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  1. Yeah, I still don't rate Arrow that high. I think this season has been just as mixed as the two before it. I don't even think Legends is a good as others claim. I think its just easier to deal with its messiness because its been better placed within the DNA of the show and characters. It is probably the most fun. Honestly I think people underrate Supergirl. Plenty of flaws, but for me it was easily the best of DC/CW shows.
  2. I've only seen him in The Strain which wasn't much to judge him on. If they do use Black Tom I hope we get Juggernaut as well.
  3. I just want them to start announcing names soon.
  4. I think those last two trailers are my favorites.
  5. One thing I would like to see next season is them split it off a bit into actual arcs like AoS did this season. It would do wonders in helping them focus and maybe making the cast look like morons half the time.
  6. She already said she wasn't contacted for the MYC a few weeks back.
  7. With so much of this season being about Barry being a fuck up the ending to the finale actually made some sense. I'm curious how they approach things next season. I don't want him back within five minutes or even an episode yet him being gone for a while feels like it might change things up a bit too much.
  8. Not sure where they are going with Corbin getting such quick loss to Sami, but I did love him obliterating Sami in the aftermath. The women's tag was fun, and I'm looking forward to next's week no 1 contender's match. Not sure who wins sicne I don't see it as the end of the feud with the Welcome Comitte. It would be nice to see Charlotte and Naomi get a match where they can go all out. I really sug Naomi on Talking Smack. I really want them to let her have a decent reign. The Fashion Files delivered once again. I missed the bulk of the second singles due to my power going out for a short bit, but I do hope the Fashion Police get another shot at the belts. Main event seemed decent enough.
  9. Was Yokozuna basically Akebono?
  10. I liked Mon-el. They just overused him and dragged out his story with Kara too much.
  11. I was wondering if they were going to give it an actual name. I like it.
  12. I just have to say outside of the Eddie feud I always thought the JBL reign was terrible. I actually liked JBL then and still thought it was terrible.
  13. I was aware of timing when I said that. Movies are planned a decent bit before announcements are made, and Bendis was a part of the group that was consulting for the movies before they were kicked out with Perlmutter. He was totally aware of the beats that were going to be hit. The style and direction he took things started make sense to me once we started seeing trailers for the first film.
  14. I don't think the movies quite capture the same feel as DnA's run, but its certainly closer than Bendis who tries to capture the feel of the movies with much less success.
  15. I noticed, but it was only around a year or so from when I read the DnA run to when Bendis's run began. I'm not sure how much I blame the changes on him since of a lot really comes from the movies. Its more of the synergy bullshit Marvel pushes while claiming they don't just because things aren't the exact same. Its why we have a black Nick Fury with convoluted origins that no one is really interested in. Its why we have the AoS cast in the comics now and why Daisy is now an Inhuman and focused on that instead of being the spy-master Nick Fury trained her to be. It really annoys me since Bendis dropped so many things that made the DnA/Giffen cosmic stuff so good and interesting. Its even worse considering it was that run that got the movie green lit in the first place. Gunn was highly fond of it even with all the changes he made for the movies.