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  1. ESPN reporting Cavs sign Derrick Rose for 1 year for the veteran minimum of $2.1 million
  2. I'd actually just skip the original and play the remaster. There are so many QoL improvements in the remaster (especially being able to increase the game speed) that it makes the remaster much less of a grind to play. Plus the job system helps to make everyone less generic when it comes to fighting.
  3. Considering all the awful reviews, I'd actually be shocked if anyone here was playing the FF 15 mobile game...
  4. Alberto Del Rio & Paige: Audio From Airport Incident 'Leave Me The F**k Alone'
  5. Rockets sign Harden to a 4 year extension for $228 million
  6. Durant and Warriors agree to 2 years, $53M. Basically saving the Warriors $20M in luxury tax.
  7. FFBE is your typical gacha game, and to be fair Gumi's been giving out a lot of free stuff for the one year anniversary. I got Tidus with a free 10+1 pull and Rikku with a free summon ticket, both of which are top tier. It's really just depends on how the RNG works out. The only parts that I would consider unfair is some of the harder challenges if you don't have a proper character/equipment layout and the arena. And at least it's not a double gacha, like the Fire Emblem or SAO mobile games.
  8. Except, of course, that the ROM that's been floating around is of an earlier version of Star Fox 2 and not the final GM version.
  9. NFL

    It's like the group of people who were confused by DC's drivers license saying District of Columbia and thinking that the person was from the actual nation.
  10. New movie to celebrate the 45th anniversary. The film takes place 10 years after the original series, and they just announced that they brought back Ichiro Mizuki to do a new theme song for the film.
  11. I think I've been spoiled ever since Sony's presentation 2 years ago. The only thing I really got hyped for was the Horizon DLC. I'll still probably buy the new GoW and Spidey, but I was expecting some kind of big announcement.
  12. Assassin's Creed Origins
  13. Dragon Ball Fighters Z being made by Arc System Works (the Guilty Gear developers)