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  1. In a show full of supervillains its kind of amazing how she has come out the worst parent.
  2. She was getting plenty of boos in the weeks leading up. I think they will stick with the heel turn this time around since its what she wanted, and she has been doing a pretty good job at it. There are always going to be some crowds who want to cheer for her, but as long as it doesn't turn to boos for her opponents I think it will be generally fine.
  3. He did. Was even mentioned by commentary.
  4. Liv/Carmella was solid. New Day vs. Lashley/AJ/Omos was good. Only caught half of Usos/Profits, but what I saw was good. Charlotte/Alexa was solid though the post match breakdown for Alexa went a bit long. The triple got really good those last few minutes. I kind of missed most of the action before then. Bianca/Becky was pretty darn good up until the Sasha interference. Looking forward to the eventual triple threat. Roman/Demon Balor was fun up until that weird as finish. This was a mostly good ppv despite the questionable finish to the big two matches.
  5. So how are shows for Peacock and Apple tv? I never really hear anything about them except for Ted Lasso.
  6. I spent a couple of hours doing Presage, Harbinger, Trials, and Gambit for pinnacles. I just need a class item and heavy weapon to hit max power. Presage was the worst run I have had in quite some time with one guy clearly not knowing what to do. The other team mate was pretty pissed as he entered the mic just to complain about how poorly it was going. Can't say I blame him. Trials was Trials. I've won 3 matches so far, but fuck was I running into a shit ton of 3-stacks. You would think late night/early morning wouldn't be as bad, but no, it was pretty damn bad. Was particularly annoying whenever I got paired with idiots who didn't know when to run, revive or do defensive play in general. I mean when you have control as an option to win you should kind of try to use it. Lost several rounds and matches in general because one guy had to try and go it alone instead of playing it safe and reviving a team mate. Hopefully things go better today.
  7. I don't know, with how things played out I'm not sure Giulia was actually winning now. I think she was going to the finals, but that final title match of the year makes it feel like the GP winner was always the plan at this point.
  8. It really is just weapons at this point. The classes are fine, but so many weapons make it far to easy for invaders to wipe out teams. I just want new maps. I don't hate the mode though I don't love it anywhere near as much as I used to due to how broken it has become.
  9. Mayu/Tam feels 5-6 months too late. I'm sure the match will be good, but its feels random with basically no momentum after Mayu and Tam have spent months focused completely on other people.
  10. Dug the Bianca/Becky segment. Was good to see Bianca finally get one over on Becky completely. Nakamura/Crews was alright. Kind of surprised Zelina actually won against Liv. Missed most of Nattie/Nikki. Was nice to see Shotzi and Nox remind people they do want the titles. Feels odd how Rhea and Nikki got a shot first. Naomi's segment with Sonya was solid. Would have been better if Naomi actually smacked Sonya. It is nice to see them building this up as a decent sized feud regardless. Roman/Ford was good outside of that table moment which just left me wondering how. At least broke the way it did and didn't leave Ford injured. The post match attack on Ford nd the Finn coming out was good.
  11. She co-wrote it with J. Holtham, and David Ramsey was director. These things likely explain why it was handled better than usual.
  12. You would be fine with the current season being as long as it will be.
  13. That does feel like this is where it will go.
  14. After Jordynne Grace showed this to her coworkers
  15. It shockingly took me only 5 runs to get it.
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