut mobster bought an expansion franchise in the UHL hockey league - and then assigned his teenage son to run the thing. The son actually made a go of it, creating a team predicated on brawling and skill that actually ended up being successful. The Danbury Trashers (so-called because the dad was in the garbage hauling business) were very popular locally. This is a pretty wild story both on the ice and off. Lots of brawling and suspensions on the ice. Money laundering off the ice, as the whole thing ended up being a front for the dad's illegal activities. They've got former players on here talking about being paid with stacks of cash and treated like kings in a way far exceeding the level of the league. There's a lot of idiots and garbage people in this one, especially the ridiculously over-the-top poser tough guy trainer hired by the Trashers. The Trashers lasted only 2 years before collapsing when the feds moved in. This is a highly entertaining story that I'd heard nothing about previously. 8/10. Overall, all 5 episodes of the series were very good or better. 3 of the 5 stories I knew basically nothing about but learned plenty. Definitely recommend checking out all of them.
  7. Aw, he misses Matthew Stafford.
  8. They're not singling out Purdue but they're also not accommodating a *very* small request. The band itself could go through the visitor tunnel and the drum through the home one. The entire band used to go through the one tunnel, why is it so hard to just let the drum go through there now that they've messed with the tunnels? It's absolutely a dick move.
  9. In general, you're looking at 30-50 gigs for a AAA game. There are a handful that are larger, running all the way up to 225 gigs for Call of Duty. If you can live with the $$$, no one has ever said "man, I wish I had LESS storage space". https://gamerant.com/ps5-biggest-game-file-sizes-gb/
  10. I watched about 10 seconds of Irvin with Stephen A and had to turn it off. He's just too much. Way too loud, way too amped up. When you make Screamin' A look calm by comparison...
  11. I think your options are pretty limited. Maybe try Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 which has "mixed" reviews on Steam?
  12. Tabe


    Tennys Sandgren - gotta love that first name - got DQ'ed at a Challenger event for hitting an official in the backside with a ball. Sandgren got crotched with a ball by a ball boy right before, smacked the ball away in frustration and it bounced off the fence into a line judge. https://youtu.be/TEh1_CaRlQw?t=78
  13. Last year at this time, I asked a young friend of mine (he's a sophomore in college now) what he and his generation think of 9/11 and what it means to them. His answer (paraphrase) was something like "There's not much meaning. It was a really bad thing that happened but we don't have a connection to it. We learn about it and we know what it was but that's about it." That makes sense to me. I mean, that's basically how I feel about Pearl Harbor. I appreciate the gravity and the importance, etc, but there's not that same visceral, emotional connection to the event like there is with 9/11.
  14. I'm a little late with my 9/11 reminiscence but... Back then, I still listened to the radio on the way to work. I never turned on the TV or anything before leaving for work. So I get in the car and I'm driving to work. After a few minutes, it dawns on me that my rock station is playing the news. But the news coverage is kinda vague and I wasn't paying THAT close attention to it - I'm just driving, ya know? And then they say they're simulcasting some news station "because of what happened in New York this morning". My ears perked right up. My wife was still asleep at home so didn't call her. Called my coworker friend Andru. "Dru, what's going on?" And he tells me. I immediately called home and woke up the wife to tell her to watch TV. I'm pretty sure she stayed glued to the set the rest of the day. I continued my drive into work and it was...incredibly bizarre. We had a couple hundred people at the time but it was extremely quiet. Myself and my teammates spent the morning not doing a lick of work. We just bounced from web site to web site trying to get news and video of what was going on. We had awesome internet at our office but every site was just overwhelmed so they were loading like we were on a 300 baud modem - if they loaded at all. Complete with 10fps 120x90 videos. That went for a few hours before they finally just sent us home. At the time, I worked for a company that did high-end technical support for Citibank and its financial systems. Our largest, busiest branch was located in one of the towers. We spent a couple days wondering before hearing from corporate that all of the Citibank folks had gotten out safely. After they sent us home, Dru went home to his wife and they had a small, subdued celebration. It was their oldest son's first birthday.
  15. That's weird. I must have missed the official changing of the 2022 calendar. Sounds like it'll be a packed month though!
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