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  1. And that's fine. But wouldn't absorbing Supergirl's powers basically mean that he changed his DNA to that of a Kryptonian?
  2. I guess I'm the only one who was really bothered with Music Meister somehow absorbing Supergirl's powers even though they're resultant of Kryptonian DNA.
  3. So, (probably) 2 episodes left in IBO, and geez, they're not afraid to kill anyone. I'm almost thinking that, of the main characters, only Atra and Kudelia will survive by the end.
  4. NFL

    Yeah, it's just a crazy rumor, but given the current Skins situation... Report: Possibility of a three-way trade involving Kirk Cousins, Tony Romo
  5. NFL

    Welp, guess Cooley was right...
  6. Early reviews are in: Ars Technica: Nintendo Switch review: Meet the Game Boy Entertainment System Engadget: Nintendo Switch review: Revolutionary, but it still needs work The Verge: Nintendo Switch review: pure potential Kotaku: Nintendo Switch: The Kotaku Review Polygon: Nintendo Switch review
  7. RIP Judge Wapner at the age of 97.
  8. TMZ:
  9. Police: Darrelle Revis facing assault, robbery charges
  10. RIP Richard Hatch, Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica.
  11. GOAT
  12. Looking at ESPN's win probability Atlanta at one point had a 99.6% chance of winning.
  13. It's hard to call it a choke when you're playing against the GOAT.