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  1. Good call. Jericho has to be wanting a Castle singles bout.
  2. Strangely, when things r rocking on the other side I sometimes get Dynamite vibes. There was a fairly clear example recently that I’m failing to remember. Too much quality wrestling these days!!! The interview into a match is probably more accurately UWF TV vibes or ECW the way of UWF vibes. Tho, the Saraya segment definitely had a tired Vince McMahon formula feel, but I fail to see how that opening was anything but fantastic! Ange, Menard, Anna, Jericho and Garcia all delivered on the goods. Danielson too. I liked that Bryan made clear he was granted the opportunity to have a match with whomever he wanted rather than it be a given that you can just start a match on the fly. Speaking of WWE style, I’m very much on team ‘don’t like the chip being used as a money in the bank briefcase’. Seems too obvious a rip. And in general not at all a fan of random title shots whenever policies. Also, I saw that Saraya is owning the failure of that segment saying she was ‘rusty’. Refreshing to see somebody own up to their mistakes. Tho, the booking was equally as problematic if not worse.
  3. Andrade apparently just tweeted #freeelidolo. This following a silly hourglass tweet.
  4. I remember Lio Rush having a segment that would qualify for prize competition. To be clear, what was the Dark Order's debut on AEW Dynamite? Glorious Rhodes/Ogogo weigh in. Both Brandi and Cody have a couple or 6 more candidates each. 'It's a Girl!' comes to mind. And jeez that Nightmare Collective was quite a unit! Perhaps I stand alone in liking the Brandi-Lambert segments. They were incredibly awkward, but also thrilling!
  5. I'm not generally speaking a Jericho Townhall guy, but found myself thoroughly entertained with laughter and excitement throughout this opening. Sometimes I wonder to myself if 'Daddy Magic' Matt Menard isn't my favorite AEW performer? This Danielson match felt like a direct fan request for me. And it met all my needs. Yuta's promo was a little awkward, but fascinatingly so. Loved the voice crack. Not such a strong piece of business from Max this week. From a sideglance Mox v Juice seemed pretty solid. Stoked for Mox and the Hangman. So Saraya can't wrestle and doesn't excel at promos? Perhaps in time this won't seem like such a questionable signing. Missed out live on Deeb-Toni. Then I blinked and missed Starks too. I did catch the fantastic Main Event and breakout National TV debut of Bandido!!! Bandido is a special talent. Jericho continues to surprise with this wildly fun 2022 run. Here he bows out with the beautiful encore of a Judas Effect on Cruise. Danielson-Jericho live here in the city, sure!
  6. Terrific 'Road To' this week. Gotta love Anthony Bowens! Not sure why Ass Daddy is on about 'Girlfriends'? Interesting to hear Max Caster straight up promo like that. I love seeing Keith Lee just talking. All nonchalant he still sneaks in an 'Indubitally'. And then excellent segments for Jungle Jack and Kingston-Guevara. Some of this Road TO stuff is the best stuff AEW is producing and I assume a lot of ppl aren't seeing it. That said, I also find some Road Tos sorta blah. It's kinda fun watching Josh Woods round out his game and slowly (maybe) become a player. Sterling's running a nice little unit there. It's funny seeing how Joe missiles Smart Mark into Wardy's crotch there for the powerbomb. I think Wardy no sold the ballshot there!? Definitely looked more legit than the regular ball-shot-fare. Man, that Rampage had a lot of good stuff! Sting breaking a pair of handcuffs was not part of that good stuff. I blame the producer on that not Sting - who's wrestling continues to be flawless. I dig seeing Juice Robinson get a shot in prime time here. Not a complaint, but would have liked to have gotten a little package on Toni-Serena. Very very stoked for said bout.
  7. Who is this Jay Malachi? Sign that guy. Excellent Dark bout here with Fuego. VSK Jeeves always looks impressive to me. I like the way he moves around in there. Nice touch raking the eyes down the rope and then cleaning them off. This VSK is gonna be a player someday. Speaking of former Impact guys, crazy how little they let Caleb Konley show his stuff. He's been fucking terrific in everyone of his Dark bouts. They need to sign this muthafucka and give him a spot in the Wingmen crew. I mean especially now seeing as JD is focusing on 'The Working Horses'. Dante-Henry looked good, only caught it from a sideglance. Henry always impresses. I also love that Dante's putting in the reps on Dark every week and getting even better than he already is. So to Skye Blue who looked good in that mixed Elevation tag.
