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  1. I'd like to thank you guys for taking both Ken Holland AND Mike Green off our hands.
  2. Well, he did throw a ton of picks in Buffalo. Led the league one year. And had INT rates of 4.8 and 5.2 two other years. Those are all really bad numbers. Fitzpatrick has had himself a nice career when it's all said and done.
  3. Doesn't involve players, and is sort of an old story, but one that has resurfaced after the Red Sox apology to Torii Hunter: https://apnews.com/b32900c7a2e838dfe471f60daeea8f69?fbclid=IwAR1xJlQwL-MA4NfUmOr7SpokW-spftk9XJm9UdlO7B11MjjmzQT6bmMicmY
  4. Dak is definitely better than every guy on this list except Wilson. I'm not sold on Dak as an elite guy but he's definitely very good. Needs to work on consistency but clearly has the talent. 30 TDs last year sounds good but 20 of them came in just 6 games. So 10 the the other 10 games, including four games with none. That's...not good. So there's room for improvement. But if Carson Wentz is paid $39m, Dak should be good for $45m.
  5. I've mentioned on this board before that I compete in (and run) Rubik's Cube speedsolving competitions. Well, Netflix has a documentary ("The Speed Cubers") on the subject coming out in four weeks and they've released the trailer for it. I'm actually friends with one of the kids in the trailer, which is pretty cool.
  6. Took my nephew to ship for his first car a few years back. The lot was spread over a couple blocks. After the guy showed us several awful cars - including one with a MOUNTAIN DEW BOTTLE SHOVED INTO THE HEADLIGHT TO HOLD IT IN PLACE - I told the guy we were done. We started walking the two blocks back to my car. The guy proceeded to alternate berating us ("you're one of those smarty-smart guys, aren't you!") and begging us to buy a car. It was hilarious, bizarre, obnoxious, and awful all at once.
  7. My big takeaway was that they'll fine out suspend guys for coming within six feet of umpires to argue.
  8. You are in for a treat. Uncharted 2 is one of the greatest games of all-time. The train sequence... man.
  9. Gotta say... "Hall of Famer" was not exactly a phrase that came to mind when watching Hossa. Heckuva player though. Almost 1200 points. Probably deserving just not something I would've expected.
  10. It's AWESOME. Absolutely perfect example of how to update a retro game. The "classic" version has identical timing to the old Apple version.
  11. I played a charity basketball game against Glyn Milburn of the Denver Broncos right before he joined the Lions. He's listed as 5'8" but... yeah. Anyway, he could EASILY touch the top of the backboard. Like the flat part on top not the top part of the front. His vertical was absolutely insane to see.
  12. Pathway is free on the Epic Store right now. Just open the Launcher or go into your account to claim it. May have to search for it (I did).
  13. Free Steam code for anybody who wants Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing since I already had it: 4XNIX-Q5AP5-VIPWN Age of Wonders III - same deal: 4KWYM-9F0HI-Y59I8
  14. When I posted the deal yesterday, that Humble Bundle had raised about $12k. It's up to $1.8m now.
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