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  1. Going back to this, my kids went to see this, and they said a bunch of teenagers had bought out a whole chunk of the theater to see it opening night. My son said they were yelling about how it was the greatest movie EVAR. My son is really into retro gaming and is a massive Mega Man fan - but no one he knows gives a fuck about the Blue Bomber. We were both surprised that anyone younger than 18 cared about Sonic.
  2. His weed haul would have to cut weight to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov.
  3. jaedmc

    Live Music 2020

    Oh boy I just looked up tickets for the United Center show(which is just RATM which I'm fine with) - and man....that's not reasonable for me.
  4. Thanks for the head's up. I was going to blind buy it since his movie MOTHER is one of my favorite movies evar. Speaking of korean cinema, I got my first import for my region free player. It's a Korean movie called Magicians. I watched it years ago and couldn't find it because it didn't get a real US release. It's a "single take" film about memories that has such a great set and atmosphere. I don't think this trailer does it justice because it's edited, and part of the visual appeal is how the camera floats from moment to moment. I'm pretty stoked about going region free. There are just so so many movie that don't get released in the states that I've seen at festivals and now I can go back and get my hands on many of them.
  5. 2 hrs left on the Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter. They're giving away a TON of PDFs with this one.
  6. Heads up. There are a shit ton of rpg zines on KickStarter right now, and some look so fuckin fun. I've already backed several. Lots of new fresh creators from different backgrounds than the typical TTRPG set. My wife and I fall in and out of Critical Role because sometimes it can be a little tedious(like any live play series) - but the last few games have been phenomenal. I probably won't be going for Wildemount because I'm not interested in running Mercer's world - BUT I totally want to learn more about the Dunamancy magic. That's some fun stuff.
  7. Oh Chuck was all over it. My favorite was when Ernie asked him and Shaq how concerned they were for Sixers and Chuck responded with: "My concern is through the roof because..number one...they don't know how to play basketball."
  8. While @Dolfan in NYC celebrates I'm like
  9. Chris Rock was great in Top Five. Not sure if I see him as the "Vet Cop" but I don't think it'll matter once the shit hits the fan. I'm not a super fan of him or Saw movies, but the idea of both combined seems like they make each other more interesting. ALSO Finished the last season of Channel Zero(I think @J.T. talking about it got me itnerested). Holy shit this is one of the best TV series. I fucking dug every season. Season 2 was my favorite. But there was shit in each season that felt really fresh and exciting. Each season also did a good job of mining its influences without going too far and looking like a totally cheap knockoff. Killing me that there aren't more of these coming.
  10. Thanks to my impeccable Fantasy Football Managing skills I just bought my first Region Free Player. The world is now miiiiine.
  11. You guys. It's not pure profit. They spent 75 million dollars to buy it. Now they have to advertise it.
  12. FUCK YEAH. Full Moon was my a massive part of my VHS childhood. The first 3 Puppet Masters are worth a look. The third one is where the Puppets stop being bad guys and start killing Nazis. After that...you're on your own. You should also hit up Demonic Toys and Dollman vs. Demonic Toys. I guess you could/should fit in Dollman, but when I was a kid I'd already scene so much Making Of material on it from the Full Moon Studios featurettes that it wasn't necessary. There's also the Doctor Mordrid and the Subspecies movies. After somewhere around 1996/97, they started cutting even more corners. They went from standard B movies to "oh I think they ran out of film and just stopped" movies. I certainly wouldn't use "Retro Puppetmaster" as a reference to what the early Full Moon days were.
  13. My son just said: A= 1 B= 2 C= 3 etc.etc Then E+D+G+E = 21 Edge was number 21 in the rumble
  14. Watched Psycho Cop Returns the other day. So much fun. I want to imagine that Rob Zombie's directorial sensibilities can be traced back to the very long stripper scene, but maybe his music videos pre-date that. Regardless it has a very House of a Thousand Corpses vibe.
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