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  1. I really wish the 2nd last quarter of every AEW TV show featured a ‘What’s Coming Up On(Wednesday or Saturday/Friday)’ segment hosted by Renee, Lexi or Arkady. A rundown of the matches, or wrestlers appearing, with a sprinkling of essential highlights. Going in, this week’s Collision felt like a completely unnecessary and skippable show. I assume for most it was. Ospreay v Taylor was a good TV showcase. That finish really oughtta be replayed on Wednesday and in future packages. My expectations were a bit lofty going in here. Taylor provided a solid vehicle for star ‘spray. The post match was an excellent way to feature your top guy. Well done. Mox/Claudio promo was tremendous! Claudio’s best? Takeshita v Mox! Jericho/Bill promo was kinda shitty. Jericho seems to be still finding his feet with this endeavour. Hook v Johnny TV was another solid showcase. TV is a very stale act, but he did a terrific job here. Get him a tag team partner. Shibata v Romero was a pretty strong TV match. Bryan Keith v Boulder was kinda the opposite. Not a fan of Boulder’s comedy act. This is barely funny to those who like it and a total waste of his potential. Dying for the Bears to go overseas for a year. I do like seeing Keith get TV wins, but that Flipping Stunner finish is not sufficient. Qualifying matches for the FTW TITLE is as they say 'a choice'. The Pac promo was really good. He ended up looking a bit weak with getting his comeuppance so soon after. Jay White/Asses attack made Jay look strong, and I back that play. Christian/Nick Wayne promo was good. Nick looked confident. I couldn't get into Cassidy v Kassidy. Rare for an Orange match. Quen must be injured again. Kassidy continues to quietly improve, but badly needs an excursion and presentation refresh. His attire looks like a cheap Halloween costume. Deeb v Jay was solid. The post match was terribly entertaining, as is most anything involving Mariah May and Toni Storm. That said, Deeb playing babyface feels like a a bad joke. Nick Wayne v Jack Cartwheel was a fine TV enhancement match, but a total waste of potential. Wayne v Cartwheel having a sprint could’ve changed the complexion of this show. Nick needs to have some good matches. Cartwheel made the most of minutes, and deserved better for what he provided. FTR/Danielson v Righteous/Archer was a fun TV match as expected. Neat seeing Garcia go all superman in the post match. The Elite/Team AEW Recap Video to kick off Rampage was solid. I like seeing AEW commit to following up on their PPV feuds with video packages on all the TV shows. This is a positive direction. Kyle v Lee was excellent. O’Reilly is on a nice little run. I skimmed the Acclaimed promo. They’re a cold act, but they're doing the best they can. Rush squash was on point and how you make the most of your 'In Action' minutes. Goddamn do I ever miss Jose. Danielson promo was his special blend of corny-awesome. I missed much of Deonna v Robyn, but really liked the post match angle with Rosa. Is the Scorpio Sky promo suggesting a disingenuous heel or lame babyface? Sonjay promo was a lot of fun – as is booking Danielson v Satnam! I skimmed Brian Cage v Bowens. I enjoyed the finish and Cage win. This layout of diminishing starpower over the course of 3 hours is a great example of AEW's regular live tapings. I'd argue it's one of the greatest reasons why they're having so much trouble selling tickets.
  2. The Willow-Mercedes contract signing was thoroughly enjoyable. Mercedes has been getting stronger and stronger with her mic game. She's finding her groove. This one worked perfectly. And Willow is killing it! Easily one of the best natural organic babyfaces in the business. I felt butterflies in my stomach seeing Willow hit that powerbomb. Easily the most meaningful powerbomb/table spot in ages. So goddamn stoked for Willow v Mercedes. I think we're all best to keep an eye on the actions of Stat and Stoke.
  3. Yeah, Lea Seydoux is marvelous. I looked up filmmaker Quentin Dupieux and see that he was Mr. Oizo. What an interesting career. A new Coppolla is interesting, but I may wait for your review first. Francis has struggled to achieve much of interest in the last 3 decades. This does look interesting. Dustin Hoffman rears his cancelled head. So too Voight.
