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  1. Slowly catching up. Bate/Ohno was wonderful and easily the best thing Ohno has done in either NXTs. Dragunov/Wolfe was pretty darn good and the best either guy has looked. That was the first match to really get me into to Dragunov in NXT UK.
  2. Its technically a 5-parter though the previews for next week's Black Lightning makes it look like it might be a stealth sixth part with the talk of an alternate universe.
  3. Luckily for me the games I'm really interested in owning don't come out until next year in Cyberpunk and FF VII Remake.
  4. I agree. Honestly, there are quite a few games I really should get back to or play for the first time that I haven't done much or anything with because of the Destiny 2/FO76 combo i have been playing the last year. Its been a long time coming that I finally get back to and beat Horizon for instance. I was loving that damn game and then Forsaken happened.
  5. Good to know. I thought it weird when it looked liike the season ended on Crimson Days. This is a surprisingly long season for the amount of content seemingly available.
  6. Need to see it again, but there were at least two exotic quests on the map.
  7. To be fair Sami is a good heel, and Roman is actually a lot moreover than he was pre-cancer. The most boos Roman has gotten this year was at SS in front of a very pro-NXT crowd. Even that crowd respected him a decent amount and were happy to see him give props to Keith Lee. That would not have happened last year.
  8. The ending to last year's future story makes me think Ollie doesn't die so much as get stuck somewhere he can't come back from.
  9. I can definitely see a big death or two happening considering how big Crisis will be. Really hope it isn't J'onn. He is one of my favorite characters on Supergirl.
  10. Was nice to see a follow up to last week with Xia taking on Shayna in a competitive squash. The Kai/Yim brawl leading into the Horsewomen attack on Rhea was all good stuff. The six-man tag was nice. Really hope Lee gets the win and takes the belt off of Cole. We really need to end the year with Rhea and lee as champs.
  11. Nope. Stardom shows are typically on the weekend, and her non-AEW/Stardom work is VERY limited right now.
  12. You only got scout rifles right. Sidearms are meaningless this season except for maybe the exotic coming later. They mentioned focusing on long range weapons this time around. Besides I was talking about the little half hour reveal they did today. You were right about sparrows on Mercury now. I'm at 90% something kills. In the 30s for medals. RTK is going to take me forever to finish. I finished mine up right before the reset. arc ability kills are annoying to do in general, at least for Hunters. No idea how it is for Warlocks and Titans.
  13. Looking at the reveal: multiple finishers can be equipped scout/pulse rifles and bows are the artifact focused weapons new mods for Season of Dawn armor are useful everywhere instead of just a specific activity/enemy like nightmare hunts pre-made fireteams are needed for the hard mode of Sundial
  14. Kai/Ripley feels like its happening too early. Assuming Shayna interferes do they have her and Kai join forces or does Kai stick to herself?
  15. No one really knows. The best guess is the doghouse for Jimmy's drinking.
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