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  1. Has anyone announced a single match yet? Seems a bit early to worry about it
  2. Scenic City ran Walker vs. Dickinson last weekend, it's up on Independentwrestling.tv
  3. The French Catch match is a must see, mind blowing stuff and one of the best all around matches we have gotten from France
  4. This is one of my favorite matches of the year. Shire is a Dory Funk Jr. trainee and should be the next indy guy booked everywhere, Kingston is currently the best wrestler in the world, and this is him coming in and making the local kid look like a million bucks Here is the Segunda Caida review https://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/04/2019-ongoing-moty-list-kingston-vs-shire.html
  5. Its fun, but if you are curious about BattlArts, just watch BattlArts
  6. Denver has three separate lucha feds which run basically monthly and fly in luchadores from Mexico
  7. We took a break from the network this week but unearthed Dick Murdoch on 11 in Kuwait, Infernales in Tijuana and a Can-Ams vs. Kobashi/Kikuchi REMATCH!! http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/06/new-footage-fridays-dick-murdoch-new.html
  8. Yeah its Mistico 2, Rush and Dragon Lee's Brother
  9. You really can't do a Homicide tribute show without Low-Ki. I am hoping for Homicide vs. Teddy, but Ki vs. Homicide match would be great too
  10. Yo Dean, watch this Our 1972 match of the year
  11. The first four matches on the AIW show were as good a four match run as any show I have ever been to. Last four, not so much
  12. Just a quick FYI Yuki Ishikawa was just in two easy MOTY candidates last weekend
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