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  1. Grey Worm with the super timely "We need to stop getting caught up in these white people problems" conversation may have been my favorite part of the episode. Clearly Old Spice's Giant Milk story is feeling out one of the possible prequel spin-offs. Because I'd watch a Adventures of Young Old Spice show. I am the opposite. I blame the Viper getting his head crushed.
  2. Hey, man, all guys have had one of those "Oh god I'm acting just like my father moments.
  3. Crossing my fingers that Jon kills Dany during the battle because she reacted like fucking Gollum over the One Ring.
  4. Ugh as soon as Old Spice and Company said the zombies would be there tomorrow morning, I KNEW they were going to pad that shit out for 30 minutes. Excruciating.
  5. I love that the War Raider gimmick is now just Viking enthusiasts. "This is The Viking Experience, Cole. When these guys aren't wrestling they pretend to be old timey people in the woods behind their neighbor's house! I'm so excited for these very normal guys who have a very specific cosplay hobby."
  6. Even with the downward trend it still accounted for 13 billion dollars. So even if it halves in another 5 years that's still a 6 billion dollar industry. Samsung hasn't introduced a new player to the market since 2017. It's a crowded space that they're not leading in, and according to this article it's more complicated than just sales are bad: https://www.commdiginews.com/business-2/samsung-electronics-drops-blu-ray-117106/ It'll certainly be more niche. With more labels popping up or expanding, they're creating a collector's market similar to Vinyl. And there's still a market for people who are crazy about audio and picture quality. Speaking of Vinyl, I read about how CD sales in the UK were somewhere around 2 billion pounds, dropping about 80% over the last 10 years - which is similar to US trends. And yet CDs still exist.
  7. The Characters of Cersei and the Euron seem like they'd be the wooooorst lays in the whole seven kingdoms, so it's kinda poetic that they're together now.
  8. Well in his mind Dany isn't really the queen - Jon is. Tablesetting episodes can have payoffs too. Especially this deep in a run. It was fun to see who was going to be where. In the past it was usually boring because often times they had to move characters lots of distance and over a quick time. But this was maybe the last one we're going to get and it was bringing together characters who hadn't seen eachother since the first couple of episodes. My favorite part may have been Old Spice and Flame Sword explaining to the audience how they will eventually get to Jon Snow before the Zombies despite being behind. Was hoping Tyrion would go full lech on Sansa, and say "You've really....matured." I really really want everyone to lose their shit and just turn on each other. I hope everyone dies. Especially Bran. The worst dude.
  9. Shhhh. I'm gaining intel on future bans. I've got a solid list from this and the AEW thread.
  10. So I've tried the first episodes of Cinderella Nine, MIX!, and the first episode of Ace of Diamond and I liked them all. They felt really familiar but in a good way. Like the animation of MIX!, with the older style character models, but the sister kinda creeps me out. We also hit up Fairy Gone. I like the world and the premise, so I'll stick with it for a few more eps before I make a firm decision to see it through. Thought the way the main girl protag got her powers was contrived and baffling. Didn't anyone else see it?
  11. The implication that I wear a helmet because I'm so goddamn stupid to walk is disrespectful and I won't stand for it. I named an instance from Wrestlemania. I don't watch all her matches, but I have noticed, before I knew it was an meme, that there were times where she looked not happy to go out there, and she went through the motions in the ring. Like I said before, I notice that a lot of guys and gals on the roster do the same thing. I think it's more odd that she's the one that people notice or have decided to latch on to in regards to this phenomenon. There could just as easily be a Rusev Face or a Ziggler Face. You could go back TNA and see a sea of the same faces for nearly every match. I'm sure we could all come up with plenty instances of the Austin Aries Face
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