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  1. Well, it looks like Jervis Cottonbelly is getting outed for being pretty scummy on Twitter....
  2. Thanks. I just followed him. It's a reference to a HIM song. I joined the board when I was in high school and just used the same name when the relaunch happened. Love Glassjaw but I wasn't listening to them much until a college friend played them for me.
  3. Once or twice per weekend, one of my dumb co-workers sets our conveyor oven on fire. "Now that's a fire!" is my go-to response as I sprint to the walk-in for milk.
  4. Maybe it's lack of sleep due to overwork, but I saw this and pictured Dave saying it and have been giggling for way too long.
  5. TJP vs El Hijo del Vikingo could be pretty nuts if they have a little bit of time. Interested in that match for sure.
  6. I honestly like the format for TV. A lot of ROH matches with their younger guys could benefit from some trimming. The biggest issue, to me at least, was not bring current with the PPV (or big shows in general) which kinda threw things off. I even like Quinn. She's not the best commentator but she mainly was in wrap-around segments anyway. Plus, the clip format worked well for late-night viewing, I thought.
  7. Eddie, I gotta say, you're my favorite guy on here.
  8. I was going to say the same. There's a part of me that doesn't think Darby and Necro would match up well. However, I would lose my shit to see Shane grab a chair for the "sit down and punch each other" segment. Shane's punches would probably tighten up real fast after a few stiff potatoes to the face. God, playing this match out in my head is really a fun thought exercise for the night. If by some crazy chance Necro had made it to WWE, what type of role would people like to have seen him in? Maybe as a big challenge for Cena? Cena had faced some "unhinged" people before (RKO) but they could bill Necro as the ultimate psycho. A man who truly "Never Gives Up." I think that would be a lot of fun.
  9. I don't know if I can pick a legit "Best Show I've Seen" but some favorites would be KISS in Detroit and both times I've seen Sunn0))). The first time Boris opened for them and that show blew my mind. The second time I thought I knew what to expect and instead Attila was dressed as a giant tree and it was great. The first show featured the drummer from Boris crowd diving during the Sunn0))) set. I was instantly hooked on Boris. Japandroids was also a really great show. It was the "Post-Nothing" tour and the crowd was small. Lots of younger kids who seemed to be at their first concert and they seemed to be having a great time, as did the rest of the crowd. Those songs were built for drunken sing-alongs and good Lord did they deliver. The best "local" (at least Ohio local) show(s) I've ever been to were Gil Mantera's Party Dream. They played this small club in Bowling Green all the time and they filled this place to capacity. Their shows were always gigantic parties with a synth-pop soundtrack. One year they got onto the Warped Tour and I really thought they might be on the cusp of some mainstream success. It never happened, sadly. I think if they came around a few years later they may have been bigger. If you like fun dance music/synth pop-ish stuff, do yourself a favor and check them out. Lyrically, they are kind non-sense but the songs just kinda make sense anyway. Actually, honorable mention goes to ICP. Not a Juggalo by any stretch of the imagination but I do know some and I've been to a few shows with them. Their stage show is really great and they foster a sense of community that can be genuinely touching at times, especially during the Great Milenko tour as that was my friend Dan's favorite album of theirs and he passed away during college and it brought up some memories.
  10. Anyone been watching American Horror Story this season? I haven't watched a complete season since the third. I always start them and a few episodes in get pissed off at whatever twist they come up with and give up. This season has been a pleasant surprise. Slasher films are my favorite horror subgenre and even with the twist they haven't strayed too far from the slasher formula, to the point where they are actively talking about final girls.
  11. I HATED Josh. Easily the worst character in the show. The guy's an idiot. I did love the episodes where they broke from his storyline and narration. I also have not been able to get Air Supply's "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" since Gary sang it.
  12. I mean, in all honesty, the only real threat from a good portion of the death match guys after 1999 is how much pain and punishment they'd be willing to subject themselves to. A lot of them just look like normal guys. Obviously there are exceptions, one of which is not Jimmy Havoc.
  13. My roommate is one of the creepiest people I've met in my adult life and even he thinks these are pathetic. I won't lie though, she brought out some real Razornetico tendencies when I first saw her. Has she shown up in MLW yet?
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