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  1. Anyone see "X" yet? May go this weekend.
  2. Yes but that doesn't have the uncut version. VS is teasing a release with an uncut version. Maybe it's not but it'd be cool. The Shout release is good but I would upgrade for sure.
  3. Would be cool if Cobra was the action flick. I'm grabbing Thriller.
  4. I'm glad that the Vestron line has hit a decent price point, finally. Too bad the early releases are still pretty pricey.
  5. @(BP) you review is well written enough to make me want to go back and try to set aside my dislike of the characters to focus on the craft. Also makes me want to research the F13 remake. The only part I remember is the dude saying "You have...stupendous boobs!"
  6. TCM: The Next Generation is at least fun in its shittiness. 2,3,and 4 all have a level of camp to them that is enjoyable. This was just hollow, to me.
  7. I thought just 2 months ago Drew needed surgery?
  8. I absolutely hated the new TCM. The last scene was great because I couldn't stand the curly haired girl. It followed in the footsteps of the first film by having a bunch of unlikable characters, even if none of them topped Franklin. I don't think I ever need to see this again.
  9. Ah yes, the "Fuck you, Grandma" episode. Yeah, True Life had some downers.
  10. Was coming to post this. The only WWE product I really enjoy.
  11. Vinegar Syndrome is the label who actually got the rights to Drop Dead Fred. Available to pre-order now. I'm waiting til next payday. Hopefully its in stock still.
  12. I actually bought it today. Most likely watching it tomorrow.
  13. I'm on the fence about "All The Haunts Be Ours." I know if it sells out I'll be bummed. The packaging looks great. I really want the nunsploitation box set they put out though.
  14. I had thoughts at first but told myself to settle down. I dig KB's web presence but have yet to see them wrestle.
  15. I heard the hosts on a podcast I like hype it up. I'll likely watch it in the next week or so.
  16. I'll just volunteer for it now. I haven't seen it yet so my hopes haven't been shattered yet.
  17. Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin.....woof. If you told me they took an unrelated script and slapped the PA name on it, I'd believe you.
  18. This is why I was hopeful that Randy would leave when AEW started. I think he'd do some good work in other promotions. I want to see him vs. Okada or Tanahashi. Hell, even Yano.
  19. My sister bought me that. Truly a heartbreaking story but it hooked me good and I knocked it out fast. Pretty sure a documentary coming from one of her friends in the film industry.
  20. The ladder match was pretty nuts. The big suplex had me terrified. Lights out match didn't do much for me. I'm not an Adam Cole fan and nothing he does looks hurty to me. Danhausen is fine outside the ring. Overall, not a great episode of Dynamite.
  21. Paramount+ has a weird selection of horror films. I watched Case 39 the other night and it cemented my child free lifestyle for me. By the end I was only watching because I'd wasted too much time on it. On the flip side, Jacob's Ladder is still so good. The opening massacre is gross, especially the foot just hanging there.
  22. Die Hard on SyFy ( I think) was uncut last night as well.
  23. Also, The Farmer is actually coming out. Not from Code Red but from Scorpion. Looks like the run of 2500 sold out already. I didn't get one but hopefully there's a repress. Only been waiting 15 years or so.
  24. That's the basic gist from what I've heard. DVDs came out and picture quality was VHS quality at best and they were priced at absurd price points. Basically, they don't want to make money it seems.
  25. If only Vince read "The Mask" we could have Big Head debut and have an epic feud with WALTER.
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