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  1. Another lost post. Let me try again... Finlay-Ishii was underwhelming from the hype, but neat to see Finlay adding some character to his act. YoshiHashi/Goto-Okada/Tanahashi didn't feel particularly special. Tanahashi's Sling Blade continues to be one of the shittiest moves in wrestling. Hammerstone-Fatu 2 was fun. Are MLW matches all no DQ? Fatu was just suddenly wielding a chair to no referee admonishment. Hammerstone continues to improve his game. Such a tiny ring. Do I have this right - MLW is the 'Major League', but their show is the 'Underground'?
  2. Special Time! Sunday Morning Rampage! Hobbs-Penta lead it off with a fine fine fearless wrestling contest. Harley Cameron really catches the eye at ringside. QT looks good with that big shiny Turner Network Television belt. Starks and Juicey square off on the microphones and make a date - alright. Brody and Hager give us a meaty slapper, and Anna Jaz takes out Stevie Nicks. A bit of fun there. Nice to see Swerve, and nice vidya peckige for Kenny and Korn on the Cobb. Leila Grey is starting to put it all together, but Taya makes quick work of her. I liked being surprised by the dominance. Taya really knows how to rock those furry boots. What a Bruiser! Nice 70s Get Up WIth It-Miles glasses on Jade, what a fabulously stylish lady. Mark Sterling takes a road trip to Valhalla. Taya is a big strong lady, I'm into this! Bring on the Taya-Jade bout. Mark Henry gives us another nice preview. Acclaimed-Kingdom do not disappoint. Taven-Bennett paying their dues before they, perhaps, go on a nice little run. Maria really knows how to do it. Maybe a little too much shenanigans and ppl running around, but then the Acclaimed are highly recruited sports entertainers, so... Daddy Magic and Ange' r JR guys! Daddy Magic and the JAS like the Rap Music! I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to an upcoming skit segment, but I'm gonna give my full attention to Cool Hand and Daddy Magic taking Bones & Castro out on the town. How will the Daddies work together One wonders?! That was Rampage baby! And it fit the Sunday Morning schedule nicely. Now for some toast.
  3. Also, this, tremendous news day... https://twitter.com/The_MJF/status/1639696508000796673?cxt=HHwWgoCwravSr8EtAAAA
  4. Apparently CM Punk made 'gay love' 'man on man' to Shawn Michaels over 6 or 7 continents. EDIT https://411mania.com/wrestling/cm-punk-jokes-about-making-gay-love-to-shawn-michaels-in-deleted-instagram-post/
  5. Does anybody know how it feels to miss out on both the pre-sale and sale of the biggest live wrestling event your home city has hosted since Wrestlemania 6... and then you find out some crosstown buds have an extra ticket come Saturday!? I'm going to Forbidden Door and I could not be happier! Thanks for letting me share that.
  6. Oh wow, I hope that happens. Also, excellent promo from Mike Bennett. Taven-Bennett r the comeback team of the year.
  7. Leon Ruffin v Juice Robinson gets my vote for Darkhorse match of the week. Ruffin's face plant bump to the floor was incredible. I need to see those NJPW matches. Glad to hear Finlay's finally coming into his own. I wasn't a fan of the first Fatu-Hulk Hammerstone bout, but I'll certainly give 2 a try. Riccochet-Gable would have been a real candidate had it happened on a Wednesday Night in front of a crowd that actually likes the Wrestling part of the show. And in a company that might actually appreciate Chad Gable's exquisite skillset. All that said, Vikingo v Omega was a goddamn masterpiece.
  8. Start with 2.50, and go no lower than a dollar 75. I don't understand why they didn't just shoot another episode yesterday in Orlando rather than or with Dark. Weird. I suspect we're getting a countdown show. Perhaps focusing on the promo reps are the way to go. Honor Club will offer Supercard of Honor as part of the subscription, but you'll have to wait for the 3 month tape delay. Live - yeah, BR or Fite (maybe others?).
