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  1. Something something calm down Hollywood Razornetico. In all honesty, that Faye shirt is a cool retro looking one. Don't think I would feel comfortable wearing it outside of a wrestling show.
  2. Was the first line "made-to-order?" If not, I wonder if sales were low on them. I haven't bought them but was considering it before all this happened.
  3. Not sure if @West Newbury Bad Boy is trolling or not but I laughed hard.
  4. I loved K-Dawg as a kid. I saw him at a BK before a house show at the Joe Louis and he was not happy to be recognized, but he did sign an issue of WOW for me That night I bought the "K-Dawg 187" shirt and promptly got in trouble at school because the teachers thought it was gang related. I've never seen his Mexico stuff, outside of When World's Collide, but in WCW, he was my dude.
  5. I was watching this match by myself while drinking a few and that part had me jacked up for the rest of the match. Pretty great match, if I remember right.
  6. John House wasn't a standout? Only partially kidding. I always had fun with him and Gargiulo. As for GCW, I've watched some shows where Nick Gage has been on commentary and that has been entertaining. Not a set team so it doesn't apply but still a load of fun. Especially at the backyard wrestling show.
  7. I think one of the more uncomfortable bits on his show is when he slips into his Barnett voice and this last show was a really weird one that even made Conrad uncomfortable it seemed like.
  8. For those of us who will be up late, Joey Janella is doing a live stream of random matches on Twitch. Right now he's streaming M-Pro's Great Space War from, I think, this year.
  9. If you're curious about how JR is doing with quarantine, this week's episode of his podcast shows that he is not taking it well. He's even angrier than usual and just keeps going off on tangents about the virus and social distancing. Conrad tries to steer him but it's near impossible at moments.
  10. So I have only ever watched the original Godzilla and then the one that came out a few years ago in the US. Do I need to watch the older films in any specific order? Is there a lot of continuity between the films? Also, is this a series that the dubs are worse than the subtitles or can I kind of roll with whatever I find? I'm not able to purchase any physical media and I don't have a blu-ray player so I'm limited to what is available on the net so my options might be limited on the sub vs dub front is the only reason I ask.
  11. But did Gabriel ever wrestle as The Son of the Pink Panther?
  12. Watching the Network special about essential WrestleMania matches and I'm at Taker/HBK from Mania 26. The King actually is having a great night on the mic. Of course, Cole and Striker are not and the three man booth turns into Cole shouting "Vintage" while Striker bumbles around trying to get a word in. It got me thinking though: what are some of the King's best calls? Anything strike anyone off the top of their head?
  13. My buddy whose apartment we were watching it at lived above a cheesesteak place. I went to go grab our food because I "know how it's going to end." The bar on the corner was showing it as well and I heard people flipping out so I kinda rushed to the patio to see the ending. It was surreal to see. Walked into the cheesesteak place and the kitchen guys were watching it there too. Probably the last moment like that I can remember with casual fans being involved in the moment as it happened in addition to hardcores, as opposed to bringing it up a day or so later.
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