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  1. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Exactly what is the argument AGAINST Belle? Keeping in mind that "career shortened due to major injury/death" has already been eliminated as a disqualifier in multiple other cases (Koufax, Puckett, Joss, Dean to name four).
  2. Tabe

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Holy crap, Detroit won again! They're now up to NHL .500 for their record (8-8-2, which sounds better than 8-10). They've actually resembled a real team recently.
  3. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Belle played 12 years, 10 of them full seasons. Of those 10, he was a superstar for 9 of them. He retired from a major injury as surely as Puckett or Koufax. He had more great seasons than Koufax and was out of this world great at his peak. Belle is an absolute no-brainer. Brian Giles? C'mon.
  4. Tabe

    2018-2019 NCAAF: WEEK 12

    That Michigan GIF reminds me of my days as a student at Western Michigan. Our hockey seats were right next to the opposing team penalty box and you could talk through a little opening in the glass right into the box. Michigan came to town and brought with them Aaron Ward, a recent 1st round draft pick of the Detroit Red Wings. Michigan was up 2-0 and Ward gets a penalty. We were all over him when he got in the box, telling him the Red Wings would regret their decision, blah blah blah. Ward sat there, took it without saying a word, then just quietly pointed at the scoreboard. We kinda looked at each other like "yep, he's right" and sat down, LOL. Man those were good times.
  5. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    And for all those steals, he scored 11 more runs than Griffey in 30 more PAs. 28 more homers (and 15 more XBHs total) more than offsets the steals. Steals are incredibly overrated.
  6. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Half-joking. Obviously, I knew what team you were referring to. But, by far, the most legendary team in baseball history is the '27 Yankees. The '69 Mets are "celebrated" and whatever but "legendary"? That's the '27 Yankees all the way. I'll give you "most shocking" champion in baseball history though the '06 White Sox and '14 Braves might argue with you.
  7. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    107, 121, 145, 110, 107, 119, 102, 112, 100, 89 Those are Lofton's OPS+ numbers in Cleveland. I don't consider anything under 120 to be "formidable". 100 is, obviously, average. 100-120 falls in the "pretty good" category for me. That leaves you with two seasons of "formidable", barely. Lofton is one of the last of the "fast and gets on base" guys, basically. Except his .372 OBP is not all that special. And, for all his speed, and the lineup he played in, he didn't score all that many runs. One great season (1996), the rest nothing special. Lofton was a very good, sometimes excellent, player. He wasn't a HOFer.
  8. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    It's real simple - he hit .254 and was perceived as lazy. And the last 6 years of his career were really, really bad. I'd probably put him in though.
  9. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    That just shows what a joke WAR is. Yeah, Lofton was worth more wins than the guy who had 40 homers in 2/3 of a season, and an OPS+ nearly 30 points higher, while playing the same position at nearly (if not exactly) the same level of competence. Put another way: Is there a single GM that's ever lived who would trade Griffey's 1994 season for Lofton's? Of course not.
  10. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    He managed the '27 Yankees?
  11. Tabe

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Break up the Red Wings! 6 wins in 7 games, 3 straight comebacks from two goals down. Jonathan Bernier finally showed up, stealing one from Carolina with over 50 saves. No, my opinion of Jeff Blashill has not changed.
  12. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    I honestly don't see any argument for Lofton. Ditto McGriff. Edmonds, on the other hand, is a no-brainer. All-time elite defensive CF, multiple 40 HR seasons, career 132 OPS+. That's a Hall of Famer.
  13. Tabe

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Without going into a ton of depth, Vada is an easy no, Boyer is an easy yes. 5 Gold Gloves and an MVP for Boyer, with a decade of excellence. Pinson didn't quite get there.
  14. Tabe

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    I say no. His years as not-a-catcher simply weren't impressive and there weren't enough years at catcher to override that. But, for 900 games, he was arguably a top 5 all-time catcher.
  15. Tabe

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Career .328 hitter as a catcher.