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  1. There really needs to be at least one brand new (to TV) person in a match every week on Dynamite. Unlike the 90s we aren't looking at a bunch of people who have had to work within the parameters of a network program in AEW. This isn't a bad thing but something people overlook too often. You can't just go from, say, some PWG show to national television without adjustments. The sooner the greener members of the roster get TV experience, the better.
  2. So one of two things is at play. One, they're creatively bankrupt and desperately trying to get every drop of juice from the Wrestlemania fruit. Two, they assume people who aren't fans are so goddamn stupid that "Wrestlemania" is a synonym for "pro wrestling" in their heads. You know, like how UFC is up in the hundreds with their card titles. Is WWE's concept of their fans where they imagine a group of people sitting around in October asking each other "You wanna watch Wrestlemania tonight?"
  3. It's possible for the venue but only if there was no elaborate entrance stage. 90-something was probably more like it. The stadium's website went off of the kayfabe figure which you can tell because they mention WM III having 93k previously.
  4. Maybe you play the sound of a railroad crossing closing no matter whether he hits it or not. HOW IS THIS BRAINSTORMING BETTER THAN RAW ITSELF
  5. I was bummed too but think there wasn't a choo-choo since he wasn't going to hit anyone and got biffed in the face with the ring steps instead. EDIT: They should have played the sound of a train crashing! Missed opportunity there, Dunn.
  6. I can't believe they used a Clone High USA gag, intentionally or unintentionally, when Riddle said his braces were picking up radio transmissions.
  7. What an underwhelming followup to Mania. They couldn't even give me SLAPJACK~
  8. I'm starting to wonder which one of you is Tony Khan. I know it isn't me. ("That's exactly what he'd say!")
  9. Boy am I glad someone else is pushing back against the "sell tickets for Mania" narrative. Also, whoever thinks there was a legit 100k in Dallas in 2016 is out of their mind.
  10. Via Wrestlinginc: I'm more curious to see what the people who lost are doing next. Does Drew keep scrapping with Lashley? Is anyone expected to be called up soon? Does THE MAN return to challenge (and ultimately put over) Rhea Ripley? Will Riddle develop an edge? This came up in the Discord during Wrestlemania's second night: does WWE try to mimic the post-Mania Raw crowd through artificial noise? Highly doubtful I think, denying us the true WM weekend experience until 2022.
  11. I'll be very disappointed if Maffew doesn't dub some martial arts "whoosh, whoosh" movement sounds over that. It may have seemed like I was being too hard on Tamina in the Discord but last night was the first time I'd personally heard a crowd react to her in any substantial way. Quite the shock considering they'd just sat through Fiend shit. Speaking of Fiend shit, I'm actually... curious to see what happens next since it was heavily implied that he was under Bliss's control. Is this the payoff for calling her "the goddess" for years?
  12. I've decided to call middle age Edge's wide-eyed and angry face the Aggro Crag.
  13. Looking at the radar a half hour out I'm not optimistic about the night being free of weather-based interruptions. Damn. Just let them do Orton/Fiend before the rain so it can be over and done with.
  14. I was about to say how excited I was for KO/Sami, Asuka/Ripley and the triple threat, even more eager to see those than I was for anything on Night One... ... and then I remembered that Orton/Fiend is happening.
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