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  1. More Rebirth reading. THE FLASH REBIRTH vol. 1 I liked the idea of this but the execution was too quick. I loved the idea of the villain and the reveal, while really obvious, happened way too fast. I didn't feel like I had to time to even give a shit about any relationships, so the swerve had no weight. I think they could have gone even longer with the whole Flash City, stuff, and drawn out the systematic killing of amateur speedsters for sooooo much longer. That could have been a mystery every 6 issues. I'll stick with it, but I hope it slows down a little. CYBORG REBIRTH VOL 1. Mixed bag. It actually felt very much like the 90's SpiderMan TV show, but that made me want even more cyber punk stuff. As I was reading it I just kept imagining all these cool ideas they could do, and was left kinda disappointed. The art here is also rough in places. I'll give it another Volume, but it's on the chopping block. HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS VOL 1. I quite enjoyed this even though I was terribly confused for some of it. Like I didn't know the story about where the Corps had gone, and I was trying to figure out why no one in the GREEN LANTERNS series seemed to mention that there was no Green Lantern Corps anymore. But besides all the confusion this felt like a really fun space battle comic. The art here was a mixed bag. Ethan Van Sciver's stuff was a huge downgrade from what Rafa Sandoval was doing. I mean some of it was just preposterously bad looking. I'll stick with this one though. Next up is the two Batgirl series. Excited for those.
  2. Saw an article that said the AJ/KO finish was botched based on "reports". The "report" it referenced was rovert saying it looked botched on twitter. What the fuck has happened to the internet?
  3. When asked what baseball team he roots for, Littlefinger would respond "Sorry, I don't watch baseball. Let's talk about Premier League instead."
  4. Nothing about this show makes me optimistic that a character can fuck up and not get killed, even if they've already come back to life. In fact that makes it even more likely.
  5. Cersei is the queen and after the stunt Urine pulled last night she just took the lead in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms. She's not the smartest but she makes moves that somehow work out for her. Sansa has been dumb since day one ish, and has only failed upwards. Her lack of vision is astounding. She is the JaVale McGee of Game of Thrones. A success only because she's hung around all-stars.
  6. My favorite cut was Greyworm going downtown on his woman and in the throws of passion CUT to a hand going in a gap of tanned books. It took me half a second to catch up that the scene had change. I thought it was just me, but my wife had the same reaction. Theon still the jabronie. Always was. Always will be. He was dickless before he even met Ramsey. My favorite part of the war council was Tyrion having to use the toys to spell the plan out for everyone. Whatever the socio-sexual political implications of such a moment mean in the real world, I don't care. It was funny. I think John Snow just went full Stark with that Littlefinger scene. What was the point? Why shit on a guy and then leave him alone to work his fucking magic? Just like Rob, he was doing so well and then that happened.
  7. The Stranger is a fun little game of cat and mouse that is mostly carried on the backs of two Titans. It's perhaps a dissapointment considering it's stars and their resumes. Not unlike Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair, in that you have two guys who have amazing matches, just not together. Still good, and still worth owning if your a fan or general collector of film. I also saw this morning that Amazon has Criterion's The Uninvited bluray for 17 bucks. Really great ghost story film with Ray Milland, who, according to letterboxd, I apparently watched him more than any actor last year.
  8. Aiden English is still really good. Tye Dillenger needs something more than the 10 stuff. USOS ARE YOUR TAG GODS. That match was great and nothing really came close to it. I don't remember anything from the Nakamura match. I believe in Becky Lynch. I feel like she's a fighter and her passion feels honest. I loved when she made two people tap and I thought that if she made Natty tap leaving just her and Charlotte, that crowd would have gotten really hype. Once Natty pinned her you could feel the air coming out and people realizing what was coming next. Lana is not a wrestler yet. But she talks a lot of shit while she tries to wrestle which is great. Some of her stomps looked like she almost crushed Charlotte's back. Not in a "oooooh good stiff wrestling move" way, but in "ooooooh I think she's sloppy as fuck and hurt Charlotte just now" kind of way. John Cena was fucking awful in that match and the match sucked. He's just so fucking hammy. Rusev's body language was like one big fucking eye roll to this match. KO vs. AJ wasn't that great either. Some really neat spots but the overall story felt disjointed and the finish was wonky. I like Mike and Maria's gimmick. I don't know if I give a shit about Mike as a wrestler though. Punjabi prison is a nightmare to watch. Can't see shit. Orton getting cracked nasty with that kendo stick and then paying Jinder back was funny. Singh's dying again was funny. Orton flipping back into the cage from Khali was glorious. I don't want to see Cena vs. Jinder at all. Actually I don't know who I'd want to see Jinder wrestle.
