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  1. La-la-loved this show. The tag opener was fantastic! Luchasaurus and Wardlow have looked their best now two weeks in a row. Jungle Jack is such an impressive performer. They could rocket him to the top and it wouldn't be a bad move. Not saying they will or should, but it feels like they could. Friedman looked good here too, but can we call a goddamned moratorium on adrenaline counters or whatever you call it. Luchasaurus kills him with a powerbomb and he's hurt but he has ah-drenaline to counter with a kick? Anyway, I'm well aware it happens a lot, but I really wish it didn't. Seems like the consensus is Wardlow is gonna be huge. I can't help but agree. I skimmed Shida-Ford. Looked pretty solid, but I'm a bit tired of the Sabian-Ford routine. Ford's gonna be good, for sure. I really really hope they bring in Blanchard. I really liked Cody-Hager. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I've started to kinda dig Hager. I loved his poem during the IC pep rally. I also loved his segment with Hangman during the Stadium Stampede match. I dunno, just digging him. From reading around here, I think this was kinda underrated. I really liked the finish, tho it seemed slightly askew. I liked the Dustin run-in and all the shenanigans. I wouldn't usually, but here it worked for me. Hager knocking out the ref felt like it actually mattered which is a kudos to the steady booking of the promotion thus far. They haven't always helped their refs to not look like idiots, but they're at least in charge enough that it's completely wrong to hit one deliberately. I also still don't get the longing for a Cody heel turn. I'm digging this title run. He's had fun matches and segments throughout. Keep it going full throttle. Steady characters. No flip flopping heel babyface turns, thank you very much! Santana/Ortiz-PP was pretty good too. PP wasn't so great or anything, but I think this match showed some significant improvement. I like Hardy with these two. It's the right spot on the card for him. Maybe they could protect him a little in 6 man tags saving him from hobbling around in singles. I agree that Santana and Ortiz have lost direction, but as good as they can be they need to reel in their bad habits. They do some funny stuff and then they do some really stoopid stuff. Whatever the direction they're still players and can still be turnt up. Taz promo was a highlight. I'm so pleased to see the resurrection of Taz. He was such an extraordinary character pre-WWF. I don't mean to blow this out of porportion, but, to me, this is one of the best comebacks in a long long time. And Cage is certainly benfitting from all this. Tho, impressive as he is, he needs to seriously improve his camera presence. I too loved the Best Friends entrance. That was most definitely the best car pull-up entrance AEW has done. The Besties looked good here. Very focused. Taylor's scoop piledriver is unreal. That should really be a finisher. Omega and Page are two of the biggest reasons to tune into Dynamite and they didn't disappoint. I wonder how the Omega-FTR confrontation would have sounded with a bigger crowd? I love the tease of Page/FTR-Omega/Bucks. Lastly, Chris Jericho on commentary is my favorite thing in wrestling 2020. And this feud with OC has thus far been terrific. AEW is certainly not without its flaws, but there is some really good booking going on here. And I cannot wait for the day when the Death Triangle reforms.
  2. I was not a fan of this show the first time around. I thought it was sloppy and goofy and poorly programmed. So much so that after reading mostly positive reviews I decided to give it another go. The second watch was much, much better. Wardlow-Luchasaurus opening worked a lot better when I could move my focus from the silliness of booking a gimmick match (once again) before ever having an initial straight one on one. Also, I was annoyed that the lumberjacks weren't even doing their job. I mean it was so obvious that Schiavone couldn't understand what Cutler was doing trying to get at Wardlow to throw him in the ring. All that said, these two worked pretty well together. I always get a kick out of the Luchasaurus-softer Stan Lane comparison, but I thought his offense looked better than usual here. That's the best he's looked IMO since the first few shows. It did however look like he took that F10 really hard by landing on his knees - it was not a great visual. They are doing a nice job of slowly building Wardlow. I don't think he's quite ready to be pushed high up the card, but when he is he'll no doubt be a bonafide player. The highlight for me here was the fierce Jungle Boy diving spear. Marko's dive was pretty sweet too. As was the Wardlow-Marko toss. The shooting star not so much, but then I really hate guys standing around to catch somebody. They need better camera and switching to help disguise this nonsense. Taz analysis segment is a nice idea, but they need to tighten it up. Shida segment was good. She looked badass making a b line for her foes at ringside. I know it's likely not happening, but I'd love to see her steamroll