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  1. Sounds like the Jazz are thinking about pairing Gobert with Portis.
  2. Oh man, what's Jinder up to? I haven't seen that dude in ages. I was there the night he won the title. Might need to make my own power point on how WWE taking Chicago for granted that night lead to fans selling out the Sears Centre for All In.
  3. Maybe not. He may be fleecing money out of the old man with this kind of company man banter.
  4. Depends on what your definition of "working" is. Will it result in you spending money on his merch or tickets to see him wrestle? If anyone says yes, then it worked. I wonder who those people are though. Becky talking shit to Beth Phoenix made me want to spend money on a Becky/Beth match. Seth talking shit is much like his wrestling. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  5. Never heard of Davey Richards, but you get to keep your spot another week, pal. Next time I need a power point on how e-fed promos influenced Triple H and the 30 minute opening segment of RAW. And it better have embedded midi versions of old entrance music.
  6. Today I stopped by the Target and saw they had an Elite Red Rooster figure. Only in the box it wasn't Red Rooster. It was John Cena's head. And Drew Gulak's basic(not even Elite articulation!) figure body and tights. I thought man, what a weird combination that would be in real life, if Drew Gulak was John Cena's minion. Then I thought - I probably still wouldn't like that as much as Terry Taylor. Enjoy one of my favorite Terry Taylor matches!
  7. You go ahead and keep suggesting anything you want.
  8. That looks so much more like what I'd want with these virtual table tops.
  9. I feel bad for people who write for rogerbert.com. No one knows who they are. Even when their quotes get pulled for advertising it'll look like: "Charlize Theron is a tour de force!" - rogerebert.com I had that happen to me once and it drove me fucking nuts. The website didn't say that. I said that.
  10. I can see how that can be an interpretation, but I only know the anime. But I interpret the show differently. Their is something kind of incredible about its depiction of the cycle of violence. Eren goes from a victim of Titans, to a titan himself swearing revenge, to discovering that the lines aren't nearly as clear as that. Monsters are created by the oppressed. The oppressed defeat the monsters by becoming the monsters, and it keeps going. And the time gulf is so big that who knows how far back this REALLY goes. The military is treated as expendable bodies by even the people they protect. There is a disturbing level of fatalism that comes from being confined like rats in a cage for so long. It's a Japanese show, but there are elements that I feel can speak to the tragedy of the American experience and even the more liberal audiences could find it enlightening if they chose to see it. Some "intellectual" audiences are getting to the point where their pop art consumables need to preach to their choir lockstep, and I'm not cool with that kind of mass homogeneous thinking. I'm actually more interested in a work if it's "problematic" than if it just says "Hey fascism is bad, you're on the right side of history" or some lame shit like that.
  11. Oh shit Sophia Takal is directing, this might be really fucking good.
  12. ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE! Saw Joe Bob Briggs last night. He did his "How Rednecks Saved Hollywood" presentation. Had a great time. He talked about the history of rednecks and hillbillies and terms of where in Europe the came from and how they migrated to the Appalachian Mountains(also explains why it seemed everywhere I went in my youth was called Cumberland). He then covered the cinematic redneck throughout history. From Ma and Pa Kettle to Ernest to what he considered the greatest film in history - Smokey and the Bandit. Plenty of clips and trailers from some fantastic genre/exploitation flicks abound. Highly recommend if he comes to a town near you.
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