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  1. Yeah that one felt too a little gratuitous. They were too lazy to even give him a unique design.
  2. I haven't gotten that far. It was
  3. There is usually a specific amount of area you can explore the first time around on planets with the area expanding as you go further in. Still not sure how big they actually are. The second planet I visited as definitely smaller.
  4. I just had the toughest, most awesome boss fight yet in the game and am still uncertain if I want to keep it because of I have no idea whether or not I made the right choice. Decisions were so much easier when I was 2-3 years behind everyone on games.
  5. I wouldn't say its required, but it does help you get what you want the fastest. Its not really a big deal money wise since you get lot of junk salvage that you sell for credits. You find a lot of the material needed pretty easily once you hit the second planet. I've spent most of the day exploring Eos a second time. It is both interesting ad terribly depressing at times.
  6. People really wanted the squad mates themselves to be bi or or gay. Some of it is general attraction. The bigger point seems to be a worry of the lack of content with characters you aren't around as much with.
  7. Yeah, neither of the human squadmates are gay or bi. I know there was some anger over that on reddit.
  8. I'm one of those people who can't help but spoil themselves and look up some of this shit. I can tell you now its more a moral choice than anything big. Honestly I suspect any big choices that will screw us over royally will come next game.
  9. Yeah, that match really might not end well for either guy. Both have these odd suicidal/kamikaze tendencies that defy logic. It still amazes me Shane somehow came out worse in that SS spot with Reigns seeing as he manged to spike Reigns completely 180 on his head.
  10. It feels like Rikidozan should be going into the regular Hall of Fame. Haystacks Calhoun is the wrestler my dad always remember and mentions to me whenever he catches me watching wrestling.
  11. I'm happy with Drack, but I would have loved to use Kesh instead or better yet, both.
  12. I said this a a few weeks back, but Shane really is a big match for AJ. Its just sad that WWE has screwed up pushing wrestlers to the point where that is the case.
  13. It wasn't that much radiation, but yeah, that guy's brother was kind of moron. Let the man savor his delicious carrot cake.
  14. It is. The radiation on Eos alone makes it impossible to do in one go.
  15. I probably spent way too much time exploring the Nexus before deciding to finally leave the first time.