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  1. In the DVDVR league he was riding the bench.
  2. Kevin Fucking Wilson had a 6% chance of winning when the Bears game started. I'm now going to lose because they're shitting the fucking bed to Latavius Murray. Kill me.
  3. This game should count as three horror films for my 31 Days of Horror.
  4. That Bears offense is.... I don't even know. It's just tough to watch.
  5. Maybe DET/MIN can donate some of their points to the SF/WAS game.
  6. What an entertaining card. Lauzon's nasty Reverse Nelson, the Yair Stephens fight was gold, Reyes with the fadeaway, and Cormier and Cruz bugging out over that inhaler, this show nearly had it all.
  7. I just watched Amityville and I dug it. Rod Steiger acting in his own separate movie, Margot Kidder is hot as hell, Brolin punching his friend in the face and his friend being like "okay, ready to talk?" A Nun vomiting on the side of the road. Blood pouring through the wall practical effects You know what I really didn't like was the "GET OUT" voice. Once you give the house a voice it becomes extra corny. Not a great movie, but there's enough to like for me. House and House 2 are fucking great though. I'd watch them over Amityville
  8. You put in 72 million over 2 years in front of anyone and they'll convince themselves of anything.
  9. I'm going to put each label on a rotation. Like I just got a ton of Kino Lorbers so they're at the back of the line. I just rocked a bunch of Vinegar Syndromes too. I almost bit on the Criterion but I kinda feel like I gotta go Scream Factory this month.
  10. It should also be noted that he did a lot of community and charity work. He and Noah were two guys that really stood out during that time period, trying to do good in Chicago. And he was always doing work back in Africa. It just seemed like he never stopped working on or off the court. That class of 2004 is a weird one. There's not many left from that group. Iggy, Dwight Howard, is JR Smith done?
  11. MOAR BELT PARTS! The in game belt editor was a big disappointment to me. I might pay 20 for this.
  12. Luol was a good dude. People thought he was a bust for several years, then he and Thibs got together and he got an All-Star game out of it. And several good contracts after that.
  13. HALLOWEEN HORROR-THON UPDATE 4 MOVIE 10: ONE CUT OF THE UNDEAD So straight up this isn't really a horror film. But it counts because it's a fucking love letter to the genre and one of the greatest movies I'll see this year. If you have SHUDDER, you absolutely should watch this now. We were HOWLING and celebrating the whole final act. I don't want to give too much away about it, so fucking watch it. MOVIE 11: BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON It's been a while and this one still holds up. My wife also thought it was one of the better ones I've inflicted upon her. I didn't remember that what's his fuck from Walking Dead is the mentor. I think that family and how supportive they were was the best part of the movie. That and Robert Englund. I hear they're finally making another one. I think it might be too late for me, but I'm intrigued. MOVIE 12: MONSTER SQUAD Watched this with the kids. There's obvious growing pains like the use of the f-word a couple times out of the beginning but I think the main strength of this movie is the atmosphere. On this viewing I realized I'm in love with the IDEA of Monster Squad - not really the movie any more. The love is strong, but I find myself just kind of shaking my head at certain things and realizing it's not exactly as cool as I thought it was. Maybe it's the Stranger Things effect, in which they distilled those nostalgic feelings into whole seasons of TV and the original inspirations can't necessarily hold up. MOVIE 13: EMELIE Watched this on a weird whim. Glad I did. This movie is fucking horrifying if you're a parent. Basically a couple of parents hire a babysitter who isn't who she says she is. She then does shit to the three kids that made me so fucking uncomfortable. Like the kind of shit that make you think "Doesn't matter how this ends those kids might be fucked up forever." The ending felt highly restrained by budget, but it really doesn't matter. The creepiness and fucked up-ness is all that matters. Check it out if you need a quick fix and can't figure out what to watch. It's on the Netflix. MOVIE 14: HELL HOUSE LLC I've never seen this. I'm of two minds about it. One one hand I feel like it could have used some RESTRAINT. There were certain scares and gags that thought, "Man if they just dialed that back it would really last." Instead it feels like a home run derby of found footage. It's exciting to watch, but it's not nearly as memorable as a dramatic game. There are some genuinely GREAT scares in this. On the other hand, if it didn't go balls out on everything, I don't think it would exist. There's also a lot of "what the fuck are you doing, just bail." moments but that's par for the found footage course. I think I'm at a stage where I just let that shit go.
  14. If Doink had a Firefly Funhouse segment, he would have been the greatest character/worker combo in the history of the company. I wish Hell In a Cell ended with a second Fiend coming out and clocking Rollins with a dismembered arm, like Doink did Crush at Mania.
  15. The story is Sid was supposed to be a big part but Rob had to beg just to get him for the bit he got. He was super sick by the time they started filming.
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