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  1. This was a really fun show. If it's the last hurrah for this era of NXT, they went out on a good note. Knight/Grimes was fun. It seems like Knight's work is picking up now that he's in NXT. Dakota/Raquel was pretty fun and they were laying their stuff in. I think everyone knew WALTER/Dragunov was going to be brutal so they'd have to step it up to not look weak in comparison. Speaking of, the match was insane. I lost track of how many times I said "Holy shit" or some variation on the theme. Just two men beating the shit out of each other. Someone earlier mentioned pro wrestling being an illusion and how this was not that which was totally true. In some ways, I feel that's an obvious issue, especially in a WWE production. But on the other hand I had a good ass time watching these dudes leave it all in the ring. I even enjoyed Cole/Kyle. I'm not a fan of the Cole epics but this was a decently condensed version. Powerbomb onto the fully built announcer's desk was brutal. I'm sure that the whole crew was feeling like they'd been run over. Joe/Kross was okay. I don't like Kross in NXT (haven't seen his RAW stuff as I don't watch main roster very much) but dug him in the indies. I get why he and Scarlett would sign and roll the dice but it all feels like a bad decision in hindsight.
  2. One of my favorite small moments in the show happened in the main event. Mox hit a German Suplex and someone on the announce team called it. Softly you could hear Mark Henry say "And he's not even German." Shouldn't have been as funny as it was but I was cracking up.
  3. This was honestly one of the last times a RAW match had me hooked enough to give a damn about who won. Not to spoil for people who haven't watched and are going to but when Punk hit THAT MOVE I legit yelled "Oh shit!" I was back at home with the parents for a few months and my mom came running in to my room to make sure I was okay and I had to embarrassingly admit that I had gotten too caught up in the wrestling. But it was a hot match so I can't be too ashamed.
  4. Starks was a really fun addition to Tazz/Excalibur, tbh. I'm not a huge fan of 3 man booths but he fit right in and the trio made me laugh out loud multiple times.
  5. I watched Dark for maybe th second or third time and damn, that was a fun show. Commentary was fun and breezy. It really was like watching the C-shows of yesteryear. The Wingmen were great. Loved their theme music and I wouldn't be mad seeing them weekly. Loved J.D. Drake in his Big Bubba/Mr. Hughes outfit. As a few other posters said, the Cutler/Kaz match was high quality comedy.
  6. Love "Cocaine and Rhinestones!" I devour each episode the minute it gets posted, thanks to 8-10 hour shifts where I hate my co-workers and can wear earbuds.
  7. Yeah, I want to see El Hijo del Vikingo in every promotion I watch, to be honest.
  8. I agree with this 100%. During the lockdown, I wasn't really into wrestling. I kept up with results but that's it, for the most part. This past week I've been watching shows and getting into it again. Live crowds really make such a difference. I have no desire to watch anything WWE except for NXT and possibly the ppvs but there's so much else to enjoy that it doesn't even matter. I put this in the Discord but there's like 3 of us there so I'll add it here. Are the Briscoe Brothers the best tag team to not make it to WWE? I know some people still have a problem with them due to the homophobia and, yeah, that's a big stumbling block. Luckily, as far as I know, it hasn't been a reoccuring issue like with other public figures I once was interested in (or in the case of *coughMORRISSEYcough* was an obsessive depressed nerd over) so I can hope that things have evolved on that front and not know any different (unless something was said that I missed in which case, damn.) I will admit I haven't seen anything they've done in Japan, outside of some NJPW stuff. Is their NOAH stuff worth seeking out?
  9. As a 10/11 year old, I LOVED Glacier, Wrath and Mortis. Glacier's entrance was one of my favorites and I loved the gear that Wrath and Mortis had. I am sure some of my nostalgia for that era is rose colored glasses since it was when I first got seriously into wrestling but my ideal wrestling shows are C-shows. I loved Saturday Night and Worldwide. As a result, I love when AEW skews close to that type of show. WWE doesn't do it. NXT is as close as they get and it's no coincidence that it's the only WWE related thing I watch, outside of PPVs. Miller always made me laugh and I popped big for that Rumble dance spot he had. Seeing @Gordberg's post, what should I check out for Alexander Otsuka? I am a shoot style novice. Heck, an MMA novice really (outside of a few early UFC videos I rented as a kid because I'd heard they were "the most violent things ever. People DIE!!!~~!~~!") so if hes's not a good person to lure me into the world of shoot-style, where do I start? (Maybe I should spin this off into a thread, if one doesn't exist. If someone else doesn't in the next day, I will.)
  10. That was my biggest issue with the first episode. I for sure had a few moments where I asked myself "This is supposed to be 1994, right?" just from the way they acted and other asthethic choices. The kills were fun though, especially the meat cutter. My sister and I were watching it on Skype together and both popped big for that. I also liked that they had an epi-pen/adrenaline shot sequence in a story set the same year "Pulp Fiction" came out. I will admit that this is the type of stuff aimed directly at me. Goosebumps was my intro to horror in 1st grade but with my "advanced reading level" I was reading Fear Street novels in 2nd grade so I have a lot of nostalgia for it as a series. ETA: I will 100% admit that these are pure "rip-offs" (or homages if you want to be charitable) to other, bigger and better horror films but that's kind of R.L. Stine's thing. I didn't know any different when I was first reading this stuff so I might be more forgiving than people who didn't have their formative horror upbringing shaped by Mr. Stine. Plus, I always have to rep for an Ohio boy.
  11. Where can I watch the FMW-E show? Is there a streaming site it's on? I'm morbidly curious/want to see what kind of shape Onita may be in for the possible Moxley match.
  12. @Stefanie the Human I've never said this but you're a poster that I really enjoy having here. I needed a solid laugh today and this did the trick. Thank you!
  13. Is that Drake in the pic with him? He looks like he's aged 30 years in the last few weeks, if so. Before I enlarged the pic, I thought it was but looking at it in full size it appears to be an old man who looks like Drake. I donno though, tbh. Of course, JC is railing on about it as proof that Joey and AEW are Q-anons.
  14. Had that same dude and he was also a mega star in my figure federation. Even managed to put down Apocalypse and Bane. My intro to wrestling was being home alone not long before Wrestlemania 14 and flipping through the channels and seeing The Giant on an episode of Saturday Night. Right away, I was hooked. I talked to a kid at school who liked wrestling and, testing the waters, watched Livewire, Worldwide and Saturday Night the next week. Eventually, I taped RAW and would borrow a friend's Nitro tape. Austin was my favorite from that first week on. La Parka came next. After a month of talking about wrestling non-stop, my grandma got me a tape she found at Goodwill or something. The "High Flyers" Colliseum tape. I watched that thing daily and, oddly enough, was obsessed with the Jumping Bomb Angels. I still love their series with the Glamour Girls. Weirdly, I'm just now getting into joshi.
  15. I'm sad the video cuts out just before what appears to be that girl busting out the robot. Her Cena-esque "Can't See Me" into a making it rain was a good transition spot. The robot as the finish would have pushed it to 5*. In clipped form, let's call it 3 1/2*
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