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  1. I went on the Masked Man show to talk Grand Slam and War Games https://www.theringer.com/2022/9/22/23367402/aew-grand-slam-jon-moxley-bryan-danielson-chris-jericho
  2. It is really weird that they are letting me do it
  3. I wrote about this War Games match in my Ringer piece Everyone bleeds a ton, but goodness gracious Shaun Tempers
  4. My matches of the week piece will be out tomorrow, but I dropped this behemoth today https://www.theringer.com/2022/9/19/23361484/best-wargames-pro-wrestling-matches?utm_campaign=theringer&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  5. Kingston vs. Ishii was before All-Out and was eligible for the previous weeks column, which I wrote about Acclaimed vs. Swerve for
  6. I also wrote this yesterday! My first top of the site piece https://www.theringer.com/2022/9/5/23338456/cm-punk-aew-all-out-2022-media-scrum-young-bucks-adam-page-explainer
  7. I am pretty surprised a Marufuji match made my list too! He really wrestled a paired down style which was pretty compelling, and Kingston was clearly super motivated too. Thanks for the nice words, this really is a dream gig for me, so I am happy folks are enjoying it.
  8. That trios match was truly awful, and I am higher on Osprey then you would guess I would be
  9. Man I was thinking a very similar thing when I was watching Dustin's match. My Ringer piece and your Segunda Caida piece are going to cover some of the same ground :). This was Dustin's post match tweet, which does suggest they are going to do something further with this, although AEW has so many balls in the air
  10. Just watched the Cash Flo match, he didn't get to hit a chop, so won't be writing about that
  11. I am waiting for Dustin vs. Claudio. If not, IWA-MS legend Cash Flo was on Dark right?
  12. "Mark Davis is the powerhouse of the team" Immediately followed by him gently rubbing his forearms across Pac's face. Also for a balls to the wall spotfest, we sure had long sections of Pac balancing himself on the top rope, making faces while everyone stood around
  13. I am sure if you asked Meltzer he would say that the third best match on a New Japan show is better then Dundee vs. Lawler Loser Leaves Town
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