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  1. The Z


    Quick update since three more names have been announced since then: Lucky Kid Ilja Dragunov David Starr So only one more name left to be announced. Hoping they saved one last major announcement to finish it off, but might as well be a wXw regular. Amongst German fan-circles the opinions about this line-up seem to be mostly negative, which I don't get at all. Just give me Sekimoto vs. Penta, WALTER vs. Penta, Fenix vs. WALTER, just to name a few. There's an endless amount of potentially great match-ups in there. They also finished the line-up for Ambition as of today: Shigehiro Irie Rico Bushido Laurance Roman Punch-Drunk Istria Veit Müller Chris Ridgeway Danny Jones A-Kid The usual problems with Ambition notwithstanding, I'm really excited about this line-up as well. Was really hoping Chris Ridgeway would be in this year, so I'm extatic about that. Danny Jones and A-Kid are nice additions as well. Admittedly I've never heard of Istria, since I don't follow the Australian scene, but judging by a few clips I've seen online, he seems to be perfect for this.
  2. The Z


    I haven't heard anything to the contrary, so I would assume so. Unless this long-rumored move of wXw, PROGRESS and ICW to the WWE Network happens before then. I have the same issue as you with Ambition. I like the shoot style generally, but the Ambition matches are always only around 4-5 minutes long, so they never venture into anything special. Since Ishikawa/Thatcher is happening as a superfight and not as part of the tournament, I hope they are given a bit more time, though. I'm curious about Ambition anyways, they haven't announced any participants for the tournament at all so far.
  3. The Z


    The line-up for this year's 16 Carat Gold so far after today's show in London: Rey Horus Daisuke Sekimoto Pentagón Jr. Axel Dieter Jr. (Marcel Barthel) Chris Brookes Jurn Simmons Fénix Timothy Thatcher Avalanche WALTER Mark Davis Shigehiro Irie Four more to go and so many potentially great match-ups already. All this and of course Yuki Ishikawa vs. Thatcher at Ambition.
  4. The Z


    Alex Wright teased an in-ring comeback yesterday, by attacking T-K-O, the current champion of his promotion NEW. This will probably just be a one-off I assume.
  5. The Z

    Which Puro Wrestler's do you loathe

    Maybe it's his stupid face, but I always dreaded to have to watch a Kazunari Murakami match.
  6. Wouldn't be surprised at all, if it's Aussie Open. I don't buy this hairbrained explanation for why Kyle Fletcher was pulled out of the Frontline Wrestling J-1 tournament:
  7. The Z


    Third announcement so far after Daisuke Sekimoto and Rey Horus. Needless to say I'm already pumped.
  8. The Z


    Well, this will keep me up all night, contemplating whether it's worth driving four hours back and forth two days before christmas to see a wrestling show.
  9. The Z

    EVOLVE Thread

    Well, wXw just announced Axel Dieter jr. for December. So much for this "happening" to other promotions.
  10. The Z

    EVOLVE Thread

    I don't know about the Street Profits, but Aichner is great, definitely on a level with Strickland and the best of the current EVOLVE roster. I'm not a fan of WWE at all, but this definitely has me excited about EVOLVE again. The WWN title has been redundant from the get-go. Nobody gives a shit about FIP or the other promotions under the WWN umbrella.
  11. The Z


    Even if it means breaking kayfabe or something, are Janela/Riddle/Barnett actually involved in the booking process for those shows at all or are they just using their names to promote the shows? It's a shame Bloodsport is on at the exact same time as wXw. That means no shoot-style matches for WALTER and Thatcher.
  12. The Z

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    My DVD arrived while I was away for the weekend. Thanks again @S.K.o.S.!
  13. The Z


    That was not supposed to be a diss at MCW obviously. I didn't think it was possible to be topped, but Lucha Bros/CCK from today might have even surpassed Lucha Bros/Ringkampf from yesterday. Amazing match! Ringkampf/Okami and the Finals from today were great as well! I just saw on Twitter that the ring announcer from NOVA Pro was here as well. What a coincidence. There are so many clips of this online. Even Meiko Satomura was baffled apparently: Night 1 will be released on there tomorrow, then another show every day from that point on. Inner Circle from Thursday is already online today. That was a small intimate show that was being held at wXw's training facility, which only packs around 150 fans. It had Timothy Thatcher vs. Fred Yehi, Kris Wolf vs. Lufisto, Aussie Open vs. Coast 2 Coast amongst other matches. Not a bad way to warm-up for the main shows. Watch those shows, if you can. I promise you won't regret it.
  14. The Z


    Satomura vs. Millie McKenzie and Satomura vs. Lufisto from today's Femmes Fatales tournament were awesome, though. Whole tournament was pretty damn good. Jesus Christ, Ringkampf vs. Lucha Bros. was so fucking good. WALTER and Penta need to have a singles match down the line as well. And this was after CCK and Okami had already torn down the house before and then Bobby Gunns and Ilja Dragunov tore it down again in the main event. There were duelling Gunns/Dragunov chants during the entire duration of the match without a single second of break and the match was at least 20 minutes long. I have never heard a crowd like this before. It was INSANE. I have no idea what went down in Australia today, but I doubt it was close to even being half as good as what I have witnessed today.
  15. The Z


    Night 1 of World Tag League was amazing! Lucha Bros. vs. Hashimoto & Kamitani, Ringkampf vs. CCK and Aussie Open vs. Cobb & Angelico all delivered big-time! Wasn't sure before, but Jeff Cobb & Angelico work very well as a Tag Team. The David Starr vs. Jurn Simmons Hair vs. Hair Match was brutal and nuts as well. Only Meiko Satomura vs. Toni Storm was a bit disappointing I thought. On to Night 2.