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  1. Anyone been watching American Horror Story this season? I haven't watched a complete season since the third. I always start them and a few episodes in get pissed off at whatever twist they come up with and give up. This season has been a pleasant surprise. Slasher films are my favorite horror subgenre and even with the twist they haven't strayed too far from the slasher formula, to the point where they are actively talking about final girls.
  2. I HATED Josh. Easily the worst character in the show. The guy's an idiot. I did love the episodes where they broke from his storyline and narration. I also have not been able to get Air Supply's "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" since Gary sang it.
  3. I mean, in all honesty, the only real threat from a good portion of the death match guys after 1999 is how much pain and punishment they'd be willing to subject themselves to. A lot of them just look like normal guys. Obviously there are exceptions, one of which is not Jimmy Havoc.
  4. My roommate is one of the creepiest people I've met in my adult life and even he thinks these are pathetic. I won't lie though, she brought out some real Razornetico tendencies when I first saw her. Has she shown up in MLW yet?
  5. It appears they have made an edit (can't be sure because they lack our handy "Edited _____ by ________" feature) so, does anyone remember what it said? Thanks!
  6. I started watching wrestling in 1996 and took a break from all promotions (with some exceptions like Wrestlemania) for a few years when I first started college, not because of anything on the shows but due to overall loss of interest and being busy with school and being in a band. Other than that, I've watched wrestling obsessively for 23 years and WWE has been the one constant during that time. That makes it hard to finally admit this but I'm pretty sure I will be leaving them behind. This feeling has been building over the past few months but the string of shows from Smackdown to Hell In A Cell to tonight's RAW cemented it. For everything I enjoy (honestly, over the weekend the only two things I liked were the Sasha/Becky match and the Tornado Tag) there seems to be a handful of things that are either outright bad (the main of Hell in A Cell, the Rusev stuff) or just boring (pretty much everything else on RAW). I'll probably keep up with it via the board and will cherry pick things but yeah, this is probably my last full WWE show for a while. NXT remains to be seen. This show was just.....boring. The Last Woman Standing match highlighted the worst aspects of that stipulation. Lacey just stood there waiting for a count and that got pretty boring. It also seemed like she kept touching Natty right before the count of 10. If she'd been patient, the match would have kayfabe been over. The Rusev stuff was plain bad. Street Prophets as hype men for a show with nothing worth hyping just don't do it for me. Kabuki Warriors are fun, I guess. The rest of the show was just lacking star power and excitement. I guess part of that is the fact that they are in a holding pattern until the draft. Not putting too much faith in them to get it right without gutting RAW to promote their shiny new toy in Smackdown on Fox (and it's weird to even think that RAW may be gutted but I think that's how it has to be).
  7. I'd be interested in seeing Michael Scott at a deathmatch show. Also, in case you weren't joking (hard to tell online and I don't want to come off like a know-it-all who is talking down to anyone so please don't think that) Steve Karel is not the actor and was a guy involved in the business side of ECW. Not 100% sure what he did but he has a company that recenty invested in CZW, I guess. Fightful, in an article from April of this year, said he and his company plan to run live CZW PPVs and, as far as I know, that hasn't happened. Maybe on Fite but not on real PPV. If they did, I doubt they'd go off very well, knowing CZW and DJ's track records. Shame too because I love CZW. Or at least, loved it. I haven't followed it in years but I always had fun watching their shows, even if it seemed like the established indy guys would treat their CZW dates as a "night off" in ways. You always got good performances out of the CZW-lifers but their versions of indy dream matches never seemed to live up to expectations, even if the same match would be insanely great in other promotions. Their Best of the Best lineups on paper always had the potential to be highlights of the year and never quite lived up to that potential.
  8. If only. In a fun (to me, at least) side tangent: I was watching the Urban Wrestling Federation shows on Youtube and realized that, at the time, my sister worked for the company who distributed them. They also distribute those cheap ppvs you will see of "extreme" women's wrestling, "classic" wrestling and some CZW with new commentary. The local cable company is always running one of these shows and their Youtube channel has them all to watch. I asked her about it and she told me she met some "crazy guy who wouldn't stop talking about how he started extreme wrestling and everyone ripped him off all over the world." I asked her who she was talking about and she couldn't remember. Turns out it was Steve Karel and he is a jerk, in her words.
  9. I think I heard Wade Keller and Jim Cornette's heads exploding all the way from here.
  10. No fighting in the crowd, no whips into the guardrails? Wasn't that what got a WCW show shut down in the middle of a Ron Simmons/Benoit match in the early 90s? I think that was in NYC as well.
  11. I've only watched the opening portion so far but that was a great way to open the show. I'm loving Rowan right now. Was worried about Bryan after getting tied up in the ropes. I hope he's okay. The giant face reaction after very recently getting legit heel heat just helps prove Bryan is one of the best to do it (in my opinion, at least). The match was a lot of fun as well. I also love Rowan's KSE shirt. Reminded me that I still need to listen to their new album after loving the single with both Jesse and Howard doing vocals.
  12. I remember walking to Sam Goody the minute they opened so I could pick that cd up on release date. Nu-Metal had it's claws deep in junior high me. Edit: Just went into my cd's to dig it out. Forgot that Derek Hess did some artwork in the booklet.
  13. This wasn't a bad episode of RAW, in my opinion. I breezed through it. The five-way match was really fun. Even the Lacey/Ember match was decent. I really liked this move Lacey pulled out that started like a Rainmaker and ended with her using her knees to take Ember down by the arm. I don't know that I've seen anyone do that before (or if I have, I don't remember it) and it looked cool. I also thought Ember's "skin the cat into a stunner" on the outside was really cool. Honestly, it was probably too cool to have busted out in a nothing match on RAW but, and I really hate to say this, I don't think Ember is likely to get any big showcase matches anytime soon so she may as well throw it out there and maybe get noticed by someone in the back.
  14. That table is such a staple in older people's homes, I feel like. I know that one set of my grandparents had it growing up and I know that I've seen it at a ton of other homes throughout my life.
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