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  1. I'd prefer Bethesda not be purchased by a company who's slowly becoming one of President Orange's patsies.
  2. I don't think WFT wants to go down early every game...
  3. I think Buck is a fine football PBP guy and better than most of the other football PBP guys (like, why the hell is FOX still using 77 year old Dick Stockton?!?!?). He's clearly behind Michaels and Nantz, though, when you compare the top guy on each network. I can't stand him on baseball though.
  4. Cincinnati Tampa Bay Tennessee Chicago Dallas Green Bay Indianapolis Buffalo San Francisco LA Rams Pittsburgh Washington Baltimore Kansas City Seattle New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: 28 Tiebreaker #2: 45 Tiebreaker #3: 89
  5. You mean Jon Bostic. It would be worse, though, if it was Jeff since he's been retired since 1993.
  6. WFT is going to the Super Bowl!!!
  7. Eagles need Nick Foles
  8. If Washington is going to keep looking this bad they should have kept Bill Callahan as HC to make the games go quicker.
  9. Washington still can't cover tight ends
  10. Yeah, just tried it in the iOS version of Firefox and it doesn't work. Since other browsers work fine with the paging I would imagine it's something in Firefox's mobile codebase that's causing the issue.
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29854788/ex-new-york-jets-wr-josh-bellamy-charged-24-million-covid-19-relief-loan-scheme
  12. Kansas City Seattle Baltimore Buffalo Carolina Detroit Indianapolis Minnesota New England Washington Cincinnati Tampa Bay San Francisco LA Rams Pittsburgh Denver Tiebreaker #1: Brees Tiebreaker #2: 5 Tiebreaker #3: 284
  13. The Rock reveals his entire family got COVID-19
  14. LOL, listening to Meltzer right now and he's raving about how great the four way's going to be. I actually hope that Retribution shows up to disrupt the match...(and it's funny how no one on RAW or Smackdown has pointed out that there hasn't been any Retribution run ins on NXT...)
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