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  1. Bloodsport happened at the exact same time as wXw, so that was probably just bad luck. As for why he wasn't on any other shows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  2. And Sexxxy Eddie did that exact same spot that made Joey Ryan famous years before him. I wonder, if he ever gave him credit for that.
  3. If you had asked me two days sooner, I was literally at a wXw show on Saturday. I doubt it would arrive any sooner at your place, if I ordered one to myself and then sent it to you, than if you just ordered it yourself.
  4. I bought me one of those. Not sure, what to do with it, but I couldn't resist.
  5. But he doesn't work for ROH and doesn't get paid by ROH. The match is being promoted by an Israeli promotion, it just happens to be for the ROH title.
  6. wXwNow is €9.99/month, which is somewhere around $11. It's worth it this month definitely in my opinion, because you get all the shows that happened over 16 Carat weekend. You can just cancel after that. This is the schedule for march: If you would subscribe now, you will also get the first two weeks or so of April, which should also include the wXw Wrestlemania weekend show.
  7. Nobody asked for this, but here's my Top 10 favorite must-see matches from the past weekend. 16 Carat Gold Night 3 is probably my new favorite wrestling show I've attenended live so far. Spoiler tags just in case.
  8. Wow, WALTER & Thatcher vs. Ishikawa & Irie was everything you would hope for. All the "grapplefucks" and stiffness you'd expect from the four people involved.
  9. I'll never put my trust in puppets again.
  10. That's his real name. Ilja was more or less known already, but I'm also super happy about Oliver Carter. Highly underrated wrestler!
  11. So, now that the AEW talk is over, maybe I can finally gloat over the 16 Carat Gold first round match-ups. WALTER vs. David Starr (!) Pentagón Jr. vs. Mark Davis (!) Fénix vs. Rey Horus (!!) Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Ilja Dragunov (!!!) Shigehiro Irie vs. Chris Brookes Axel Dieter Jr. vs. Marius Al-Ani Timothy Thatcher vs. Lucky Kid Jurn Simmons vs. Avalance (Falls Count Anywhere) Good god, I think I'll need a vacation after this weekend.
  12. Nice! They announced the first round matches for Ambition earlier this week: Istria vs. Danny Jones Chris Ridgeway vs. A-Kid Rico Bushido vs. Veit Müller Shigehiro Irie vs. Laurance Roman They also announced the main event for Inner Circle today: So glad I bought a ticket for all eight shows that weekend! First round match-ups for 16 Carat Gold will be announced later today.
  13. Quick update since three more names have been announced since then: Lucky Kid Ilja Dragunov David Starr So only one more name left to be announced. Hoping they saved one last major announcement to finish it off, but might as well be a wXw regular. Amongst German fan-circles the opinions about this line-up seem to be mostly negative, which I don't get at all. Just give me Sekimoto vs. Penta, WALTER vs. Penta, Fenix vs. WALTER, just to name a few. There's an endless amount of potentially great match-ups in there. They also finished the line-up for Ambition as of today: Shigehiro Irie Rico Bushido Laurance Roman Punch-Drunk Istria Veit Müller Chris Ridgeway Danny Jones A-Kid The usual problems with Ambition notwithstanding, I'm really excited about this line-up as well. Was really hoping Chris Ridgeway would be in this year, so I'm extatic about that. Danny Jones and A-Kid are nice additions as well. Admittedly I've never heard of Istria, since I don't follow the Australian scene, but judging by a few clips I've seen online, he seems to be perfect for this.
  14. I haven't heard anything to the contrary, so I would assume so. Unless this long-rumored move of wXw, PROGRESS and ICW to the WWE Network happens before then. I have the same issue as you with Ambition. I like the shoot style generally, but the Ambition matches are always only around 4-5 minutes long, so they never venture into anything special. Since Ishikawa/Thatcher is happening as a superfight and not as part of the tournament, I hope they are given a bit more time, though. I'm curious about Ambition anyways, they haven't announced any participants for the tournament at all so far.
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