  4. It's defintiely worth considering the light of your phone screen and how that might effect the viewing experience for those around you. One person's boring/terrible part is another person's zone support. Of the three Hamaguchi films I've seen I can fully understand a larger audience being bored, and even bailing out. I sense I won't be disappointed by this new one. I watched about half of Satantango and loved it. I've had a hard time going back into that world, but plan to. Maybe your post will be the reminder I need.
  5. Uncut Gems on Imax! Thanks for the tip. I'll be there too. I'm happy for you to have both Good Time and the Curse waiting for you. Can You Forgive Me is another McCarthy dramatic turn worth taking a look at. I like a lot of docs, but I get what you're saying and especially about ...Heaven. Loved it. So stoked for Evil Does Not Exist. I loved Drive My Car. And really liked both Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy and Asako I&II. Also, thanks for the heads up on the Karen Dalton doc. I'm a fan since the Light in the Attic reissue campaign 15 years ago. I won't expect too much. I'm just in need of filling in some details on her story.
  6. Willow is nailing these mic reps. Willowmania is tuning up. The Mercedes promo was also good. Each week better. And I’m stoked for the match. So too more Orange v Trent! I really liked chapter 1, and the pace of this story. It nicely set the table for an escalation of tempers. Don Callis’ involvement continues to amuse/intrigue. The highly amusing Rocky/Orange segment suggests to me ‘Roppongi Vice’ heel run. Deeb v Toni has so much potential, but the heel/face dynamic is disappointing. Harley v Mariah was a nice solid TV bout. Pretty remarkable in-ring Dynamite debut. Mariah continues to impress. The Shirakawa stuff deserves some development. Swerve/Christian talk segment was on point. Especially loved the heel camaraderie between the Pats and Bucks. Fun heel turn and beating by Cage/Gates. I like the fun TV matches this angle offers on the way to the PPV. I think we can all agree that Swerve’s entrance clearly missed Nana. Jay White promo on Pac was good and swarmy. I like the matches this feud serves. Jay v Rocky looked solid from a side watch. I similarly watched the Bill/Jericho squash. The Jericho promo that followed was sensational. His hilarity only exists as a heel. The Samoa Joe video seemed a rousing success. Copeland v Brody was bloody fantastic. I feel great respect for the work Cope has put in to win over this AEW audience. Latter day Adam feels like his best run. The spooky House style angles/promos are consistently weak, but I'm very into Malakai v Adam. House of Black would be better served to join the regular AEW backstage-promo verse. The Elite/FTR/Danielson/Kingston angle was a nice piece of business. Helluva bout they've signed for the PPV! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Such a treat to get 2 hours of Don Callis commentary. He offers such strong talking points. He was this great in 1999 too. Renee was missed, but Arkady is doing very well. AE-luv-a-dub~
  7. Terrific reviews. Curious to revisit Uncut Gems. I saw it twice in the theater, and was lucky enough to catch the Toronto Premiere with the Safdies and stars of the film Q&A. Sandler is so much funnier shooting from the hip than reciting jokes. Case in point this movie. Big laughs for the forced track suit change during the high school play. More big laughs for Sandler being thrown in the drink and returning to the office completely drenched. Endless love for this movie and the Safdies. You've seen Good Time, yeah!? The Curse!? (deeper cut: the excellent documentary Lenny Cooke). St. Vincent is a quirk and an edge away from what my mother describes as a Hallmark Channel movie. A true studio 'Indie'. Very strange seeing Naomi Watts work with that thick Russian accent. I love her dearly, but it was completely distracting. On this very rare occasion, Bill Murray is completely forgettable. Seems kinda remarkable to make such a movie. The highlight is Melissa McCarthy. She so completely rises above the material in a way that makes me want to recommend the movie. Some Kind of Heaven is a sensational piece of film and photography. I just now looked up director Lance Oppenheim. Spermworld was released in March. Very much looking forward to it.