  8. Lots of quality wrestling on the flagship Monday broadcast. And lots of BLAH to skim passed. The opening provided both. Dug that Io-Belair battle. Then more ffwding passed a totally unwanted Seth Rollins promo, but that brings us to Rollins v Mysterio! Two weeks in a row Rollins banging it inside the ring. I love ol man Mysterio. Dominik saunters out for pure viewing satisfaction. Rhea Ripley is truly the 'one'! What a star! One terrific bout after another with Gargano and Owens battling Gable and Otis. Odd Owens v Sign pre-match brawl. I wasn't entirely sure about this Otis, but he's proved himself to be a studhorse in there! I'm not crying about it, but few 'superstars' feel as magnetic and captivating as Gable. Seeing as they don't have a lot of those level performers right now it would make sense to strap a rocket to his ass, no? Or squash him to possibly my least favorite WWE performer Braun Strowman? Take your pick. Skimmed passed Omos. I dig this Candice LeRae just fine, but is Nikki ASH secretly awesome? I really like how she moves around in there. I also like how Sami and AJ move around in there. Obviously those two are gonna have an excellent bout. Apple Juice Styles rocking the pencil thin John Waters moo-stash is an interesting choice. AJ's a weird dude, huh? I was burning out by this point, but dug what I saw of Riddle-Priest. I wanna like old man Edge, but I really don't. Maybe there's time yet. I am thankful not to have heard him talk for 20 minutes. I still can't imagine ever watching this show live, but no complaints I'm thankful for my streamlined Tuesday afternoon Raw.
  9. I didn't suggest it was the right way. Just something I'd enjoy seeing.
  10. Really hoping to see Malakai and Buddy settle into some fitting mid-card-gatekeeper-jobber roles. And go on a run of being soundly beaten by such teams as the Best Friends, Reynolds and Silver, the Blondes, etc. Maybe even a handicap loss to Wardy! Pac oughtta kick the shit out of those guys too.
  11. I’m totally down for willing Vikingo into an AEW existence. I’ve always assumed there’s some sort of visa issue or some shit as to why this thrilling performer is not yet in the fold.
  12. I too had a thought concerning the stylistically similar Brody/Butcher/Blade, but that gets in the way of the already awesome Rush/Butcher/Blade team. I assume Andrade's the next to announce a 'recalibration' so Rooshky needs some frenz. I wonder if he's thinking twice about turning his back on his brother!?!
  13. Are you enjoying Taz's random use of the term '(BLANK) Jones'? Reply in as few words as possible and as fast as you can.
  14. Sunday Morning Superstars edition of Smack this week. Anybody out there familiar with Jimmy Smack? I have no conditioning for long Bloodline segments. I love Heyman, I love Sami, but Stoic Roman and his 'acknowledge me' catchphrase are fucking blah! The alpha dummy USOs on the mic are even worse. FFWD! I skimmed to the end and enjoyed seeing Sami Zayn make something special out of a bunch of bullshit. This is my first look at Lacy Evans and I'm impressed - for all the 70s asskicker reasons DEAN outlined. She nicely led this bout. I sometimes wish the industry called a moratorium on lame tables, but Liv and the WWE production team did it right here. MMM seem like capable prospects. Dug on that quick Max Dupri post match meltdown. I don't know the former Eli Drake all that well, but I feel like he might get a shot in WWE, and I'm ready for it. Otis-Strowman surprised me as a fun little segment. Kross-McIntyre segment felt a bit colder than desired, but was fine. Enter Bayley-Kay-Sky!! I really like how Dakota Kai moves around in there. Is Shotzi always as bad as her attempt to throw Io out of the ring? Brutes-Usos was good. Every week I marvel at Pete Dunne's 'Butch'. The Cole-Graves commentary team is such a breath of fresh air after listening to AEW's overwrought and often awful commentary. Good solid show here.
