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  1. From https://gaogaigar.fandom.com/wiki/Goldion_Armor:
  2. Well, wonder if Rivera is already regretting getting rid of Hopkins.
  3. Well looks like it's going to be another kicking adventure in Green Bay
  4. SCARY TERRY! Bailing out Heinicke
  5. Chase Young is already washed up
  6. Cleveland New England Carolina Miami Green Bay Baltimore Tennessee LA Rams Las Vegas Arizona Tampa Bay Indianapolis New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: 380 Tiebreaker#2: 56 Tiebreaker #3: 124
  7. And Kane has been suspended for 21 games
  8. Yup, and I will say that the original novel version of Battle Royale is even worse. Starting My Name, which Netflix recommended to me after I finished Squid Game. It apparently dropped Friday and is getting very good reviews.
  9. Well, Washington's offense isn't helping when it only scores 7 points off 3 turnovers. (And people are going to start to wonder if it'll be Kyle Allen's turn at QB soon)
  10. They're the streaming arm of Sentai Filmworks, so yeah
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