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  1. Kingston wearing the bandage was indeed an attempt at 'keeping kayfabe alive', but when the bandage came off there wasn't even the faintest mark. I love Eddie as much as the next guy, but that was some ridiculous bullshit. As for the bout, I had nothing but fun watching Eddie and Ishii go toe to toe. No surprise.
  2. I’m convinced I was in a bad mood after reading Dean’s review. I’m going for an encore determined to enjoy this show as much as him.
  3. Yeah, ridiculous call. JR was a real chatterbox tonight - lots of comedy. I’m not against Dax’s turnbuckle tribute. They just need to dial back a little on the Hitman love.
  4. Would it be unpopular to suggest the Dark Order ought to break up? Maybe I just miss Stu! Sonny Kiss would be so much more effective minus the awful splits leg drops, flippy corner bullshit and anything else that clearly doesn't look effective. But minus that there's some torque on the strikes and some strong fundamentals. And clearly some personality. Avalon has really upped his game in the last while, and been a real asset to Dark/Elevation. For a second there I thought we were going to get a hush hush youtube classic between Deppen and Silver. It was good for what it was and while it lasted, but would've loved more. Loved to see him get a shot in the new ROH. Lee/Swerve are slick as fuck and on a nice slow relaxed build. QT is fantastic. I like Commoroto like everybody else, but he does tend to get completely lost in there when things accelerate. 'I think we're gonna keep you where you are' is the smart play with Big Bad Ass Bruiser looking Nick.
  5. I'm with you, I never saw a good enough reason to have more belts, but it's happening and I've loved more than a handful of six man tags. And I'm very much into the BCC, House, Elite and Death Triangle. No sense resisting the inevitable.
  6. I wish JD Drake hadn't given up on the Big Bubba revival. I was under the impression that Takeshita was on an extended stay in the US? The Eddie Kingston's phone call segment with Jericho's fabulous reaction was gleefully awesome and 85-86 Slammy Award worthy! Starks was excellent there too. A great lost Memphis Wrestling segment. Did we get a 'Sports Entertainer of the week'?
  7. C'mon TK, Willie Mack is at his worst a great gatekeeper babyface. I'm not sure we've seen his best. I'm not gonna ask to change my vote, but can I get all the Mack Lovers to help me WILL WILLIE MACK into an aew/ROH contract!?
  8. Yes, 'fuck the stage'! Tho, I'm cool with most of AEW set-ups, it's the smaller companies with their needless 'Titan Trons' and cheap looking ephemera that need to go. There's no law that you have to try and look like Raw. The WWF MSG set-up that you mentioned is perfect, and I'm cool with the mechanical doors, but a simple curtain will do just fine.
  9. I love seeing a Woods/Yuta Pure Title rematch listed on that recent Dark Tapings. That'll be fun. I hope if the ROH TV deal becomes a further down the road thing that they consider doing more ROH stuff on Elevation. Tully Blanchard Enterprises have now been dormat for over a month. I am also clamouring for more Dalton Castle. And I do enjoy the smooth sounds of Cruise and Riccaboni. Speculation (some Dark Spoilers)
  10. I'm sorta down with... Thankfully, I don't see them suddenly taking on 'heel/face refs' nor the kinda confusing Captain/Non-Captain pinning rules. 2/3 falls would be fine, but those other lucha rules, even 2/3 falls, can often be potential momentum killers.
