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  1. You started your comment off by insulting me so please drop the pretense. I'm just not bothering with your shit anymore.
  2. Because its something they can own? I mean its not a better name, but I don't think its a much worse a name either. Its just feels so stupid because they have been calling him WALTER already for 3 years now, and there is no real change happening to the character that makes a name change sensible at this point.
  3. Except Taker was was starting to break down and had confidence issues in the ring by the time Sting came in. Also wasn't it Taker himself who had little to no interest in the Sting match by that point?
  4. I don't watch sports or listen to talk radio so I don't understand that mindset. Not really sure why you felt the need to add your two cents either. I already got answer from the person I was actually talking to, and I'm not sure why you felt the need to start that entire statement off with basically calling me a liar. Please just leave me the fuck alone.
  5. Master Assassin was just Fennec's old job before joining Fett. Thought the latest episode was solid. Was nice getting to see Boba's and Fennec's mindsets that led them to their current job choices. Fennec got to do a bunch of badass shit. And I'm dug Krrsantan scenes.
  6. But again this was not a match meant to go in nearly that deep as those it was quickly thrown together match. I know I wasn't expecting Roddy to throw out backbreakers and suplexes regularly, if at all.
  7. No though the change only just occurred so maybe we see something in the coming weeks.
  8. Most, if not all of these, had build and fit into good tv matches to me opposed to MOTYC. Both Walter matches you compared the Strong match to were on ppv and one went 40+ minutes.
  9. This has easily been the best explanation I have seen for this.
  10. Better than me. I mostly think of it from the Destiny 2 gun set. I still don't know how I knew the term before then.
  11. Then that goes to another issue where I'm still befuddled as to why anyone who thinks the worst every time even bothers with it, be that watching and/or commenting.
  12. I get that, but the glasses and pigtails still might just be her non-wrestling look. Beyond that we didn't really see super powers there so it feels like people are maybe jumping the gun to the worst conclusion possible. I guess its eases the blow if right and people get (pleasantly?) surprised if wrong, but it just feels like a bit a stretch that Sarray is a magical school girl now. When? I don't recall random 20+ minute MOTYC happening on NXT tv regularly. They always saved that for specials or matches they would build over the course of several weeks. There would be a lot less complaints, but that would also be because people would assume the gimmick mostly came from the wrestler opposed to a team of writers and the crazy old man they have to please. I'm think people might be jumping the gun, but I also can't completely blame them with how bad WWE has been at times. Honestly one of the biggest reasons I think people are probably wrong here is that weren't especially blatant with it which they usually are when they does these things.
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