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    I haven't watched Spike since they cancelled MXC and that's been forever ago now. . . .

    I just watched it, and you are right it is a bit weird. I prefer the 3 hour long epics, frankly, but it was good, if a bit different.
  3. What are you reading?

    I've been reading them in the order he wrote them(save for Split Images and CIty Primeval, two from the early 80's that I had read previously). I'm not a huge fan of the western genre(never read a western novel before this actually) but I liked them. I have read up until the Big Bounce(and it had fucking Owen Wilson on the cover, UGH). Went through a little dark patch once I finished it, and got burned out on the westerns, so I've been reading other stuff since, but I'll probably start again in a month or two. Pretty easy reading, but good.
  4. What are you reading?

    That is so cool! Gaiman is the best. . .
  5. What are you reading?

    Read 4 books so far(well finished one that was a holdover, Cold day in hell a novel about hell's superintendent). A view from the cheap seats, which is a collection of Neil Gaiman's non fiction(was it pimped here?) was awesome. Mostly introductions and speeches, but with awesome insights into a variety of different types of writng. Then I read "The only rule is it has to work" about a season when statheads took over a low level indy league basbeall team. Pretty interesting, as they were brutally honest about the process. Just finished an oral history of the Daily Show. I love oral histories and this is a pretty good one. Started a biography of Jann Werner and Rolling Stone, about a hundred pages in, and already you can see want a semi-sociopathic prick he is.,

    They should have done it at halftime after the passing on first and goal when you have Shady and Mike Tolbert on the sidelines. .
  7. Throw the Rascals Out! 2017 Edition

    You have some good picks, and that RIck Ferell story can never be overtold. I'll add Bill Mazeroski-2000 hits, 853 Rbi's and a .260/.299/.367 split. Obviously only in for the homer in the 1960 world series. How do you stand on Ozzie Smith? Numbers wise he's mostly worse than Aparicio, though his WAR is much higher. Must be the defense, but frankly I can't make heads or tails out of most of the defense stats.
  8. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    I don't understand his appeal. He basically cost the Dodgers the World Series because he tipped his pitches and you want to invest serious $$$ in him? Is the starting pitching market THAT bad?

    That's wouldn't be the worst idea, except the Bears have been so God awful lately. Sean Mcdermott and Brandon Beane are turning the Bills into the Panthers South, but the Panthers have been decent so its not bad. I guess its natural for the coach to want to recreate the culture he came from if his was a coordainator or get the gang back together if was a HC previously.
  10. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    Who on the Marlins wouldn't at this point?
  11. 2017-18 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry, or both. . . SMDH
  12. Olympics Omnibus thread

    Saw this on ESPN this morning and this thread seemed like the best place for it.http://www.espn.com/olympics/canoe/story/_/id/22011471/japan-kayaker-yasuhiro-suzuki-banned-eight-years-lacing-rival-drink Goddamn that dude was not playing around. How long until this becomes the standard excuse de jour?
  13. 2017-18 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    And they trade picks. . . .

    If Peterman somehow pulled this off, WWIII starts tommorrow