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  1. The Board Game Thread

    Hosted my second DREAD game. It was pretty successful. This one was a bit more complicated in setup and I had five players playing which gave me a lot of information to juggle. The first time I hosted one it was only three players and they all made it out alive. This time two people died and it was pretty sad for both of them. I started utilizing slips of paper to have secret conversations with players, and there would be times where a player would pull and everyone else would have no clue why. Created a lot of tension and paranoia. It was a teenagers in a cabin in the woods theme and someone ends up dead. So there's a possibility it could be one of the players. Also picked up PANDEMIC SEASON 2. So fucking stoked to play, but me and the people I played with last time are still trying to get our schedules synced up. I'll have to look at JOKING HAZARD for Christmas gifts. The apples to apples gimmick is played on heavily these days, but if the humor is there it doesn't matter.
  2. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    I swear to god I'm holding out hope you guys will reel it back in. If tomorrow is like today I'll shut it down.
  3. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Sure. But it's kinda awesome when Joel Embiid does it.
  4. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

  5. Okay so I watched the Jocephus challenge video and I guess they're going with him being a professor by day and a wrestler at night. I'm intrigued with this new NWA that went from being world class athletes vying for supremacy to a Dissatisfied Teacher's Fight Club. I kinda hope all wrestlers get a gimmick that is their day job. Scott is a manager at Shoney's Restaurant. He's not great at math but he knows the odds of him winning are in his favor. Can he serve up the punishment like he serves up a country fried steak with all the fixings? Find out tonight on NWA Wrestling! And later tonight! .... Taylor has been slinging shades at the Sunglasses Hut in her local mall, but tonight she's throwing shade at our women's champion! What will our champion have to say about Taylor's wild accusations! Find out later tonight.... or on youtube if the men's matches run long.
  6. Jocephus was really fun to watch back an R Pro. Haven't seen him in a while, but he was kinda like a Bruiser Brodie clone. I think he was the guy who beat up the Jesus Christ impersonator I mentioned earlier. I really like the idea of moving away from spotty stuff. We got more than enough of that.
  7. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    I think there needs to be a discernment between "being listened to" and "being believed". I'm willing to listen to all the accusations and take them seriously, even this one against Gal Gadot, despite some clear weirdness. I don't necessarily believe all of them 100%. That's a slippery slope to go down if we just believe the accuser right out of the gate on everything. Why do it just for sexual assault, why not for other crimes? I understand the desire to be believed, since so many actual victims, particularly the women, are just outright dismissed on a daily basis because of biases against their gender. But I can't get behind saying that every man and woman that accuses someone of a sex crime should be believed because so many victims were failed in the past.
  8. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Bro, no idea. The story also has a bit in there about Gal preying on small rich dudes, by making them think they could fuck her if they buy her "lavish meals." Once she's fed, she chases them off with her Wonder Woman powers. There's a lot of why's. It looks more and more like it's bogus. Some people are pointing out that the timeline seems a little off because she'd be in the army at that point. Or that it sounds familiar to a scene she did in a movie.
  9. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    The TL;DR of it is that a person we'll call Jane Doe was friends with Gal Gadot. The partner of a third friend raped Jane Doe. When Jane Doe told Gal, Gal berated Jane Doe and told her the rape was her fault. Jane Doe also claims that Gal Gadot tried to force her to write a confession and apology letter to their friend because she fucked their friend's man(non-consensually). The way the story was released has been kinda sketch, but then again I don't know how I would go about telling a story that damned a woman who has kinda of become the new face of feminism. It's not being picked up by any credible news outlets, but they also let a lot of shit slide. Could be true, could be a bullshit.
  10. I would maybe do 40 for the Batman 66 set. This brings up another quirk of mine: I don't really care about collecting TV shows. I'm not a big TV guy to begin with, but I rarely ever think of getting a TV show on disc. It would have to be something classic like the Hitchcock Hour or Twilight Zone for me to buy it. I think the only TV I buy is Game of Thrones as a gift for my wife(and also as a make good for torrenting it as it aired) Also I don't like buying films digitally. However, I'd rather just stream TV shows than own them.
  11. Chimes at Midnight is on my short list. So good. Just after I said Criterion Collection didn't inspire that same level of fervor as it originally did. They announce their February Titles. Night of the Living Dead. Silence of the Lambs, Elevator to the Gallows upgrade, a Kon Ichikawa release. another Satyajit Ray film, Tom Jones. I might blind buy Gotham by Gaslight when it comes out. DC's animation looks a billion years ahead of their live action.
  12. Would approach people with wacky gimmicks, and people would be like "Don't know if you're serious..." and then it turns out he was. I remember one guy came out as Jesus Christ randomly. He was then chokeslammed of had the shit beat out of him. I can't remember the exact details. The crowd and people working the show were like "what the fuck is this?" and then there was Billy on the floor laughing his ass off. I think some of this was a disconnect that comes with dealing with someone who is terribly famous and successful. It's like "how do I tell this guy 'No'? Last week I was working in southern Indiana for a 25 bucks and a left over concession stand hotdog." When R-Pro started he was promoting as a potential "feeder" league to TNA and/or WWE. He made a big deal about having Stephanie's cell phone number. The only person who got called up to a major promotion was Jay Bradley(who was awesome in R-Pro), and they didn't even really use him. I think he was under a hood during that weird outlaw faction angle that I think Jarrett was in. I can't remember. He's just an odd dude, and people's experiences working with him were like "I don't know if he knows what the fuck he's talking about, but he made Siamese Dream and is more famous than I'll probably ever be, so I'll go with it." And a lot of that stuff didn't work out. When I first heard about Broken Matt Hardy, I thought that was the most Billy Corgan thing I'd ever heard. I don't know how much of that was him and how much was Matt, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the shit they did was based on hanging out with Billy. I never heard a story of him being mean or shitty to the wrestlers. I think he genuinely wants to do something cool with wrestling, and I think really respects what wrestlers go through to do what they do. And I think like Vince some of those ideas suck and some of them are great. A good example would be the DH Smith title reign that was perfect old school style wrestling with build to a cage match. That was awesome. The overbooking of matches and overly wacky gimmicks were shitty. I imagine if his TNA run was great it's because he was working with guys who were maybe more secure in what they were doing and what they wanted to offer. That first year of Resistance Pro was a good, bad, and ugly experience and the stories I got out of it were great. I mean how many times do you get write about wrestling and find out the lead singer of a band you loved doesn't like you?
  13. Harry Smith was champion of Resistance Pro. He was great. Had good matches with Rhino. There were a few guys who weren't WWE guys that would be quality guys to build he midcard around. Only a couple looked like possible world champions you could build around. Davey was the best bet because he looked and moved legit as fuck. However I imagine lots of guys from the old days of Resistance Pro are weary of working Corgan again. From what I understood during my year of covering his first foray in the biz, the money was good but he was ridiculous. Haven't seen the new NWA shit yet. But I'm not super hopeful. Maybe working with TNA made him better? Does that happen? If he brought in Da Soul Touchaz I'd be on board.
  14. I haven't hit up a Walmart bin since college. When I did it was so I could switch the stickers with the more expensive movies I wanted.