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  1. Our league is fucking ridiculous. 4th thru 10th all have the same 4-4 record.
  2. Which was a shame because some of the best movies I'd seen in my life came from working on that 1950's project.
  3. Nah. He had 11 minutes to either get over it or come up with something better. He decided to punch a man in the helmet.
  4. I wanted us to beat Sean Payton so bad. I think I had us at 4-4, by the half way point, so I'm "happy" I guess. But goddamn this was such a winnable game.
  6. Football gods fuckin with meeeeeeeeee
  7. Pretty sure the player who got poked in the face wasn't Wims, which makes it even stupider.
  8. It should be pointed out - we were not losing when this happened.
  9. Whoever gave the Bears their half time pep talk needs to be tossed into Lake Michigan. Also Joe Buck and Aikman are pushing for Trubisky to come in. I'm dying inside with every tick of the clock.
  10. My kids went out and got a ridiculous haul. Most people had tables set up at the end of their drive way that they'd watch over from their living room window. I guess they felt bad for the kids because they came home with full sized candy bars and bags of gummi bears you'd find in a break room. My wife said the only person who had the kids come up to their door was an elderly lady. She was practically inviting children in. I wasn't surprised. I don't know how it is everywhere else, but I elderly people give zero fucks up here.
  11. Gonna see how big a deal it was that Greg Hardy missed weight on his first try. I will support any MMA fighter who wants to call themselves the Crochet Boss. Dude has a fucking Etsy store.
  12. Will be moving posts from the other thread here.
  13. I'll admit it. I have no idea what Wilderpeople movie you're talking about. You bringing it up is the first I've ever heard of it ever.
  14. I feel like I'm in good company. Based on tastes I can't imagine more than two of us having the same #1. I would think it would be 5 different movies.
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