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  1. It's actually all in the wrist.
  2. I bet whoever made that Top 20 has a girlfriend. And the keys to her cage are in a safe in that guy's closet.
  3. I forgot to mention that Owens thing. Crowd booed their ass off. Here's a thought. I'm not sure if Owens getting the count out win gets Owens heat. I feel like we're in that inbred smark state where Owens winning via countout it a "fuck Vince/WWE" deal, and Jinder sitting on a chin lock is a "Fuck Jinder why won't he do cool flipz and shit." deal. It's all very meta and dumb and I don't know if that's how it actual is, but that's how it felt when the show was over. Then again, Roman gets booed for going over, despite being awesome, and Vince gets "Thank you Vince" chants for making the show everyone shits on, despite being a total turd of a human being.... so maybe I'm giving other fans too much credit.
  4. JAE'S SMACKLASH LIVE EVENT REPORT Before the first match some one handed out print outs of 10's for Tye Dillinger. No one used them because we have 10 fucking fingers. Save a tree. Aiden English was great at getting heat before the match. He was probably the only legit heel on the show, and this was THE ONLY match in which the crowd was 100% with the face and totally hated the heel. Tye Dillinger isn't that hot beyond the 10 gimmick. Aiden English is one of the few guys that was good Live. Lots of good TV wrestlers I found out weren't that good live. Like most of the roster actually. I knew as soon as they went with Shinsuke/Ziggler to open, that the night was not going to go well. Shinsuke's Entrance is SUPER OVER. Shinsuke the wrestler....maybe not as much. Lots of let's go Ziggler, Ziggler sucks. I embarrassed my son when I yelled KNEE HIM UNTIL HE'S DEAD. I told him to get in the fucking game or go home. USOS/Fashion Clowns was probably the most fun anyone had all night and the show maybe peaked here. I thought the match was fine because the Breeze would do comedy and then an Uso would kick the fuck out of him. Hated the finish because Fandango hit a dope dive and the Uso's basically no sold it to quickly do the finish. There were lots of Fire Bradshaw chants before the show, so when that dress hit him the crowd went fucking nuts. May have been Pop of the Night. There was a 5 year old in front of us who would chant throughout the entire matches. Long after people had stopped he'd keep going and I felt bad for the youg man who's ears were 6 inches in front of this kid. Sometimes the dad would just shove popcorn in the kid's mouth to give us a reprieve. During the Uso's match he'd yell "BREEZANGO GOING TO GIVE YOU YOUR OWN MEDICINE." over and over. ZAYN/CORBIN was probably the last good match. Probably the best match. Again lots of Let's Go SAmi/Let's go Corbin chants. Like Shinsuke, Zayn's Entrance is more over than he is. This is the first time I've seen Zayn live in a big arena, everything before was in a small building when he was Generico. He's just as good live now as he was then. The back selling was the clear and hinted at early enough for people realize it without being over the top. Corbin rolling out and rolling in for that clothesline was the coolest shit. Charlotte is more over than most of the guys. Any time her face showed up on the Titan Tron people would flip out. I don't know how it played out on TV but the finish sucked because EVERYONE could clearly see Charlotte just watching the finish, and then conveniently rolling in after the tap out. I hope that's how they played it on TV because I was expecting her to turn on Becky. NAOMI's entrance is fucking HYPE. NAOMI the wrestler is not nearly as good and that made me sad. Some of her stuff just looked plain bad. Natalya running on her back was dope. Becky Lynch is cool fucking beans, and had everyone with her by the end. AJ STYLES is easily the most loved guy on the roster. So many people would chant "...the house that AJ Styles BUILT" every time they ran a promo with him saying it. So much so that it actually frightened me how easily conditioned wrestling fans are to chanting and repeating shit. This match had everyone active. I'm not a big AJ fan but he's one of the handful that was really good live. He plays to the back really well. Kevin Owens is more of a first few rows guy. I was shocked how once he got in the ring he kind of shrunk. The count out finish was fucking AWFUL. People were so pissed that there was no way Harper/Rowan could over come it. Their match was straight up booed and called boring by a lot people. Up until the Main Event there were lots of people shitting on Orton, once he came out people freaked the fuck out. I know he's not putting in his best work, but honestly he looks like he's on a different level than nearly everyone else on the roster. Everything he does is so clear. He just looks like a capital "w" Wrestler. A lot of other guys look like guys playing dress-up, even some that I actually enjoy otherwise. I mean people I heard hoping that he'd lose got one over in the first minute by him. The opening was great because it felt like they wanted to make it up to everyone that AJ/Owens ended in a shit count out. The Two Christmas Elves that came out with Jinder got booed every time they did shit. Orton nearly killing on of them on the table was hands down my favorite moment of the whole fucking night. Jinder looks like a FREAK live. I can see why he's getting a push because he looks like he belongs with the guys from the 80's. He was getting a lot of cheers until he settled on that fucking chin lock. I LOVED IT. Because he sat in it until they booed. And they booed hard. And then he sat in it some more. So many pro-Jinder people in my section were like fuck this guy, and that made me respect his choices more. Lots of people shook there heads when he won. Not because they didn't want to see the title change or whatever, but because the show fucking stunk. After Zayn won they pretty much settled on kicking us in the nuts the rest of the night, and I think people were wanting a little more drama in the main event. It was an okay match, but I think if Orton kicked out and they did a little more before the loss it would have been much better. My son was pissed. The whole last half was just so disappointing. For his first WWE show, I think he'd rather stick with CHIKARA. Best Wrestlers For a Live Audience 1. Orton 2. Zayn 3. Styles 4. Aiden English 5. Fandango. 6. Usos. 7. Tyler Breeze's Mop
