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  1. Would it be revealing too much if I said I'm oddly envious of Maverick in this video? Yes? Oops...
  2. I'm guessing this is a deathmatch tournament? Not my ideal way to see Sasuke but I gotta take my opportunity when it comes up, provided there are still tickets next payday. If anyone else from the board is going, let me know!
  3. I had the opposite reaction. It really drove me nuts and he seemed to pop up on every show I wanted to watch over WM Weekend. Good thing with having so many options out there is I could just skip his match every time. I did feel myself slipping into Cornette territory the first time I watched a whole match of his, though.
  4. Is the female in the bunny mask the same girl from NJPW? Asking for a friend.
  5. Thanks! Ricochet is so smooth. I realize he is not everyone's cup of tea and I wouldn't want to watch a show with only things in his style but I do love the acrobatic things he pulls out. I showed a buddy his BoSJ math with Ospreay the other night and was reminded of just how great that was, even if it does come off as a bit more cooperative than a crazy brawl or something. Again though, as part of a good mix of styles, that type of match is awesome. I also just watched the Angle/Gable match on Hulu. I would have loved to see those guys at Mania pulling out a 20 minute match. As it was, a really fun tv match. Gable's roll into the ankle lock is pretty cool. What wasn't pretty cool was the announcing. They were stumbling over each other and rushing to fit too many words/phrases into their commentary before the next person talked over them. Renee just stopped talking at one point. I almost got the feeling that they may do something else with Angle/Corbin with the way the announcers were talking about the fans reaction and whatnot. Or they could be just riling up the fans again. Who knows with this company? EDIT: Off topic but since a lot of us are dealing with mental stuff and someday could use a person to talk to and since we all are brought together by wrestling fandom, is there a site where we could set up a private playlist and do like a hangout where we could chat while we watch? Something a little more immediate than the board. Obviously I'm not trying to replace the interaction on here but since I don't go out/party it might be fun to "hang" and shoot the shit about FMW some nights.
  6. I feel that, man. I've dealt with/been dealing with lately a lot of the same issues. Feel free to hit me up anytime. That goes for anyone on the board.
  7. I haven't really been watching RAW, just highlights and was honestly going to skip the episode but this ensures I will at least watch Ricochet. I don't know why but that is legit one of my favorite moves to see anyone perform. So yeah, thanks for the heads up!
  8. Sitting here wearing my "Die for W*ING" shirt, I can't help but agree. I just moved in with two guys who I really only know from work and during the move found my set of FMW's "Story of the F" tapes. One of my roomies came home and walked into my living room to hang and could not fathom why this stuff existed but he also couldn't stop watching. Also, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on BJW Core. I keep debating it but hear mixed reviews a lot.
  9. Would that be Tony Marino in the gimmick? Found an interesting thread on WC about Batman and Robin gimmicks: http://wrestlingclassics.com/cgi-bin/.ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=039243
  10. Based on what we've seen lately, that's a big "IF." Maybe he can pull out something great and not do too much more damage to himself and then take some time off. Give him 4-6 months off and I bet the crowd would go bananas for his return.
  11. Way off topic but I somehow missed this. Huge Thursday fan so I'm not sure how but thanks for your post. Weird combo of artists but I'm really digging the song I clicked on, "Stay." It kind of reminds of of "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  12. I've been watching a bunch of random Liger stuff lately and recently came across this match: What's the storyline here? Why did the locker room empty at the end? Was there a NOAH/NJPW interpromotional feud going on with Liger leading the charge?
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the info. I wonder if it's time to get a thread going where all the streaming services are listed with prices, promotions offered, pros/cons, etc. @RIPPA would it be cool to start one?
  14. This week's tv was alright. The opening tag was a lot of fun. See below for my comments on PCO. I'm almost scared to see what he does at the ppv this weekend with the equally crazy Briscoes. The WOH match was pretty "eh" and the last two minutes or so featured some miscommunication that was pretty bad. Iwatani vs. Klein could be good depending on how they structure the match. Iwatani's moonsault is very pretty. Is that a Stardom thing? It's just as good looking as Io's, I thought. Main event was okay. Castle needs some time off. He's gone from a performer I thought was on the verge of breaking out to just a guy. The act feels a bit tired at this point and like a few guys noted, his work is suffering under the weight of injuries. I'd love for him to take some time off to heal up and then come back to a massive pop at a big show. This ROH run is the first stuff I'm seeing of PCO's indie run and it leads me to believe that this man is insane. I get that he's probably going as hard as he can to stack some cash up in a few years but man, I hope it's worth it.
  15. So what are my options for watching WXW? They have their own streaming service, right? Is it English friendly? I feel like at one point the Highspots Network got their shows. Do they still get the new ones?
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