Ford. I like Penelope, but she's not anywhere near Shida's level. Cody-Hager press conference seems to have been a divisive segment. I loved it. I thought Arn was great. So to Cody. I loved that he seemed to be using more s's than usual showcasing that 'Lucky Lisp'. Hager was great here. As was his heel wife. And Dustin. But would have liked to see Brandi get fired up and into Hager's wife face? The Janela-Kiss segment was also divisive. It felt a bit too goofy for me on first watch, but I kinda dug it second time around. It's definitely goofy, but it was kinda fun. I like the visual (and idea it pushes) of Sonny taking down a bunch of 'backstage Joey Ryan's'. That said, would've been better to program this earlier in the show rather than just prior to the match. Kiss/Janela-Cabana/Lee was good. I really like this Cabana-Lee mid-card storyline. Kiss and Janela looked pretty good out there save for the cutesy double dive-'hey everybody let's watch them hit us' spot. I did really like the finish here - not so much the discus clothesline, but Lee giving Colt the win. As a long time fan of Cabana, I'm really happy to see him taking good advantage of this opportunity and getting some good booking around him. Lee is just awesome. I love his work in and out of the ring. Really happy that so many are coming around on the Dark Order. Hopefully that'll mean recognizing what a terrific team Uno and Grayson are too. I like that they're sticking with the AEW Dark results ticker, and further showing highlights like the Spears package. That said, pretty dumb logic here. They're exposing the fact that Spears is loading his glove ? To what, make the refs look like bigger idiots going forth? Also, if they're going to make Dark noteworthy for the Dynamite broadcast it's time to put a little more effort into it (see give guys promo time). FTR-SCU was really solid. Love seeing Daniels back in the tag combo. I don't however understand why we haven't seen Scorpio in what seems like ages. FTR are tremendous and I'm digging everything they're doing. Yeah, the truck pull-up entrance is a bit silly, but I'm kinda okay with that. Really liked seeing the Butcher/Blade get some mic time this week. The Lucha Bros timing there was incredibly bad and dragged down what should have been a hot segment. Tho, I love the Lucha Bros and am so stoked to see them back. The Besties/Omega-Page video was alright. I like that they're doing these. Omega was fine and Page was good here. The Best Friends really ought to be encouraged to do better. I know they're playing slackers but I feel like they both have better promos in them than this. Taylor in particular. Cage-Cruz was an impressive squash, but I don't quite understand with Cage on his 'path of cage' to the title why he wouldn't be fed at least a low card name. Even Cutler would have made more sense than random jobber. Taz's post match promo was really good, and I'm so pleased to see Taz back doing what he is does best. Taz the heel manager is so much better than Taz the chubby commentator. His vernacular is 10 fold better when he's got a chip on his shoulder. Britt continues to shine outside of the ring. The bit with Swole felt a bit Nickelodeon teen sketch comedy, but I suppose that hits the demo. Hardy-Santana was fine. Hardy's looking brittle out there. I don't mind him going over a tag wrestler, but that roll up following a fully impacted running DVD by Santana was just plain stupid. I hate unnecessary no sells. SO to Matt hobbling around pretending like his leg isn't fucked up. Why? Just go with it. I kinda dig Matt for comic relief, but they oughtta keep him in tags. OC-Jericho was a good segment. Dug the Jericho promo, but would have much prefered this earlier in the 'wrestling' show. Not a fan of Main Event interview segments - that reeks WWE. Tho, the OC bleeding closing visual certainly makes for a good argument for it. That said, I'm not a fan of these 'face to face' confrontation bookings. Much prefer to see Jericho cut a promo and have OC interupt. I mean that's how he rolls anyway. Not to be too complain-y here. Jericho-OC has me hooked in and am very excited for this match. Side note: they really need get OC better entrance music. I love him coming out to 'Jane' by the Starship on the Indies, but a re-creation would be fine. And much better than using the Best Friends music. Overall, vastly enjoyed the second watch to first watch. The shows have certainly gotten a lot stronger in this small crowd situation. Not a huge surprise in the ratings dip tho. I don't think it's so much because of the product. I think a lot of potential viewers aren't terribly comfortable or interested in watching people getting aggressive and physical right now. I also think it's good for them to lose in the overall ratinsg to NXT once and awhile. I think it does nothing but motivate them to do better.
  3. It’s a damn shame that Roadkill wasn’t given another shot post ECW. That guy was excellent and terribly underrated. And always found a way to get a nice pop wherever he was on the card. How did he not get work with ROH or TNA? I’m assuming he retired to pursue another career?
