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  1. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    That is around 8 years if we are starting with Heroic Age, and some of those are line specific like ResurrXion & Avengers NOW. But yeah they basically have one once a year and its annoying. The Coates run has been great if a bit slow.
  2. #205LIVE

    Ali is nuts for the shit he did in that Gallagher match. I really wanted Jack to win so badly, but can't complain with Ali trying to kill himself.
  3. The costume designer avoided reading the comics and instead chose to follow real African fashion trends.
  4. SDL Is A Riott - 2/20/2016

    Yeah I still don't get this one. The Iconic Duo would have made way more sense than Sonya and Mandy who both needed another 6 months to a year of NXT tv before getting the call. Liv seems like a case of sink or swim since she had already been in NXT for 3 years with nothing to really show for it.
  5. SDL Is A Riott - 2/20/2016

    I like Ruby fine as a heel. I think Liv has actually found her calling being a similar type of annoying to what Sami is, just on a evil henchmen level. Logan is the one I'm actually liking the least. She is a better wrestler than Liv, but I'm not really buying into the tough swamp girl act.
  6. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Are the books terrible?
  7. SDL Is A Riott - 2/20/2016

    I don't like Riott Squad anywhere near enough to want them to win the belt, especially so close to WM.
  8. SDL Is A Riott - 2/20/2016

    That seems more likely than anything else. Its WM season and plans are already in motion. They didn't think Rusev Day would get so over and don't feel like changing shit they had planned several months ahead.
  9. SDL Is A Riott - 2/20/2016

    Pretty sure he was off of last week due to the mixed match challenge. No idea why he wasn't on this week. Its hard to imagine they really want to cool off on him considering they started selling Rusev Day calendars.
  10. Fastlane IV - 3/11/2018

    Roode/Orton could be good unless they insert Jinder. Charlotte/Ruby should be fun. Usos/New Day should be good though I have no idea why the fuck its happening. I want my damn Usos/Bludgeon Brothers match. The show is still pretty light. Will be interesting to see what add. I expect something with Rousey because they made it kind of obvious Shane or Daniel is stealing her seeing as the only women to talk about her in the Raw hype videos were from SDL.
  11. SDL Is A Riott - 2/20/2016

    The six women tag from tonight was way better than Raw's. AJ/Corbin was good. Owens/Ziggler seemed solid enough though I wasn't supper paying attention. Not sure why they are slow burning Bludgeon brothers challenging the Usos. I'm disappointed they didn't slaughter New Day.
  12. Kairi supposedly speaks better English. I think Asuka is actually supposed to be the worst English speaker out of their current Japanese talent. Why they thought it was a good idea to have her do a promo with more than a couple of lines of English I have no idea. Hopefully they never do it again.
  13. DC Comics omnibus thread

    That is damn shame about Super Sons. I really dug the first volume.
  14. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Oh I trust in Aaron's writing. I just don't really have an interest in Reyes.
  15. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I have zero interest in Robbie Reyes, but otherwise that doesn't seem like a bad team. Isn't the current No Surrender story line supposed to be bringing Bruce back? I'm curious why its Jen instead of him though I don't mind. I assume the lineup is supposed to match up to some degree with the 1,000,000 BC Avengers. Makes me even more annoyed they killed Starbrand.