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  1. If its not at the same time and some of the talent work Hana's memorial as well I'm not sure there is a problem. Edit: Looking it up they are a bit close in time. Wonder if it means no talent is working the show. That would be odd seeing that Kyoko mentioned them sending players to it though Hana's Memorial show is seemingly not planned to be too long with only 3 matches.
  2. yep, it totally works for her as predicted
  3. The problem with this argument is that Reginald is or was for all intents and purposes a paid stooge that could have been literally anyone. The dude is a stuck up sommelier working for an even more stuck wrestler in Carmella. Tying it into this stereotype feels like reaching and rings a little hollow.
  4. I actually want to hear how this was more of a problem.
  5. I wasn't paying as much attention to much as I had just finished Wandavision and was still a bit on a high from that along with checking out its thread finally. This felt like a weak episode outside of the opening and closing with Bryan/Jey. I'm confused as to why Sasha & Bianca have another tag titles shot when Naomi & Lana are supposed to be no. 1 contenders. The build for Sasha/Bianca has been kind of lazy and nonsensical. Bayley's segment was short and fun. Felt like they should have had her finish reading the last tweet.
  6. I'm not sure why anyone thought that this would be where they would introduce mutants. There is way too much work to be done to make that happen so soon and definitely not in a show that is a character piece on Wanda more than anything else.
  7. Enjoyed the finale. I thought it did a good job in tying most everything up while opening doors to other stories. Going off of that ending it seems obvious that Wanda is totally going to be at fault for whatever crazy shit goes down in the Madness of the Multiverse. That is where I assume we get the kids backs. It was specifically a he that was mentioned. Was almost certainly a reference to Fury.
  8. Well, the current meta is 120 handcannons though autos like Gnawing Hunger & Summoner are still pretty dangerous & viable. I saw you mention Scout Rifles as meta. I fear that. The exotics are already dangerous enough as it is. I have been using the new lever action rifle, Dead Man's Tale to great effect. Don't have the catalyst for it yet, but Aztec talked about it basically becoming the scout version of Last Word when its masterworked. Fallen SABER is new to me. I didn't get D1 in full until late and still didn't have PS Plus to run everything until I ended up with D2. I
  9. When I was reading up on it Louie mentioned one of the things that likely helped him was him paying a for a big dinner for Eddie and some friends when he saw them at a restaurant. Eddie wasn't even supposed to know it was him since he was just trying to be nice, but someone spilled the beans.
  10. Raquel & Dakota were kind of screwed out of the titles this week. The reason its happening is probably a case of Vince having a death grip on the titles despite the shitty booking he does of them on the main roster. Meanwhile NXT's women's division is the strongest division in the company and has the talent to pull it off.
  11. Forgot to mention I did get the Mask of Bakris finally a couple of nights ago on the one Lost Sector I ran this week. Its funny since I almost gave up on the damn thing. Yeah I really don't care for them locking the new exotic armors behind legendary lost sectors. It would be fine if they actually allowed a team to run them but the necessary solo aspect just makes it feel like bs with how hyper aggressive everything is. There is a reason I and others don't do that level of shit normally seeing that if you're a solo player you pretty much have to go to LFG or Fireteams on reddit to play those a
  12. That just feels wildly unnecessary.
  13. Yes because Taker after having lost confidence from the Brock match was totally ready do a major match with Sting. In reality the match would have been terrible. Neither guy was ready for it. The HHH match was always more of a test to see where Sting was at. It was better than it could have been, but it wasn't good with HHH having to carry the majority of it. The only issue I had with it was HHH winning. That should not have happened considering they had bigger plans for Sting challenging for the world title later in the year. Otherwise it was fine.
  14. Yeah I was kind of pissed I had to skip Inhumans because the cast seemed pretty solid, but I knew there was nothing they could do with that showrunner.
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