  15. Excellent opening. The House of Black with opponents looming photo posted on page 2 tells a thousand thrilling words. Loved this opener. I need a Buddy-Darby singles battle. Small detail, but I wish sudden debuts could happen without a bad 'tron video. Maybe without music too - be creative. Seeing as it's a spontaneous moment in the middle of a match the production oughtta meet the purpose. Just a thought, certainly not a complaint on this fantastic opener. Great 'overbooking'. THAT JULIA FUCKING BUMP!!! And then Menard and Parker beautifully lead the 'Dream Partners' tag match. That was near perfect. These guys are tremendous foundational talents for this company. WarJoe-Nese/Woods follows and wholly delivers. Gimme some more Josh Woods v Wardlow! And then no big deal just a Rey Fenix-Jungle Boy classic! Jungle Jack's getting some good 'classic-match-run-rehab' after a couple side steps. I felt the same about Jade here. I really liked how Diamante ate her offense in this. This whole Trina angle ranks up there on the AEDub whack shit list. Obviously a small offense compared to the wackiest of shit - see being forced to listen to Jim Ross every week. Kingston v Sammy was a near perfect set of segments. I thoroughly loved this match and everything about it. These two are both incredible! All that said... why the fuck is Tay playing 'Miss Elizabeth' while Kingston has Sammy locked in the submission? Talk about illogical shit!? And where is the JAS, why is Jericho sitting on commentary still? If this plays out with Sammy acknowledging his being fucked over by his wife and all his friends then sure - makes sense! ANYWAY, I loved this finish! Reminded me of Bret-Lawler. Kingston-Guevara is truly a match I wanna see them run back sooner than later. I was feeling burned out watching the Battle Royal. I'm glad my exhaustion wasn't whilst seated in Queens at whatever ungodly hour. I had to skim thru some of this match. I liked hearing Jericho and Show have a genuine moment over comparing Dalton Castle to Leaping Lanny Poffo. Not a fan of - if your partner catches you it doesn't count as an elimination. Tho, both Castle and Lethal worked very well with this silly caveat. Dean totally nailed them setting up a bunch of ROH storylines here. I loved the finish. Great battle on the outside. I look forward to an Elite reunion. And the visiting team v Moxley 'Championship' bout! The idea that ppl would be excited for Starks and Hobbs as a Main Event after their silly PPV match seems like poor strategy. But so does trying to film so late into the night. All things considered, the match completely delivered! These two both looked as good as they've ever looked. Hobbs' powerslam into the chairs ought to have been the finish. The Starks back bump on the standing chairs was absolutely brutal looking. Great main event. I do hope Tony is learning something from the crowd exhaustion that is happening so clearly on PPVs and these Grand Slam shows (he's not). Sometimes less is more. Regardless, the show was pretty fucking fantastic!
  16. I'm interested to see what Freddie can do. His passion is clear, but judging from his pod - his taste is a bit questionable. I expect lots and lots of drama from Junior. I'm not sure how 10 years or whatever it was of TNA on his resume suggests a new promotion by Jeff Jarrett would be a good idea? With its terrific roster and media resources IMPACT should scream out 'hey, there is a number 3!' Unfortunately, they're still following the WWE-lite blueprint Jarrett laid out all those years ago. Tho, they do seem to be gleaning some lessons from Wednesday nights. If IMPACT were to cut out their awful skits, their horseshit dramatic storylines, stopped with the relentless/meaningless/forgettable multiman matches and developed a reasonably fresh look for their stale 'Impact Zone' they might have something. But that is not going to happen.
  17. It's probably worth noting in all this release speculation and push/lack of push talk that Miro's had injuries and priors (a TV pilot). The interview he did with Renee seemed to suggest he's a pretty happy camper. I love Andrade, but I find no issue with the level he's at. I just hope he sticks around long enough to elevate this group with Rooosh and the new 'Total Package' Jose the Assistant. Oh man, imagine if it's good old Jim Ross asking for his release!?!
  18. Danielson-Moxley was even better on second view. And that Darby promo! Awesome! I find it hard to actively clamour for anybody with the excellent depth of the AEW roster. That said, count me in as somebody who would love to see the Bucks back ASAP. I find great value in the Bucks consistent ability to have fanfuckingtastic matches. I never wanna know what it's like to watch Nick Jackson tear it up and then want to complain or pretend he isn't an incredle performer. I feel the same about the maestro Omega. And I'd be happy to see 'Phil' too. Not so much Ace. I'd have to bet there aren't too many ppl actively wanting Ace back.
  19. The MJF-Yuta segment was excellent. Small detail, but having Yuta already out there on the ramp ready to talk was a nice touch. The antithesis of the overlong intro followed by long windy promo on the other channel. Fun 4 Way! Let's keep this division focused on the true workhorses! I love Deeb running with the top heels. Another small but great detail, Claudio's not shocked, but disappointed face for the 2 count. That's how ya do it! Bring on Rumpay'ge!