  11. Precision. I only saw the first 40. The Brian Myers bump was worthy of more than a quick replay and no-stopping-move to the next segment. That kinda bump should render an opponent dead. It should have been sold like a much bigger deal than it was. The Grace-Morrissey double powerbomb-boot was fantastic. Cardona and Green obviously rule. A guy who can bump and sell like Myers is a huge asset to any company. Romero-Austin was very good as expected. Hilarious seeing Trey Miguel talk to the hardcam while the guy he's supposed to be warning is behind him. TNA! TNA! TNA! Masha seems to have that IT that Helmsley used to like to bandy about. Up next superstars Jay and Bey. Nice to at least get a Mack promo before the inevitable loss. Mack has endless potential with the right bookerman. Hannifan is spectacular. Wrestling fans have waded thru a lot of unsuitable and unfunny to decent commentators for a slick sonofabitch like Tom. Rehwoldt is good too
  12. I love the love for Willie Mack. His terrific skillset and lack of a push makes him easily one of the most underutilized guys in any promotion. Impact doesn't always access their talent very wisely nor put them in potentially progressive situations - Mack is the epitome of this. He probably needs to breakaway from Impact to progress, but it's hard to imagine him in AEW as anything more than a Dark gatekeeper ala Cabana. Part of the issue with Mack is his weak presentation. He looks a lot better coming down to the ring in his sporty entrance gear than the belly over the wasteband traditional tights look he gets down to business in. Anyway, I love Mack and would totally draft him to my fantasy league promotion. Bey probably has the most upside of the men listed. His star will shine bright in the not-so-distant future. Maclin has been a treat in Impact, and I too would like to see him climb the ladder. I never saw him in WWE, but as a solo act he's been somebody I seek out when skimming the Impact 'brand'. I would love the task of retooling the Eddie Edwards presentation. First thing, lose the bad mohawk. It's a look that only fits where it fits. Let's get some new gear all around - the short long pant ala Taka doesn't work. Especially not in pleather with fake back pockets. Just awful. Presentation shortcomings aside, I'm completely sold on older Eddie in ring. He's so good, and he's showcased a lot more purpose in his current heel role. I like his lady too, and don't understand why they don't let her valet for him as a heel. She's so naturally a heel with that accent and promo style. A missed opportunity. I'm not sure who to vote for, but I'm in favour of the voters going for Women's talent. Clearly AEW could use all the talented ladies they can possibly find right now. I too haven't seen a lot of Grace due to having no interest in intergender feuds, which she seems to be placed in a lot. What I have seen I've liked tho. Seems like golden potential. I too dig Slamovich, but she seems like more of a project. Impact seems like a good place for her to get seasoned in this early stage of her career. Okay, Grace it is.
  13. Some huge questions you raise. I've been thinking about this since he started on his killing spree. Going forth, seems like running thru a faction to get to its leader would be a bit too much like this MJF feud. I do like consulting your Andre/MSG/80s suggestion. What would Bill Watts do (minus the Patriotism)? Or what could we learn from the example of Taz being booked in ECW? Can we find a Bam Bam Bigelow? I'd be happy with JONAH. I guess that'd be another sorta example of running thru a faction. I like @JLowe's suggestion of a confrontation with Joe, but I don't see Wardy splintering off into their forthcoming new ROH. Anyway, great questions. I suspect MJF heels on the Long Island crowd, but we shall see.
  14. You're basing your 'theory' off one night when they competed well with a top playoff game. I'd suggest it's well worth considering how they did the many other nights they were opposed by the NBA Playoffs. Yeah sure, AEW could always be better, but for the sake of my own contentedness, I'll bypass the need for my personal vision of wrestling perfection, and accept the consistently pretty terrific show they've been running for over two years now. A show that even on a slightly off night is still a lot of fun.
  15. I completely agree. I guess opinions change...
  16. Wouldn't the NBA Playoffs in the top three positions indicate it's an actual fact not a reporter's theory? Finishing number 4 in the night behind said playoffs sounds like making the best of a situation.
  17. I wasn't a fan of the 'Tear in My Beer' Bucks-Hanger storyline either, and I do think it pulled too far away from the Rootin' Tootin' Sonofabitch who, with cocktail in hand, would Lariat a fool at the drop of a drop. That said, I wouldn't call his run a failure. Disappointed? Not me, but to each their own. The Title switch from Kenny and the Danielson matches were excellent, and everything else in-ring has been a lot of fun. I'm not a Cole-hater, but there wasn't a good enough reason to do a re-match - tho, the Texas Death Match was terrific. The biggest problem with this run is how the AEW World TItle MUST be limited to so few title defenses. Page is a workhorse, he needs to be the workhorse, and he'd be a lot better off taking new challenges on TV a little or lot more often.
  18. I have little to no doubt that the company branding and belts will all be overhauled. I'm hoping the new logo goes more in the direction of the classic block letter design than the bad Randy Orton/Goldberg/90s style tattoo of the current. That photo/graphic that was posted comes from the website which, as was mentioned, just updated, so strangely they are as of now recognizing 6 man straps.
  19. Pre-tapes! I understand the benefit for really good talkers to do it in front of the audience, but there's no need for ppl like Pillman Jr and Rosa to be stumbling all over the place as the crowd goes mild.
  20. Speaking of how a heel turn can be a gamechanger, loved Red Velvet up in the Baddies fold. Here's hoping Kiera Hogan gets a chance to shine too. One small thing, I'd love it if Red's hair could go fully Red, Kiera's fully Blue, no two tones, and Jade whatever solid color she damn well pleases. Baddies 4 Life!