  5. Boy he didn't just lose. He got stomped there at the end.
  6. I know they're trying to change the model of these big event shows by having some more experimental matchups, but honestly this card is kinda sad looking and the tickets probably shouldn't be anywhere near as expensive. Last PPV I went to was Judgment Day 2009. That shit had Mickie James/Beth Phoenix, Punk/Umaga, Christian/Swagger, Batista/Orton, Misterio/Jericho, Cena/Big Show, Morrison/Shelton Benjamin, and Edge vs. Jeff Hardy in the main event. No way should tickets for Jinder/Orton, AJ/Owens and Shinsuke/Ziggler cost more than what I paid for that show.
  7. Oh shit I didn't even notice that. I got all the lenticular covers because I'm a 90's kid and shiny covers take over all reason. Weird. I'm still unclear as to what is known and unknown to characters because I dropped out once NEW 52 happened. I plan on checking out most of the Rebirth Banner trades through HOOPLA(shout out to whoever mentioned that existed because Chicago Public Libraries apparently are all over the Hoopla) to kind of get up to speed on the characters I like. I also thought it was weird that the lenticular kinda made Jay look evil. I'm not super familiar with DC mythos because I spent most of my life as a Marvel only guy, so I don't know if it's a reference I don't get, or if I'm just misreading the cover.
  8. So I picked up issue 1 yesterday and I really love it. Going to go back and get the others. I fucking love the art. It's a scratchy Tim Sale vibe that feels really surreal and dream like. I really haven't been impressed with dialogue in comics the last few years. All the characters usually feel like the same extension of the author and every character manages to have some witty joke to tell when in they probably shouldn't have much of a sense of humor. Like everyone is fucking Joss Whedon all of a sudden. KINGPIN was one of the few comics I've read recently where I felt like the dialogue wasn't trying so fucking hard to be loved and I loved that. So I join Matt in the praise.
  9. So I've been getting back into comics(I go through 6-9 month periods of buying nothing then 3 months of devouring) and have kind of just grabbing single issues to see what I dig. I finished the whole Flash/Batman Button cross over. I like the events of what happened, but I felt like it was really 2-3 issues stretched to 4 issues. I'm okay with where they left Batman, but part of me thinks it's a little weird for him to be as affected as he was. He kinda felt like a noob teenager instead of a grown man who's experienced a TON of crazy shit as Batman. I'm weirdly excited for wherever they going with the Superman/Dr. Manhattan even though I also dug Harley Quinn Issue 19 which finished the short Red Meat storyline, had some funny shit and I dug John Timms art style. It's very Humberto Ramos-y. There's also a Paul Dini backup story in all the Red Meat issues that's Batman TAS style. It's cute, but I was almost taken aback at how whoever the artist keeps drawing Harley more sexually suggestively than the Animated Series would have. Not that I'm offended by that, but it's like a clashing of styles. Like she's wearing a nighty most of the time that's loos fitting but he faintly draws all the lines of her body so you get the idea she's naked underneath. It takes a second to realize they're not making this content for FOX KIDS.
  10. It's fucking exhausting when Elsalvajeloco comes into a thread and beats his drum hoping everyone will tell him he's right. Every time I see that fucking asian girl throwing up a peace sign I think "Oh jesus this thread is about to go off the rails with him being overly confrontational about some unimportant shit. I wonder how long before he realizes that the other person won't tell him he's right, so he'll just call them stupid and imply they work in fast food, so he can achieve some semblance of what he believes to be a moral victory." It's probably why the MMA section is basically him posting news stories to himself.
  11. I loved the last chunk of The Flash. It was Game of Thrones levels of "everything is going so well...." Thought it was weird that Draco Malfoy wasn't involved at all though. And I'm wondering if they'll actually go through with removing Ramon's hands. They should sense no one has actually done anything to alter that event. Anyone think it was weird that Barry, who I thought knew what happened in that fight, told Cisco to go but didn't warn him about her freezing his fucking hands off?
  12. Well Markelle Fultz would certainly help the Bulls point guard problem. But then that would mean we'd have a "Don't Have Jimmy Buttler any more" problem.
  13. My dream is that this merging of worlds leads to a Giant Squid exploding in Metropolis.