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  1. jaedmc

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Was half watching the show, as it was game night last night and we were finishing up Betrayal Legacy. Low point of the night may have been watching the Braun Strowman taped promo where he's clearly reading his lines off a card or teleprompter. Terry Funk ain't readin no cue cards. Glad the Usos won because the idea of Shane beating The Bar and The Usos makes me sick. My friend who called Finn Balor a greasy slimeball back the Rumble, saw Shane and went, "Oh that one looks like just a guy. Like some guy from the office they just pulled into the ring." I wish Sarah Logan was a bigger deal. She's rad. Same for Ruby Riott. The Becky is suspended but she's going to evade security on crutches moment was duuuuuuuuummb as fuck. One time I looked up from the game and I saw Lacey Evans walking backstage, and I said "What was that?" Apparently other people who were actively watching the show said the same thing, so I feel better. Between the gauntlet and the end of the Chamber, it's pretty clear that Kofi and Daniel Bryan could put on a hell of a match at Wrestlemania. Kudos to Kofi for getting people to believe in him again. I really hope they go that direction. At this rate it's the one safe bet to satisfy the crowd. Even with the Kofi stuff, I still kind of hate this company and nearly everything they do. The wrestlers are good, some of them are great, But I can't wait until after Mania so I can drop this sub.
  2. oh goddamn I forgot about that Elm St. VHS set. I would buy that just to have and display. I wanted that so bad back in the day.
  3. I think the only duplicate I have is North By Northwest. That's only because I had the bluray book edition, and then later I got the ultimate collection. It takes forever for me to doubledip or upgrade movies. I think this is because of that time I got robbed. I started collecting nearly 20 years ago when I was in highschool. When I got to college I had a solid collection of kewl shit you'd buy when you're a late 90's highschool goober. Fight Club! Memento! American Pie! I did have a couple of bangers like the Akira Steel Case DVD and the Evil Dead Necronomicon Edition. Then my shit hole apartment was burglarized and I lost it all. I had probably invested a used car worth of DVDs and the idea of buying them all again sounded like shit. Besides I didn't even have a TV or a player to play them on. It took years of getting by before we had enough money that we felt like we could give ourselves fun money allowance. I didn't even want to buy movies then, but my wife told me I should because she knew how much I missed that collection. But even when I started buying, I couldn't stomach buying another copy of something I already owned. It wasn't until just last year that I finally replaced Edward Scissorhands, for example. There's a lot of movies I avoid buying because I think there will always be another better edition later - like The Exorcist. So I'll spend that money I something weird I haven't seen like Green Slime or Colossus of Rhodes.
  4. Most important would be the Agnes Varda film One Sings, The Other Doesn't. Haven't been this excited for a Criterion in a loooooong time.
  5. jaedmc

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    I hated you so much for that dumb argument.
  6. jaedmc

    SDL is THE IRON KINGSTON 2/12/19

    So I heard that Kofi Kingston wrestled for over an hour, and I had to see that. Great stuff. Thought his selling was great and he never stopped looking beat up. Even when he showed fire agaisnt AJ at the start of their match, as soon as AJ touched him he went DOWN. It felt like watching a UFC fight where the ref should have stopped it long long ago. Made me instantly want to see him and Bryan at Mania again. It could be a good feud too with Bryan and his muscle(is Harper healthy) against the New Day until it's time for the title fight. It's not like there's any singles babyfaces I really need to see Bryan wrestle at Mania instead. OBSERVATION: When Orton does something sneaky and is pleased with himself he reminds me of Kristen Wiig's Gilly character.
  7. jaedmc

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    I think I'm less concerned about The Elite booking themselves as the focus, and more just annoyed that they are being billed as Executive Vice Presidents. It's created funny stuff on Being the Elite, but I can already feel it getting weird as they run more wrestling angles. Like from a storyline perspective, how can we take the Bucks seriously if they are in charge of signing their own competition? This feels like a conflict of interest. I also feel weird about rooting for Executive Vice Presidents on a wrestling show just on principle.
  8. jaedmc


