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    Both held the All Pacific belt. Kai won it off of Chigusa no less.

    I kind of want to increase my sneak now just to try that. Of course its one of my major skills so now I can't without screwing myself over. I really wish I had known about and read up on the leveling system beforehand. So much would have been changed.

    Well here is the thing. In Skyrim if you were caught sneaking doing that people would call you a sneak thief, but do nothing else as long as you took nothing. You also had actually be seen when doing so. In Oblivion it seems to count as a steal attempt even if you aren't actually seen sneaking. That annoys me.

    I don't have problem with sleeping to level up. Its just a little weird and maybe something they could have mentioned in game. The leveling and skill system beyond that is just odd and unnecessarily complex, designed purely to work against the player.
  5. DC Comics omnibus thread

    What would he actually be writing? This is honestly disappoints me just a pinch, but really only because I was hoping to see him return to Marvel to write a Guardians stoy at some point. Detective Comics #962. Dug how this finished up with some nice moments for JPV & Zatana. It was cool seeing the Azbats outfit again though I'm pleased they will stick with the normal Azrael outfit. The ending has me curious just where everything is leading especially since it appears Ra's isn't the endgame. Batwoman #6. This is a one-shot previewing a dystopian future arc for Detective in November. Wasn't all that big on it if I'm being honest. It wasn't bad per say, but I was hoping for something in the present.
  6. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Bigger budget for major battles

    The leveling system is another oddity. I've been upping my skills a good deal since I started yet gain no levels. It kept throwing me off. I finally decide to sleep for an hour and suddenly gain a damn level. I do it several more times and am now on level 5. Now I have to wonder just how many more I can gain. EDIT: And now finally reading how leveling works makes me regret just a pinch gain those levels. I probably should have stopped at 3 or 4. The leveling system weirdly complex and moronic. I'm really starting to see why so many changes were made with Skyrim. It might be a bit oversimplified on some things, but it make a lot more sense and is way easier for first time players.

    Have to say the system for stealing in Oblivion is complete horseshit. I've gotten into trouble at least twice now for simply looking into peoples' inventories while trying take absolutely nothing. Whats worse, I've now just been suspended from one of my guilds for doing this on complete fucking accident. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? Now I'm on an annoying fucking fetch quest to get back into good graces.
  9. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Just finished today's episode. We don't get an insane reveal or anything, but there is a glimpse of Ayanokoji's past which definitely isn't normal.
  10. The Godzilla Franchise

    Really? I would have thought there would have been a decent amount of animated Godzilla shows, films, ova, etc. Saying that though the only one I know of offhand was a show on Fox.
  11. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Because it was kind of blatantly obvious. Honestly the first episode was easily the weakest since you could tell almost from the getgo where it was heading.
  12. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Or will they look weird for not wearing costumes? I really wish Danny at least would wear his.
  13. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    I get that, but many would also argue Mahal and JBl never should have been world champion. I like both Corbin and Braun, but Braun feels further ahead in booking and how he carries himself.
  14. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    I forgot to mention that I do like the idea of Lana trying to turn Tamina into Rusev. There has never been a lot of love here for Corbin. Even those that like like myself know he wasn't ready. Braun gets bigger reactions and has been in bigger and better matches.
  15. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    That was......surprising. I never really saw Corbin winning the belt with the briefcase anyways, but that just made him look like a complete moron. If they had any plans to push Corbin eventually those seem like they are going to be dead now for a good long while.