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  1. Eivion

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    Those aren't going to stop to it ether happens or Io retires. To be fair though there isn't necessarily a reason to believe the interest isn't there if her health issues are over.
  2. Eivion

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    Momo Watanabe beat Io Shirai for the White Belt today in Stardom. Their match from February as great. Hopefully this one surpasses.
  3. The stuff with Lana and the IIconics went about as perfect as it could. I don't think Lana in a MITB match is a remotely good idea, but that segment was fun. Naomi/Sonya was nice whiel it lasted. I'm glad Naomi is in MITB though its weird that the SDL side is providing no heels. Usos/Good Brothers was short but sweet while it lasted. I dug Miz/Big E. Bryan/Jeff was good stuff. Can't wait for Bryan/Joe. The Nakamura/AJ segment was good. Nakamura is a glorious dick. Good episode of SDL this week.
  4. Eivion

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    The match where Seth beat Roman for the belt was really good. The chemistry is there though its not Braun/Roman level.
  5. Eivion

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    That is wonderful news.
  6. Eivion

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    Braun vs. Finn was good fun.
  7. Eivion


    Keep in mind that match also had Kona Reeves. I doubt it was that good.
  8. Eivion

    DC TV Thread

    He was a favorite for me, but I did like him. It was nice to see him lose w/o dying. It has been a bit of a habit for the show. I think Slade is the only big bad who didn't "die" at the end of the season. Not sure how I feel about the ending for the season. It feels like a bit much with Flash having already done prison arc for Barry and how much they did to keep Ollie from being convicted just a few episodes ago.
  9. Eivion

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    With Ember already in I kind of wonder if they will add Naomi for the crazy spot since Moon is about as capable and likely to do it.
  10. Saw it last night and loved every bit of it. I think I might like the first one just a bit more, but I would probably say its about as good. That mid-credits scene was so damn hilarious.
  11. Eivion

    The Royal Mellabration - SDL - 5/15/2018

    She probably did. A lot of people forget she grew up in Latvia. The accent issue probably isn't just a WWE character issue.
  12. Eivion


    Has this happened outside of Backlash? I thought I recall some mentioning it had more to do with the time and area than just a hatred of Reigns. A Reigns main event just didn't help.
  13. The answers of who died in the snap are just from the Russos. It might not be them trying to officially write anyone out.
  14. Eivion

    YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    I liked this week's finale fine though I agree that last week's would have been better.
  15. Eivion


    If only I wasn't too cheap, poor, and lazy to go.