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  1. We chose as our first champ John Cena v. Brock Lesnar WWE 4/29/12 Watch it comment, and nominate contenders
  2. Rougeaus v. Super Medicos was a total blast, but the FMW boys retain
  3. We will do both of the 2 vote challengers over the next couple of weeks starting with Rougeus v. Medicos
  4. We chose as our first champ Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. Riki Choshu NJ 6/9/87 SC review Watch, comment and discuss contenders
  5. So suggest something else!! Plenty of fun years to pick from
  6. Same rules, first five matches to get nominated we run a poll and you guys pick our next challenger. Any of the years we have on the list work
  7. CWA HH classic v. RIP Brazo De Oro Watch and pick a winner
  8. MS1 v. Sangre wins on a split decision, because Eric is nuts
  9. Best match of all time takes on a gore soaked NWA classic
  10. We chose Golden Moose Cholak v. Larry Chene Chicago Wrestling 3/15/63 Comment below, nominate contenders ect.
  11. A split decision, but NWA Anarchy keeps the title.
  12. A special Wednesday morning Wargames showdown ROH v. CZW v. Anarchy v. Devils Rejects Watch the matches and pick a cage!!
  13. Looks like the Cage of Death wins it. We will have the heads up battle on War Games Wednesday morning