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  1. Eivion

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    Finished the last season of Voltron. Thought the season on the whole was generally solid, but I can't help but feel the ending and even Honerva as the big bad for the season didn't completely work. It felt a bit off and maybe even unearned. I think that its weird how they built up that whatever Honerva and Zarkon found years ago pretty clearly corrupted their very minds and souls, but never properly expanded upon that. I think this hurt even more when they revealed that Honerva remotely of her right mind for literal 10,000 years having had her memory wiped and been used as a weapon by her own husband. I don't know it feels like they wanted a tragic story for Zarkon, Honerva, and Lotor, but never really worked out the finer details for any of them along with not really offering any sort of decent redemption for at least one of them. It all feels a bit too similar and kind of worse of with none of them really hitting out of the ballpark. On the whole the series wasn't bad, but I really feel like the only season they did fully well was the 7th season focusing on Earth's invasion and subsequent rebellion. Everything else felt like a mixed bag with some occasional good high points but also decent low points and general issues with plotting. Despite knowing how many episodes they had, it definitely feels like they didn't really have a full game plan for what they wanted. I think it caused them to go too slowly early on and later rush or semi-ignore some of stuff built up so they could focus on bigger endgames.
  2. Eivion

    WWE TLC 2018 -12/16

    Murphy/Cedric was nice enough. Skipper Elias/Lashley & the MMC final. The tag team triple threat was good fun. I liked the whole Braun/Corbin angle. Nattie/Ruby was better than expected. I was impressed by Liv's willingness to die for our entertainment. Was nice to get a feel good moment with Nattie winning though I continue to feel sorry for the Riott Squad who really should have seen more success than this. Finn/Drew was good while it lasted. I like that all of Drew's losses have been screwy so far. Rey/Orton was decent enough. Dug some of chair moves they busted out. Rousey/Nia was pretty damn good, even better than their last match. The chemistry the two have is ridiculous along with Rousey's continued level of growth and talent for someone still in her first year of wrestling. Dug Nia getting smacked by Becky in the back post match. Bryan/AJ was fantastic, easily MOTN. Was surprised at the clean finish. Really hope Bryan makes it WM as champ. This might be the best he has looked his entire time in WWE. I didn't dislike Ambrose/Rollins though I hated the commentary. There was way too much going on about Renee's relationship with Dean. The match itself wasn't bad and I actually enjoyed it more after from the leg attack and on. I'm mostly pleased Dean won and is champ. The TLC match was awesome and second only to AJ/Bryan tonight. All three women looked great, but Charlotte was on fire. Enraged murderous Charlotte really is the most entertaining she has been so it awesome seeing it coming again in full this match. Man though was it hard not to worry when Becky made that dive ass first into poor Charlotte's ribs. Rousey's interference at the end was perfect. I'm pretty darn happy Asuka is champ. Good show overall.
  3. Eivion

    YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    Caught the holiday special for Sabrina a couple of nights ago. Was a fun episode though I'm surprised they already tidy up one of the plot issue that arrived from the end of the first season. Kind of expected them to get more from it for that particular character's story next season.
  4. I was just thinking about them in NXT. Main roster wise I figure they could have ended up goign either way in terms of doing nothing or lucking out and gettign a decent run.
  5. Eivion

    DC TV Thread

    Yeah Amell had to confirm there was no Welling or Rosenbaum cameo after he was seen with the two for other business dealings.
  6. Eivion


    I didn't realize Jericho was going to his WAR/Tenryu roots, throwing tables at people.
  7. Eivion


    Nice to know I wasn't alone in this feeling. I think the only reason I watched any after Bay's second film was to spend time with my brother and father.
  8. It a shame about Miller. Thorne was better, but for whatever reason I liked Miller more. Really though they had hit a nice stride since the heel turn and were getting better and better over the months.
  9. Eivion


    That seems like a given. I mean even before this the only actively good Transformers movie was the original animated one.
  10. Asuka should have turned after losing the streak. It would have been so perfect and given her the best direction she had had in two years. The fans respecting Charlotte so much she turned face last year like she did in NXT really did screw up a lot. It created and instant gap of talent between the top faces and heels on SDL's women's division. How is Zelina in the ring? I love her as a valet, but I'm not sure she can offer anything different enough from Bliss or Carmella (she is smaller than both) to work as top heel. The time to turn Asuka has passed, especially with Charlotte finally turning again. She was awesome on Team BAD.
  11. Eivion

    WWE TLC 2018 -12/16

    Yeah, I'm probably the biggest Corbin fan on the board and even I think we are seeing too much of him.
  12. I feel like we now know why Shayna targeted Kai this year.
  13. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    A pity about the oven. For some reason I thought I had it here before until i realized I didn't. I was hoping I mentioned it before you pulled it off. For me it didn't matter too much since I started off mixing randomly. I will be delivering Xur's cookies next time I play. My Hammerhead load out isn't great, but I like the the whatever weapon effect that gives me back missed ammo. I think I will go with your idea of giving it a boss spec mod next time one is available. I actually did most of the work to unlock the forge this last night and this morning. I think next time I see Ada-1 she will give me the go ahead to unlock and create the sniper rifle. Did realize I though Siviks was Don't let the LL bother you. I was the same LL as you (at622 now) and didn't have too hard a time dealing with everything. The most annoying fight is the Servitor fight at the forge. Its not hard, just annoying since the servitor will warp you like the one in public ether events does. I knew someone was missing, but couldn't recall who so no, you aren't wrong for thinking its funny because I refuse to think I'm wrong for it as well.
  14. Eivion

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    As someone who is in the middle of the final season I can say its been a mixed bag with only the Earth invasion/rebellion season from before really knocking it out of the park. Otherwise its been a general mix of good, terrible, annoying, and pacing issues.
  15. Eivion

    DC TV Thread

    Yes, and the version of Batman Kara knows of is almost certainly from her Earth. Pretty sure its been implied she has met him. I'm not really sure why Johnny Sorrow is trying to make this more difficult. Heroes are a thing on Kara's earth. We are just focused on Kara's particular city. Its why I keep hoping Black Lightning takes place there since heroes and meta-humans are already well established. Also Earth-2 is Harry's and Zoom's earth.