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  1. You really can't do a Homicide tribute show without Low-Ki. I am hoping for Homicide vs. Teddy, but Ki vs. Homicide match would be great too
  2. Yo Dean, watch this Our 1972 match of the year
  3. The first four matches on the AIW show were as good a four match run as any show I have ever been to. Last four, not so much
  4. Just a quick FYI Yuki Ishikawa was just in two easy MOTY candidates last weekend
  5. We reviewed Devlin/David Starr vs. Low-Ki/WALTER from OTT http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2018/07/2018-ongoing-moty-list-walter-and-low.html My opinion of Devlin is that WALTER and Low-Ki rule
  6. Segunda Caida nominates AC Mack Gringo Loco Cain Justice
  7. Joey Janelas Spring Break announced LA Park, which seems to be setting up Park vs. the returning Necro Butcher which could be incredible
  8. For 2013 we chose William Regal vs. Kassius Ohno NXT 3/21 SC Review Here
  9. I remember PQ being pretty progressive, that was years ago though
  10. Ki has worked House of Glory for years
  11. Totally killer lineup this week with a HH Rey vs. Eddie match from 2005, a great AJPW trios from 1991, and an awesome Misawa/Kobashi vs. Dr. Death/Big Bossman tag where Bossman looks like the lost great Puro worker, all three are must see http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/01/new-footage-friday-rey-eddie-bossman-dr.html
  12. Looks like MLW pulled Tom Lawlor from the Black Label Pro event, It looks like all of these feds are going to try to fuck each other over instead of working together
  13. Rush got pulled from the MLW show by ROH and was replaced by Pentagon in the main event. Real bummer, they should just go ahead and sign Santo and run Santo vs. Park.
  14. It will be a real bummer if Trevor leaves without losing the title, he has held it so long, and the quest to dethrone him has been such a huge part of the story of CWF fro years now, if he just leaves and vacates it kind of kills the fed. They finally ran Cain vs. Trevor as an unadvertised match on a RGL showcase, and while I liked the match a fair amount, it was basically Trevor dominating Cain and putting him away easily. It would feel a little anti-climactic if he loses the belt after announcing his WWE contract, but would be way worse if he walks into the sunset with it
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