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  1. Someone doesn't understand, somehow, how responses can be disrupted by posts which are made in the intermedium. This response could well seem like a non-sequitir in the same way depending on other's activities. Crazy how that works. 2) Andrade is a wonderful pickup but good gravy was that the shittiest fucking debut possible. No heat. Fucking cold storage shit. It's fun seeing people decry the use of "simp" and immediately exhibit those tendencies. You know it's okay to say when something isn't good, right?
  2. Sorry I'm not a member of Marky Mark's Funky Bunch. Nothing substantial here at all.
  3. You addressed absolutely nothing. Also, oh wow! I said my age! Fuckin' crazy! That *must* preclude me from using any terms coined after 2000! Jesus, do you even read your shit?
  4. I'd love some simp here to explain to me why the Inner Circle went over and why their feud with The Pinnacle (who never appeared at all tonight in any way, shape, or form) should keep going. You're out there, I see what people write. Please rationalize this.
  5. Holy shit was this a steaming pile at times. I'd post a picture of a ball but AEW would drop it somehow.
  6. No, lord no. The scale's busted. Try again.
  7. If there's going to be an implied no-DQ way of going about everything regarding interference or weapons then don't start counting out people either. That's not a gripe about a specific referee, more the company philosophy. We had just seen someone take a crutch to the dome in plain view of a referee minutes earlier but now Darby has to beat a count after being yeeted into the third row?
  8. There were many visible kids at the PPV last night, to follow up on this. They were obviously dwarfed by all the adult men who likely make up 90-95% of their fan base but children appeared enough to give me some hope for the future.
  9. He's obviously Chair Man, and the first of Wily's robots you defeat so you can use the Chair Shield on the next opponent, Tully Man.
  10. I guess Cody just really wanted us all to see his and Ogogo's underwear during their weigh-in on Friday.
  11. Okay, fine, whenever Full Gear takes place.
  12. Absolutely, I'd want that to be the catalyst for Kenny drop the bullshit and become the deadly serious heel champion for Hangman to ultimately take down at whatever the winter PPV is called. He wins the belt back from OC in a couple of weeks and KILLS him in the process, like off TV for a month at least. I'd start turning around on Kenny then.
  13. I'm four days younger than Rodgers so whatever. We're doing just fine!
  14. Okay then, thanks, at least I have the chain of events right. I think when they started this US/UK part of the Family/Factory feud it scrambled my brains. (GeorgeTakei.gif) EDIT: I forgot about Darby/Sting versus The Jerks (whoever it was here who started calling them that, thanks). Darby could use a rebound win here but I think Sting eats the fall after Darby does something insane and wipes himself out. They've really only just put The Jerks together, can't lose their first real feud. Right?
  15. They should have been arranged by ascending height! The memes alone would have been worth it. Yeah, I had a Warrior one as a kid and even rediscovering it as a teenager I remember it being bigger than these. The ones from 30 years ago would have spanned Darby's whole torso. I really like the four they picked for those. In terms of card placement one is obviously not like the others but Luchasaurus is super kid-friendly so it makes sense. Come to think of it, what percentage of AEW fans are children, say, 12 and under? While their product is virtually sexless it's still pretty profane and way more violent than WWE. I wonder if, way down the line, AEW uses Dark and Elevation like the old WWF Jakked/Metal. While those had identical matches taped for them, the former had full-on Attitude Era presentation while the latter was toned down to be able to air on Saturday mornings.
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