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  1. jaedmc

    Halloween Havoc : Season of the Witch pre-thread

    Sent my write up in. I'm really happy I was assigned this one. Excited to find out who picked it.
  2. jaedmc

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    Oh and then I ran it over.
  3. jaedmc

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    Drove over to @Dolfan in NYC's place to find the cat he kicked and also kicked it.
  4. jaedmc

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    Kenyan Drake showing why Frank Gore has 100 yards today.
  5. jaedmc

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

  6. jaedmc


    I am not a fan of The Hellraiser flicks in general. I like the box and I like the look of Pinhead, but like you, I never felt scared. I think my issue was that I didn't know what ground we were standing on. Jason is a guy with a machete. I get how to deal with that. Freddy is in your dreams, control your fear, control the monster(or bury his bones on holy ground in the third one). I get those rules. In Hellraiser, I don't even remember or understand what is going on or what is stopping it from happening. It's just a collection of fucked up images(which I understand can scare people in itself) but without an idea of how this could affect ME, I can't put myself in it, and am thus never scared.
  7. jaedmc


    Tony Snell wasn't one of the good Bulls, Thibs won't trade for him.
  8. jaedmc

    The Board Game Thread

    D&D STORY TIME So my 10 year old dropped into my wife's game. He plays a thief and asked my wife's party to help her clear his name in a murder mystery. It went final. And then....the FINAL BATTLE. Towards the end of the fight, a Crystaline Devil is getting it's ass beat and it flips out...charges my sons character and drops him to 0 hit points. With his first attack. Sicne he has a second attack I make a roll to decide whether the monster would continue attacking my son's fallen character. He does, and now my son has two death save fails without even rolling a die. My wife tries to stabilize him with two different characters before he has to make a death save and FAILS both rolls. He rolls his death save knowing if he rolls under a 10 his character is dead. He looked like he was going to be sick. But he made the save and stabilized. One of my wife's character managed to throw him some hit points with a healing word. On my son's next turn, he stands up...rolls a Natural 20 and lands the killing blow on the devil that nearly killed him. I asked him to describe how he destroys the monster, and he did. I said, "after you've killed the crystal devil, you turn back to your party, your clothes tattered and covered in your own blood and you say....what?" And my son thinks for a second and says.... "I'm a man." We died laughing. Not "THE" Man. He's now "A" man. Dungeons and Dragons is fun.
  9. jaedmc

    Possible Killer On My Street

    No real updates. We're kind of continuing on with our life. Last week I took my son to watch the amateur boxing matches at the park where the second man was killed. We walked there together. Everyone's head was on a swivel. Cops were everywhere and continue to be everywhere. It made me wonder about other murders that have happened in the city and whether any other neighborhoods get this kind of attention. A week or so before this started a young man was caught in the cross fire of a shoot out and died. We didn't get 40 detectives working on that. Wards on the southside don't get his kind of attention. I'm not sure what it is. Rogers Park is incredibly diverse, and we have tons of refugees and immigrants who live this way from allllll over. My son goes to a school that has like 46 different languages spoken. So I pause before thinking it's simply racial. Gang violence gets treated differently than some guy walking around shooting people, I guess, and I don't know all the particulars as to why. Not sure what we're doing for Halloween. Seems like a shit time to wander around in costumes at night. Might hit up Evanston for that rich folk candy this year.
  10. jaedmc

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Is any part really "the best" part?
  11. jaedmc


    I thought Taylor took Thibs out of the equation for Trade a couple weeks ago.
  12. Scream Factory's Shocktober sale is...not much of a sale. Steelbooks are 17 bucks if you need another copy of Army of the Dead. I was hoping some of the back catalogue would get discounted. But a lot of it is still around 20 bucks. Is the sequel any good? Loved the first one.
  13. jaedmc

    2018 NFL - WEEK FIVE

    Mason Crosby with another miss. His hair has gotten increasingly white over the course of this game.
  14. jaedmc

    2018 NFL - WEEK FIVE

    3 missed field goals and a missed PAT. Mason Crosby is going to have some trouble getting home tonight.
  15. jaedmc

    2018 NFL - WEEK FIVE