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  1. Miracle win for San Jose. Vegas dominated the entire 3rd, the OT, and the 2nd OT, get a power play...and still lose. On a 35ft wrist shot.
  2. Stevie Y is coming home. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2019/04/19/steve-yzerman-detroit-red-wings-ken-holland/3517814002/
  3. If anything, you're underselling it. I'm so there.
  4. Speaking of AC Unity, Ubisoft will, in addition to donating money, actually be helping with the restoration of Notre Dame. The laser 3d scans they created for Unity are the most accurate "plans" for the cathedral.
  5. That's interesting about the SSD since it's basically confirmed the system will come with a 2TB drive. That size SSD is not cheap.
  6. Which is a little odd since they have tape delays of every playoff game on ESPN+.
  7. If you're a fan of those jerseys, you need Bill Henderson's uniform guide. He covers every variation from every team since the start of double knits.
  8. If you're a T Mobile customer, you get MLB.TV for free every year. Too late for that now but worth remembering for next year (if it applies).
  9. It blows my mind that Sony created a name system so messed up that changing your name can cause "critical issues". That's some 1983 3rd grade-level programming right there.
  10. Gameplay trailer for Streets of Rage 4: Gotta say, I'm not feeling it. Don't like the art style and it looks choppy.
  11. It did $540 million at the box office. That's a hit, I would say.
  12. I can't guarantee it but it's most likely the 1930 Phillies. They scored 944 and finished with a 52-102 record because they allowed 1199.
  13. They obviously talk about the boy band contracts but the focus is more on Lou Pearlman being a scumbag. But they do the story of the first paychecks that N Sync got, which opened their eyes. There's also a funny moment from their lawsuit against Lou from the judge. We did the free trial of Premium just to get this doc. My wife was all-in once she saw Ashley Parker Angel was in it.
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