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  1. Watson for Russ, book it. (not that Wilson would go to Houston. . . )
  2. I was meaning more for 2022.
  3. Can he produce enough to scam a contender for a low level draft pick-quality player? Then those clubs would try him for a three or four month tryout.
  4. He's only 200 Rbi's short of the all time lead. Probably won't get there either. . . .
  5. Jay and silent Bob will be looking for new jobs.
  6. That doesn't seem unreasonable.
  7. I been watching since the beginning, and gave this season only one episode, and that one was nearly unwatchable. Anna Faris was the glue that held it together.
  8. How could you still be standing with a BAC like that?
  9. Old age looks different now too, between better plastic surgery and other treatments, people are staying(or at least look) younger for longer now.
  10. Fuck the poetry, JJ come to Buffalo.
  11. Ah yes, the famous Central Park in Memphis. . . .
  12. If he doesn't, they are already loading the shotgun and grabbing the reins to take him behind the barn. . . .
  13. Reading that I have flashbacks to late 90's WCW. . .
  14. With bullshit expanded playoffs(really the 2nd wildcard was too far) and extra inning rules, I hope the strike lasts years.
  15. Considering how many great Qb's have worn #12, that would be bullshit to the highest degree.
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