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  1. Movie

    I wish the NFL would adopt this rule, because there have been a half a dozen WR named "Mike Williams" in the last decade alone. . . .
  2. I, for one, would be PISSED if they killed off Black widow, but that's just because Scarjo is awesome. If anyone has to go, I'd rather it be falcon. . .
  3. Are they big internationally like the Transformers pieces of shit?
  4. If he can go to 42-43 he can probably make it, but that's a big IF, right?
  5. TV

    Selina Vice!
  6. He looks like the Klingon captain from Star Trek V. . . .
  7. Movie

    Any kids movie released around that time that isn't the absolute drizzilings shits is going to do great box office because there is not as much competition. . . .
  8. I think using FLEETWOOD MAC as the big fight song was a bit of a reach, and the Ego planet segment went too long with not enough action, but I liked it. . .
  9. How long until the dreaded vote of confidence?
  10. NFL

    And he right to demand it, after all he can still get starter money in the CFL. . . HAHAHA
  11. No words. . . .Who is going be the equivilent of TO who is be an asshole on the first week of the season with the new celebration rules?
  12. Pretty sure that World Class started it in 82ish, not sure when WWF started.. . .
  13. Fair enough. . . .
  14. I'm probably wrong, but I'm all in on Valerian being the John Carter shitstorm. . . .
  15. You'll be here regardless. . . .