    Loved having Julius Peppers in Chicago. Wish we were more successful than we were then - he, along with several other players on that team, deserved more than they got.
  9. I mentioned this in the movie thread but apparently in 2018 Dick Miller was my most watched actor according to letterboxd. His career would be the dream. In enough movies to make a living, memorable enough that people like it when you show up, but not famous enough that you can't go outside without cameras everywhere. 2019 might be another Dick Miller year for me now.
  10. jaedmc


    RE: Hereditary I thought it was a parody of every white indie movie about family dysfunction. They always have some niche liberal arts job like miniatures artist, or Proust scholar, or failing theatre director, failed novelist, etc etc etc. They've got a parent they didn't understand and who didn't understand them. That parent is either dead or dying. Sometimes there's a roadtrip where they learn about each other. There's a teenager who just can't wait to get out. A younger child who's extra quirky. MAybe they where an astronaut helmet, or want to be in beauty pageants or cut heads off birds. So this family felt so ridiculously dysfunctional from the get go that I just laughed at all the stuff. I rooted for the evil to just rip them apart like you would Freddy or Jason. I really enjoyed it. I think I laughed the hardest when Joann stopped Toni Collette in the parking lot and said her grand son died too. He was seven years old. cut to Collette going "OH MY GOD." It felt like a joke from Adam Sandler movie where someone says something crazy and it cuts to Sandler going "GOOOOO that was the grossest thing I've ever heard AHLEZGO! The prolonged shot of the head. was gross. Then it stayed on extra long and then it became funny. LOOK AT THE GODDAMN HEAD. I loved it.
  11. jaedmc


    Don't have much to say. My kids decided to give WWE another shot for the Rumble. Don't know if we'll keep the network until Mania. Thought the Nia stuff in the men's was kind of cool at first because she's following in the footsteps of women like Chyna and Beth. The fact that everyone had to gang up on her actually made her look like a bigger threat. Though the whole thing felt baffling considering they've gone to great lengths to avoid man on woman violence for a LONG time now. Why bother? And what is the point? Are we going to run Nia Jax vs. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania? The cynic in me thought the whole thing was booked so the men could get their frustrations out for being overshadowed by the women for the last year. One note on Brock/Balor. We had friends over to play some board games and the Rumble was on in the back ground. My friends would periodically look over and I'd explain some stuff to them. When Brock and Finn were geting in the ring, my friend turned and said: "Oh it's Brock Lesnar against.....this oily slimeball." He'd never seen Finn Balor before in his life. I like Balor okay, and wanted him to win, but it made me wonder how deep in the bubble I am that I was surprised someone's first impression of him would be "Oily slimeball.
  12. jaedmc

    AEW - 2019

    So I watched an episode of Being the Elite, and Cody Rhodes playing a WCW style exec and just throwing million dollar contracts around is funny. Adam Page going "full gear" at a Denny's was a fun reference to PAC at the rally. I see why people like these guys. They feel like the Jackass/CKY crew, but with wrestling instead of shopping carts. ...unless there's an episode where they sit in shopping carts and wreck themselves into bushes(linkplz)
  13. jaedmc


    Watched Hereditary last night. Super funny. Plenty of cool nutso ideas, but all I could think of when it was over was how much I laughed.
  14. jaedmc


    Indianapolis. I would think. Looking them over, I think most NFC teams have a decent cuisine and/or beer. Does Detroit have good food? cc: @Brian Fowler Cincinnati at least has a style of chili. Minnesota's not so bad because our host is nordic, so it's up her alley. I seem to remember some good food when the Steelers were in, as I think we avoided as much Green Bay stuff as possible(#gobears). So maybe Colts vs. Skins? Those are the two places that don't seem to have a cuisine that jumps out at me.