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  1. Ha, curious how u crunched the numbers to get 0%? I’m not saying Page is getting the boo birds, but that promo showed a lack of confidence and focus. Full of cliches the kind of which leads to a pushed baby face getting the jeers. All that said, I like Page and see a bright future ahead.
  2. I agree, but that promo was pretty cornball. He’s presenting himself like a desperate loser. I can feel in his voice that he knows he isn’t going to win. Having his parents ringside is like Steamboat brining out his little steamer only to lose. Page seems capable of talking but they should have tried a few tales. Page is gonna get booed in Chicago if he keeps presenting himself as a loser. So to the Bucks promo. Just as cliched as possible. Even suggesting a team they’ve pretty much exclusively battled has never been in the ring with a team like them. Not horrible but certainly a lame duck promo Weak road to this week.
  3. I got intrigued for a second that you said Caleb Landry Jones. Big fan of his work. From what i understand this was a continuation of the program from the week before? Yep, feels like a good decision to have avoided their ‘brand’ for the past 15 or so years. Here’s to many more years of avoiding them to come!
  4. What does everybody make of Kalisto and Gran Metalik tweeting their upcoming employment status? I know neither, but from what I gather they’re more talent being wasted. Would they be good pick ups for the Tony Khan group? Any match recommendations for either?
  5. Absolutely! This company has a mission to be the best. Some healthy competition is sooo good. As you’re saying this will keep them honest. Especially after they get fully entrenched in their bubble. I’ve been a fan of the NXT ppvs I’ve seen, but their weekly tv on the other hand (of what I’ve seen) is incredibly lame. My hope is WWE learns something from the head to head and applies some new strategies (to all their tv). Maybe forcing their hand to give wrestling fans what they actually want to see. - Some logical to exciting settings for talent to showcase their abilities both in ring and behind the mic. That said, I don’t see WWE adapting. I am also prepared for Helmsley’s booking to be exposed as pedestrian and ultimately very boring. But I hope I’m wrong. Anyway, very very exciting.
  6. I'm aware of these company names, but wondering about the talent. Anybody in particular (excluding guys on there way to AEW) to keep an eye out for?
  7. Saw Thatcher battle Ishikawa here live a week ago Friday. It was a thing of meditative beauty. Dug the DBSJr match as well. I'd like to see more. Say, is anybody up on the Montreal or Quebec scene? I'm curious who's who and what's what over there.
  8. I'd be curious to hear the hosting promotion Smash's take on their week that was. The WXW show was full around the ring. I was told it was busier for Progress (8pm on a Thursday), but the WXW show was at 4pm in the afternoon. I loved this, but not everybody is available to go to a show in the northern part of the downtown at 4pm. Tho, they did have other shows, the big show was the one mentioned. I also couldn't see up into the balcony but what had been listed was sold out. Half the shows in question were afternoon shows. Maybe that was a bad move by Smash, but I have to think they were realistic about turnouts for late afternoon. Also, I absolutely love WALTER, but is he really any sort of household name in Toronto? ROH would have done a decent number had they not had such a ridiculous price for GA. $58 is ridiculous for a roster of, at this point, pretty much all 'unknowns'. I can tell you first hand that I spoke to several fans at the WXW show who were not going to ROH because of the price. Not to say there wasn't a feeling in conversation that ROH is struggling badly right now.