  8. I like the idea. Tthey need to better consider the staging for amongst others the reason you mentioned. The shot feels a little crowded. The Mansury crew oughtta study the tapes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lrZksd7mZg Wholeheartedly agree. Curious to know how Harley Cameron prepared for this match. She doesn't have many reported match reps to speak of. Maybe AEW is still taping empty arena (really) Dark shows? Harley's character work has been (as the C/B show viewers might tell you) wonderfully funny. I'm a fan and hoping she can parlay this strong Dynamite debut into some kind of run (ROH). If not, I'll still be here championing the idea of her managing a credible and worthy top star. What is this sick fascination with positioning Toni Storm as a heel? Is this some kind of reverse John Cena shit? Deeb like Purrazzo feels so much more fun and natural as a heel.
  9. I'm biased towards Kendrick because I'm from Toronto. Er... more accurately because Lamar is an interesting artist. I'm not so well read on Drake but, correct me if I'm wrong, he reps fame obsession, commerce and telephones? He also seems greatly responsible for our fair city's shitty nickname 'The 6'.
  10. Absolutely! Love and Death was truly (and kinda quietly) excellent. I loved Plemmons and became a big fan of Ms. Olsen from her spectacular performance. Very excited to see what comes her way in the future.
  11. We differ on the quality of Page's ROH promos, but he was definitely putting the time in for his physique. Apparently, the Fletcher bout was delayed and cut due to visa issues. The word going around a year or so ago was WWE was interested in him (Fightful? WO?). As a regular enough viewer I'm not quite seeing a show better than Dark these days. The titles and purpose is a good call concerning the Women's Division, but questionable on the Men's side. Title holders seem to make rare appearances, and in the case of the Tag and TV champions - used as enhancement talent on AEW TV. Wheeler Yuta's been the Pure Champion without a defense, or word of his existence, since 5 months ago. The booking feels, to be kind, listless. I look at this show regularly and wonder how much time Garrison, Karter, Lee Johnson, the Infantry, etc. need before recongnizing they might not be worth sinking time and money into developing. I could and hope to be wrong on any one of them. I love ROH providing reps, both in ring and on the mic, but very much welcome a roster refresh (on the Men's side). I get what you're saying on the 'buying mistake' comment, and probably share many similar opinions, but thus far there's been plenty of good reasons to question the choice of buying ROH and running it in this bland manner. At this point too few care to even watch the product let alone question these choices of it's existence.
  12. You’re reading the current Deeb role as pandering to the crowd - like (a much toned down) Learning Tree? I think she’s just tweening while readying a more overt heel for Timeless Toni. Matt, what are your thoughts on the paradise lock? Agreed, nobody wants to see spooky Copeland. Even so, very much looking forward to Malakai v Adam!!!
  13. I think the missing element of Ethan Page is the Writer. He has good delivery on the mic, but struggles to find much meaning or purpose. Heavily reliant on cliches. In ring he's pretty solid if a bit bland for Wednesdays. I don't think he did himself any favours having such a brutal version of the Razor's Edge for a finish. The Men of the Year team with Scorpio were going pretty strong until around their pairing with Lambert, but that whole debacle had everything to do with weird-heat-babyface-getting-booed Guevara. Heel Scorpio Sky didn't seem a great fit either. Page did have a quietly impressive outting anchoring a trios match with the MMA guys. His consistent solid work led to a fair push around a Number 1 contender tournament that he ended up losing to Ricky Starks (another guy who could use a writer for similar reasons). Fans and critics didn't seem to be buying Ethan winning on the way to that bout. I think he got a fair chance to succeed, he just couldn't get passed his level. Still, he had some small successes. Sting believed in him enough to have his first live match back against he and Scorp. And it was a lot of fun. A refresh could be a really good thing for his career.
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