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  1. Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers Is Getting a Movie Adaptation, With Director Akiva Schaffer
  2. Or Miles Morales, considering it's because of Mysterio that 616 Peter and Miles first met before everything was merged together.
  3. The Curious Rise and Spectacular Crash of the Alliance of American Football
  4. I refuse to believe that there are Skins fans on Long Island.
  5. And there it is...and considering that Alex Smith is done and Colt McCoy may also be done...yeah
  6. I will be shocked if the Skins don't pick Haskins.
  7. Well the rumors that the Giants were enamored with Jones were true
  8. Then there's this... PFT's also hinting that it may just be Bruce Allen trying to scare the Giants into doing something drastic
  9. I seriously am considering dropping all the DC comics I get now. I guess if Rebirth was supposed to symbolize hope returning to the DC universe, then there is no hope, so why should I continue buying stuff like that?
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