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  1. That's assuming he doesn't blow another pot test first, and I'd say that's 50/50 with his history.
  2. NBC had it so all the networks that had football had a game that day.
  3. Well its about time SOMEONE did. . .
  4. See the Stanford Experiment. Like money, power is a truth serum, and the willingness to put in the hours watching tape and the like goes very closely on the Venn diagram with psycho and no perspective. . . .
  5. Lee Evans is still in the league? As for the 0.0 rating list, legit surprised that Peterman was the only Bill on it.
  6. The Bills secondary coach needs to be fired. . . .They gave up ANOTHER hail mary, but this time it won't cost them the game.
  7. Bullshit penalties from the refs aren't helping, but yeah both the Bills and Chargers are having a choke off. . .
  8. Man the Charger do not trust their kicker. . . . LOL
  9. Dabol decides to run the ball for once, and the Bills score on a trick throw from Beasley to Davis. 14-6 Bills.
  10. 7-6 Bills, but Josh has been the drizzling shits so far. . .
  11. Somebody's losing their scholarship. . . .OMFG what a dipshit.
  12. They didn't do anything to the Titans, so they won't so it to the Ravens either. Whether they ought to is a different question.
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