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  1. It's decent. The premise is pretty interesting and the first few eps are good, but the plot gets somewhat overly convoluted as the series progresses.
  2. I thought for a second he was combining Arenas with Javaris Crittenton...
  3. I want them to rename the team to be the Washington Bullets.
  4. It's also probably because a lot of companies still don't give a shit about female employees. And I'm not surprised either. And actually nothing any Japanese company does shocks me these days since the Maho Yamaguchi assault incident last year. And speaking of Fuji TV: Fuji TV had deal with "Terrace House" cast on how scenes played out
  5. Redskins to undergo 'thorough' review of nickname
  6. 2K Games has announced that the PS5 and XboxX versions of NBA 2K21 will cost $10 more than the PS4 and Xbox One versions, so some media think that's an indicator that the future generation games will in general break the $60 price barrier.
  7. Well, true. I just hope that with what's happened recently and what's going on now that Bushiroad would do the sensible thing. Of course, there's always the fact that Japan is still somewhat behind the times when it comes to gender equality, even compared to the US, so who knows what Bushiroad will actually do.
  8. There's always the chance that since Bushiroad owns both Stardom and New Japan and with Hana Kimura's death that they won't try to hide and bury what Ospreay did like some other Japanese companies might do.
  9. Just wait until you get to the endgame portion or start tackling the Bitterblack Isle stuff...
  10. There's the followup comic series from Titan Comics. I haven't read it, though, so no idea how good it is.
  11. It's been a LONG time since I last played Dragon's Dogma but I don't remember ever having to fish. There are a couple of fetch quests where you have to look for things in water, but IIRC those were optional.
  12. dogwelder

    30 For 30

    1. Armstrong's timeline might be wrong. There's evidence that there was some sort of doping program in the first team he joined (Subaru-Montgomery) so he might have been doping even earlier. 2. Armstrong would never have even been a Tour contender without the doping. His body shape and composition pre-doping was much more suited for one day classics like LBL and Paris-Roubaix 3. It's possible that Armstrong might have had access to "better" drugs than other cyclists. And it wouldn't be that surprising; many people now think that Miguel Indurain was using a precursor of EPO before most other cyclists when he won his 5 straight Tours. 4. I'm not sure if Armstrong was ever truly friends with Landis. He says he had a problem with Landis leaving and becoming the team leader for Phonak, yet it seems that he had no problem when Tyler Hamilton did it earlier when he left for Team CSC (and considering that there was a general suspicion that Bjarne Riis doped to win his Tour and that he was running a doping program at CSC...). And also it's still ironic how the entire downfall probably would have prevented if Armstrong had given a job to Landis, much like Armstrong had done to his friend->enemy->friend Kevin Livingston (who had left US Postal to join Telekom and try to help Ullrich beat Armstrong) 5. I know it doesn't involve Armstrong, but it's a bit of a shame that they didn't talk more about Operation Puerto. They mention Ullrich not being allowed to compete in that Tour, but also Ivan Basso (who had finished second in the previous Tour) wasn't allowed to compete. There's still lingering questions as to whether Contador really should have been cleared. There's still questions as to why only cyclists were caught up in it when Fuentes and Manzano said that La Liga players were involved. And then there's the rumor about the one case record that seemed to fit Rafael Nadal...
  13. Arcade cabinets as streaming servers? Sega’s “fog gaming” concept, explained
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