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  1. I'll try it, but i have my doubts it will work well for me.
  2. Saw it with my dad and older brother and we all enjoyed it as well. It does remind me that I really need to catch the original and Sam Jackson's movies. Always been meaning too, but t just hasn't happened yet.
  3. I have to wait for a new Ascendant Challenge before I can continue Truth. They started it on the only damn one I haven't legit beaten yet. I really do think quest designers have a hard of hate for Hunters with all the damn jump challenges .
  4. This is reminding me that I should probably start reading Legion again. I was trying to build up to Great Darkness Saga.
  5. Honestly, I think the mistake made was having Kairi end Shayna's first reign too early. Evolution or even War Games would have worked better with Shayna exiting NXT afterwards. I never thought Bianca was going to end it. She was too much a heel/tweener even with the love from the fans. Io really should have ended Shayna's second reign already. Kind of figured that might not happen though when they chose to build a 4-way over Io/Shayna for Takeover New York.
  6. EC3 had the misfortune of coming up at a time when he and no one else were really originally intended to. Lars is the only guy they had actual plans for. Lacey lucked out on being a much needed fresh face in a division killed by focus on only three women for half a year. heavy Machinery have only just gotten something going for them recently.
  7. Finished up Doom Patrol last night. Never read any of the comics, but I thoroughly enjoyed the series on the whole. Offhand it feels better than any of the CW stuff save particular episodes and moments where they hit the highest of highs. Only weak part for me was probably Cyborg. I just never got too much into the actor playing him.
  8. Oh that one. I recall hearing about it in one of Houndish's vids. I haven't done it and am not sure I will since I roll around with a void tether for any non crucible activities.
  9. Not sure he was ever punished for that. I think he did go into self-imposed exile for a bit, but that is all.
  10. What is this secret triumph you two speak of? I know that feeling very well. It never comes when you expect it.
  11. Bea is in Stardom. AEW is a part time gig.
  12. Asuka was a heel part of her run though I suppose the crowd didn't give a shit one way or the other.
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