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  1. Dave just reminds me of some of my friends who are super passionate about things but not super socially aware. As a result, I don't mind listening to him ramble and do what he does. I understand how frustrating it is and whenever someone is working with me who isn't familiar with him listens they always comment on it but I'm used to it at this point. Bryan just drives me nuts.
  2. When I first got into wrestling, my grandma bought a bunch of old Coliseum tapes from a garage sale for me. I used to watch this one and High Flyers a lot. High Flyers had what I remember to be a really fun Glamour Girls vs. Jumping Bomb Angels match on it. Even More Unusual Matches had two Hogan v Harley Race Texas Death Matches that were almost identical to each other, I think. I know I have all that stuff on dvd now so I may have to dig it out.
  3. This video got a few legit laughs out of me so I'm into Swinger's return, for at least a week or two.
  4. If WCW Saturday Night and Worldwide from 97 on shows up, I'll resubscribe in a heartbeat.
  5. My grandmother passed away tonight. I've never been in the room with someone as they go but tonight it was my mom, my dad and my grandfather. I'm oddly at peace with it right now because she wasn't herself the last year and a half. My real worry is my grandfather. I'm not super close with my parents due to a lot of issues so I was filled in on a lot tonight and someone got my grandfather on the phone recently and scammed him into buying him jewelry and sending him money. I guess somehow the postmaster general got involved and was investigating my grandfather for potential crimes involving the mail service? Either way, they returned the packages to the house, my aunt and my dad found out what was going on and managed to return all the jewelry and stuff as well as cancel the loans the guy had convinced him to take out. Now he has a new phone from my aunt that's filled with software so she can monitor him at all times. It's scary what old age will do to you. Also have to say, the gentleman from the funeral home who came to pick up my grandmother was a true professional. 11 PM and he is dressed in a full suit and was so nice in explaining everything to us. I know it's their job but still, it was really needed and helpful after the day we had.
  6. One of my friends got a job working with his handler a few years back and she had nothing but terrible things to report. But then I hear nice things about him so I don't quite know what to think of him, ya know?
  7. I've watched In The Army once and my only memory of it is looking at my friends and saying "Well, at least it's almost over." Then I realized we were fifteen minutes into the movie. The only other movie that I had that feeling during was Leprechaun 4
  8. The fact that it's available in 4XL is very tempting to me.
  9. I didn't realize that was Code Orange when watching SummerSlam. I was happy to see them on NXT when they performed and I'm happy they are getting this chance too. It's pretty fashionable to hate on them in the hardcore scene right now but I've liked all of their records.
  10. Vince endorsing Milonas makes me want to see him also hang out with and endorse the Beer City Bruiser.
  11. You know what, for Stranglemania 1 and 2 and the first two JCW videos, I'm willing to accept them in the HoF. The moment in JCW Vol. 1 Bundy is complaining about a payoff and the camera pans over to reveal the Rock and Roll Express casually sitting on a couch drinking beers is pretty entertaining. It's juvenile and doesn't age well but there are some genuine fun moments in those shows. Plus, I went to a JCW live event here (Psychopathic Records first Toledo event since the ill-fated Gathering) and got to finally see Tracy Smothers live and shared a joint with Sabu so thanks, ICP.
  12. Superfight: Yuki Ishikawa vs. Tyson Dux Tournament WALTER vs. Speedball Mike Bailey Bobby Gunns vs. Daniel Makabe Daniel Garcia vs. Marius AL-Ani Alexander James vs. Timothy Thatcher
  13. University arenas are a great idea. I'd love to see them run Toledo's arena, maybe even Bowling Green's Stroh Center. Impact ran there and well, no one came, but there was little to no promotion of it. I think it holds maybe 5,000 for concerts. If they ran Toledo, they could run the Huntington Center that WWE use for Smackdown sometimes. It holds 8000, I think. I just really want AEW to run close to me, to be honest.
  14. Playing catch-up with a bunch of stuff and finally watched this. I skipped the rest of the episode because ROH just hasn't been doing it for me lately. This match was a whole lot of fun though. I love that everyone had something to do and, for the most part, what they were doing made sense. At one point Williams had a submission using the cane on King. PCO (I think, this may have been the other way around) started getting in the ring. Rather than sit there like a goof and let him attack him, Williams let go of the hold and cut him off. That kind of thing doesn't happen a lot, especially in WWE "chaotic" multi-man matches. If ROH could serve up fun stuff like this on top (which they have been doing more of ever since PCO and King hit the promotion) with some solid work underneath, they could have a winning formula and really be the ideal ECW. Like people have said, they have the talent, they just don't have the theoretical "it" to light a spark for the viewers.
  15. I remember the label but not the band. Looking them up, they have way too many keyboards for my taste in black metal. Cool logo though. The label also put out some Cripple Bastards stuff and one Mayhem record that I can't remember my opinion on from the few times I listened to it.
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