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  1. He absolutely just wrote the book on that dude. I mean, Giga's whole demeanor changed. Footwork, body language, after round two. He got bullied and it didn't get better. Still a bad dude and tough as hell, but yeah folks got the blueprint now.
  2. Wow. Calvin Kattar just ripped Giga Chikadze to pieces for 25 straight. What a job.
  3. Two rounds in and fuck yeah this is delivering. Calvin Kattar working his ass off to erase that Hollow memory.
  4. I started watching during the Chookagian/Maia fight. Hasn't been a bad card. Nothing too crazy, but both that and the Royval fight felt competitive. Lots of action up and down. Jake Collier just bulldozed Chase Sherman just to break things up. I don't think I would place a bet on this Giga/Kattar fight.
  5. I survived Tua putting up 2 points and Antonio Brown quitting midgame to win the consolation bracket and my money back. So my terrible fantasy season wasn't a total bust.
  6. Just got Stellaris. I have little idea what the fuck I'm doing. The tutorial mode doesn't really tell me allllllllllllll the shit, so I'm wandering around blind through space with my Bird Cult Civilization. Then some fucking asshole says they've let me explore freely long enough and shut down my borders. this game is fucking ridiculous.
  7. For the Chicago contingent, Jeff Dickerson, the local Bears Beat reporter, who was on ESPN 1000 passed away. Colon Cancer. His is a voice I'll always remember, trying to parse out the rubix cubic of logic that is the Chicago Bears football organization. Always professional with just slight hint of flabbergast-ed-nes.
  8. Sad to see Thompson get dominated two fights in a row, but happy to see another member of that Chicago crew get a big win. Muhammad looks locked in like a motherfucker.
  9. 30-27 Lemos? The fuck? LOL - Bisping framed his first post-fight question to Lemos by saying Hill probably won the second round.
  10. Meerschaert had to dig deep for that one, looked exhausted in the third. Great bounce back year after being Khamzat Goldberg'd.
  11. They said at the top of the show some guy bet $318,000 on Nunes. I'm assuming it's Adam Sandler's character from Uncut Gems
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