  20. Swerve heats up the joint. Keith Lee and Swerve were so fucking good here. I need to better understand what happened with Max Caster? 'Mad respect' for being able to bounce back and light the damn place up on the finish. Right on, gimme the Ass Boys and FTR! Asses were good here. I missed some stuff, but caught the end of the MJF-Yuta segment. I like that match. Only caught parts of OC-Pac, but what I saw was great. I missed the entire 4 way. Was it good? I did see Saraya. I understand she was out injured while under WWE employ, but was she having great matches prior to said injury? I've never seen her before. Great pop tho! I felt her stardom. Danielson and Moxley r great. The production of that match cutting to MJF so often, splitting the screen even, was fuckin' awful. Thankfully, again, Danielson and Moxley r fucking great. 'Cloudio' as Bryan Alvarez and, I think, Khan refer to him as - I would've liked a 'Cloudio' victory. He physically carried a big load of that bout, but Jericho's on a pretty fun run. Does it lead to ROH TV? AEDub is working it's way out of the weeds with a run of rockin shows.
  21. Mercedes debuted or more accurately returned to AEW and cost Thunder Rosa her tournament title match versus Jade. Jade and Mercedes have never had a match. This according to memory and backed up by a nice little internet wrestling resource called CageMatch. I'm by no means calling Martinez and Jade a 'dream bout' but I'd be interested to see what the veteran would do with the greenhorn.
  22. I give a shit about Mercedes, and would be very much down for a bout with Jade. Seeing as it's Diamante presenting this 'Baddest Bitch from the 305' perhaps you oughta lower your expectations.
  23. Caught this before I posted... Who is the 'baddest bitch from the 305' or whomever Diamonte was on about? Somebody mentioned Mercedes? I also saw Velvet alluded to? I really hope Velvet isn't being brought back as a babyface. She was really find her niche as a Baddie. Mercedes-Jade however sounds like a helluva bout.
  24. 'WAYNE World 2! 'Oh Jesus God, no!' A rare example of the sequel outperforming the original. Nice promotional play Khan! I'll be watching 'I've got no place else to go!'
  25. I'd like to begin by noting that the WWE replay technology is fanfuckingtastic! Bobby Lashley v Seth Rollins opens and was the best match I’ve seen from either. Admission: I haven’t seen many, but this was fantastic. I’ve mostly ffwd Rollins since beginning my WWE viewing campaign. He was really terrific here. I love Bayley and her crew, but had to apply the ffwd when Dakota took the mic. I wanna say in her defense they seem to be asking that these performers speak far longer than they need to. I don’t want to say Owens carried Theory. Owens is a special performer, but Theory was hanging in there. Certainly this was the best Theory match I’ve seen. The Gargano business is an odd choice, but game for these babies mixing it up with Team Gable. ‘Rockets’ to Gable please H Hearst H. A whole Logan Paul-Reigns package to forward passed. Hey WWE, there's no shame in pre-taped promos over live in-ring. You can avoid these long basic often awkward back and fourths that led into the terrific Profits-Brutes battle. Hate that finish as is. Dunne is fucking great. Holy shit. I have a soft spot for dramatic Rey Mysterio babyface promos. Am I crazy to think Rey’s had his lips done? Owens and Gable can even make backstage skits watchable. Hopefully Gargano’s gleaning some lessons from Big Kev. Wow, Judgement Day with an enjoyable in ring promo. Great heat there! A night of performer’s best’s – Damien Priest looking tremendous in this tag. Fantastic match. Rhea Ripley continues to steal the show. I expect her to eclipse Reigns as the top banana or draw shortly. Timing was eschewed in the Miz segment. I generally ffwd this boneheaded bullshit, but ‘Mike’s’ doing a terrific job with what he's being given here, and Lumis is oddly fascinating. Not sure I'm sold on the value of the pay-off, but I'll wait and see. The post match Judgement Day backstage skit was pretty okay too. I’m game for Balor and Styles. I sense Apple Juice is bringing back his Good buddies for this feud. Bayley is such a special talent. I’m not sure Bliss is worth protecting, but I’m guessing her merchandise or some other metric are at play over her crowd engagement. I’m not a fan of her in rnig game, but she seems to work hard in there. I can get down with Bayley-Belair. Yeah, these WWE shows are getting better and better.
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