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  1. Well, to be fair, G Gundam is more akin to the classic super robot shows of the 70s, so Domon fighting a different opponent every week makes sense like how Kouji fought a different mechanical beast every week.
  2. Matt Stafford has fractured bones in his back and doctors will not let him play today according to ESPN.
  3. And this is probably why I need to rewatch SEED and then SEED Destiny, because SRW has probably skewed my impression of the SEED characters. Now, of course, if they had done what the original plan supposedly was (first arc focused on Athrun and Cagalli which we basically got, second arc focused on Kira and Lacus, and the third and longest arc bring Shinn to the forefront as the SEED characters step into the background) and basically did a modern version of Zeta like how SEED was supposed to be a modern version of First Gundam, I think it would have been received a lot better. I wonder if the true story about the changes will ever come out. Until it does, though, I'll still believe based on the (albeit circumstantial) evidence I've seen the Cagalli rumor...
  4. I think AGE is slightly worse than SEED Destiny. AGE feels like it's three disjointed series crammed together. It starts declining with the second part and then falls totally apart with the last part. With SEED Destiny there's still some kind of theme present throughout the entire series even if it did a 180 after the first arc. Plus there's at least a decent ep or two in the last half of SEED Destiny. I may be a bit biased, though, due to SRW's Shinn rewrite. I'd probably have to rewatch SEED Destiny to see how much different Shinn is.
  5. V is in my top 3 of worst Gundam shows. The only good things about V are the underrated ED songs and the mecha designs. I actually prefer ZZ to Zeta. Yes, the rise of Gremi makes no sense, and yes the Moon Moon eps are two of the worst Gundam eps of all time, but I just think overall ZZ is better. Zeta is generally depressing especially towards the end. You also start to see some of the worst aspects of Tomino's storytelling and attitude towards women in Zeta with Reccoa being the prime example. Oh, and Silent Voice > any song in Zeta. (And speaking of Tomino, his recent comments about Makoto Shinkai and KyoAni really makes it look like he's gone off the deep end...)
  6. LA Chargers NY Giants Chicago Baltimore Buffalo New Orleans Tampa Bay Kansas City Indianapolis Green Bay LA Rams Dallas San Francisco Tiebreaker #1: 5 Tiebreaker #2: 62 Tiebreaker #3: 43
  7. I can't wait for the time when Josh Norman is no longer on the Skins.
  8. San Francisco Houston NY Jets Buffalo Carolina Kansas City Philadelphia Indianapolis Oakland Seattle Cleveland Green Bay New England Dallas Tiebreaker #1: 189 Tiebreaker #2: 14 Tiebreaker #3: 128
  9. Hahahahahahahaha I'm not even sure if the XFL would sign Norman at this point.
  10. And Chubb just fumbled AGAIN!
  11. Scherzer's been scratched for tonight's game because of neck spasms. Joe Ross will be starting for the Nats.
  12. If Tony Kornheiser was still writing for the Post he'd be preparing a new "choking dogs" column for the Nats.
  13. Could the Vikings pick it up in the second half? I want to go to sleep at a normal time and not stay up late for a third night in a row with at least two more Friday and Saturday.
  14. Well here's another reason to want a Nats sweep: President Donald Trump says he'll attend Game 5 of World Series
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