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  1. The most insane aspect of the Redbox bankruptcy is that Chicken Soup for the Soul Media bought Redbox.....in 2022. Two years ago some business was like "Renting DVDs out of a Kroger Parking lot will never die." And were willing to take on that company's already 325 million in debt to prove it. I love physical media. I don't love it that much.
  2. I've got a group I've been running D&D for over the last few years and I don't think any of them really care about moving on to the next edition. From what I've been told the new edition is still very compatible with 5e, but none of my players really talk about it. I think there's a sense of just "let's stick with what's working."
  3. I try to avoid the game because it absolutely sucks all my time into a blackhole. But I actually got through the end game. Sadly my federation became subservient to another culture. I was hoping I could low key weaken them behind their backs, to the point I could get my freedom back, but it never happened.
  4. Submissions are weird because they feel like they come from large skill discrepancies. Like when Islam taps out Poirer, it feels anticlimactic. Tapology has Ortega's submission over Yair Rodriguez at #1, and I imagine it's because it felt like a return to form for Ortega. Another that came to my mind was Anthony Smith getting a guillotine early on Petrino at 301. That felt shocking because Smith was looking rough his last few fights. Angela Hill also recently got her first sub in her career, which felt special to me. No one saw that one coming. Then there's cases like Jimmy Flick who was getting pieced up in the first round of his fight with Malcolm Gordon. After taking some shots in round two, he got a take down and secured an arm triangle to get the hell out of there. That's the kind of stuff that feels exciting to me, because it's got a little underdog element. I feel like there was a women's fight that had a killer armbar sub but I'm blanking on who it was. I just remember it was slick and fast. Speaking of Submissions. Dan Hooker recently revealed that he went to sleep while in Dustin Poirer's guillotine during their fight. It was only for a moment and when he came to he was surprised to find the fight was still going on. So even when Dustin puts a guy out with it, he still can't win with it.
  5. That was the best result possible for both guys. Diego gets to keep his momentum. Ige ends the fight on top, and now there's more interest in what he does next.. Both guys probably got a favor from Dana and Co - which might just be a spot on the Sphere show. Now let's see if Jiri can stop Alex before he employs his dark magic.
  6. Ian starts talking about the title, and I was thinking him vs. Leon sounds fascinating. But then I remembered both Jack Della Maddalena and Shavkat are also ahead of him. Welterweight is pretty stacked, but they might all be watching Islam make a run for Champ Champ.
  7. If anyone was thinking about subscribing to Vinegar Syndrome but didn't want to go all in on a whole year, next week they're offering mid year subscriptions. https://support.vinegarsyndrome.com/en-US/summer-subscriber-week-2024-552907 This'll get you though the big Black Friday sale. I think they take December off. Keep in mind that subscriptions only get you "VS" titles. Not all the other sublabels they release like VSA, VSU, Cinematographe, Degausser, etc etc. That can be a little confusing. However you do get 50% off on those titles all year long, as opposed to waiting for a sale.
  8. Yeah, I thought odds should've been worse for Aliskerov. They were trying to sell the idea that because Rob lost to an up and coming DDP, that it could happen again, but I wasn't buying it. There's just too much experience discrepancy between the two, and Robert's resume is almost the same as Izzy's, in regards to Middleweight victories. Also while I'm here, that was a class victory for Alexander Volkov. He stifled Pavlovich for 15 minutes. Took a lot of focus and poise to get through that knowing the other guy had two warheads for fists. It's too bad the title picture is a mess.
  9. Dialed in, fuck your shit Robert Whittaker is the best.
  10. I wish it wasn't the case, but no one gets knocked out like Johnny Walker.
  11. The Gregg Araki collection is a must. Specifically because it'll be the restored cut of The Doom Generation that Araki got out last year. The story about how the different cuts and transfers is fascinating for those who are itnerested: https://www.indiewire.com/features/general/gregg-araki-doom-generation-restoration-interview-1234824404/ Doom Generation was kind of one of those eye opener movies that hit me at the right age. Since then I've seen movies that probably do it better, but it has a warped little soft spot in my heart. I'll probably get Repo Man because I never got it on blu.
  12. They also announced Brian Ortega vs. Diego Lopes, which could be a great fight. Depending on the finish either guy could be Topuria's first defense. I think both Holloway and Volk will continue to rest and weigh options.
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