  21. Interesting to see the Righteous 'Six-Man Champions' listed. I'd forgotten they had such a Championship. I had to google search to find info on the man on the left - Dutch! Is he any good? I've seen Bateman's antics in NJPW Strong and I approve. Vincent I've only ever seen in Impact, but find him quietly impressive. Seeing as we already have a legendary Vincent, using his last name Marseglia might be an idea to consider. I wonder if the hold-up on a regular TV timeslot was the completion of the sale or apprehension from Warner? Hoping this gets sorted sooner than later. Still very stoked for this reboot.
  22. He's young enough that you can say 'Should' drop the have. I very much agree with you. Don't think 4H86. Or even a stable of 4. I'm talking early to mid-90s great random Arn teams. Even his team with Roma was good. So Horsey comparisons more appropriate to a Roma/Arn.
  23. The comparison to Austin Gunn was solely on the similarities of ppl shitting all over him working as a plucky babyface. The difference is Pillman 2 actually gets TV time in that role. Ppl were already calling for the Gunns to be shitcanned, and that was without being on the Turner networks. As mentioned, young Brian was a heel in MLW and it was really good. He looked promising. I agree with much of the complaints, but so much of it is based around what he is asked to do - when is he not an enhancement talent? Not easy to make something work that isn't natural, but yeah, clearly, everybody's right, he's not making it work. Dr. Britt Baker couldn't make a babyface character work either, and I would say his 'instincts' as a babyface are no worse than hers were. She's made out pretty alright. All this said, yeah he's a horrible babyface promo (but I do find it pretty hilarious). I think his father figure in all this is Jericho (could be wrong), and as good a heel promo as the Wizard has, his babyface promo is just awful. I wanna see Pillman turn heel on Griff. I wanna see Brock turn on Lee Johnson. I wanna see Johnson/Griff as the babyface team and Arn leading a new age Horsemen team of Brock and Pillman. Anybody wanna WILL this one with me?
  24. I loved the subtlety of Adam Cole's cold stare at the Hardys post-match. Was it hate for the Hardys, or disappointment for the Bucks not superkick partying over Matt and Jeff? Haters enjoy hating, Adam Cole's character work is fantastic! Fish-Hardy was fun. I dig broken down Jeff. There's a sense of reality concerning an aging flyer that I really appreciate. I love @DEAN's BCC '22 v 4H '86. The Regal promo (unabridged) was monumental and the highlight of the week for me. Some of the highest end wrestling TV I've ever seen. Hobbs/Starks/Swerve/Hobbs are all pure joy! So excited to see Christian crush Jungle Jack and enter one of his greatest feuds. Luchasaurus' silly growl is a bit embarrassing. Wardy rules and maybe Big Dub turned a few set critics upon his current act. I love Schiavone (probably unknowingly) burying Morrissey right after with 'it only took one power bomb!' Post match was Wardy in a wonderful videogame. Ruby is not only getting better in the ring, she's becoming a solid promo. Hangman heeling was completely fine by me. A salty attitude and harsh opinions is no Russorific heel turn worth being sour about. He'll end up being cheered more for being a Bad Ass anyway. Dutt/Lethal/Singh are so fun. I didn't know Dutt could talk, and Jay's gotten so much more comfortable, and good! Love 'em! Jericho-Santana was fine. 'The Wizard' is Jericho's greatest moniker! Further love for 'Daddy Magic' Matt Minard's full white denim ensemble. Gunn Club! Acclaimed! How is Billy Gunn suddenly more fun that he's ever been? Yeah, they didn't need this segment to prove Pillman Jr can't work a live mic (as a babyface). Dumb segment all around. Blondes don't attack, Julia doesn't turn heel (the crowd goes mild), three men stand over a cowering young woman - yeah, that's not such a great visual! Rebound: Fenix-Martin was fantastic - here's what I do when it goes to the break - mute the TV, cue up a tune on your streaming provider, play it thru an alternate speaker (eg. BOSE multi-directional speaker), now you're able to focus, and enjoy the action! I'm crying 'Rematch' over here! Please! Rosa's not so good on the live mic either. Am i the only one who thinks Serena looks a lot like Bret? As soon as she says the 'shortest reigning champion' line to Rosa you absolutely know she's not winning (dumb, dumb, dumb). Deonna-Mercedes Main Event? TK has got to get over his 'respect for the title' so the match goes last nonsense. It's a nice thought, but clearly doesn't always work. Further, if you're going with this as the Main, hype it in the first hour and a half. Give us a Deonna promo - she's good (love that Tully comparison). Show Mercedes toughening herself up for the bout. I liked the bout, but clearly a poorly formatted-tho-pretty-fun show.
  25. Yeah, sure bad (but kinda hilarious) promo aside, writing off Pillman Jr. is the 2022 equivalent to the 2020-21 writing off of Austin Gunn. It's foolish, Don't do it!
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