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  1. Yes, it looks like they skipped half a dozen or so comedy arcs though I've read one or two of them might have been slightly important.
  2. Glad to see Angle getting in. I wonder who will actually induct him. I hope we get to see him interact with AA a little.
  3. I've tried to actively avoid collecting too many books as I went a bit crazy with it the first time around. Still I have a house now, I really should just expand to a proper mansion so I can have a library.
  4. Most of mine will end up the same way. I just recall quite liking Dawnbreaker.
  5. Pretty sure the point is to finish up the series including the final manga arc. I just wish they hadn't skipped several arcs (from what I understand) to get to it though I've been loving the big stuff from the last two seasons.
  6. Maybe I will do it after Dawnguard. I've been doing bits and pieces of the main plot while doing side quests and the Dawnguard story. After getting the next crossbow schematics, I'm thinking of doing Meridia's Beacon. I want Dawnbreaker.
  7. Night 2 was fantastic. Gradwell & Seven upped my opinions of them after a weak first night. Wolfgang looked good playing monster on Bate. Andrews high flying looked even better with Dunne & Conners making him work for it. Andrews/Dunne was great and had me thinking for just one moment Andrews might win. Dunne/Bate was awesome. I loved the the injury angle, and all the great comebacks from Bate which just made him look even greater. I thought Dunne was winning this for certain so I was pretty damn ecstatic when Bate hit the TD97. If they actually do go through with a show they will definitely have my viewership.
  8. I was asking more from a story stand point, like before or after the main plot. Still answers the most important thing which is that I can leave. I didn't want get stuck there. Glad to know there will be a place where the candlelight spell will truly come in handy.
  9. So any suggestions on when to do Dragoborn? And is it something I get stuck with once I start, like I can't leave the island or something? I ask because those bastard have one of my crossbow schematics in a mine in Solsteim. I really want my dwarven crossbow.
  10. What is up with the orphan adoption thing? That is a strange thing to add.
  11. Just finished the show. i dug the arena though I feel like the lighting should be a bit brighter. I'm not familiar with anyone in this since I don't follow the UK scene. Nothing was bad per say though I wasn't too impressed with any of the matches save for the last two. Burch looked better than I ever recall him looking in NXT though I think Devlin being such proud a pos with his tainted victory saved Burch screwing up the finish. I like Devlin's character though I don't find him interesting in the ring. Dunne seemed decent enough. I'm digging the angle with him, especially with Regal looking like he was ready to beat the shit out of him. Andrews/Moloney was fun and a great showcase for Andrews. Bate/Tucker was easily MOTN and has me wanting Bate to take the whole thing or at least make the final. I dug the show overall. I like the presentation. and the final two matches along with some of the personalities give me hope for an even bigger and better showing tomorrow.
  12. I usually binge-watch the MCU netflix shows anyways so I should be good.
  13. She was fun though her hate of Barnett did get to a level where I think we had to ban her for a short period one time. Even she admitted she was a little crazy with that one.
  14. Any steel weapons you make at the skysforge will become skyforge steel.
  15. Stu shut the main site down a good year or two ago now at least. The forum is still there though it sees very few posts. I'm a gm there, and I can't remember the last time I really read through anything or posted.