  4. This was such a thoroughly entertaining show. The Nightmares-Page/Omega match was an excellent hard hitting back and forth battle. Everybody looked really good here. Omega and Page and Dustin are a given, but I'm really starting to think QT might be capable of being something more than a JTTS. I've always thought he was good, but he's starting to put something interesting together character-wise. Allie in this heelish role feels right which is a long way from where she began. Tho, I would have liked an acknowledgment of her defection from the Butcher and Blade (or did I miss that?). Maybe that's still to come. Anna Jay-Abadon wasn't by any means an awesome match, but that was kind of an awesome segment (not unlike a mini Heyman-ECW continuous or rolling angle). I've long wanted to see a situation like this where somebody is hyped for a debut only to lose. This booking makes future 'in action' segments of a star versus a lesser known more intriguing as a whole. Abadon seems like the real deal. Seems like a bright spot in the struggling Women's division. Dug that hurricanrana-driver-esque finish. I'm completely convinced Anna Jay has what they call 'it'. I really hope her training and experience can meet her star potential. Dark Order stuff was thrifty and worked just fine for me. Stoked to see Stu and Uno back. I love 'em and have missed 'em. MJef and 'Billy' of the Gunn Club I skimmed. The post match was excellent. Jungle Boy full of fire was terrific. I'm a bit worried about what a Wardlow-Luchasaurus match will look like, but I'm interested. Dark results ticker was a nice addition. Sammy-Jericho classic style promo was on point. Britt-Swole segment was alright. I'm still hoping they give Britt a bodyguard/worker who can get the nice rub from the Doctor's fantastic character work. Something tells me that's happening soon. Cody promo seemed to push towards the heel turn some are clamouring for (tho, I really hope not). Starks video package was good. Starks in ring was excellent. No surprise from seeing him work in the NWA. Really happy to see him get a shot here. He's got such great potential. Cody looked good here again. He's definitely on a solid run here. Bucks-SBDS had great flow, and might have been my favorite of the three tags. There's something really admirable about the Butcher and the Blade losing all their matches but maintaining a focus on being a pair of nasty asskickers. Liked seeing FTR out there, but they really ought to be letting them talk on weeks off from the ring (like all their top talent). Taz/Cage promo was good. Taz might actually be starting to channel that incredible character strength that made him so money so long ago. I also liked the goofiness of Cage being in his tights out there. Tip of the hat to the grossly underrated Kanyon was nice. Does Cage have some sort of history with Kanyon? The Jericho/Sammy-Besties main was pretty solid. Big win for the Besties and in the featured bout helps establish them as credible contenders. All that said, a bit too much having Sammy use a bat and then a shooting star for 2. OC-Jericho post match was awesome. It's a further testament to how awesome OC is that I highly doubt he's winning that match, but it doesn't matter at all. The fact that he could defeat Jericho is enough. Very strong booking. Damn, I echo the wish that this had been in front of a full crowd. Anyway, la-la-loved this show. The well oiled AEW pre-pandemic machine seems to have returned (tho, I dearly miss the Death Triangle).
  5. @AxB Yeah, I thought that match told a decent story. Tho, they missed following it up. Things were a bit messy then, so understandable. But looking back if they’d discussed his pushing Kenny to a serious battle with a quick promo by Angels it would’ve helped establish his identity as some sort of threat. Or even if they had Kenny discuss being pushed out there. In general they really need to get Omega more mic time. Death ‘Triangle’ indicates three. I’d like them to keep it that way. Love this trio, and their potential moving forward. I also kinda like the idea of established factions ala NJPW, but I also like a lone wolf here and there. Superbad death squad is a fun name, but i like these guys in their current role as jtts. Sabian is young and has lots of time to grow into a better role, but for now he’s good where he is. He doesn’t quite have all the tools to be pushed any higher.
  6. I get what you're saying, but the modern wrestling climate allows for a lot more room to maneuver within the tradition of babyface/heel. We saw Cody wrestle his first two defenses against babyfaces. You could say he's working as somewhat of a tweener, and I think you'd be correct. Hangman Page is also basically a tweener. Omega feuded with Moxley last year with neither taking a position as a heel. So too Omega/Page and the Bucks. I don't decry Omega's spot right now - he's been great. Could he be more focused on? Absolutely. Should he be featured more? Yep. But they aren't exactly racing against the clock. I'm patient to see where this tag run goes. You're right there is only one top spot, but I'd say that's Moxley's not Cody's, but then this company's done a pretty good job of not shoving anything down our throats. Page and Omega are most certainly going to be having some matches after the tag run ends, but I see no real need for either to go heel. Tho, when that time comes I'd be more than happy to see the Cleaner with his arrogant attitude emerge. If one of the three goes heel that'd be fine, but turning one of them now still seems a bit hasty to me.
