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  1. I liked the ladder match. Indus Sher don't impress me at all, but i dug the team they fought. I'm still not sure if I will even bother with Gargano/Ciampa. They have most of the last hour and that frightens me.
  2. I got the immortal Heavy Frame after heading to Io this time around. The poor guy was just running around with nothing better to do so I turned on the Tower event and fought for a while. First time failed, but the second time was a success as several people finally came to join in.
  3. The glitch for the immortal Heavy Frame has actually been there a bit. I'm surprised they haven't already fixed that one.
  4. Only issue I had was with that first Barrier Colossus. For some reason that fucker kept healing super fast.
  5. I dug the first episode a decent bit.
  6. I see the bunker is not a real mission this time around and just a cut scene so yay I guess. @J.T. will be happy to know that I was able to fully rank up my bunker with 3500+ warmind bits so he should be able to do the same having even more than me. With the spoilers that are out there for what is likely post-Almighty destruction that seems unlikely.
  7. Didn't Aztec say its probably a little late to start farming?
  8. I've read practically none of his comics, but based on his animation work this seems accurate.
  9. Kind of skipped Black/Crews. Is it so good its worth going back to check out? Dug Asuka/Liv and the post Wrestlemania interviews. I skipped around or had most of the matches on background noise.
  10. Looks like the episodes are free to watch till the 17/18th for me. I just caught the first episode and I'm definitely liking it so far.
  11. I think it was fine as it was all from the perspective of Wyatt who throughout most of his WWE has technically been evil. The key is that this all needs to be returned to with a face needing to turn these retrospectives back on bray.
  12. I thought I remembered a hanging, but I did not know it was with a weight set. I wouldn't be shocked if neither knew just because I can see many close to that situation not really wanting to know any details and pushing it to the back to their mind just to move on. That said, someone in the planning of that match had to know. While its not impossible no one did and that was bad luck, it sure as hell isn't likely.
  13. Was that how Benoit killed himself? I didn't see the documentary so the details are lost to me. As a result it came across as a normal spot to me, and I assume it did with others.
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