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  1. Farmageddon is on Netflix, and I thought it was pretty clever.
  2. Idaho State hasn't played any of those schools. Not that it's a surprise given that they are usually dogshit, and scheduling east coast games makes zero sense.
  3. Isn't it a little bit early to be doing promos for a Christmas Day match in Moscow?
  4. Here in Idaho its not so bad, just the standard stuff. This week is Spring Break, and we have next week off. I had to create a packet for my students, I guess we are supposed to be available for virtual office hours type thing. Since my school is a Native American school, we take our orders from the state, but the Feds are in there somewhere, I'm exactly sure how it works, but I will be getting paid still though, at least till August and after that once I sign a new contract. Did a marathon work session yesterday at the university computer lab, after working essentially all morning and afternoon, I finished my outstanding work from 4-midnight. It was supposed to be turned in throughout the semester, but my professors know what a clusterfuck my job is so its not a big deal. I still have a few things to do, but they are not due for a couple of weeks. Some assignments left for the other class, but baring something going very wrong, I graduate with my MAT in about a month. No ceremony though, and ironically this is only time I actually wanted to walk. Irony is a cruel mistress.
  5. Just started Picard(two episodes in), so I'm diving deep into the thread to avoid spoilers, but what ever happened to Lore anyway?
  6. I wonder if GM's just call BOB up with ridiculously insulting offers just to see if he would take them?
  7. I think its as much BOB being a fucking idiot and not asking for enough(or REALLY overvaluing David Johnson) than the Bills overpaying. At least that's what I'm telling myself. . .
  8. Is this the Giants one or a new non-shitty Ereck Flowers?
  9. Bill O'Brien is REALLY bad at this GM thing. . .Just wish the Bills had been the ones to get him drunk instead of Arizona.
  10. Idaho State went to spring break a week early with plans to go online after. This doesn't effect me, as I am online only anyway. As of this second school is still in session here in Pocatello and in Fort Hall where I work. The Tribe announced a fairly liberal leave policy, as far as I can tell anyway. Its evolving, and the stores here(In fucking POCATELLO!) have the grocery shelves fairly bare. Our Refrigerator died on us, but I found a mini fridge for cheap anyway. I have high blood pressure, so does my brother and my mom has fibromayalga, but I'm not that worried yet.
  11. ESPN should break out 30 for 30 marathons. . .
  12. MSG dropping 20 percent of its value in two days might have something to do with that.
  13. Its a good narrative, but I doubt he caught it that quickly. . .
  14. As if the Wilpons will actually sell. From the last to buyers, it seems like the Wilpons want their cake and eat it too. Get the massive cash infusion AND maintain control.
  15. Eh, I know it wasn't on the table, but I'd rather 2k do Mutant League Football.
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