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  1. Absolutely loved Omega-Page. And I like wishing it had gone longer. I look forward to the re-match (for the AEW title). Bucks-FTR was really good. I may need to re-watch to see the elevated praise, but I liked it a lot as expected. The build was too poor for it to be the Main Event, but I was kinda hoping nonetheless. Allin-Cody and OC-Silver were both really good too. I probably should have watched this show in two parts with a break. Even watching on tape delay (this morning) with the fast forward option over Shida-Nyla, the Hardy Bullshit and MJF-Jericho (I just had no
  2. Terrific fun episode this week. Yes, odd choice for the main, but the Cody promo was fabulous and nicely sets up Darby's big win. La-La-Loved that ridiculously awesome Cinderella-Hangman-Omega video! The sitdowns were fun too. Thoroughly loving Omega's less than subtle conceit and heelish nature. Feels like a great start to a very special run. Also, Miro (and Trent) looked good. Sammy lit up the opener. Neat Pac vid (cannot wait for arguably their best all around to return). Bucks-PPs was fun. Team Taz were great-Superstar Sparks! Glad to see so many hyped on the Kingston-Mox encoun
  3. I've never seen a Stardust match or much of anything Cody did prior to AEW (save for some NJPW and ROH bouts). In AEW from the first show onwards, which is what I was talking to, he's certainly been one of their 'top stars'. As a detractor of his work, gimmick, whatever, you can certainly say he's not a top star to you, but the crowd certainly buys him as one. He no doubt has stroke in the writer's room, but I don't see any unjust reasons for him to be in the position he's in. Everybody is going to have a misstep here or there, but Cody's run in this company has been terrific. So many of
  4. I stand behind finding humour in the comparison. Interesting note on the Elite vs. DX comedy. I was about to say DX predates the Hunter on top era, but from what I understand they reformed at some point after 2002 for what sounds like an embarrassing run, so fair enough. The comparison I was responding to was the discussion surrounding their respective 'stroke'. Helmsley killed guys left and right in a time when they needed to make guys. Van Dam was a star on the rise that H killed with a transitional move finish. Booker T was primed for accension until H Hearst heated up their feud with
  5. Comparing Cody who cuts great promos, has terrific matches and has helped build up his peers to Triple H and his well documented selfishness (at least during his run as an active wrestler) is laughable. Not a surprise, but this kinda talk seems to indicate a lot of 'Prince of Pro Wrestling' dissenters are too young to have actually sat thru a RAW or PPV back in 2002 onward. I'd like to say the same about the Double J TNA comparison, but I'd had enough of shitty early millenial American TV wrestling and only read about his disasterous run.
  6. Nice hard hitting battle of the 'bow-hemoths' to begin. Hobbs has a ways to go, but I like that they've gotten behind him. I thought Cage looked good here. Tho, I really have no interest in the FTW title. Taz's need for a rogue title in 98 was excellent Paul E booking (Note: the Champion Douglas was injured and allowed to keep his title), but it has no rhyme or reason in 2020. If they'd given us more of a questionable finish in the Mox title fight then I'd get it, but as is it's completely useless. To whomever mentioned it prior, yeah, Starks seemed to no sell Darby's emerging presence a
  7. FTW talk is on point. And absolutely they need to think things through. Really well said. Some boneheaded stuff throughout this week's programming, but a lovely Anna Jay-Brandi bout, the excellent Brodie Lee promo, Carter-Sky and Kingston-Mox all made for some nice highlights. I'm not a Cody hater, I dig his act. The physical attack on the Dark Order was terrific. The hair's a bit hilarious. I sometimes, no, I always wish AEW would bypass intros/intro music on surprise beatdowns. Just rush out there unexpected. I don't need to know everybody in production was in
  8. Excellent show! FTR are as good as their hype suggests. At some point, not too far off, Jungle Jack's gonna be bursting for the spotilight. Dug the Bucks attack to open. The whole start gave the show a nice air of unpredictability. Kazarian-Page was a bit of a surprise. I wasn't expecting such beautiful violence. I completely agree with @Technico Support on Page's fancy tassled trousers - Magic Mike vibes. I love Kenny, and he had a couple noteable moments at the desk, but he also stepped all over the place. MJF segments, unfortunately, continue to underwhelm. They
  9. Video packages of the performers followed by the match! This is a terrific format for ROH or any modern wrestling show. The Castle-Leathal and Gresham-Yuta bouts were both strong. This makes me interested in seeing this tournament out. Or at least watching next week. I agree with @alstein, they oughtta change to ROH 'pure' rules full time for some idetity. And direction.
  10. I rank Bobby Heenan (mostly pre-wcw) and Lance Russell in my top 5 wrestler/personalities. And above most everybody else including all the top workers. I love good gaga. I didn’t find what I was looking for with the current Impact. AEW’s gaga may be their biggest hit and miss element. I hear what you’re saying tho. Just sometimes feels like a bad era for it.
  11. Impact would be better served with a more traditional almost rustic look. Simple and non-wwe. The attempt at looking like a WWE production makes them look fourth rate. Further, Scott D’amore has always booked like he’s looking for work in Connecticut, and that’s an even bigger problem than the production. I felt sorta interested in what they were up to with the influx of talent, but they failed to keep my interest with their hokey booking. Wrestlehouse anyone? Sing together now ‘How low can ya go’?
  12. I gave up on TNA very early and never looked back. Their booking mistakes with the 'castoffs' colors these discussions far too often. I get the reference, but TNA, from the little i saw, was complete horseshit booking no matter what the alma matter. I prefer thinking about guys like Al Snow, Candido, etc. showing up in ECW and being correctly utilized. I also like thinking about guys like Jamie Noble/James Gibson showing up in ROH and going on a killing spree.
  13. I do have one complaint. I wish he'd tuck his shirt in. Congratulations to AEW on joining the millionaires club! Not the best shows this or last week, but I think it's in part a testament to their consistency.
  14. I like your analysis on the Hardy promo. You’ve changed my mind on it. The fact that I’ve yet to see a dump on JR in this thread says you may be right.
  15. Nice to see a contingent of ppl pushing to get passed this passé ‘wwe castoffs’ diss. And good points all around. I’m excited to see new stars like Darby Allin and Sammy emerge, but I’m also very excited to see misused talent get a chance to show their stuff.
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