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  1. The hits keep coming this week we watched an absolute all time classic between Tony Oliver and Bert Royal and the debut of the nefarious Dr. Adolf Kaiser http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/02/tuesday-is-french-catch-day-tony-oliver.html
  2. This week we have a proto-WAR heavyweight battle between Iska Khan and Jim Oliver, and one of the craziest matches in wrestling history between Francis Louis/Jean Claude Bordeaux and Antonio Perero/Mota Dos Santos with both teams flying into the ring on spring platforms http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/02/tuesday-in-french-catch-day-louis.html
  3. This week we have an incredible match between Jochim La Barba and Inca Peruano from 1957, and a 1972 match between Rene Lesartesse and Franz Van Buyten which takes place in the middle of a swimming pool for some reason http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/01/tuesday-is-french-catch-day-inca.html
  4. This week we reviewed an awesome long WAR style tag with Edouard Carpentier and a young Lord Al Hayes match. Both fucking rule.
  5. We have unearthed maybe the greatest collection of hidden gems in wrestling nerd history. 350+ French Catch Matches from the mid 50s-mid 80s. There will be info about a Google Drive soon, but we have started reviewing them over at Segunda Caida with youtube links for what we are watching. https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2014/05/la-complete-et-exacte-french-catch.html Is the link to all of the Catch we have reviewed (some stuff which had been available before and the new stuff), and we will be doing new matches every Tuesday.
  6. Has anyone announced a single match yet? Seems a bit early to worry about it
  7. Scenic City ran Walker vs. Dickinson last weekend, it's up on Independentwrestling.tv
  8. The French Catch match is a must see, mind blowing stuff and one of the best all around matches we have gotten from France
  9. This is one of my favorite matches of the year. Shire is a Dory Funk Jr. trainee and should be the next indy guy booked everywhere, Kingston is currently the best wrestler in the world, and this is him coming in and making the local kid look like a million bucks Here is the Segunda Caida review https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/04/2019-ongoing-moty-list-kingston-vs-shire.html
  10. Its fun, but if you are curious about BattlArts, just watch BattlArts
  11. Denver has three separate lucha feds which run basically monthly and fly in luchadores from Mexico
  12. We took a break from the network this week but unearthed Dick Murdoch on 11 in Kuwait, Infernales in Tijuana and a Can-Ams vs. Kobashi/Kikuchi REMATCH!! http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/06/new-footage-fridays-dick-murdoch-new.html
  13. Yeah its Mistico 2, Rush and Dragon Lee's Brother
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