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  1. Joey Janela is a natural heel. He's also far more valuable as a wrestler/manager. He needs a Terry Gordy. And maybe a Buddy Roberts too. I'm of the belief that his mic skills could be effective in getting somebody on the lower to mid card roster nicely over. In ring, when necessary, he would be substantially more interesting as a chickenshit heel.
  2. I get the anger and disappointment, but there really should be no surprise here. I don't know where WWE ranks on the World's worst corporations, but I'd have to think Linda, Vince and the gang would secure a nice high number. If you reading this haven't already, maybe consider not spending time or more importantly your money on this pitiful company.
  3. Not easy losing your job, but love seeing misused talent get a new life. Having missed the last decade and a half of WWE, I've only seen Samoa Joe from this list. I assumed Joe's days as an asskicking machine were passed (again haven't seen him since ROH; maybe a TNA match), but judging by the excitement in this thread I am thankful my assuming is incorrect. Cannot wait to see the return of Samoa Joe!
  4. Ha, feel like I keep getting caught opening my internet to this rather erotic image while out in public. Ppl around me think they have a transit porno viewer in their midst. Im stoked for Kazarian-Christian. Kaz is AEWs definition of a great hand. And I haven’t seen Christian wrestle in nearly two decades.
  5. I rate the Pixies (with Kim Deal only) amongst my Favorite bands of all time. ‘Where is my Mind?’ being my introduction on a maxell compiled by a good pal. The Fight Club closer was the only use of the song that I really loved. It was a shock at that time as the band pre-reunion still felt kinda sorta word of mouth in a sense. Shows and movies using it after that feel lazy. That is a general rule for songs used in an iconic way. Tho, there are exceptions (see 110th Street in Jackie Brown-context!). Further, there are soooooo many great Pixies songs. That said Wrestling is obviously comp
  6. "This is awesome!!!" Love to see this become a weekly fixture. Also, I may be in the minority but I am very much looking forward to the underrated QT v the generally excellent Cody Rhodes. Haters heads r bout to explode! This was a nice subtle build. I love that Arn is always on heel turn watch. I am doubtful he's turning on Cody to join QT!
  7. Am I alone in finding Kenny’s megalomania hilarious? He’s so out of sorts that he’s angry about not being included in their six man. Yes, ridiculous, but also terrific for this character. I loved this and the match. And the show.
  8. Do I need a STARDOM subscript to watch this Tam Nakano-Guilia Hair bout?
  9. I misread a report and thought a Dark Elevation preview with the Limelight-Jungle Boy match was to air last night at 730. I was kinda stoked to see it, still am. I hope this show has something that separates it from Dark. I liked the idea being speculated about that it would be a sort of developmental show. Looking at that line-up it makes me think they've just decided to break Dark in to two parts.
  10. As was mentioned, you need a guy to take a fall/beating and Spears can fit that nicely. 'Good for 2010 WWE' seems spot on and is very funny. Spears for all his follies had a really well received debut. The place went bananas when he came into that Casino Royale. They really should have let him work babyface for awhile. When he went heel, nearly everybody here was shitting on him even getting an opportunity. Let alone a PPV 'showcase' bout with Cody. Having seen him earlier in his career working Ontario Indy shows, and getting the impression that he was a really nice guy, I was
  11. Exactly. I don't think anybody thinks Kenny is a "great wrestler" because he is a "great doer of moves". The stories, the selling - it makes sense to many of us, and we enjoy the sweat and work he puts into it. His promos are often excellent and rarely less than good. And often, especially as a heel, laced with hilarity. I get just not liking a wrestler. I wasn't a fan of Shawn Michaels, but even as an uncouth kid I could at the very least open my eyes and see his talent. I wouldn't suggest everybody that believed he was great was because he was a "great doer of moves". Again,
  12. Imagine for a moment that you could accept Kenny Omega as the incredible talent he is. Then you wouldn’t have to post to every weekly thread how much you hate him. That said, always find insight in your posts pre-Omega hate rant that I completely agree with. No different here. I loved this show. From start to finish. Everything. The Pentagon promo and brawl may have been my highlight.
  13. I like Arn with the Nightmare Family. I like seeing him coaching Lee Johnson and Red Velvet and the like. I also want Arn's eventual turn to be a lot bigger. Not sure what exactly, but something more than a Cody annoyance. I'd honestly just like to see SCU reform as heels. Let Daniels cut promos for Scorp and Kazarian.
  14. I really like Scorpio Sky. I don't understand why they didn't just turn the entire SCU after or even before their tag title loss. All three were completely stale. By turning all three they could've potentially freshened them up, and most importantly they could have Christopher Daniels cutting heel promos. Why Daniels is a meandering babyface when Scorp clearly needs a talking second is just a complete oversight by AEW. Darby losing to Sky who has barely done anything in however long is not a smart move. Makes Darby's title run as weak a run as anyone has had with a title in the com
  15. D'amore/Callis/Impact doesn't seem to have learned anything from their terrible week to week booking. And for all involved, they don't seem to have learned from pretty long careers of dreadful booking. Also, I sometimes wonder if D'Amore has ever seen himself on camera? If ever there was a performer who ought not be a performer it's Scott D'Amore. He has no mic skills or presence, and he's been at this for decades. Jimmy Jacobs is apparently their lead booker right now. I've tried watching Impact, but there is next to nothing to keep my interest. Between just awful backstage skits to co
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