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  1. Yeah, he'll be lucky to be out of prison before he's 60. . . .
  2. Speaking of the Princess Bride, I recently read Cary Elwes book about the making of it, and it well worth seeking out. . . .
  3. Yeah, but Namath's wasn't caused by Dimaggio being a preening ass. As for Manning, I can see the case both ways. His number's are pretty good, but he played in an era of offensive expansion.Maybe this era's Jim Plunkett?
  4. Other than Namath, none of them are in the HOF. . . .
  5. Talk about rearranging the chairs on the TItanic.(The Steelers, not the Dolphins) Unless a miracle happens, Pitt ain't making the playoffs, so you just gave up a top 15(?) pick for a corner. Good Job. As for the Dolphins, NFL teams are getting soft. Who gives a shit if a guy requests a trade or release? What are you worried about, that the chemistry of your shitty team will get worse?
  6. Between these first two games, I'm almost ready to believe Josh Allen will be a good QB. ALMOST.
  7. Someone needs to tell the Bills that its okay to have a good offense in back to back halves. . .
  8. When you have the offensive firepower those Cowboy teams did, they'll make anyone look good.
  9. IF Bell is out any length of time they absolutely should. Whether they will is another matter entirely.
  10. All I know(and care to know) about the Goldfinch is that when I saw a trailer for it before some movie(maybe Spiderman?) it was as agonizing a trailer as I've seen in a while. Like 30 seconds in I knew some would have to pay ME some serious cash for me to watch that piece of shit.
  11. I wouldn't even let him in the lockerroom. . .
  12. Josh Allen with a sweet TD pass to John Brown. Bills take 17-16 lead. Now lets see if they can hold it. . .
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