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  1. Starting to set up the epic shark vs gator main event I see. . . .seriously though, take care of yourself out there.
  2. That first base ump should have been fired after the game. If you call a balk, it better be obvious, on replay at least.
  3. Star Trek being so high(even ranked at all, frankly) is just wrong. I'm actually watching TOS on Paramount right now, and its fine. . . .but not one of the best shows ever. The franchise? Sure. . . . .
  4. What a shit show of a list.. . . . .
  5. Now they hold and Josh gets another chance. . . Nuts game
  6. Fuck the fish. It's hard to win when are playing against the weather, refs and a good team the bills are better.
  7. The Miami stadium is bullshit. . .
  8. I guess that why they give it to him. .
  9. Well that's one way to slow tua down. . On reply it didn't look that bad, but him being woozy was scary as hell. . .
  10. Yeah it's more it looked like the same play twice. . .
  11. Idk what the hell the last bills possession was about. Two runs and a fumble, it's like dabol was back or something.
  12. If you have to have injuries, September is better than December. Plus josh looks somebody playing Madden right now.. .
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