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  1. Kuetsar


    Once this is confirmed as a hoax(and I have no doubt that it will be), his career is TOAST.
  2. Kuetsar

    Star Wars Episode IX

    But Johnson left NOTHING to build on. He killed off virtually everybody, then pissed on the ashes. . .
  3. Kuetsar

    We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    I'm certainly no law expert, but had they gone to discovery yet? Because like the previous posts, there must have been something explosive that they didn't want public. Good for Kaep (and Reid), as they get a good payout without the hassle of going to a conclusion and then appeals and that shit. . .
  4. Kuetsar


    It looks like MST3K material based on that trailer WOOF
  5. Kuetsar


    As cool as it is to have Salt Lake have a franchise in this thing, what mad man thought playing home games in February in UTAH was a good idea? In this part of the country it can be nice in march, but it also be really nasty. . .
  6. Kuetsar

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Partly its just because they won't stop this tinkering. The sport, as it is, is fine. I do find it funny that the goal is to reduce game times, then adding the DH to the NL would do the opposite. If they lower the mound, you might as well have them pitch underhand. . .Now they should think about raising it again, that would help with the game times.
  7. Kuetsar

    Oscars 2019.

    Since the Oscars won't hire anyone funny, they may as well not have a host, as hopefully it spares us the awkward and stupid going into the audience shit that's become a staple of these things
  8. Kuetsar

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    They are trying to kill the sport, aren't they?
  9. Liam, I got your Pillman book for Christmas, and went through it very quickly. Lots of great information, and a well written book. In the very top tier of wrestling books, and a remarkable achievement.
  10. Kuetsar

    2018-19 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Its too bad, but it doesn't even rank with some of the dumb ways baseball players have hurt themselves at home.
  11. Kuetsar

    The Big Game, v.53

    Image how loud they would be if actual fans were in attendance rather than a Super Bowl crowd.
  12. Kuetsar

    The Big Game, v.53

    And Romo instead of Phil Simms. . .
  13. Kuetsar

    The Big Game, v.53

    Or do holograms. . . .
  14. Kuetsar

    The Big Game, v.53

    There's the drizzling shits(which the game has been so far), then you have to drop several levels below that to find that halftime show, WOOF.
  15. Kuetsar

    The Big Game, v.53

    Three beeped words. . .how hard is it not to swear at the Super Bowl?