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  1. So what is included with the season pass then?
  2. Hopefully no other coaches will pull this crap, but if they do, the NFL needs to add a zero to the fines next time. Instead of fining the teams, they should take the money off of their salary cap. Do that, and nobody would ever do it again.
  3. I officially like Stephon Diggs. He can catch some of Allen's WTF was he thinking passes. . . .
  4. Somebody needs to get fired for this technical difficulties bullshit in Mia.
  5. A hero is one of those labels, like genius, that you can't give yourself. If self-proclaim it, you most certainly aren't.
  6. Kuetsar

    2020 NFL Week 1

    I think trash is a bit strong, but he is still rough around the edges. I don't think Dabol's play calling helps, with so many designed runs, combined with passing way too much early. Against bad teams it works, but Josh isn't good enough to carry the offense on his shoulders. He needs to learn how to tuck the dam ball as well. I think he's the 2nd best qb of his draft class(behind Lamar) and wouldn't trade him for either Baker or Sam at this point.
  7. Kuetsar

    2020 NFL Week 1

    Because if we've learned anything, its that pro's LOVE being treated like they are in college or high school. (eyeroll)
  8. Sounds like Warehouse 13.
  9. I'll play. I'll also stick around for all two weeks of the season. . . .LOL
  10. When you can give up a pick to get a guy you can have for free in a couple of days, you do it!
  11. Hell, I'd probably fire him for not wanting to run up score. That's a loser mind set. I want a guy who'll run up and be giddy about it. If you don't have a killer instinct what's the point? Talk about unwritten rules, I would think most old school players would lose respect for a manager like that.
  12. Never heard of that bullshit "unwritten rule". Don't steal a base up big, sure, but what's the guy supposed to do? If you dumb enough to groove one with the bases loaded, you get what's coming to you. You can't run down the clock. . . what a bunch of snowflakes. I do love that anytime someone does something you don't like it all of a sudden a "unwritten rule." LOL
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