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  1. I'm pretty open to a lot of pop stuff but this is very bad. For obvious, and shallow, reasons I am a fan of the video though. Scarlett's voice is the weakest on this track. Shotzi's is surprisingly good. Whoever did the makeup and wardrobe did a good job of making Scarlett super generic looking too. There was a discussion a few weeks back about how WWE's makeup and wardrobe people are bad at highlighting the women, in comparison to how AEW's makeup and wardrobe teams work and if I didn't know any better I'd say WWE's crew did the work here.
  2. @J.T.I've always enjoyed your posts and this makes me happy to read. In high school, my buddies and I had a Troma binge (as film/horror/exploitation geeks do) and I was the only one who really dug Troma's War. During the time my sister worked at Troma, I begged her to find any and all materials related to It for me. Now, the real question: Where do you stand on Terror Firmer and my guy, The Toddster? I think it's one of the most pure examples of what Troma does. Or at least I did in 2006 when I watched it last.
  3. She also isn't very knowledgable when it comes to film. Don't know about her wrestling videos but someone in a film group mentioned her and I watched a bit of her stuff and left with the impression that a lot of her fandom comes from lonely guys, if you catch my drift.
  4. That's where I'm thinking this goes. What I would like to see happen: Kenny beats Swann, maybe with a bit of a fuck finish involving the Good Brothers. I mean, Kenny will win but do enough to not make Swann look like shit for losing while also making it clear that Kenny didn't need the interference to win; it was just done in service of being a dick. This could spin off GB vs Swann and Mack (is Mack still around? If so, are he and Swann teaming? If so, have him save Swann from a beatdown. If they were feuding, this could be his return/face turn). Moose declares that he is going to save TNA/Imp
  5. So, I have a potentially dumb question but please bear with me. I see a few NES games that never got releases here eventually did in the Virtual Console store for both the WII and WII-U. If I purchased one of these systems, does the VC work on either of them anymore? I'd assume it's more likely on the WII-U than the WII. Also, if one or both is still functional, are there rumblings of them being shut down? Is there a VC on the Switch? Thanks guys!
  6. Urban Wrestling Federation tried it but it wasn't good. FilmRise owns the rights thanks to Steve Karrel of ECW and the shows are constantly on the ppv channels and also Youtube. They also ran the sleazy women's ppvs that got heat with a few of the bigger females in the indie scene last year (or 2019, can't remember which) like LuFisto. Uncle Murda was involved as was Gunplay. It came off more like a white guy writing a hip-hop show. I would like to see this though. The Griselda guys are also big wrestling fans and they are more traditional rap than the Detroit/Flint scene is (as a lot of the M
  7. It comes down to how streams count for sales. If you're an act that can still sell cds (ie: a legacy act or Adele/Taylor Swift) it's not hard to combine any amount of disc sales with high streams. Plus, the AC/DC album is your basic AC/DC album which means it rocks and gives you exactly what you expect. The MGK album sounds like a 2000s mainstream pop-punk album (more blink 182 style than a Queers pop-punk style) which is super popular with both people in the 28-33 age range for nostalgia and with teens as a nostalgia for something we never experienced type deal.
  8. MLW had a fun L.A. Park/Sabu feud. I can't speak to how well it holds up but those two were just being nuts and beating the shit out of each other plus Fonzie was being his usual Fonzie-self.
  9. I am skipping a few pages to make this post because I haven't read the thread in a week or so but I will share my anecdotal evidence of Bad Bunny's popularity: I am 33. Like a lot of us on here, I feel out of touch sometimes. I do try to keep up on music. I'm also a kitchen worker. There are some oldtimers in the biz but there's also always an influx of kids (I say kid to mean anyone from like 16-25). Also, a lot of minorities in my area. Bad Bunny plays in many kitchens and servers loveit. The Puerto Rican cooks love it (partially because he gets the girls to dance.) He's a star. The girls as
  10. I haven't watched yet (early shifts keeping me from live viewing) but listening to POST Wrestling's review had me smiling at work anticipating the reactions on here, especially from @Curt McGirt
  11. I want to see Jericho vs Yano as well. Also, The Good Brothers on BTE are a major turn off. That style of humor is just...ugh. I really don't care for that shit and if it starts to make its way onto Dynamite, I will be skipping those segments as well.
  12. That spinning backfist Kobashi hits is pretty brutal looking. Also, I never realized Johnny Ace was as tall as he seems in that gif.
  13. It took me a minute to realize who you were talking about and during that time I was thinking how a WWC-influenced show might be kind of fun. As it is, I never really thought about Chavo's career and I guess I always just assumed he started in AAA or CMLL. Cagematch only has one match prior to WCW listed. Does anyone know much about his early stuff? Wikipedia says he did shows in Mexico from 94-96.
  14. I am SHOCKED to read that the lumberjacks fight amongst themselves! To be honest, this sounds like a fun episode. I don't really watch week to week anymore but will probably tune in to this as I'll be off work. I will have to see the cage match ending for myself but just reading it, I'm not sure if I like it for the type of character Roman has been. A badass, asskicking heel shouldn't need to resort to that and (at least from the recaps I have been following) he doesn't seem like a chickenshit heel. Am I right in that assumption? Or is his character sometimes resorting to that type of th
  15. Scrolling and not expecting that just caused a cackle that terrified my cats. Thanks, @The Natural for sharing.
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