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  1. Rusev has actually been good wrestling wise post-Rusev Day. The team with Nakamura is surprisingly good. They just haven't been given shit to do. Some thought maybe he requested his release. No one was really sure. I'm happy he will be in NXT UK. Kind of wish Dain and Nikki went with him.
  2. I wonder how many people actually used the Iron Burden.
  3. Wow, I kind of regret watching that clip. Roberts was just savage. Not sure why he thought any of that was a good idea.
  4. That first sentence is more sad than anything else. Honestly, the conspiracy theories about WWE trying to break up couples rarely ever rang true to me. It usually feels more like another WWE is the devil push than anything else. The nature of the business keeps wrestlers away from their loved ones regularly. Makes sense that it would happen in WWE when they have multiple brands. That said, I totally buy they wanted Paige and Del Rio broken up since everyone but Paige seemed to think Alberto was an asshole ruining her career.
  5. Still kind of surprised at how close the two are though it was nice to learn why in the vid.
  6. I remember them looking very mediocre when they backed up AJ against Roman and the Usos.
  7. Yes, it was traumatic, and absolutely none of it measures up to a child seeing his mother murdered. Nora is Barry's daughter, but its not like he actually raised her. She is an adult form the future who hides much of herself from him. A reveal like this makes her all the more foreign to him. Beyond that I think you are missing the point. Learning from Thawne was understandable to a degree. It was that she kept going back to him even after she learned the truth while still refusing to tell Barry and the others. There was massive betrayal of trust there that is undeniable. Honestly, I'm more disappointed to hear he is supposed to be a big villain for next season. We don't need another big speedster villain.
  8. I don't recall Finn being a great heel in what I saw of him in Bullet Club. I remember those who watched more NJPW than me at the time not being impressed either. I also don't recall hearing great things of Gallows and Anderson as a team either. I was never super impressed with them during their run in WWE. You can say they didn't give them a fair shake, but when you come in and deliver mediocre performances with the Usos, there is a legit question of whether or not they should do much with you.
  9. I like Harper, but I never bought the idea that he was some kind of monster aside from Bludgeon Brothers, and a lot of that was to do with Rowan. Rowan carries that type of aura way better even if he isn't as good in the ring. Even w/o that monster aura though Harper is still a big dude who can carry himself well. He doesn't make himself feel nearly as small as say Baron Corbin. I think point though was more for what they are trying to do with Rowan at times, he makes more sense to use than Harper.
  10. Hey now, its not bullshit at all that they book things far in advance. Its just that they get changed 7-10 times before the end of the day, and then the same for the next day, and the next, and the next.
  11. Nora lied to him about working with the man who murdered his mother right in front of him. Barry might have been a dick, but he had all the reason in the world to be on that one. It wasn't even that he couldn't see her POV. He just can't get past a lie that big so easily, and her being around would just be a distraction to him. Beyond that its sort of hard feeling sympathy for Nora considering how much of an ass she was to Iris even before finding out about the powers and getting her best friend killed. Is Godspeed a big/good enough character that his appearance was underwhelming?
  12. I like that idea. especially since it involves Aaron and Ewing.
  13. My interest isn't super low, but I'm not as excited as I was before outside of curiosity about Palpatine.
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