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  1. ‘All about’? Okay, much appreciated badboy. Thanks for sharing that.
  2. I was amused by the censored spelling. I’m also amused by its pronunciation as B tard. I hope that isn’t offensive. I don’t have a problem with Mox overcoming the odds. Just a bit disappointed that it continues to put the brakes on PAC’s asskicking ascent. Not complaining tho. Willing and happy to wait and see. I think it’s a pretty fair statement. Let’s celebrate our very slight differences of view, yeah?
  3. Neat set and fun idea to do tv on the cruise. Some solid action especially considering how unstable it must be to work on the water. Hangman has really put it together in this last while. As mentioned, the post match surf was excellent. The backstage interview and interaction with the Bucks was good, but what is Tony doing cutting off Page? Page, considering his recent arrogance, should have slapped the taste out of that ‘four eyed’ barista’s mouth. Glad to read @Oyaji mention the blunderous shill by Excalibur concerning the women’s division. I like Ex but he kills his credibility too often with inane and needless oversells. I skipped the women’s match. I also found myself drifting off during Janela-Mjeff. The finish of that match was just horrible. Janella would be well served as a wrestler-manager. Of the heel ilk preferably. Luchasaurus looked a lot better this week. Good to see. Hated the Hager interference. Audrey was far too in position to pretend not to see it. I thought Marko looked really good here too. The match was marred slightly for me by Jericho being too over as a babyface to heat things up for Jungle Jack and his merry mates. And would somebody get in Ortiz’s ear about blatantly moving into position for dives, etc. I really dig his ‘tiger style’ too, but he’s gotta stop doing blatantly fake horseshit. I too find it a bit disappointing seeing PAC fall to a one eyed Mox. I get it and it makes sense, but I hope they have a plan to get the b-—tard back on a solid path. He’s been so consistently excellent. I guess you don’t love Ishii like I love Ishii. And ‘fake news’.
  4. Any YouTube recommendations on T-Hawk. I like what I’ve seen in aew and locally at an indie, but I feel like I’ve yet to see a break out performance. I really like Lindaman. And completely agree on the legendary Cima. Stoked to hear Archer’s in talks. He’s been excellent this past year in New Japan.
  5. Easy tiger! ‘Patently ridiculous’. Put away your thesaurus Badboy. Ha, great example of overpraise that just will not stop! I don’t contribute to wwe threads so I’m unfamiliar with your example there, but sounds like it’s really got your goat. Critiques of fan reaction in this case was ‘patently ridiculous’. Nobody is suggesting aew is above criticism. Just above patently ridiculous criticism.
  6. That pretty much sums it up. I think a two page bitch about fans reacting to a babyface moment of authority by a babyface official with a personality (oh no!) is pretty indicative of the kind of weak criticism that too often permeates these AEW threads. And it's all very much to do with the fact that there is so much to enjoy so often whilst watching All Elite Wrestling. It's easy to nitpick and hate. Criticizing gets more attention than praising. People want to find a reason to be heard. I guess you could say the same about the crowd in Miami this past week.
  7. That was a fantastic match and crowd and era. Oh, the way they were!
  8. I think this goes without saying. You’d be hard pressed to find somebody on a niche wrestling forum on an aew specific thread that doesn’t know what bte is. That said, I should have been more specific, I have no issue with the aesthetic choice, but rather the content. Aiming at a younger audience should not mean ‘making stupid’. The price of editing software at this point shouldn’t mean less judicious decision making. Not looking for special effects or even better titles. Theme video is even quite alright. Bischoff saw first hand how out of control and difficult an extra show would mean, and they already had way too much content. Dark not unlike bte has needed to be tightened up and maybe this move will constitute those necessary changes. Whomever suggested 3 hours surely didn’t mean badly, but I could see no worse idea than that. 3 hour shows are nearly impossible to produce and/or watch. Ppv once a month or better yet every three months - sure. Ha, there’s no stopping the wet blanket brigade. Forum board equals place to bitch for some. But well said there.
  9. Fabulous show! And for all the reasons expressed by so many. I love Shida, but she’s inconsistent and has no one to blame but herself. I trust she’ll bounce back. I’m surprised not to see any mention of Statlander’s horrible apron kick in which she missed by a mile and slapped her leg. Horrible. She’s good but she’s also green. Janela-Fenix might indeed be a ton of fun. Good promo by young Joey. I really wish he’d get more of a trad hardcore uniform - no reason to flaunt that physique. Are you sure you didn’t post an amusing diss of Chuck T @West Newbury Bad Boy? Something about his past accomplishments not accounting for his current status? Seemed deserved then. I like Taylor but his work has been often sloppy and lazy throughout most of this aew run. That said, he looked terrific in that 4 way. The best he’s looked. Taylor and the besties need to work it like that all the time. Orange Cassidy as expected from the beginning is a big bright shining star on point and ready to explode into a money drawing machine. But slow and steady wins the race.
  10. Watching BTE is a mistake I've made too many times now. It may have meant something while they were ripping it up in Japan without US TV, but this show now seems obsolete at best and absolutely terrible at worst. I respect that they don't push this garbage on Wednesdays, but considering they're pushing storylines on these segments maybe they should tighten it up and make it more watchable. I don't watch WWE, but these bits seem on par with whatever it is they do.
  11. I don’t regularly watch ROH tv, but what I saw of their previous format felt like a wwe shotgun tier II. The clipped matches format helped propel a similarly unpolished ecw roster. That said, I saw an episode of the new roh format and the editing was terrible. Long unnecessary intros being a glaring example. Also, bad promos and an irritating lady on commentary. Very sad to learn Scurll has re-signed. What I’ve seen and heard indicates a very stale product. Not to mention owned by the polarizing Sinclair broadcasting. I’d kinda hoped this company would just Rest In Peace. I’d like to imagine this re-signing would lead to a working arrangement with the elite, but aew is probably best to not associate too closely with the likes of Sinclair. Obviously you can’t fault a guy for taking the best money contract and we’ll see what happens, but seems like a bad move from this Scurll fan’s perspective.
  12. What are Cage’s best bouts? I’ve seen next to nothing of this Bwo-hemoth.
  13. Man, that Memphis crowd seemed red hot for the Hangman. Funny how the seeds of a heel turn seems to have swerved the story they orginally set out to tell. For what has happened I think you're on the money with the above. This current Page feels trained in the art of the rattlesnake. So true, and one of the many positives of the early All Elite Wrestling 'brand'. That said, I'd really like to see SCU drop the gold straps to a team capable of selling a Main Event match. Either that or try them in this postition as heels - which seems too simple, but would no doubt much better suit their talents. Daniels in particular is such a good heel and such a pathetically weak babyface. Tho I do like his jaunty stepping to the ring, twirling that mic, but then that could also be a heel movement. Sure they should be K5 pissed. From what I'm seeing the rankings are fun for keeping the discussion going in convo, and on boards such as these. The rankings are ultimately there to indicate where they may be going, or clues to where they're going. Mgmt selecting some teams to compete in a contenders match seems quite alright.
  14. Ha, it's simply thankfulness for a wrestling promotion that does so many things right. And further patience and understanding to a group that hasn't even had six months under their belt doing tv. I started a new job in July and feel pretty good about my work, but I'm like everybody - prone to mistakes and still learning - maybe that's where the understanding comes from. Further, as I said previous, I've never known a wrestling promotion to bat a 1000. I expect mistakes, blunders, miscues. The amount does not exceed my expectations, it's much less. Thankfulness and empathy for a promotion that gives an ear to their audience and produces a fun show week to week. That's my kool aid. And maybe a little bit of the bud-ly.
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