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  1. Anthony Davis with one of the biggest shots of his career. Which is kinda sad if you think about how long he's been in the league.
  2. Yeah, had a feeling that's what happened to Barkley. Really wanted to be wrong.
  4. And now David Montgomery gets Shaker Heights Spiked.
  5. I don't know if I'd call it a weak decade. I certainly don't feel like I've watched enough to judge it honestly. Whoever said it wasn't "top heavy" is probably accurate. There was lots that I enjoyed and there were certain trends that I was very much on board with. There were more movies in general so along with the really good there were more mediocre, disposable junk. That's not really "bad" it's just a product of so much being made. The negative that does come from all of this is wading through all of the movies to find the good to great, can be a seemingly overwhelming task. "Choice p
  6. In quarantine land, my wife and I have date night every Friday, in which one of us programs a double feature(unless Joe Bob Briggs comes back, then we just have him do it.) Last week she did Tammy and the T-Rex and Spookies...which was a pretty incredible night. For Friday's double feature I did Yes, Madam, with Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Motherfuckin Rothrock followed by Angelina Jolie's CYBORG 2. The idea was to show the beginning of the Girls With Guns subgenre, and then show a major actress who has heavily benefited from it. And of course both movies were the lead roles for all three
  7. I thought about what I'd put in my all time 100, which is a terrible thought to begin with, and I think only three from the 450 movies I watched from the last 10 years would make it. Probably two the more I think on it.
  8. I mean looking at he's beat up and who he would potential have to beat up to get a title shot...it's two really gnarly roads to a title fight. 2021 Will be crazy year for that guy if he stays healthy.
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