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  1. Ronda has lots of experience throwing punches that don't hurt anyone
  2. Naw son, Shayna Bayzler is fucking awesome. Didn't you get the Segunda Caida talking points memo
  3. Dick Togo v. Eddie Kingston!?! Fucking awesome!
  4. That is a great line up, but it feels like a flipped card would be even better. Riddle v. Ki and Homicide v. Penta seem like more natural matchups
  5. Blood and Guts v. NOAH big boys Watch em and pimp your favorite
  6. We chose as our first champ Eddie Kingston v. Chris Hero IWA-MS 9/29/07 SC Review Watch the match, nominate some contenders
  7. WWE classic v. Fat boy battle
  8. For our first champ we selected Kenta Kobashi/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi v. Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat AJPW 5/25/92 SC Review Nominate challengers, comment on the match ect.
  9. We chose as our first champ John Cena v. Brock Lesnar WWE 4/29/12 Watch it comment, and nominate contenders
  10. Rougeaus v. Super Medicos was a total blast, but the FMW boys retain
  11. We will do both of the 2 vote challengers over the next couple of weeks starting with Rougeus v. Medicos
  12. We chose as our first champ Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. Riki Choshu NJ 6/9/87 SC review Watch, comment and discuss contenders
  13. So suggest something else!! Plenty of fun years to pick from
  14. Same rules, first five matches to get nominated we run a poll and you guys pick our next challenger. Any of the years we have on the list work