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  1. If you have a game console or PC, get Rocksmith and learn that way.
  2. They've already announced that players will be getting $400 a week: https://sportsnaut.com/2020/03/minor-league-baseball-players-to-receive-400-per-week-during-hiatus/
  3. I had orange baseballs as a kid. LOVED them. They were so cool! http://keymancollectibles.com/balls/finleybaseball.htm
  4. Yeah, I'm right there with you. Not another snap for Mr. Reid.
  5. This is what I've been doing. In the past when working from home - which I've done hundreds of times, including 8 straight weeks in 2018 - I've worn whatever the heck I want. Now, though, I'm wearing work clothes. It sends a subtle reminder to the 3 other people living with me that I'm working not just farting around. And my work actually had to send a message to people reminding them to not look like hobos when doing video conferencing. Not surprising. My first department meeting we held over Zoom (65-70 attendees), it took over 15 minutes before we finally got everybody's microphones muted. We had people - on video, mind you - up walking around while talking on cell phones, people talking to their spouses, you name it. Unbelievable. Did I mention we're a tech company?
  6. Hey look, the NFL and NFLPA doing some funny business with the CBA
  7. Supposedly they're going to boost rosters to 29.
  8. We've been gathering at 10am on Sundays around the dining room table. Last week, it was a pastor in Georgia. Four days ago, it was the pastor we used to have here in Spokane. We've REALLY missed having him as our pastor so it was a huge treat to listen to him preaching again.
  9. Not about her air time. Don't care if she was on TV or not. Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. The 2 parts of this show included a LOT about Benoit as a husband, as a father, and so on. We were told what an amazing dad he was - to his two sons. We see lots and lots of pictures - of his two sons. We're shown a picture collage from his wedding that's the greatest thing ever - with his two sons. They made a big theme of the documentary his family life - but completely deleted one of his children. Why? Maybe it bothers no one else but it makes me question what they're leaving out to weave that narrative if they're completely leaving out one of his kids while emphasizing what a great father he was.
  10. Saw a couple good reviews on it, and it's on sale for 10 bucks, so thought I'd give Everybody's Golf a try on the PS4. Early impressions: - fun gameplay - I like the setup of being on an island with people to talk to and challenges to do, etc - The voice acting is a mess. Most people say one word or two out of multiple sentences and it doesn't always fit what they're saying. Comes across awkward and poorly done. - Didn't exactly finish the localization. Here in the States, it's spelled "prioritize" not "prioritise". - Every 5 seconds, it's yelling at me that there's an international tournament and I better hurry up and enter. Go to enter - can't. Missed the qualifiers, which ended last week. OK, fine, QUIT YELLING AT ME TO ENTER THEN! - My first one-on-one AI challenger was a teenage girl wearing a super-short plaid skirt. The description of her character, her mannerisms, and so on just came across really creepy. After I won, she told me she'd wear a cuter outfit for me next time. Yuck. And now I have her outfit for cosplay. Yuck. So far enjoying it a lot but, man, hard to shake the yuck factor from the first opponent.
  11. I had many beefs with the game but here just a couple: - I hated pretty much every character. Not Drake so much but everybody else. The brother, especially. - Another problem with the brother - they basically gave him all the same capabilities as Drake. Suddenly, Drake is no longer special or interesting. - Even more than in past games, bullet sponge enemies that were just annoying and frustrating. Gave up playing more than once because of that stuff before finally grinding through to the end.
  12. Because it makes me question their honesty. They completely hid the existence of an entire other kid. What else are they not telling us? They HAD to have selectively edited it to remove any mention of her. I 100% understand why she might not participate, etc, but to be basically erased from existence?
  13. Of course. The message they put up for Kevin was 100% appropriate.
  14. Part 2 is phenomenal as well. That said, the absolute exclusion of Benoit's daughter from the program is a gigantic red flag. Other than ONE instance in either episode where Nancy's sister says "kids" when talking about the ones still alive, there is no indication whatsoever that Benoit had 3 kids, not 2. None. Not even the "declined to participate" they gave Kevin Sullivan.
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