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  1. Meanwhile they have announced absolutely nothing for the GCW show that's happening the same day, except for this show graphic. It seems clear that JCW will be the A-Show that day, but I wonder, if they'll put on an intentionally shitty show for IWTV.
  2. I mean Timothy Thatcher and Biff Busick are both freelancers now, so...
  3. Rumor has it lately that WWE only cut out the Anthony Ogogo match from Ch. 127, but it was PROGRESS' own decision to cut out the Gresham matches from Ch. 128 and 129 to give people an incentive to buy PROGRESS' own streaming service. Of course since then Gresham competed for and won the PROGRESS World Championship at Ch. 130 and of course he also competed in and won the entire wXw 16 Carat Gold 2022 tournament. None of those shows aired on the WWE network yet, but obviously it would be utterly insane to release any of those shows without the Gresham matches.
  4. They were able to get Ninja Mack as a last minute replacement for Biff. Holy Shit!
  5. Yeah, that's a real bummer. Even with Busick the line-up was already pretty weak this year. I'm crossing my fingers that Jonathan Gresham vs. Fuminori Abe will happen at some point during the tournament. That would make up for a lot.
  6. The second MDRN NMD TNG show from last weekend. I would highly recommend watching Chris Ridgeway vs. Kid Lykos and Dean Allmark vs. Martin Kirby, but you can also just watch the whole show. Yesterday Hard Hit aired their entire show from December on YouTube, which had a 40-minute main event between Minoru Suzuki and Hikaru Sato. I thought I could watch it later, but they apparently deleted the whole thing after the initial airing. Damn.
  7. I would actually prefer a middle way between live iPPV and waiting half a year. The impatience of my fellow wrestling fans annoys me a lot more than the slow-as-hell schedule of PWG. Everything has to be live live live for most people nowadays. I've never watched anything life in my entire life, outside of the shows I've attended myself. I'm old enough to remember a time, when you had to wait months for some tape trader to have the show you wanted and then you waited months more for the VHS to arrive at your house. Obviously we don't want to go back to that, but the quality of the majority of the live Indy shows sucks ass. Of all the GCW shows at least half of them have terrible audio and or video issues. Everything would be so much better, if people were just willing to wait a day or two (or even a week) for the VOD to be released. That's my rant for today.
  8. I wonder, if they could do VOD now, if they wanted to. The reason they always give for not doing VOD is that they couldn't use contracted wrestlers, if they did, but is that reason even still valid anymore? Clearly AEW doesn't give a shit, as Jon Moxley, Joey Janela etc. appear for live broadcasts of GCW shows all the time. Ring of Honor doesn't have anyone under contract anymore. The only promotion that might be tricky is Impact, but even with them, some wrestlers have appeared on live Indy VODs. Mike Bailey has worked for GCW a couple of weeks ago and was already announced for more shows. Josh Alexander worked the recent Terminus show and works for AAW all the time. There are other examples like that. Might be a case by case issue with them.
  9. Here are a few of my favorite shows from the last 12 months: rSpring Break Presented By 44OH!, 04/09/2021 (Duh!) Draft Day, 05/15/2021 Tournament Of Survival 666, 06/05/2021 ('m not even a big death match guy, but this is just a really good show) 3 Cups Stuffed 09/03/2021 So Alive, 12/04/2021 On the pre-show he said it was one of their partners who said this on their last show before the pandemic shut down everything, which would have been on March 20th 2020. So I'm thinking it could have been one of the IWTV owners or one of the promoters that they used to team up with for the Collective, which would have happened not soon after, if it wasn't for Corona.
  10. I have seen pretty much every GCW show of the last three years or so and it's my favorite promotion in the world. Yesterday's show was far far below average when it comes to quality for GCW. Chances are you pick any random GCW show out of their catalog and it'll be much better than yesterday's offering. Does anyone know who said the "I've seen a million GCWs come and go and it's not going to last" quote to Brett Lauderdale? I initially thought it was someone like Jim Cornette, but of course, why would Lauderdale care about what that guy thinks. This must have been someone he used to respect a lot.
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