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  1. Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde (DJZ/Shiima Xion)
  2. Considering the evac plans I'm not sure it would have made sense to drag that out over the course of 2-3 seasons. Still I would have admittedly preferred it over the Cabal focused stories. I get that the general idea was to try and wrap up the Vex & Cabal stories so we could focus on this current stuff, but the execution was kind of lacking in making those stories from the previous three seasons interesting. Rasputin isn't dead, and technically we saw him go down at the beginning of the season. It was just so damn anti-climatic the way it happened.
  3. It doesn't really feel like they are dumping much on us at all. Most of the truly interesting details are still behind the numerous lore tabs. The particular story we are getting right now would have made no sense drawn out in multiple seasons. I used to do this with pretty much every rpg I ran across that offered extra story in books, lore tabs, etc. Destiny is one of the few I just can't be bothered to do that with because there is just so damn much and its online. I can never do much other than the occasional skim on one or two things. I just started listening to a few of lore run through by Byf on yt. I will probably be doing mostly that in the future.
  4. Eh the hourglass was crushed later by Lee. It was Cross letting Cole know his time was coming only for Lee to get there first. Ever since that happened their attention in the background has actually been on Lee.
  5. I still can;t be bothered to give a fuck. I just have no interest in a new person in the cowl, especially only a season in. Still not sure why they want a new character so badly.
  6. Mia/Candice did little for me. Something about these two against each other just doesn't work well whenever I see it. Gargano/Swerve was good and another match that makes me wonder why they haven't actually done anything with Swerve as a character yet. Mercedes re-debut was decent if maybe a bit much on her no selling Santana at times. El Legado del Fantasma vs. Drake/Breezango was solid. Lee/Cole was about what I expected. Lee on offense was good. Whenever it came around to Cole it fell a little flat to me. Lee taking the Panama Sunrise was just dumbass and unnecessary. I'm just happy Lee is finally champ. It really should have happened 3-6 months ago, but I'm just happy to see it done now. Only thing that worries me is Karrion Kross. This is a match that really shouldn't be happening this soon as a loss will hurt and undercut one of them. EDIT: Also did anyone else laugh at the tale of the tapes pic claiming Cole to be 6' and 210 lbs?
  7. I liked him last week when he was bonding a bit with Barbara.
  8. Always loved that match for the kendo stick section. Bull just came across as the most bad ass person alive in it.
  9. Wow, that was fast. I just watched a video on that one an hour ago saying people should try to get it in before they change things. EDIT: Just did this week's interference mission. Actually pushes things forward a tad. I'm starting to think you may be onto something about Zavala and Eris being a thing.
  10. As Ace mentioned, he has been there since S1. Actually the last episode I mentioned was partially about him. He reveals slightly more likable layers as the show goes on.
  11. Wow that is fucked up. No wonder he had already figured out the staff were the ones behind the slap scene before Hana even apologized to him.
  12. Second half of the interview has been translated.
  13. Forgot to mention that last week's Doom Patrol saw the Sex Men debut. I've never read Morrison's Doom Patrol, but is that the weirdest it gets? I'm rather curious as it feels like they are likely pulling quite a bit from there. Thought tonight's Stargirl was a solid follow up to last weeks' episode. Kind of dug how Cindy fucked with Courtney for a while before revealing reality of the situation. Also liking how Courtney is slowly bonding with Pat and his kid.
  14. To be fair Asuka & Tajiri seem to be legit that wacky at times even in Japan.
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