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  1. I think the problem isn't so much letting the players have the $$$. Or having a liberal transfer window. It having both at the same time, so there is almost yearly free agency. I dont follow the college game very closely so I could be wrong, but there needs to be some mechanism to limit player movement or there are going to be more problems. Like maybe you cant do both at the same time?
  2. And make the Browns eat every single dollar of that $$$.
  3. Unless they change the rules back to allow his bullshit, it aint gonna matter.
  4. Either he holds a clipboard really well, or he pictures on somebody. Those bills starts should have been enough to get him taken behind the barn. . .and I'm only speaking half metaphorically
  5. Burnham is such a Mary sue even Rey thinks it's over the top.
  6. So THAT's why he was going to the massage parlors. . .
  7. When your main character has Xpac heat, that's a bad sign.
  8. If you don't have Johnny(or maybe Steve-o) as host, there really is no point. Obviously they can't do the bumps, but you can't Jackass without Knoxville in some way.
  9. Broken clock theory. . .
  10. What the hell was he still doing out on the court? Doc rivers everybody.
  11. The first episode should have been the fourth one, with editing. . . It really didn't get interesting until the mental hospital. . .
  12. 13th warrior is awesome, in its own way. If liking that movie is wrong, I don't want to be right.
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