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  1. They called him a free agent so they clearly want him floating around to be used as necessary.
  2. I skipped the Shorty G stuff. The shorty stuff makes me actively not want whenever Gable is on. Someone needs to tell them sooner than later that its killing poor Gable. Roman/Nakamura was good while it lasted. I kind of like that Roman and Bryan are still a bit connected. The tag match later was nice and I am so hoping we are getting Bryan vs. Nakamura from it. The 8-man tag was fun though Kofi doing nothing again is disappointing. The Miz TV segment was solid. Sasha did well standing out on her own while not overshadowing Bayley who delivered one of her better promos in general. I like that they didn't have every woman involved in the 6-pack challenge come out to give their two cents though I'm not sure Dana and Nikki were the best choices. The match itself was actually pretty enjoyable. Nikki challenging Bayley with proper heel/face alignments should be decent though I would have rather we got Carmella/Bayley. Carmella was looking pretty good throughout all of the match and the friendship she has with Bayley would have made for a far more interesting feud. Since I cut out the worst segment this was a solid show for me.
  3. Never seen Amityville, but I liked House though I like House II even more.
  4. I used the free Rebuke and Jotuun. I'm honestly not sure which worked better. I'm really not a Fusion Rifle guy in general though I do ok with Arbalest.
  5. I will check later, but somehow I doubt that will be replacing Hammerhead for me.
  6. Yeah I may finally take the chance to check out a good many of them. Right now I think I have only ever seen Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke,Howl’s Moving Castle, & Kiki’s Delivery Service. At the very least I wanted to check out My Neighbor Totoro.
  7. I've only ever read anything with Shang Chi from recentish Marvel. Did he start out young like Pete? Donnie Yen seemed always like an odd choice when rumored to me since the Mandarin will presumably being doing little in terms of hand to hand.
  8. And now I'm REALLY hoping I can get a decent role on that next seasonal reward weapon. I just kind of assumed they would drop in regular gameplay at some point.
  9. I tried Pluperfect and hated it, but I think I just got a mediocre roll. I've been planning to take Eriana's Vow in since I believe Vex offensive is one of the ways to up the catalyst. EDIT: and never mind since JT beat me to it.
  10. This news amuses the hell out of me because Ghibli were just telling people a few days ago they don't really like streaming or have plans to release their films for streaming. Clearly someone wasn't up to date on the memos when they were giving those comments.
  11. During Vex Offensive I run with double auto-rifles one with anti-barrier, the other with overload. I also keep a sword to take down minotaurs quickly. I'm not great for the main boss with damage, but I do tend to find I'm usually the guy taking down his shield and reviving everyone else.
  12. I totally blanked on the melee mod because I dislike Arcstrider. Its the melee ability on particular that I dislike. Instead I opted for the mod that affects void grenades since its the class I run with the most. I tried a few HC with the Unstoppable mod. So far I like Rose the best with it. I do the same using Arc Logic with anti-barrier/overload depending on the mission Keep in mind you don;t necessarily need Dreambane armor to use Dreambane mods. Just pay attention to armor you get that allows it. II know the IB armor allows for Dreambane mods. So far I've only found one new mod outside of the initial one you get. I'm looking forward to the update later in the month that will allow us to see what mods are available.
  13. Had a Nightmare pop up in the Anchor of Light when I was fighting the Vex. Seeing that I was able to beat it I don't think it was the 970 version. That said, it was nice using the Vex Overlord to help me beat it. Some day I will murder its 970 cousin. So when I got that step I actually did get the Swarm of Raven. None of my GL kills of course were counting, and I realized this was the screwed up quest step only after they made the quick change since this was something that happened to me late night/early morning. I think they killed it because they couldn't fix it quickly and didn't want players needing to use SMGs for kills in a quest again along with those poor people who rarely or never look anything up never understanding how to complete the screwed up step. I'm sure the step will be back come next IB. Is there an armor mod for dealing with Unstoppable Champions? I noticed for the the artifact I only had access to an unstoppable mod for HCs. It kind of annoys me since I've been kind of going crazy with SMGs and Arc Logic.
  14. Oh shit, I probably should have mentioned that, sorry. Yeah apparently a super powerful Nightmare seems to spawns in a specific place every week. It was in Sorrow's Harbor lats week and I think was Crota. This week its in the Hellmouth and is one of those super Ogres. There is a triumph for beating them, but avoid dealing with it until you hit maximum power or have a fireteam. I tried fighting both and died horribly though I did get them down under 50 life. I was in the 920s on one, 930 on the other (currently at 934-935).
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