  9. Another terrific ROHTV show. Lots of quality in ring. Loved Tony Nese' situp/kick spot in the opener. Nese is a great hand. Mark Briscoe is unfuckinreal! I really like this trio of Metalik, #ALLHEART and AR Fox. Slim J's punches are a thing of beauty. Everything he does is beautiful. Can we all band together and WILL Slim J into a big push. Lady Frost continues to impress, and Skye Blue continues to improve. Goddamn Rooosh is Pro Wrestling - and Jose the Assistant is a nice part of this glorious package. 'Hot Sauce' has been a really hand thus far. I also really enjoy seeing Rhett TItus take a good beating - another good hand. Tony Deppen is a fantastic hand. I hope Brian Cage sticks around ROH. Despite his constant detractors shitslinging, he's been really solid over the last few months. Billie Starks continues to impress. It seems only a matter of time before she's consider the best on the Ladies side. Alize looked good at points in there, and is probably worth developing. Man, Shane Taylor is fucking awesome! Silas Young too. Both are a presentation tweak from being more widely appreciated. I continue to hope Silas finds himself in a Minnesota Wrecking Crew type root-stomping tag team. Aussie Open v Sydal/Daniels was a ton of fun. That's the best Daniels and Sydal have looked in awhile. Still hoping the Fallen Angel foregoes the lame babyface act to take on a heel Prophecy. The mystery wasn't built up for disappointment, but Cheeseburger isn't exactly an exciting surprise for a TV title match with the King of Television. That said, I like Cheeseburger. He's another good hand and took Joe's beating nicely. Joe-Briscoe is going to be fucking awesome! Stoked for Supercard. The Claudio-Kingston sitdown was terrific too. That's gonna be a barn-burner! If Chris Hero isn't in shape to wrestle, can he at least be Castignoli's Heenan? Not to say Claudio wasn't pulling his weight in that sitdown. Caprice Coleman was good there too. He and Riccaboni are easily the best commentary team under the Khan umbrella. This was another fun show, but a bit or A lot light on the promos. Back to back to back matches are fine when they're quality as they were here, but the flow with promos and packages in between is far better. And helps distinguish ROHTV from AEW Dark. Well, the matches too. Daniels/Sydal-Aussies in particular could have benefitted a recap package. Tho, the promos going into that match were pretty awful. Still, there was enough material to cut something together. Anyway, hoping for more promos and packages on future week 4s. Bring on the Supercard. Vikingo-Kommander, fuck yeah! Say, anybody know what's happening for next week's TV prior to the PPV?
  10. To be clear, my applause for Phil not watching the hard to avoid American Movie Syllabus, Rocky in particular, wasn't a 'Like' for his deleted instagram post. Perhaps I ought not to have included Punk at all, but then my post would've probably been better placed in the Movie discussion which isn't at all 'HOT!'
  11. I've felt the sting of this issue a couple times over. Can we just go back to the old reliable green board? Maybe Tony will feel nostalgic and come on back.
  12. When ppl talk about Rocky, I often suspect they're talking not about the pretty good first movie. Definitely not the second. Maybe the third. But most likely when ppl talk about Rocky they're talking about the 4th. I liked that movie as a kid, and get how it works as a fun bad movie, but have no desire to ever see it again. I also liked the 5th as a kid, but nobody wants to see that one again. The 6th had a fun trailer. I wanted to leave it at that, but a pal kinda sorta forced it upon me after getting me stoned. Even with a buzz I hated that 6th movie and applaud Phil Brooks or anybody else who has resisted this hard to avoid franchise. Even greater applause for anybody who has escaped the goddamn Star Wars universe.
