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  1. TV

    Actually, Elementary was renewed 4 days ago, but the rumors are that it's going to be a mid-season replacement.
  2. TV

    It also helped that Sony Pictures Television offered 'the lion's share of the profits to NBC in exchange for the renewal' and that 'Early buzz has the drama moving from its former 10 p.m. slot to a potential home at 8 p.m. as the show has been a favorite for co-viewing with parents and children. (The Smithsonian also hosted a panel for the show.)'
  3. And of course it looks like the Nats are going to pull it out tonight. Worst night for Cakes to be exactly right.
  4. This week's Little Witch Academia was a pretty cute and funny tribute to TTGL. Almost wish there was a sequel in the works.
  5. NFL

    Bills fire GM Whaley
  6. Hasn't Meltzer also said that Bret at one point did agree to drop it to Shawn but not in Montreal?
  7. Hey, a nice sensible pick for the Skins.
  8. I'm glad that Watson won't be available when the Skins pick...
  9. Didn't the Bears just pay Mike Glennon a ton of money to be their QB?
  10. Nope, that's pretty much it. Got delayed because Anno was working on Shin Godzilla but is now starting production. It'll probably be released around the same time as the Gundam SEED movie, GaoGaiGar Project Z, Nadesico 2, Stellvia 2...
  11. I'm SHOCKED that they're already bringing back Tony Stark.
  12. Might as well bump this for another DC choke job. Yup, DC sports still sucks.
  13. I actually don't think AJ's going to Raw. For some reason I keep thinking they'll bring over Baron Corbin.
  14. So IBO is over. Pretty much ended how I thought it was going to end. Overall, I have mixed feelings of IBO. If you take it as a sci-fi political drama anime, I'd say it was pretty good and worked well. But as a Gundam series? I'd have to say it was average at best. The mobile suit battles were few and mostly short, and the majority of mobile suits were plain and rather boring, IMO.