  7. When you have talent as over as Omega, Page, Cody, etc. I see absolutely no need whatsoever for a turn. There seems to be a lot of talk about Cody in particular. He's arguably the best babyface promo in the industry right now. Turning him would be a disservice to the company bottom line and the natural flow they're riding along with. So to Page or Omega. A degree of tension is fine within the team. It works well even, but a turn seems a bit hasty. I love that AEW isn't trigger happy with turns. I have to believe Page was on his way to becoming a heel when the leaving the Elite storyline started. Instead, letting him be his turned up self he began to draw cheers and the company wisely ran with it. The Baker switch was the kind of freshening up a turn can provide, and has obviously done a great service getting her over with the crowd. All that said, I do see a couple of turns that could benefit the company. Namely natural heel Joey Janela and the in-need of a fresh coat of paint SCU. Janela really needs to be utilizing his mic skills and allowed to shine his shithead tendencies. SCU, at least Kazarian and Daniels, are also so naturally heels. Daniels is a lame babyface, and Daniels is an excellent heel. I don't know enough about Scorp pre-AEW, but I think he'd benefit from a mean streak a heel turn might offer. As is he's a talented performer who's just drifting. As is the team. I really wanna see him strike out as a singles and reach his potential. And not having Daniels and Kazarian tagging feels like a disservice or misstep in the division.
  8. I'd really love to see AEW bring in some huge guys for one shot deals to job to OC ala Spike Dudley in ECW. Can Mabel still kinda go? EDIT: Woops. RIP big man.
  9. As much as I enjoyed this show, it feels like they really ought to be finding more ways to get their stars without bouts on camera each week. Namely Omega and Page. Having them show up in that post match scrum is a start, but let's hear what those two have to say about it all. So to the Death Triangle - just give me a brief Pac VO of Lucha Bros/Pac highlights. It's not like anybody is forgetting these guys, but it seems like a bit of a waste to not fit in your money stars each week. They don't seem to have any trouble getting Britt in there.
  10. They're really starting to get on a roll. Solid and entertaining show. Lionheart Chris Jericho on commentary makes everything that much better. FTR-B&B made for a nice debut for Harwood/Wheeler. Nice touch with the legends taking notes. So much better than regular crowd shots. La la loved the Power and Glory Powerplex - tho the splash looked a bit awkward and painful. Shatter Machine didn't quite hit the mark either, but they finished strong with the stuff piledriver. As much as I dig them (moreso Butcher), I have no issue with where the Butcher/Blade are at. They have good presence, but they still have some kinks to work out. At some point they'll get themselves a manager who'll guide them, if not to the top, onto a winning streak. Post match was alright, but r the Bucks going heel? I'm pretty new to FTR other than a trio of their classic NXT bouts. I might be jumping the shark a little, but I feel like these guys could not only have some great matches but also be legitimate big draws. Statlander/Shida-Nyla/Ford was fine. That double knee was an impressive clip, but the set-up of this move of having somebody stay draped in position makes no sense. Quick fix here, have Ford hold them there. But that's not happening from the inexperienced Penelope. I like Ford, but she's nowhere near ready to be pushed. Nyla on the otherhand is improving all the time, and I think it's a bit overlooked. I was preparing to FFWD some of this, but Jericho on commentary kept me locked. The Darby-Hawk piece was fine, but could have used a tighter edit. Baker video was a bit redundant. Besties-IC was also good. I dug it, but would have prefered the OC bit where he looks to match power with the bigger man (see his indie tag bout against Scott Steiner) rather than the simple hands up to the pockets bit. That's not so much a complaint as OC is money and continues to shine. The post match was good too, but like a lot of things on the show (OC in general) reminds me of the obvious - how much better wrestling is with a hot crowd. They really need to teach Schiavone how much more effective the visuals are without his overselling. 'Blood Oranges' did you get that? OC-Jericho has the makings of something special. Sammy-Colt had nice flow and action. The overbooked post match worked just fine. Loved seeing Uno and Grayson back! I hope this indicates a loosening of travel restrictions that brings us the Death Triangle back to Dynamite soon. Janela segment... I agree. I'm also really badly wanting to see Janela play his natural role as a heel. And in a Freebird situation as a manager/wrestler. Cage/Taz-Mox segment was solid. Quen-Cody was fun. Told a good story. Quen got reeled in a little and looked tighter than the often sloppy PP tag matches. Cody's starting this silver belt run beautifully. I don't see a Cody heel turn so imminently. He's working the tweener (as far as in ring) very well. I think ppl sometimes forget what an incredible babyface promo he is. Yeah, eventually he's gonna be a heel, but a turn now would be completely unnecessary. This is the most I've looked forward to a Hager match. To be honest, he's been slowly winning me over. Ha, I think it was the poem at the pep rally that really elevated him. This show over the past couple weeks, even without a substantial crowd, is starting to feel like what they so nicely had going pre-pandemic. Lots of reason to care about things. It's really a simple thing, but I just like that they're building to and announcing the matches for the next week and the weeks to come. It makes the show feel like there's some forward motion and reason.