  9. I was excited for the first one due to it being Moxley's debut. I enjoyed it, but thought the quality of the bout was overstated. Some of the brawling was meh, and Juice's total overshot of the balcony dive kinda soured it. At least momentarily. Admittedly, it took a strong showing from Juice in the G1 to really care about his work. I thought some of his matches were terribly overrated especially the discussion of his match with Jay White being something special . But the Ishii match and (tho it may not have been as strong) especially this rematch with Moxley made me a fan. A Juicer, if you willl. Ha, I just loved his sportsmanship in that bout. In part because I was really tired of Moxley's repetitive use of plunder in this tournament. Couple the rematch with what I saw of the end of the follow up tag, and I'm excited for the rubber match. Quoted to say: I love this breakdown. I don't entirely agree, but well put. Partially disagree because I loved pretty much everything Zack Sabre Jr did in this tournament. Chalk that up perhaps to only having seen him wrestle a couple times prior to the tournament, but I just love his style. I assume many of you are over the honeymoon stage with ZSJ. I sometimes watch Sabre and wish his matches and style was the prototype for all wrestling. Also, no way am I taking Michael 'Piss on an unsuspecting woman and then brag about it in a video interview' Elgin over Jeff Cobb. Cobb was certainly hit and miss in this tournament, but I see a bright future ahead of him. That said, he needs to drop the tacky pleather tights especially the white one that accentuates his belly. I say go traditional Varsity Club style with 'Hawaii' across the front. Or whatever his alma matter is. And see if the Taskmaster can provide the game plan. I actually thought this was kinda genius use of a guy who can't do a whole match, but could still explode a crowd, and make a heel turn that much stronger. This is a great point. Such an intelligent move from White. Wha? I thought KENTA's gear was incredibly stylish. Cum? To me that looked Jackson Pollock inspired. 'The Shape of Wrestling Tights to Come' not Cum. Say what you will about his 2019 abilities, but the man is a fashion plate the likes this industry hasn't seen since the great Fred Blassie. Or his predecessor the Doctor of Style. I appreciate the time that went into writing that guy's blogspot piece and I appreciate an alternate view. But... first, can these 'bros'' call a moratorium on the use of the term 'rats'. It takes a special kind of person to degrade another with such a term. I know there's a tradition there, but there are a lot of trads that need to go. Further, I am kind of astonished that anyone watching this tournament could speak so miserably about goddamned Zach Sabre Jr. Specifically his offense.. And... yes, Jay White is certainly a rising talent who had some really solid matches in this tournament, but let's not ruin his rise with Flair'd overstatements. His matches all featured cartoon heel cheating that was a challenge to continue to care about following (save of course the finals). That shit would have worked had it not been the focus of every f#*king match. I completely agree with the poster (apologies, I've forgotten who mentioned it) concerning White's ability to adapt to his opponent with his heel offence. I'm writing this now as I've just caught up to the finish of this, my first G1 experience, and overall I was completely blown away! I've just started following NJPW after not having watched much of any wrestling for over a decade, so all these fantastic performers (Ishii, Naito, Ibushi, Okada, etc.) are all fresh. That said, it does seem like an excessive amount of wrestling to watch. So pleased to have NJPW World (especially the Japanese commentary). And love the thoughtful comments and analysis in this thread.
  10. I think if I’m reading your post correctly that I feel like the opposite is dumbing it down. It’s like if a home run were called something specific to the batter. Again, just feels a bit twee. But to each their own. I’ll learn to accept it.
  11. Maybe executed it wouldn’t work as well as I am imagining, but I would love that. I don’t however have issue with the Lucha names. It’s more the wrestler a has named each common move after himself nonsense.
  12. I really wish I felt the same. Excalibur is clearly putting the work in and has a good voice. I think he could be really good with time, but I find the move specific names completely irritating. I also find some of his analysis a bit too insider. A bit twee. I’m fine with JR, but hope he greatly improves with time. I believe he will. Obviously he brings a lot to the table. Excited to see the Joshi performers getting a chance to work one on one. I hope they knock it out of the park. And Brandi’s promo topped most every modern promo of the past few months. Intensity and drama can be very difficult to convey as proven by all the awful promos on Major League Wrestling, roh and any of what I can mostly only assume from the New York territory. If she can tighten up her in ring and become passable she’ll go a long way with clear promo ability. I agree tho, drop the played out heel authority figure. Dammit, why can’t she just be a gorgeous and very good manager for Cody.
  13. @caley I think you’re right on pushing the tag team division. Tho, it does indeed feel a bit light at the moment. I like them running a Briscoes-rnrx title bout in Tennessee. Obviously that is what it is, but could be fun. As fantasy booking goes I think the Briscoes might be the best choice to grab up the other singles titles too. I’d like to see them pushed as nearly unbeatable with this current roster around them. Seeing as there are so many trios it might be good to get them a consistent third (or do they have one?). It'dt be good positioning for somebody on their roster. A Marty 'I’m going to aew with the title' run feels a little too 'Punk-to-wwe title run', but certainly much worse angles have been rehashed and many times over. Considering PCO kinda just signed, I don’t see him jumping ship, but King seems to be destined for greener pastures. Having some more time to develop in little seen ROH will be helpful.
  14. @Craig H nicely summed up the dated suit/tie situation, but maybe more importantly can mgmt do something about that monstrosity on his chin. I’ve heard some back and forth on Omega’s promo ability, but all I’ve seen has been pretty strong. I really dug this one. Just nice to see a guy not playing intense or whatever other cartoon style 98% of talent are doing. Good stuff from the besties. Anything more on aew in New York?
  15. @Edwin that sounds like major burn out. Makes me thankful to have stepped away for so long.
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