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  1. There were multiple minor things that were always blown way out of proportion. I think at some point he said something about gay pride parades not being necessary anymore, because they already achieved equality in his mind or something like that. This might have been a bit insensitive to the issue, but they painted him as this massive homophobe, because of this. This was possibly his last tweet before he left wrestling: Fans were also admittedly rightly upset, because he never paid refunds for the last Lucha Forever shows that were cancelled, but as far as I know he was left in
  2. I hope the woke Twitter mob that bullied him out of wrestling is feeling really good about themselves right about now. I once drove two hours primarily for a match he was booked for. He unfortunately didn't show up, but I was still holding out hope for a comeback and that I would be able to see him live one day. There's no doubt in mind, he would be in NXT UK are some other major place right now, if he didn't quit. Very sad about Karsten as well. Here's a video of his first return to wrestling after his first brain tumor:
  3. That was honestly probably my favorite tournament match, but I thought I might be alone in this. Really glad you enjoyed it as well! Day 5 (9/26) was probably the most skippable show of the tournament so far, with only the main event (Shiozaki/Kitamiya) really worth watching. All the big three matches in today's final tournament show (KENOH/Sugiura, Nakajima/Marufuji and Shiozaki/Kiyomiya) were really good again, but once again I would go with the Nakajima match as my favorite of the day. Can I also just say that I really enjoy this smaller tournament format with only six comp
  4. I liked Midnight in Paris well enough, but this must have been someone else.
  5. Oh man. I just finished watching the brilliant 1988 thriller The Vanishing. So I went on Letterboxd to see what other movies Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu starred in when a movie poster triggered an ancient memory. Somewhere around 10-15 years ago I had invited some friends over and they were pretty late, so I was flipping through TV channels, when I suddenly stumbled upon a woman fucking a chimpanzee. I couldn't believe, what I was seeing. Naturally, I did what everyone in my situation would have done and kept on watching for another 10-15 minutes until I frankly got bored and moved on. Later
  6. I'm not surprised I'm in the minority of people who liked Prometheus, but I thought the Planet of the Apes trilogy would get more love here. A rare trilogy where all three movies are good and each sequel is better than the previous film, the third one being a near perfect movie in my opinion.
  7. I just posted about watching N-1 Victory in the general thread. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's better than New Japan, but it's great! For the last few years, as with most people I assume, the only Japanese promotion I've watched regularly was NJPW, every other promotion I've only checked out sporadically with a show here and there. But if NOAH is always as good as this, I definitely will follow regularly again. I even want to check out that super-long Fujita/Shiozaki match, that people have been plugging.
  8. Speaking of NOAH, by complete coincidence I took two weeks off from work this week and next week, without even realizing what time it is. (Well, not really by coincidence, I would be at wXw Catch Grand Prix right about now, if it wasn't for Corona.) Long story short, I'm now completely caught up on both G1 Climax and N-1 Victory. N-1 Victory is really good actually. I can't believe there's activity on this part of the board again and I'm the only one who's watching this. NOAH in 2020 seems to be mostly beefy guys and guys who kick each other really hard. Especially the latt
  9. Did AEW just plagiarize this small-time British wrestling promotion or is it just me who thinks those two logos look awfully similar?
  10. Yes, wXwNOW, it's €9.99/month. They haven't put anything for free on YouTube in years, so it's either that or "you know what".
  11. Had to collect my thoughts a bit after the last weekend. This was my third year in a row attending 16 Carat Gold. I think the overall match quality was a bit lower this year than the previous two years, there was a lot of stuff that was just mediocre and of course the David Starr thing (though expected) left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth. However the matches that were good, were really REALLY good. So I put everything from the weekend that I consider absolutely must-see in a handy list and ranked them. I'm putting this in spoiler tags for the unrealistic case, that someone's reading
  12. I assume everyone's already been waiting for my annual 16 Carat Gold post. OK, I Know nobody cares, but here it is anyways. Full line-up of this year's 16 Carat Gold participants: "Speedball" Mike Bailey Chris Ridgeway Shigehiro Irie Black Taurus Puma King Alexander James Daniel Makabe Eddie Kingston Jurn Simmons Cara Noir Marius Al-Ani Lucky Kid Lio Rush The Rotation Julian Pace Bandido Alex Shelley will wrestle as a special attraction on Night 2, WALTER will only appear on the Sunday
  13. He did say that many many times, but on the other hand money talks. For what it's worth he's barely working any Indies anymore, not even the WWE-affiliated ones. He was the head trainer of the wXw Academy and he handed that position over to someone else in January of this year. I also remember a time, when he was only working for wXw and said on podcasts he has no interest in working the Indies, especially talking very negatively about what he called "dream match factories" like PWG and Revolution Pro. A year later he was working for both of those promotions and everywhere
  14. ...and Yuki Ishikawa vs. Daisuke Ikeda
  15. Does anyone know what's going on with Astro City? After the Ongoing was finished Busiek announced the series would continue in OGN form, but that was in January of 2018 and I couldn't find any more news since then. With Vertigo no longer being a thing, is it safe to say it's dead? Would be a damn shame...
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