  13. The Fun run continues. Great trios bout to begin. 60s Sting is the best Sting since he was surfing in the late 80s. Gunns-Top Flight was fine to follow. I dig the chickenshit heel Gunns, but with a preference for lower on the card. Not into Belted Asses. The post match promo was a great example of their lack of readiness for the gold. Let Cash get a word in first. Poor construction of a talk segment to have FTR standing there like chumps after the spitballs. Maybe FTR are the losers young Colton suggested. No wait, I love FTR! Nice Jade promo. Sterling's on fire these days. Leila Grey seems to be coming into her own in-ring and on the mic - I'm seeing rumblings of most improved in 2023 from a good source. That Kiera Hogan bout from Dark this week suggests this may be true. Stoke-Hook was fun. Adam Cole-Danny Garcia talk segment was spot on. Garcia is already great and only getting better. I think babyface Cole has found his spot. I may have had unreasonably high expectations for Stu-Mox, but I was happy nonetheless. Rick Starks slides in with a solid promo - his flow has always been good, but his content is starting to match. Tho not as great as last week's debut, QTV continues to defy the haters with terrific comedy. Harley Cameron seems poised for stardom, not the promotion, maybe the promotion. Toni leads Skye to perhaps her best match yet. Riho rocking and rolling around with weapons in hand is working. Goddamn BCC are killing it. Kenny-Vikingo was a goddamn masterpiece. Beautiful! Also, kudos to AEW for a nice build with the terrific videos. Okay, so post-match, it seems a bit silly that they didn't pre-tape the Hangman ambulance deal. I mean for timing. It worked anyway, but would've worked even better had the BCC not had to buy time. It should be noted that Moxley's stomps on Omega were absolutely horrible. I love Mox, but he has rotten looking stomps - especially when he tries Danielson's kick your face in routine. Just stop Jon! I'll leave the 'Backscratch of Doom' alone this week. Most everything else he does is pretty great. Like this company. Goddamn, Goddamn I love this fucking show!
  14. Where does Leon Ruffin v Juice Robinson rate on the all time great DARK list? Juice was as good as I've seen him here. Leon Ruffin is such a fucking awesome pro wrestler. That was new ROH good! Toni v Starks rocked too. Murderous set of moves to finish.
  15. Owens and Zayn continue to defy the FFWD button (thinking about renaming it the EDGE button) with their terrific mic work. I may still not give a shit about Jimmy and Jay, but sure let’s have get this duo a Mania match. Theory v Montez was fine. EDGE passed the Omos squash and the insufferable amount of Bloodline skits – Sami was the only reason to ever stop for these. I stop for Logan Paul and I’m not disappointed. Enjoyed the knockout punch montage. Did anybody hear Alvarez thoughtlessly losing his shit over Rollins dive on the security? Geek Bryan could have used a rewatch before planting his flag on such a shitty argument. Logan Paul is a fun heel. Speaking of fun heels - I enjoyed seeing Dom get a clean win on Jobby Gargano. Dom’s really putting it all together. Good promo post match as per usual. Then I EDGE on by the Veteran Drip's long shitty promo. Few things in wrestling bring the finger to the FFWD trigger faster than an ‘Adam’ promo. I wasn't feeling the need for a Rhea promo either. But a nice solid outing v Bayley. Weird heat in this one. I dig the Damage Control, but very little interest in this Trios feud. What a waste of Bayley, Io and Lynch. Gable and Otis always nail their skit shit. Chad Gable v Riccochet was as good as it was allowed to be. I look forward to their future Wednesday night showcase. Where their match would be viewed by ppl who actually care about the wrestling on a show. And where both might actually matter to the overall product. Belair/Asuka v Chelsea/Piper was fine. Regardless of the awful build, Asuka-Belair is sure to be the Mania sleeper. What an incredible finishing spot by Belair-Nevin. Main Event talk segment was strong. EDGEing passed the long Reigns entrance with the hilariously bad animation and rotten Cody theme music (let's hope they get the band for a live performance at Mania!!!). This is the most I’ve enjoyed a Roman promo. And Cody wasn’t over-pontificating nor over-enunciating as he’s prone to generally do. He was on his A game which is where he’s as good as anybody on the Black Foam. Raw, even with the EDGE button in play, has been a slog for me recently, but this one continued the strong talk segment game from Friday. That said, the Wrestling portion on WWETV continues to leave much to be desired.
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