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  1. It took me a minute to realize who you were talking about and during that time I was thinking how a WWC-influenced show might be kind of fun. As it is, I never really thought about Chavo's career and I guess I always just assumed he started in AAA or CMLL. Cagematch only has one match prior to WCW listed. Does anyone know much about his early stuff? Wikipedia says he did shows in Mexico from 94-96.
  2. I am SHOCKED to read that the lumberjacks fight amongst themselves! To be honest, this sounds like a fun episode. I don't really watch week to week anymore but will probably tune in to this as I'll be off work. I will have to see the cage match ending for myself but just reading it, I'm not sure if I like it for the type of character Roman has been. A badass, asskicking heel shouldn't need to resort to that and (at least from the recaps I have been following) he doesn't seem like a chickenshit heel. Am I right in that assumption? Or is his character sometimes resorting to that type of th
  3. Scrolling and not expecting that just caused a cackle that terrified my cats. Thanks, @The Natural for sharing.
  4. This is very much my shit. Indiana Jones style relic hunting meets horror? The push I need to get HBO Max (that and watching the Perry Mason reboot with my dad) has arrived.
  5. After years of hearing good things, I finally took advantage of my local used movie store's Black Friday sale and got the complete Homicide: Life on the Streets series. I know it's based on a book by David Simon. I have The Wire to watch next and then plan on finishing up The Deuce. Ten minutes into the first episode and Munch has me laughing hard with his Montell Williams rant.
  6. While I do love the WCW Slam Jam love of the last few pages, I am currently loving another wrestling theme song. In a great tie-in to the "Bix is stalking Drake Younger who is a Proud Boy" news of this page, Between the Sheets' most recent episode is about Big Egg Wrestlung Universe. I've never really watched much joshi but at the end of the episode they play Aja Kong's theme and good Lord, it's so good. I want to find a .cdg version of it and sing it at karaoke if the bars ever open back up. ETA: I have Big Egg Wrestling Universe loaded up right now actually. I'm planning on watching the
  7. I wonder why she didn't just go the Patreon route? I know some of the women in Impact and on the indies have Patreon accounts. Maybe the financials are better with OnlyFans?
  8. I feel like Mark Briscoe does it too. Mancer looks like he could be a third Briscoe. I haven't really seen him work too much so not sure what his style is.
  9. If you haven't picked it up yet, JR's first book is $4.95 (plus $4 shipping no matter how much you order (in the US)) at Hamilton Books. Hamilton is a great place to order from. They ship to prisoners which is a huge pain in the ass, so throw some support to them. They for sure helped keep me sane during my time in the Feds. (They also have some wrestling DVDs and Blu-ray's for cheap. I grabbed the WWE Madison Square Garden blu for like $5 and something called the 1983 Portland Yearbook Vol. 1 for $4. All 3 for a little over $20 after tax and shipping, plus they arrived in 4 days. Can't beat t
  10. I have had legit rehab centers tell me this. Now, benzo withdrawal is different from opiate withdrawal which is different from alcohol. That's pretty common sense. I've only ever suffered from opiate withdrawal and that was bad enough. I don't want to think about benzo or alcohol. But yeah, legit drug counselors have told me "It will be bad but you won't die so that's good, right?" I've never done it under medical supervision, just the "lock myself in the house and pray for death" method or the "try to tough it out at work while being the most miserable human being" method. The physical aspect
  11. Hey @OSJ, before I grab a copy elsewhere, do you have any copies of Goon available? Can't believe I've never picked it up.
  12. I'm a kitchen manager at Chili's. I eat at work so I don't ever have to buy groceries. The ribs are about the only thing on the menu I will say are good. We actually do a long smoke on them. If you get a prepper who cares, they are pretty tasty.
  13. WPW is really a fun show to watch. It's kind of like a Japanese version of "Pro Wrestling This Week" or maybe "Occupation of the Indies" with American footage. There's two sets floating around, that I know of, and I have the second. Need to find the first somewhere.
  14. That's pretty telling. I spent about a year locked up and my dad sent me the Observer every week so I could keep up. I came out wanting to watch everything. (The last Observer I got before release was the one where Dave reviewed Omega/Okada at the Tokyo Dome so I spent a week thinking about watching it as soon as I got out.) I can imagine that the current product would just increase the terrible mood that place can put you in.
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