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  1. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    Oh I know about the mods. That was more a minor complaint about the worthlessness outside of the Haunted Forest. Really though it wasn't anything serious. Besides what I really want is that Hunter mask from the armor set. I dont't care about anything else form the armor set but that. What makes the Colony so nerfable? I never use it or the Fighting Lion. Every time I try to use an exotic grenade launcher I find myself regretting it.
  2. This speculation is probably wrong.
  3. Eivion

    NXT TAKEOVER: WARGAMES II - 11/17/2018

    I really like the look of this card. Feels like the NXT title match will end up a triple threat though with the way the results went. Otherwise its heel vs. heel which is odd.
  4. I would kind of dislike that just because Nikki is so damn great on her won right now.
  5. Eivion


    Like Hana believes in safe words.
  6. Meiko/Lane was Lane's best showing and pretty fun while it lasted. Io/Deonna was Deonna's best showing and pretty solid. I wonder if Io is afraid of kneeing someone again since she keeps overshooting the moonsault after murdering poor Xia with her knees in the first round. Tegan/Rhea was as heartbreaking as I expected. Its always a shame to see an injury happen, especially with how much Tegan clearly wanted to continue. The match seemed like it had decent potential as well. I was kind of impressed with Rhea's ability to keep her shit together since that couldn't have been easy. Hopefully they have rematch when Tegan is healthy and able again. Toni/Mia was good, especially towards the end. This was a solid show aside from poor Tegan's injury. I'm really lookign forward to next week. I hope Toni/Meiko gets some decent time. Makes me wonder if it would have been as bad if Tegan had let the ref end it when she originally wanted to. Agreed. I love how happy he seems to be for the women in/from NXT every time they get a big moment.
  7. Eivion

    WWE UK TV Series Officially Announced

    Thought the first episode was good. I really dug Andrews/Coffy and Dunne/Dar. That was easily the best Dar has looked in WWE.
  8. Eivion


    I concur. That was great, Lio was definitely the standout though Cedric, Metalik, & Neese weren't too far behind. Its again nice to have crowds actually into the action. Might be the best reaction we have seen since the move.
  9. Eivion


    I love how she gives a little slap to Shiki as she passes by.
  10. Eivion


    That is what they all think until the random crazed yelling, boots to the face, and attempts to rip people's arms off.
  11. War Raiders vs. UE was good stuff and the best the War Raiders have looked since coming in. I dug Fish's interference at the end, especially after the Raiders had already taken out an interfering Cole. Always up for Shayna being cruel. That was a nice shining wizard at the end. Nikki/Bianca was fun stuff once again. The Alistair appearance at the end was a fun way to end it. Nikki is so great with all so her facial expressions.
  12. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    Yes, yes they do. I did the first two missions for Festival of the Lost last night. Did the daily for Crucible via to IB which my team won and I didn't suck in. Did the daily for Mars and then like a moron did EP which lost me a good hour of sleep. This morning I knocked out the weekly mission and a few daily bounties for Dreaming City before the reset. Then did a couple of Haunted Forest runs. Its definitely designed to take a fireteam with you. I kind of dislike that the masks don't really have any defenses. Otherwise its not that bad. Just now I went ahead and finished up the Mars Flashpoint while wearing the Festival Mask. Did not realize EP doesn't count towards so that was a bit annoying/disappointing, especially since someone kept restarting from Lv. 6 allowing us to kill the Lv. 7 boss a good 4-5 times.
  13. Eivion

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    That was more or less my thought as well.
  14. Eivion

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    The Truth TV segment was fun. Dug the Edge/Becky/Charlotte segment. Usos vs. Bryan/AJ was nice if a bit random I skipped the Evolution segment. Nak/Rey was nice while it lasted. Not a really noteworthy show despite the being the 1000th.
  15. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    I have definitely lost a Gambit match or two after having my team in the lead due to well timed invasions. Blockers I find to mean jack and shit after the PE drops. Its really only the Taken Wizards that give you trouble. If my team finishes those bastards off in time the other team has a tendency to be fucked even if they were leading beforehand.