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  1. All but about a half a dozen franchises would trade their Qb's from the same period to have Eli instead. . . .
  2. Good, that is the dumbest idea I've ever heard.
  3. Under age? The smoking age was raised to 21 in December.
  4. Might as well ask how mummra managed to stay alive for thousands of years.
  5. Now I want to see the trash tv network version of that. . .
  6. There's difference being clever enough to swipe signs from the bases and having a systematic cheating system.
  7. ShoBan, actually(Shosone Bannock). The history classes aren't a problem, and they said in the interview they want me to cover native history. I have to learn it first of course, but I have a native history book next in my queue. The problem is these jr high kids. I know they have had a really hard life, but they usually won't shut up long enough for me to give instructions. . . .
  8. Dude, download grammarly, like now. . .
  9. Assuming they don't come back, the Chiefs ought to fire Andy Reid, and replace him with Eric Beinemy. They won't, but they should. . . .
  10. The Jets certainly can.(and probably should)
  11. Which is good since they'll be playing the Chiefs. . . .
  12. I wouldn't worry about either of those outcomes. . .
  13. The first two seasons were very good, but the last one was a borderline unwatchable shit show, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  14. I'm only familiar with NeWho so pardon the ignorance, but didn't the war doctor nuke Galifray, not the Master?
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