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  1. SDL is Pulp Fashion - 10/17/2017

    Fashion Files was nice. Dug the women's tag. Jinder's promo was actually a decent setup for facing Brock Sami is a way better heel than I would have guessed. The main event was fun.
  2. Raw is Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - 10/16/2017

    That was the best episode in a whwile with a good crowd into everything and nothing particularly bad. Glad the Shield was back in the old gear. The tag titles match wad another good match between Ambrose/Rollins and the Bar. Really dug the Fox/Sasha stuff tonight. The main was fun as expected. I kind of love Kane being the fifth guy. It was actually surprising, and there is plenty of story there with Roman retiring Taker and Kane being one of their debut opponents. I'm trying to figure out how the hell they got him in the middle of an election.
  3. Why do they want the Sign bros to die? So does this mean SS will be Brand vs. Brand?
  4. Probably when Yoshitatsu was wearing tights similar to Misawa's.
  5. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    Fuck Bray. I would rather it be Braun, Harper, & Rowan vs. the Shield.

    The $20 ticket prices sound so insane to me. The most I think me or any of my direct family have had to pay was in the $10 range. Usually its around $5, less if before 4:00 PM on the weekend.
  7. Don't really buy into the idea that Neville could do much more in WWE than what they had him doing. He was never super over, and his stuff mostly only got good reactions in smarkier areas. Also if Neville left I kind of see him heading back to DG before trying out for NJPW. I haven't really watched much NJPW in recent years, but they are kind stuff right now with talent from what I can see. If Neville had a problem working the Cruiserweight division I can't see him being satisfied with working NJPW's junior division. The CW division itself is fine as an idea. WWE is just stupid trying to segregate them too much instead of letting them interact with everyone else more outside of it. On a smaller scale that is fine. On the main roster it just feels very off. It also doesn't help that WWE has trouble keeping momentum on guys when they aren't the main focus. Also I don't really think WWE is all that complacent. Its more that they have too much tv and are ultimately a product that doesn't/can't rely on simple wrestling build all that often. Add in the stubborn old man who won't give up fast enough on bad ideas and constantly gets in the way of himself and others on good ones it shouldn't be too surprising they are where they are right now. They are constantly trying to improve. They just fail at it often.
  8. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    Baron/AJ. Glad Baron retained though I'm surprised it was clean. I'm so happy to see Harper and Rowan together again even if I'm not big on the name. I just hope they win the tag belts and hold them for a long time.

    Well that trailer has me pretty excited.

    Dug the faceoff between Alexa and Mickie. Digging the Shield reunion so far. TLC should be crazy.
  11. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Gable/Benjamin vs. Hype Bros. was pretty solid. Usos/New Day was so damn great. Loved Big E going Terminator. AJ/Baron/Tye was good. Glad Baron won. Charlotte/Nattie was decent. Jinder/Nakamra was way better than their last match, but its still dumb to see them going in so hard on Jinder with attendances down. Shane/Owens was a great spectacle. Dug the callbacks to Owens's attack on Vince. Loved Sami saving Owens. Still every Shane match scares the shit out of me, especially HIAC. Shane is insane to be doing this shit at his age.
  12. Thanks for finding this. Been wondering how Hokuto was after the breast cancer scare a couple of years ago.
  13. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Detective has been pretty good.
  14. Watched most of those War games suugested and dug them all. I' surprised so many talk about blood being a necessary factor seeing as how good the 89 one was w/o it. I wonder if NXT will use the same size cages. It would be fun to see the AOP bring back the gorilla press into the cage move.