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  1. Ah, yeah I at least started the Blades stuff the first time I played though I don't think I made it past the Thalmor spy mission.
  2. Do you even hear about the Blades before the Horn quest?
  3. Read about this earlier. So damn disappointing to hear. He is always so damn fun in his films.
  4. I don't recall any problem there. Also why do you assume you will lose your followers? Just fast travel.
  5. Ah you meant the people. Read that completely the wrong way.
  6. Technically they weren't allowed the first time.
  7. Honestly both are sort of bland, but have found gimmicks that really work for them. I've been digging Tye slowly more and more the past few months. That said, I don't think his promos are as good Roode's, and his best match doesn't comes too close to Roode's at all which is amusing because I think it was the match with Roode. Roode wins this with me for the promos and the Nakamura match.
  8. Dug Braun's performances in the Rumble and SS. The match with Big Show was good, and I've enjoyed his squashes. Still can't pick Braun over Ambrose due to the feud with AJ/Ellsworth and the recent stuff with the Miz. If Braun had gotten a few more impressive singles I might have considered him. At this point its not really close though not terribly far.
  9. MM17

    Sasha wins this for me pretty easily for the series with Charlotte. I've enjoyed Becky's promos, but the Alexa feud really bogged her down match wise.
  10. It could my being a werewolf, but i haven't really noticed anyone disease using enemies so far aside from the Afflicted.
  11. Not outside the realm of possibility that he likes the Inhumans.
  12. I feel like Feige laughing his ass any time Inhumans is mentioned is more likely. That or rage at Perlmutter and co. fucking up the Inhumans for him.
  13. The first part was referring to Matsumoto and your general claim of Oz trying to push a younger wave which just feels both late and not terribly strong. I did forget about Viper. Didn't realize it to a bit later. To say Io is using the same match formula for her defenses is kind of a flat out lie. That is something I'm not sure how anyone can come up with no matter how much they don't care for her. Also I haven't seen anyone talking about Yoshiko vs. Sareee. I've seen comments on Yoshiko vs. Arisa. I mentioned those other promotions because you literally said "Everyone else has something different going on and stuff to get hyped for and look forward to." Honestly this feels pretty pointless to continue.
  14. I'd be surprised if Kris held the belt past the Hiromi defense assuming HZK is next challenger.
  15. I'm not sure how giving someone a belt 2+ years later than when they should have won it is better than Io as champ. Sera isn't nearly as good as Io, and Io has new challengers all the time. Mayu is the only repeat and that match had actual build and story going in. Same with her most recent challenge. What feud does Seadlinnng have going on right now? And is it interesting because its good or because they have so few a shows that you can actually see that it hasn't become stale yet? What does Diana, JWP, Marvelous, & WAVE have going on right now that is something to get hyped for? I'm not even saying that no one has anything there, but this really seems more like a weird beef with Stardom & Io than anything legitimate. I'm honestly curious what it would take to make Stardom interesting to you?