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  1. How do you secure the rights to Vince's life rights w/o his blessing while he is still alive?
  2. Not a favorite per say, but people were into her even back when she was a face. Sadly I don't really disagree that a lot of it was due to her looks. Her face interviews were bad with her coming off as natural heel in many of them. In ring wise she was never much better than Carmella in NXT, but many claimed otherwise. Even back then I recall people talking about her as the next Trish before she actually made any improvements. That said, she has improved quite bit since then. She still isn't good in ring wise, but she is generally ok. And I think you sell her character and promo work far too short. She manages a decent manipulation of crowd and was especially great whenever she was paired with Bryan on SDL. They two played off of each other perfectly with Bryan constantly needling her.
  3. Whenever I run into Destroyers, Hydra, or Fiends I start looking at what wave I'm only and how many Cobras I have. No one else seems to use cobras. It would have made those damn matches a lot easier if they had.
  4. I thought he only wrote Drax. Never really heard anyone talk about that one.
  5. Nice to get news on it though I can't say I'm excited for where they are releasing it on.
  6. The little bit I played last weekend kett & outlaws weren't so bad at bronze. It was Remnant that were hard since some of those missions 3 Destroyers would pop up. I find those worse than Ascendant seeing as they are constantly firing at you and have both shields and armor. Two or three at once is just bullshit.
  7. Titus is already a heel.
  8. Kalisto/Braun was fun. Kalisto's mask reminded me of one of Muta's so that was neat. The women's segment with Alexa was good stuff.
  9. Its a glitch that I think came with the last patch. Have you you used all of your points?
  10. Kalisto is ok, but he doesn't have the charisma or in ring talent to really get over in the Rey spot like they wanted him in. The feuds with Del Rio & Ryback sort of proved that. The Ryback feud especially exposed him seeing as how even being good matches they were somehow carried by Ryback who had to keep Kalisto from killing himself a few times. Whoever mentioned that interview from draft being the final nail in the coffin hit it right on the money. That was when they mostly stopping giving a shit about him and put him into these victim roles.
  11. Heh, I thought you made that comment because you had heard about it already.
  12. Except it feels a lot more halfassed.
  13. Was wondering where Tajiri was since I recalled him being cleared from his injury months ago. That is a shame, especially after the performances he had during the CWC. Seems weird to cut someone who is good and has a great grasp of character & WWE style. You would think they would want him around if only to help the other cruisers.
  14. Also remember not everyone has gotten as far as you.
  15. Makes sense. I tend to do only one since I don't really see myself doing too many changes choice wise.