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  1. Last week's show was done by Mark Pickering and Stewart Fulton.
  2. Not really familiar to be honest, but this probably still deserves a mention:
  3. You only have to scroll down to his last review of a WALTER WWE match: https://handwerkreviews.wordpress.com/2019/10/29/walter-vs-kushida-wwe-nxt-10-9-2019/ But don't read too much of it or you might run the risk of having your eyes permanently stuck in the back of your head.
  4. I thought this would finally be the year. Unless Mark Davis is still injured and Kyle Fletcher is the mystery partner, but I doubt it.
  5. Wow, couldn't possibly disagree more. Blake Christian is cool and all, but Alex Zayne is in my opinion the best highflyer in the world right now not named Ospreay or Bandido.
  6. But you know they already did several times, right? Their 2017 match won MOTY accolades all over the place at the time.
  7. I'm a huge fan of Damien Chazelle. I've had Whiplash at #5 and La La Land at #13 as you can see, but First Man was a total snooze fest in my opinion, huge disappointment. OK, I'll give you that. You also voted for Boyhood, whereas I only had it in my honorable mentions. I think I moved it down there at the last minute, I had it somewhere in the 80s before then. As a bonus here's a list of the only 19 movies from the Top 248 list I have not seen yet: Free Solo and Tim's Vermeer have moved to the top of my watchlist. The Other Side of the Wind might be my biggest omissio
  8. Sure, why not. Here's my list. I've bolded every movie that didn't make the cut: Very surprised that I'm the biggest Linklater and Baumbach supporter on the board. A lot of movies on my list I'm very surprised that didn't make the cut (Little Women, Boyhood, Shutter Island, Blindspotting, Dope... to name a few). Judging by the new thread, Frances Ha seems to be the movie with the votes that didn't make the Top 248.
  9. Oh, and while I do understand not having more outsiders in the tournament, I don't understand how a promotion that has Dick Togo on their roster doesn't put him in their Super Juniors tournament and gives us DOUKI instead.
  10. Full line-up for this year's BOSJ: Ryusuke Taguchi Master WATO SHO Robbie Eagles Hiromu Takahashi BUSHI El Desperado Yoshinobu Kanemaru DOUKI Taiji Ishimori Only one block, which I expected. The line-up is a bit disappointing with Eagles being the only Gaijin in the tournament, but understandable given the situation. However they also announced a Super J Cup for December 12th with this line-up: El Phantasmo Clark Connors TJP ACH Blake Christian Chris Bey Rey Horus
  11. Well, I seem to be the one person who's very surprised about this placement. Once upon a Time in Hollywood is so far the first and hopefully only Tarantino I did not like, which is something I never expected to happen, because every other other Tarantino movie is at least a 9/10 in my book. This doesn't even feel like a Tarantino movie. An absolute masterpiece! Inception being #1 on my ballot was the one thing I didn't even have to think about, a foregone conclusion.
  12. These are both from last year and both are hilarious. He had the audience in the palm of his hands. R.I.P.
  13. Well, The Good Dinosaur hasn't dropped, yet. Surely I'm not the only one, who voted.... never mind.
  14. There were multiple minor things that were always blown way out of proportion. I think at some point he said something about gay pride parades not being necessary anymore, because they already achieved equality in his mind or something like that. This might have been a bit insensitive to the issue, but they painted him as this massive homophobe, because of this. This was possibly his last tweet before he left wrestling: Fans were also admittedly rightly upset, because he never paid refunds for the last Lucha Forever shows that were cancelled, but as far as I know he was left in
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