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  1. I enjoyed the episode, but have to agree with that assessment. They should have tried to keep that a secret.
  2. You actually reminded me that I was also trying to read Wolverine from that time. I just need to figure out where I left off.
  3. NXT

    Is it bad that I don't really have a decent idea of who that is?
  4. I'm two episodes in and I like it so far.
  5. Read X-factor #41-59, X-men Omnibus Vol. 1 (244-269), Days of Future Present, & X-Tinction Agenda. X-Factor issue were generally solid. Judgement War was neat, and I dug Sabretooth vs. Archangel. The X-men issues started off a little weak with Claremont clearly trying to have some breather issues after Inferno and Jubilee's not so great beginning. Things picked up immensely as it went on. Was glad to see Polaris herself again. Jubilee's dialogue got better, and she made an ok partner for Logan. I dug how the team split up and the different directions each took. Did find it weird though that they didn't completely acknowledge Psylocke's physical body having been changed until X-Tinction Agenda which I dug all the build to. Seeing Logan and Cap team up for the first to save a young Black Widow was a treat. I liked Gambit's introduction though it was weird how little his character was pushed considering his recent introduction. I'm digging the build whatever big story happens on Muir Island as well. Destiny's death was well done. You can almost buy the idea that Mystique was willing to just give up on life when the Shadow King orders he death. Days of Future Present was fun. I liked seeing Jean meet Rachel for the first, and Rachel in general got some solid character moments. I think was also my first time reading Cable from this era. Its weird how they hinted to him being Ahab despite Cable being seemingly older. X-Tinction Agenda was good and a decent enough payoff to what they were building with Genosha. Things maybe tied up a pinch too neatly on coup side of things, but its still fun ride on the whole. So I believe I should be finishing up Claremont's run soon. Any suggestions for what to check out next?
  6. Never was big on Mauro, but I'm glad to see him back. NXT could definitely use him. I wish he was calling the MYC as well.
  7. Nice to see Alpha Female involved. I wonder just how many Stardom alumni this will end up having. I'm annoyed though that it really does seem like the plan is to pad this out with PC talent which is just complete bs. Never seen a great match out of her, but she was generally solid in Stardom. Her title matches Io & Nanae in 2013 are worth checking out.
  8. Reading post-Inferno X-men & X-Factor I caught the pieces of Acts of Vengeance both had. Is that event worth checking out? Also was there ever any follow up to Apocalypse vs. Loki? That encounter was kind of awesome.
  9. I was talking about ladder matches, but even that was over-turned if I recall correctly.
  10. That would have been a shitty compromise that would not have satisfied most of the audience. We can all complain here as much as we want, but I suspect most would rather see another MITB going off w/o a hitch. This angle was likely done to put even more focus on the SDL women as a whole. Your compromise would have lessened that. Also Bryan isn't just making shit up. He had a point about no one ever being handed the belt or briefcase. Carmella and Ellsworth tried to take advantage of what is essentially an unwritten rule not being a official yet. That was bullshit.
  11. It didn't air. That shouldn't deny us Fashion Files/Vice/etc. EDIT: Oh and Carmella was great again on Talking Smack. I really don't want her to win the belt, but she would be great holding the case for a while.
  12. Glad to see AA again. Gable vs. Owens was nice. Hope get Jordan vs. Owens Nakamura vs. Ziggler was good and much better than their ppv match which I didn't even dislike. Carmella's promo did a great job of putting the focus on her and getting her heat. Becky's promo backstage was great as well. Honestly, I like a lot of what they did building to the actual decision. The decision itself I'm somewhat mixed on. I do think a rematch was the way to go though I think they should have managed it in a way where Carmella got talked into defending it. They also could have made it a case where Ellsworth's big mouth got Carmella in trouble. I'm guessing this rematch and angle was the plan in the first place, but I still can't help but feel they should have just gone with a non-fuck finish for a historic moment. I just don't think WWE has enough good will currently for this type of stuff to get the crowd charged in a way that suits the story and not just pissing them off to the point where they say fuck WWE. Still, I did love the focus on the women this episode. Kind of surprised they didn't end the show with the big segment. Where the hell were the Fashion Police?
  13. Ah, that makes sense. I'm glad that happened since I loved the Justice Lords story that came from it. I also really dug Woods as Owlman in the movie.
  14. That doesn't seem quite right considering that they had already hit upon a similar story in Justice League. It is.
  15. I would say Sony still having the rights means we will never see Kraven's Last Hunt. I always knew that motherfucker did it on purpose after hearing he never liked Venom.