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  1. Kuetsar

    Your Upcoming Good Stuff On TCM Thread

    Yeah, I was joking, but its still on the checkout counter so SOMEBODY must buy them.
  2. Kuetsar

    Your Upcoming Good Stuff On TCM Thread

    I didn't know people even still bought TV guide. . ..
  3. Kuetsar

    MLB 2018 - June

    God forbid teams ever play a real double header. ... . .
  4. Kuetsar

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    Plus FIFA is doing an investigation on alleged homophoc slurs directed at Germany's goalie, by Mexico's fans: http://www.espn.com/soccer/mexico/story/3532055/fifa-opens-anti-gay-case-after-alleged-mexican-chants
  5. Kuetsar

    What are you reading?

    There quite a bit of sleaze in the book, but its main focus is more on the modeling agencies. He sort of skims over controversies, and that would probably be a better book, focusing on any one, rather than an over arching approach.
  6. Kuetsar

    So...just how old are the DVDR posters?

    I'm 39, and I could have swore I responded last time around. . . .eh
  7. Kuetsar


    Very classy gesture by the Eagles, giving a former secretary fired by Chip Kelly a Super Bowl ring. . . . http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23804871/philadelphia-eagles-surprise-former-team-secretary-super-bowl-ring
  8. Kuetsar

    Rock God who Least Looked the Part

    Rick Ocasek? He looks like someone took Elvis Costello and melted the face. . .
  9. Kuetsar


    Eagles: Champions of the World!
  10. Kuetsar

    What are you reading?

    Eh, I found it for cheap at a book sale and it said it was a "shocking expose", so it sounded better than it was. Here are some more non fiction goodness I've read in the past few months. Re-read Dynamite kid's book, as well as the history of Stampede, Heenan's book and Capetta's. All are worth reading if you get the chance, and Dynamite and Stampede are must reads. I must confess I felt like strangling Bruce Hart after reading the Stampede book. God is not great by Christopher Hitchens. An indictment of religion, but well reasoned. Worth seeking out it you are into that sort of thing. **** Columbus the four voyages by Lawrence Bergreen. Outstanding biography that fairly describes the man, while neither demonizing, not glorifying him. Well worth seeking out.***** Over the edge of the world by Lawrence Bergreen. Describing Magellen's voyage around the world. Well the surviving crew any way. Magellen, being an arrogant ass, got himself killed in the Philippines. ***** Six Frigates by Ian Toll. The Founding of the US Navy, complete with all the poltics and bullshit surrounding the war of 1812. Highly recommended, and it shows that while Madison and Jefferson played a great role in founding the country, they made for less than great Presidents. **** 1/2 Nelson love and fame by Edgar VIncent. On the one hand Horatio Nelson was a bad ass, and its a perfectly competent biography, he focus quite a bit on Nelson's love affairs. That isn't bad on its own, but he seems to lose the forest through the trees a bit and you can tell the author is not a professional historian. Not bad, per see but a bit of a slog.*** 1/2 Trafalgar by Tim Clayton. An account of the famous battle that is very readable and accessable. Well worth your time if you like that sort of thing. **** The Bounty by Caroline Alexander. A factual account of the Munity on the Bounty. Poor William Bligh's reputation has been smeared for centuries, partly due to the need to save Peter Heywood from the rope. He was connected and fell under the spell of Fletcher Christian. Fuck them both, though they have been dead for at least a century and a half. Well worth tracking down. ***** Cochrane, the real master and commander by David Corridingly. He was a commander in the early Napoleonic period, who matched naval exploites with being a pain in the ass to authority. Readable, but misses greatness by a wide margin. *** Superfreakanomics by Steven Leavitt. The second one, actually and its the same a sthe first: readable, with interesting ideas about problems that tend to the fantastic, but it sucks the dick of economics hard, as if it were some kind of super science. Quick read that worth picking up super cheap. ** 1/2 Amy Schumer and Anna Faris' books. Both super readable in the celeb bio genre, competant and interesting if not high art. *** each The baby boom by PJ orourke. semi autobiographical account of the aby boom generation. Entertaining enough, but don't go out of your way. ** 1/2 Confederates in the attic by Tony Horowitz. A superb journey around the modern south(late 90's) exploring the culture of the Civil War. He follows hardcore war re enactors, goes to small town museums and explores the culture in a entertaining way. Well worth seeking out. ***** The Comedians by Kliph nesteroff. Exploring the history of 20th century comedy. The first part, from vaudeville to early tv is very good, but he loses his way in the 70's and after that its just a sequence of names and little blurbs about each. Mixed read to say the least, but its not bad. ** 1/2 The Hot House, life inside levanworth. Written in the late 80's its a great exploration of prison life in maximum security prison. Very recommended if you like true crime. **** Betty and Joan by Shaun Considine. If you are interested at all in Hollywood, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Betty Davis and Joan Crawford didn't like wach other, and its a full account of their rivalry. Bette hated Joan much more than vice versa, and its full of great gossip and a fun romp through the era. *****
  11. Kuetsar

    The 2018 LaVar Ball Memorial Off-Court Thread

    Adam Morrison on the cover of NCAA march madness 07?
  12. Kuetsar


    I know there is no way in hell hes going there, but Utah has a strong young cast that would fit him perfectly. And I imagine is just as likely as DC. . .
  13. Kuetsar

    What are you reading?

    I just finished Model by Michael Gross. Its a history of the modeling industry and I cant honestly recommend it. The beginning is pretty good, but soon turn into an alphabet soup of agencies, and his CONSTANT digressions get pretty annoying. The first person chapters were the best, and he might have been better served to turn the thing into a oral histy, even if he would have to change the scope a bit.
  14. Kuetsar

    MLB 2018 - June

    Mets release the corpse of Adrian Gonzalez. . .
  15. Kuetsar

    MLB 2018 - June

    Was Zombie Mike Awesome chasing him with a chair?