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  1. That was on the table. I'm pretty sure I've gotten my wife to watch that one already. Right now I'm leaning towards The Stuff. 80's Small Town America. With the Stuff we show corporations devour suburbia through manufactured conformity. With Elvira we show self-imposed small town conformity subverted by Elvira's cleavage. There's a funky food connection. The director of Elvira is James Signorelli who has produced hundreds of episodes of SNL, and Garret Morris is Chocolate Chip Charlie in The Stuff so there's that connection.
  2. Wish I hadn't read the Grant Imahara news right before I went to bed.
  3. yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh So since there's no Joe Bob currently and that was me and my wife's quarantine date night, we've decided to do our own double features every Friday. We take turns secretly picking the movies and then give the other a clue during the week. First week I did MANDY and THE MAUSOLEUM. This week I'm sure I'm going with Elvira Mistress of the Dark. Trying to figure out what I want to pair with it, but the movies I come up(1988 Blob) with aren't on any streaming services(I hate renting).
  4. Well that turned into some monkey's paw wish fulfillment shit real quick.
  5. Made it better. Hundred percent. It's not even questionable. It is straight up ludicrous. Watched Uncut Gems last night and it was one of the longest two hour movies I've ever seen. 45 minutes in and I was like I don't know if I can't take more of this. The scene where Kevin Garnett shows up the second time and they're trying to buzz him in has to be the cinematic equivalent of a black belt locking you in a triangle choke. I was tapping like fucking crazy. Adam Sandler's character is so fucking terrible I was begging for someone, anyone to put him out of his misery. It's like the last 20 minutes of Requiem For a Dream but the whole movie is that. Though I will say Adam Sandler tackling The Weekend made me cheer. I don't know why. I don't have anything against Mr. The Weekend. Anyway, great movie. The more I see LaKeith Stanfield the more I want him to be in all the movies.
  6. See I've been preparing for this moment for over a decade. I've NEVER bought a Friday the 13th movie because I knew in my heart this would finally happen. My faith in the horror gods has been rewarded.
  7. fixed for posterity. the best part of that was I went on vacation and didn't check the board for like 5 days.
  8. @Casey Pre-orders are up now at full price: https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/friday-the-13th-collection-deluxe-edition?product_id=7444 159.99. 16 discs. 12 movies, so 13.33 a movie. New scans of several of the films including a new 3D scan of 3. So you can watch it in 2d or 3d if you got the right TV/player.
  9. They're gonna need those collars from the 1991 classic Wedlock, if they want to get through this "season".
  10. Is Death Stranding fun? Because it looks so fucking weird I want to like it, but I'm afraid it's just not fun to play. Agree about scavenging in TLOU. In 2, I get way more pleasure finding and unlocking a safe than probably anything else in the game.
  11. It was the same issue in Uncharted 4 when Nathan Drake's brother was involved. Cracked me up. Anytime NPC sidekicks fuck up in a game, me and my whole family yell "I can't right now!" like Sheva from Resident Evil 5. I liked Horizon Zero Dawn's solution of "you stay here while I check it out and when I get spotted rain down." For all the realism I'm surprised at what they put in Last of Us 2 to bring me out of it. Shit that goes contradictory to the core mechanics like the unstealthy NPC sidekick. The big ones are the vehicle missions. The whole game is built around conserving supplies but when you are riding shotgun in a truck during a chase sequence - you've got unlimited ammo. So weird. It's like the creators are going "It's more than a game - it's an experience!" one second and then "just go with it - it's just a game" the next.
  12. I can say unequivocally the I fucking love horror films. Bloody excessive violence - I'm in. I'm just a big emotional person. I'm always internalizing emotions of characters from books, movies, video games etc. I'm that dude that cries when characters die in TTRPGs. I'd say the reason why I'm able to get through the game and even sometimes enjoy the violence, is because I can compartmentalize it into - "it's just a game", similarly to watching a horror film. But then the character that's been my avatar brutally murders someone in a cut scene and I've got no choice but to keep playing as that person it makes me the sads.
  13. I'm in the middle of it now, and I had to take about a week off from playing it. I think the creators overplayed their hand. What I loved about the story of the first one is that it seems pretty cliche. I thought the ending was going to be similar to Cormac McArthy's The Road. It was not that. The badguys were clearly badguys until the end - and then it went shades of gray. I was kind of into Part 2 because it felt like the first time any video game ever commented on the myth of redemptive violence. I thought the impetus behind Ellie and Abby's journeys felt organic and how they would eventually intersect appealed to me. But the game lays it on thick so much, from the big honkin' story twists, to the realistic details of dead dog yelps, and the death gurgles of humans that you know aren't technically "bad" - the "gameplay" becomes exhausting. Like watching Michael Haneke tell me how awful and complicit I am for viewing his movie, but worse.(I recently got an academic studies book on the Feel Bad Film "genre" that I feel will be applicable to this game once I read it.) One effect of this is that I find myself running through missions as quickly as possible, sometimes just avoiding killing altogether. Just get to the end. But then what value was all that work the Naughty Dog team put into creating the gameplay? I can't take the time to enjoy all the details. I don't want to tactically pick apart the Seattle people with all the kewl weapons and intricate maps. That's probably why the Cult was introduced anyway - had to be someone you'd be willing to drop. But knowing this game they'll probably be the ones who were right all along. All that being said... it sounds like I hate this game - but I don't. I like it because it's trying something new- even if it's trying too hard. And I actually do like Ellie and Abby. I find them fascinating to be interesting characters with strong and complicated points of view. I've only played Uncharted 4 and Last of Us 1 before these, and I thought they did okay balancing the cinematic and the GAME. This feels too much one way and I think I'd probably enjoy it more if it was just a movie sequel.
  14. I feel like some good work was accomplished today, putting Independence Day in its rightful place among films like The Deer Hunter.
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