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  1. Well, apparently they're moving him to G mainly, so maybe that and being coached by Bill Callahan will help...
  2. They've had to shuffle their OL constantly the past couple of years because of a ton of injuries (at one point they were down to a 4th string guard last year), plus their main backup tackle Ty Nsekhe signed with Buffalo.
  3. Hopefully this doesn't affect the Western release of Judgement https://kotaku.com/after-cocaine-arrest-sega-halts-sales-of-game-1833252934
  4. No way! The Skins are going to trade Keenum for Rosen because Kingsbury was Keenum's coach at U. of Houston! (God, that was the stupidest local rumor I've seen lately...)
  5. I think it's because most people are still being critical about the Giants drafting Barkley last year and almost likely 'wasting' another year given the usual length of a RB's career. And that the Giants (in their minds) should have instead drafted a QB given the lack of talent this year.
  6. There's also Kam. (I would also say Trent Williams, but that might just be my bias towards the Skins)
  7. I really can't fathom how the Skins could afford him with them being on the hook for $20+ million for Alex Smith AND having to get another veteran QB either as a starter or backup to Colt AND probably drafting another QB.
  8. That's what I was thinking at first, but is that a match anyone really wants to see right away? We've seen a combination of the four wrestlers against each other for months now. If they're really serious about making the women's tag titles cross branded, IMO they should have Boss & Hug defend against a Smackdown team, even if it's the Iiconics assuming they're having Asuka defend against Mandy Rose.
  9. I sort of expect them to do Nia/Becky with Becky having to win to get into the WM match and playing off of the shoot punch.
  10. And that should do it...
  11. ...Toy Story 4? Really???
  12. 2019 Hall of Fame class: Tony Gonzalez (1st year) Ed Reed (1st year) Champ Bailey (1st year) Ty Law (3rd year) Kevin Mawae (3rd year) Pat Bowlen (Contributor nominee) Gil Brandt (Contributor nominee) Johnny Robinson (Senior nominee)
  13. Is that all? Most of the local insiders have been saying that his career was done after he showed up at the Wiz game with the fixator.
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