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  1. Excellent show! FTR are as good as their hype suggests. At some point, not too far off, Jungle Jack's gonna be bursting for the spotilight. Dug the Bucks attack to open. The whole start gave the show a nice air of unpredictability. Kazarian-Page was a bit of a surprise. I wasn't expecting such beautiful violence. I completely agree with @Technico Support on Page's fancy tassled trousers - Magic Mike vibes. I love Kenny, and he had a couple noteable moments at the desk, but he also stepped all over the place. MJF segments, unfortunately, continue to underwhelm. They
  2. Video packages of the performers followed by the match! This is a terrific format for ROH or any modern wrestling show. The Castle-Leathal and Gresham-Yuta bouts were both strong. This makes me interested in seeing this tournament out. Or at least watching next week. I agree with @alstein, they oughtta change to ROH 'pure' rules full time for some idetity. And direction.
  3. I rank Bobby Heenan (mostly pre-wcw) and Lance Russell in my top 5 wrestler/personalities. And above most everybody else including all the top workers. I love good gaga. I didn’t find what I was looking for with the current Impact. AEW’s gaga may be their biggest hit and miss element. I hear what you’re saying tho. Just sometimes feels like a bad era for it.
  4. Impact would be better served with a more traditional almost rustic look. Simple and non-wwe. The attempt at looking like a WWE production makes them look fourth rate. Further, Scott D’amore has always booked like he’s looking for work in Connecticut, and that’s an even bigger problem than the production. I felt sorta interested in what they were up to with the influx of talent, but they failed to keep my interest with their hokey booking. Wrestlehouse anyone? Sing together now ‘How low can ya go’?
  5. I gave up on TNA very early and never looked back. Their booking mistakes with the 'castoffs' colors these discussions far too often. I get the reference, but TNA, from the little i saw, was complete horseshit booking no matter what the alma matter. I prefer thinking about guys like Al Snow, Candido, etc. showing up in ECW and being correctly utilized. I also like thinking about guys like Jamie Noble/James Gibson showing up in ROH and going on a killing spree.
  6. I do have one complaint. I wish he'd tuck his shirt in. Congratulations to AEW on joining the millionaires club! Not the best shows this or last week, but I think it's in part a testament to their consistency.
  7. I like your analysis on the Hardy promo. You’ve changed my mind on it. The fact that I’ve yet to see a dump on JR in this thread says you may be right.
  8. Nice to see a contingent of ppl pushing to get passed this passé ‘wwe castoffs’ diss. And good points all around. I’m excited to see new stars like Darby Allin and Sammy emerge, but I’m also very excited to see misused talent get a chance to show their stuff.
  9. Good show. Entertaining. The opening MJFY2J promo was fine, but do we need the cutesy trucks parked perfectly. I like the idea of both thinking the other is a loser, but I never dig magic cameras. Luchas-Jurassix was an excellent opener. I dig Kingston, but his 'we need to stick together' bit is already tired. I do like that they're doubling down on the non-elimination. I hope it leads to a TV main against Mox. I could barely follow the Jake Roberts promo - my eyes were on that shirt (with the wonderful rectangle of snakeskin across the chest), and the idea of a TV pi
  10. I would generally agree with more story, but as of this current roster I think I'd prefer simple match set-ups. Rosa-Shida didn't have any more story than who they are and who they rep, and it was more exciting to me than anything they've done since Riho's run. The Baker-Swole feud was certainly more creative than anything Shida's had, but it felt like a waste knowing the end result was a match between Baker and Swole. Yeah, I too look forward to the much needed returns of the international contigent. I also hope they start elevating some of the clearly better workers like Swole II, Ivelis
  11. Re: Sonny/Janella-Jericho I think it's safe to say not all of Jericho's feuds will be as lengthy or meaningful as this recent OC feud. I also don't expect Lionheart to lay down for either Sonny or Janela. Considering the positions on the card (and the near future) - losing to either would be a mistake. Jericho needs to get on a streak and be strong for the inevitable rematches with Mox and Kenny. Sonny is a unique character with potential, but needs to shed some of the weak offense before being taken serious in any way. Re: Will Hobbs I've been impressed with Hobbs, but mo
  12. It's hard to state a best match from the Women's division as few have been on any sort of high quality level 'best'. For me anyway. But I was into Riho's run for the high fun factor level. The Nyla match like a lot of Riho's run were pretty dull to start, but Riho had some sort of late match heat surge magic. The division has been pretty much in shambles from the beginning, but Riho brought some great energy to the title fights. The Emi Sakura match from an earlier PPV may have been my favorite - other than some that rank higher in the late match surge department. Unlike a lot of our DV
  13. Thank you @Casey for the clarification. I can't say I never saw potential in Silver and Reynolds, but I'm still a little surprised to find myself clamouring for their elevation. I say this not as a big fan of their BTE stuff (which is fine), but rather their recent performances. I especially liked their should've been the finish sequences against the Privates on the weekend. I really dig their combo moves, and Silver in particular has really been shining lately. Tho, maybe it's just me now noticing him after seeing that Warhorse match a few weeks back. Anyway, looking forward to th
  14. Can somebody clarify this Matt Hardy, wife Reby, Tony Khan situation? Yesterday on here, I saw a '1000% concussion' post from Reby about mid-day. Followed a few hours later by Khan's (simplifying here) 'he's been released from the hospital and is fine'.
  15. I am certainly not offended by your enjoyment of the show. I’m glad for you and what sounds like a nice little Sunday. To be clear, as you cut off the line prior, I was urging “anybody frustrated with the bad segments and lengthy running time to watch on tape delay.” It was advice to posters like me who don’t have as a high a threshold for 3 hours plus wrestling shows. Further, it really helped my enjoyment to essentially edit out the cinematic battle, the preview videos I’d already seen, the commentator breaks, the lengthy entrances and clipping the battle Royale down to its quasi-essent
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