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  1. Huh, always thought the resets were done after the Exos were messed up via whatever circumstances in life. Didn't think it was about the consciousness having trouble settling. Cayde-6's cache mission seemed to hint towards that with him wanting to let the previous Cayde's have their privacy.
  2. Candice & Dakota have had good runs this year, gave Io strong fights in their title matches, and have beaten Ember & Shotzi beforehand. Toni is a former NXT UK champ, MYC winner, and has been a serious rival to Rhea & the current NXT champ for years now. Raquel is a monster who can even toss around everyone including Rhea.
  3. I actually thought it was neat, but I also have no idea what the Exo lore was before now.
  4. Enjoyed Ruff/Priest vs. Escobar/Mendoza. Kind of hope this leads to Escobar going for the the US Title after Takeover. Wasn't all there for GYV vs. Imperium but I kind of liek the idea of a 3-way feud with them and Ever Rise. Shotzi/Raquel was off at times but still good fun overall. Dug how it broke down at the end, especially when Io interfered. Looking forward to the women's War Games quite a bit this year.
  5. You're going to liek the final day if they show it. The last three matches were quite good, especially MOMOAZ vs. Mayu/Kid & DDM vs. DDM.
  6. Sorry to hear you and the wife are sick, @Craig H. Hope you both feel better soon.
  7. When? I think it happened maybe once this year and it was weird then.
  8. Uhm, breaking a pinfall is not dq worthy. Want to say even in WWE's official rule at least one breakup is allowed. In most tag matches everywhere no fucks are given as long as the partner is out before the five count.
  9. The Orton/Fiend segment was ok. Jeff/Elias was fucking scary at the end with that swanton leaving the back of Jeff's head landing on the stairs. I'm at a point where I mostly just wish Jeff can retire breathing and able to walk with the amount of dumb shit he is willing to do to himself still this late in the game. Jax/Shayna vs. Asuka/Lana was alright outside of that horrible botch. That was just embarrassing for everyone involved. At the same time I'm not sure how they could have adapted to get where they were planning to go in the next spot, at least not main roster tv which I'm s
  10. Huh? The finale of Rebels was when it was revealed she survived.
  11. While another series would be great I would just be happy if Cox & co. returned to their characters within the MCU.
  12. During the MYC they mentioned Big Swole just as a nickname. Why did she change it to her ring name?
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