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  1. Tabe

    Introduce yourself (or don't)

    I remember being pissed that I missed the dial turn on the odometer on a round number like that. I forget if it was 50,000 or 100,000 or what but I caught it at...100,000.1. Something like that. And I was actively watching for it but, ya know, got distracted by actually driving and stuff.
  2. Tabe

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Thank you. Yeah, at its worst, the coughing just HURT. Brutal headaches that nothing could touch. As for the herniated discs, normal treatment can be a lot of things. It kinda depends on how they're herniated. Treatment can involve an injection that eliminates the pain. Treatment can be surgery that just shaves down the discs and causes them to stop inflaming nerves. Treatment can involve removing the discs entirely and fusing the vertebrae. And there's also now artificial disc replacement surgery. The worst of all these options is obviously the fusion. In my case, I have done the injection and the shaving down of the discs is not an option because of how they're herniated. My options are the fusion or the replacement. Replacement is still relatively new so I'm waiting for that to develop more. And the pain isn't bad enough - I've found some sleep methods that help me control the pain somewhat now - for me to consider fusion.
  3. Tabe

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    If I had known about it, I would have bought it. Now I know about it, so, yeah... Not gonna lie - big Flock of Seagulls fan.
  4. Tabe

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Somebody's gotta rescue the Flock so they can keep making music: And you thought I'd go with "I Ran".
  5. Tabe

    Introduce yourself (or don't)

    I remember getting a rush working on a trouble ticket that was an even million number (2,000,000).
  6. Tabe

    WNBA Thread

    A point guard who was 0-39 from 3-point range.
  7. Tabe


    "In Theaters December" - awww, gee, Oscar-hunting much?
  8. Tabe

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    So, yeah, wasn't actually getting better. Made it through half a day of work yesterday and called in sick today. Went to urgent care and I've got bronchitis. They gave me some stuff to control the cough but I'm apparently over the infectious time for the bronchitis. I'm starting to feel a little better, just super, super-tired all the time. I've decided to just listen to my body and lay down and sleep if I'm tired. So I took a long nap this afternoon, from about 1-5pm, and then another from 7:30-10pm tonight. I figure resting is the best thing I can do for myself so that's what I'm gonna do.
  9. Tabe

    MLB 2018 - July

    It's a year old and was done as a joke. Good grief.
  10. Tabe


    It's not just generic names though. I considered that possibility at the time - then I heard some very specific, very unusual name, get used.
  11. Tabe

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    So I'm finally feeling a little better after being half-dead with a cough and runny nose for the last week. The cough, which is still present but less frequent, is a violent one that hurts my whole body and gives me headaches. Yay. At the same time, our A/C decided to go out. Took 4 days before we could get it fixed. The wife abandoned the house for a hotel one night. I survived by hiding in the basement with a fan running all the time and was pretty comfortable the whole time. Watched a ton of Youtube until... My TV died. Oh, it still turns on, but a 4-inch wide vertical black bar through the middle of the picture isn't exactly what I want out of my TV viewing experience. I got 9-1/2 years out of the TV - an $800 Samsung plasma. On a cost per hour basis, easily one of the best purchases I've ever made, especially for the incredible picture quality it provided. So I'll be getting a newer, bigger TV soon. Didn't really want to spend the money but I ain't going without a TV either
  12. Tabe


    Never forget that EA used those likenesses and names anyway in their games without compensating the players at all. In NCAA Football, if you update the player rosters to their real names, the game suddenly starts calling them by their real names. And not in some auto-generated-text-to-speech kinda way either. So screw EA, too.
  13. Tabe

    Hair Metal

    I think One Desire's album would have been a #1, or very close to it, had it come out in the 1980s. It's probably my favorite album of 2017, even ahead of Eclipse's. If you like Revolution Saints, you might be interested to know that Deen Castronovo from RS has a new album coming out this Friday with Johnny Gioeli. He & Johnny were in Hardline together 30 years ago, releasing that group's incredible debut album. Am a huge fan of Hardline and both Deen and Johnny individually, so can't wait to see how this one turns out.
  14. Tabe

    Hair Metal

    They released some good stuff but never anything that was going to be huge. "Ten" is probably my favorite of theirs.