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  1. Since I love to rip on NHL officiating, a bit of praise (sort of): Couple nights ago, Boston & the Rangers squared off. After a whistle, Patrice Bergeron started some nonsense in front of the net with a guy from the Rangers. Brad Marchand decided to jump in and crosschecked, from behind, the guy Bergeron was squared up with. A different guy from the Rangers then BLASTED Marchand from behind with a crosscheck, sending his helmet flying. Only one penalty called - on Marchand. Not exactly the right call - there could easily have been 3 or 4 penalties called - but Marchand was definitely the biggest butthead here. So him getting the only penalty feels "right". Plus, you know, it's Marchand.
  2. Tabe


    It's cheaper without all the taxes.
  3. Well, you sure you look like Nostradamus with this prediction.
  4. Steve Bartkowski, who can certainly relate as a college quarterback going #1 overall to a trash organization, has also told Burrow to force a trade.
  5. Since when can the union block players from talking to the commissioner? On-field incidents are open to investigation...
  6. How long have you known me? I'm a Lions fan. I sure as heck don't expect them to make a good trade. Get serious.
  7. Slay regressed in 2019. The idea here is to get value while you can before he regresses more.
  8. Yes and no. They got rid of some big strikeout guys. But...they also had guys drop a huge number, which is highly, highly unusual. George Springer went from 178 to 111. If we adjust to 162 games instead of the 140 he played in 2017, he would have 128. That's a 28% drop.
  9. I'll put $20 on the under if somebody wants to put $20 on the over.
  10. I've only ever watched a handful of subtitled movies and only one in the theater - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which was awesome. I find when I watch subtitled movies, after about 10 minutes, I don't even realize I'm reading the subtitles anymore. My brain kinda shifts it so it's like the characters are speaking the words I'm reading and I'm no longer consciously reading.
  11. They're good because they were one of the first halfway decent college football programs. And have an unlimited supply of money. And cool helmets. And they attract a lot of kids because the college itself is ridiculously good. But...yeah, there's a lot of reasons why they shouldn't be good.
  12. Yeah, they are incredibly stupid. And the areas are way too large. I'm 300 miles from Seattle but blacked out of their games. That doesn't impact me since I don't watch the Mariners anyway but it's still dumb.
  13. MLB.TV is easy to use and the quality is great. Price? If you're a T-Mobile customer, it's *FREE*. You should not problem watching every Rays game while living in Iowa.
  14. Well, Mack Brown ain't coaching in Austin anymore. Pete Carroll isn't in LA. Before Tricky Nicky got there, Alabama wasn't exactly lighting it up either. In the 10 years before Saban got there, Bama had seasons of 4, 7, 3, 7, 4, 6, and 6 wins with 3 10-win seasons mixed in. Doesn't matter if your school is a "blue blood" if your coaches aren't good enough. Texas hasn't bounced back yet but who knows how much damage the last couple years of Mack Brown and the Charlie Strong years did. It took Michigan forever to recover from Lloyd Carr taking the last couple years of his tenure off. Texas has won three straight bowl games and at least mildly improving. But, yeah, by all rights they should be better.
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