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  1. That is what I'm kind of wondering as well.
  2. Didn't think Bea would return until the next Korakuen. Kind of surprised they brought back the SWA belt considering the rules make it obvious Bea is winning. Momo would only be able to defend against Bea and maybe Giulia. Not sure who joins DDM. I feel they are good at 4 so I'm kind of disappointed someone else is coming in. More interesting news is apparently there were twitter exchanges between Mayu, Takumi, Momo, & Chigusa which seem to be pushing Stardom vs. Marvelous to finally start up. They seemingly wanted to do so before COVID put those plans to a cold stop.
  3. Always fun to see Otis beat up Miz & Morrison. Not sure about the Lawyer thing. Sami/AJ was nice. I dug Jeff making the challenge a TLC match. Nikki/Lacey was alright. I did like that Sister Abigail Alexa hit on Lacey post match. Sasha's promo was nice enough, but i couldn't help but laugh when Bayley got her from behind right as she was finishing. The promo before the street fight was short, simple, & nice. The street fight itself was pretty darn fun as well. I loved Roman being all smiles with Jey after the win only to have that murder look in his eyes as Jey wal
  4. I forget which one, but one of them actually was suspended without pay for bit before this so I assume they consider that punishment enough for whatever they felt was proven.
  5. We still do. The 16 trailer just got us discussing it for a bit here is all.
  6. Mythic Quest is fun though super simple. Its one I don't hear much hate or love for. DQ is a fun series. Its generally less complicated than FF as its very traditional in it's setting & gameplay. I like the series a good deal though I probably still prefer FF for variety in characters, settings, & story. Not that DQ doesn't have some nice stuff in story. DQ IV, V, & 7 do some neat stuff story wise.
  7. I don't hate this change. Kind of makes me wonder though if this is preparation for us maybe using something other than Ghosts, especially with Darkness classes becoming a thing.
  8. My mouth wants to say Tatiana Maslany feels off for She-hulk, but then my brain remembers Orphan Black and tells my mouth to shut up.
  9. The best Final Fantasy games are generally considered VI, VII, & Tactics. IX would be the next one after them with a lot of the older fans loving it as the last traditional FF. IV & V are always highly regarded even though they don't get quite the same amount of love as the other ones previously mentioned. Tactics' love is interesting to me as its one of those that seems to to be love by non-general FF fans. Even with its being part of the franchise I don't really like to include it (though I do like it) because it more a of side thing like Mystic Quest, Dissidia, etc. I prefer people
  10. You just had to say this didn't you. Now I'm sad it can't be a thing.
  11. She mocked the hell out of Giulia, using Giulia's own catchphrase and mentioning how Giulia was the first of the team to lose in the GP. That was also Giulia's first singles loss in Stardom.
  12. AZM/Momo & Utami/Natsuko were the better matches from this show, but the post match promo Himeka cuts was amazingly dickish and has cemented her as my favorites of the newcomers to Stardom this year.
  13. Most will say the former, but I think its the latter. Ricochet has shown nothing personality/character wise during his entire run, and that wasn't just on WWE. He has charisma, but to me he is a lot like Sanada where his bland personality nullifies some of that. He is an amazing enough of an athlete where he can bypass some of his issues, but he isn't a can't miss guy like say Moxley was or even Rusev. Taking him out of NXT was basically death for him in WWE unless someone took him on as a personal project which was never going to happen.
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