  11. I mostly skim Dark. FFWD is a handy tool. I am generally concerned with limiting my amount of pro-wres intake. I assume I get exhaustion with wrestling much quicker than most board members, and there's too little time already for all the movies I'm needing to see. Most of these guys come from promotions where they have a bit of shine. Ultimately, they are job guys. Enhancement talent sounds a bit nicer I suppose. I had no idea of the earlier Anthony-Moxley encounter. I wonder why they chose not to discuss the history of Moxley and Robert Anthony. If they're hesitant to say the name CZW, considering all the negative press around their Women's PPV titles, I get that, but they wouldn't really need to say anything more than they feuded 'on the indies'. Going back, it would have been great if they gave Robert Anthony a chance to cut a promo on their social media hyping the bout. Or even during the Dark show. Not unlike how Pineapple Pete got a chance to cut a promo on Jericho prior to their bout.
  12. Sonny has a unique personality that elevates him passed some of the lower level guys like you mentioned, but the effectiveness of his move set needs too much improvement for him to be scoring any major wins. Yet. In particular the splits into a leg drop is more of a heel type taunting move (like Jericho posing with one foot on his opponent) than an effective move. I only point it out as it seems to be the Center of his offence. He does a good job of selling, but until he can make a strong and impactful fired up comeback he’s gonna be an afterthought. All said, I really do hope he finds a way to bring it all together as I think he’s a neat performer.
  13. Uno, Grayson, PAC, and Pentagon are all sidelined due to travel. That said, are there any other US performers? It’s been ‘Getting crappy’ for longer than I can remember. I do like the commitment to the stories outlined by @NikoBaltimore but I can’t say I’m quite hooked in on any of them. Squashes as this board knows can be a lot of fun. Extended squashes often don’t fit my idea of fun. I didn’t hate Omega working long with Angels, but Mox dragging it out with Anthony did not seem effective. Nice to see Angels get a win, but not sure what legs being 5 has. I like that they’re starting to add more promos in. Roaming camera also seem to be utilized more and more in AEW, and I fear it’s not stopping. I’d like to see some more promos for forthcoming Dynamite bouts on this show - would add a bit of a reason to watch. Lastly, dug Daniels-Kiss enough, but Sonny really oughta stop doing these incredibly weak split leg drops. He needs help tightening up his entire offence to things that could actually breakdown an opponent. I think there might be a good midcard act there if some improvements are made. Daniels has been looking good and I’d like to see him get back into the scu tag picture. And start transitioning to Scorpio as a singles. I’d also love to see a heel turn for three of them. They’re drifting lame baby faces right now.
  14. I do believe both Jim and the FTR are working. And it feels like, whether or not it happens, there’s a possibility he rolls in for dynamite cameo. I stopped listening randomly after realizing the child’s mentality he has concerning Omega and things that hurt his feelings. ‘To each their own’ and exactly that. I came back for the stadium rant and then this FTR interview. Jim’s opening for this broadcast will be scrutinized because of his previous off colour joke (tough to compare to the Huckster’s rant), but I thought this intro was the best thing I’ve heard from him in some time. Also, the tandem rant on Tony Khan banning the Hogans was pretty hilarious.
  15. I kinda remember everybody having a laugh at the Shadowy reporting of CM Punk to AEW, but certainly there was belief in a possibility. Sting was a recent signing? I'm pretty certain there were board members commenting on the possibility of a Sting signing. I don't recall reading anybody stating a fact of a signing. Same too Drew Gulak - I could be mistaken, but I don't remember anybody claiming an 'inside scoop'. This is a wrestling discussion board focused on AEW - not sure why you wouldn't expect some discussion of possible additions. Re: bloated roster. It certainly doesn't feel bloated when you consider the positioning of talent. The expendable talent or guys not in main storylines serve a purpose as competitive enhancement talent. All of whom, regardless of win-loss, have an opportunity to get over by performance. That said, it could certainly get bloated with all the potential signings.
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