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  1. He squashed him back in March. I literally have no memory of it. You should check out his main roster run. His matches with Rey, Ricochet, Sheamus, etc. have been great.
  2. They had to take it down late last night as well.
  3. Huh? Its more or less been running this way for 5 or more years now. They got paid more when NXT went to USA. No reason to not see if they can continue that.
  4. Always happy to know I'm not alone with this one.
  5. I know they didn't for rights reasons, but I thought they should have just kept Dabba-Kato's actual name Babatunde.
  6. Kind of like Corbin's reasons for coming into NXT. Feels like a cover for him basically being pissed at all the NXT guys and gals who were drafted along with Grimes one shotting him so quickly in Grimes's Smackdown debut. Ilja coming out to challenge him was unexpected. The attack from Trik however was and nice. Diamond Mine vs. Dyad/Ava was pretty good. The Creeds had a great showcase with the addition of Ivy making for something different and pretty damn fun. I like how much Ivy is treated as a badass. Ava having just a pinch of nervousness when Ivy got the hot tag to come in was neat. Their segment was short enough and worked for the finish. Still you can tell how limited Ava must be with how she is used so far. Blair/Dani was a bit of squash meant to reintroduce Blair more than anything else. Thought it worked well. Dani never stopped trying to comeback while bumping and selling well for Blair. Blair has plenty of good offense and has a certain feel of maliciousness in much of what she does. Corbin/Trick built into something solid though I don't think they feed into each other well stylistically. Kind of dug HHHT with Frazer. Didn't last too long, made decent mockery of Dar and his new group, and setup Frazer/Dar for the Heritage Cup which I'm all there for. Also kind of like Frazer and Dragon Lee becoming buddies. Ali/Gacy was pretty decent while it lasted. Thorpe/Kemp was fine. Thorpe still lacks anything personality or style while tat makes him interesting. Reminds me of Xyon Quinn in that regard. Dabba-Kato/Scrypts was fun while it lasted. Reggie can move and bump around well along with the general athletic feats he can achieve. He and DK make for decent counterparts. Axiom helping Reggie get the win was unexpected. The double beatdown from Dk less so. Not sure what the plan for DK, but I hope its more than squashing people. Feels like he can do more in the ring than a lot of the other giant WWE has brought up the last couple of years. Women's battle Royal was pretty decent. The eliminations were generally solid and I dug a lot of the story and character bits. Dug how Lash was such a powerhouse and her elimination with Leon and Feroz worked well. Lash's earlier attack to take out Thea was particularly nice. Blair coming out to piss off Roxanne and getting Tatum to help her out was interesting. Tatum is talented but not much of a personality on her own. Will be interesting to see what Blair brings out of her. I am befuddled why Dana brooke was in this match, but it did only seem to make the crowd all the more hot for a Thea victory so I can't complain too much. Loved seeing Thea win treated as such a big moment with the Chase U students coming. They even remembered the NIL twins who hoisted Thea up during the celebration. A part of me wishes Thea wasn't Tiffany's first defense just so we would think she has a chance of winning, but I do like the story they used to get here with Thea toughening herself up mentally & physically. Gulak and Dempsey giving her props at the end was a nice touch. Bron challenging Seth was kind of out of nowhere. I don't hate it though it feels like something that should be happening at least at a PLE if they want to do it.
  7. Becky/Sonya was fine. Owens/Gunther was great. Dug Gunther gradually taking control early on until it just became a complete uphill battle for Owens. Only thing i would have preferred was a more impactful finish. I assume they want to save that for if and when a title is on the line between the two. KC/KC vs. Ronda/Shauna was good. The KCs got in a really good showcase with their tag work and double teams. Dug how much control they took and how they kept throwing Ronda and Shayna off. Only wish they had an audience that gave more of a crap. Ricochet/Nakamura was nice while it lasted. Wasn't fond of the finish though I suppose it made sense with the pre-match segment involving Bronson Reed. I do at least like that the moment he interfered in didn't hint towards a true victor. The MizTV segment was ok. I'm always happy to see Dom get such loud reactions and am kind of curious to see what he and Cody can do together. Zoey/Nattie was fine if forgettable. Rollins/Priest built into something pretty good. The ending stretch with a call back to the first Rollins/Balor Universal title match was kind of neat. Still not sure about them building another Rollins/Balor match right now with the result being so obvious and the last one only being around a month ago during the tournament.
  8. She has been doing that one for a bit now. Apparently Maika is similar to Claudio in terms of crazy power. Was like that even before wrestling.
  9. I actually don't think Rollins is quite the same wrestler he was even 3 or so years ago. He was very much a get all of his shit in kind of guy without much variation with the quality of the match tending to depend on how well his opponent could lead/lay things out. Over the last year or so it feels like he has been gradually breaking that habit and trying to play more for whatever role his match calls for.
  10. Raw had some fun stuff, but Miz/Ricochet was the standout for a fine Miz performance. Loved seeing him turn it up a notch for the sake of MITB. Dug Gigi/Jacy and Hayes/Dar though I think the latter has a better match in in them. DVR sadly cut off before Statander/Nyla. The stuff before it was fun though it was that OC/Darby vs. GOA match that stood out so much. The Gates showed way more here than they did in any of their AEW work from last year, and Darby/OC were the perfect opponents for them with their ability to pinball for so much. Loved every bit of this match. Knight/Ford was good, but damn was Brawling Brutes vs. Theory & Pretty Deadly absolutely great. So a molten crowd to go with some damn good action and character bits from all involved. Voting for Brutes vs. Theory/PD right now. Will be a hard match to beat, but I still need to catch Rocky/Shibata, Rampage, & CMLL. I can see that Cibernetico giving it a run for its money.
  11. Ended up voting for Frazer/Dar to make sure I had something in, but the BOSJ semis were every bit as great and had bigger crowds to up things notch atmosphere wise. Could have easily voted for any of the three.
  12. He is set to face Damian Priest for the belt. They announced it on Smackdown.
  13. Saw a vid with Lucky testing it the other day to make people aware of something getting disabled soon and as the why.
  14. Brawling Brutes vs. Theory/Pretty Deadly was great. Good action, neat moments, good team work, and a super hot crowd into all of it. Loved every bit of this. Hit Row vs. Good Brothers was short but decent while it lasted. Skipped much of the Waller Effect segment. Never a big fan of when they bring everyone out at once. Was nice to see them let Io & Asuka converse in Japanese. Also dug it leading into Zelina/Lacey which was decent. Knight/Ford was good. The two worked together well. The crowd was behind Knight to the point of booing poor Ford. The nice thing with Ford is his character can play into that slightly without actually turning heel. The finish was a decent way to protect Ford. Glad Knight is getting a big PLE/PPV match finally. The final segment was good. Was hoping for something more different design wise with the new title, but its fine. Was neat to hear the crowd that immensely behind Reigns only for things to get murky when the Usos came down. Loved the tension, and the tease of things getting fixed only for that no from Roman was wonderful. We are so getting Roman/Solo vs. Usos and one of the Usos going for the belt this summer if not both of them. I'm good with all of it.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tefbz3Czno New Blood 9 from Stardom today. Not as good as last month's shows, but the title matches deliver. I think the tag titles titles is the best the Karma has looked so far. And it was great getting to see Lady C & Rina main event.
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