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  1. That actually makes me happy. That was the one i was looking most forward to.
  2. Yeah not sure why, but I don't think episodes were in complete order until season 4. I don't hate it, but it was definitely an odd choice.
  3. That sucks, but at least she won't be out for too long.
  4. He ranked 4 in Miyako Matsumoto's cutest death match wrestler rankings.
  5. Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano vs. Trent Seven & Tyler Bate - Worlds Collide 1/25 Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin - Takeover Blackpool II 1/12 Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster - 1/15 Toni Storm vs. Piper McNiven vs. Kay Lee Ray - Takeover Blackpool II 1/12 Mark Coffey/Wolfgang vs. Zack Gibson/James Drake vs. Mark Andrews/Flash Morgan Webster vs. Marcel Barthel/Fabian Aichner - Takeover Blackpool II 1/12
  6. It was really good. Devlin/Bate, The ladder match for the tag belts, and the women's triple threat all really delivered.
  7. Mia/KLY was a nice showcase for both Ilja/Balor was good though maybe not the best way to show off one of UK brands top rising faces. At least not if they wanted him loved. Cruiserweight Title was about what I expected though I'm nothappy at all that Devlin is champ. Garza should have gotten a longer reign. MM vs. DIY was fantastic and easily my MOTN. Both teams are just so damn good, and you could tell how much fun they were having in those first five minutes or so before things got serious. Rhea/Toni was a match. Wasn't the best showcase for either, but I'm not shocked. The two never had particularly great chemistry in NXT UK. Even with how Rhea has improved that hasn't quite changed yet. UE vs. Imperium was good considering how much they likely had to adapt after poor Wolfe got knocked out so early. O'Reilly was MVP from UE's side though Strong wasn't too far behind. WALTER just comes off so tremendous compared to all of UE so I loved how much it took for UE to take him down at times. I'm super happy Imperium won. This was fun show. MM vs. DIY was a dream match I didn't realized I wanted until it actually happened and was everything it needed to be. The two have just never had good chemistry. That was never likely too impress, especially coming right after MM/DIY. Not a fan of Devlin, but you should totally check out the recent match with Tyler from Takeover Blackpool II if you haven't already. Its easily his best match in WWE and an early MOTYC.
  8. I'm hoping neither show up. I really don't want to see them involved in anything outside of that Fox show and the eventual HoF.
  9. Its not really standalone. Arrow and Supergirl build into it. Honestly Supergirl has been the best of the shows this season so you might want to catch it anyways.
  10. Blood Lin vs. Corbin and co. was solid. It was nice to see Dana and Carmella get mic time even if it just went into the Bayley/Lacey brawl. Morrison/Kofi was fun. Dug the end with Bryan and the Fiend.
  11. Rosey was athletic, but I honestly can't recall him being actively good in matches. i remember his AJPW run was pretty weak. Also I always preferred the non Islander gimmicks from them.
  12. I have been mostly FF past this feud, but the little I saw of the mixed tag has me somewhat interested in that match
  13. I prefer this one:. Pity they used the tv cut. You don't get to see just how Kairi manages to land on her feet perfectly and then does the safe signal. She noticeably dropped this move not long after.
  14. Only did one of each for Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible. the strike was for Bastion which I haven't tried out yet. Gambit was mostly just finishing up few bounties though the other team never even managed to summon their primeval. Crucible was my first IB this week. It was a win and one of those rare in the zone moments where I took the top spot of murderers. Resilience doesn't really seem to come in play all that much for regular Crucible. Does it actually play a bigger part in IB?
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