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  1. Please, not even in the same category as Ben Hogan's. . . . .
  2. A couple of questions, is there a way to create a playable card, like a PPV? I've only downloaded wrestlers, so I haven't explored the moves much, but do they having the burning hammer? I have a Misawa CAW that does the Tiger Driver 91, but whoever did my Kenta either didn't but the Burning Hammer on or I can't figure out how to do it. . .
  3. Not being snarky at all, but I've seen a lot of Arizona State jokes on American Dad over the years. Not that I, being an alum and grad student at Idaho State University have anything to snicker at.(And yes its not a bad school either).
  4. Amen to that. The Special edition of Return of the Jedi is borderline unwatchable. . . .
  5. Hey the ump has to give all 0 fans who paid to see him a show. . .
  6. And add in the fact that this was his first year in the Western Conference, where he wasn't playing most of his games against trash. . .
  7. Is this on going to have King Kong too, or is that the next one?
  8. I always thought Thor 2 is a lot of fun. Iron Man 3 is much worse
  9. He's not even the best center of all time. . . .
  10. Kimbrel already has his arm in that stupid pose in anticipation. . . .
  11. Your team has the lead, 1 minute left, and you have the choice of defending onside kick, or Aaron Rodgers(or Brees or Brady etc.) on a 4th and 15, which one do you pick? Its the onside right?
  12. As well it should, its one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. A on side kick is neigh well impossible to pull off. Adopt this, and it makes it WAY too easy to convert. Maybe make it from the kicking teams 5 or 10 yard line, and make it 4th and 20 or 25. It give the offense a chance at all, rather than special teams, and the penalty should be impossibly stiff.
  13. Maybe in division? The Bills or jets might be decent next year.
  14. Embiid should have saved that shit for a critical playoff game, because the refs will be looking for it now. OT: This whole road team wearing white thing is weird. . . .
  15. It's so cute that they think things like record mean more than the brand name. . . . .
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