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  1. Looking at one of the replies to that tweet and I am super glad I'm a man. That shit must get exhaaaausting.
  2. I'd literally never played a Persona Game so no idea it was in all the others. I've got Persona 3 FES for my old PS2 but never played it.
  3. I beat the original Persona 5. I probably won't re-buy the Royal version even though I actually want to replay the game again(another 100 hrs of my liiiiife), and would like to see the new shit. But the game is fucking awesome regardless. Some real gross monsters. Like the....
  4. I can get behind a resurgence in the "wrist clutch" variations movement.
  5. Or Edge trained with Dr. Tom Pritchard for his comeback and Dr. Tom Pritchard was hung by the Dirty White Boy in one of great angles of the 1980s. Maybe they thought of that. Maybe they didn't think at all. Maybe it really doesn't matter.
  6. Wish that whole Cena segmented ended with John Cena in a karate gi and Freddy Kruegar slicing him to ribbons. Bayley is the best.
  7. Popping back in to give my gratitude. @West Newbury Bad Boy @thee Reverend Axl Future @BurningBeard @Robert s All stepped up to make this board a better place. The Brians thank you - The Real Brians, not the phoneys like @Brian Fowler, who like the Macho Man Randy Savage, wasn't there when Brian Crush Adams needed a friend. You let me and more importantly @Rippa know that I've still got a little bit of that March Madness magic left.
  8. One of you jokers needs to go into this thread and vote for TEAM BRIAN to break this tie. Or I'm going to fucking lose it.
  9. I guess your mileage may vary. The characters you deal with the most are fine. I think my issue is that almost all the dudes look tough but sound like accountants moonlighting at the local improv. Like no one really feels battle hardened. It doesn't totally ruin the game because I just skip through dialogue, a lot of which is extraneous and redundant. The game play can be fun though and killing giant machines can be a blast. I like that there's really more than one way to skin a cat. Laying traps, being stealthy, that shit is fun. I've only got two major complaints. One is clipping in combat. Like if I'm hiding behind a pillar and the monster is on the otherside - I think it's shitty if I die because it uses its pounce attack and clips part way through the pillar to kill me. That shit happened a lot early on. The other is a lack of LEDGES. There's so much to explore and I hate that there are a ton of flat ledges that you can't jump and latch on to. This comes up way more than I expected. Like unless it has a white worn edge or it's yellow rope, you can't grab it. Bullshit. Not as fun as say Shadow of War or Spider-Man, but it does some different shit, and the story concept itself is very interesting and overall I am enjoying myself. It should also be noted that because of how open it is, it's totally possible that the shit I'm complaining about is something you rarely struggle with. So it could be even more fun to you.
  10. Playing Horizon Zero Dawn and the voice acting on almost all the NPCs is killing me.
  12. If Rob Zombie did an A24 film it would be Lords of Salem. I personally love it because it's more messy and dream like.
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