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  1. I think its possible a coach or ref might though.
  2. Isn't the timing a bit weird on this Mahomes thing though? He's the best qb and deserves the largest amount, but as a franchise wouldn't you want to wait to see what the post covid market is like? If the next tv contract drops in terms of $$$(not likely but possible) then this contract becomes a huge albatross no matter the talent involved.
  3. The Chiefs should be next. . . . I know the Twins probably own the copyright, but a football Washington Senators would also be totally inline with the Slurs recent records . .
  4. Doesn't the restart have to do with TV $$$? Something having to do with violation of the contracts, or is that just WWE?
  5. Bring 'em to Poky. We'll ice down the Minidome and have round the clock games. . . .
  6. Yeah DIsney can fuck right off with that. Might as well demolish it instead. . . .
  7. Magary rips into Simmons. . . https://www.sfgate.com/sports/slideshow/Drew-Magary-Bill-Simmons-The-Ringer-Open-Mic-Night-204312.php
  8. Unless they have every possible worker also contained and living in the bubble(down to and including maintenance staff) these all seem futile. . .
  9. I'm thinking its the teams at the other end of the spectrum, the A's and what not. This was they can go "bankrupt" with step three being profit.
  10. That sound you heard was the players union dropping the gloves. If Don Fehr was still in charge the players would have cancelled the season already. . . .
  11. Yeah, there is not going to be a restart to the season, I don't think. Cue wildcat strike in 3. . . .2 . . .1.
  12. https://nypost.com/2020/06/10/ucla-suspends-professor-for-refusing-leniency-for-black-students/ Now I'm not trying to be an asshole or get myself banned(and if admins think this is too much I'll gladly delete and apologize) but can someone explain to me how this was racist? Unprofessional and being a snarky asshole, yeah, but I'm not seeing the racism. It may just be my lily whiteness showing again so I was wondering if you can explain it to me. As a side note, I'm not sure if any of my professors would have granted something like this, but I can see them considering it, or doing something similar( to altering the final). For example in both my grad classes this year my professors made concessions to the Covid crisis. . .
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