  9. Not the Wedding Singer? I don't think I can do that. Dusan Makavejev is the director. I first saw his work when I dug into Criterion's Eclipse's set. I thought he was doing some really fun experimental stuff with form and technique. My wife and I picked up Sweet Movie because it's basically his opus on sex in it's wild, perverse, filthy glory. John Waters probably envisions this movie when he's rolling on molly. The first scene is kind of a prototype of The Bachelor with women vying to win the hand of some rich guy. In front of a live studio they have a gyno give them an exam, and the winner's vajayjay has a golden glow like the suitcase from Pulp Fiction. This is not the weirdest scene in the film. From there it's pretty freewheeling with the narrative. Think Jodorowosky's Holy Mountain but with people orgasmically rolling around in food and shit. There were scenes I didn't enjoy, but I marveled at their existence. I think it's an insane masterpiece and it inspires me in my work often. If any of this makes you want to watch it, cool. But I understand if you turn it on for 10 minutes and break your TV.
  10. Okay. Here's some reasons 1. It basically ruined Adam Sandler for everyone that grew up watching him. After this movie everyone wanted him to do more of this. Instead he did Don't Mess With the Zohan. His career hasn't really been the same critically since. 2. It's a really sweet love story. 3. Phillip Seymor Hoffman is an epic badguy and has an all time classic rant over the phone. 4. The music is really good and the cinematography is really gorgeous sometimes. 5. This is the movie where PTA started to move away from Scorsese rip-off stuff and find his voice that's he'd later perfect in There Will Be Blood and The Master, but the movie remains clearly the most accessible of those three. 6. This one is kinda cryptic because you haven't seen the movie, but it's probably the best live action movie about Superman since I guess the first Richard Donner one.
  11. Of course I responded in the wrong thread. That's why multiple tabs ruin the internet.
  12. Oh shit my wife got me Le Samourai(one of my all time favorites) for Christmas or a birthday. I didn't realize it was out of print now. (She obviously did not buy it for me after the price became insane.)
  13. Because he didn't want to see that glazed over look in her eyes when you explain to her slightly complex ideas.
  14. GAAME OF THROOOOOOOOOOONES. Best part may have been the beginning because Arya is dominating BUT then.... Sansa gets clowned twice, both times by Jon. When he was like, who am I supposed to take advice from.... you? I DIED. BUT THEN AGAIN. Sansa got her heat back by clowning Little Finger. And it almost made me like her. How far he's fallen... Pod the Bod getting a shot in on Big Gal during was popped this house. Especially after the distraction from Old Spice. Cersei with the big fucking map so the audience can have a visual reference as to what is going on was super helpful. Most of the scene felt like a lot of exposition to catch everyone up. But who the hell is jumping into this series right now. They just binge watched the whole damn thing two weeks ago, they know what's up. I guess Theon's Uncle is going to kill the rest of Large Marge's family and get their food to feed the 10 people fighting for the Lannisters. Liked his "Who's got two hands and an armada.... this guy" act Jon's fluffy friend is cleaning up shit. Sounds about right. Dany coming home was weird because she was so excited, but all I could think of was all the Shadow Ninja Baby splooge that was probably all over that table. Awkward. Not a good episode. But it had some fun bits.
  15. Have you seen Punchdrunk Love? Or are you wanting a reason to upgrade from the old release?