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  1. I want to read it, but I also want to wait for you to read it, and let me know if it's full of shit.
  2. We finished Pandemic Legacy last night and that was the most satisfying boardgaming experience from beginning to end that I've ever had. It had a neat story with twists and turns and the difficulty was high enough that it could feel overwhelming but we somehow managed to win out. A good mix of bone crushing defeats and epic wins. I saw the board for Pandemic Legacy 2 and my mind is blown for how that goes. Can't wait until it comes out. We were looking for other legacy-style games to try. Has anyone here played SEAFALL? It looks pretty cool.
  3. Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on Once more you open the door And you're here in my heart and my heart will go on and on - Celine Dion
  4. So excited to try this out. I'm a fire pro nut from the G days - buying a spring to put in my Playstation so we could load the game. Printing reams of paper to translate every screen .I bought Fire Pro Returns and my kid went nuts over it. When I finally broke down and bought him a PS4(been rocking a PS2 for over a decade now) I was sad because it meant we probably wouldn't be playing Returns any more. Now we can. I'm a little bummed about no preloaded Dick Slenders or other wacky stuff, but the create a character is my favorite. I would spend hours fucking with the AI stuff so characters would behave like the wrestler. There's a weird satisfaction that comes from going through all that insane trouble, fine tuning it over and over, and finally going, "Oh shit he just did the sequence of moves like Kurt Angle would." And now that's the only name I'll call him.
  5. Not a Haneke fan tho I dig his aesthetic. His best is probably White Ribbon. I would have voted for it or maybe Benny's Video before Cache.
  6. That's crazy because I joked that I would have voted for Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion if I had seen it before I submitted my list. I watched it like the day of the deadline.
  7. FUCK YES. Great surprise for me. AND WITHOUT A #1 VOTE.
  8. Based on how the Top 10 shook out I'm positive about how the Top 2 will go.
  9. Based on today's findings my administration is going to open up an investigation as to whether Italy hacked the vote.
  10. !!!!! You guys voted for THE THIN MAN!!!!!!
  11. Too much Scorsese for my blood. Matt D is a big ol' softy with that Casablanca #1 vote. I enjoyed The Good The Bad and The Ugly but I don't think it's in my Top 15 or maybe even 20 Westerns. Looks like I've got one movie from my Top 5 that will be in the Top 5. I probably didn't vote for the others.
  12. So Hoop Dreams is in the Top 10 right?