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  1. Read Dirk Hayhursts books and Jonah Keri's Expos book. The Expos was fantastic(obviously), after reading it it was surprising the Expos lasted as long as they did. As for Hayhurst, the Bullpen Gospels is a classic, the second less so, but still interesting and the third was mixed(at best). About the third, the first half is painful to read. Yeah I get it its hard to be a Major Leaguer, but it got boring quick. After reading how fucking stupid he was in the locker room, its a wonder anyone talked to him at all, and the Triple H stuff was such bullshit and he seemed obvlious that anyone would be upset about that sort of thing. Frankly Trips should have kicked his ass. The second half of it was MUCH better as he was back to telling stories, rather than being a whiny bitch. Also read a book about pitching by Roger Kahn, which was really good as well. Here's a link to by Goodreads account, assuming anyone gives a shit https://www.goodreads.com/challenges/5493-2017-reading-challenge
  2. Why should they accomodate him? Send his ass to the Kings. . . .or any other team that gives the best offer. . .
  3. Movie

    I literally cannot believe someone made this fucking movie: http://themuse.jezebel.com/is-there-literally-1-person-in-the-world-who-wants-this-1797139599
  4. TV

    Comedy Central has a replacement for the Nightly Show ready to go, so they would have had to shuffle @midnight to another timeslot, so I guess they decided to go out on (relatively speaking) top, rather than grind out another 6 months or year of bad ratings and get cancelled. At least that's my view of things. . .
  5. Movie

    FUCK that. Nobody has Freddie's charisma anyways, so this sounds like a definite skip.
  6. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20108213/golden-state-warriors-become-1st-nba-team-charge-personal-seat-licenses-new-arena The Warriors are bringing PSL's to the NBA. Yet another reason to hate them. . . .
  7. NFL

    http://deadspin.com/michael-vick-suggests-that-nfl-teams-are-put-off-by-col-1797018695 As a white guy I have no comment, but its out there. . .
  8. FUCK that noise. . . .but what can you do. . . .
  9. I was all in on Valerian being shit. Yeah I'm not rising out of last place. . . .On Rotten Tomato weirdness, on Valerian, 5/10 is rotten, yet 2.5/5 is fresh, WTF?
  10. Season 4 of Rake is now on Netlfix. Its a great show, and has that subtle kind of humor that the Brits(and Aussie's) do so well. . . .
  11. NFL

    Sorry Double post. . . .
  12. NFL

    The Bills hired away some of the underlings of their front office too, so who's taking the job?
  13. Eh, good for them. I think she's way too light weight for the role. Not that I liked/knew of any of the males candidates, but I just don't see it. Someone mentioned Tilda Swenton a few pages back, I could see her doing well(especially if she went all Dr Strange on it), but this choice seems very uninspired.
  14. What a joke. She is pretty bland on Broadchurch( plays sad and depressed well enough, but no signs of personality). Gee I guess they had to cave in to the politcal correctness police after all. . . .
  15. Is he the one that drove Torchwood over the cliff? Because FUCK the person who wrote those god awful miniseries. . .