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  1. Devin Hester is the only dude in my life, where for like two - three years I could say, "Man we're losing, Devin needs to return one to get this going." And he'd do it. No one should ever hang their hat on the idea of Punt or Kickoff return being what gets them back in the game. That's stupid. But not when he played. He created that expectation that not only could it be done. He was going to do it next. And when teams got wise they gave us hilariously short fields just trying to avoid it from happening. I don't know if that part is on any kind of stat sheet though. I don't know if that should make him a hall of famer but he's a goddamn legend to me.
  2. Maybe setting up a battle for the soul of the Dark Order with some other weirdo that could be showing up soon. I feel like Page has lot of options and he's in a good position to have a good story with someone that makes him a bigger part of the company no matter what. I think they believe in him and I think he's come through just about every time they've gone to him. Honestly it's a testament to how good he's done with his stories that people are still wanting him to be the guy to dethrone Kenny and not Bryan Danielson - even after last night's match.
  3. I figured between The Elite becoming bigger with Adam Page and more nWo-ish, Hangman is being setup to be the Sting when he comes back.
  4. I honestly don't think he knows any of that information. Like I don't think he even knew WWE was just there, it was just a line that conveniently fit his act.
  5. I think it's less crazy that Sting submitted FTR, and more crazy that Darby Allin just wrestled CM Punk and is still watching Sting win tag matches. Cena was only ever a level 2 for me. Two Commentary Notes: I would usually defend JR, but this is like third show I've watched where he's metatextually gushed about how good a storyteller a wrestler is in an illusion breaking way. It's driving me nuts. I know they're telling me a story, I want you to pretend like they're not. I LOVE Excalibur and Tony explaining that Daniel Bryan can kick out of a Top rope Dragon Suplex because his momentum carried him to his chest. I've never liked it when people act like a top rope move is like the regular version just more extreme.
  6. This is the best dissection of Cody Rhodes. Everyone should print it out on a 3x5 index card and reference it for future matches and promos.
  7. Kenny was good. Certainly carried himself like he supposed to be there and then some. I thought there were certain moments late where he looked a little cartoony with selling. Like he was imagining birds circling around his head. That would've been fine early, but late when shit gets serious, I'd like for him to dial it in on the theatrics. But for me he's one of those weird wrestlers where the reasons I enjoy him are sometimes the same reasons why I don't. So it's not like I really want him to change either.
  8. Quick Thoughts: Bryan Danielson is still the best wrestler alive and his selling means everyone else on the roster needs to step the fuck up. I love timelimit draws. And I'm glad AEW uses them. I don't feel cheated and I want to see more. Punk promo started shakey but he effectively bridged the gap from just a happy guy to a happy guy with a character motication. "Don't lose this feeling or it'll get ugly." Decent match with MJF and Pillman Jr. Pillman feels like his ceiling is a Hacksaw Jim Duggan/ Junkyard Dog Midcard dude right now. I don't mean that as a slight. Cody is great. Fuck the haters. I love that he got booed and they didn't act like it wasn't happening, and it bothered him to the point that it became the reason why he'd get countered. "Cofflin Flop on Corncob TV", solid signage. Hated the apron Coffin Drop, looked like it fuck up the dude's neck. I'm cool with dangerous shit, but I feel like there should be away that at least one guy should be able to protect the other. No one could get protected in that spot and it looked like they both ate shit for it. Liked Brit/Ruby. I kinda wish this wasn't Ruby's first gig and she was able to build herself and her character against a different heel, but I don't know that would be. I do love these two together. Brit is too good at finding the camera and killing it. Solid show.
  9. Stoked to watch some fucking wrestling tonight.
  10. Joe Burrow with three straight interceptions. Each beautiful in their own way.
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